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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  November 15, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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schools closed ... cable cars shut down ... facemasks selling out ... it's kinda wild it's crazy the bay area's toxic air triggering drastic measures. well talk to a medical expert about the health risks. and what do you do with active children? and we have some tips for parents (ken) hundreds of schools are closing their doors tomorrow. as the deadly camp wildfire continues to produce smoke that is choking the bay area.(ken) thank you for joining us i'm ken wayne.(pam) and i'm pam moore. the bay area is experiencing some of the worst air quality some have ever seen ... and definitely the worst since the fire started a week ago... tonight... we have team coverage on the poor air quality.(ken) from what parents are doing to keep their kids safe.. to what doctors are saying about the damage this can do to your health.(pam) we begin
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with our grant lodes... he is tracking the school closures throughout our region. grant? (grant) the thanksgiving break is starting early for most school age kids in the bay area. this afternoon... districts all over the bay started announcing they were cancelling school tomorrow. as we mentioned at the top of the newscast.... a number of school closing schools tomorrow ... because of the smoke. oakland unified, san francisco, mount diablo, san ramon valley, marin county public valley, marin county public schools... also vallejo unified, berkeley unified, west contra costa unified, pleasanton unified, and piedmont unified. several unified. several college campuses are also closed. to see those colleges and universities... and all the lower level schools... you can head to our website. it's the top story on click the link... and the complete list is there. we're talking close to 50 districts... and 20 college campuses. (grant) the list has been growing steadily since mid-day - so you can always turn to
8:02 pm to see if your kids have the day off tomorrow. (pam) much of the air in the bay area ibe"very unhealthy chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us now with how long this smoke is expected to last. lawrence karnow: very unhealthy air and smoke continue to smother the bay area. winds are very light which means there will be very little improvement. high pressure continues to sit over california keeping the air stagnant. highs tomorrow will be in the 60s and 70s with very poor air quality. expect partly cloudy skies this weekend but improving air quality on sunday. next week there is a chance of rain from wednesday through saturday.
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it has now it has now been a full week since smoke blanketed the bay area and the extended exposure is starting to take a toll on people's health. people with asthma and breathing problems are the most likely to be having a difficult time.this afternoon, kron 4's charles clifford spoke with a doctor who says.. he has a lot of patients coming in with problems. charles. . . yeah, well, the smoke is just terrible. i've been having a hard time breathing it and so have a lot of other people natsdr gary bean is a pediatrician in oakland. he says that many of his patients are struggling with the thick sotwe've seen a lot of people coming in with respiratory issues. especially our asthmatics. especially those who were in the fringe are now in the breech and need additional respiratory support. dr bean says that fire smoke usually hangs around for a just a couple days but this smoke is thick and peopl aren't getting any relief and
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that is causing problems.sot and that's why our mucus is becoing more compacted. there's more inflammation in our chests. more coughing. just a need to get this mucus out.bean says that the best thing to do right now is just stay indoors. he says that wearing a mask is not a guarantted way to avoid breath in the smoke.sotan effective mask is one thats been fit. if you have like a beard or facial hair it's not going to fit well. it's better than nothing but the best is a fit tested mask.he also says it can be diffcult to get young children to wear a fitted mask and that for the time being kids should stay indoors, athough he admits that can be a tall order.sotkeeping four or five year olds in a contained are is just going to be a hot mess for four or five more weeks. dr. bean also says to avoid opening doors and windows any more than necessary at home as smokey air can get inside that san francisco, charles clifford kron 4 news.
