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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  November 21, 2018 10:00pm-10:58pm PST

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tracking showers around the bay area on doppler radar. rain is turning to snow in the sierra where we could see over a foot tonight. another storm is on the way. winds will pick up throughout the day with rain developing in the afternoon. highs will be cool and in the 50s and low 60s. more rain is likely next week.
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(pam) and this just in.... p-g&e is reporting about withou power right now around the bay area ... due to the rainy weather . 10 in san francisco. 1245 on the pennisula 5 in the north bay in the east bay ... there are more than 2,ooo customers without power and a majority of them are in oakland and richmond. plus we are seeing reports in south
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bay of 165 people without power. (pam) as the rain came down on this thanksgiving eve, the airports were packed with travelers rushing to catch their flights.(ken) kron 4's gayle ong is live at s-f-o with that part of our coverage. gayle. (gayle)and some travelers got here to find out there was no flight for least 47 flights were cancelled today, all because of the weather,it also caused mayjor delays as people rush to get home for the holiday. people at s-f-o tonight hovering around the arrivals board,waiting on loved ones to land..portola valley resident jennifer sandell says her daughter's flight from newark new jersey was delayed for three hours. here's the moment jennifer sees her daughter, delighted to see their pup and hugs mom.a renuion they say is worth the wait.and that's the other thing causing
10:03 pm wasn't the smoke from the wildfires, airport officials say today was all about the weather.this holiday traveler was stuck at the airport but considers herself lucky. despite the long commute many travelers faced,their mood changed once they stepped off the plane.. (gayle)i've been talking to workers here inside the terminal,they say the morning hours until the afternoon were the busiest times today.even though it's more relaxed at idea to check with your gayle ong live at sfo - gayle ong kron 4
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news. (ken) holiday traffic a big concern through the weekend... google says based on its data... the worst traffic expected for the bay area week-- may have already happened...(pam) and if you were on the road earlier today .. you probably saw it... kron 4's gabe slate was out driving around .. he shows us what it was like ... the embarcadero in san francisco wednesday afternoon was gridlocked southbound. as the mass holiday exodus unfoldedthe weather did not help.. traffic lights were out at 3rd street next to at&t park, san francisco police had to come out and direct traffic. and then drivers who made it on to the 280
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south ramp off king street in san francisco were immediately slowed down againthe two right lanes were flooded near the caesar chavez exit. just a mile further south, still in san francisco, on highway 101 southbound, just after the 280 split, the left side of the highway was flooded, again slowing down and google said based on their data the worst traffic expected for the bay area would be the day before thanksgiving between 1 and 4pm. that is right when i was driving around and from what i saw their prediction was correct bad timing for the 1st rain of the season sound from - commuter driving in rain "saw 5 accidents today" jamelle echoed what most people told me today who were driving around this slow holiday rain traffic. the clean air was worth itsound from - commuters driving in the rain in millbrae gabe slate kron 4 news "and as of tonight 2 additional remains bringing the total number of fatalities to date to 83." (pam) the death toll rises tonight in the butte county 'camp fire' .. as the rain
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hampers efforts to find the remains of loved ones .(ken) loved ones .the remains of efforts to find hampers the rain 'camp fire' .. as date to 83."of fatalities to the total number news slate kron 4 millbrae gabe slate kron 4 news "and as of tonight 2 additional remains bringing the total number of fatalities to date to 83." (pam) the death toll rises tonight in the butte county hampers efforts to find get to numbers cal fire just released on the camp fire. (ken) today another two bodies were found bringing dehs the number of missing people is now 563. more than 18- thousand structures have been
