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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  November 17, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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. "nobody would have thought this could have happened, so uh the federal government is behind you, were all behind each other i think we can truely say that jerry."> (jrstone) now at 10 -- president trump making stops in northern and southern california where two deadly fires have burned over the past week and a half. (jrstone) good evening and thank you for joining us at 10 -- i'm j.r. stone.(justine) and i'm justine waldman. president trump stood side by side with governor jerry brown and governor elect gavin newsom in paradise as they toured the damage today. (justine) an additional 5 bodies were found today bringing the number of deaths to 76. the number of missing people is now nearly 13-hundred. 12,792
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structures have been destroyed.... the vast majority of those are homes. the camp fire has burned more than 149,000 acres and is 55-percent contained. more than 5,600 firefighters are on the lines. natasha chen shows us what happened on the presidents visit to the butte county fire zone. president trump was in california today, touring the aftermath of the state's deadliest wildfires on record. president trump: "we've never seen anything like this in california. we've never seen anything like this year. looks like total devastation. "he started out in northern california, where the camp fire decimated the town of paradise.the president met with first responders and survivors along with the governor and governor elect. president trump: "i think we've developed a great relationship. we have to work forest management, the b federal resources to aid
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recovery.president trump: "the federal government is behind you. we're all behind each other." "we're gonna work together. and we'll do a real job but this is very sad to see."his visit comes as hundreds of firefighters continue their battle to contain the flames.and rescuers desperately search for the missing -- of which there are now more than a thousand.officials say that number could change and the list could include duplicate names.a tragedy where more human remains are being found and survivors face a new grim reality.sheriff korey honea/butte county: "please give us an opportunity to come recover those remains and pay the respect owed to someone who may have perished in this." in oak park, california, i'm natasha chen reporting. (justine) saying they want to come together to help california.. president trump joined governor jerry brown and governor-elect gavin newsom in the camp fire burn zone.(jr) both newsom and brown have been critical of trump and the president has been critical of the way the state has been run. a reporter asked governor brown what the state needs from the feds.
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(jrstone)many watched and took video as the president's motorcade passed through butte county.residents shared their reaction to president trump's visit.with kron 4's gayle ong. she joins us live in paradise with that story.gayle. gayle. this is the scene all over town..residents have not seen this in person yet..they are thankful president trump made time to see the devastation for himself,but some were hoping the president would see how they're really living
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these days.. those seeking refuge at the walmart in chico hope president trump's visit will get help the fate of their makeshift home comes to an end on sunday..paradise is lost.. all that's left are piles of rubble..after the deadly camp fire swept through town..
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everywhere and beyond those trees - rescue workers searching for humain remains."> trump's first stop was paradise, as his motorcade made way through thick air full of smoke ..he walked the path of destruction, to see for himself.the aftermath and grief that took 76 lives, left more than a thousand unaccounted for and thousands without homes.then there were cheers...and jeers.. as the president makes his next stop at the cal fire command center in chico,where he met with first responders.the visit comes a week after the president's controversial tweet about the state's forest managementkelly bower lost his home in paradise - he agrees with the tweet.. president, along with governor jerry brown and governor elect gavin newsom assured the victims are not alone..although the time and attention is appreciated , it's still a long road ahead..
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you can't stay forever, we appreciate them coming but it's just going to be a long time, it's going to be a lot of cleanup, a lot of rebuilding and we're going to be here for the long haul."> president trump went straight to malibu in southern california to see the damage of the woolsey fire.a cal fire spokesperson tells me he overheard the secret service say a presidential visit like this is rare - as crews are still fighting fires and searching for in paradise gayle ong kron 4 news
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(justine) thank you gayle... happening tomorrow, community members in paradise are holding a vigil for those who lost their lives int the camp fire. doors will open at 4 tomorrow afternoon at the first christian church of chico. there will be an "open hours candlelight vigil" the first ten minutes of each hour. organizers say parking will be available on site and on the street. (justine) kron 4 and our parent company-- nexstar media group... have partnered to help the fire victims in butte county. if you would like to help those affected by the 'camp fire'... the american red cross is accepting donations. you can check kron for details.. (justine) as we continue spokesperson from the bay area air quality district...... kristine roselius on the phone to give us the latest on air quality conditions.
