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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  November 29, 2018 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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want to get right to kron-4's gayle ong who is live for us tonight in south lake tahoe.. gayle how is it looking tonight? (gayle)absolutely beautiful out here. i was up at heavenly mountain resort, here in south lake tahoe today.take a look.. the winter storm is truly a welcome gift to the sierra.. nearly a foot of snow fell overnight at squaw valley.. here's the line for the lifts...resort officials there say with the new snow coming, squaw will be opening more terrain very soon.on the other side of the lifts are 'spinning' at heavenly mountain resort as riders and skiers hit the slopesthe california trail blanketed with all the snow people have been waiting for
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have a good time."> resort officials say if the weather forecast holds true..they are expecting to see re snow through saturday.devon lewis is getting his first runs up here for the winter from san francisco.sierra hoffman just moved to the sierra from washington, she says she's never been happier to see all this snow. (gayle)the road conditions getting here are tough.some are covered in snow - plow trucks are out in force -but you do need chains if you do not have snow tires or all wheel drive - about 25 miles on highway 50 before you head out this in south lake tahoe,gayle ong kron 4 news. (pam) and take a look at this video.look at this
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and take a (pam) (pam) and take a look at this video. a rainbow after the storms pass through the bay area. this is over oakland.(ken) we are now joined by chief we are now joined by chief meterologist lawrence karnow. lawrence we have
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seen the last of our rain but how long is the snow coming up in tahoe? lawrence karnow: flooding continues in butte county after very heavy rain. heavy and gusty winds pounded the bay area. some local mountains had over 3 and a half inches of rain. showers continue on doppler radar. the showers will diminish overnight. there is another storm headed our way late friday night and saturday morning. we will get a break on sunday and monday but more rain is possible on tuesday and wednesday of next week. (pam) a reminder... download the kron-4 mobile app .. or go to kron4- dot com to stay on top of this series of storms. there you will find full forecasts... snow totals... interactive radar.. and get alerts for your neighborhood .. with the kron-4 app. download it tonight. and visit kron-4 dot com. (ken) evacuations and road
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com.kron-4 dot and visit next week.wednesday of tuesday and wednesday of next week. (pam) (pam) a reminder...
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download the kron-4 mobile app .. or go to kron4- dot com to stay on top of this series of storms. there you will find full forecasts... snow totals... interactive radar.. and get alerts for your neighborhood .. with the kron-4 app. download it tonight. and visit kron-4 dot com. (ken) evacuations and road closures... and water rescues. flash flooding hit burn areas in butte county... bringing new troubles to communities hit hard by that devastating wildfire.(pam) the waters are receding now ... but afternoon thunderstorms prompted the deployment of rescue teams.. our grant lodes is here with the latest from butte county. (grant) so many hillsides are barren or close to it... and without the trees and
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vegitation that used to absorb heavy rain ... all that water comes careening down. this is new video tonight this is new video tonight this is new video tonight at ten... that illustrates the volume of water we're taking about. the flash flood warning ended less than an hour ago... but this afteroon water rescue boats were used to rescue people from three homes on horse run lane... a low lying area below paradise near highway 99. you can see heavy rain, debris scattered across roads - and water filling up ditches - making it hazardous for people to drive. tis amount of rain may also trigger mudslides and debris flows in steep terrain. debris flows in steep terrain. officials in parts of butte county have told some people to stay away from their homes.(patrick purvis, cal fire)we do have evacuation orders on butte creek canyon - from honewell road.. centerville to durham, isolated areas of durham esquon. currently in place but going to look at reevaluating in the morning, but they are in an evacuation order for those areas." and in chico... flooded
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roads propmted at least one driver to ditch the car... hop on a horse and lead others to drier land.(grant) about 50 vehicles were briefly stranded but most drivers were able to safely drive their cars out of the area once the water went down. (pam) p-g-and-e has been facing a lot of questions and criticism... about its possible role in starting the deadly 'camp fire'.(ken) and this week, some of its workers reportedly faced threats on the job. meghan markley has the story from concow. cutting down trees, removing hazards in the wake of the camp fire. natsot: chainsaw