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one of the many inconveniences coming from the poor air quality is parents left with stir crazy children .. and what to do with them kron 4's gabe slate joins us live from the newsroomgabe, you visited an indoor kids playground which has seen their incoming traffic quadruple this week ? yes i did. another bad day of air.look at this video i just shot a couple hours ago driving over the bay bridge from oakland to san francisco. so westbound. just a brown
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soupy can barely see the downtown skyline. just not the kind of air you playing outside inso yeah. i visited an indoor kids i visited an so yeah. i visited an indoor kids playground in berkeley where parents were taking their kids to get some energy out.. like most cities in the bay area thursday smoke from the camp wild fire filled the sky over berkeley. pushing parents away from parks or outdoor activities and into indoor kid playgrounds like the kids gym in berkeley off 7th street. sound from barbara - took kids to indoor kid gym "it's really bad out here" barbara has her two grandchildren on thursdays she normally takes them to the park, but today she opted for the indoor playground. sound from barbara - took kids to indoor kid gym"they shouldn't be outside" nats playground sound from jenny - took kids to indoor kid gym"it's really bad out here" jenny needed something to do with arlo today and did not feel safe playing outside. sound from jenny - took kids to indoor kid gym"it's good they have things like this" nats playgroundsound from vernita mccray - works at kids gym / berkeley vernita mccray works at the kids gym in berkeley she says business has been way up. they typically have
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around 100 kids a day this week each day they have had over 700. sound from vernita mccray - works at kids gym / berkeley there are there are indoor kid gyms all over the bay area, most of them average around $10-15 for the day.. a lot of them do provide child care if you need
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to go run errands. so a good alternative for smoky air days or... rain days in the news room gabe slate kron 4 news. (ken) today marks one week since the devastating camp fire erupted in butte county. and tonight that fire is responsible for more lives lost...and more homes destroyed.(pam) here is where things stand tonight. seven more people were found dead today... that brings the total number of fatalities in this fire now up to sixty - three. the number of homes burned is at 9-thousand - 7-hundred ... overall, more than 11-thousand- 8- hundred structures have burned . the fire has scorched 141-thousand acres. and is 40- percent contained tonight.(ken) kron4's gayle ong is live in chico tonight where many evacuees are seeking refuge at a store parking lot.gayle. i'm here at the wal mart in chico, where it has been ground zero for donations for evacuees, some living in their cars and tents for days now.
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they have not seen the devastation in person one is being allowed inside the zone,mainly for safety. one week after the camp fire tore through butte county,the town of paradise is gone.left are piles of twisted metal and home after home,reduced to ash. the same road where hundreds made the desperate filled with utility workers cleaning up..and the daunting rescue workers search for victims,the number of missing people has doubled and the death toll gets higher each day.many evacuees are staying in tents and cars at a wal-mart parking lot -sot: i've been here since monday eveningmichael robertson lost his home in paradise, he's been living in his tent with his two daughters.michael robertson: "just when you feel like everything is going to be fine, you know you got your family, you got friends, everybody here has been so generous, giving out anything.">and giving him time to spare as he looks to the future. many evacuees taking it day by day.they are hearing they have until sunday to stay here in in chico gayle ong
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kron 4 news kron 4 news (pam)(pam) new tonight ...
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many of the people who survived the 'camp fire' are badly injured. some being treated for burns covering half of their bodies.(ken) kron4's justine waldman went to the burn center at u-c davis to hear these survival stories.. they escaped the camp fire .. but now paul and suzie ernest have 3rd degree burns all over. paul used his body to protect suzie as the flames spread over them... their pants and shoes melted off, as they got out.they are some of the 12 camp fire victims being treated at shriners and uc davis regional burn center in sacramento. it is considered the top burn center in the country.sot either they got out or their didnt get out unfortune people with the big burns did not get here in time they passes awaydoctor david greenhalgh (greenhall) is head of the burn unit. he tells me most camp fire patients have 20 to 50% of their bodies burned... most with injuries to their faces and hands.the oldest patient is 103 years
8:12 pm children arrived, because paradise is mostly a retirement for the first time ever, a few adults were treated in pediatric unit,.the last major burn disaster, the wine country fires from 2017. lessons learned then were applied now... declare a state of emergency at the burn center to get all resources ready.sot with the napa sonoma fires those people had major burns and they came to us later paul and suzie ernest survived, but this is what is left of their home in paradise. after undergoing skin grap and surgeries... they should be in the hospital for the next few months. smiling from their hospital beds, just happy to be sacramento justine waldman kron 4 news. coming up at eight..
