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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  November 17, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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continues to rise. good evening, i'm jr stone(justine) and i'm justine waldman. thank you for joining us. we want to get right to the latest number of the camp fire released at a calfire press confrence that just wrapped up. (justine) an additional 5 bodies were found today bringing the number of deaths to 76. the number of missing people is now nearly 13-hundred. 12,792 structures have been destroyed.... the vast majority of those are homes. the camp fire has burned more than 149,000 acres and is 55-percent contained. more than 5,600 firefighters are on the lines. (jrs)president trump is taking on the role of 'consoler in chief' as he travels to wildfire-ravaged california today. (justine)he's making stops in the northern and southern parts of the state where multiple deadly fires have burned over the past week natasha chen has
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the latest on his visit - as the death toll now at 74 - continues to rise. president trump is in california today - touring the aftermath of the state's deadliest wildfires on record. he's starting out in northern california -- where the 'camp fire' decimated the town of paradise. the president is meeting with first responders and survivors along with the governor and governor- elect. pres. trump: "we've never seen anything like this in california. we've never seen anything like this year. looks like total devastation. " despite his initial criticism of the state's forest management - the president has committed federal resources to aid recovery.pres. trump: "the federal government is behind you. we're all behind each other. we're gonna work together. and we'll do a real job, but this is sad to see." his visit comes as hundreds of firefighters continue their which there are now more than a thousand.officials say that number could change - and the list could include duplicate names.sheriff korey honea, butte county sheriff's dept.// "it is my sincere hope to identify account for everybody who is missing."a tragedy where more human remains are being found...and survivors face a new grim reality.woman
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evacuated from home: "if it burned down, it burned down. at least we're alive that's all that counts to us."in ventura county i'm natasha chen reporting. (justine) many watched and took video as the president's motorcade passed through butte county.residents shared their reaction to mr. trump's visit with kron 4's gayle ong.she joins us live in paradise with that story.gayle. (live)
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across "tent city" most people were hoping president trump would visit them here.. trump's first stop was paradise as his motorcade went by through thick air full of smoke ..he walked the path of destruction caused by the deadly camp fire witnessing the aftermath and grief that took 76 lives, left more than a thousand unaccounted for and thousands without homes.those seeking t will get help the fate of their makeshift home comes to an end tomorrow..
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and then there were trump supporters at the cal fire command center in chico, his next stop where he met with first responders.the visit comes a week after the president's controversial tweet about the state's forest managementone paradise resident - who lost their home, agrees..aside all politics..the president, along with governor jerry brown and governor elect gavin newsom assured the victims are not alone.. (live)
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(justine) stay up to date on the latest information on the camp fire by downloading our kron4 news app. get updates on this story and all breaking news... with push alerts straight to your phone. (justine) smoke from the camp fire covered almost the entire bay area today with unhealthy air. taking a look at the golden gate bridge earlier today you can't even see the other side.(jr stone) meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez has our forecast. . poor air quality is poor air quality is expected to continue until
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rain returns to the bay area starting the middle of next week. during the next couple of days, winds are expected to continue to be light, with mild daytime highs in the 60s, and cool overnight lows in the 30s to 40s. by mid- week, things will change as the first of several storms impact california. rain will not only bring beneficial moisture to the area, but also improve the air quality.