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but there's a new hazard. dispatch: "it is on the west side of the river, underneath the transmission lines. probably about 35 miles per hour, sustained wind on it." since this dispatch recording surfaced, some have openly blamed p-g-and-e for starting the devastating blaze.natsot: firealthough the investigation is ongoing, many are pointing the finger of blame right here. and one person, david stookey, is alleged to have criminally threatened p-g-and-e workers in the field. the butte county sheriff's office says stookey was in possession of a white hard hat, and a green and orange safety vest which is worn by utility workers.he was arrested for making criminal threats and entering an emergency area without authorization.meaghan mackey, reporting/standup bridge:"this is where the suspect allegedly made those threats against pg&e workers, here at scooters cafe just up highway 70. and as you can see crews are still out here actively trying to remove all the hazards from this area."sheriff kory honea, butte county:"any time those
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crews are hampered from doing their job it delays are ongoing effort to get people back into those areas."so starting tomorrow the department is taking action by providing security for the electric company.sheriff kory honea, butte county:"we will be working with pg&e to provide security to their crews as well as the crews who are under contract with them." in addition to the criminal threats, chico police say they are investigating graffiti at the downtown pg&e office targeted at the employees. sheriff kory honea, butte county:"hey, if you have some anger or animosity towards a particular corporation don't direct that at the people who are on the ground working. they are the ones who are going to help us get to the point where we can get people back into those areas."those areas."people back into those areas." (pam) that was meghan markey reporting. p-g-and-e acknowledges .. it did experience a problem on a transmission line ... just before the camp fire broke out earlier this month california regulators are ordering p-g&e to improve its 'safety culture' ... and questioned the safety qualifications of top executives. today, the c-p-u-c ordered the company
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to implement 60- recommendatio ns from an independent consultant. p-g &e says, it is committed to carrying out the recommendations. (ken) 88 people have been confirmed dead making the camp fire the deadlist wildfire in california history. but three weeks after it started .... there is still great confusion over who made it out safely. there are still 126 people missing from the camp fire. officials admit .. this has been a difficult process. the list put out by the butte county sheriff's department contains misspellings... repeated names and other inaccuracies ... and people are constantly being added or removed. the butte county sheirff's office is asking people to check the list and see if someone they know is on the list and is okay. you can find a link to the list on our website kron 4 dot com. (jrs) kron 4 and our parent company-- nexstar media group... have partnered to help the fire victims in butte county. if you would like to help those affected by the 'camp fire'... the american red cross is accepting donations. you can check kron for
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details.. (pam) shoppers interested in checking out this year's "winter walk" in san francisco... may be enjoying the safest year yet. (ken) officials for the event say, expect more police on patrol. kron4's dan thorn is live in san francisco with more.. dan? (dan)holiday shopping shopping season is in full swing here at union square in san francisco. there's plenty for people to enjoy and for officials--safety is a top priority. but police say you should remain proactive. holiday shopping is underway as the winter walk in union square officially opens..the 5th annual event is a big deal for the business improvement district..sot: union square is a holiday destination and we want to ensure that visitors here have a safe and welcoming experience. safety is at the forefront of this year's event..karin flood executive
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director of the business improvement district says a $1million dollar grant given to their safe shopper program is a big boost..sot: it helps a lot there will be numerous officers in and around the district on each street corner..sfpd says like they do every year--they plan to beef up patrols as the crowds grow. sot: we staff up quite heavily during the christmas season because there are so many visitors to the downtown area. deputy chief ann mannix says they shoppers should also take extra steps to keep theives from crushing their holiday spirit..sot: pay attention to your surroundings and dont leave any valuables in your car that's the big message--park smart. (dan)police also suggest not being distracted by your cell phone. if you want to come down and enjoy the winter walk--it runs through december 31st. reporting in san francisco dan thorn kron4 news. investigating a stabbing and
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shooting at the same location in san jose .... we take a look at where the two victims were found. (ken) yesterday we showed you the plans now we get to see how likely it is the a's new stadium will make the 2023 opening day. (pam) she didn't mean to start a movement... she just wanted steph curry's newest shoes. the way the warriors star responded to one of his youngest basketball fans.