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(justine) now time now to check on our weather... with rodriguez... she's been tracking our
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air quality all day... poor air quality is expected to continue until rain returns to the bay area starting the middle of next week. during the next couple of days, winds are expected to continue to be light, with mild daytime highs in the 60s, and cool overnight lows in the 30s to 40s. by mid- week, things will change as the first of several storms impact california. rain will not only bring beneficial moisture to the area, but also improve the air quality. quality. improve the air quality. quality. improve the air area, but also moisture to the beneficial moisture to the area, but also improve the air quality.
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(jrstone) you're taking a live look over s-f-o tonight as we continue to track the
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air quality levels in the bay area.(jrstone) despite dozens of cancellations and hundreds of delays at san francisco international airport.(justine) people say they are happy to get out of smoke and into the fresh air... this weekend is one of the busiest travel times all year. kron4's dan thorn is live at the airport with more. dan? many travelers i've talked with say they have loved with say they i've talked many travelers i've talked with say they have loved staying in the area...but they can't wait to get back to cleaner air for thanksgiving.. the air quality at sfo improved slightly on saturday.. despite hundreds of delays and dozens of cancellations...many travelers say they want to get out of the smoke...sot: it would be nice to get some fresh air..sot: it was pretty scary to get out there and and see all the fog and everybody with masks..the couple from miami were not alone..these
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students from germany are excited to get back to san diegosot: the smoke..the smoke was made our trip a little bit difficult you know?most of the people i talked with did not say san francisco was a bad place..just not the best place for outdoor activities..others are actually concerned because they're arriving in the bay area for thanksgiving..sot: sot: im wondering..what am i going to do? can i go out at all? or do i have to stay indoors?if you're looking to travel--considering both the smoke and the holiday..airport officials say you should give yourself plenty of time..sot: maybe even more so than you would normally and also check your airline check your flight airport officials reccommend you visit fly-sfo-dot com before heading to the airport...this way you can stay up to date with your travel plans.reporting at sfo dan thorn kron4 news. " i was
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" i was with the president of finland... he called it a forest nation and they spent a lot of time on raking and cleaning and doing things and they don't have any problem."" (justine) the president suggested today... if californians did more raking of the forest floor.. the forest fire problem could be solved. (justine) president trump blamed massive and destructive california wildfires on mismanagement by the forestry service ...and even threatened to take away federal funding unless they quote "remedy now". (jr stone) but scientists say global warming is a factor. ella so with more on that theory. sot: ella sogomonian, @ellasogomonian//"scientists are identifying what they say is a clear link between the earth's warmer temperatures and dryer conditions for the reason we are facing enormous wildfires that are harder to fight." the deadly camp fire has scorched 148 thousand acres of northern california
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land killed more than 70 people while more than one thousand remain missing. enviornmental researchers found global warming is contributing to the staggering size and frequency of the deadly wildfires burning in the golden state and across the globe in recent years . sot: zeke hausfather, climate scientist berkeley earth// "this year has been one of the driest and hottest years in california so its just created a tinderbox for fires to start that are then driven rapidly due to the winds." climate scientist zeke hausfather with berkeley earth says the world is seeing near record heatwaves and recent wildfires are burning twice the size of regions compared to the 1980's and 90's in both forested and non forested areas.while president donald trump believes mismanagement by the forstery service may be to blame...hausfather has obsethrvede problem.sot: zeke hausfather, climate scientist berkeley earth// "forest managee fires i combination of the need to do more controlled burns more brush clearing and the whole situation being exacerbated by hot and dry conditions due to the warming we've seen in recent years in california." scientists are comparing the number of acres burned along with temperatures and conditions recorded at the time recent wildfires have erupted.sot: ella sogomonian, @ellasogomonian//"so the hotter and drier it's become climate change scientists say its creating more fuel for a catasrophic fire. in berkeley ella sogomonian kron 4 news." (anchor) (anchor) our weather... with
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meterologist mabrisa rodriguez. poor air quality is expected to poor air quality is poor air quality is expected to continue until rain returns to the bay area starting the middle of next week. during the next couple of days, winds
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are expected to continue to be light, with mild daytime highs in the 60s, and cool overnight lows in the 30s to 40s. by mid- week, things will change as the first of several storms impact california. rain will not only bring beneficial moisture to the area, but also improve the air quality. (justine) (justine) coming up -- a man is being called a hero a man is being
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coming up -- (justine) (justine)
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(justine) coming up -- a veeran is being called a hero for helping a hit-d- victim... the video of those intense moments... when we come (jrstone) and -- why one pharmaceutical giant is raising their prices for prescription drugs
