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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  November 29, 2018 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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lodes...(vicki) and im vicki liviakis... a series of storms have been making their way through the bay area... and although we saw sunny skies and some showers throughout the day... a third storm is on it's way...(grant) chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us now, lawrence so is this storm going to be as strong as the last one? and how long is it sticking around? lawrence karnow: flooding continues in butte county after very heavy rain. heavy and gusty winds pounded the bay area. some local mountains had over 3 and a half inches of rain. showers continue on doppler radar. the showers will diminish overnight. there is another storm headed our way late friday night and saturday morning. we will get a break on sunday and monday but more rain is possible on tuesday and wednesday of next
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week. (vicki) continuing our coverage now of the our coverage continuing (vicki) coverage now of the storm that hit today... the heavy
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rain forced a few trees down across the bay area. over saturation and poor upkeep led this old oak tree to topple over on richmond boulevard in oakland. veteran trimmer phillip byers with vega's tree service says another company had maintained the oak over the years... but didn't recognize in the time the leaning limbs were hazardous. it ended up landing on a car parked in the driveway... (vicki) the downed tree also knocked out some power lines... leaving several neighbors without electricity through the afternoon. down the street, drivers navigated through deep puddles of standing water. and, in moraga, the contra costa county public works department responded to a landslide on pinehurst road. the downed trees and mud were cleared
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from the roadway by late morning. (grant) we've not (grant) we've not seen several rounds of rain in the past week... but one question now is... how much of that water is being captured for use next summer. kron 4's charles clifford went looking for answers in marin county. well, the rainy season got off to a late start and we've only seen signifigant moisture for about a week now but there are early signs that the resevoirs could be filling up.natsthursday afternoon the spillway below lake lagunitas in marin county was gushing with water.nats until earlier this week, the spillway had been dry for months. the return of rain has sent water gushing down the slopes of mount tamalpais, filling up the reservoirs.nats despite some lingering showers, it was also a good day for neighbors like roland hannes to hike around the lakes.sotyeah. it's great. great for us. great for the of right now, the reservoirs of the marin munipal water district are at about 72% of full capacity. that's slightly more water
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than there was at the same time last comparison, the east bay municipal utility district reservoirs in the east bay area at 74% percent of full capacityand in the south bay, the santa clara valley water district's 10 reservoirs are at 27 percent full capacity.natsback in marin, roland says he's just happy to see water flowing again.sotit's a good time of yaer to be out here. yeah, if you don't mind getting marin county, charles clifford kron 4 news.the rainy season peaks april first. in marin county, charles clifford kron 4 news. (vicki) another big story we are tracking....a winter storm warning in effect for the reno- tahoe area into the weekend. as a series of storms continues to make its way into the sierra.
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more than a foot of snow has already fallen at some ski resorts. and that storm warning will be in effect until friday at 4-a-m. kron-4's gayle ong joins us live in south lake live in south gayle ong joins us live in south lake tahoe.. gayle how is it looking tonight? absolutely beautiful out here. i was up at heavenly mountain resort, here in south lake tahoe today. take a look.. the winter storm is truly a welcome gift to the sierra.. ski lifts are moving at heavenly mountain resort as riders and skiers hit the slopesthe california trail blanketed with all the snow people have been waiting for we haven't heard any complaints just excitement
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out there, have a good time."> resort officials say if the weather forecast holds true..they are expecting to see more snow through saturday.devon lewis is getting his first runs up here for the winter from san francisco.sierra hoffman just moved to the sierra from washington, she says she's never been happier to see all this snow. the road conditions getting here are tough.some are covered in snow - plow trucks are out in force -but you do need chains if you do not have snow tires or all wheel drive - about 25 miles on highway 50 before you head out this way. live in south lake tahoe,gayle ong kron 4 news. (grant)(grant) a reminder... download
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the kron-4 mobile app .. or go to kron4- dot com to stay on top of this series of storms. there you will find full forecasts... interactive radar.. and get alerts for your neighborhood.. with the kron-4 app. download it today. and visit kron-4 dot com. (vicki) health officials across the country are worried we are about to experience a flu season worse than last year. (grant)2 shot according to the c-d-c... last winter... roughly 80-thousand