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(pam) warrior star - steph curry's response
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to a north bay girl's letter, is going viral... riley morrison got frustrated, when she found out that the curry basketball shoes she wanted - are not offered for girls ... only boys. (ken) that is when she decided to reach out to curry... and to her surprise, he wrote back... kron four's terisa estacio met up with riley and her family... natural sound... see, i wanted these shoes... 9 year old riley morrison wasnt looking to start a movement .... she just wanted some cool girls basketball shoes, league play is starting. but the napa resident is now a sensation... scoring some new shoes and a whole lot more... it all started when she was searching for some curry basketball shoes with her dad... however, they quickly realized that under armor - who curry teams up with doesn't make girl basketball shoes... like the ones she wanted, they only offer boys. riley. it was just not fair. in response, riley encouraged by her parents... wrote a letter to steph... and he wrote back...
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saying he was glad she brought it to his attention, and that they would fix that wrong.... he then put the hand writen note up on social media for the world to see. riley. it was pretty cool. not only that... steph invited her to meet up in march ... all of this has been overwhelming... the phones have been ringing off the hook at the family's napa home... everyone wanting to talk to the foursome... but riley and her sister olivia are keeping their cool... they are both athletes too... they worked on some drills after talking with me... before heading out to basketball practice. riley hopes she can get those new napa, terisa estacio kron four news..
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(ken)(ken) we showed you the plans last night... and today oakland a's fans got to see the new renderings for the proposed howard terminal ballpark in person. the a's hosted an open house so fans could come and ask questions about the latest plan. the team wants to build it along the waterfront just north of jack london square. the a's have an ambitions goal of opening the 34-thousand seat ballpark for the 20-23 season. part of theoverall project is turning the coliseum complex into a
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park, housing and businesses... with oracle arena remaining for concerts and other events. the renderings look impressive on paper, but fans want more details.(ken) this is not (ken) this is not the first time the a's have unveiled renderings for a new ballpark. so some fans are naturally skeptical this will become a reality.will become a reality. the a's must still secure a port deal and pass an environmental review. the a's president tells kron 4... the next 120 days are critical.. to turning the renderings into reality. lawrence karnow: lawrence karnow: flooding continues in
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butte county after very heavy rain. heavy and gusty winds pounded the bay area. some local mountains had over 3 and a half inches of rain. showers continue on doppler radar. the showers will diminish overnight. there is another storm headed our way late friday night and saturday morning. we will get a break on sunday and monday but more rain is possible on tuesday and wednesday of next week. (pam) even though the rainy
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season started late ... it has been good for our air quality and for helping put out the fires. but what about for our reseviours? we take a look at how full they are now compared to last year. (ken) the flu broke records last year with hospitalizations. now the one thing doctors want you to do to help prevent spreading the flu.