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with the rising bay area population.... a proposal for a major expansion of bart ... could become a reality. plus. another wave of migrants arrives at the border.....what they faced when they got there. and next. an intensifying search for a missing 49-ers fan ...the important new clue police have today
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(pam) search crews in santa clara continue to look for a seattle man ... who mysteriously vanished during the 49ers game on monday night. (ken) kron four's rob fladeboe has the details about an important new clue in the case. (surveillance video)levi's stadium surveillance video shows ian powers walking across the bridge near gate "c", heading toward the parking lot after leaving the 49ers game during the 4th quarter. captain wahid kazem/sanat clara police
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"....he seems to be by himself in the video, he exited out of the stadium about 8;52 pm, you'll see him walking by himself in the same clothing that we described before crossing the bridge at gate c...the 32 year old spokane, washington, man was attending the game with his girlfriend and her two kids when he left to visit the restroom in the 4th quarter and did not come back to his seat. the girl friend, chelsea robbins and famliy members resumed their search for powers on thursday, showing his picture to passers-by, but learned nothing new as to his whereabouts.chelsea robbins/missing man's girl friend ".....i have no idea and there has been no bank or cell phone activity or anything to give us any idea yet about what happened..." robbins shared this "screen grab" from the last cell phone contact she had with powers as she searched for him after the game.chelsea robbins "....we kept face timing and missing each other, we would talk for a minute and try to find each other for the next hour or so and that was the last time i saw him...."santa clara police resumed their search as well. a search was grounded by fire smoke but a team focused on nearby alviso and waterways in the area. asked about the direction the taking.... captain wahid kazem/santa clara police "....ranging from him being a victim of a crime to potential being a walkawayyper some kind of medic emergency..."é powers had been drinking at the game but police say there is nothing about thesurveillance suggest he was intoxicated.
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(ken) happening now. police in oakland are asking for help finding a gunman who shot and killed a father of four. it happened as the victim was standing in a crowd outside of a bar. now police are releasing this surveillance video. it shows three men accused of shooting 40 year old chrystian valdez investigators say it happened just after 2-a-m. the three men were reportedly involved in a robbery a block away from valdez...when police say one of them fired a gun indiscriminately toward a
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crowd of people.
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there's talk of adding a second transbay rail crossing. soti think a second transbay tube is going to be a reality thursday barts' board of directors was presented with an update and reasons why a second tube will be needed.sot bevan dufty/bart board director :20our region is going to grow by 4 million people between now and 2050 so we need to double the capacity of bart. that additional 4 million people in not just in the 9 county bay area, but what's called the 21 county mega-region.sot ellen smith/transbay rail crossing project mgr. :35theres a large number of people making a commute today from northern san joaquin county, san joaquin merced or stanislaus county in the bay area over the altamont pass , also a large number of commutes in both directions going from the bay area to sacramento that's why this new tube may not just take bart trains, but cal train and the capital corridor sot we are hoping to put together a single seat ride from sf to sacramento or sacramento to san jose.the new study will get underway next year that will look at demand and possible locations for the tube.. .one scenario would be to connect san francisco's growing neighborhood in mission bay with an area further south in oakland standup dan kerman/san francisco 121studies on the multi billion dollar project will get underway sometime next year. in san francisco, dan kerman kron 4 news.
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now to our four zone forecast. taking a live look outside at s-f-o. o.kron-4's chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here now with the forecast lawrence karnow: very unhealthy air and smoke continue to smother the bay area. winds are very light which means there will be very little improvement. high pressure continues to sit over california keeping the air stagnant. highs tomorrow will be in the 60s and 70s with very poor air quality. expect partly cloudy skies this weekend but improving air
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quality on sunday. next week there is a chance of rain from wednesday through saturday. new ahead at 8 a woman travels to mexico for plastic surgery...but ends up in a coma after a procedure. what went wrong. and next. a home invasion turns deadly... just outside the bay area. where a homeowner was killed by an intruder. and how did the warriors do... or more importantly... how did draymond and k-d do... in the first game since their dust up... mark has that story later in sportslater in saturday.through wednesday from chance of rain from wednesday through saturday.
