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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  January 10, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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his quest for a wall... down to the texas border... where he claimed the nation is under attack.president trump:"if we had a barrier of any kind, a powerful barrier, whether it's steel or concrete...we would stop that cold. we're certainly are under attack by criminal gangs. by criminals themselves, by the human traffickers and by drugs of all kinds, much of it comes through at the southern border."but during a roundtable discussion with law enforcement officials... mister trump was told some border crossers have been digging tunnels...under areas where walls are already in place.woman:"here this is just a couple miles from here from where we are standing. this is a tunnel. this is the second tunnel that recently we have located. this is an area that we actually have a wall."the president is also trying to rewrite history... clarifying what he meant during the campaign.president trump:"i will build a great, great wall on our southern border, and i will have mexico pay for that wall. who's going to pay for the wall? who's going to pay for the wall? when i say
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mexico is gonna pay for the wall, that's what i mean. mexico's paying for the wall. i didn't mean please write me a check. i mean very simply they're paying for it in the trade deal."but that's not true.before the election his campaign released various proposals to force mexico to fund the wall...stating: "it's an easy decision for mexico: make a one-time payment of five to billion dollars."nat sound:as he was leaving for the border... the president revealed that white house lawyers have told him he could declare a state of emergency to have the military build his action that would likely be challenged in the courts. president trump:"i have the absolute right to declare a national emergency. the lawyers have so advised me. i'm not prepared to do that yet. but if i have to, i will. i have no doubt about it; i will. "the president is trying to have it both ways... insisting the situation at the border is an emergency.. while also claiming it's a crisis... that started before he came into office.president trump: "oh, it began a long time. ask president obama. obama used to call it a crisis at
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the border, too. i think he said it in 2014. look, look. you can all play cute.."part of the reason for the president's frustration.. is that he can't seem to convince democrats to agree to a wall. but reflecting on his meeting with house speaker nancy pelosi and senate minority leader chuck schumer...the president argued he wasn't losing his cool.president trump:"i very calmly said, "if you're not going to give us strong borders, bye-bye." and i left. i didn't rant. i didn't rave, like you reported. i mean, some of the newspapers -- and then schumer always has his standard lie: "he had a temper tantrum." i don't have temper tantrums. i really don't."still, he said he would rather deal with china than with the democrats. president trump:"i find china frankly in many ways to be far more honorable than crying chuck and nancy. i really do. i think that china is actually much easier to deal with than the opposition party."even though it's the president who once said he would be proud to own the shutdown... he is now offering his own take on harry truman's famous catch-
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phrase... "the buck stops here."president trump:"the buck stops with everybody. they could solve this problem in literally 15 minutes." (vicki) tens of thousands of furloughed federal workers vented their frustrations as the government shutdown entered its fourth week.(grant) the refusal for compromise in washington.. means hundreds of thousands of federal workers will not receive paychecks tomorrow as scheduled. many workers are running out of money ... and patience. shame on the senate! shame on the white house!increasing frustration in the face of mounting financial pressures. end the stupid shutdown... today!this president is talking about months, years? this is all just nonsense. i
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want to go back to work.mass protests in cities like philadelphia ......outside an irs center in the country's busiest airport in atlantawhat do we want? government funding!and at the office of south carolina senator lindsey grahamstop the shut down! honk!friday will not be payday for air traffic controllers and tsa screeners, food inspectors and i=r=s inspectors are all scrambling to pay their bills.they dont have enough money to pay their rent, their daycare. their mortgage...a furloughed federal prison counselor says money is getting tight.i've already dipped into that savings to cover my billsan air traffic controller in indianapolis says he is terrified."i don't have a plan b. i have my savings account but after that i have no idea what we're going to do."it's not just federal employees feeling the pinch." when the furlough came around, we slowed way down.restaurants
