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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 30, 2018 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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camera.(jrs) good evening, i'm jr stone(justine) and i'm justine waldman. thank you for joining us tonight at 8. we want to warn you ... this is extremely graphic video that may be offensive to some viewers. kron 4's alecia reid tells us.. people tried to stop the attack. right outside carl's junior .... on the corner of cyril magnin and eddy streets in the tenderloin ... a fight between 2 men spilled into the crosswalk and street friday evening. we want to warn you ... this video becomes more graphic as the attack ensues. one of the men ... identified as 25 year old melton earl kelly repeatedly kicked and punched his victim multiple times ... even while the man layed there onlooker tried stepping in to help, but that didn't stop the aggressor.during the attack, kelly emptied his victim's pockets, and assaulted him
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further before walking away. good samaritans stepped in to help after the suspect left. emergency personell were called to the scene and he was rushed to the hospital with life threatening injuries. glide memorial church confirms kelly was a temporary 90 day employee at the church.with help from oakland p-d and the public, sfpd officers were able to locate and arrest the oakland resident on the 300 block of ellis street, near glide in san francisco sunday morning.kelly is currently booked at san francisco county jail on 11 felony charges ... including attempted murder, robbery, multiple counts of assault with a deadly weapon, resisting police officer duties and multiple narcotics related charges. while their thoughts and prayers are with the victim and his family .... glide released a statement that says in part ... "we at glide abhor violence and make it clear to our staff, whether permanent or temporary, that violence is totally unacceptable ... we sincerely wish that melton finds the
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help, hope and inner strength to cultivate the better nature we all have within us."while an arrest has been made, police are asking ... if you have any further information on this case ... to give them a call.reporting from san francisco ... ar ... kron 4 news. (jrs) in fairfield a robbery escalated into a shooting. police say the vicitm did get shot once... but will be okay. he was in the parking lot of a restaurant on oliver road at 8:40 last night... when he was approached by two men. one of them armed with a gun. they demanded the victim's property... then struggled over the firearm which went off and struck the victim. the suspects are two african american men who drove off in a black, newer model nissan sedan. one wearing a gray sweatshirt and the other wearing all dark clothing. (j.r.) two fugitives are behind bars tonight after a wild scene today in the tenderloin district of san francisco. this after a
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driver crashed into a person and then a fire hydrant. take a listen. officers tell us the car was stolen and the driver crashed into a pedestrain and then into the fire hydrant at turk and jones. just two blocks from market street. witnesses told officers the pedestrian was trapped under the vehicle. more than a dozen officers worked to push the car off of the hydrant as the water was still on and it was believed that person was underneath. you can see in this video that water was spraying everywhere. officers did manage to get the car off of the hydrant. the person who was hit had just minor injuries. officers got very wet in the process. two suspects were arrested. both were fugitives wanted for robbery and aggravated assault. (justine) authorities are calling it an illegally family business. one where a brother and sister forced minors into sexual service.(jr
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stone) it allegedly happened at an apartment where they kept the unsuspecting victims. kron 4's gayle ong is live in mountain view with details on the human trafficking charges.gayle. (gayle)detectives believe there are multiple victims who were brought to the united states under false pretenses. they thought they would be safe and start a new life but instead, they were brought here for sex and labor trafficking. a brother and sister team, operated out of a two bedroom apartment on the 1900 block of latham (lay-thumb) street. authorities say carlos garza and evelia (eve-el-ia) galvez worked together to traffic individuals and families from guatamalea to the united states.once the siblings allegedly brought them to mountain view, police say garza created a culture of fear..taking advantage of vulnerable immigrants.some cases, violent.
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bringing other men in to sleep with her and in turn they would pay him.">in the same neighborhood, residents stunned but say they are not surprised, when police responded to the home in october, they found a total of twelve people living in close quarters - multiple families not related to one another,garza was arrested on december 20th on suspicion of multiple counts of human traffickinghis sister was arrested later that evening on suspicion of accessory to a crime and
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intimidation of a victim. (gayle)mountain view police say there will be no impact on any of the victim's immigration status, they have been given support services to help turn their lives around. in the meantime, detectives believe there could be more victims out there and encourages them to come in mountain view, gayle ong kron 4 news. (jr stone) for new (jr stone) for new years eve, which is tomorrow night...fireworks will be lighting up the sky in san francisco. pryotechnician s are hard at work putting the finishing touches on what they expect to be a spectacular light show along the embarcadero.(justine) with a preview of what we will see during "kron 4 news years live" tomorrow night.. kron4's dan thorn is live tonight in san francisco... dan?
