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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  December 5, 2018 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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"a great and noble man, the best father a son or daughter could have. and in our grief, let us smile, knowing that dad is hugging robin and holding mom's hand again."(grant) the nation said its final farewells to president george h.w. bush. he was honored in washington, dc, before departing the nation's capitol one last time. good evening i'm grant lodes. (catherine) and i'm catherine heenan in for vicki liviakis tonight. kron 4's camila bernal is live in college station, texas with the latest. camila? former president of the united states george h w bush is making his final journey back to his adopted home state of texas....following an
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emotional farewell from former and current world leaders at the national cathedral in washington, including all living former presidents, as well as president trump and first lady melania trump. former pres. george w. bush: to us, his was the brightest of a thousand points of light. moving tributes from those who worked with him...alan simpson, former wyoming senator: the most decent and honorable person i ever met was my friend, george bush. one of nature's noble men. those who understand the legacy he leaves behind... brian mulroney, former prime minister of canada: i believe it will be said that no occupant of the oval office was more courageous, more principled, and more honorable, than george herbert walker bush.and from his son... former pres. george w. bush: through our tears, let us know the blessings of knowing and loving you. a great and noble man. the best father a son or daughter could have. and in our grief, let us smile knowing that dad is hugging robin and holding mom's hand again.
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(grant) (grant) and we have continuing coverage of the memorial for president bush on our website. we have a special section on our website. it's all on
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kron-4 dot com. (catherine) a contra costa county sheriff's deputy shot and killed a man being described as a felon and active gang member with a long criminal history. it happened on a street off pacheco blvd in unincorporated martinez. kron4's maureen kelly has the latest details ... it was bang bang bang bang bang bangso 4 or 5 shots....yeah they really let goa man who works around the corner from where the deadly shooting took place describes what he heard and saw a little after 930 am.a heard a woman screaming and then .she gets pulled into a cop car. then two other cops pull up and i walk out and see the guy face down not moving.the contra costa county sheriff deparrtment says one of their deputies was leaving an call on adelaide drive near pacheco boulevard spotted a man walking on the street who was wanted on a no bail warrant for evading and resisting arrest. after a brief foot
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pursuit the two began to struggle. the man pulled a gun from his waistband and fired a shot at the deputies head. the deputy returned fire hitting him as well.the suspect, a 41 year old discovery bay resident died at the scene. officals say the man was an active member of several gangs in the county and had many past encounters with law enforcement.including drug possession, multiple accounts of assault with a deadly weapon, possession of dangerous weapons, being a felon in possession of a firearm.the sherriff's department spokesperson had no information about the woman seen by the witness or the silver car on the scene, but this woman says her sister was in that car, who she say was the supsect's girlfriend.the deputy was uninjured...he has been put on administrative leave as the sheriff's department and the district attorney's office continues to investigate the shooting. maureen kelly kron4 news.
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(catherine) police in napa are investigating a deadly officer-involved shooting. it happened around 2:00 this morning on soscol avenue. police say 27-year-old david molina was suspected of being involved in an assault at an apartment complex. when officers arrived at the scene -- they were told molina had a gun. he then led an officer on a foot chase for several minutes. police say there was a fight when the officer caught up to him - and that officer fired his gun. molina was pronounced dead at the scene. the officer was not badly hurt and is now on paid leave. (grant) in the east bay...the driver of a car you see here - was hospitalized with gunshot wounds. the person in the passenger seat was also shot and did not survive...despite the efforts of a good samaritan. kron4's haaziq madyun has the story a double shooting. two male victims in a car in a quiet fremont neighborhood. a
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neighbor describes coming out of her home after hearing gun shotssotit happened just after 11pm tuesday night here on torrington court. that is where someone fired mulitple bullets at two people in this vehicle. the driver lost control and crashed into the wall on side of this home, startling this woman who was in her bedroom sleeping. she asked not to reveal her identitysotwhat was going on outside...the effort continued to save a lifesot paramedics arrived, took over. unfortunately the passenger was pronounced dead at the scene. police arrived, found the driver a few blocks away. he was also wounded in the shootingsot
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officers were directed to a male who was seen running. we found that male. he had injuries that were not life threatening">police have no suspect information. they are withholding the shooting victims indentities at this time. investigators say they are following up on several leads as they try to find a motive for why this happened in this quiet northgate neighborhoodsotsotthis is fremont's third homicide of fremont haaziq madyun kron4news (catherine) the dust has settled in san jose where the city council has okayed selling land to google.... the vote - capping a long and noisy city council meeting that lasted into the early hours.. (grant) kron four's rob fladeboe is live at city hall to tells us more about the meeting -- and what happens