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destroyed.... more than 14- thousand of those are homes. the camp fire has burned more than 153,000 acres. and is 85-percent contained. and it looks like almost a thousand firefighters are getting to go home as the personnel on the line is now 37 hundred. (pam) of the 83 victims ... 58 have been identified. six more names were released today... they are: teresa ammans - 82 years old of paradise... richard brown - 74 .. of concow... maria wehe- 78 years old of concow... kimber weir 53 of paradise... joseph rabetoy 34 of paradise... joan tracy 80-years old of paradise... sheriff kory honea talked about why he believes releasing the names is so important. "this is an "this is an important
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lawsuit and we need to protect these people from future fires like this and we need to find out what happened to all these other people that are missing." (ken) the family of one of those victims is sueing pg&e blaming it for starting the fire and the many deaths that followed. today the family of gerald "jerry" rodrigues' lawyer filed a wrongful death lawsuit. jerry served in the navy and had a large group of friends in paradise and served the community. he lived in the pinecrest mobile metoday who hopes this will hol pg&e accountable and prevent future fires from happening. and even though cal fire has not issued a cause for the camp issued a cause for the camp fire... the family laywer believes they have enough evidence to sue pg&e."back in
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dec 2012 5 pg&e steel towers fell in strong winds and these five towers that fell supported the same transmission that malfunctioned minutes before this camp fire ignited i mean that is very strong evidence." (ken) rodrigues is survived by his daughter and his three grandchildren. (ken) g responded to the lawsuit by saying "our hearts are with the communities impacted by the camp fire. the loss of life and property is staggering. right now, our entire company is focused on supporting first responders and assisting our customers and communities impacted by the camp fire." (ken) crews in e county alecia reid rode along with cal- fire .. and caught up with the menlo park urban search and rescue team in magalia. they're gonna stay here as long as it takesit's a big,
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large area to searchone property at a time's gonna take daysmembers from the menlo park urban search and resue team joined forces with other california strike team of engines in magalia. some of the teams that were here earlier in the week didn't have some of the tools that these guys have. these guys have all the equipment to handle heavier rescues like sheet metal and things like thatonce an area is done, it is also allows crews that come by to know if they were able to find anything on this site and if there are any hazardsrecovery efforts were non-stop through wednesday's downpour.makes things slippery, makes thinbi mmore muddy, a little tougher to separate thingsworking in the rain can be challenging, but progress must continue.when it comes down to it, they train for this, they're ready to work in the rain and they'll get the job donebefore this area is cleared for families to come home, a proper search has to be done.just want to make sure they've done everything they can searching for people that may not have made it out of these communitiesstandupthis is all a team effort. there's also pg&e and the water company working to get things back in order for the families that can return home. reporting from butte county ... ar ... kron 4 news kron 4 newscounty ... ar ... from butte county ... ar ...
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kron 4 news (pam) as rain hits the 'camp fire' burn area .. public works crews are on alert for possible mudslides. and even though there is a flash flood watch in effect for the ... the majority of the burn site has a low probability for slides... regardless.. the butte county's public works director says, the crews are not taking any chances with that risk ... as well as other concerns which could come with this weather event... crews are working around the clock in butte county to stabilize the land... big bags of rocks line the foothills and other lower lying areas of the burn site.. aside from the wet weather... public works officials say, another concern is incoming wind ... with up to 45- miles per hour
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gusts(pam) do."> (pam) trying to keep it all intact is a lot of work for the public works department.. especially considering .. nearly a fifth infrastructure concerns, schmidt says, the majority of his department will be working through the holiday. updates on the camp fire with our kron4 app. download it today to stay up to date on all breaking news as it happens.. (ken) a tribute to a fallen chicago police officer as we learn more about the gunman's dark past. (pam) investigators have made an arrest in a 45- year-old cold case... find out how they pinpointed the
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suspect .... in just one and a half minutes.