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4 your health tonight... health officials across the country are worried we are about to experience a flu season worse than last year. an estimated 80,000 americans died of flu and its complications last winter, according to the u-s centers for disease control and prevention. (pam) and, the nation experienced a record- breaking 900-thousand hospitalizations caused by the flu last season. doctors with john muir health.. told kron 4's gabe slate, it is not too late to get the flu shot. sound from robert eidus, md, john muir health "even if you healthy can die from flu" doctor robert eidus (eye dus) based in walnut creek, with john muir health says if you have been putting off getting
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the flu shot, now is the time before the season hits. sound from robert eidus, md, john muir health "never too late to get flu shot" sound from robert eidus, md, john muir health "never too early to get flu shot " doctor eidus says every year he has patients express fear about getting sick from the flu shot. he says it's not possible. sound from robert eidus, md, john muir health "you can not get flu from flu shot"doctor eidus says to not have a repeat of last years flu season, or worse, everyone needs to get their shot. sound from robert eidus, md, john muir health "fine if you don't believe in it, but get it for the elderly and kids, to protect them"in walnut creek gabe slate kron 4 news
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(ken) the border crisis continues. the message governor elect gavin newsom had for those in san diego. (pam) taking on homelessness. the way one local businessman is stepping up.. to help provide low income housing. (ken) the storm may be over but now the clean up begins. we take a look at some of the damage left behind. (lawrence)ten at ten
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after a long wait... over the last week.. the bay area has finally been getting a good dose of moisture .(ken) the question now is how much of that water is being captured for use next summer. kron 4's charles clifford went looking for answers in marin county. well, the rainy season got off to a late start and we've only seen signifigant moisture for about a week now but there are early signs that the resevoirs could be filling up.natsthursday afternoon the spillway below lake lagunitas in marin county was gushing with water.nats until earlier this week, the spillway had been dry for months. the return of rain has sent water gushing down the slopes of mount tamalpais, filling up the reservoirs.nats despite some lingering
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showers, it was also a good day for neighbors like roland hannes to hike around the lakes.sotyeah. it's great. great for us. great for the of right now, the reservoirs of the marin munipal water district are at about 72% of full capacity. that's slightly more water than there was at the same time last comparison, the east bay municipal utility district reservoirs in the east bay area at 74% percent of full capacityand in the south bay, the santa clara valley water district's 10 reservoirs are at 27 percent full capacity.natsback in marin, roland says he's just happy to see water flowing again.sotit's a good time of yaer to be out here. yeah, if you don't mind getting marin county, charles clifford kron 4 news.the rainy season peaks april first. in marin county, charles clifford kron 4 news.
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lawrence karnow: flooding continues in butte county after very heavy rain. heavy and gusty winds pounded the bay area. some local mountains had over 3 and a half inches of rain. showers continue on doppler radar. the showers will diminish overnight. there is another storm headed our way late friday night and saturday morning. we will get a break on sunday and monday but more rain is possible on tuesday and wednesday of next week.
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(ken) continuing our coverage now of the storm that hit today... the heavy rain forced a few trees down
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across the bay area. over saturation and poor upkeep led this old oak tree to topple over on richmond boulevard in oakland. veteran trimmer phillip byers with vega's tree service says another company had maintained the oak over the years... but didn't recognize in the time the leaning limbs were hazardous. it ended up landing on a car parked in the driveway... (ken) the downed tree also knocked out some power lines... leaving several neighbors without electricity through the afternoon. down the street, drivers navigated through deep puddles of standing water. and, in moraga, the contra costa county public works department responded to a landslide on pinehurst road. the downed trees and mud were cleared from the roadway by late morning. (pam) happening now... an investigation is underway.
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a stabbing victim and a shooting victim were both found inside a home in a quiet san jose neighborhood early today. (ken) one of the victims has died.. kron4's haaziq madyun has the story.. a deadly stabbing following a violent altercation at a home here on ayer avenue in san jose. it happened around 8:30 thursday morning. san jose police investigators say officers responded to a welfare check and before they arrived the call was updated to a stabbing. once on the scene they found two adult male victims. the stabbing victim was pronounced dead at the scene. police also found a man suffering from a gunshot wound sota neighbor says the home belongs to an elderly couple who lived there with their adult son. he asked not to reveal his identitysot that was the general