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new ahead at 8 a woman travels to mexico for plastic surgery...but ends up in a coma after a procedure. what went wrong. and next. a home invasion
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turns deadly... just outside the bay area. where a homeowner was killed by an intruder. and how did the warriors do... or more importantly... how did draymond and k-d do... in the first game since their dust up... mark has that story later in sports ((ken))here's what we are tracking new tonight at nine... a man yells some disturbing comments during the intermission of a musical performance.. and it sends people running out the doors in fear... details on what he said-- that even had people calling loved ones telling them goodbye... that story coming up at nine...
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a turlock man who was attacked inside his home more than a week ago... has died. (pam) now, a modesto woman is behind bars for his death, but investigators say, they still need the publics' help piecing together who else may be responsible. neighbors
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say, the man was the friendly, smiling face on turlock's starr he is known as the victim of a deadly home invasion robbery. the turlock police department reports, the man was attacked inside his home. neighbors say he had limited mobility and got around on a motorized wheelchair. (pam) two days after his death -- officers arrested this woman... 35 -year old jennifer smith of modesto... who is accused of his murder. but.. again, police say they need help identifying who else may be responsible. the stanislaus county coroner's office has not yet released the victim's identity. coming up at eight.. more people in the migrant caravan arrived at the border. what's waiting for them there. plus. a couple set up a go fund me for a homeless may remember this.. turns out it was fake. now all three are in trouble. and
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next. animals are also affected by the devastating camp wildfire... how local shelters are helping out.
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(pam) it has now been one week since the devastating camp fire erupted in butte county. tonight that fire is responsible for even more lives lost... and homes destroyed . seven more people were found dead today... that brings the total number of fatalities up to sixty - three. the number of homes burned is now 9-thousand - 7-hundred.
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overall, more than 11- thousand -8-hundred structures have burned . the fire has scorched 141- thousand acres... and is 40- percent contained tonight. (ken) president trump is coming to california this saturday to meet with victims of the deadly wildfires. the white house says it is still arranging the details of his trip. (ken) meanwhile p-gand e's stock price continues to get pummeled on wall street. investors are concerned over whether the power company can weather potential losses related to the blaze that devastated the town of paradise, killing at least 56 people. since the fire started...the company's stock price has plunged 60 percent wiping out $15 billion of its market value. (ken) the camp fire is not just a human crisis.... animals are being affected as well.(pam) kron4's maureen kelly went to a walnut creek animal shelter that is taking in dogs from the fire zone. this black lab pup named midnight is one paradise area...midnight is a
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little bit skittish still.....but that's understandable given what she and other dogs have been thru the dogs are already super stressed, they've had a hard week, not only for the smoke all the craziness, but their day-to-day schedule has been hugely interrupted so right now we're trying to give them a sense of normalcy these this three year old bulldog mix named sophie were up for adoption in butte county sheters.... but now those shelters have other priorties because of the camp fire. right now at the shelter is up there are focusing on reuniting animals that have been affected by the fires, with their families were looking for them, so for the time being adoptions of the animals who don't have home's is kind of paused, so that's where we take the adoptable animals because think about it these communities of been devastated, nobody's gonna use that opportunity to adopt the new puppy which is already a stressful thing on its own. the dogs picked up from the fire zone wednesday will be evaluated medical and behavioral issues and will hopefully be available for adoption next order to make room for those ??? dogs and any other dogs and cats that might come in from the fire area, or if he's waving their adoption fees through
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sunday for the animals like sassy hear who they already have ready for adoptionthose fees can run as high as $300 those who take in one of the animals here now could not only save money....but also be saving lives....that of given it's forever home....and by freeing more space in the animals from the fire zone. maureen kelly kron4 news. (ken)a california deputy killed last week in a mass shooting was laid to rest.a funeral service was held in westlake village thursday for ventura county sheriff's office sergeant ron helus.he was killed while trying to stop a shooting at borderline bar and grill in thousand oaks. eleven others were also killed. hundreds of people came urageou was a 29-year veteran of the sheriff's office.sergeant helus leaves behind a wife and son. (ken) the man accused of
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killing two people in a grocery store shooting in kentucky is now charged with hate crimes. 51 year old gregory bush is facing three hate crimes. person killed attempting to shoot another person based on race or color. he could face the death penalty if convicted. bush had stopped at a historically black church but could not get inside. that's when he headed to the grocery store. where maurice stallard and vicki lee jones were killed. (ken) a confrontation brewing at the border.hundreds of central american migrants have been pouring into tijuana this week, some of them taunting the border patrol by climbing on the fence between mexico and the u=s.(pam) president trump has sent thousands of army troops to defend the u=s against what he calls an invasion.(ken) as kron four's vicki liviakis show us, the migrants are getting a mixed welcome from tijuana residents. naton wednesday some mexicans sang their national anthem and chanted go home,nat others have been more welcoming ...
