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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  November 25, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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expecting a loved one to return to the bay area tonight they could be stuck at the airport due to severe weather acorss the county.(jrs) good evening, and thank you for joining us at 8. i'm jr stone the busy thanksgiving travel week is ending the same way it all began flight delays and cancellations. thousands of bay area fliers are at s-f-o tonight for what's traditionally one of the busiest days for travel. kron 4's gayle ong is live at s-f-o tonight. gayle, how busy is it out there? (gayle)so far 17 flights were canceled and more than 200 flights delayed today..but with the thousands of travelers at s-f-o today,most flights are ánowá running on time.tonight i found quite a few áluckyá passengers who made it back home on time.
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emily angelotti expected her flight from detroit to be delayed..but it was smooth sailing on what's considered to be one of the busiest day for travel.the sunday after thanksgiving.t-s-a predicted 2-point-7 million travelers will be flying home on sunday. airport duty manager maria buico (boy-co) says they were prepared.. winter storms in the midwest caused more than a dozen flight cancellations and more than 200 delays at sfo most flights to and from chicago and kansas city.but we
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found quite a few passengers who missed the storm by a hair..and one bay area resident who was not so lucky.. ha luong's (lue-wah)/flight to chicago got cancelled.sfo had an average of two to three hour delays to get in and out of chicago but most flights seem to be running on time.. (gayle) (jrs) taking a look at our
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roads it looks like the bridges are pretty clear right now compared to the mayhem at the airport. we are joined by meteorlogist mabrisa rodriguezwith a look at what people are looking at as they try and make their way home. . dry travel weather tonight but watch out for patchy dense fog possible near the bay and inland valleys overnight. a dry and pleasant forecast is set for monday after morning fog burns off. look for highs in the mid 60s to lower 70s. light rain reachethe north bay tuesday morning but falls apart as it passes through the bay area tuesday afternoon. moderate to heavy rain returns wednesday through thursday. models are trending drier by the weekend, but long range
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still sees more storms for early december, stay tuned! (jrs) (jrs) long time bay area journalist and radio host -- ray talia-ferro (tally-a-fare- oh) -- is missing. the 79 year old was last seen in kentucky more than two weeks
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ago. kron4's michelle kingston is live for us tonight outside of kgo radio where talia-ferro worked for decades. (michelle)i just spoke to the paducah kentucky sheriff -- who says taliferro and his new wife of just six months were out there looking at property she had inherited..she told law enforcement when she was walking the property she turned around and ray had left in their rental car. (mk)pat thurston, kgo radio "i'm worried. i'm really worried.ray taliaferro -- a man many call a san francisco legend -- reported missing in paducah kentucky on november 10 ...he's a man that many people listened to on kgo radio in the bay area for years.friends say he was also the president of the arts commission, leukemia society and the naacp in n francisco. john rothmann, kgo radio "millions of people spent the night with ray taliaferro
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monday through friday 1am to 5am ... you couldn't miss ray taliaferro. his wonderful commitment to human rights, his wonderful commitment to san francisco and his wonderful commitment to people."pat thurston, kgo radio "he's one of those talents that is bigger than life. he's one of the people that you just dream of being somebody like ray. always true to himself. a heart of gold."he was last seen talking to a manager at the mellow mushroom pizza restaurant in paducah kentucky -- wearing a black leather jacket and black pants. this flyer warns he may be experiencing disorientation and signs of dementia.pat thurston, kgo radio"i'm heart sick. i'm worried to death." john rothmann, kgo radio"and because we believe he'll be ok. we are very optimistic, but the greatest thing we can do for ray is anybody who spots him, let us know and of course we want to keep him in our prayers." (michelle)the paducah kentucky