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sentiment by other neighbors here as well who say the family has lived in this quiet vendome neighborhood for over thirty years. police are withholding the names of both the stabbing and shooting victims. however investigators say the suspect was taken to the hospital with life threatening san jose haaziq madyun kron4news (pam) salesforce c-e-o mark benioff has once again donated a chunk of his personal fortune ... to help the city of san francisco .. solve the homeless crisis. benioff has now donated money to help secure a lease for five -years on the bristol hotel... which is a 58- unit building being transformed into low income housing. use of this building will free up shelters or navigation centers for others who are homeless.< bristol hotel is a preview, and this announcement here today is a preview of what is to come. because the city will finally have the money to do it not just to do this what to do so many other things that are on our list it's a beginning of a whole parade of new investments to end homelessness in our city.> (pam)our city.>(pam)our city.> (pam) benioff has made the
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citys' benioff has (pam) benioff has made the citys' homeless crisis his personal mission... he was a big backer of proposition- c in the last election .... the new tax revenue from that prop will be collected, starting january 1st, but the city will not have the authorization to spend it ... until potential legal questions are ironed out. (ken) an oncology nurse from highland hospital in oakland ... who was deported to mexico last year, may be able to return to the bay area and be reunited with her family (pam) kron 4's dan kerman shows us what it will take ... for maria mendoza sanchez to return to the u-s. highland hospital oncology nurse maria mendoza-sanchez and her husband have been separated from their 4 children since august of last year, when strict trump administration immigration policies led to their
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deportation.sot maria mendoza- sanchezit has been very difficult painful really challengingspeaking to us from mexico, maria says there is now new hope she may be able to return to the u.s. legally and be reunited with her children. soti pay taxes, and i think my kids have the right to grow up with their parents beside them a nd better education and we can provide that for them without living this stressful and sad life maria, who entered the u.s. illegally with her daughter in the mid-90's, hit the jackpot in the spring when she was selected in the h1b visa lottery. now she needs one final signoff from citizenship and immigration services.sot right now i feel hopeful and i hope for a good outcomestandup dan kerman/sf 114maria should hear within 6 weeks... she thinks it would be nice to to be back with her kids in time for christmas but says anytime a favorable decision comes, it will be reason to celebrate. 127/std 127/stdcelebrate. be reason to celebrate. 127/std
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governor- elect gavin newsom was at the mexican border today.. to assess the growing immigration crisis there. that immigration crisis... now turning into a humanitarian crisis... grant lodes joins us now with more. (grant) newsom spoke in san ysidro today -- talking about immigration issues that have come to a issues that have come to a head... after a large group of central american migrants who are now gathered in tijuana. a refugee camp in tijuana is bursting at the seams -- overflowing with migrants waiting to seek asylum in the united states. mexican officials say more than 58- hundred people are now living there ... tijuana's mayor says it's a crisis.. and is calling for humanitarian aid. today newsom addressed the issue.< i'm trying to deal
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with the crisis at hand which is the prospect of thousands and thousands of people ending up on the streets and sidewalks with no help or hope in the coming months> (grant) newsom also toured the otay mesa immigration detention center... and met with groups advocating for the asylum seekers. (grant) tomorrow... newsom will meet with mexican officials in mexico city... in order to, in his words, "reaffirm and build upon the deep economic, political, and cultural bonds that connect mexico and california." (pam) authorities in alabama.. have now charged a man in a deadly shooting at a mall thanksgiving night. hoover police initially announced they killed the suspect during the incident -- before back tracking -- and saying, the man they shot was not the shooter. 20-year-old erron brown was arrested thursday at a family member's home in the atlanta area. he faces one count
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of attempted murder for the thanksgiving night shooting at the riverchase galleria in hoover. moments after the shooting, a mall security officer fatally shot a different man. that officer is on administrative leave, pending the outcome of an investigation. meanwhile, an 18-year-old shooting victim and the 12-year-old girl who was hit by a stray bullet .. are recovering from their injuries. (ken) the trial of james fields junior is underway in charlottesville, virginia. opening statements began on thursday. fields is accused of ramming his car into a crowd of counterprotes ters at a white nationalist rally last year, killing heather heyer and injuring dozens more. both sides agree that fields drove his car into the crowd... but they disagree on "why" he did it. the prosecution says his intention was to hurt people based on his bigoted views. an attorney for fields says he acted in self defense. the incident followed a period of racially charged violence and sparked national outrage. the judge has allotted 18 days for the trial. (pam) a cat, lost on a
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road trip .. is found by sheer luck... just how many months little oscar was out fighting the elements. (ken) life expectancy is dropping in the u-s. the two causes... and why researchers say it's preventable. (sports) coming up in sports, once again the warriors overcome a near 20-point deficit... and kevin durant dropped 50, but it still wasn't enough against the raptors. see how it all unfolded tonight in toronto.