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(ken) for 45 years the grisly slaying of aspiring law student leslie perlov in the south bay has stumped investigators. (pam) but no longer. tonight, as kron four's rob fladeboe reports, d-n-a evidence has led the authorities to arrest an east bay man in the murder. laurie smith/santa cara county sheriff " my mind he may well be a serial killer but we still have a lot of
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investigating to do..."santa clara county sheriff laurie smith is talking about this man, 74 year old john arthur getreu, of hayward, under arrest in connection with the february 1973 murder of then 21 year stanford university graduate leslie marie perlov. sheriff laurie smith "....we had evidence from 1973 that had been preserved, that had dna that we believed came from the were able to identify potential suspects..."perlov's body was found near her car in the hills off old page mill road near stanford university. she had been strangled. a sample of getreu's dna was sent to the virginia-based parabon nanolabs, specializing in genetic geneology says sgt. noe cortez.sgt. noe cortez/santa clara county sheriff's office '....they look into profiles and family members and the public data base and from their they look into generations of family members and they link the dna to a specific person...."sgt. shannon catalano/santa clara county sheriff's office
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"....this man has a history in germany where he was convicted of murder and rape and he also has a convictin locally for rape..." a similar dna search led to the recent arrest of joseph deangelo, the suspected golden state killer. getreu reportedly worked in palo alton when leslie perlov was murdered. sheriff laurie smith "....even though this person has lived for 45 years without being in rison, he is in jail now and we believe he is the suspect and we believe he will be convicted, in san jose rob fladeboe kron4news now we want to get a live look at those roads. this is a look at the embarcadero in san francisco now (ken) we are joined now by we are joined now by chief meterologoist lawrence karnow. will drivers run into more
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rain for thanksgiving? lawrence karnow: much needed rain swept across the bay area today. some areas enjoyed over an inch of rain. we are still tracking showers around the bay area on doppler radar. rain is turning to snow in the sierra where we could see over a foot tonight. another storm is on the way. winds will pick up throughout the day with rain developing in the afternoon. highs will be and in more rain is likely next week. (ken) something to be thankful for.... a group from the bay area is coming together to help those who have lost so much in the camp fire. (ken) take a look at this... the centennial wheel at navy centennial the week. thanksgiving?rain for run into more rain for lawrence karnow: much (ken) something (ken)(ken) (ken) something to be
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thankful for.... a group from the bay area is coming together to help those who have lost so much in the camp fire. (pam) if you are looking to find someone new to mingle with this holiday season.... the warning from police about the new app you may never have heard of.. (ken) (ken) take a look at
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this... the centennial wheel at navy pier pays tribute to fallen chicago police officer samuel jimenez who was killed in the shooting monday at mercy hospital. you can see a black star right in the middle of the ferris wheel in honor of the fallen officer. (ken) we are also learning new details about the gunman who shot and killed three people in cold blood at a chicago hospital earlier this
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week...(pam) as reporter andy rose explains.... the shooter had a very dark past... "as we mourn this senseless act and loss of life.. it occured at a place called mercy hospital."light and love.. shinning through a moment of darkness in chicago. people gathered wednesday evening to tamara o' resident, dayna less and police officer, samuel jimenez. three people killed by a man with a gun.dr. heather prendergast, uic emergency medicine: "you look at tamara's life and they way it was taken from her in such a senseless way."police say the shooter, juan lopez, attended church with his ex-fiance, o'neal..the day before he confronted her in the hospital parking lot..demanding his engagement ring back before shooting her, according to police.she had called their engagement off in september, according to her father.he said lopez couldn't accept that their relationship was 20-14, lopez was dismissed from the city's fire academy nine weeks after he was hired.after disappearing from a disciplinary process related to what the fire academy called "bullying" issues....and never showing back up for the job.police radio: "more shots fired! more shots fired!"the chicago police department now mourns the killing of one of their
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own..28-year-old samuel jimenez leaves behind a wife - his high school sweetheart and three young children..matthew whitaker, acting u.s. attorney general: "he did what police officers do every single day of the year. he ran towards the danger. he ran towards the sound of gunshots. and he did that so that the rest of us could run away from the danger."i'm andy rose reporting. a daring escape. a pair of pilots are working on dumping water on the camp fire when they get the call to save a family and their dogs. we'll hear them describe what happened. (pam) and if you still have somewhere to travel for the thanksgiving holiday, we have a warning for you about the wet weather still coming our way. (lawrence)ten at ten
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on thousands of giftss this weekend at ross. most stores are open thanksgiving, six p.m. to midnight. reopening friday at seven a.m. with extended hours saturday and sunday. yes for less.
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10:27 pm know when you're at rossif ross has everyone covered with gifts you'll love to give. and it feels even better when you find them for less-at ross. yes for less. home during the holiday weekend.. be careful -- the roads are wet.. slippery and messy ... and because thanksgiving is tomorrow .. a lot of places may be busy.. roads were crowded most of the day today....(ken) kron4's dan kerman went out in san francisco at 8th and bryant to take a look at traffic leaving the bay area.