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>> dr. stanley: remember this: cannot change the laws of god. when he has visited you in some form of adversity and he brings you through that, that's like he has increased the strength of the foundation of your life and your faith in him. [music] agreed to hold off raising
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prices following heavy pressure from president trump, pfizer now says it will increase the prices of 41 drugs in january. the pharmaceutical company says one percent, three others will rise three percent, and the others will see a five percent hike. and the company says the price hikes will be offset by higher rebates and discounts offered by pharmacies and insurance companies. trump has long called for prescription drug
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prices to be lowered, and he criticized pfizer back in july for considering a price hike. (jrstone) a los angeles man is being called a hero for helping a motorcyclist who was struck by a car near his home. the cyclist landed in front of the man's home, and it was all caught on home security video. the video may be graphic to some viewers.crystal cruz reports. incredible home security video shows a car make a left turn and collide with a motorcyclist who cartwheels through the air,loses his shoes and lands smack dab in front of george ramirez's north hills ramirez:"i saw him literally right there in the driveway." video from monday, veterans day, shows george, a veteran himself, run down his driveway to help the 20-year-old motorcyclist, using his skills learned in the ramirez:"i didn't even realize to be honest that that's what the day was at the moment. for some strange reason the young man was delivered literally to my door step. i
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could not ignore that. i had to help him as i would anyone else."video shows several other people come over to help before the ambulance arrived. you can also see the driver involved in the collision stopped and got out of the car to check on the motorcyclist, who ramirez: "the distance that he was involved, so thankful that he was wearing a helmet, a full- faced helmet and good leather jacket and i'm certain without that helmet he wouldn't had had a chance." (jrstone) that was crystal cruz reporting, the motorcyclist is hospitalized in intensive care following several surgeries. (jrstone) still ahead tonight -- the search for the missing continues in the deadly camp fire. we'll have an update on that with the latest count on those confirmed dead. (justine) schools across northern california were closed due to the bad air quality from the wildfire. when we come back -- we will talk to some teachers who are going above and beyond for
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their students. students. (mabrisa)a look at your forecast coming up...
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(jrstone) tonight-- crews are desperately trying to get in touch with hundreds of people who are missing after the destructive camp fire... (justine) crews are combing through the debris, looking for human remains. here are the latest numbers tonight.... 76 people have been killed. 13-hundred people are missing. the fire has burned 149- thousand acres and it's 55-percent contained. well over 12-thousand structures have been destroyed. (live) taking a live look outside at san francisco's embarcadero.... (anchor) time now to check on our weather... with meterologist mabrisa rodriguez.
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poor air quality is expected to continue until expected to poor air quality is expected to continue until rain returns to the bay area starting the middle of next week. during the next couple of days, winds are expected to continue to be light, with mild daytime highs in the 60s, and cool overnight lows in the 30s to 40s. by mid- week, things will change as the
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first of several storms impact california. rain will not only bring beneficial moisture to the area, but also improve the air quality.
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(jrstone) new information on butte county schools - which are closed because of the camp fire the superintendent of schools announced today - all schools
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will remain closed through the end of the month but some teachers from paradise are taking it upon themselves to help elementary school students feel a sense of normalcy. ali wolf has the story from chico (pkg)(nat teacher reading book) story time inside the chico library..(nat)elementary age children from paradise escape from their painful listening to the story of thanksgiving..(annie finney - second grade teacher in paradise)"it is therapeutic and its good for the kids it gives them a sense of life again"'annie finney is a second grade teacher at children's community charter school in paradise.her classroom burned in the camp fire - so did most of her students' homesbut she's helping to bring the kids together -to read to play to see familiar faces in a familiar setting..because many of these kids are hurting (kennedy - lost home in camp fire)"it hurts a lot in my heart to see that i dont have a house anymore"kennedy lost her home.. so did her friend, georgia.(georgia)"its not ok its burned"(kennedy - lost home in camp fire)" its so hard to take all this in. its like huh its just hard to take all in"there are 32- thousand students out of class
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in butte county.the support is pouring in but there's one thing they need the ámost.says superintendent of schools, tim taylor(tim taylor - butte county superintendent of schools)"ive had so many people give me thoughts and prayers - you know what i need first - here's what we all need 100 portables here in this county right away to get these kids in a safe class"the superintendent choked up while making a plea for help"we need your help .. one second.. (chokes up)"itll be more than two weeks until students return to classand in the meantime(nat)teachers like finney wil do what they can.. to provide some stability.. and comfort..(annie finney - second grade teacher in paradise)"were taking it one day at a time and doing what we need to do in the moment" (jrstone) that was ali wolf reporting. the superintendent says all of the students should be back in class on december third.