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(jr stone) take a look at this picture of downtown san francisco. this was taken last summer on a clear day. now almost the same location this picture... you can
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see how low the visibliity is today ... with all the smoke covering the city.(jr stone) and unhealthy air quality will continue to be a problem in the bay area for a few more days..(justine) kron four's philippe djegal shows us the rush to get the proper masks for protection against the smoke... and, tells us how people are coping with the toxic air. (philippe) with the bay area englufed in smoke... excersing requires extra protection... and, although some chose to do a little outdoor shopping in walnut creek... a few hours in a movie theater seemed to be the healthier choice.stephanie peterson/heade d into theater- "we're trying to stay out of the air and get inside." stephanie peterson says the smoke is irritating.stephanie peterson/headed into theater- "it's giving me a headache. i think you've been ok with it, huh? (daughter jessica) yeah. (stephanie) yeah, but i get a headache being out here." nats/jim wieder- "good afternoon. hayward hardware. yes, we have masks -- limit two person. we'll be out at one o'clock."nats- "eight dollars and 76-cents." raymond kwong and his wife were among the early birds who jumped in line at hayward hardware for a limited supply of n-95 respirator masks. he says it's been uncomfortable walking around without one. raymond kwong/customer- "the particals could get into your
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lungs -- it will, uh, affect your health." longtime owner jim wieder (weed-er) says the shipment of about two- thousand masks came in at around four o'clock in the morning. nats/jim wieder- 'they last for seven days max, eight hours max." wieder says he sold out quickly and has no clue when the next batch of masks will come in. jim wieder/store owner- "this is, uh, the most unique situation we've ever had in the history of the store really." buying a mask is one thing...julian dixon/looking for a mask- "we're actually looking for one." wearing it properly is another.sarah zahedi/baaqmd- "both straps are supposed to be secured -- people are having one strap hang loose, and and that is, that's not according to the instructions." n-95 masks are meant to filter out 95- percent or more of particulates. sarah zahedi (zuh-head-ee) with the bay area air quality management district says the air remains unhealthy to very unhealthy. sarah zahedi/baaqmd- "tomorrow and on monday, we have off-shore winds returning, so that's the same kind of wind we saw yesterday, bringing smoke directly from the fire into the bay area again. so, we're going to see smoke impacts again tomorrow and monday." but with a forecast of evening rain on tuesday... zahedi says relief is around the corner. still, while sporting fields are empty... horses kept in stables. some
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parents are allowing their kids to play outside -- exposed to the bad air... and, believe it or not, people are still lighting fires despite a winter spare through tuesday. philippe djegal, kron four news. (justine) president trump has blamed massive trump has president (justine) (justine) president trump has blamed massive and destructive california wildfires on mismanagement by the forestry service ...and even threatened to take away federal funding unless they quote "remedy now". (jr stone)but scientists say global warming is a driving factor.kron4's ella sogomonian is in berkeley tonight. ella, you talked with a scientist today. what did they have to say?sot: ella sogomonian, @ellasogomonian//"scientists are identifying what they say is a clear link between the earth's warmer temperatures
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and dryer conditions for the reason we are facing enormous wildfires that are harder to fight." the deadly camp fire has scorched 148 thousand acres of northern california land killed more than 70 people while more than one thousand remain missing. enviornmental researchers found global warming is contributing to the staggering size and frequency of the deadly wildfires burning in the golden state and across the globe in recent years . sot: zeke hausfather, climate scientist berkeley earth// "this year has been one of the driest and hottest years in california so its just created a tinderbox for fires to start that are then driven rapidly due to the winds." climate scientist zeke hausfather with berkeley earth says the world is seeing near record heatwaves and recent wildfires are burning twice the size of regions a 90's in forested and non forested areas.while president donald trump believes mismanagement tforstery service may be to her has observed more fire fighters and resources are being devoted to the issue than any other he doesn't believe changes in fire fighting approach are the problem.sot: zeke hausfather,
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climate scientist berkeley earth// "forest management certainly plays a role but our president is somewhat misguided in blaming it solely for the fires its a combination of the need to do more controlled burns more brush clearing and the whole situation being exacerbated by hot and dry conditions due to the warming we've seen in recent years in california." scientists are comparing the number of acres burned along with temperatures and conditions recorded at the time recent wildfires have erupted.sot: ella sogomonian, @ellasogomonian//"so the hotter and drier it's become climate change scientists say its creating more fuel for a catasrophic fire. in berkeley ella sogomonian kron 4 news." kron 4 news."