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near the denver federal facility say they may have to lay off their own workers.we haven't yet, but that is in the works for sure, if it keeps going."many of those people, maybe even most..." president (grant) furloughed workers are expected to get back pay once the shut-down ends.(vicki) the senate passed a bill thursday and majority leader mitch mcconnell said president trump plans to sign it into law. the bill was initially passed a few weeks ago, but had to be re- introduced in the new congress before reaching the senate again. (grant) here in the bay area... the government shutdown is having an economic impact on hundreds of employees of the nasa ames research park in mountain view. as kron for's rob fladeboe reports now, their union broke out the checkbook today to help them make ends meet. the nasa-ames federal employees union booked a room here at the ramada innon thursday where furloughed nasa
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ames civil servants lined up for a timely rebate on their union dues. checks were cut for $100 dollars to help agreements manager brendan sanborn pay for gas and groceries.brendan sanborn/furloughed nasa ames employee "...i live in the bay area supporting a wife and two kids and paying bills and buying groceries is next to impossible right now..." sanborn and the other furloughed civil servants, most of whom hold administrative and other research-related jobs at nasa ames, could also get help applying for emergency shutdown loans or with filing unelpoyment insurance paperwork. it's a very stressful time says shop steward jenette rocha.jenetta rocha/nasa ames federal employee union "....i have heard about members having trouble paying their bills and putting food on the table,some have children with special needs or sick husbands like me and even a hundred dollars can help with a cell phone bill..." rocha says the shutdown is also having an impact on contractors, many of whom are going unpaid. lost time and getting back up to speed when the shutdown ends will have consequences and morale is very low among the rank and file says research scientist joel lachter.joel lachter/furlough nasa ames employee "...i don't know when imgoing back, we have
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meetings we're supposed to be holding, i am supposed to fly out to goddard next week and now i think that will be cancelled..."rob fladeboe/mountain view "....most of the nasa ames employees i spoke with avoided the politics behind the shutdown or placing blame. they just want to go back to work. in mountain view rob fladeboe kron4news (vicki) among the many federal agencies affected by the partial government shutdown is the food and drug administration. in the last year, everything from romaine lettuce to cereal has been recalled by the f-d-a but now, there are new food concerns in light of the partial government shutdown. due to furloughed workers, the f-d-a has stopped doing most of its routine food safety inspections. foreign food imported to the
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u-s is still being inspected, outbreaks are still being investigated and recalls are still being issued. health experts say it's possible something could slip through the cracks while inspectors are off the job. (vicki) in the face of gridlock, the fda is trying to get some employees back as soon as possible to check-up on high-risk foods like fresh fruits and vegetables, baby formula and seafood. (grant) now to a stunning development in wisconsin - where a girl... missing for months ... has been found alive. 13-year-old jayme closs went missing back in october ... that happened at the same time her parents were found dead at their home near barron county, in north- western wisconsin. a suspect has been taken into custody, but few specifics have been revealed beyond that.
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the girl went missing right after her parents were found dead ... near where found dead ... parents were found dead ... near where jayme was just found. the sheriff's office in douglas county... about 70 miles north of barron county-- where she went missing-- found jayme closs. a suspect was taken into custody. (vicki) it was a foggy day across the bay... where some cities were complete covered and you couldn't even see about five feet in front of you... this is what the fog looked like at the bay bridge toll plaza today. c-h-p oakland tweeted out this video... of dense fog blocking visibility ... reminding drivers to be safe.(grant) joining us now is chief meteorologist lawrence karnow... with what we can expect for the work week...
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lawrence karnow: dense fog was slow to clear around the bay area today as a result temperatures stayed cool in the cloudy spots. highs today were mainly in the 50s. tonight we will see more dense fog develop making for very low visibilities tomorrow morning. storm clouds will increase in the afternoon with showers developing. rain and wind will pick up late in the day especially near the coast. highs tomorrow will be in the 50s and 60s. it will be mostly dry on saturday with a chance of afternoon rain on sunday. very stormy and wet weather is expected most of next week.
