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tv   KRON 4 News at 530  KRON  December 28, 2018 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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what's going on in your neighborhood right now. (grant) a man has been brought to a mental health facilty after fremont police had to close fremont boulevard from peralta boulevard to central avenue. they were negotiating with a man on top of a building this morning. police say that officers were on the roof of a theater with the man, trying to get him down safely. drivers were asked to take an alternate route. by ten this morning ... ppolice tweeted out.. the situation has been resolved and fremont blvd has reopened. the male was placed on a mental health hold and has been transported to a hospital. (grant) a man died in a car crash and now police are trying to figure out how it happened. officers with the martinez police department arrived to howe road and tulip road on thursday at 10 p.m. officers located a 37- year-old man trapped in a car that slammed into a parked commercial vehicle. emergency crews had to removed the unresponsive man and then transport him to the hospital... there he was pronounced dead. (grant) police say they caught a burglar in the act
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this morning when an alarm at a petaluma hardware store went off. police say they spotted a man running from the property and he was arrested... they say he'd climbed a fence to get onto the property --- the m. maseli and sons store on lakeville street. the suspect was arrested and booked into the sonoma county jail. (grant) in concord... police say a car slammed into several other cars while trying to evade law enforcement. now under arrest... is 30-year-old charles alsafari from san jose. polcie say someone saw him stealing their car at the sun valley mall. later wednesday night, police spotted the car...and during a traffic stop, police said he drove off... backing into a police car and sideswiping two other vehicles. alsafari then crashed into two more vehicles, got out of the car... and started running... according to police. concord police arrested alsafari on suspicion, among other things,,, vehicle
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burglary, assault with a deadly weapon, and hit-and-run. (vicki) in the north bay... police and firefighters were on the scene of a fire this morning in vacaville the incident was first reported around 4 a.m. vacaville police tweeted out this picture and are asking residents to avoid the area of lemon tree circle. they went onto say homes have been evacuated, and the fire is contained. two hours later they tweeeted the scen has been cleared. (vicki) firefighters rescued a man from a santa rosa lake today. crews arrived to spring lake at 3:15 this afternoon when they received a call that a man's boat had capsized. firefighters arrived to find the man clinging to his boat. sonoma county sheriff's officials sent a helicopter to the lake and a santa rosa firefighter borrowed a paddleboard and paddled out to the man. the helicopter crew performed a long-line rescue and lifted the man to safety... he is not injured. (grant) from the south bay... a santa clara county sheriff's lieutenant has been arrested... accused of faking the extent of an
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injury... and receiving workers' compensation. police arrested lt. mandy henderson after sheriff's investigators saw her engaging in "strenuous workouts" despite her injury. henderson was arrested on a felony warrant. dry conditions with seasonable highs and chilly overnight lows will prevail through the weekend, and well into next week in the bay area. overnight lows will dip into the 30s and 40s. colder, wind- sheltered valley locations will likely see overnight low temperatures at or below the freezing at times. daytime highs will cool into the mid to upper 50s. chilly overnight lows will continue through the weekend. (vicki)people with travel plans people with (vicki) (vicki) people with (vicki)people with travel
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plans for the new year's holiday will be dealing with jack frost.(grant)the winter storm that has been crawling across the country doesn't plan on easing up just yet. john lorinc reports. white-out conditions in the midwest.more than 100-miles of interstate-80 in nebraska closed for hours because of the snow, wind and ice. wisconsin roads are also getting severe snow.john newman/commuter"it was a little sloppy getting in your car. you need an extra five minutes, at least, if not 10." intense storms in parts of texas.....including one responsible for toppling over area.romana davies/pawn shop owner"my bedroom windows were facing the storm. it almost looked like it would come through my window."these rough conditions are likely going to cause nightmares for people
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traveling over the new year's holiday.mos/no font given "sometimes it's other people that just don't slow down, but if you take your time and take it easy you will get where you're going."blizzard warnings are in effect for roughly one-million people in, minnesota, nebraska and the dakotas.flood watches and flash flood watches are in effect for more than twenty million people in a dozen states including alabama, the carolinas and georgia. atlanta.....the city with the world's busiest airport......could see half-a- foot of rain by this weekend. that will likely result in nation-wide flight delays.i'm john lorinc reporting. (vicki) on new years eve, all eyes are going to be on times square.revelers there who look up are likely to see sharp-shooters stationed on roof-tops, ready to neutralize any threat.(grant) they're just part of the massive security plan the n-y-p-d
