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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 22, 2018 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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airport catering facility. officials say they searched for the two in a maze of underground tunnels. (jrs) good evening, i'm jr stone. (justine) and i'm justine waldman. thank you for joining us. we want to get straight to dan thorn who is live for us at sfo. dan what us at sfo. dan what have you learned tonight? the scene has since cleared... but several emergency crews responded to rescue a plumber they say became unconscious because of fumes from a cutting device..the initial report was for a ruptured tank here at the gate gourmet building--but that was not the case... several emergency crews on hand to help rescue a plumber underground at the gate gourmet building at sfo.the initial report said there was a ruptured c02 tank and a plumber needed to be rescued.. airport duty manager russell mackey says while working
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under the building two plumbers became unconscious because of fumes from a concr ete cutting device not a ruptured tank.. sot: one plumber was able to drag his co worker a short distance before he himself felt that he was becoming too dizzy to continue he did make it out and called for help..several fire trucks, a hazmat team and police responded to the scene.. crews were able to get under the building but could not find the second plumber..this began a two hour search through what has been described by airport officials as a maze of tunnels...sot: when they were able to locate the second plumber he was moving towards them mackey says the plumber was crawling...he was then taken to a local hospital for treatment... we do not we do not know the extent of the injuries of the rescued plumber. and airport officials say no flights were effected or delayed here at the airport..that's the latest
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here live at sfo dan thorn kron4 news. (jrs) lawmakers in washington are searching for common ground --hoping to strike a deal to end the partial government shut down that began late friday night. (justine) disagreements over how to fund border security have fueled the debate, but the senate adjourned saturday evening -- still with no deal in sight. kim hutcherson has the latest. sen. chuck schumer (d) ny: "president trump, if you want to open the government, you must abandon the wall - plain and simple."a stalemate on capitol hill --lawmakers convened on saturday ... hoping to work out an end to the partial government shutdown.sen. mitch mcconnell (r) ky: "60 votes in the senate, majority in the house, and president trump's signature. that's what's needed. that's what will end this regrettable episode" roughly a quarter of the federal government shut down at midnight on friday --
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forcing the departments of homeland security, justice, housing and urban development ... as well as other government agencies to close. for days, the debate stalled on capitol hill.the main point of contention -- president trump's request for five billion dollars to construct a wall along the southern border of the u.s.president trump: "the only thing that's going to stop that is great border security with a wall, or a slat fence, or whatever you want to call it. but we need a great barrier and if we don't have it, it's never going to work."but senate democrats disagree -- shifting the blame back to the president.sen. chuck schumer (d) ny: "so the trump shutdown is not about border security. it's because president trump is demaning billions of dollars for an expensive, ineffective wall that the majority of americans don't support."lawmakers hope to have a deal nailed down this weekend ...but president trump warned the shutdown could go on for days if no agreement is kim hutcherson reporting.