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it didn't matter if you were on city street or the highway... it was all pretty much the same this thanksgiving eve... slow... and the rain didn't help much either .. sotdefinitely wet on the raod so you have to be very cautiousthe chp says drivers weren't adjusting well to the wet conditionssotthis year we are seeing more collissions due to the rain and more people on the roadgas stations were busy, as those who had yet to leave town were gassing up.sot i'm going to santa cruzi'm going to santa rosaby late afternoon just getting the bridges was difficult... this is the approach to the bay bridge at 8th and bryant... traffic backed up for blocks.... but it all wasn't bad... at least for those coming to the bay area... sotmy brother is coming here from pasadena and he was getting a mid day start but he says the roads are clear and he is sailing right along and he will be here early standup dan kerman/sf :56the chp advises you slow down regardless where you are going and leave extra stopping distrance between you and the vehicle ahead because of the wet roads and make sure you leave extra time because it will probably take a little longer to get there than you originally thought. in sf, dan kerman, kron 4 news.
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4 news.dan kerman, kron thought. in sf, dan kerman, kron 4 news. the search continues for potential victims of the deadly camp fire. cadaver dogs spent wednesday seeking out remains amid the derue county. 563- people are still listed as missing... after the wildfire ravaged the town about 90 miles north of sacramento. rain is moving through the area .... which will help put out the remaining flames, but hinder efforts to find victims. and even with the thanksgiving holiday coming up... cal -fire says, it will not stop looking for people lost in the flames.
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deadliest in state history -- killing 83 people so far. (ken) in just three days -- neighbors in danville have raised more than 60-thousand dollars for camp fire victims. community presbyterian church ... schools and sports teams held a gift card drive and at last check, have raised 62-thousand dollars. kron4's michelle kingston has their story on how they did it! (mk)gift cards line a wall at community presbyterian church ... costco ... safeway and visa gifts all donated by friends, family and neighbors in danville.sean gann, tbirds varsity head football coach"i think there are a lot of families that want to help out ... it's understanding how do we do it, right? what do they truly need?"one by one ... more and more gift cards were donated ...all of them being sent to the victims of the northern california camp fire where
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thousands of people lost their homes.deana dickerson, cpc missions director"i was blown away. i know our church and our community is incredibly generous and that's something i absolutely love about living here is the people step up when there is a need."in just three days -- people have donated more than 60-thousand dollars worth of donations and gift cards for the victims. anna rainsford, donated gift cards"it was devastating finding out so many people lost their families and their homes and it was very sad and tragic and with our family, we thought right away, how can we help them? and that's a great opportunity to be able to do that for them."michelle kingston, mkingstonnews"you have until next friday to donate. we will be posting a link with more information on our website, members of the cpc community will be personally delivering these cards to families who need it danville, michelle kingston, kron 4 news" news" kingston, kron 4 michelle in danville,
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lawrence karnow: much needed rain swept across the bay area today. some areas enjoyed over an inch of rain. we are still tracking showers around the bay area on doppler radar. rain is turning to snow in the sierra where we could see over a foot tonight. another storm is on the way. winds will pick up throughout the day with rain developing in the afternoon. highs will be cool and in the 50s and low 60s. more rain is likely next week. week. (ken) we're (ken) we're hearing from two
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pilots whose dramatic rescue of three people and two dogs from the thick of southern california's woolsey fire was caught on video. l-a fire pilots david nordquist and joel smith were doing a water drop when they got a call for a rescue nearby. they navigated a complex landing scenario on a ridge crowded with buildings, vehicles, and wires. with their fuel supply dwindling, they braved a thickening smoke column and reached the trapped victims.