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youand the holiday spiritoss just hits you... yes! or when you get the best deal... on a treat for your best friend? or when you score a magical gift... at an unbelievable price? yes! that's yes for less. ross has you and your list covered with gifts you'll love to give. and it feels even better when you find them for less-at ross. yes for less. (pam) disheartening new
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data disheartening new data tonight... life expectancy in the united states declined from 2016 to 2017... and according to that new report, two preventable causes of death are to blame for the increase.. (ken) we want to go to grant lodes live in the studio to explain the stark report from the
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centers for disease control and prevention. (grant) increases in drug overdose deaths and suicides caused life expectancy rates to drop in the u.s. in 2017. according to the cdc... overdose deaths reached a new high in 2017, topping 70,000... almost quadrupling the rate from 1999. also in 2017, the suicide rate increased almost four percent over the year before. this dropped the average life expectancy age from 78.7 in 2016 to 78.6 for those born in the u.s last year. even with these increases, the cdc says the top ten leading causes of death last year remain unchanged: heart disease cancer unintentional injuries chronic lower respiratory diseases stroke
10:45 pm
alzheimer's diabetes the flu and pneumonia kidney disease and suicide account for almost three- quarters of the all deaths across the country. (grant) still, the cdc director says the increased number of those dying from preventable conditions should be a quote "wakeup call" for the whole country. (pam) a recall alert for dog owners tonight. sunshine mills is recalling several varieties of the dog food it manufactures because it may contain elevated levels of vitamin- d. affected brands include: evolve puppy, sportsman's pride large breed puppy and triumph chicken and rice dog food. these products were distributed to retail stores across the nation.. too much vitamin- d can lead to kidney failure in dogs. symptoms to watch for include.... vomiting, loss of appetite, increased thirst and increased urination. a full list of the recalled dog food varieties... is on our kron-4 app.
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(ken) here's a story every pet owner can relate to -- a lost cat ... found months after he went missing.(pam) the kitty -- from florida -- escaped in nebraska, while his owners were on a road trip -- four- months ago! holly barraclough has the story. it's what the owners are calling a "christmas miracle!" voice of kristie amodio/alex borsody's girlfriend: "it's just amazing, it's just a miracle. alex borsody and his girlfriend christine amodio were making the drive from colorado to florida when they stopped in north platte for the night.they were staying at the quality inn when their cat oskar got outside and went missing.they put up fliers and contacted pet rescues to try to locate him.voice of alex borsody/oskar's owner: "there's all of these people wanted to help for no reason just cause they're really nice. just good midwestern people. it's amazing."after an extra, unplanned day in north platte of searching, they had to leave and head to florida.
10:47 pm
that was on august 10th.and then this tuesday night, november 27th...vicki simpson/found oskar: "he was wanting to eat with my other cats."holly barraclough/north platte, ne: "this is the store where oskar was found by shop owner vicki simpson. she normally has her store closed on tuesdays. but she came by to feed some feral cats that live by her building, and that's when she noticed one with a collar."vicki simpson/found oskar: "something just seemed odd. something just kept telling me i needed to call that number. and i saw it started with a nine. so i thought that seemed really odd for around here. something just made me want to call that number."jenn porter- milne is the admin for the facebook page "lost paws."she created and shared lost cat posts and is assisting with oskar's care before he leaves. she says even after spending nearly four months out in the elements, he is in remarkable health. .jenn porter- milne/"lost paws" administrator: "it's just amazing. it's god's gift for christmas, really."a volunteer will be driving oscar to denver where his owner will fly to pick him up this weekend.voice of alex borsody/oskar's owner: "no way! at that point, i was just like... ok this this is awesome. i was crying i guess and acting all crazy. i was just amazed."and as for oskar's rescuer....vicki simpson/found oskar: "i'm glad they could be reunited and give him a big hug for me when you get him home."in north platte holly barraclough
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barraclough the toronto raptors are one of the nba's mysteries. last season-- they clinch the one seed, but are swept in the playoffs by lebron for the 2nd year in a row. but since he's not out but since he's not out east anymore and they have a new coach plus kawhi leonard, maybe the warriors could meet them in june. --we go up north, drake loves the raptors, but he also loves every other good team in the league. --right off the bat, warriors off to a bad start... kawhi leonard..jumper is good.. raptors led by 18-in the first quarter. --warriors would trail by that much in the 2nd half. but a furious rally from kevin durant. end of the 3rd, kd pull up. scored the final 11 points to end the frame. --in the 4th, klay thompson jumping into the mix... converts on the one handed midrange. he finished with 23... warriors within 2. .