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sheriff says they hope ray is on his way back home to san francisco.but they say they do not believe he has a cell phone or any credit cards with him.the sheriff tells me the wife is coming in to the office tomrorow for an interview and that she is cooperating with the in san francisco michelle kingston kron 4 news (jrs) a woman is robbed and sexually assaulted in a quiet south berekley neighborhood. police say the attack happened early this morning.. kron4's dan thorn is live for us tonight with more on how neighbors are reacting. dan... (dan)police say this break-in and assault happened just before 6 o'clock this morning along the 2400 block of blake street in south berkeley. police are still looking for their suspect and neighbors tell me they're concerned. police combing the neighborhood along blake street in south berkeley.. they're looking for a suspect wanted for breaking into a
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home, robbing and sexually assaulting a woman sunday morning. sot: it's kinda scary because i live pretty close.. jewell soriano says the neighborhood is generally pretty quiet and to hear about something like this it's concerning..and soriano is not alone...residents abraham chen and angela wang say they hear about small crimes in the area but nothing to this scale... angela wang and abraham chen.. sot: i mean it's pretty concerning i feel like there's a certain amount of risk you know that you get yourself into when you live in like berkeley or oakland just because crime rates tend to be higher..they say awareness of your surroundings can help and learning about this attack is forcing them to take extra precautions..sot: this is a good wake up call to at least lock my doors even when people are home just to try to keep everybody safe and make sure the windows are closed when they're not needed to be open. chen says these types of crimes might be an unforunate fact of life in the area..sot: i think it's just the demographic that we see here like a homeless population maybe we can have more police patrolling but i think this is sort of a one off where i
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don't really see people breaking into houses too often. suspect: black male 20-30 years old5'6" medium build wearing orange striped polo shirtclean shaven, maybe balding or short hair cut (dan)police have described the suspect as a black male, 20 to 30 years old with a square shaped face. he was last seen wearing an orange striped polo shirt. clean shaven, balding or has a very short hair cut. he stands at around 5 feet medium build. anyone with any information about this crime is asked to call berkeley reporting in berkeley dan thorn kron4 news. (jrstone) a major port of entry from mexico to the u-s was temporarily shut down sunday. u-s customs and border patrol suspended all crossings at the largest border checkpoint between san diego and tijuana, mexico. (jrstone) the closures came as around 500 migrants rushed the border, overwhelming federal and local mexican police blockades. border patrols threw tear gas to try and get the migrants to
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disperse.the u-s customs and border patrol tweeted out defending the move saying... today, several migrants threw projectiles at the agents in san diego. border patrol agents deployed tear gas to dispel the group because of the risk to agents' safety. several agents were hit by the projectiles. 59-hundred troops had been previously deployed to the southern border to prepare for the possible arrival of the migrant caravan. due to demonstrations on both sides of the border, additional personnel were called on. u-s customs and border patrol reopened northbound and southbround crossing lanes to pedestrians. (jrs) the camp fire has now been contained. we hear the stories of survial and disaster from those fought the flames on the fire line. (jrs) and the fire may be detained but the cause is yet to be determined. but that isn't stopping some victims
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from pointing fingers in the form of lawsuits (jrs) ruben foster is now a former 49er linebacker. we have a report from his court hearing today and the reason he ended up behind bars.