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(jrs)the senate adjourned saturday evening without striking a deal.lawmakers will return to capitol hill on monday, but some fear it could be after christmas before any real progress is made. (justine) reaction coming in online... governor elect gavin newsom.. posted this statement on twitter. it reads in part... "the last major government shutdown cost us billions. it was bad for our economy. bad for our stability. bad for woing families. bad for our country's reputation. quit playing games. end this shutdown." (jr stone)rep. eric swalwell posted this today: "mexico is not paying for the wall. but 800,000 federal workers and people counting on their services will pay for it. they'll pay for it with lost wages and added stress caused by the #trumpshutdown. and that ain't right." (justine) and sentor kamala harris ... had th to tweet: "this is the third federal government shutdown of trump's presidency. it will have real, tangible
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consequences for families across the country as we head into the holiday season and the new year. the president needs to reopen the government." (jr stone) tourists trekking to national parks and historic sites are seeing a mix of impacts from the the bay area ... alcatraz is not offering night tours. parts of hyde street pier are closed. but the presidio is open. (justine) visitors to muir woods did get in. kron 4's michelle kingston was there earlier today and says the park was packed. (mk)simona chen, south carolina "it was a very wonderful experience in there. the air was amazing. the trees were awesome."muir woods -- bustling -- despite the partial government shut down.. parking is booked through friday ... and visitors are pleased it is staying open. john dote, washington, d.c."i wasn't sure! i was a little nervous when we came down here, i was like, 'is it going to be open or not?' i wasn't really sure, but it was open and it was great. we walked around, we saw the huge trees, nature, it was beautiful!" cornelia van herel"but we came
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out anyway we thought maybe we'll see the redwood forest and did so we are very thankful.. you were able to see it! ya able to see it it was great. and there are a lot of people here: it is really busy! in fact there is no parking the whole day is booked it is at capacity." michelle kingston, mkingstonnews"i spoke to a national parks spokeswoman earlier today that tells me due to a partnership agreement, they are able to keep muir woods open and provide all the services everybody needs to enjoy their time inside the park."ekanda nagi, canada"i think it should be open. it should definitely be open."because of the partnership agreement -- parking attendants and the visitor center, cafe and gift shop workers were all working on saturday ... tours and educational programs could be affected during the shutdown .. but visitors say it was packed!zac buller, san francisco"it was pretty cool. it was a last minute thing, so we decided to show up and seems like it has been pretty busy today so ya, had a good time."president donald trmp warns the shut down could go on for days if no agreement is met ... people at muir woods
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just hope the park remains open for all those traveling and exploring for the holidays. chase redd, utah"we just came to visit the park. we are from utah and glad that the government didn't shut it down because that would've ruined our vacation a little so glad they kept it open."in muir woods michelle kingston kron 4 news (justine) while many national parks remain open, most visitor services are shut down. during this partial shutdown..mail will be delivered. airport security is also operating as normal. social security and medicare payments will continue. but, passports could be delayed. things could be slowed down at internal revenue service. and more than 400- thousand federal employees are expected to be furloughed. hundreds of thousands of others will be forced to work áwithout payá just days before christmas. a full list of what federal services are open and closed during the shutdown... is on our website (jrs) in the north bay...
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police say a 17-year-old sebastopol girl tried to run over her ex-boyfriend in the parking lot of a high school. police said today say they responded to reports of a hit and run around 10 thursday morning at analy high school. witnesses say the driver intentionally ran over the victim and tried to leave the scene. police looked at surveillance video showing the girl backing out of her parking spot as the boy was walking nearby. the girl was booked into juvenile hall. (justine) just in police have now arrested a man they say beat a woman in palo alto when she was blindsided while taking a walk.(jr stone) and tonight kron four's philippe djegal neighbors are horrified by the incident. (philippe) an evening walk for a woman in palo alto veered in the wrong direction... after she was savagely attacked thursday night by a man whose work has rattled the neighborhood.robin blumenthal/neighbor- "to just come out and punch her in the
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face -- that's. it terri -- its like a random act of violence." at around six o'clock that night... palo alto police say the woman in her thirties was walking down castilleja avenue... when a man wearing jeans and a black backpack aproached her from behind... covered her mouth with his hands... threw her down into some bushes and repeatedly punched her in her face... not far from where robin blumenthal lives.robin blumenthal/nei ghbor- "i mean, i'm lucky. i have a big, big dog who i can walk who could be somewhat of a deterant, but its. i mean, i have, i have daughters, who you know, it's even more terrifying." police say the attacker did not try to take the woman's clothes off... so, there was no attempted rape. he also didn't steal anything. so, a motive is unclear.myra gilfix/neighbor- "it certainly made me feel vulnerable." investigators say neighbors reacted to the victim's bloodcurdling screams... ran outside and scared the suspect off -- mid-attack. he got away on foot down miramonte avenue, then mariposa avenue... and, has not been seen since. myra gilfix and her husband mike walk their dog in the
