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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  December 14, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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(vicki)tonight at 5. wet weather on the roads today. this was what it looked like in north petaluma just over an hour ago ---with more rain on the way this evening... expected to disrupt tonight's commute. (vicki)here's a live look at our network of traffic cameras and the conditions right now...... (vicki)thank you for (vicki)thank you for joining us, i'm vicki liviakis. (grant)and i'm grant lodes. high winds and a small craft advisory off the coasts tonight... as a storm front continues to move in. (grant)we have team coverage tonight.kron4's dan kerman is standing by in san francisco with a look at the conditions there.(vicki)but first we want to get an idea of exactly where this storm is going to hit the hardest... with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. lawrence karnow: showers are falling across the bay area keeping things on and off wet. on the doppler you can see the showers popping up around the
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bay area now. most of it is light rain but it will continue tonight and into tomorrow. on the satellite you can see a much bigger storm off the coast. it will bring heavy rain and gusty winds on sunday afternoon. there's also the chance of thunderstorms. highs will be in the 50s and 60s tomorrow and cooler on sunday. the weather pattern looks partly cloudy but mostly dry next week.
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(grant)our team coverage continues tonight.kron4's dan kerman is standing by in san francisco.
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(on cam) (vicki) to the peninsula now where the onset of the rainy season finds thousands of bayfront residents sleeping a little easier. kron four's rob
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fladeboe reports on the completion of a major flood controlproject in east palo alto. storm clouds loomed friday as a man walks his dog along a levy high abovesan franscisquito creek. the flood-prone waterway has been widened from highway 101 to the bay, with new hogher rock and dirt levees to protect nearby homes, businesses, a golf course and the nearby airport says project manager len matermanlen materman/san francisquito creek joint powers authority "...we have basically turned the creek that was constantly threatening the communities around it and turned it into something we don't have to worry about from rain or from sea level rise for decades to come...."(1998 flood)flooding occurred here as recently as 2017 and in february of 1998, a 70- year flood impacted 17- hundred homes causing some $28 million dollars in damage as residents were evacuated to higher ground. dennis parker was chased from his home in the 2012 flood.dennis parker/flood victim " really feeling good, i feel as though the area is safer for the first time since the 98 flood..."the santa clara valley water district, caltrans and and several san mateo county jurisdictions picked up the $44 million dollar tab. the work will
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guard against a 100-year flood, which has a 1 percent chance of occurring in any given year but theres more work ahead.len materman "....this is really the first of three phases, next up we will go to work on the creek east of highway 101 where there are many thousands of properties to protect. this is also the cornerstone of eleven mies of shoreline were working on to guard against sea level rise..rob fladeboe/east palo alto '...ultimately the goal is to provide flood protection for some 5700 homes. in east palo alto rob fladeboe kron 4 news (grant) a big story tonight. regulators are now saying pg&e falsified safety documents in the wake of the
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deadly 20-10 san bruno pipeline explosion. the california public utilities commission made the announcement today. their investigation found pg&e lacked sufficient staffing to fulfill all requests to find and mark natural gas pipelines between 2012 and 2017. regulators say because of that staffing shortage... the uitility higher ups would pressure supervisors and locators to complete the work... leading them to falsfy data over a five year period. previously, a judge fined the utility 3 million after it was convicted of six felony charges for failing to properly maintain the pipeline that exploded in 2010... killing 8 people. (vicki) wall street ended the trading week on a sour note today.the dow jones industrial average closed down two percent as investors worry
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about signs of slowing global growth.the nasdaq lost two-point-three percent, while the s-and-p 500 fell nearly two percent to an eight-month low.the s-and-p has fallen nearly 11 percent this quarter alone. that makes it the worst quarter for the index in seven was also a lousy day for johnson and johnson, which fell 10 percent after a reuters probe found the company knew about asbestos in its baby's plunge was the company's worst day since 2002. (grant) another big time privacy breach was announced today --- again involving facebook. this time -- the company said it was a bug that exposed nearly seven million users' private photos without their permission. the bug allowed third-party app developers access to photos people may not have shared publicly. users' photos were exposed over a á12-dayá period in áseptemberá. facebook said it will notify people potentially impacted by the bug. regulators in the
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e-u said they are launching an investigation into this latest facebook breach. (grant)five people have been arrested in connection with a brazen theft in the east bay... details coming up. (vicki)high winds mean monster waves at the beaches this weekend.but it's not all fun and games.the warning being issued along the coast tonight. (grant) authorities are now saying the strange disappearance of a colorado mother is being treated as suspicious. the latest on the investigation that is now leading to her fiancee. (lawrence) i'm chief meteorologist lawrence karnow, i'll have your full bay area forecast after the break.