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americans died of the flu and its complications. and, the nation experienced a record- breaking 900-thousand hospitalizations because of the flu last season. kron 4's gabe slate reports. sound from robert eidus, md, john muir health "even if you healthy can die from flu" doctor robert eidus (eye dus) based in walnut creek, with john muir health says if you have been putting off getting the flu shot, now is the time before the season hits. sound from robert eidus, md, john muir health "never too late to get flu shot" sound from robert eidus, md, john muir health "never too early to get flu shot " doctor eidus says every year he has patients express fear about getting sick from the flu shot. he says it's not possible. sound from robert eidus, md, john muir health "you can not get flu from flu shot"doctor eidus says to not have a repeat of
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last years flu season, or worse, everyone needs to get their shot. sound from robert eidus, md, john muir health "fine if you don't believe in it, but get it for the elderly and kids, to protect them"in walnut creek gabe slate kron 4 news (vicki) a popular holiday destination officially reopens in san francisco. the winter walk returns to union square bringing together food, fun and shopping. but now officials are saying this year
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might be safer than ever. kron4's dan thorn is live in san francisco tonight with more..dan? holiday shopping shopping season is in full swing here at union square in san francisco. there's plenty for people to enjoy and for officials--safety is a top priority. but police say you should remain proactive. people from all over the city enjoying this year's winter walk. the union square business improvement district is excited about their annual event..sot: the holidays are one of the most important times in union square, union square is a holiday destination...karin flood executive director of the improvement district says thanks to a million dollar grant to their safe shopper program--winter walkers should also feel safer than ever.. sot: a large part of that is having officers out that are available that are present.. sfpd deputy chief ann mannix says police always expect a big crowd at the winter walk-- but this year they're
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expecting even more..they're going to balance that with more officers...sot: you'll see a quite large visible police presence. mannix wants shoppers to be proactive..parki ng smart is one big way to do that. sot: dont leave anything of value in your car and if you're shopping and you got a lot of bags dont go back and put your bags in your car and continue shopping and then always be aware of your surroundings. police also suggest not being distracted by your cell phone. if you want to come down and enjoy the winter walk--it runs through december 31st. reporting in san francisco dan thorn kron4 news. (grant) we showed you the plans last night... and today oakland a's fans got to see the new renderings for the
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proposed howard terminal ballpark in person. the a's hosted an open house so fans could come ask questions about the latest plan. the team wants to build it along the waterfront just north of jack london square. the a's have an ambitions goal of opening the 34-thousand seat ballpark for the 20-23 season. part of theoverall project is turning the coliseum complex into a park, housing and businesses...with oracle remaining for concerts and such. the renderings look pretty on paper, but fans want all the relevant details. (grant) this is not the first time this is not (grant) (grant) this is not the
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first time the a's have unveiled renderings for a new ballpark. so many fans are naturally skeptical this will become a reality. now, the a's must secure a port deal and pass an environmental review. a's president a's president telling kron 4... the next 120 days are critical.. to turning the renderings into reality. (grant) caught on camera... a woman using a can of hairspray and a lighter as a blowtorch... where it happened and what police believe may have started the aggressive behavior. (vicki) plus... a mother from the east bay who was deported last year... may soon be able to reunite with her family here in the bay area... hear what she has to say about being separate from her family... (grant) and up next... residents in butte county evacuated twice in a month... this time is wasn't by a fire... details on the flash
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floods impacting the already ravaged area...
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here's to the stair takers, breakfast makers, step counters, outdoor explorers, faith restorers, appointment keepers, fantastic creatures. farmer's market goers, cholesterol lowerers cell phone silencers. the new lease on lifers, and the positive thinkers. here's to you all that see every day as an opportunity to thrive your way. evacuations... road
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closures... and water rescues. flash flooding hits the wildfire burn scars in butte county... bringing new distress to communities already ravaged by the devastating camp fire. so many hillsides are barren or
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close to it... and without the trees and vegitation that used to absorb heavy rain water carreened down onto roadways and into neighborhoods . forestry officials say the the immediate danger is over ... but this afteroon water rescue boats were used to rescue people from three homes people from used to rescue people from three homes on horse run lane... a low lying area below paradise near highway 99. heavy downpours forved an evacuation warning for the hamlin canyon and lower neal zones which are in the camp fire burn zone. this is video showing highway- 99 flooded near chico -- and some of the surrounding area in durham. and in chico... flooded roads propmted at least one driver to ditch the car... hop on a horse and lead others to drier land. about 50 vehicles were briefly stranded but most drivers were able to safely drive their cars out of the area once the water went down. ...