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the crews are gearing up for a big party in san francisco tomorrow night. they be shooting off thousands of fireworks from barges out on the bay.. pyrotechnicians hard a work and getting ready for a big show...sot: it's a spectacular event it's a great way to ring in the new year..more than 4600 hundred fireworks are set to go off on new year's eve.. pyro show producer jeff thomas says this night is all about having fun..sot: new years is more about just rock and roll and throwing it up in the air. weeks of planning goes into putting on this fireworks display....all of these cannisters are taken out on barges into the bay..then the pyrotechnics show fires up just south of the ferry building...sot: it allows the crowd to get right up to the waters edge and enjoy the show..thomas boasts 40 years experience of working with pyrotechnics..he says safety
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is crucial to keeping things running smoothly throughout the 15 minute event..amateurs looking to put on their own show are advised to leave it to the pros..sot: a lot of training and knowledge goes into how to handle the product safely but revelers can expect to have fun and look forward to seeing something new..sot: we'll certainly put out the happy faces to get everyone smiling and a few other little tricks up our sleeve but maybe a few new colors so it'll be fun and exciting.. the annual fireworks display will happen at midnight new year's eve along the embarcadero. reporting in san francisco dan thorn kron4 news. (justine) and happening tomorrow... on new years eve, muni in san francisco will be free from 8 until 5am. also, bart service will run until the early morning. the special schedule starts at 8-pm and runs until 3-am,.. trains will run every 20 minutes after midnight. right after the show, certain
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trains will not stop at the embarcadero, montgomery, and west oakland stations. bart will resume service at 8 a-m on january 1st, operating on the holiday-sunday schedule. public transportation is recommended. parking will be limited along the embarcadero. also, ride sharing services usually add on a surcharge because of high demand. (justine) be sure to tune into kron 4 as we ring in the new year. grant lodes and i will count us down to 2019... capped off with a huge fireworks show over the bay bridge. it is the only live fireworks show in the bay area. new years live kicks off new years live kicks off at 11:30 p-m monday only on kron 4... on kron 4...
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(justine) adlib about new years show (jrs) toss to weather. new years eve weather. strong and gusty north winds will develop at higher elevations late tonight and continue through tuesday morning in the bay area. daytime highs on new years eve will be in the mid to upper 50s. overnight lows on new years eve will range from the
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30s-40s. expect sustained winds around 20-35 mph. temperatures may fall below freezing in the colder valleys late monday night into early tuesday, and again late tuesday night into early wednesday. dry weather with and cold overnight lows most of the work week ahead in chance of rain finally returns to the forecast by next weekend. (justine) the u-s government shutdown has stretched into its second week and there's no end in sight. neither side on capitol hill seems to be getting any closer to a deal-- as the new congress is set to kick off this thursday. this weekend-- nearly 14-thousand workers at the environmental protection agency went on furlough.(jrs) and the smithsonian has announced its museums will close january 2nd. all this while federal workers are furlughed and volunteers take action into their own hands. rick damigella has more. still no progress to end the partial government shutdown. president trump and democrats are in a standoff over funding
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for a southern border wall.the president telling aides he wont sign a bill that only includes $1.3 billion dollars for border security.rep. debbie dingell, (d) michigan// "right now we have a republican president a republican house, republican senate. they're in control. we need to have discussions." that's all changing on january third- -when the new congress kicks off-- and democrats take control of the house.white house councelor kellyanne conway says the president is ready to negotiate with democrats.kellyanne conway, white house counselor// "where are they? nancy pelosi is in hawaii she's got to come back. less hula and more mula to fund the government."as the shutdown stretches into its second week--hundreds of thousands of federal workers are being forced to stay home or work without south carolina-- some prison workers are still doing their job while their paychecks are on hold.tangela graves, employee, federal corrections institution (williamsburg county, sc)// "it's ironic that the people that are making the decisions are still getting paid. but we have to not get paid and still do our job."and in california-- volunteers are doing their part.with much of the joshua tree national park staff on furlough, the local community is cleaning bathrooms and maintaining the park themselves.while still own rock climbing businesses.seth