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offering them shelter and food. the first group of migrants included dozens of lesbian, gay and transsexual asylum seekers from central america. north of the border, u=s troops have been rolling out razor wire to prevent anyone from sneaking across.the border patrol also shut down all but a few lanes of traffic at the two heavily traveled crossing points at san ysidro and otay mesa.many of the migrants have ended up here ... where the border fence meets the pacific.natwith guardboats patrolling offshore and helicopters circling overhead, they have contented themselves with brief forays into the no=man's land between the countries.the first part of their struggle is they have to decide whether to go through the lengthy process of applying for asylum ... or to try to enter the u=s illegally , despite thousands of border patrol agents, national guard troops and members of the u=s army arrayed against them.this week defense secretary james mattis visited soldiers in texas ... noting that there is precedent for their deployment. (ken)(ken) now to our four zone forecast. four zone now to our
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(ken) (ken) now to our four zone forecast. you're looking live at the golden gate bridge.(pam) kron-4's (pam) kron-4's chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us with a look ahead to the possibility for rain.. lawrence karnow: very unhealthy air and smoke continue to smother the bay area. winds are very light which means there will be very little improvement. high pressure continues to sit over california keeping the air
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stagnant. highs tomorrow will be in the 60s and 70s with very poor air quality. expect partly cloudy skies this weekend but improving air quality on sunday. next week there is a chance of rain from wednesday through saturday. still ahead at 8 why your thanksgiving dinner costs will be lower this year. will be lower saturday.through wednesday from chance of rain from wednesday through saturday.
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still ahead at 8 why your thanksgiving dinner
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costs will be lower this year. plus. a new study reveals how women feel about facial hair on men. and next. a couple and a homeless man stage a fake good-will story all to raise money for themselves... the punishment all three could face.
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new jersey... two people involved in a 'go- fund me' campaign raising money for a homeless man ... have been arrested, along with the homeless man himself. prosecutors say, the whole story was a lie.(ken)mike d'amico and kate mcclure had discussed their inability to pay bills.and johnny bobbitt agreed to be part of the deception.(ken)the go fund me account totaled more than 367 thousand dollars, all going into mcclure's accounts for expensive purchases and casino trips.bobbitt received 75-
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thousand dollars.go fund me will refund all donors ... adding that such behavior on the site is, quote, "extremely rare". by the way ...second-degree crimes in new jersey carry the potential of five to 10 years in jail (pam) a traffic stop in arkansas on sunday turned into a terrifying shootout -- and it was caught on dashcam video. when this driver was pulled over, he opened his car door and immediately began shooting at police. he even got out of the car ... and fired point blank at the officer. the man ran back to his car and took off .. he then let out a female passenger... before leading police on a chase while intermittently firing at officers. eventually, he pulled over and surrendered to police. the man faces eight charges including attempted capital murder. next at 8 a woman travel to mexico for plastic surgery and leaves in a coma. what may have
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went wrong. and what her family is trying to do now, and just ahead in sports, draymond green says he and kevin durant have spoken and are moving forward, but the team looked like it was heading backwards tonight in houston. highlights and reaction comin up.