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(vicki) the overnight storm caused major traffic problems on interstate five in sacramento... a major drain began to crumble causing a mudslide. reporter pedro rivera spoke to caltrans offcials about the problem... and why this certain area of the road is a troubled spot. heavy rain fall left a wet and destructive trail along northbound i-5 and richards boulevard... early thursday morning - crews discovered a álarge pothole on the shoulder of the freeway... more than a foot of mud from the crater - spilled onto nearby bercut drive.according to caltrans - a drain where the water was ásupposed to flow into - got clogged overnight... the water built up - and caused a pipe under the road to burst. caltransú dennis keaton says - that inspection done a few
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days ago - found nothing wrong.... no clue - that they would be dealing with áthis on a wet and stormy morning. ((nat??))but there have been questions about this section of i-5 over the last few months. in august, on átwo separate occasions - more than two dozen cars were damaged when chunks of the freeway flew off. meanwhile - over the next few days - drivers should expect some additional lane closures as caltrans crews work to fix this latest problem. in sacramento pedro rivera (vicki) now to our four zone forecast... as we take this live look outside at the embarcadero... joining us now is chief joining us now is chief meteorologist lawrence karnow... ((2shot))((grant))the nob hill neighborhood in san francisco
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is ready for the holidays ((vicki))tonight...the treasured tree lighting cermony took place at the ritz charlton, featuring one special little girl.((nats)) that's 5 year- old curryn statchel who just finished up her chemo-therapy. she came to the bay area from hawaii as part of the make-a-wish foundation.her visit disneyland.and an added bonus..was lighting up this year's 40-foot christmas tree along with santa claus.
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((2shot))((grant))the nob hill neighborhood in san francisco is ready for the holidays ((vicki))tonight...the treasured tree lighting cermony took place at the ritz charlton, featuring one special little girl.((nats)) that's 5 year- old curryn statchel who just finished up her chemo-therapy.
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she came to the bay area from hawaii as part of the make-a-wish foundation.her visit disneyland.and an added bonus..was lighting up this year's 40-foot christmas tree along with santa claus.
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tonight...tonig ht several ohio lawmakers are calling on president trump to meet face to face with g-m workers who are about to be laid off. (grant) our washington correspondent mark meredith is on captiol hill with a closer look. nat: "we are talking about 10s of thousands of people..." members of ohio's congressional delegation say they're furious over general motors decision to lay off workers in three they're calling on president trump to get involved."there's
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a level of frusturation now in the midwest that we've been ignored"congressman tim ryan says the president should visit workers and g-m officials in person as soon as possible.deputy press secetary hogan gidley says there is no decision on any potential visit."to say that one company doing one move is somehow indictiave of the entire economy is completely false. we're moving forward at a pace that no one saw coming"house democrats say they plan to hold hearings on g-m layoffs early next the meantime, lawmakers are waiting to see if president trump will strike a new trade deal between the u-s and china. the president will meet with china's president during the g20 summit in argentina this weekend.several lawmakers from america's farm country are urging the president to strike a deal.south dakota's two republican senators sent the president this letter, writing in part:"we appreciate your efforts to address china's unfair trade practices, but our soybean producers cannot continue to bear the brunt of china's retaliatory tariffs..." the president says he's open to making a deal.but says no final decisions have been made. in washington, i'm mark meredith.
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(vicki) ahead at nine... a little girls complaint gets a big response from a big golden state warriors star... hear how steph curry is taking action to help her out... (grant) plus find out what is impacting the increasing death rates in the united states... (vicki) and up next... once a trump supporter - now a trump enemy... details on why the president's former fixer, michael cohen, once again flipped on him in federal court...