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next. rob? (rob live) it's a done deal. the city council has approved selling land to google butthis is only the beginning. there will be many more meetings and decisions to come. and judging from what happened here last night, critics of the deal made clear they are not going away. it was early wednesday, about 12:30 a.m. when the san jose city council voted unanimously to approve selling land to google for downtown tech campus and transit village. it's just the beginning says councilman raul peralez.raul peralez/city councilman "....there is a lot of responsibility on the council and the mayor to make sure we do right by our community and that we make google a partner..."before the vote,
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more than 140 people weighed in. at one point, critics of the deal chained themselves to their seats in protest. eight people were arrested and the chambers cleared. many people did get the chance to speak.vera sloan/opposed to google deal "...we had many people who were in the rotunda who had entered there names to speak and when they tried to enter the chambers they were denied by security..."a few hours later, someone smashed a window on councilman lan diep's car.lan diep/city councilman "...i think the timing of this is a bit much for me but i don't have any evidence with which to make allegation..."so, what the councl did was age to sell10 acres of city owned land near diridon station to google for a hundred million dollars for a tech campus. critics say it bringing 20,000 jobs to town will displace the city's poorest residents. there's a long ways to go says councilman peralez.raul perlaez/city councilman " we have to get together with google and talk about the community development agreement and if the council does not act appropriately ove the next year when it comes to negotiating community benifits agreements or policies like protection for renters, if we dont act right than this may not be right for the city..." (rob live) that community
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development agreement could take a year or more to isn't expected to break ground for construction until 2022 and the projectmight not be complete until 2035 or so. live in san jose rob fladeboe kron4news (grant) taking a live look at the
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traffic maps in san francisco tonight.. there has been a major backup trying to get out of the city since early this afternoon. some people... spending more than an hour to get from downtown to oakland. here's some video of the gridlock on the embarcadero.. going towards the bay bridge. this is at folsom street earlier today. and the backup was caused by this... a big rig jackknifed on the lower deck of the bay bridge. the three left lanes of the bridge were closed for some time-- causing all of the backup early in the day. it was cleared around 2:45.. but delays continue. (grant) coming up... and intruder chooses the wrong home to break into. details on how the escaped
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inmate ended up dead. (catherine) for the first time-- people who live in paradise are returning home to what's leftafter the huge wildfire that destroyed their town. the emotional reunions. (grant) plus after the break... we'll show you how an old school approach to fighting crime... is making the streets of san francisco safer. (lawrence) i'm chief meteorologist lawrence karnow, i'll have your full bay area forecast after the break.
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(grant) the streets of san francisco
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appear to be getting safer, thanks to a new strategy being deployed. actually, it is an old school approach to fighting crime. as kron four's terisa estacio reports, a recent study shows that foot patrols are significantly helping crack down on crime. (take pkg) a 16.9 percent drop in larceny theft... a 19.1 percent reduction in assaults... just some of the statistics from the san francisco police department due in part to the increase of foot patrols on the streets of san francisco. deputy chief ann mannix, sfpd. it has been significant." deputy chief ann mannix on the positive effects of a policy change put into effect back in september of 2017. that is when the sfpd reassigned approximately 70 officers from plainclothes and special assignment to city wide uniformed foot patrol beats. deputy chief ann mannix, sfpd. "it has had widespread benefits. and now that the city is decked out in holiday gear, the sfpd plans to pay particular attention to putting foot patrols in areas such as union square to help keep everyone safe. mannix. yes. we are increasing in commercial cooridor in san francisco, terisa estacio (grant) (grant) (grant) to blame for the legionnaires
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outbreak that killed one person last year. a health official testified in court this week... that two cooling towers which provide mist in the park... showed high levels of the legionella bacteria at the time of the
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outbreak. disneyland is appealing state fines saying the outbreak's source has not been scientifically determined yet. the health official responded saying that he is not a hundred percent certain of the source without additional testing. "2144 meece mill road ... corner of shady grove..."(catherine) the call came in around three o'clock tuesday mornng from a rural crossroads in south carolina.the local sheriff says what happened next is an argument for women living alone ... to keep a gun handy. "a female homeowner on meeks mill road calls 911 also, and reports that an unknown subject has kicked in her back door to her residence and that she has shot him. the female resident is home alone when this occurs. around 3:04, deputies arrive at the caller's home and locate a gunshot victim inside the homeowner's residence with a single gunshot to the head. the dead man was identified as bruce mclaughlin, whose long rap sheet began when he was 13 years old:a pair of marijuana busts, shoplifting, a fake i=d, graduating to burglary and grand his thirtieth year he was here in the pickens county prison ... and apparently not willing to stay there,.along with fellow
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inmate timothy dill, mclaughlin devised a plan. ....a premeditated plan to escape from the prisonthe pair overpowered two officers and fled in opposite directions. dill was quickly recaptured just a short distance away."he was taken into custody right there run down by one of our deputies."mclaughlin's plan included breaking into a home. he chose the wrong one..the sheriff says the homeowner had a concealed weapons permit, which saved her life. "set herself up to not be harmed, killed or raped or whatever she came out on the good end and the bad guy didn't."