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(pam) new tonight.. a texas woman traveled to mexico for surgery on her
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nose ... but never got the work done.(ken) her family says she came back home in a coma and now they're deciding whether or not to take her off life support. adriana candelaria has more. enrique cruz/laura's husband: "knowing my wife, she loved to dance, she loved to sing. she was a great cook. she was very active."a person full of laughter and love is how laura avila's family describes her. laura's husband, enrique cruz, says she had been in communication with doctor judith hernandez at rhino center in cuidad juarez.she wanted a nose job.angie avila/laura's sister:"she's perfect -- and if something -- getting a nose job would help -- would make her feel better of herself, you know, it's cruel to say that she deserved this."laura told the doctor that she was a nervous person and she was afraid her blood pressure would go up during the procedure.but the doctor told her not to worry.on october 30th, she went in for surgery.enrique cruz/laura's husband:"they told me that they had some issues with her blood pressure and that they weren't able to do the procedure but that they were waiting for her to come out of the anesthesia."cruz says
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about eight hours passed when he was told that she would have to be transported to a juarez hospital.he says laura had gone into cardiac arrest. enrique cruz/laura's husband: "what they told anesthesia went to her brain instead of her body."receipts provided by laura's family showed that she paid about two-thousand eight-hundred pesos for the nose procedure.angie avila/laura's sister:"if you're considering getting a procedure done in another country because it's cheaper, please keep in mind that you're getting what you pay for."a medical professional from texas health sciences center says it takes about 16 years to become a plastic surgeon in america.he says the requirements in mexico take less time than that.dr. jose manuel de la rosa/texas tech university health sciences center:"they do fewer years in terms of subspecialty training. the requirements for general surgery are less. it's comparable, but it's not the same."doctor jose manuel de la rosa recommends patients always look for board certifications.he says there are some plastic surgeons in mexico who are registered with the american board of plastic surgeons.
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(pam) the family says, they're trying to get her transferred from el paso .. to a hospital in dallas. (ken) fewer people are rushing to sign up for obamacare for 2019. nearly 1-point-2 million americans selected plans in the first 10 days of open enrollment this year, compared with almost 1-point-5 million in the first 11 days last year. the average number of sign-ups per day is about 12.5% lower than last year. starting in last year. starting in 2019, people will no longer face a penalty for not having health insurance. congress effectively eliminated the individual mandate by reducing the penalty to $0 as part of the 2017 tax cut. (pam) an arizona customer at target is looking for the person who paid their bill and then walked away.(ken) howard gipson suffers from m-s and just moved to
8:48 pm
arizona. a few days ago... he went to target to stock up on supplies. but when he got the cashier...his credit card was declined. but the disappointment and embarassment didn't last long. a customer in line discreetly paid gipson's 367- dollar bill...then took off. now gipson says he would love to thank them in person. (ken) gipson says now he plans to pay it forward himself. (pam) low food prices have driven the cost of a thanksgiving dinner... down to its lowest level since 20- 10. the american farm bureau federations say, the average cost of a meal for ten ..... is forty- eight dollars and 90- cents... or less than five dollars per person. that's a 22 -cent decrease from last year's average. officials say, one reason is ample turkey supply. milk... sweet potato..
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canned green peas and dinner roll prices are also down. what a week it's been for the warriors. the draymond green-kevin durant argument happens monday. draymond suspended tuesday. and now some quality time on a three- game road trip. the champs in houston tonight, and pregame, green...offered his first public remarks on what has transpired. "kevin and i spoke, we're moving forward, i've read a lot about how is this the end of the run or is it over or did i ruin it or did i force kevin to leave. at the end of the day, whatever kevin decide to do, whatever klay decide to do, whatever who decides to do, we had great years together and i support everybody." --and now to the game--- warriors-rockets, rematch of the western conference finals. kd-green...still no curry in the lineup --early on, the two showing
8:50 pm
they can play together. green...on the fastbreak...pass to durant who finishes at the rack. draymond didn't score a point tonight, but 5-boards and 5-dimes. -but houston's offense was doing just enough in the first half. james of the key stepback.. rockets up 6 at the break. --2nd half, it got ugly. rockets up 17... tyler ennis..dagger from the corner... they led by as many as 32 midway through the 4th. 107-86 houston your final. --afterwards, green and durant..seem to have worked through their differences. but in the postgame, kd not willing to elaborate on where they stand. reporter:"having another game to play and having some problems, how do you characterize how things are with you and draymond?""don't ask me about that again." and for our lexus ultimate highlight... let's talk about james. last night in l-a, lebron...dropped 44 against the blazers... and passed wilt chamberlain for 5th-place on the nba's all time scoring