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former san francisco 49ers linebacker reuben foster has been released from jail following his domestic
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violence arrest in tampa. this is video of him walking out of the jail this afternoon in florida. reporter in florida. reporter amanda cia-varri went to his court appearance this morning where we learned more about what led up to the linebacker's arrest. in court today -- as he appear through video conference before the judge- -foster was calm, almost emotional less. the judge ordered him to have no contact with the alleged victim. the woman, according to court records has been foster's an on again off again girlfriend for the last three years. this is the latest in a string of legal problems, some involving the same woman. the domestic violence charges in the case from california were dropped in may when the woman recanted her allegations. this most recent charge steams around an incident at the grand hyatt hotel saturday night. tampa police were called to the hotel -- where the team was staying ahead of
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their game today. officers tell me -- reuben foster and a woman were involved in a verbal altercation. the victim told officers that during the fight foster slapped her phone out of her hand, pushed her in the chest, and slapped her with an open hand on her face. officers say they noticed a one inch scratch on the victim's left collar bone. tag: now the question is where will foster go? will he stay in florida to deal with this charge? head back to california or now that he is not on the team will he go to georgia, the address on his license? amanda ciavarri news channel 8 (jrs) reuben foster's arrest and release from the 49ers has been the talk of the town. kron 4's alecia reid caught up with fans watching the game at ricky's sports bar in san leandro .... and has ther reactions. everyone deserves their day in court.and reuben foster was released from jail on his own recognizance.the young man needs to get his life together, make some better choiceswhile fans watched the
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49ers play the tampa bay buccaneers sunday, there was one player missing ... and after this domestic violence charge ... he won't be coming back.i dont blame the 9ers. they shouldve let him go. especially with his track recordright before the game against the buccaneers, the 49er organization cut the linebacker from the team. we're only getting bits and pieces of what happened, but from what i understand it's the same young lady he was with before so the organization has to cut their ties to maintain their integritywe encountered some die hard niner fans that have been following foster's career ... who say ...reuben's had a difficult childhood, a very difficult upbringing. he's had a couple domestic violence incidents. this is the second one we know of with this particular female. so it's gonna be tough for him to rebound. he's gotta get his life togeher off the field before anything else.fresh out of jail, the 24 year old has no team, but some feel this isn't the end for him.i think he'll get picked up again. i doubt it'll be this season. but i think if he gets the proper help. hopefully his support staff will help him get the help he needs so he can make better decisions so someone will ick him up again. he's very talented.he's gotta figure it out if hes gonna have a successful career in the nfl. otherwise he'll just go by the waysidethe woman foster has been dating on/off for the last 3 years claims he slapped the phone out of her hand, shoved her in the chest, then slapped her across face. due to the climate of our country, women are not believed and that's a concern of mine.he's got some issues off the field. that's why he
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dropped to 31 in the draft. reporting from san leandro ... ar ... kron 4 news.
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(justine) taking a live look outside....(jr stone) meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez has our forecast. . dry travel weather tonight but watch out for patchy dense fog possible near the bay and inland valleys overnight. a dry and pleasant forecast is set for monday after morning fog burns off. look for highs in the mid 60s to lower 70s. light rain reaches the north bay tuesday morning but falls apart as it passes through the bay area tuesday afternoon. moderate to heavy rain returns
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wednesday through thursday. models are trending drier by the weekend, but long range still sees more storms for early december, stay tuned!
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(jrs) up next...firefighte rs are starting to come home from the fire lines. we speak with one group about their time fighting the camp fire. (jrs) a family speaks out after their loved one is wrongly shot and killed in an alabama mall. the one thing they want from police.
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an alabama (jrs) (jrs) an alabama family demanding accountability and justice -- after a police officer shot and killed a 21- year-old they thought was running from the scene of an altercation inside a mall in suburban birmingham. demonstrators gathered outside the mall through the weekend to demand answers. kim hutcherson has more. benjamin crump / family attorney: "it was the night they were just completely devastated."a family mourning the loss of one of their own -- emantic fitzgerald bradford junior.april pipkins / victim's mother: "thanksgiving will never be the same for me. that's the last time i saw my son."the 21-year-old was fatally shot by a police officer inside a suburban birmingham, alabama, shopping