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zaharias, cliffhanger guides// "i'm running to the park and cleaning toilets. not to mention we're about 400 dollars out on cash buying toilet paper."i'm rick damigella reporting. (justine) speaking out.. governor jerry brown tells us how he feels about the presidents visit see the camp fire desvestaion. (jrs) and pg and e could face some serious charges for the camp fire. more on the charges in just two and a half minutes. it's time for our lowest prices of the season on
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the new sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses your movement and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. and now, the queen sleep number 360 c4 smart bed is only $1299. plus, 24-month financing on all beds. ends new year's day. (justine) a huge
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announcement out of attorney general xavier becerras
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office... p-g and e ácould, in theory... be charged with murder áif the company is found to have caused any deadly fires. (jrstone) important to note, the attorney generals office did ánot say it áwould charge the utility company with those crimes... only that the options are on the table. doug johnson spoke with survivors about this development. jamie ramey, camp fire survivor: "my friends are safe, my family is safe. our house burnt down."jamie ramey and her two daughters are still counting their blessings they escaped the camp fire with their lives.jamie ramey, camp fire survivor: "the morning of the fire we were concerned but we've seen fire in that area all the time. nothing really triggered me myself to panic. my dad basically saved our lives."for the 86 other people who were not so lucky... california's top prosecutor says pacific gas and electric ácould... in theory, be charged with their deaths.mike danko, attorney at law: "the district attorney or the attorney general generally does not charge a company. the reason is because you cant put the company in jail."attorney mike dankos firm represents around 900 clients who lost their homes to the camp fire in and around paradise.he is suing pg&e.he explains
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attorney general xavier bacerras announcement came from a recently submitted brief... which details multiple possible consequences pg&e ácould face under state law.that document was requested by a federal judge overseeing pg&es probation in a criminal case regarding the 2010 san bruno gas line explosion.mike danko, attorney at law: "the judge asked the attorney general to explain to the court what the law is as far as criminal liability."as part of this probation hearing, pg&e must also submit what role it played, if any, in starting the camp fire... a request the judge has given the company to do by this monday... new years eve.mike danko, attorney at law: "they really have to own up to them or else its going to be big trouble for pg&e.that document is one danko says could expedite his lawsuits.mike danko, attorney at law: "if we asked pg&e tell us what your role was,"(but with)"it would take months and months to get to the bottom of it." meanwhile... ramey tells us she's unsure if pg&e should be charged with anything.jamie ramey, camp fire survivor: "honestly i hadn't heard anything about that until right now, im kind of still processing that, i don't know. there were a lot of lives lost." (jrstone) pg&e did release
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a statement regarding its probation.which reads in part quote: "pg&e's most important responsibility is public and workforce safety. our focus continues to be on assessing our infrastructure to further enhance safety and helping our customers continue to recover and rebuild."and that rebuilding continues to happen in paradise as many pg&e crews continue working to restore infrastructure. (justine) with just a few days left in office, governoer jery brown opened up about the president's visit to the site of devastating wildfires this year. he claimed president trump does not believe climate change has anything to do with them.
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gov. jerry brown/(d) california: "i do appreciate that he came, that the president has made funding available under the emergency acts of congress so that's all good, but i would say he is very convinced of his position and his position is that there's nothing abnormal about the fires in california or the rising sea level or all of the other incidents of climate change." (justine) taking a live look outside at the city of san francisco. the camera isn't shaking now...(jr stone) but meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is going to tell us about some high winds ahead for our new years eve. . strong and gusty north winds
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will develop at higher elevations late tonight and continue through tuesday morning in the bay area. daytime highs on new years eve will be in the mid to upper 50s. overnight lows on new years eve will range from the 30s-40s. expect sustained winds around 20-35 mph. temperatures may fall below freezing in the colder valleys late monday night into early tuesday, and again late tuesday night into early wednesday. dry weather with
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seasonable highs and cold overnight lows will continue for most of the work week ahead in the bay area. a chance of rain finally returns to the forecast by next weekend.