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(justine) the thanksgiving travel rush is now underway. despite dozens of cancellations and hundreds of delays at san francisco international airport. people told kron 4... they are happy to get out of smoke and into the fresh air...(jr stone) this weekend is one of the busiest all year. kron4's dan thorn is live at the airport.dan, what does it look like out there tonight? many travelers i've talked with say they have loved
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staying in the area...but they can't wait to get back to cleaner air for thanksgiving.. the smoke at sfo has cancelled dozens of flights and caused hundreds of mike and maria say they've dodged any travel troubles.. but staying in the smoke hasn't been much fun...sot: it was pretty scary to get out there and and see all the fog and everybody with masks..sot: looking forward to getting back to the fresh air...i like the cool air here but the fresh air back home is great.. the miami duo is not alone... these students from germany are excited to get back to san diegosot: san francisco was not say san francisco was a right now on the lungs..others are actually concerned because they're arriving in the bay area for the holiday..sot: im wondering..what am i going to do? can i go out at all? or do i have to stay indoors?if you're looking to travel-- considering both the smoke and the holiday..airport officials say you should give yourself plenty of time..sot: maybe even more so than you would normally and also check your airline check your flight
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airport officials reccommend you visit fly-sfo-dot com before heading to the airport...this way you can stay up to date with your travel plans.reporting at sfo dan thorn kron4 news. (jrs) kron4 news. (jrs) several thousand n-95 respirator masks were handed out in alameda... including at the senior center where there was big demand for them.the tell people that'd they'd run out at about noon.... but then a thrid shipment of the day came thru and there were many in line to grab them up for themselves and their family members.those residents who
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got their hands on the masks.... said they felt relief once they had them in their possession. >(jrs)smoke.>> (jrs)the city of alameda handed out roughly 45 hundred masks yesterday. and the firedepartment got another batch in to hand out today. (jrs) and the city of san francisco is trying to help you stay indoors without going stir crazy. a few museums will be open to the public for free this weekend. the de young museum in golden gate park the asian art museum by city hall. and the second floor of the san fancisco museum of modern art in soma. (justine) taking a live look outside....(jr stone) meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez has our forecast. poor air quality is expected
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to continue until rain returns to the bay area starting the middle of next week. during the next couple of days, winds are expected to continue to be light, with mild daytime highs
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in the 60s, and cool overnight lows in the 30s to 40s. by mid- week, things will change as the first of several storms impact california. rain will not only bring beneficial moisture to the area, but also improve the air quality. (justine) as the ambulance goes up in ambulance as the (justine) quality. improve the air quality.
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(justine) as the ambulance goes up in flames patients and nurses try to find a safe space to go during their harrowing escape from the camp fire. we hear from person who came to their rescue and how he saved more than just their lives. (jrs) up next...what if you could take your family pet to college with you? one campus wants to make you feel more at home by bringing your four legged friend. (justine) what if you
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didn't have to say goodbye to your family pet when you go off to college. this spring, students at a university in pennsylvania will be able to bring their four-legged friend to campus. (jr stone) the college is hoping it will entice more students to live on campus. kristina papa has more. one visit with lia the dauschaund mix here at lock haven university ...has graduate student... michelle rauch missing her family's dog... jax..."the worst part of leaving home for me was leaving her behind, because she gets so sad everytime i leave so bringing her with me would make me feel better when i come up here and it would make me feel more at home," studtsck haven university's campus next semester...the university recently announced .... north hall will become the school's first pet-friendly residence hallit's the first of its kind in the pennsylvania state system..."i would love it. i would absolutely have the best time,"(emmy borst / residence hall director)"i think it's great for our students. it's a way to maybe attract some
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students who are on the fence. also a way for students to be like hey yea this is an awesome experience,"kristina papa"dogs like lia won't be the only new four legged residence here. the school is also allowing cats and some small caged animals,"morgan petrencsik / lock haven university student )"college kids love two things. animals and free food. we have one of those,"with one animal per room and strict guidelines to follow... morgan petrencsik plans to adopt a gerbil..."i think i will be less stressed i'll be taking 18 credits next semester next but if i can find someone and say hey can i play with your dog for the next 10 minutes. it would be better'."finishing with an exam and just being able to play with my dog and feel a little bit of extra love. it would definitely be an extra bonus,"home with pets. so now they have an ability to have the comfort of having their pets here at school," (jrs) in california... cal tech
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allows students to have cats and fish in select dorms. but no dogs. (justine) a cat lost in the camp fire is badly burned but survives. the emotional reunion with between mayson an his owner. (jrs) a woman gives birth and is then forced to evacuate the hospital. as her ambulance catches fire she makes one final call to her husband to say goodbye. the harrowing story of how she and the paramedics were able to survive. (justine) trump didn't just come and visit the camp fire area today. he also made his way down to malabu to survey the areas destroyed by the woolsey fire. his reaction to the damage in just two minutes.