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in the meantime... he's asking for portable classrooms from the government. (justine) coming up -- tonight we are closely- watching the race for u-s senate in mississippi. details on who the president and a california senator is endorsing... when we come back. (jrstone) and the florida governor's race is over... we'll hear from the tallahassee mayor and democratic candidate... who conceded today.
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race to become florida's next governor has come to an end. (justine) tallahassee mayor and democratic candidate andrew gillum officially conceded the race to his republican opponent, former congressman ron desantis. gillum made the announcement saturday in a facebook video. desantis responded r, call
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"hard-fought campaign" and calling on florida to come together.the race went down to the wire and a machine recount that was completed this past showed desantis leading gillum by just under 34-thousand votes.however, the margin was not large enough under florida law to force a hand recount. (jrstone) president trump will head to mississippi later this month as he gets involved in the state's closely-watched race for u-s senate.the president will hold a pair of campaign rallies in mississippi on november 26th on behalf of republican senator cindy hyde-smith. she was appointed back in april to fill the senate seat vacated by g-o-p incumbent thad cochran, who retired for health reasons.but hyde-smith could not win a majority of votes back on election day ... ... meaning she and democrat mike espy will compete in a runoff november 26th to see who will complete cochran's term.the president publicly
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endorsed hyde-smith back in august. today -- senator kamala harris campaigned for espy in jackson. senator harris also addressed the controversial videos of senator cindy hyde-smith circulating on the web. she explained it's time to have people in the senate with higher values for the american people. (justine) still ahead tonight -- a substitute teacher fired for allegedly bullying students. why he says -- they should have stood for the plege of allegence. allegence. (jrstone) a substitute
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teacher says his teaching days are over after a school let him go for thanking students who recited the pledge of allegiance.(justine)school officials allege he bullied at least one student who did not stand up.andy banker has the story. natsot"one nation, under god, indivisible."it's a school district where school board members stand and recite the pledge of allegiance.and where the nick-name for parkway south high school is 'patriots.'jim furkin/former teacher"the pa announcer says please rise for the pledge of allegiance, so i say 'let's go'. the kids get up in this particular case, 24 kids in class. 22 got up. so i say, 'thank you very much, all of you that participated. i appreciate that. and i'm sure all of those families that lost loved ones so we could have the freedoms we have today would appreciate that, too. that's what i said." furkin says he's been a substitute teacher for the district for about 10 years and filling in at parkway south almost daily for the past 5. now, district officials have told him he can no longer work at 'south' but can continue at other schools. he just told the school board he would not being doing so. natsot/furkin"how in the world can we go from thanking the kids for saying the pledge of allegiance to being charged with bullying? it's kind of like saying 'miss davis, i like your hair tonight,' but if i don't say the same thing to miss hopper, she gets
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offended. and then you guys say, as a collective group, we don't want you to come to board meetings anymore."jim furkin/former teacher"that flag is not to be taken for granted, in my opinion. it is our symbol of freedom." superintendent dr. keith marty now says the students who did not stand were humiliated and teased by the others.he also says furkin has run afoul of school policy in the past by recording video of students at another school without their permission.and by sharing his personal contact information with students.still, it's only after 'the pledge' incident that furkin is let go. and to him, it just doesn't add up. natsot/reporter"are you done?" jim furkin/former teacher "yeah, i've had enough. and it's a shame. that's what i'm going to miss, i'm going to miss the kids." (justine) that was any banker that was (justine) (justine) that was any
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banker reporting. the 66-year-old furkin wasn't just a teacher at parkway schools. he is also a graduate. (jrstone) now take a look at this -- a baby deer apears to have lost its way as it comes onto the porch of someone's home in texas. a video survallience camera captured these moments while the family waited inside the house.(jrstone) one family member said it was trying to jump through their windows and eventually the deer was successful.(justine) it broke a back bedroom window and then leapt through. here's video of the dear in the house... the family did call for help. police responded to the home and they had to move furnature to create a chute furnature to create a chute to usher the frightened faun through the house. after a few