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(justine) right after the break, what a new ruling today means for the future of the affordable care act. (justine) today, a federal
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judge ruled the affordable care act will remain in effect for now. earlier this month, the a-c-a's individual coverage mandate was determined to be unconstitution al. the invalidation of the law threw the future of health coverage for millions of americans with "obamacare" and medicaid into doubt. the texas judge today ruled, "many everyday americans would face great uncertainty" if that ruling were immediately put into effect. so he ruled it will remain in place during the appeals process. a group of republican-led
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states brought the lawsuit. california's attorney general is leading a coalition of democratic state attorneys general, in the appeals process. (justine) new year -- new laws. we take a look at how the 2019 pet store laws are going to impact us. (jrs) as the government shutdown continues... we are now hearing from families trying to survive without a paycheck. (justine) week two of the
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partial government shutdown means thousands of federal workers are left to wonder when they'll get paid again-- (jrs) and how to get by until they do. as cnn's kaylee hartung reports, the effects of this shutdown are being felt across the country right now. there's no end in sight to the government shut down, forcing thousands of federal workers and their families to make tough sacrificesangela kabana: "it's pretty scary not knowing when you are going to be paid." angela kabana's husband is an air traffic controller for the federal aviation administration.angela kabana: "he's considered an essential employee so he has to go to work and i can't go to work because i've just had a baby." with no income, they're slashing expenses. focusing on the mortgage and feeding their family. 420,000 federal
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workers, like angela's husband, are entering a second week of work without pay. another 380,000 federal employees are on furlough, effectively put on a leave of absence without pay. that's why the trash is piling up at some national parks around the country, where they're unstaffed, with no one to supervise the land and facilities. at joshua tree national park volunteers from the local community, like these rock climbing guides, are stepping in to do the dirty work during the park's busiest days of the year.seth zaharias/rock climbing guide: "i'm guiding every day and then in my free hour or 2 in the evening i'm running to the park to clean toilets, not to mention we're about $400 out on cash buying toilet paper." the impact of the partial government shutdown spans the country. americans are talking about the tough financial challenges they face on twitter, using the hastag "shutdown stories."in wyoming ernie johnson says thankfully his auto loan deferred his truck payment in january, but if he doesn't receive backpay he'll likely be evicted february 1.lauren in pennsylvania tweets that she depends on child support from a federal corrections officer
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paycheck... without without it she says she won't have the funds for after school care of school lunch.and sarah watterson, who describes herself as a marine corps veteran on twitter, puts her family's struggle into perspective sayingmy children don't care about walls. they do care about having a warm house to live in, a car to clothes to wear, and food in their bellies - none of which is their mom can't go to work. candid thoughts from americans of policy makers' bickering. and the longer the shutdown drags on, the more widely the effects will be felt. kaylee hartung, cnn. (jrs) the house and senate have plans to reconvene monday--which means the shutdown will likely last through the new year. (justine) california -- which is now the nation's largest legal marijuana market -- opened for business in january with jubilation and long lines of customers. as the year ends, california's pot economy remains a work in progress. thousands of growers have state licenses. but the market is hurt by thousands of illegal operators. state regulators get credit for beginning the massive job of transforming the longstanding illegal and medicinal marijuana markets into a unified, multibillion- dollar industry. but the results have been mixed. some companies are doing well, but many others are not. (jrs) california minimum wage is going up with the new
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year. the federal minimum wage $7.25 an hour has remained the same since 2009. since then, 29 states and the district of columbia have set minimum wages above the federal level. twenty states have minimum wage increases taking effect around the start of the new year. california will have businesses with more than 25 employees pay $12. up by 1 from the current $11. and those with 25 or fewer employees will pay employees $11 up by fifty cents fro the current $10.50. most bay area cities already have higher minimum wages. on jan. 1, san jose, san mateo, and several other cities will boost their minimum to $15, and in mountain view it will increase to $15.65. (justine) finding fur-ever homes for homeless pets is about to get easier---a new state law going into effect tuesday will require pet stores to sell certain animals