8:51 pm
list. lebron's now at 31,425-career points... he's now only behind michael jordan, kobe bryant, karl malone, and kareem abdul- jabaar. lebron james...with your lexus ultimate highlight. the poor air quality having an impact on bay area sports. the cal men's basketball team forced to cancel its game tonight at berkeley... while the raiders were forced to move their practice to an indoor location, --the silver and black moving forward with their preparation for the 2-and-7 cardinals in the desert. --a win would snap oakland's 5-game losing streak, but with the team currently in line for the number one overall pick, some fans may be torn on wanting the team to win. --earlier this week, mark davis touched on a number of topics in a sitdown with espn.. including, the state of the team, vegas, and the of derek carr..year isn't all on h --carr's response to the vote of confidence. " he calls me and tells me those things, i'm still like, i could have done iskeep doing this and he keeps having my back, keeps telling me just whatever everyone else keeps telling me on the inside so i just go by
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what they say and for him to say that, i feels good, it's nice but at the same time, i just want to win." now to now to some thursday night football packers and seahawks in seattle. ---back and forth down the stretch... packers up 1 in the 4th, looking for more, aaron rodgers......airs it out to davante adams . what a catch from the paly grad...and a throw from the cal star --that led to a field goal to make it 24-20 green bay, 5-minutes to play, russell wilson...connects with ed dickson. touchdown seattle. --that's the game winner 27-24 hawks.
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men listen up -- those "no shave" november beards might be something to consider year - round. a new study suggests, a majority of women who date men ... really like a guy with facial hair. the study surveyed about 85-hundred women between the ages of 18 and 100. researchers found, a majority of the women preferred men with ten- days worth of facial hair growth, which they described as "light to heavy stubble." men who were clean- shaven
8:56 pm
were ranked as the least attractive by participants of the study. the survey was published in the journal of evolutionary biology. (pam) that wraps up kron 4 news at 8.(ken) grant lodes and vicki liviakis are here with kron 4 news at 9. (grant) thanks pam and ken... coming up on the kron 4 news at 9 - the death toll from the camp fire is increasing tonight. more bodies found in the ashes. and...the number of missing is sky-rocking. now more than 631 people are considered ve the latest from the scene as well as the dangerous air we're breathing here in the bay area. classes are cancelled, what parents are scrambling to do with the kids. (vicki) plus pets - the other victims of the fire. where some furry friends are
8:57 pm
turning up and how you can help them find homes. and lawrence karnow is here to tell us when we can all start breathing the air again.(grant) keep it here, the news at 9 in prime time is next. you know when you're at ross and you find a deal on cookware that makes you say. yes! ...oh, yeah! bring on the holidays! that's yes for less. everything you need to prep, cook and serve up the season. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less.
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and you realize you are the the hostess with the mostest. you know when you're at ross yes! yeah! that y it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less. (grant) wing day... more
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and more smoke from the camp fire burning up in butte county is pouring into the bay area -- causing the air quality to deteriotate... as the best masks are becoming harder to find.(grant) thanks for joining us im grant lodes...(vicki) and im vicki liviakis... the smoky air is causing major concerns across the bay area as many school districts are shutting down campuses... we have team coverage tonight....(grant) kron4's gayle ong is live in chico with the latest details on how evacuees are holding up. kron4's dan thron is live in
9:00 pm
san francisco with how the bad air is impacting pets... (vicki) and chief meteologist lawrence karnow is tracking just how long this bad air quality is sticking around... but we start tonight with kron4's alecia reid she is live in alameda where she spoke to parents dealing with having to find last minute childcare for their kids, alecia? the air has gotten so much worse outdoors, parents brought masks for their children at pickup today. they're glad school is canceled tomorrow, but now have to come up with alternate ans.pkgtoday is the worst day a layer of smoke sits on the street ... people are careful to protect their lungsbeijing was famous for this, but not as bad as thisair quality levels across the bay area have gone into dangerous territory ... and is projected to be at a more hazardous level friday. school districts are giving students an early start to


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