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implements for this event. ayana harry reports. in just four days...elite sharpshooters will take their positions standing in the crossroads of the world. natsot/reporter:"i imagine you have to be a pretty good shot to be a counter sniper in the nypd."sgt. kevin whelan/new york police:"our snipers are probably some of the best in the world."they are the hidden heroes of new years we spent time with the emergency service units team of counter-snipers.sgt. kevin whelan/new york police:"so what we do is prepare ourselves to provide an overwatch for the bystanders and the revelers as well as the police operations that are going on down on the ground." with binoculars, night vision and high powered rifles, counter-snipers have one job: spot potential danger as a million people gather to ring in the new year. natsot/reporter:"with such a large crowd, what are you looking out for?"sgt. kevin whelan/new york police: "obviously we prepare to mitigate any type of threats, such as an active shooter." each new years eve, the nypd steps up the already tight security around times square. streets are shut down, bags
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are inspected, as thousands of officers flood the streets in force. counter snipers work from a different angle. sgt. kevin whelan/new york police: "we have multiple teams that are up on rooftops throughout the event." the team spends four months preparing for one night.they train and scout positions among the of their secret weapons?blending in. sgt. kevin whelan/new york police:"there is a blanket of security that you're going to feel knowing that we're going to be watching the event, and there's another blanket of security that you're not going to know we're there. but trust us, we're there."before he was a police marksman, sgt. kevin whelan was an army ranger. after serving in iraq he knew he wanted to join the nypd's esu.sgt. kevin whelan/new york police:"it's a very tight knit group. it takes a lot of trust in order to be in emergency services to begin with, and especially in the counter sniper team."monday night, they'll be on guard.if a gunman slips into times square, the counter snipers will be in place.sgt. kevin whelan/new york police:"we, in my opinion, are kind of the last answer for the police department. so we'll do anything. the motto is any time and that's really the motto we live by." (grant)(grant) we live by."really the motto we live by."really the motto we live by."
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(grant) that was ayana harry reporting. one million people are expected to fill the streets around times square for the party this year. (vicki) one dad goes above and beyond. the reason he had to buy six plane tickets to see his daughter on christmas. (grant) and elon musk is again in the hot seat. the latest lawsuit being filed against him and why some lawyers say it should just be thrown out.
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(grant) attorneys for elon musk are asking a court to throw out a defamation suit against him. musk was sued by vernon unsworth, a diver who helped rescue a thai youth soccer team stranded in a cave earlier this year. that's after the entrepreneur suggested on twitter that the diver is a pedophile, without offering any evidence. musk sent the tweet after unsworth ridiculed his plan for saving the boys, which involved a mini-submarine. but in a motion filed in california thursday, musk's lawyers said twitter in known for hyperbole. and they said no reasonable reader would have taken musk's tweet seriously. unsworth's lawsuit is asking for more than 75-thousand dollars in compensation, plus punitive damages. (vicki)(take vo and we are heading up to the sierra for a live look at the conditions in lake tahoe with our buddy kevin coop cooper. we'll see what he says about the conditions this weekend.
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(lawrence) i'm chief meteorologist lawrence karnow, i'll have your full bay area forecast after the break.
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(vicki) and as this is going to be a great weekend to head up to the sierra and lake tahoe to hit the slopes we had to have our friend kevin coop cooper on the show to tell us
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how they are doing?(grant) (anchor) (anchor) (grant)
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(anchor) taking a live look outside... at the san mateo bridge.(anchor) time now to check on our weather... with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. dry conditions with seasonable highs and chilly overnight lows will prevail through the weekend, and well into next week in the bay area. overnight lows will dip into the 30s and 40s. colder, wind-
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sheltered valley locations will likely see overnight low temperatures at or below the freezing at times. daytime highs will cool into the mid to upper 50s. chilly overnight lows will continue through the weekend.