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has president president trump: "this has been a tough day when you
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look at al of the death. from one place to the next, and then we leave from here. that was a tragic event that took place." (jrs) president trump visited northern and southern california today to see the fire damage first hand. he arrived in malibu this afternoon and saw all the homes destroyed in the woolsey fire where three people died. cal fire reports the woolsey fire burned 98,362 acres and is now 82% contained. while he was ther he also met with the families of victims of the thousand oaks shooting.< president trump: "we just met with the families of the victims, the first responders, and we met with the police, law enforcement. incredible people. and the families, what can you say other than it's so sad to see. these are great people, great families, torn apart. that was a tragic event.">(jrs) when asked what can be
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done about mass shootings trump responded quote... "it is a very tough situation. we're working on lots of different things." he is flying back to washington, d.c. now and expects to arrive there early in the morning. (justine) now to the latest on the wildfire causing all the smoke in the bay area. tonight crews are desperately trying to find the more than one thousand three hundred people who are missing. 76 people have been killed. so far the fire has burned 149-thousand acres and it's 55-percent contained. more than 12-thousand structures have been destroyed and 15-thousand are still threatened. (jrs) an amazing story of survival from the deadliest wildfire in california's history. and how áthisá miracle home saved so many lives.(justine) it all started when a new mother escaped a burning hospital as
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medical workers fought to keep her -- and each other -- safe from the flames. joe khalil reports. six day old halle is the last baby born at feather river hospital.just moments after she arrived, the camp fire began to surround the building. heather roebuck/mother"they came over the speaker, evacuate the hospital. all patients need to be moved." tamara ferguson/nurse"i went to my patients' rooms and i said just grab your baby, we gotta go. just grab your baby there's no time."in the scramble to evacuate, halle's mom heather had been separated from her child.put into an ambulance and driven away.her ambulance made it about half a mile before it began to literally melt in the flames. her c section surgery left the lower half of her body numb. she couldn't move.and made what she thought would be her last phone call.heather roebuck/mother"i said goodbye to my husband and just told him to tell our kids i love them and that i was sorry. i'm sorry i wouldn't be there. it was very very hard."tamara ferguson/nurse"i heard the ambulance in front of us in on fire."nurse tamara ferguson was in an ambulance behind heather's.making the same last phone call to her family. tamara ferguson/nurse"they kept telling me you're going
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to be fine. and i kept trying to convince them no you don't understand. i'm not gonna be fine. there's no way i'm going to survive this. there's fire blowing at me."as the fire was consuming homes all around them, a stranger helped heather get out of her ambulance and wheeled her up this driveway on chloe court. nurse tamara followed. eventually they ran into david hawks, paradise's fire chief. chief david hawks/paradise fire dept."there's a dog door here. one of the paramedics made access to. we unlocked the garage, moved patients into this home and sheltered them in place. i said hey if you follow directions which is to clear pine needles, that we would be safe here."what happened next was nothing short of amazing.emts and nurses became stand-in firefighters.some getting on the roof of this home clearing gutters of brush.hosing down the outer edge of the property. saving this home, all while their patients were kept safe inside.tamara ferguson/nurse "he said you do this, you do this you do this. all of us shifted our minds to what do we need to do for survival mode here."chief david hawks/paradise fire dept."they followed directions, they did exactly what i asked them to do."amid a neighborhood devastated by the camp fire, this chloe court home survived. so did all the patients and medical staff inside.desiree borden/evacuee"i am so happy that my home was spared so their lives could be spared. that was that home's purpose, was to save those people." desiree borden owns this home with her husband.not long before it was used to save lives of people she'd never met, she was fleeing her home with her 17 month old daughter in the car.desiree borden/evacuee"i was singing nursery rhymes to her trying to keep her calm. although she was very calm, i don't know if i was singing the nursery rhymes for her or for me. i just knew that our story couldn't end that way. we couldn't burn alive in a car." it wasn't until one of the nurses sent desiree a facebook message that she learned her home was still standing.she'd assumed like her neighbors' homes it was, these people, all strangers a few days ago, forever bonded through one common story of survival.tamara ferguson/nurse "we're all here. we're all able to talk about this and it's absolutely extraordinary." desiree borden/evacuee"it's humbling to know that your life was spared when so many aren't, and so many are unaccounted for." (jrs) that was joe khalil that was joe (jrs)
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for."unaccounted for." (jrs) (jrs) (jrs)
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(jrs) that was joe khalil reporting as of the last update... cloase to 13-hundred people are missing due to the camp fire. authorities are hopeful that many of these reports are duplicates or that some of those people may be in shelters - and are just not in contact with friends or family members. so they are asking people to take a look at the list of names they have
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released... and tell them if someone on the list is accounted for.. something that's been brought to the sheriff's attention is that some people aren't seeing their missing family members on the sheriff's office list. officials tell us it takes time for the list to update because they are receiving so many calls. you can find the list on kron-4 dot com. (justine) people are not the only ones who are missing. pets were left behind or ran off. and many are severly injured. laci ping and her husband curtis mullins were frantically escaping the camp fire when their tabby, mayson, slipped out of his carrier after he was startled by an explosion. mayson has survived. veterinarians at u-c davis say mayson was brought to the school's veterinary medical teaching school on monday. his photo was posted to a facebook album that was shared tens of thousands of times. and their emotional reunion was posted on twitter.oc: "you shouldn't have run away from mommy to the fire bud"(justine) mayson is still being
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treated for some burns on his paws. but his owners are able to travel to u-c davis to visit him. (jrs) kron4 and our parent company-- nexstar media group... have partnered to help the fire victims in butte county. if you would like to help those affected by accepting donations. you can check kron for details.. (justine) stan lee has been laid to rest. his last request and how you can honor the memory of the comic legend. (mabrisa)i have your forecast coming up a bit later on... (jrs) and one cop saves a life
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on the job and ends up with the perfect partner.