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now at 9:30... president trump's former lawyer, michael cohen, pleaded guilty today to making false statements to congress about the russia investigation. (grant) from our partners at c-n-n jessica schneider reports. tonight, the president's former fixer, michael cohen, once again flipping on the president in federal court... revealing trump, while campaigning to become president of the united states, knew more about a deal to build a trump tower in moscow than cohen has previously acknowledged.guy petrillo:"mr. cohen has cooperated. mr. cohen will continue to cooperate."cohen pleaded guilty in federal court today, admitting to misleading congressional investigators, saying he lied to be ... graphic:"consistent with the president's political messaging and out of loyalty to the president."cohen has already met with investigators seven times since
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august....the most recent meeting just last source saying the details about trump tower moscow were just one of the many topics involving the president that cohen divulged in more than 70 hours of questioning.michael cohen:"there's no relationship."cohen told the house and senate intelligence committees last year that all talks around the deal were done by january 2016.but he now admits discussions about the moscow project continued as late as june 2016 -- after donald trump became the presumptive republican nominee....and just one month before the convention.cohen saying he told congress the deal dubbed the moscow project ended before ...graphic:"the iowa caucus and....the very first primary, in hopes of limiting the ongoing russia investigations."cohen's revelations in court show he discussed the status of the moscow project with donald trump on more than three occasions....and briefed trump's family, despite previously denying any contact with moscow related to the project.....cohen now admits he talked directly with someone in vladimir putin's press secretary's office for 20 minutes in january 2016. felix sater:"i don't know putin. i've never met him but if this deal was going forward, i certainly would have started working the phones."cohen also worked with felix sater - a russian-
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american businessman - and outlined an itinerary to travel to russia to discuss the deal.cohen even contemplated that then candidate-trump would also visit russia, writing:graphic: "my trip before cleveland. donald trump once he becomes the nominee after the convention."sater was in close contact with cohen during the campaign....and boasted about his ties to vladimir putin. graphic:"our boy can become president of the usa and we can engineer it,"sater wrote. graphic:"i will get all of putin's team to buy in on this, i will manage this process."the trump tower moscow deal never came to fruition....but the changing story from michael cohen has congressional leaders calling for more investigations....and more coordination with mueller. rep. adam schiff:"this i think only underscores the importance of our bringing mr. cohen back before our committee, but also, looking into this issue of whether the russians possess financial leverage over the president of the united states. we believe other witnesses were untruthful before our committee. we want to share those transcripts with mr. mueller." (grant) a deadly stabbing following a violent altercation at a home here on ayer avenue in san happened around 8:30 thursday morning. san jose police investigators say officers responded to a welfare check and before they arrived the call was updated
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to a stabbing. once on scene they found two victims. the stabbing victim...a man... was pronounced dead at the scene. police also found a man suffering from a gunshot wound .a neighbor says the home belongs to an elderly couple who lived there with their adult son. he asked not to reveal his identity. (grant) (grant)that was the general sentiment by other neighbors here as well who say the family has lived in this quiet vendome neighborhood for over thirty years.police are withholding the names of both the stabbing and shooting victims. however investigators say the suspect was taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries. (vicki)a family is devastated and friends are heartbroken after jacob sutton-bubeck was
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found buried in a backyard. investigators say jacob was last seen by his brother on january 25th and reported missing two weeks later.the 26 year old nick-named "cheddar" was the life of the party and brought smiles to people's face.last weekend a woman discovered his body buried in a shallow grave in the backyard of a home in modesto. for months, those closest to him searched the modesto area holding out hope. detectives are now working together to piece together the last days of jacob's life.
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crisis there. that immigration crisis... now turning into a humanitarian crisis... newsom spoke in san ysidro today -- talking about immigration issues that have surfaced... as has a large group of central american migrants who are now gathered in tijuana. a refugee camp in tijuana is bursting at the seams -- overflowing with migrants waiting to seek asylum in the united states. mexican officials say more than 58- hundred people are now living there ... tijuana's mayor says it's a crisis.. and is calling for humanitarian aid. today newsom addressed the issue.< i'm trying to deal with the crisis at hand which is the prospect of thousands and thousands of people ending up on the streets and sidewalks with no help or hope in the coming months>(grant) tomorrow... newsom will meet with with mexico's president-elect andres manuel lopez obrador during a visit to mexico for saturday's presidential inauguration. (vicki) an oncology nurse from highland hospital, who
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was deported to mexico last year, may be able to return to the bay area ... and be reunited with her family(grant) maria mendoza sanchez's plight has led to rallies by collegues at highland hospital and politicians like dianne feinstein and libby schaaf. and as kron 4's dan kerman explains there is now hope she may be able to return to her family in the bay area. maria mendoza-sanchez and her husband have been separated from their 4 children since august of last year, when strict trump administration immigration policies led to their deportation.sot maria mendoza-sanchez :10it has effect the kids quitea bit they are withdraw and dont want to talk to anybody speaking to us from mexico, maria says there is now new hope she can return to the u.s. legally and be reunited with her family and collegues and patients at highland hospital where she was an oncology nurse. that's because in the spring she was selected in the h1b visa lottery. sot when i was selected in the lottery it was very special i could barely believe itnow she needs one final signoff from
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citizenship and immigration services.sotyes i am hopeful and happy but i know there is a possibility the waiver is denied.maria, who entered the u.s. illegally with her daughter in the mid-90's. her attorney says this case is a perfect example of what's wrong with current immigration policysot camiel becker/maria's immigration attorney 1:09this policy is inhumane and causes suffering her kids are suffering, her cancer patients need her back, and this is a case that most demonstrates the need for a humane immigration policy standup dan kerman/sf 114maria should hear within 6 weeks... she thinks it would be nice to to be back with her kids in time for christmas but says anytime a favorable decision comes, it will be reason to celebrate. celebrate.