10:49 pm
--in the final seconds, champs down 3... call on durant... with leonard in his face, knocks down the fadeaway from the corner. game knotted at 119..and we are going to overtime. --in the extra period, warriors committed 5- turnovers...and this one hurt. andre iguodala called for traveling. and toronto would ice it on free throws. --warriors fall 131- 128...despite 51-points from durant, his 3rd straight 40- point game. steph curry back in the lineup on saturday. let's now talk some 49ers-- who thought we'd ever be seeing this, the niner faithful getting ready to support richard sherman in his return back to seattle. --sherman going city he spent 7 seasons...and brought a world championship to. --a lot of memories made with that franchise, but it wasn't the best of breakups... sherman wasn't re-signed this summer after suffering a season-ending achilles injury last year. -- this morning, the star corner...reflected on his time with the hawks.... and had some pointed words for quarterback and former teammate russell wilson "you just expect after you've done so much for a franchise that they
10:50 pm
cut you went you're hurt. it's kind of more of a respect thing than anything, but they did so you've got to roll with the business, "you've seen through the years what russell is capable of doing." "yeh, i've also seen him throw five picks in a game so you see what he's capable on both sides of it, sp you understand that he can be defended. so you go outthere and give your team the best shot." the silver and black...playing a kansas city chiefs team that's been scary good this year... 9-and-2, best in the afc. --they've replaced alex smith...with an mvp candidate. patrick mahomes, one of the top stories of the league this year... leads the nfl in touchdown passes... deadly accurate and constantly makes big plays downfield. --jon gruden...breaking down kc's top 5 offense. "his overall skill set is sickening. it really is. he's double-jointed. he can throw the ball from any platform possible. running to his left, fading backwards. he can get out of trouble.he has a playing style that reminds me of favre. he's a young favre."
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finally, finally, thursday night football... saints at cowboys... new orleans coming in 10-and- 1...cowboys punched them in the mouth. ezekiel elliott... from 16 yards out... 10-0 cowboys --2 minutes to go, drew brees...down 3... but he is picked by jourdan lewis... only the 2nd interception of the season for brees dallas holds on for the 13-10 win... cowboys improve to 7- and-5 (weather) coming up i'll have the seven day forecast.
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the nob hill neighborhood in san francisco is ready for the holidays.(pam) tonight... the treasured tree lighting ceremony took place at the ritz carlton, featuring one special little girl. á> that's 5- year-old curryn statchel .. who just finished
10:55 pm
up her chemo-therapy. she came to california from hawaii, as part of the make-a-wish foundation. her wish ... to visit disneyland. and an added bonus ... was lighting up this year's 40-foot christmas tree along with santa claus.
10:56 pm
saturday morning. we will get a break on sunday and monday but more rain is possible on tuesday and wednesday of next week.
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11:00 pm
"it was felt over four blocks away. "federal investigators determined it was a pipe bomb "consisting of ammonium nitrate "and anhydrous hydrazine nitrate, "which had been thrown through the window "of the newsroom layout office. "no culprits were ever apprehended, "and the federal government continues to investigate. "the explosion killed the plaintiff "mr. jeffrey sanborn, 42, managing editor of the cook county vindicator." julius: exception. "resulted in his death." uh, noted and accepted. replacing "killed." "mr. sanborn is married "and has two teenaged dependents who will suffer "from loss of wages and affection. "mr. clay and the cook county vindicator, jointly and severally, agree to pay..." uh, julius?


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