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fire was so close. as soon as they got to where i was and could see where the fire was coming from i think the gravity hit em a little bit. i said we have to go now. we don't have any time to waste. took a little bit of convincing to take their dogs and their dogs were really apprehensive. they did not want to come near the helicopter. i didn't quite have enough time to make sure the dogs were secure, that they were secured in their seats. i basically had just enough time to get them in their seats. hold on. put your seat belts on. shut the door and get in the co-pilot side and let's get out of here."> (ken) the rescue happened shortly after the woolsey fire broke out in ventura county. the department released this video of the rescue along with comments praising nordquist and smith's heroism (pam) leaders in turkey have been signaling their frustration with saudi arabia and -- to a certain degree -- the united states over the killing of journalist jamal
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khashoggi.(ken) there are still unanswered questions that turkey demands answers to, and as their foreign minister visits dc and meets with u.s. administration officials to push for an independent investigation, the u-s, in turn, does not appear to be fully on board. arwa damon has more details. nearly a thousand miles from washington...president trump's hit the links with famed golfer jack nicklaus today, trump faced growing criticism back home from republicans and democrats alike after he pledged his loyalty to saudi arabia...despite the grisly killing a reporter.lindsey graham/(r) south carolina: "it's not too much to ask an ally not to butcher a guy in a consulate."that criticism coming from one of the president's closest allies on capitol hill.trump responding to the backlash by thanking the saudis...tweeting "oil prices getting a big tax cut for america...thank you to saudi
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arabia..."the president making clear...he's standing by his extraordinary statement...and ignoring his intelligence agencies once again.president donald trump:"i think the statement was pretty obvious what i said."but it's not just the president's treatment of u.s. allies that's coming under scrutiny....his conduct toward political enemies is too... after reports revealed he wanted the justice department to prosecute james comey and hillary clinton... following through on what he promised on the debate stage in 2016.president donald trump: "if i win, i am going to instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to hillary clinton:"it's just awfully good that someone with the temperament of donald trump is not in charge of the law in our country."pres"becaus would be in jail."the new york times reports that trump's calls to go after his rivals caused former white house counsel don mcgahn to outline how could be accused of abusing his power...and even potentially face impeachment. gov. john kasich/(r) ohio:"i called my legal counsel and i said: how can a president tell the attorney general who to indict? i mean, it just doesn't work that way."the president's orders...raising questions about whether he is tougher on his political opponents...than he is an ally accused of john kasich/(r) ohio:"this is another head shaking, head scratching move that we see, and then of course, coupled today with this statement about the murder of khashoggi is absolutely stunning."
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kaitlan collins reporting. the president is standing by saudi arabia... even thought the c-i-a concluded that saudi crown prince mohammed bin salman ... did order khashoggi's death... (ken) furniture seller ikea says its laying off thousands of employees. ingka group - which owns and operates most ikea stores -- announced wednesday it will lay off about 75-hundred employees, or five-percent of its global workforce. the
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cuts will come in the administrative and support sectors.ikea said fewer than 75 jobs will be eliminated in the u-s. it's also reorganizing its business around the world. officials say they will be shifting toward smaller stores and more online shopping. (pam) oreo is (pam) oreo is selling a tiny record player which it says can be used to play music off an oreo cookie. the company is billing it as the "oreo music box - cookie record player" ... and it is available for 19.99 at amazon. packed inside a decorative tin ... are white fudge oreos, regular oreos, and oreo thins ... and a small 'record player' where the oreo is placed... to unleash the tunes. of course, the truth is, it is a marketing move.. this is a music box and it is not really "playing" anything off the cookie. but you can record a personal message or song ..which plays when you activate the music box. (ken) it's advertised as it's advertised as the place to chill-- chat-- and go live! you may have never
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heard of the social media app "tagged".(pam) but prosecutors say, a woman was assaulted by several men ..after being lured through the dating app. and as ben handleman reports ... they are afraid there may be more victims.. it's advertised as the place to chill-- chat-- and go live! you may have never heard of the social media app "tagged". that may not be true-- for those younger in your life. prosecutors say 21-year-old davoncia mcafee was not on the app looking for dates or hookups-- but used the social media to help kidnap and sexually assault a 19-year-old. -jumping into his vehicle near 58th and hampton--soon learning they weren't alone.the victim says a second man hiding in the back "wrapped his arm around her face and neck..." "...pointed what felt like a small calibur handgun to the back of her neck..."and placed a "blindfold over her eyes." the men-- according to the victim led her to a nearby apartment where others were waiting.for "5 hours" the woman says she was sexually assaulted by multiple men-- before finally being driven back to her car.the victim--
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was able to provide a name to police--after posting the suspect's "tagged" profile picture on facebook where a user identified him.near 63rd and carmen--bobby harrington/neighbor"neighbors told me the police kicked in the back door the other day." neighbors are shocked to learn this was the place of alleged horrors.bobby harrington/neighb or"very surprised. yes."many of us did not know exsisted. "dignity always prevails"(ken) prevails""dignity always prevails"(ken)prevails" "dignity always "dignity always prevails"(ken) want something to do after thanksgiving dinner tomorrow? we'll give you a preview of movie about a true friendship. (pam) does the idea of a reverse mortgage sound appealing ... but you still are not really sure how it
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works? we break it down for you in just two minutes. (sports) just ahead in sports, even being back at oracle couldn't help the warriors get out of a slump. how the thunder delivered a historic first in the steve kerr era. in-depth tonight...