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slips and near falls, the deer finally arrived at the exit. the front door- freedom at last, and the family left with the cleanup, which includes replacing two window panes. (jrstone) this spring, college students at lock haven university in pennsylvania will be able to bring their four-legged friend to campus. the college is hoping it will entice more students to live on campus. north hall will become the school's first pet-friendly residence hall... it's the first of its kind in the pennsylvania state system. school officials say there will be a one animal per room policy with other strict guidel. (jr)the golden state warriors have lost two out of their last three. stephen curry is still out and there is drama between draymond green and kevin durant. that being said the
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world champs were in action saturday night in dallas.curry is out for at least another week and then his groin injury will be re-evaluated. nevertheless he is with the team, hopefully able to help that green and durant situation. we go to the first quarter. quinn cook goes inside. back outside to klay thompson. that's a three. little while later klay again. this time left side...klay a little fade away. that's good. okay 4th quarter...warri ors down one with a minute left. durant brings up the ball. he goes right side down the lane. floater...rims out. no good.warriors with another chance. down one less than 30. durant fade away. no they chance. jerebko with the inbound...can't find a man. finally finds klay thompson. there's a drive and a fade. no good. klay can't hit and the warriors go on to lose 112 to 109. that makes two in a
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row and three losses in their last 4. (j.r.)saturday was supposed to be one of the biggest days here in bay area college football but it wasn't at all. stanford was schedueled to play cal at berkeley but because of the air quality that game was re-schedueled for december first. the decision was made this week after the air quality in berkeley hoovered above 200 for a period of 24 hours. nfl games are cancelled or moved when the aiis for cal-stanford. (j.r.) the oakland raiders have lost five in a row and on arizona cardinals team that has won only two games on the season. the game is in arizona so air quality isn't an issue.the raiders have had major issues with their offensive line this year. that could be a problem against an arizona squad that has had more than 10 players
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with multiple sacks on the team. derek carr has been sacked 17 times in the last 4 games. overall he has been sacked 28 times in 9 games this season. arizona has struggled on the offensive side of things but the raiders have given up 20 or more points in every game this season. they are also going up against a team that beat the 49ers twice. a 49ers squad who smoked the raiders but we all know it will be the matchups sunday that really matter. vegas has the cardinals by five and a half. (j.r.)big matchup saturday in the pac-12. we go to the northwest.washington taking on oregon state. huskies looking good in this one. first quarter. myles gaskin...oh my....boom....hits the hole and he is gone. 63 yards. gaskin is fast. he has 163 yards rushing on the day. he'd get taken down inside the five but washington would later score. late second quarter and the huskies with a two touchdown lead. jake
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browning rolls right side. looking for a man. he's got gaskin and this time he's into the endzone. that would increase the lead to three touchdowns. washington goes on to win this 42 to 23. the huskies are now 8 and 3 on the year. (justine) the chase is on! how police n the loose. how police n the loose. at at&t, we believe in access. how police n the loose. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee.
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visit to learn more.
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to take care of yourself. but nature's bounty has innovative ways to help you maintain balance and help keep you active and well-rested.
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because hey, tomorrow's coming up fast. nature's bounty. because you're better off healthy. (justine) police in arizona tried to save a dog that ended up loose on a busy highway.(jrstone) and the chase was all caught on video. a chopper caught up with this puppy on the loose... at the time -- it wasn't clear what he was wanted for but as soon as the pup noticed that
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he was being pursued by troopers... the chase was on...first by car and then on foot...the puppy although cute...put himself in a very dangerous situation. take a look! no no no."> not to worry the puppy was just tapped by the truck's bumper and was not injured...he raced away and the pursuit began again. minutes later troopers were able to wrangle the pup and put him in the back of their car.
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their the back of pup and put him wrangle the able to troopers were minutes later again.pursuit began and the he raced away injured...and was not truck's bumper tapped by the puppy was just worry the not to not to worry
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the puppy was just tapped by the truck's bumper and was not injured...he raced away and the pursuit began again. minutes later troopers were able to wrangle the pup and put him in the back of their car.
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(hard rock music) (sirens wailing) (helicopter whirring) - so we're heading up to the camino area right now. got a report of a house on fire so, the report also up to the camino area right now. said that the fire is spreading into the trees. we're gonna go up there and see if anyone needs to be evacuated. make everyone in that area safe


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