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(jrs) we have heard of canine cops. but in north carolina... a police lieutenant has quite the partner.(justine) reporter lauren haviland introduces us to a cop and his cat. nat sound:"want to say hi?" meet officer mercy andy simmons/ hillsborough police dept.:"it's not many places you get to come to work with one of your good friends." hillsborough police lieutenant andy simmons met mercy only a few months andy simmons/ hillsborough police
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dept.:"they found three cats that had previously been on facebook marketplace that somebody tried to get to use for bait for dog fighting." simmons knew it was meant to be. he adopted mercy... and then... brought her to work. :lt. andy simmons/ hillsborough police dept.:"i wouldn't say it started as an official plan if you ask chief."so what does a lieutenant and his officer cat do on the job?:lt. andy simmons/ hillsborough police dept.:"people will say that we're co-dependent at this point."nat sound:anywhere you find lieutenant simmons...nat sound:you always find mercy not too far away.nat sound:but with the two together- the hope is that they can make a bigger and better andy simmons/ hillsborough police dept.:"her overall purpose is to make people smile, have a good time, hang out. she'll use officers for jungle gym. she'll climb up, sit on their shoulders. greets everybody, i mean we'll stop in here to pat her."lieutenant simmons says once mercy retires...nat sound:she'll spend her days with his family at hillsborough. lauren haviland. (jrs) something about
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sports (justine) a cat trapped inside a chimney for áfourá days. first responders couldn't do the job without causing damage and possibly hurting poor sweet pea. who was finally called in to save the day. america. land of blue jeans. muscle cars. bald eagles. and burgers. and while muscle cars lost their muscle. blue jeans got all skinny on us... i can't feel my legs. and bald eagles got, well, balder... oh no, is it obvious? way are we giving up on burgers. that's why i created the all-american ribeye burger, made with 100% ribeye beef, fresh spring mix, and provolone cheese on a potato bun. that's a good looking burger. ribeye burgers are back, america. try them today. (justine) a missouri woman
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is thankful to a team of chimney cleaners who performed a rescue other first responders couldn't.(jrs) officials got her beloved cat out of a chimney after she got stuck inside. and the moment was all caught on video. carolyn long has the story. through a foot of limestone and a foot brick, a faint cry caused taylor hazley to panic. taylor hazley/cat owner"went to sleep last night pretty much accepting that i probably
8:44 pm
wouldn't have a cat anymore." her beloved "marble" had been missing for days when she turned up at the bottom of a 15-foot chimney with no way out.natsot/roommate"either she was probably either outside, and she tried to climb one of these trees and fell off into the chimney, or she just slipped off the chimney thinking she could get warm." the rescue operation required precise maneuvering, something the fire department said they couldn't do without causing a whole lot the room- mates called "full service chimney"natsot/rescuer"when we put our camera down, we were able to determine the length, and where that cat exactly was. my fear was that debris was going to fall on top of it, but after assessing the situation, we determined to go from the bottom up."after several tense hours of cutting and drilling -- relief. natsot/hazley"come on.. come on sweet pea.. yeah!taylor hazley/cat owner"we're just extremely grateful that they took honestly, half of their day, to come and free our cat. they did it out of the kindness of their hearts, and they're not asking anything from us, and it's truly remarkable."natsot/rescuer"i had to put my dog down about 2 weeks ago, so i know what that means to have that animal. it's a good feeling. i know what it's like to have
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animals." (jrs) (jrs) that was carolyn long reporting. marble came out of the chimney scared and covered in soot... but unharmed. (justine) we've learned marvel comics patriarch stan lee has been laid to rest by his family in a small private ceremony. that's according to a tweet from lee's company, "pow! entertainment," which said it was done in accordance with his wishes-- that he did not want a large public funeral. it did not say when the funeral was held. lee died monday in los angeles at age 95. his company said it's working on putting together a fitting tribute to lee-- which it called "the greatest creator of our time and the father of modern pop culture." meanwhile, the website "the
8:46 pm
real-stan lee dotcom" has become a tribute wall where fans can post thoughts and memories. (justine) taking a live look outside....(jr stone) meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez has our forecast. . . poor air quality is expected to continue until rain returns to the bay area starting the middle of next week. during the next couple of days, winds are expected to continue to be light, with mild daytime highs in the 60s, and cool overnight lows in the 30s to 40s. by mid- week, things will change as the first of several a. rain not onlynericial moisture to the area, but also
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improve the air quality. (j.r.)saturday was supposed to be one of the supposed to be saturday was (j.r.) quality. (j.r.)(j.r.) saturday was supposed to be one of the biggest days one of the supposed to be saturday was (j.r.)