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neighborhood every night.mike gilfix/neighbor- "this stuff happens everywhere, so why not here. and, it's a little bit nieve on our part perhaps to relax totally. that's, you know, that's unsettling, but uh, here we are."myra gilfix/neighbor- "as a woman, you have to be careful anyway, but i did feel maybe too safe walking here." the victim was badly bruised, but survived the attack and refused medical attention. police say she did not recognize the suspect. in palo alto, philippe djegal, kron four news. (justine) a petaluma man was a petaluma (justine) (justine)
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(justine) a petaluma man was arrested after police found he allegedly had a stolen assault rifle, two other loaded guns and three pounds of marijuana on him. around 8:30 a.m. detectives got to a house on albert way. they got word 36-year-old christopher rosen possibly had an illegal assault rifle. rosen is also suspected for trying to sell firearms online. during a search of the house, four people inside were taken into custody. authorities found a loaded assault rifle stolen from a home in cloverdale. petaluma police arresed rosen and took him to jail. (justine) santa cruz county sheriff's deputies are searching for a suspect in an armed robbery at a liquor store in aptos. thursday night an unknown suspect with a gun walked into village liquors on soquel drive and demanded money from a store clerk, according to deputies. no one was injured, and the suspect left the area with an undisclosed amount of cash. deputies tell us, he may also be connected to robberies
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that happened in watsonville (justine) taking a live look outside....(jr stone) meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez has mabrisa meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez has our forecast. . light showers are possible on sunday, mainly across the north bay. expect only a tenth of an inch of rain or less across the north bay, with likely no measurable rain from the san francisco bay area south. minor coastal flooding is possible again on sunday
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morning due to the king tides. low-lying areas along the immediate coast may experience minor flooding during high tide. daytime highs will remain in the upper 50s and low 60s. a stronger cold front will pass through northern california monday afternoon into monday night with light to moderate rain. expect possible travel impacts, especially in the sierra nevada, where snow will fall. rain amounts will be fairly light, with 0.5 to 1 inch in the north bay mountains, 0.25 to 0.5 in the north bay valleys and coastal mountains, and 0.1 to 0.33 inches in other valleys and urban areas. and blustery expected next week will be overnight lows normal. (justine) that is one fierce grandma. one subway employee refused to back down when robbers came into her store. we have the courageous move she made... all caught on camera (justine) now we are seeing roads filled with water ... due to the king tides. when the next round of flooding could arrive could arrive
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what does help for heart failure look like? it looks like this. entresto is a heart failure pill that helped keep people alive and out of the hospital. don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren, or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto. ♪ the beat goes on. yeah! (justine) in marin county,
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flooding will keep the manzanita park and ride lot closed until tuesday. this video shows the flooded road yesterday. all the water, making it too dangerous to drive through. with the king tides predicted for the next five days.... it is imperative drivers be look out for caltrans and chp road closures.(justine) also, sections of state route 1 in mill valley may be subject to flooding during the next several days. (justine) taking a live look outside....(jr stone) meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez has our forecast. . light showers are light showers are possible on sunday, mainly across the north bay. expect
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only a tenth of an inch of rain or less across the north bay, with likely no measurable rain from the san francisco bay area south. minor coastal flooding is possible again on sunday morning due to the king tides. low-lying areas along the immediate coast may experience minor flooding during high tide. daytime highs will remain in the upper 50s and low 60s. a stronger cold front will pass through northern california monday afternoon into monday night
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with light to moderate rain. expect possible travel impacts, especially in the sierra nevada, where snow will fall. rain amounts will be fairly light, with 0.5 to 1 inch in the north bay mountains, 0.25 to 0.5 in the north bay valleys and coastal mountains, and 0.1 to 0.33 inches in other valleys and urban areas. drying but cool and blustery conditions expected christmas day. next week will be dry with cool overnight lows and highs near normal.
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(justin) the commonwealth club will host a celebration of the life for former bay area radio talk show host ray taliaferro. he was found dead earlier this month lying in the woods of kentucky, but no foul play was found; in addition to his decades as a talk show host, taliaferro had a long and prominent role in community leadership and the civil rights movement. the celebration of live will be held on january 12 at 11 a.m., at the club's headquarters on the embarcadero in san francisco. the memorial is open to the public and does not require reservations. the family is requesting donations in ray's memory to the dementia society of america. (jrs)many of your christmas parties might already be underway but beware. officers are out in full force. more on the maximum enforcement we're seeing and what a drunk
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driver did to an one year ago. (justine) coming up... robbers target a subway and one employee held her ground and refused to give up the cash... what she did to fend off the thieves...