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of a young colorado mother who disappeared without a trace on thanksgiving day.police and f=b=i agents have carried out a search warrant at her fiance's home.a lawyer for patrick frazee says he is cooperating with police. (vicki) catherine heenan is here to take us thtough the latest developments.catherine? (catherine) twenty=nine year old kelsey berreth disappeared more than three weeks ago.her fiance and father of their one year old daughter was the last person to report seeing her. this morning's raid came as a surprise to many people ... including the fiance. nat at eight=thirty this morning sheriff's deputies arrived and cut the lock to the front gate of patrick frazee's property in the
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mountains about two hours south of denver.police say they no longer consider this a missing person case.our investigators believe that kelseys disappearance is more suspicious and that she is not intentionally avoiding efforts to find her.berreth was last seen november 23rd, thanksgiving day, with her one year old daughter at a safeway near her woodland park colorado home.three days later, her phone texted her employer and pinged a cell tower near gooding idaho, 800 miles away, and about halfway to her family home in soap lake washington. earlier this week, her mother appealed for information. "like i said she doesn't run off . and someone knows where she's at.... kelsey we just want you homepatrick frazee made his own appeal. can't believe that she's missing. it breaks my heart. and i just want her to come home.during the raid on his property, f=b=i agents removed material from frazee's barn.his truck was towed away and frazee and the couple's young daughter were driven off in the back of a sheriff's department s=u=v.later in the day.the woodland park police
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chief says he will be questioned by investigators.
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this afternoon in san jose.she met with some community activists... before she hosts another event this evening. kron four's terisa estacio was with the former first lady as she discussed failure and success in the public eye. (take pkg) the former first lady came here to the seven tree community center... she was warmly greeted by some commuity activists with an organization called public allies... (take vo) ms. obama was once the executive director of the chicago chapter of public allies... it is a national non profit organization.. focused on developing diverse community leaders. you can listen in on some of the discussion the group had with ms. obama. michelle obama, former first lady. it was a small group... those who had the privledge to share in this experience talked about what it was like to be here. alysyn martinez, "really amazing, unbelievable." ms. obama spent several hours with the group... she also talkd about her memoir becoming... she left the center and headed to the sap center where she will be speaking friday ngiht. terisa estacio kron four news. ####
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(anchor) taking a live look outside-- overlooking look outside-- taking a live (anchor) #### (anchor) taking a live (anchor) taking a live look
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outside-- overlooking downtown san francisco. downtown san overlooking look outside-- overlooking downtown san francisco. (anchor) time now to check on our weather... with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. lawrence karnow: showers are falling across the bay area keeping things on and off wet. on the doppler you can see the showers popping up around the bay area now. most of it is light rain but it will continue tonight and into
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tomorrow. on the satellite you can see a much bigger storm off the coast. it will bring heavy rain and gusty winds on sunday afternoon. there's also the chance of thunderstorms. highs will be in the 50s and 60s tomorrow and cooler on sunday. the weather pattern looks partly cloudy but mostly dry next week. (grant)a ring of alleged
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shoplifters... all women... targeting a major department store chain here in the bay area. thousands of dollars worth thousands of area. thousands of dollars worth of merchandise stolen from marshalls department stores kron4's haaziq madyun shows how police were able to make the arrests a major shoplifting bust. an alleged crew of females
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thieves caught in the act at this marshalls department store in fremontthis all went down wednesday just after 8pm. that is when officers received a call about five female suspects allegedly stealing inside of the store. police arrived, set up a perimeter and after establishing that thefts were taking place, the five women were taken into custody. the store's loss prevention officers tell police that the women are responsible for approximately 35-thousand-dollars in thefts from various marshalls stores over the past monthfremont police say the five women may also be connected to a similar theft at a marshalls department store in san leandro. the five suspects range in age from 33 to 43- years-old and are residents of san francisco, oakland and fresno. their identities are being withheld as the investigation into these thefts continues during the course of the arrests investigators say they found 292-items totalling 46-hundred- dollars in the suspect's fremont haaziq madyun kron4news
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(grant)other national news tonight.there's a new acting white house chief of staff, and he's someone with whom president trump is familiar. mister trump made the announcement on twitter today, quote,"i am pleased to announce that mick mulvaney, director of the office of management and budget, will be named acting white house chief of staff,replacing general john kelly, who has served our country with distinction. mick has done an outstanding job while in the administration." the president continues, quote, "i look forward to working with him in this new capacity as we continue to make america great again! john will be staying until the end of the year.he is a great patriot and i want to personally thank him for his service!"mulvaney has served as director of the office of management and budget since february 20-17.he also simultaneously held the role of acting director of the consumer financial protection bureau before stepping down earlier this month.before that, represented south carolina's fifth congressional
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district for six years. (vicki) in the east bay. the first ever seasonal outdoor ice rink opened in downtown oakland today. this is video of the ice rink being constructed. there will be a celebration to mark the opening tonight at 6:30.. at the corner of 9th and washington streets. organizers are hoping to make this an annual tradition. the rink will be open everyday from 10 a-m to 10 p-m until january 6th. (grant)pg&e is asking to increase rates to fund billions of dollars in wildfire saftey projects.just how much that would affect your bills... coming up (vicki)big waves a big concern on the coasts this weekend.more on the high surf warning just ahead.