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from shelters or rescuers. (jrs) kristi gross spoke to animal activists who say the pet rescue and adoption act is a game changer. nats: dog barking...teresa ibarra just adopted a dog from the stockton animal shelter today--teresa ibarra/ adopted a doghe's a german sheppard. he's about a year and six months. we pick him up either thursday or tomorrow because he's going to get neutered. she's just one of many who support california's new law--- which now bans pet stores from selling certain animals from breeders. i think it's better for all the animals. it's better to adopt then to buy from breeders... i hear a lot of breeders have hoarding issues with their dogs. -tistarting january first--- the state hopes to put an end to puppy mills and kitten factories. pet stores will only be able to sell dogs, cats and rabbits that come from animal shelters or other non-profit animal rescue organizations. jace huggins/a lot of puppies that come into our state are actually being shipped over to us so if we can try prevent the sell of those puppies and kittens and rabbits in our pet stores then we have a much better chance of getting the animals that are sitting in our shelter
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adopted also. -jhgovernor jerry brown signed the the pet rescue and adoption act into law in october of last year. animal activists christine morrissey calls the pet rescue and adoption act, a game changer---christine morrissey/ harvest home animal sanctuary this law is going to open up so many opportunities for homeless dogs, cats and rabbits to find forever homes in pet stores across california. -cmbut the new law isn't without some controversy--- the american kennel club strongly opposed the law saying "it not only interferes with individual freedoms, it also increases the likelihood that a person will obtain a pet that is not a good match for their lifestyle and the likelihood that that animal will end up in a shelter."but animal activists don't agree-- they say the new pet store law will reduce the number of animals in local shelters and make it easier for them to be adopted. this is going to give us so many more chances to give animals a second chance. -cm (justine) that was kristi gross reporting... pet stores will also have to keep detailed records about the shelter animals they sell. stores caught not complying face a 500-dollar fine per animal. (jrstone) funeral plans
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have been released for officer ronil singh who was shot and killed during a traffic stop last wednesday in newman, california. officer singh leaves behind a wife and a five month old boy. here's a look at the services being held for officer singh. a viewing is being held january 4th in newman and modesto. a funeral service and procession will be held the following day on january 5th. (justine) now to a triple homicide in santa barbara county. deputies say the suspect is 43-year-old david mcnabb.... ááyou see him hereáá he was shot and killed by deputies on friday night. the victims include his sister, his mother and another man. naja hill has more from police who are still working to understand how this tragedy the three homicide victims deputies found all lived at the residence on the 5900 block of oakhill road.they were discovered around 8:00 p.m. on friday night . officials say the victims were brutally stabbed and beaten to death by the suspect, who also
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lived at the residence.kelly hoover / sb county sheriffs department: "it's just tragic, its definitely difficult for all personnel who responded to the scene."they responded to a 911 call reported by an unidentified woman who entered the home and discovered a victim covered in blood in a bathtub.she fled the scene unharmed.and upon arrival deputies determined the suspect was barricaded inside the home armed with a rifle. kelly hoover / sb county sheriffs department: "it became a situation where they needed to go in and rescue these people that were inside the home."neighbor john glines heard about it when he received a text from the emergency notification officials sent to all residents in oakhill estates advising them not to go outside.....john glines / oakhill estates neighbor: "i hate it for the victims and for the family if nothing else. there is violence and danger every place, i understand that but in our little neighborhood here we hate to hear of it, and you hate to have that kind of thing happen to a family especially around the holidays."the county sheriffs department special enforcement team and sheriffs hostage negotiation team were at the scene which ended with the armed suspect being shot by officials and pronounced dead at the hospital he was taken to.
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(justine) that was naja hill reporting. a motive remains under investigation. (jrs) several newspapers across the u-s may have been victims of a foreign cyber attack. beginning friday, several papers - including the los angeles times and the san diego union-tribune - suffered printing and distribution delays. tribune publishing said malware was detected on its servers friday. it is belived to have come from outside the u-s.. but that could not be confirmed. and in an internal memo, tribune ceo justin dearborn said workers were forced to create workarounds to get saturday editions printed. it went on to say that no customer credit card or personal information had been compromised. websites of the affected papers were never impacted. (justine) north korean leader kim jong un sent a personal letter to south
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korea's president calling for more talks between the leaders in the new year. in the letter, kim shared his wish to go together towards peace and prosperity in the new year. the two leaders met three times this year, signaling a better relationship betweem the south and the north. kim wrote in the letter he was sorry his planned to visit south korea's capital this year did not take place . (jrs) from a historic meeting between the leaders of the united states and north korea... to an ongoing investigation into russian meddling into the presidential elections and brexit... (justine) and the rescue of soccer players in a flooded thai cave.. ..several major news stories gripped the entire world in 2018. reporter karen caifa takes a look back at the year's biggest news from around the globe. 2018 brought a thaw in relations with a reclusive regime --kim jong un's younger sister -- the first member of north korea's ruling family to travel to the south -- for the