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(catherine) the woman hasn't been identified. under south carolina law, people applyingfor concealed weapons permits must undergo training in the use of lethal force. nearly ten percent of the state's 4=million adults have done so. (anchor) taking a live look outside-- overlooking downtown san francisco. (anchor) time now to check on our weather... with chief our weather... with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. lawrence karnow: clouds and rain made for a cool day for the bay area. showers continue tonight but are more widely scattered. the will decrease throughout the night. on the satellite you can see the low spinning toward southern california. a few more clouds and showers will continue tonight but the focus will be
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more toward the south. highs tomorrow will be cool but slightly warmer tomorrow with highs in the 50s and low 60s. dry weather is forecast through the weekend. more rain is likely early next week.
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(catherine) (catherine) still ahead... a pregnant school teacher is out of a job tonight. why catholic officials say they don't agree with how she lives her life. (grant) and a warning if you are looking to make some extra cash this holiday season. the scam that's popping up on credible job search websites.
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sfx: feet shuffling life can change in an instant. be covered when it does... ...with a health plan through covered california. we offer free expert help choosing the best plan for you. and all of our plans include free preventive care. financial help is available, so check for yourself to see what savings you qualify for. for health insurance starting january 1st, enroll by december 15th. because you never know when life... ...will change. get covered today. money tonight... if you're considering becoming a secret shopper to make some extra money overthe christmas season....a word of caution. one man says he's grateful he caught what he believes is a scam... before getting duped. rebecca jeffrey has the story.. the giving season can be expensive... especially on a fixed income. so joe johnson tried to get ahead on his savings by signing up to be a mystery shopper from an ad he saw on the website indeed.
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"when you're desperate, you maybe do desperate things." a few weeks later he received a check for more than 27-hundred dollars and a letter with directions. "they give me emails and text numbers to send the information through but there's no number that i can call and speak to an actual human being." red flag. the letter says to deposit the 2,750 dollars and then go buy 26-hundred dollars in itunes gift cards and text the card information to a phone number. "if i did that, i'm only getting 150 dollars and my promise was i'd get a commission of 350."another red flag. so johnson went to his bank. the manager at johnson's bank said the check appeared to be fake. so johnson called wells fargo -- the bank written on the check -- turns out the account doesn't exist. had johnson deposited the check he would have owed the money back to the bank. "be cautious. take whatever paraphernalia or check you have to your nearest banker and just buyer beware." a seasonal scam johnson is glad he didn't fall for... but knows this time of year holiday cheer can sometimes
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get in the way of common sense. (catherine) (catherine) that was rebecca jeffrey reporting. another possible part of this scam... is where the check apparently came from.. it says "kastle systems international", but its website doesn't mention anything about secret shopping. (grant) next at 5:30... a former school employee in the north bay is accused of having child porn. what parents need to know tonight. (grant) plus after the break... we'll show you the emotional return... as people who live in paradise see their homes... some still standing... for the first time since the massive butte county wildfire.
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our top story tonight at 5:30... for the first time since the camp fire started, some people in butte county returned to their properties today. (catherine) with thousands of buildings destroyed... kron 4's ashley zavala shows us what some residents discovered in the ashes. ((ashley)): here in paradise , residents living on the town's east side got to go back to their homes to see with their own eyes what's left. ((denice:)) knew it was gone but i was afraid to see that it was gone."it was a wet welcome home for paradise residents like denice paton.. ((nats-this was my angel)) among rain and ashes... denice
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and her family found important items withstood the blaze... including her american flag and her mother's urn left on the fireplace. (( denice paton- paradise resident)) when i realized i forgot my mom that was my breaking moment, i almost fell to my knees, i hurt like i never hurt before. and when that urn was returned to me... it was a miracle. it gave me hope." denice is one of hundreds of fire victims who got to see their homes for the first time wednesday. (nats)police checked a long line of cars after lifting evacuation orders for those living along pentz road along paradise's east side. many residents returned to rubble..."i'm afraid of looters."others with their structures still standing, like denice's neighbor, marsha.((marsha martin-paradise resident)) "i hope everyone is okay, that's all i wish for. i know what they're going through. i just can't grasp it)) neither neighbor knows for sure if they'll remain residents of paradise... they say seeing their homes gives them closure from the campfire. ((denice)) "now that i know it's gone, i can move on now. i have closure. it's going to be okay." ashley : residents in these areas have an 8pm curfew. when evacuation orrs


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