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of next week. from mexico...turns into a
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hours long nightmare for passengers. it ended with two arrests and one hospitalization after the international flight was diverted from s-f-o to oakland. (vicki) people allegedly became unruly after waiting on the tarmac for at least three hours. the flight out of guadalajara, mexico was diverted to oakland because of dense fog at s-f-o. kron 4's gayle ong is live at oakland international airport with details. gayle. authorities tell us one man was fed up with waiting, he threatened to open the plane's door and take the emergency exit - that did not passenger tells us yes, many on board were upset but they were not unruly.. two men hospitalization due to breathing problems.. and the
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flight crew telling alameda county deputies passengers were unruly.on aeromexico flight 662..the plane was traveling from guadalajara, mexico to s-f-o..thursday morningbecause of thick fog...the flight was diverted to oakland international airport.. deseree torres from newark was just getting back from mexico visiting family, she didn't think she and all the other passengers on board would have to wait on standby - for three hours - on the tarmac, the time almost as long as their flight.
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video shows it was a full flight - apparently the air crew did not communicate what was happening as the hours went by..passengers wanted to why the plane was stuck on the tarmac that long to begin with..sgt ray kelly with the alameda county sheriff's office tells us the situation ultimately falls on the pilot --
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witnesses related to the recent threat at river middle school and nearby vintage high. police say right now-- there is no direct evidence áthis teen was actually involved in the planning of the attack. the 14-year-old who was previously arrested and accused of planning a mass shooting remains in custody. (vicki) in the south bay.. police in mountain view have arrested a man for attempted burglary and sexual battery. (grant) the suspect in this case allegedly tried to force his way into the victim's home. kron 4's charles clifford has details. well, the mt view police departments says that the suspect in this case tried to force his way into a woman's home and he's accused of sexual misconduct with two other women and all of this happened in less than 24 hours. according to police, 52-year- old felipe de jesus meza prieto has been arrested and charged with burglary, assault with intenet to commit felony and sexual battery.this all started around 520 on wednesday evening when prieto allegedly pounded on the door of a home here in the 500 block of central avenue. sot he then covered the peep hole with his finger. when the woman inside opened the door to investigate, prieto allegedly tried to force his way inside. the woman was able to close the door and then called police.officers
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arriving on scene a short time later spotted prieto in the area. he also matched the description of a man who had inappropriately touched at least two women in downtown moutanin the night before. sot even though prieto is now in custody, police are concerned that he may have additional victims.anyone with information is asked to contact the mt view police department. in mt view, charles clifford kron4 news. (grant) now to a brazen berkeley robbery caught on camera. the owner of young's backpacking is looking for answers after he says three women ran off with dozens of women ran off he says three answers after news.clifford kron4 mt view, charles department. in mt view, charles clifford kron4 news. berkeley robbery caught on
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camera. the owner of young's back-packing is looking for answers after he says three women ran off with dozens of expensive jackets. the family telling us tonight they believe it was planned. kron4's dan thorn is live in berkeley tonight.. he berkeley tonight.. he has more from the family..dan? the family tells me they've been in business for more than 30 years and they've never had anything like this happen before. now they're hoping police will catch this trio of thieves. nats..surveillance video from inside the telegraph avenue store shows three women--arms full of expensive jackets-- storming towards the exit..the owner desperately trying to stop them from employee is heard screaming as she's trampled by the thieves.. sot:this is the first time anything like this has happened in 35 years..roy min shared this surveillance video
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with kron4 news. he says it shows the crime happening wednesday night just after 5:30..just as his father was closing up the shop--the 76 year old ran to block the exit of store and save his screaming employeehis father was shoved away in the struggle as the employee was steamrolled by the merciless robbers..sot: im pretty upset.. they had come in and attacked my dad and so that's very personal to me..the three women made off with at least 10 thousand dollars worth of merchandise..a financial and emotional hit for a family owned small business..sot: this is a small mom and pop store we do our best to i guess survive and so 10 thousand dollars is gonna impact us. the family says they're considering more surveillance and adding a security guard.. the son tells me he's fearful the thieves might try to strike again. anyone with any information about this crime is asked to come forward. reporting in berkeley dan thorn kron4 news.