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mall on thanksgiving night. emantic fitzgerald bradford sr. / victim's father: "it hurts me to the core. my son is gone, i can't get him back. you villify my son like he's a straight criminal."authorities claimed bradford was involved in an altercation and opened fire inside the mall -- injuring two people.police initally said the officer shot bradford because he was armed and appeared to be fleeing the scene.but just a day later -- authorities changed their story evidence suggested bradford likely did not fire the shots.police say at least one gunman is still at large.benjamin crump / family attorney: "there's a murderer on the loose, largely becuase the police rushed to judgement"the family -- calling for accountability -- said they have not heard from police in any regard.april pipkins / victim's mother: "it's flashed all over social media. that is no way that any parent should have to find out the death of their child." through the weekend, demonstrators gathered outside the mall to demand justice.nat - what do we want? justice! april pipkins / victim's mother: "he loved people, he was not a killer." (jrs) still ahead tonight -- despite the bay area's widespread housing crisis the economy has still been able to
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stay afloat. in tonight's in-depth report -- we look at how loan officers are keeping up with the housing demand. "no victors here today, nobody winning, we are all losing. but given that context, this is acceptable."(jrs) the european union has offically endorsed brexit. the next step and the big differences it will make for the united kingdom. (jrs) big strides (jrs) big strides on the camp fire today. we speak with firefighters returning from the frontlines talking about their experince fighting the flames. it's time for ultimate sleep number week on the
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new sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses your movement and automatically adjusts to keep you both effortlessly comfortable. it's the last chance to save 50% on the new sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. ends cyber monday. (jrs) the camp fire in
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butte county is now 100-percent contained. butte county officials made the announcement this morning. the camp fire started november eighth near the town of pulga. it killed at least 85 people and is now considered to be california's deadliest fire. some 249 people are still unaccounted for. more than 18 thousand
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structures were destroyed... most of them homes. and the flames scorched more than 153-thousand acres, roughly the size of chicago. (jrs) crews from the folsom and sacramento fire departments spent nearly three weeks on the front lines of the camp fire. now they're back home ... and sharing stories with marc thompson. the folsom strike team arrived at the camp fire thursday afternoon, just as the blaze was tearing throughout town. mark piacentini/div. chief folsom fd: "basically our primary missions was evacuations and rescue"as the flames bore down the folsom crew made several daring rescues, but soon found themselves cut off and needing to make a quick escape.mark piacentini/div. chief folsom fd: "we were able to save ourselves so to speak, and in that process we found some other people who were trapped by debris trees, wires, etc. we assisted in getting them out."using every available means...mark piacentini/div. chief folsom fd: "we put them in our truck, our fire engines. there were other civilians that were coming down and we were able to flag them down."at the same time nearby - a sacramento strike
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team was moving towards paradise.their mission - to save structures in a town already ablaze.capt. rick marrs/sacramento fire department: "when you roll into town and safeway is on fire, and mcdonalds is gone and everything around it is gone. that day i knew it was a big one and we were going to be there for a while."with limited resources the sacramento crew saved house after house.but it's the ones they couldn't protect they'll remember the most.capt. rick marrs/sacramento fire department: "when i turn around and have to walk away from a house. and i look at that house and think this is someone's retirement home and everything they have is inside that house and there's nothing i can do."but both crews say the people of paradise were grateful, reaching out however they could to offer thanks. selfless gestures from people who themselves have lost so much.capt. rick marrs/sacramento fire department: "i've been out on other strike teams before and wildland fires before, but nothing like this."mark piacentini/div. chief folsom fd: "then you throw on top the number of life lost this close to the holidays it does leave an impact on you." (jrs) cal fire is offering a
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service to it's first responders for any kind of mental health help, they might need after taking part in a crisis situation. firefighters, paramedics, and police often see a lot of devestation during wildfires like these and some of them are dealing with emotional hardships themselves with loosing their own homes. cal fire posted this video on twitter to explain the program. cal fire is offering this program for employees and their families to help them recover from this situation. (jrs) fema representatives stepped in to help victims saturday morning during a town hall meeting held in roseville. fema officials have registered fire victims for disaster assistance. several other organizations also took part in the town hall. including cal fire and the sheriffs department. jovanna garcia
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what services are being provided and what they can do to start the process.">(jrs) at the town hall, fema officials announced the opening of another disaster resource center in oroville. "this is an important lawsuit and we need to protect these people from future fires like this and we need to find out what happened to all these other people that are missing." (jrs) the family of one of those victims is sueing pg&e blaming it for starting the fire and the many deaths that followed. today the family of gerald "jerry" rodrigues' lawyer filed a wrongful death lawsuit. jerry served in the navy and had a large group of friends in paradise and served the community. he lived in the pinecrest mobile home park on skyway. we spoke with the families lawer today who hopes this will hold pg&e accountable and prevent future fires from happening. and even though cal fire has not issued a cause for the camp fire... the family laywer