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(lawrence bay area weather) (sports tease) just ahead in sports, warriors-raptors, a game in which kevin durant put up 51-points...and yet, it still wasn't enough for a win. highlights ahead.
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starting tonight with the
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warriors, opening a 5-game road trip...against a raptors team they could see in june. --we go up north, drake loves the raptors, but he also loves every other good team in the league. --right off the bat, warriors off to a bad start... kawhi leonard..jumper is good.. raptors led by 18-in the first quarter. --warriors would trail by that much in the 2nd half. but a furious rally from kevin durant. end of the 3rd, kd pull up...from way back, near the midcourt logo... scored the final 11 points to end the frame. --in the 4th, klay thompson jumping into the mix... converts on the one handed midrange. he finished with 23... warriors within 2. . --in the final seconds, champs down 3...need a 3 to tie... call on durant... with leonard in his face, knocks down the fadeaway from the corner. game knotted at 119..and we are going to overtime. --in the extra period, not as much excitement. warriors committed 5-turnovers...and this one hurt. 22-seconds left, down 3, andre iguodala called for traveling. and toronto would ice it on free throws. --warriors fall 131-128...despite 51-points from durant, his 3rd straight 40-point game.
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we talked 49ers earlier tonight, so now what's in store for the silver and black this sunday at the coliseum --playing a kansas city chiefs team that's been scary good this year... 9-and-2, best in the afc. --they've replaced alex smith...with an mvp candidate. patrick mahomes, one of the top stories of the league leads the nfl in touchdown passes... deadly accurate and constantly makes big plays downfield. --jon gruden...breaking down kc's top 5 offense. "his overall skill set is sickening. it really is. he's double-jointed. he can throw the ball from any platform possible. running to his left, fading backwards. he can get out of trouble.he has a playing style that reminds me of favre. he's a young favre." 3 keys for the raiders this sunday... first off, do something to stop that k-c offense. -- tyreek the big play threat..he's known to always
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get past the defense. --finally, derek carr has been taking a ton of hits..keep him upright and let him work your mercedez-benz keys to the game. coming up on kron4 sports at 10, in advance of sunday's game in seattle, richard sherman reflects on his time with the hawks. until then, more news after the break.
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(grant) new video tonight showing a woman seen on surveillance video making a blow-torch with a bottle of hair-spray and a lighter.
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it happened last week in philadelphia... but police just released the video... police say the woman reached through an opening in a store's front counter with her home-made torch and her home-made counter with her home-made torch and burned several items. luckily, no one was injured. police say the woman is still out there... but once they do find her she will be charged with arson... it's unclear why the woman did this -- but officials believe she was a "disgruntled customer." (vicki) a postal worker was caught on camera throwing packages... it happened in chicago... a man named caught the worker in the act on his home surveillance video... it shows the mail carrier walking halfway up the driveway before tossing a package at the front door.... then a second much larger box goes flying. while the smaller box contained a sturdy christmas toy - cole says the package could have shattered his glass door. a spokesperson for the post office says throwing packages is clearly unacceptable behavior and said all of
9:47 pm
cole's complaints are being investigated. (grant) an incredible sports moment caught-on-camera shows why you should never give up... even in table tennis. it happened during a match in norway. after a fast shot forced 15-year-old chris chen to the floor, the point seemed all but over. but then ... this happened. chen ended this happened. but then ... this happened. chen ended up losing the point to his opponent, but what he gained is legendary viral stardom. it's been viewed thousands of times online ... and table tennis daily labeled it the best shot of 2018. (grant)(grant) warrior star - steph curry's response to a north bay girl's letter, is going viral... riley morrison got frustrated, when she
9:48 pm
found out that the curry basketball shoes she wanted - are not offered for girls ... only boys. (vicki) that is when she decided to reach out to curry... and to her surprise, he wrote back... kron four's terisa estacio met up with riley and her family... natural sound... see, i wanted these shoes... 9 year old riley morrison wasnt looking to start a movement .... she just wanted some cool girls basketball shoes, league play is starting. but the napa resident is now a sensation... scoring some new shoes and a whole lot more... it all started when she was searching for some curry basketball shoes with her dad... however, they quickly realized that under armor - who curry teams up with doesn't make girl basketball shoes... like the ones she wanted, they only offer boys. riley. it was just not fair. in response, riley encouraged by her parents... wrote a letter to steph... and he wrote back... saying he was glad she brought