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waiting for word of if and when the mavericks big wave surf competition will be held next week. this video shows the stormy waves churning off the coast of ocean beach this afternoon. kron4's maureen kelly reports monster swells are expected to hit the bay area starting on sunday. the waves at ocean beach churn like a washing machine....the rough conditions keeping surfers away....altoughth a lone windsurfer could be seen riding the currents in this video. and its predicted to get much bigger starting sunday. the national weather
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service has issued a high surf warning from sunday morning until monday night....with waves breaking between 25 to 40 feet up and down the bay area coastline....and some mavericks could see waves exceeding fifty feet high. they say the conditions will also bring an increased risk of rip currents and sneaker waves. i spoke to a meterologist from the national weather service via facetime.these are dangerous large waves. the pacific ocean water is cold we're talking 58600. if you get pulled out in that it's going to be bad news. we recommend that people state far back from the water. i know people like to see large waves but definitely is going to be a dangerous situationlate this afternoon the san francisco department of emergency management urged the public to stay away from ocean beach sunday and monday...saying the dangerous waves could reach the sea wall....meaning people walking on the sand could find themselves in chest deep water. the waves are expected to be so big that the mavericks surf contest organizers considered holding the competition on monday....but decided late
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yesterday to put it off. grant washburn who has surfed the invitational in previous years explains that monster waves don't always make for a good surf's going to be giant we know that but the storm is coming awful close in the wind made the waves are gonna be right on top of it. right through sunday and into the morning on monday. and that means the ocean it's probably gonna be pretty crazy and maybe unrideablewhile massive breaking waves may be beautiful to watch...this sunday and monday.....viewing them from a surf cam online might be the safest way to experience them. maureen kelly kron4 news. (grant)a southwest plane had to turn around after it was discovered some áveryá precious cargo had been left on board. critics say they're passing along the cost of fires to the consumer.but pg&e claims rate
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hikes are necessary to prevent future fires.the latest on their push to raise rates... after the break.
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(grant)pg&e says it wants to raise its rates to in part, pay for wildfire safety projects. essentially passing the cost of wildfire prevention on to customers. (vicki)kron4's ashley zavala explains what the utility company is proposing and how much it would cost rate payers ....
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as pg&e continues its clean up effort from the camp fire... the utility this week filed a request with the public utilities commission to raise customer rates. if approved..beginning in 2020, the average residential customer will spend an extra $10.50 more a month on gas and electric to allow the utility to net an additional 1.1 billion dollars...more than half of the money would fund wildfire prevention, education, and safet y projects.that includes increasing the effort to keep vegetation away from powerlines...installing 600 cameras along with stronger poles and powerlines, and expanding weather-monitoring stations in high-risk fire areas. pg&es senior vice president of energy supply said, "we understand and embrace our responsibility to safely provide electricity and gas to the communities we have the privilege to serve. as california experiences more frequent and intense wildfires and other extreme weather events, we must take necessary, bold and urgent steps to protect our customers."--((steve malnight, pg&e senior vice president of energy supply and policy.))"do i think they have the right to raise rates again to perform what they already should have done? no!" attorney james frantz says he's currently


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