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showed off her self-defense skills whenhe subway restaurant where she works was targeted by robbers.(justine) her quick thinking and bravery was all caught on camera. mario diaz spoke with woman and her family.
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guadalupe rojas/employee:"do you need any salt, pepper or vinegar ma'am?"guadalupe rojas has worked with subway for 6 years.guadalupe rojas/employee: "cucumbers and what else?"in english or spanish...guadalupe rojas/employee:"sal, pimienta?" she builds to please.guadalupe rojas/employee:"any chips or a drink?"but on september 22nd... the bitter taste of crime was served at her store along westheimer.guadalupe rojas/employee:"it happened all suddenly."in a flash, two males jump over her counter and attempt to rob her store. guadalupe rojas/employee:"i don't know how i got the courage to did what i did." what rojas did was grab a box cutter and hold her ground... refusing to give her store's money.guadalupe rojas/employee: "is that within your nature? you could say that."rojas' defensive skills only lasted so long before the perp struck her over the head with a pan and then several knuckle sandwiches.reporter:"did you ever think about your life being in danger?"guadalupe rojas/employee:"no i didn't think about that."probably because the 44-year-old was too busy fighting the chump - who she did end up slashing. reporter:"what did this teach you?"guadalupe rojas/employee:
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"it teach me that i had to defend my family, because that is how i feel, that subway is my family."oh by the way... guadalupe, whose four feet nine inch frame was clearly outsized... is a grandmother to boot.reporter:"9 grand kids?"guadalupe rojas/employee: "mhm."reporter:"and you took on these guys?"guadalupe rojas/employee:"yes sir." reporter:"that makes you arguably the toughest abuela in all of houston?"guadalupe rojas/employee:"oy! that's good, huh?"channel 2 spoke with two of guadalupe's daughters about her crime fighting skills."i was shocked to see my mom in that way." both happy to see their mother receive recognition."super proud yes. she's a strong lady."and that is when this tough grandmother melts with emotion... never realizing how much standing her ground at the place she loves impacted those who loved her.reporter: "you didn't really think about this?"guadalupe rojas/employee: "no, not really." (justine) that was mario diaz reporting. police are still working to identify the robbers. (justine) a couple who owned the largest tea farm in california lived in paradise.... until it all burned down in the camp fire. the reason they are vowing to rebuild. (jrs) the c-h-p and bay area police departments are stepping up patrols looking to
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crack down on dui drivers this holiday weekend. (justine) and super saturday shopping is still going on. the rush to get those presents , purchased, wrapped and under the tree.
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(ustine)christmas is just days away and now shoppers are hitting the stores for those last minute gifts.(2 shot bam 'super saturday' is 'super saturday' is projected to be
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one of the biggest shopping days of the year,even beating out black friday sales.(jrs) kron 4's gayle ong is live at broadway plaza in walnutreek with a look at the crowds. gayle. (gayle) the holiday rush is on.. so is the stress.. and excuses..
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really busy schedule with work and school and i hate online shopping.">people waiting until the last minute to do their christmas shoppingon super saturday - the last saturday before's also considered panic saturday,but yvette andrada says there's still plenty of time.retail experts say last minute shoppers can be rewarded with deep discounts.we saw some slashing prices at 70 percent off at broadway plaza in walnut creekmost of the last minute shoppers some of them admitted procrastination but say they are still waiting for the best deals.
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"so far on our list, $453."> (gayle) (justine) (gayle) (justine) people are (justine) people are still scrambling at bay area airports to get home or to their vacations. we are taking a live look at san francisco international airpoint... which is a busy place tonight. kron 4's sara stinson shows us what to expect this weekend at sfo.