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believes they have enough evidence to sue pg&e."back in dec 2012 5 pg&e steel towers fell in strong winds and these five towers that fell supported the same transmission that malfunctioned minutes before this camp fire ignited i mean that is very strong evidence." (jrs) rodrigues is survived by his daughter and his three grandchildren. (jrs) pg and e responded to the lawsuit by saying "our hearts are with the communities impacted by the camp fire. the loss of life and property is staggering. right now, our entire company is focused on supporting first responders and assisting our customers and communities impacted by the camp fire." (jrs) the san francisco s-p-c-a needs you help identifying some pets they have picked up from the camp fire. the shelter put up
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these pictures saying we just transferred 9 more injured campfire cats into our hospital, and we're searching for their owners. they ask you share the facebook album and have a number you can call if one of the animals is yours or if you know the owner. (jrs) kron4 and our parent company-- nexstar media group... have partnered to help the fire victims in butte county. if you would like to help those affected by the 'camp fire'... the american red cross is accepting donations. you can check kron for details.. (jrs) in-depth tonight... we know that housing supply in the bay area is not keeping up with demand. for several years now -- it has been a sellers market. but now the economy has stabilized and in many cases, excelled... people are still looking into buying homes. kron four's philippe djegal speaks with housing industry experts with a look at mortgages... and, whether or not buying a house is now affordable.
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contrary to popular belief...jason moon/real estate agents- "millenials are definitely buying homes." the american dream of owning a home is not dead...chris hudson/mortgage consultant- "it's alive, but we're having to get a little more creative in keeping it alive." the path to ownership just involves a few more hoops than it did just a decade ago... when borrowers who couldn't afford their loans were easily getting pre-approved before their homes lost tremendous value and were forced into foreclosure...kristine marr/senior loan officer- "consumers are afraid, um, a bit of the mortgage process -- it's shrouded in mystery and it shouldn't be." in san francisco, where zillow says the median listing price for a home is more than 1.25 million
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dollars... there -- you might be priced out no matter what you make... but in the east bay -- let's say in concord...jason moon/real estate agent- "it's a spacious, two-bedroom two-bath house." real estate agent jason moon says depending on your level of income, your credit history and amount of cash available to cover the downpayment and closing costs... this 640-thousand dollar home could be yours. jason moon/real estate agent- "you want to know if they're buying a home with cash or with a loan. and, most of the time it is with a loan, um, regardless of what some people may say out there." moon partners with senior loan officers like kristine (chris- teen) marr with summit funding in walnut creek... to determine if the consumer qualifies for a mortgage.. and, if so, which type. marr says most people are still signing traditional 30- year-fixed rate mortgages... but that adjustable rate mortgages may fall more in line with the borrower's needs, especially here in the bay area... if the home buyer intends to move out within three to seven years. kristine marr/senior loan officer- "say two young professionals, straight out of school. i can qualify them straight out of school to buy
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a home, and i'll show them the options. i'll show them this is a 30-year fixed mortgage, but since you're buying a small home or a condo, you might want to look at a side by side comparison with a seven-one arm. it will be fixed for seven years. so, if you sell anytime before seven years, it will never adjust on you because you'll sell the home, the mortgage is gone -- paid off. and, you move to your next home." marr says the myth of needing 20-percent cash down to secure a mortgage and a home is just that -- a myth.kristine marr/senior loan officer- "you can go with three-percent down, or three- and-a-half percent down, or anything above that." you could also possibly qualify for downpayment assistance in the form of credit that can also be applied to closing costs. philippe djegal, kron four news. (jrs) the chief e-u brexit negotiator has hopes for a good future relarionship between the u-k and european union. today the e-u leaders have endorsed the brexit withdrawal agreement at
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the e-u leaders summit in brussels. the two big differences with brexit... the u-k will have more restirctions on immigrantion and more control over how they use tax payer money. the agreement lays out how the u-k will formally leave the e-u next march. but not everyone sees this as a win. (jrs) german chancellor merkel said she feels sad "but also relieved" as the e-u endorses the brexit deal. that came after european leaders met with british prime minister theresa may in brussels sunday. merkel added that there is a basis for an orderly separation, describing the political declaration as "an ambitious framework." but the agreement must first go to the british parliament for
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formal approval. (jrs) nasa is heading to mars. we take a look at when nasa's insight will land on the red planet. (mabrisa)i have your forecast coming up a bit later on... (jrs) two sequels were released this thanksgiving weekend. we take a look at which one came out on top and broke records in the process.