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if it does not all go according to your plan... the golden years can feel like the twilight zone.(ken) kron four's philippe djegal speaks with housing industry experts with a look at mortgages... and, the options available out there for our senior population. (philippe) complex and ofte of us to understand...chris hudson/mortgage consultant- "i think anything can be risky if not well-understood." the federal government's consumer financial protection bureau recommends considerable consultation with a financial
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expert before jumping into a reverse mortgagechris hudson/mortgage consultant- "i try to facilitate an experience opposite of a surprise birthday party." walnut creek mortgage consultant chris hudson, with c-2 financial says this type of loan is only available to the older population.chris hudson/mortgage consultant- "a reverse mortgage is just that -- it's when we're now monetizing equity in our home, either in a lump sum or on a, on a monthly basis, if you will. you can kind of think of it like an annuity." this form of a loan is tailored for people 62-years-old and older -- looking to buy a home or already have a home and need another stream of income.chris hudson/mortgage consultant- "it's just like what it says, instead of me paying the bank, the bank is paying me, um, out on an ongoing basis." the interest rate on a reverse mortgage fluxuates based on the market and can sometimes be much higher than a traditional mortgage. interest that also compounds over the term of the loan, eventually leading some borrowers to see the loan exceed the actual value of the home.chris hudson/mortgage consultant- "they've come to a point in their lives where
10:45 pm
they're not retired, but they don't necessarily have enough income coming in to kind of help all their basic monthly expenses on a monthly basis." the federal trade commission says borrowers can not escape paying homeowner's insurance or property taxes with a reverse mortgage... though the money the borrower receives is typically the house. meaning less assets to leave behind to your heirs. philippe djegal, kron four news. (ken) need somethingto do after stuffing yourself with turkey? david daniel has a preview of an oscar winner and a two-time oscar nominee staring in a comic drama about race set in the 19-60's. "do you foresee any issues in working for a black man?""you, in the deep south? there's gonna be problems."an unlikely pair played by mahershala ali and viggo mortensen drive through the jim crow-era south in "green book," billed as "inspired by a true friendship.""are you kidding me? black concert pianist on the road with an
10:46 pm
italian-american bouncer who's racist, driving him through the south? i just loved it. but i also had never heard of the green book."the "book" told african-american travelers where it was safe to eat, sleep, and shop in different states."this gentleman says that i'm not permitted to dine here.""i'm afraid not." (nat-slam)the project originated with the real tony vallelonga's family.r vallelonga."the actors also had film footage of the men they were playing."what was really helpful for me was to tually see him, um, and see him on this documentary and sort of witness him answer questions and get a sense of his... how he behaved and gestures and speech rhythms and so that, that gave me quite a bit.""tony, you only win when you maintain your dignity. dignity always prevails."(ali) "physically you're very different from tony, tony lip. i'm very different from, um, from don shirley, so i'm a little taller than you, it was reversed for them. and so looking at elements of, of, of weight and how you slim down, where, how high do you go with a pitch and tone of the voice, the physicality that, all of that becomes, to some degree, a negotiation."(mortensen) "you have to capture the essence of the person."(ali)
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"you have to capture the essence, and that's what you can't negotiate at all.""how does he smile and shake their hands like that?" (nat- "because it takes courage to change people's hearts."in hollywood, i'm david daniel. steve kerr put it all into perspective earlier this week, saying this is the nba. but even through locker room drama, injuries, and a losing streak, the team remains confident they can end the slump... it just wouldn't happen tonight. --let's go to oracle-- warriors- thunder. no steph curry or draymond green in the lineup... both dealing with injuries. --thunder taking advantage 2nd quarter-- okc up double digits.. russell westbrook...connects from