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winter olympics in pyeongchang. a summit between kim and south korean president moon jae-in, would follow, in april.and in june-- the first-ever meeting between a u-s president and north korean leader, in singapore.president donald trump: we're ready to write a new chapter between our nations.president trump also met with vladimir putin in helsinki in july -- but prompted an uproar -- in response to a question about russian interference in the 20-16 u-s election.president donald trump: he just said it's not russia. i will say this. i don't see any reason why it would be.the following day, trump contended he misspoke -- and meant to say,
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"wouldn't."fears of a global trade war were fueled by trump tariffs on steel and aluminum --with china and u-s allies like canada, mexico and the e-u hitting back with taxes of their own.trump further rankled european allies by pulling the u-s from the obama-era iran nuclear deal. but world leaders came together in paris in november, to mark the 100th anniversary of the end of world war one. also in europe -- angela merkel announced her current, fourth term will be her last as german chancellor.u-k prime minister theresa may -- meanwhile -- continued to navigate the challenges of the impending "brexit" --theresa may/ british prime minister: i can say to the house with absolute certainty th there is not a better deal available. the planned exit from the european union, with a deadline of march 29, 2019. great britain also hosted -- nats-- the wedding of the year. royal watchers went wild for the may nuptials of prince harry, and american actress meghan markle at windsor castle.the world also watched -- natsthe world cup.64 matches through june and july. france, winning it all.but a thai youth soccer team, grabbed headlines too.natsthe incredible rescue of 12 boys and their coach trapped in a cave by flood waters, after more than two weeks.the elation -- a stark contrast with the tragedy in southeast asia in september -- when a 7-point-five magnitude earthquake triggered a tsunami in indonesia.more than 2,100 people died.civil war continued in syria --where an alleged chemical weapons
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attack on civilians by president bashar al-assad's regime prompted coordinated strikes by the u-s, france and the u-k in april.syria, and key ally russia, denied involvement in the chemical attack.and in yemen -- more than 20 million people in need of food, clean water, and other aid amid that civil conflict -- the u-n secretary general calling it the world's worst humanitarian crisis.the mysterious murder of saudi journalist and critic jamal khashoggi at the saudi consulate in istanbul in october, sparked global outrage.saudi officials denied the involvement of crown prince mohammed bin salman in the killing.the c-i-a, however, concluded the crown prince personally ordered it -- based on a recording provided by the turkish government, and other evidence. in washington, i'm karin caifa. we'll show you how the 49ers we'll show you how the 49ers and the raiders fared in their final games on the gridiron this season. (justine) a fire causes a family to lose their home.. the present under the christmas tree they are blaming for destroying their home.
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(justine) a fire destroyed a home, and the family who lives there said a christmas present is to blame.(jrs) reporter gail paschall-brown spoke with the family who says a hoverboard exploded and started the blaze. melissa bodiford/fire victim: "boom boom boom boom just blowing up all i can do is grab my daughter grabbed everyone and try and get out." melissa bodiford her daughter , niece and 11 year old son brodie are lucky to be alive after their palm coast home on buttonbush lane went up in flames.brodie hamilton/fire victim: "i had to open the back patio door and lower every one out. i busted
8:45 pm
through the back patio door." his mother says the cause of the fire was a hoverboard brodie got for christmas. melissa bodiford/fire victim: "the hover board blew up. i seen it blow up."palm coast fire chief jerry forte says the fire was intense.reporter: "was the hover board the cause of this fire?"chief jerry forte/palm coast fire department: "it's hard to determine if the hover board but it was in close proximity to the mattress which was readily burning by the time we got here."the family says the decision to watch a popular new movie -- may have actually saved their lives.melissa bodiford/fire victim: "shout out to birdbox, if it wasn't for everyone talking about that movie, to go for me to to watch it and for all of us sat in the front room i would not have my son, my daughter, or my niece."heavy smoke filled each room:chief jerry forte/palm coast fire department: "the center of the fire was right near the mattress and by the mattress was the hover board and other toys and things on the floor." crews were able to find this one wheel of the hoverboard but everything else seem to be destroyed. melissa bodiford/fire victim: "i just think those things need to be banned out of stores, now they need to go."the chief says the family used a hose and tried to put out the fire.don't do this, get out.meanwhile to help the family recover--- the community is taking up donations.
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(justine/vocont) you talk about good weather in the sierra. this is video from south lake tahoe. this is the ridge rider mountain coaster at heavenly ski resort. the conditions are gorgeous right now. (jr) meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez. (ad-lib with vo) .