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(jrs) as expected, it was a big weekend at the box office, with a pair of sequels leading the way. david daniel has the top five estimates. "bohemian rhapsody" topped the 150-million mark in domestic box office with a fifth-place weekend worth 13-point-nine million dollars. "fantastic beasts: the crimes of grindelwald" fell from first to fourth place, conjuring up 29-point-seven million
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dollars. "the grinch" fell from second to third -- 30- point-two million dollars gave the animated tale 180-million domestic."you in this house all alone! who been taking care of you? me! i been here for you.""creed two" answered the bell with a solid second place showing: 35-point-three million dollars, and 55-point-eight million since opening on wednesday."we are in the internet! come on, ralph!"the animated sequel "ralph breaks the internet" led the way with a 55-point-seven million-dollar weekend -- and a five-day total of 84-and-a-half million, second only to "frozen" as the best thanksgiving weekend ever. in hollywood, i'm david daniel. (jrs) ruben (jrs) were you expecting
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loved ones to come home from the thanksgiving holiday tonight? well think again. the mayhem going down at the airport
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(jrs) today was one of the busiest travel days across the country, with thousands of people heading back home after the holiday weeend. kron 4's sanaz tahernia was at san francisco international airport this morning taking a look at how crowded it actually got. if you thought traveling the wednesday before thanksgiving was bad...the sunday after is even worse."go home, don't do it. why would you do this? why did i do this? i' m so confused."that's gessel brambiloacan - she's traveling out of sfo today, and she encountered some issues right as she got to the airport."i dont have a gate. i left my pohone inside my dad's car. i'm really early. it's really crowded. there's tons of people. i have no snacks."the sunday after thanksgiving is
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one of the heaviest travel days - but this year it's projected to break travel records."i'm kind of freaking out because there are a lot of people at the tsa lines. so i don't want my gate to show up like oh, you have like an hour and then there are too many people in line. i don't want to miss my flight."according to t-s-a 25 million people were expected to travel this holiday weekend and today is projected to break into the top 10 busiest days ever for air travel. to factor in for the extra travelers, tsa ramped up its staff with about 1,200 additional agents across the country.and while gessel says she travels often... "i never travel the holidays, because i always try to avoid this. but i couldnt avoid it this year."flight delays are pretty common, but with exceptional weather conditions like winter storm bruce that travelers in the midwest are dealing with now, delays and cancellations can become an even bigger issue.and after having encountered one of the busiest travel days ever, i had one more question for gessel."would you travel around the holidays again?" "absolutely not. this is it. done. i was going to come back in january, but now i'm going to wait until after the new years. this is ridiculous."at san francisco international airport, sanaz tahernia, kron 4 news
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(jrs) take a look at this time lapse from at this time take a look (jrs) (jrs) take a look at this time lapse from today at the sierra tahoe resort...we see some snow up there.(jr stone) meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez has a look at what the snow bunnies can expect this week. .
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dry travel weather tonight but watch out for patchy dense fog possible near the bay and inland valleys overnight. a dry and pleasant forecast is set for monday after morning fog burns off. look for highs in the mid 60s to lower 70s. light rain reaches the north bay tuesday morning but falls apart as it passes through the bay area tuesday afternoon. moderate to heavy rain returns wednesday through thursday. models are trending drier by the weekend, but long range still sees more storms for early december, stay tuned! (jrs) nasa's insight is making its final descent towards mars. the
8:48 pm
spacecraft is expected to land on the surface of the red planet planet surface of the land on the expected to spacecraft is the towards mars.descent making its final insight is nasa's (jrs) tuned!