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to their destination for the holidays. every hour here at sfo is different right now i'm seeing short lines, fast moving lines, but check out this video from just one hour ago when the t-s-a pre line was packed - it's supposed to be shorter, - it was extremely long with hundreds of people.">
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it in the air.if you are heading to s-f-o this weekend definitely pack your patience and prepare for long lines. get here longer than you would expect. earlier than an hour - i would say two three hours earlier. at s-f-o, sara stinson, kron four news. (jrs) expect to see more law enforcement on the roads this weekend. the c-h-p and local police departments are stepping up patrols in an effort to crack down on those who chose to drive under the influence during the holiday. they are setting up d-u-i checkpoints across the bay area. last year, c-h-p officers arrested more than 900 motorists for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs during the christmas weekend. according to the agency, a total of 16 people died in collisions on roads and highways. the goal is
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to keep the roads safe during this time of year when more people are out celebrating. (jrs) remember, a first d-u-i offense can reach up to several thousand dollars.. that includes: fines, impounds, higher insurance rates and a lawyer. (justine) an east bay community came together to remember this week to remember a c-h-p officer who was killed by a suspected dui driver nearly a year ago.(jrs) police say the driver was under the influence of both alcohol and marijuana at the time. i spoke to the fallen officer's family. candles lit in memory of chp officer andrew camilleri who died when a driver slammed into his patrol car at an
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estimated 120 miles per hour. camerilleri was a rookie officer who was just 33 years old at the time of his death. sot some days are worse than others..the accident happened last christmas eve on interstate 880 in hayward. camilleri leaves behind a wife and three children. monday night his family remembered the father, husband, and son that andrew was.sot i miss how we never did anything without the other.the suspect mohammed ali was just 22 years old at the time of the accident. officers say ali was under the influence of both alcohol and marijuna at the time of the crash. he is currently awaiting trial behind bars. we are just days away from chp maximum enforcement. officers and family members of camilleri have a clear message for those thinking of driving under the influence.sot we will arrest yousot don't want
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any other parent to have to deal with what i have...oc: really changes you (j.r.) those with c-h-p tell us that dui arrests for marijuana are up along with dui arrests that included both marijuana and alcohol. marijuana related dui crashes are also on the rise. (justine) with minutes to escape the camp fire, a couple was forced to leave everything behind when they saw a tower of flames inch closer.(jrs)
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they lost their home and their business, which is the largest tea garden in california. the couple is now vowing to rebuild. ali wolf reports. with minutes to escape the camp fire, a concow couple was forced to leave everything behind when they saw a tower of flames inch closer.they lost their home and their business, which is the largest tea garden in california.weeks after the camp fire tore through concow, the winding roads are lined with destruction. piles of rubble where family homes once stood. "this was the entry to our house right here," said michael fritts.hardly anything was left of the house fritts shared with his wife donna."we had kitchen and living and dining room up front," said fritts.the couple watched the flames inch closer last month. "i looked out here and the trees out here behind us were on fire. 150-foot flames hitting trees right by us," fritts said. "i was gonna start hosing the front of the house - then i looked up at the flames right there and i just dropped the hose and i ran"but, the fritts' didn't just lose their home, they lost their business, golden feather tea.the business started in 2010 when fritts got sick."i came down with
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chronic lyme disease. became disabled, didn't know what to do," fritts expressed.he says gardening and learning to make tea is what kept him going."my garden and landscape work was my therapy," stated fritts.he taught himself everything."you take a tip and 1 or 2 or 3 leaves depending on what kind of tea you wanna produce," fritts explained.with 800 plants last year, fritts says golden feather tea was the largest tea garden in california.their oolong became popular at a san francisco restaurant."we're world famous and we have people come here from all over the world, had people come here and we will again," fritts said.the fire destroyed about half of the tea plants on the property. fritts says not only does he plan on rebuilding his home and his tea garden but, he plans on doing it in the same place. as for his attitude, he says there's no use getting too upset, he's trying to move forward."it's just a matter of circumstance, it happened, i'm not gonna let it take me down and 'poor pitiful me'," he said.but there is hope. fritts believes many of his plants are burned but not dead.and four of the five cats that lived on the property survived as well.a sign of resilience in the devastation.fritts says concow is a perfect location to grow tea plants.not only does he want to rebuild, he wants to continue to grow his business.the fritts' have set up a gofundme, click here to view their page.