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(j.r.)saturday was supposed to be one of the biggest days here in bay area college football but it wasn't at all. stanford was schedueled to play cal at berkeley but because of the air quality that game was re-schedueled for december first. the decision was made this week after the air quality in berkeley hoovered above 200 for a period of 24 hours. nfl games are cancelled or moved when the air is at those levels as well. so we'll have to wait until december first for cal-stanford. (jr)as for games going on today. the golden state warriors have lost two out of their last three. stephen curry is still out and there is drama between draymond green and kevin durant. that being said the world champs were in action tonight in
8:50 pm
dallas.curry is out for at least another week and then his groin injury will be re- evaluated. nevertheless he is with the team, hopefully able to help that green durant situation. we go to the first quarter. quinn cook goes inside. back outside to klay thompson. that's a three. little while later klay again. this time left side...klay a little fade away. that's good. thompson needs to come up big with steph out. so does this guy. quinn cook....goes right side. that's a two. warriors with the lead. then here's someone you don't hear about much. damion lee. warriors going deep into their bench. lee for three yes. warriors go on to actually lose this game 112 to 109. it's only the 11th time that a steve kerr warrior's squad has ever lost two in a row. (j.r.) the oakland raiders have lost five in a row and on sunday they will go up against an arizona cardinals team that has won only two games on the
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season. the game is in arizona so air quality isn't an issue.the raiders have had major issues with their offensive line this year. that could be a problem against an arizona squad that has had more than 10 players with multiple sacks on the team. derek carr has been sacked 17 times in the last 4 games. overall he has been sacked 28 times in 9 games this season. arizona has struggled on the offensive side of things but the raiders have given up 20 or more points in every game this season. they are also going up against a team that beat the 49ers twice. a 49ers squad who smoked the raiders but we all know it will be the matchups sunday that really matter. vegas has the cardinals by five and a half. (j.r.)big matchup saturday in the pac-12. we go to the northwest.washington taking on oregon state. huskies looking good in this one. first quarter. myles gaskin...oh my....boom....hits the hole
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and he is gone. 63 yards. gaskin is fast. he has 163 yards rushing on the day. he'd get taken down inside the five but washington would later score. late second quarter and the huskies with a two touchdown lead. jake browning rolls right side. looking got gaskin and this time he's into the would increase the touchdowns. washington this 42 to 23. the huskies are the year.
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(justine) former vice president joe biden has a new four-legged friend.the delaware humane association shared photos saturday of "major" and he has been living with the it looks like the former v-p is just as happy as his new friend. (justine) and kron 4 wants to help pets find the way back home. many pets have been displaced due to the camp
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fire. the san francisco spca has pictures on its website of pets volunteers picked up from butte county and want you to check them out to hopefully find their owners or to find new homes. you can head over to kron4 dot com and search s-p- c-a. "alright
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young nick mullens, what do you got? what's the play? to the endzone...does he have it? threw it too far..." unfortunately, the sequel didn't live up to the debut performance from nick mullens... and the 49ers fall to 2-and-8 going into the bye. we'll assess the state of the team at the break. "this is the first time we got to see the team, pretty emotional. we just can't thank the 49ers organization enough for this opportunity." as wildfires rage across the state of california, the niners step up for some high school students whose town was destroyed by the blaze."of course all of it came to focus when we got joe montana." and we'll sit down with the man...key in making the 49ers a dynasty in the 1980s and 90s. a few


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