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weekend. through the weekend. (grant)doctors, police officers, people right here in our newsroom and flight attendants are some of the many people who often work on holidays.(vicki)one father decided he wasn't going to let his daughter's job stand in the way of spending time
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together on christmas -- so he found a way to join her at work.ali hoxie has the story. mike levy/passenger"hal told me his story and i just thought it was very special of him to fly with his daughter for christmas."when mike and hal started talking, he learned hal is the father of one of the flight attendants. he also learned hal wasn't really traveling anywhere.just traveling to spend time with his daughter on christmas day. mike levy/passenger"it's such a unique story, i've never heard of a father doing that before and i thought it was just such a great christmas story about an amazing father and his daughter."he took a picture of both hal and hal's daughter pierce and shared their story on this heartwarming story is going viral.with more than 30 thousand shares.pierce vaughan/flight attendant"my family and i try and spend time with each other no matter what, so we didn't think that this was like a big deal." pierce vaughn is from mississippi, but currently lives in ann spending time with family is not always easy to come by.being a first year flight attendant, she expected to work christmas. what she didn't expect is that
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her dad would be there along for the ride.something both her parents thought was the right thing to do.pierce vaughan/flight attendant"my dad was like i guess i'll just go with you and i thought they were messing with me i was like that's really mean don't say that i'm going to be a alone, and they were like no, like, surprise we've talked about it we think that your dad should go with you and spend the layover with you."in all, her father took six flights to be with pierce.she says the experience is something she'll never forget. pierce vaughan/flight attendant "people are kind of making us appreciate that maybe not everyone has this kind of relationship with their parents and kids." (grant) mike levy and pierce have been in touch with each other since he shared her story on facebook.they plan to keep talking to each oer. oh!
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giving and an oklahoma woman just received the gift of a lifetime.that gift came from someone she hardly knew... (grant)the pair say they are closer than ever now.jacklyn chappell has the inspiring story. after over 2 years on dialysis, jeanie franklin was close to giving up on finding a kidney donor...(jeanie franklin/kidney recipient) 'i had went through all my options.'that is until lorie peaker stepped in. peaker was a coworker of franklinús and they hadnút known each other more than a few months before she decided to step in and see if she was a match... and she was.(jeanie franklin/kidney recipient) 'i asked lorie, 'why would you do this?' and she said, 'i couldn't save my dad but i can save you.'peaker says her own fatherús kidneys stopped working before he died in 2012. so, she understood
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what franklin and her family were going through.(lorie peaker/kidney donor) 'one of the things i did ask her about was, 'how did you lose your kidneys?' and she was very honest with me how she lost her kidneys. and we just started talking and telling me about her family and how she had grandkids.'before donating, peaker moved to denver but still followed through with her promise, traveling back and forth to oklahoma for various doctorús appointments and for the surgery.(lorie peaker/kidney donor) 'never thought twice about it. i think iúve said before, 'if i was a match why would i not want to do it?' according to lifeshare oklahoma, more than 700 people in the state are currently waiting for life saving organ transplants... making franklinús story a lucky one. (jeanie franklin/kidney recipient) 'iúm ready to get back to work and go some places. because i have missed out on the last two and a half years of going anywhere. lorie has given going anywhere. lorie has given me my life back.'
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((grant) that wraps up kron 4 news at 5. ken wayne and vicki liviakis are here with kron 4 news at six. (vicki)thank you are the stories we're working on at 6. (vicki)facing police say they were able to track down the man they say gunned down a stanislaus county police officer during a traffic stop.... (ken) and police have released video of a carjacking... they think was done by a man who escaped san quentin state prison on wednesday. the latest on the manhunt for the inmate. (ken) and chilly temperatures and the potential for overnight frost. the latest on your weekend weather.... coming up at 6.
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everything... he paid the ultimate price... trying to serve and protect the people of newman.> (ken) tonight at 6. the manhunt is over. the man who police say gunned down one of their own during a traffic stop... aprehended... along with five of his alleged accomplices. thank you for joining us, i'm ken wayne. (vickióand i'm vicki liviakis in for pam moore. gustavo perez arriaga , who is in the country illegally, was captured in bakersfield. lots of new developments to get to tonight... our justine waldman is tracking them all in our newsroom. (justine) authorities say gustavo perez arriaga came out of


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