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strong and gusty north winds will develop at higher elevations late tonight and continue through tuesday morning in the bay area. daytime highs on new years eve will be in the mid to upper 50s. overnight lows on new years eve will range from the 30s-40s. expect sustained winds around 20-35 mph. temperatures may fall below freezing in the colder valleys late monday night into early tuesday, and again late tuesday night into early wednesday. dry weather with seasonable highs and cold overnight lows will continue for most of the work week ahead in the bay area. a chance of rain finally returns to the forecast by next weekend.
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we officially
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we officially bid adieu to the 2018 season in bay area football...and if today's games are a microcosm for the season...well, hey 2018, don't let the door hit you on the way out. let's start with the 49ers...taking on the rams, who already issued them one ugly loss this season...and today wasn't much different.... ----1st quarter....niner s get it and fumble it early...recovered by the rams...rams almost run it in for the touchdown....but george kittle takes him down
8:50 pm
near the end zone.... ----2 minutes later....rams up 7-0...mullens throws one....deflected....recovered by the rams for another interception....rams again near the end good field range... ----3 minutes left in the 3rd...rams up 38-17....jared goff throws it to josh the for the touchdown....rams tack on leading 45-17... ---rams go on to beat the niners 48-32....bad way to end the season for the niners....bright new nfl record for single season receiving yards by a tight end with 1,377...let's hear from his qb. "very talented player. great teammate. yards after the catch, skills, you've seen it all year. he's done a great job. so it was a really big deal for us to get him that record. he deserves every bit of credit." the raiders had a tough one
8:51 pm
today at the arrowhead... ---1st quarter....12:51. ...patrick mahomes with the 67 yard pass to tyreek hill....chiefs strike early 7- 0.... ---7 minutes later....remember derek carr's streak of completed passes without an interception?... that streak is no chiefs intercept carr's pass....they take it all the way in for the touchdown....c hiefs up 14-0... ---2nd quarter....raiders kick for the field goal to get on the board....but still trail 21- 3... ---3rd quarter now...mahomes again with the 89 yard pass to demarcus robinson....chiefs pile 28-3.... ---final seconds in the game...that final play will do it for the they clinch the number 1 seed.. ---raiders get annihilated by the chiefs....35-3 ---derek carr shared his thoughts on the loss to the chiefs and what his amazing coaching staff has done for him...this
8:52 pm
season... "i think with these coaches, i know with these coaches i can be because they did it for me this year, even though it wasn't ideal. to be able to set some cool personal records and some certain things, that is awesome because it should show everybody again that our coaching stuff is just awesome. they really are. so hopefully we'll get back to working and figuring out how to eliminate my portion of those. because that's not all on just the offensive linemen."
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(jrs) it's been a busy post-christmas weekend at movie theaters. was "aquaman" able to maintain his rule as king of the box office? rick damigella has the countdown. "don't follow in my footsteps and do what i did. put work in front of family. family is the most important thing.""the mule" was one of three movies to enjoy a holiday bump at the box office. the clint eastwood drama stayed in fifth place this week, but ended the weekend with 11-point-eight million dollars, up 24-percent over last weekend."for the last two years, i've been the one and only spider-gwen." "spider-man: into the spider- verse" enjoyed a ten percent increase, with a fourth place finish of 18-point-three million. this brings the animated wall crawler's domestic total to almost 104
8:56 pm
million dollars."the only person you can show yourself around is me. okay?"(nat nods) "bumblebee" kept buzzing in third place, on ticket sales of twenty-point-five million. "some people like to splash and sing. can you imagine that?""mary poppins returns" sat politely in second, with 28-million, up 19-percent over the previous weekend, bringing the practically perfect in every way nanny just shy of the 100-million dollar mark. "permission to come aboard?" permission to stay in first place, granted. "aquaman" easily fended off challengers to his box office throne this weekend, swimming off with 51-point-six million dollars. jason momoa's aquatic adventure is now the third highest grossing movie of the d-c-e-u, with just nearly 749 million dollars in global ticket sales. in hollywood, i'm rick damigella. (justine) (justine) (justine) be sure to tune
8:57 pm
into kron 4 as we ring in the new year. grant lodes and i will count us down to 2019... capped off with a huge fireworks show over the bay bridge. it is the only live fireworks show in the bay area. new years live kicks off at 11:30 p-m monday only on kron 4... right outside carl's junior .... on the corner of cyril magnin and eddy streets in the tenderloin ... a fight between 2 men spilled into the crosswalk and street friday crosswalk and into the story. reid has the kron 4's alecia some viewers.offensive to that may be graphic video extremely this is warn you ... we want to camera.cell phone caught on a attack was
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