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(justine) a northern california family will be calling southern california home for awhile...thanks to the generosity of complete strangers. daniel and autumn salazar -- along with their two children -- lived in paradise. until the town was destroyed in the camp fire. the salazars only had time to grab a few belongings and evacuate. they lost almost everything ... including daniel's grandparents. that's where mike and ruth zangara come in. they have a home in the jurupa valley, but spend most of their time in a small apartment in downtown los angeles. the zangaras posted an offer on facebook to lend their home to a family in need -- more than one thousand families applied. autumn salazar/camp fire victim: "it's gotten better. it's still a lot of change but this home's beautiful and our kids love it here."(justine) now that the salazars have moved in, they will be able to stay in the property rent-free for one year -- they only have
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to pay for utilities. (jr) imagine being a kid and having a chance to design your favorite super star's shoes. that is exactly what one group of students in oakland had a chance to do for stephen curry. curry gave a sneak peak of his latest colorway for his new curry 6 "christmas in the town" shoe friday night. there was another event earlier today at his under armour pop up store in oakland. the holiday themed shoe was designed by a group of students from here in the bay area. those kids also had a chance to interview steph and ayesha during the event. thanks to amelia and adinah, two future
8:42 pm
reporters who were able to shoot this video and even helped design the curry holiday shoe with some of the colors and patterns you see on it. coming up in sports....warriors face off against the dallas mavericks, coming off a close loss to the utah jazz earlier this week. also....the niners are ready for and the bears....and the raiders prepare for their final game at the "it's going to be hard to find a job for a woman your age.... watch me."(justine) j-lo is making moves in her new movie second act. we hear from the stars of the movie about why they feel so connected to this story. and how j-lo was able to make her leading man feel blown away.
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(jrs) singer demi lovato is updating her fans on her health. lovato took to twitter friday night and wrote the following, quote, "i would love to set the record straight on all the rumors out there but i literally don't owe anyone anything so i'm not going to. all my fans need to know is i'm working hard on myself, i'm happy and clean and i'm so grateful for their support". the 26-year-old was hospitalized back in july after an apparent overdose. she has mostly kept to herself as she recovers. (justine) jennifer lopez
8:46 pm
stars in and is the producer of the romantic comedy, "second act." rick damigella reports. "do you ever look at your life, and wonder how you got there? if you made different choices, would you be happier?" jennifer lopez portrays a blue collar woman who finds herself elevated to a white collar world in "second act.""this is why we do what we do.""yeah." "and because it's such a real story, it's not like a glossed-over, kind of hollywood film, it's, it's just a real story about real people who are struggling and who love each other.""i wish, that we lived in a world where street smarts equal book smarts."that wish is a central tenant of the movie, and something its cast members believe in."i never went to college, and yet, here i am. um, it's different for everybody. i think that our path and our journey is our own, um, but it just goes to show, like, no one is better than another person, and no one is less than another person. we're all equals here." "i have to get this, trey." "hey, look, the only thing with a prayer of stopping you,
8:47 pm
is you."lopez, who is also a producer on the film, hand picked milo ventimiglia as her character's love interest."i mean, i've been a huge fan of jennifer's for years, and, and to know that she personally wanted me for this role, for this romance for the character that she was playing, one, i'm grateful, two, i'm inspired, three, i'm just kind of blown away.""it's not easy getting a job for a woman your age." "whoa!""watch me."(nat music "imma be your hero.")in hollywood, i'm rick damigella. (jrs) "aquaman" may be a fighter... but the guy who plays him in the movie also has some dance moves. that's jason momoa, doing the traditional "haka" dance in
8:48 pm
honolulu friday. he almost lost his voice in the process. momoa attended a special screening of "aquaman" - a movie in which he plays the main character. the screening raised about 17-thousand dollars for the boys and girls club of hawaii. (justine) the sierra is getting blanketed in snow. andmaking a perfect holiday getaway for those her in the bay area.... they could even see a white christmas. (jrs) we are joined by meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez now. what are their chances? . light showers are possible on sunday, mainly across the north bay. expect only a tenth of an inch of rain or less across the north bay, with
8:49 pm
likely no measurable rain from the san francisco bay area south. minor coastal flooding is possible again on sunday morning due to the king tides. low-lying areas along the immediate coast may experience minor flooding during high tide. daytime highs will remain in the upper 50s and low 60s. a stronger cold front will pass through northern california monday afternoon into monday night with light to moderate rain. expect possible travel impacts, especially in the sierra nevada, where snow will fall. rain amounts will be fairly light, with 0.5 to 1 inch in the north bay mountains, 0.25 to 0.5 in the north bay valleys and coastal mountains, and 0.1 to 0.33 inches in other valleys and urban areas. drying but cool and blustery conditions expected christmas day. next week will be dry with cool overnight lows and highs near normal.