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(jrs) nasa's insight is making its final descent towards mars. the spacecraft is expected to land on the surface of the red planet monday. insight is the first mission to study the deep interior of mars. it launched from vandenberg air force base on may 5th of this year. insight will study mars in hopes of learning how earth - formed. time now for wasn't really the greatest day for bay area football...deja vu of sorts for one of the biggest off the field stories for the 49ers this year... the big story today of
8:50 pm
course overshadowing the games... 49ers linebacker reuben foster arrested last night at the team's hotel in tampa on a misdomeanor domestic violence charge... according to the report it involved foster and his on-again-off again girlfriend... elissa ennis... the same woman who accused foster of felony domestic violence earlier this year.... later recanting her allegation... in the incident at the grand hyatt hotel last night... ennis said foster slapped her phone out of her hand... pushed her in the chest area with one hand and slapped her with an open hand on the left side of the face... foster was arrested booked into jail two hours later... his bond was set at $2,000 during a bail hearing this morning... which he posted the team announced that they will release the former 1st round draft pick this morning... nothing can be made official until tomorrow... (wipe to 49ers vo) so, the players on the field at raymond james stadium today trying to banish all thoughts of foster from their minds and focus on football...probably a tall order for kyle shanahan... while trying to figure out how to stymie jameis winston and company...nick mullens and getting it done early on...
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dante pettis making the 13 yard grab...pettis the number one receiver in the absence of pierre garcon and marqise goodwin...he had a career high 4 rec, 77 yards to go with the touchdown...but robbie gould would miss the extra point so it's 7-6 bucs...4th quarter...winston connects with adam humprise...hurling himself into the endzone...bucs up 27-9...and that would pretty much do it, mullens trying to make magic with the deep ball intended for pettis but gets picked off...ryan smith...and that pretty much summed up the way the day went for the niners...john lynch feeling the heat after the events of the the final score...tampa 27, san francisco 9...the fewest points the bucs allowed all season, they'd been giving up re than 30 entering the game... as for the off the field distractions that we know of...jon gruden's club hoping to build off the momentum of last week's win as they took on the ravens in baltimore...the silver and black got jordy nelson back this week....the wide receiver was out with a knee injury.....>2nd quarter .....the raiders up 7-3......until this......cyrus jones fields the punt....he finds a lane and gets to the
8:52 pm
near sideline....he picks up a few blocks and takes this one to the house....the ravens take a 10-7 lead.....>third quarter....same score...and carr finds jared cook...acrobatic catch for the touchdown....cook has been the raiders best player this season.....>now here's a familiar face raiders fans..... lamar jackson finds michael crabtree in the slant for the touchdown....after the game crabtree said he still has love for the raiders organization......>and here's the icing on the cake in this one....raiders down 10....carr gets stripped from behind......t sizzle recovers it and takes it to the house........i'm not sure how no one of the raiders offense could catch up to an old linebacker....but here we are.....>the raiders fall.....34-17......>derek carr went 16/34 for 194 yards and a td.....>it doesn't get any easier for oakland....they host division leader, kansas city next week....>
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(jrs) take a look at this. video as hundreds of people lined up for the release of goose island's signature beer bourbon county stout. this is areial footage of binny's beverage depot in chicago where the new beer was released on friday. that's a really long time to wait for a drink. (anchor) we have breaking news... (anchor) we now want to send things over to .... (reporter) it's more of a
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comment on him not living up to what we had communicated to the energy, and the time that we've invested into himthe 49ers cut ties with linebacker reuben foster after another domestic violence accusation... we have the story... plus reaction from general manager john lynch... head coach kyle shanahan... and team staesman richard shermanon the field it didn't get any better for the niners... did nick mullens do enough to hold off c.j. beathard for the starting quarterback position?meanwhile the raiders... oh the raiders... run into the big-play ravens and their new- age quarterback... whuile derek carr takes aniother pummelingafter four straight losses... kevin durant and the warriors seem to be righting the ship... and they also get some good news on the progress of stephen curry on his recovery from that groin strain... we have an update on


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