10:48 pm
downtown... only had 11 points, but still put up a triple double. thunder up 14 at the break. --out of the half-- dennis schroeder starting to get hot.. the backup point guard...from near the top of the key... okc up 11. --warriors went 7-of-29 from downtown, but trying to make a run. klay the rack...makes it a 4-point game in the 4th. --later in the stanza, schroeder...again from beyond the arc. 32-points..5-of-6 from 3. thunder back up 11. --then, scary moments toward the end hamadou diallo...had to be stretchered off after a nasty leg injury. so gruesome we don't want to show it to you...and it had everyone rattled. ---123-95 thunder your final... and the warriors have lost 4-straight for the first time in the steve kerr era. we were able to capture this highlight pregame. the champs hosting the boys and girls basketball teams from paradise high school... the students among the thousands affected by the devastating wildfires... the night bringing some relief in what's been such a difficult time. danielle wagner, phs women's basketball player"we saw the sun and the clouds for the first time today when we were driving here and it was really
10:49 pm
good to see that because it's been really smokey in chico, so it's really good."nicholas baker, player for phs men's basketball team"i lost my voice because the smoke in paradise is pretty bad. so when the fire first happened it was affecting everyone differently, so i got sick from it and just from there i was losing my voice, but that's not going to be an issue because i won't lose the -- it won't be hampering my cheering tonight, so i'm pretty excited." the warriors are wothrknor community foundation in funding relief efforts... for every dollar donated, the team will match up to 25- thousand. now t some raiders fans were rejoicing a few weeks ago because the team was in line for the top pick in the draft, but that is no longer the case. --with their victory last week, the team is not in sole possession of the worst record in the league.... and as the team moves forward, there are members of raider nation who'd like to see them lose so they get a good pick. -but derek carr is not in the business of tanking for prospects. "i just want to win. i want to mess up the
10:50 pm
draft. i don't want the first pick. i want to win all these games. i want everyone to be mad at me for that. that's what i want to accomplish." the 49ers in santa clara... fresh off the bye week. six games left on the schedule starting with the 3-and-7 bucs in tampa nick mullens prepare for away games, he listens to and going through calls. "yeah. that definitely is a new challenge. i haven't played on the road yet, but i think this team is excited and we're ready. coming off the bye week, it's important that we start fast. it's important for me that i just keep my same mindset. it only matters what you do on the field and don't let the environment impact the way you play.""
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-- the leaning tower of pisa has baffled visitors for centuries.... but new data shows -- the famous italian monument is actually straightening... just a little bit. the tower lost four centimeters of its tilt over
10:54 pm
the past 17 years. but this wasn't by chance... engineers actually wanted to take away some of its iconic appeal. a professor who leads a surveillance group for the tower says sand and clay soil on the tower's north side was removed to help balance the weight of the structure. now it's tilt is about the same as it was at the beginning of the 19th century. so while the leaning tower of pisa might have "less lean" -- engineers expect it to still be standing for at least another 200 years. lawrence karnow: much needed rain swept across the bay area today. some areas enjoyed over an inch of rain. we are still tracking showers around the bay area on doppler radar. rain is turning to snow in the a foot tonight. another storm is on the way. winds will pick up throughout the day with rain developing in the afternoon. highs will be cool and in the 50s and low 60s. more rain is likely next week.
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out who vanished. she was a very shy girl, but she was something special. craig melvin (voiceover): the possible suspects? just about everyone. the friend, the boyfriend, the mysterious older man, they even suspected me. craig melvin (voiceover): so why were police at a dead end? enter this guy. josh mankiewicz: he sees things other cops don't see? phenomenal. craig melvin (voiceover): they call


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