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---the golden state warriors hosting the dallas mavericks they looked to bounce back after a heartbreaking loss to the utah jazz on wednesday... ---in oracle...we see demarcus cousins....nearing his i can't wait. ---2nd quarter....warriors down by 3....steph curry with the over the head pass to draymond green....draymond back to curry....curry... splashes it in to tie it up 54 all... ---3rd quarter...klay thompson finds jonas jerebko....jerebko with the beautiful layup.... ---4th quarter now...shaun livingston passes it to curry at the arc....bang!....w arriors up by 14.... ---shortly after....andre iguodala...beautiful pass to jerebko....jerebko dunks it in!....jerebko with a career high 23 points off the bench... ---14 seconds left in the game....kevin durant moves up to the arc...shoots it for the deep triple....seals the deal for the warriors.... ---warriors defeat the mavericks....120-116... the san jose sharks looking to bounce back after losing to the winnipeg jets on
8:52 pm
thursday.... ---joe pavelski and company ready to take on the la kings in the tank.... ---3rd period....sharks down 2- 0...timo meier's shot to lukas radil for the goal.....sharks get on the board...but still trail 2-1..... ---34 seconds left in the 3rd....erik karlsson with the pass to brent burns....burns to joe pavelski....that's in the back of the neck!....sharks tie it at 2 all at the end of regulation! ---to overtime we go....sudden death....llya kovalchuk all by himself....shoots it in....kovalchuk with the game winning goal..... ---la kings defeat the sharks in overtime....3-2.... the 49ers are less than 24 hours away from one of their biggest matchups of the year. against the chicago bears at levi's stadium. ---the bears rank 1st in interceptions, with kyle fuller leading the charge at 7 interceptions... ---chicago also ranks 1st in opponent first downs....allowi ng only 251 first downs... but the 49ers have been hot of
8:53 pm
late with the play of nick mullens. the team has won two in a row and i expect this to be a good game. ---49ers head coach kyle shanahan shared his thoughts on the chicago bears and their defense led by the former raider khalil mack. because i do think this is without a doubt the best defense we've played this year. it's one of the better defenses i've seen. they have, at every spot, whether it's linebacker, whether it's pass rusher, whether it's secondary, they have some very elite players. i think they have a scheme and a coordinator that is as good as there is. there's not a lot of holes. they're going to make every single play tough. you're not going to get many freebies or anyone just really wide open to where you can score, unless you can make them vulnerable, which is very tough to do. ---raiders will host the denver broncos on monday, christmas eve, for what could be their final game played at the coliseum... ---the broncos have lost two straight....and the raiders are looking to keep that trend going..... ---raiders are coming off a loss to the bengals last week....hoping they can change their fortunes
8:54 pm
on christmas eve... ---raiders have also been in talks with the san francisco giants about possibly playing at at&t park for the 2019 season... ---nothing confirmed yet....but the giants are open to the idea of sharing the ballpark with the raiders....
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