9:49 pm
it to his attention, and that they would fix that wrong.... he then put the hand writen note up on social media for the world to see. riley. it was pretty cool. not only that... steph invited her to meet up in march ... all of this has been overwhelming... the phones have been ringing off the hook at the family's napa home... everyone wanting to talk to the foursome... but riley and her sister olivia are keeping their cool... they are both athletes too... they worked on some drills after talking with me... before heading out to basketball practice. riley hopes she can get those new napa, terisa estacio kron four news.. lawrence four news.. estacio kron in napa, terisa estacio kron
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four news.. lawrence karnow: flooding continues in butte county after very heavy rain. heavy and gusty winds pounded the bay area. some local mountains had over 3 and a half inches of rain. showers continue on doppler radar. the showers will diminish overnight. there is another storm headed our way late friday night and saturday morning. we will get a break on sunday and monday but more rain is possible on tuesday and wednesday of next week. next week.wednesday of next
9:51 pm
week. (lawrence) (lawrence) a
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reminder... download the kron-4 mobile app .. or go to kron4- dot com to stay on top of this series of storms. there you will find full forecasts... interactive radar.. and get alerts for your (vicki) 4 your money tonight... the opioid crisis is impacting death rates in the united states...(grant) life expectancy dropped between 2016 and 2017 ... and the mortality rate rose. the c-d-c says the reason is an increase in suicides and drug overdoses. there were more than 70-thousand overdose deaths in 2017, a new high. and the suicide rate increased as well, by almost four percent. but the increasing death rate doesn't hold among all race and gender groups. black males, hispanic males and hispanic females, saw no significant changes in their death rates year over year. and black
9:53 pm
women are actually living a bit longer. but death rates for both white men and white women increased -- by point-six percent for males and point-nine percent for females. (vicki) up next... find out who was honored on the front cover of time magazine...
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(vicki) time magazine's new cover is paying homage to shooting victims.(grant)
9:56 pm
it features seven parents of seven children who were killed in school shootings. nicole hockley lost her six-year-old son dylan in 2012 at sandy hook elementary. in the 'time' article, she calls the group of parents who share her pain -- quote -- "a club you spend your whole life hoping you won't ever become a part of." the parents represented on the cover continue to mourn the deaths of their children... who range in age from six to 18. they find unity in discussing their children's lives and hopes for what gun access looks like in america -- despite the different approaches they have in mind. (grant) that wraps up kron 4 news at nine...(vicki) but our primetime coverage continues at the top of the hour. pam moore and ken wayne are here with kron 4 news at ten....guys? (pam) thank you grant and vicki.... next at ten... first fire, now floods... ravaging parts of butte county brand
9:57 pm
new video just into our newsroom.evacauation orders remain in effect tonight for areas devastated by the camp fire.and more rain is on the way.our chief meterologist has your ten at ten forecast. plus... ski resorts in the sierra, expected to be packed this weekend.more than a foot of snow has already fallen. we'll take you there just minutes.(pam) and san francisco's winter walk is now open to the public. why officials say, this may be the safest year yet. (ken) don't go away...hour three of kron 4 news in primetime starts right after the break. (pam) tonight at ten...
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while we are expecting rain and showers here the next few days... a winter storm warning is in effect for the reno- tahoe area into the weekend... as a series of storms continues to make its way into the sierra. more than a foot of snow has already fallen at some of the ski resorts. and that storm warning will be in effect until friday at 4oclock in the morning.. good evening i'm pam moore.(ken) and i'm ken wayne. thank you for joining us. we
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want to get right to kron-4's gayle ong who is live for us tonight in south lake tahoe.. gayle how is it looking tonight? (gayle)absolutely beautiful out here. i was up at heavenly mountain resort, here in south lake tahoe today.take a look.. the winter storm is truly a welcome gift to the sierra.. nearly a foot of snow fell overnight at squaw valley.. here's the line for the lifts...resort officials there say with the new snow coming, squaw will be opening more terrain very soon.on the other side of the lifts are 'spinning' at heavenly mountain resort as riders and skiers hit the slopesthe california trail blanketed with all the snow people have been waiting for


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