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(grant) a new technology is helping oakland police crack down on drugs and guns in the wrong hands. police chief anne kirk patrick says multiple search warrants and arrest warrants were served thursday in connection to a year long joint investigation. the atf's new gun tracing technology called national intergrated information network or nibin played a role. nibin can link shell casings to actual crime guns. and in this particular operation oakland police have already linked several of these guns to murders and shootings in the city. this investigation has not
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ended. police say they are still searching for more suspects. (vicki) starbucks says, it is considering installing needle disposal boxes in the restrooms of some their locations. this move comes after nearly 4-thousand workers signed an online petition ... demanding containers .. be put in high risk areas. kron4's maureen kelly has reaction. the complaints started in seattle from an online petiion posted on coworker-dot- org...about workers getting poked or being at risk of being poked by used needles found in bathrooms....this comes several months after starbucks said they would let non customers use their bathrooms following the release of video showing two black men being arrested for trying to use their facilities without making a purchase . but that policy....while appaulded by some....has apparently opened to the door to another societal problem....the opiod now starbucks says they are actively looking at solutions to the issue of dangerous drug paraphinalia being discarded in their of
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those solutions includes installing needle disposal containers in certain locations.(standup)starbucks says the decision as to which of their locations might be getting the sharps containers will be made on a case by case this poing its unclear if any of those locations will be here in the bay area. customers i spoke to for the most part, think it's a good's better than having them thrown on the ground, it's more hygienic at least an effort you know it's different but it's an effort is it really that much different than from having something for the stacey disposal a kotek's's and tampons, not really. so i think i have those in there in the unisex bathroom and not everybody uses them if i have those in there and so it will be saferbut one woman who says she does see the benefits of it....still has some reservations.not that it encourages it but all you can do it here starbucks has not said when these needle disposal boxes might be installed. maureen kelly kron4 news (grant) coming up... two violent arrests-- involving officers hitting suspects with batons... all caught oncamera... why the police union says the video doesn't tell the whole story. (vicki) plus... lady gaga is speaking out against r. kelly.... find out what she had to say about the singer and why she is no longer defending (grant) and next... how netflix and other streaming
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services may soon crack down on shared accounts. (grant) we continue to follow that breaking news tonight out of davis... where a police officer has been shot.... and there is a manhunt for the gunman. the question isn't whether he should be impeached any more. he's the most corrupt president in american history. and we all know it. the question now is, how fast can we move past this president so we can build a more just and prosperous future? please, join the more than 6.5 million americans who are demanding action now. because there's nothing more powerful than the unified voice of the american people.
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together, we will make this happen. need to impeach is responsible for the content of this ad. at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. tonight... tesla c-e-o elon
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musk tweeting that the company will stop selling the cheapest versions of the tesla models s and x.(grant) customers will no longer be able to
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purchase the 75 kilowatt battery model s and model x starting monday... that will give you about 260 miles per charge. the last day to order them is sunday. after that, the s and x models will only be available with a 100 kilowatt hour battery. that will put the starting price at 94-thousand dollars for the s and 97-thousand for the x. musk didn't explain the reason for the move.. the model three sedan starts at 44-thousand dollars and it is tesla's first mass-market vehicle. (vicki) lots of people are comfortable sharing their netflix and other streaming service passwords with others. but new software could
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put a stop to that. it was unveiled at the c-e-s tech show in las vegas. software maker synamedia says the artificial intelligence system looks for potentially fraudulent activity. when it finds it, in some cases it would ask you to upgrade to a premium account that includes sharing. if passwords are being sold through for-profit operations, accounts could be shut down. the company says that about one in four millenials gives other people their credentials for video screaming services. (grant) plus...months after a special needs student died after he was restrained... the school where this happened is being shut down by the state. tonight we hear from the family attorney... and parents who still had students attending the school. (vicki) and up next... p-g&e coming under scrutiny again. the action it
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could be ordered to take before california's next fire season.
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(grant) that breaking news we're tracking tonight out of davis... where a police officer has been shot.... and now there is a manhunt for the gunman.(vicki) officer was immediately taken to the u-c davis medical center... where she is in áácritical condition... the shooting happened near 5th and d street... that's in the heart of downtown davis...the officer was shot after responding to a three-car
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crash.(grant) the richards exit off interstate 80 is closed off to traffic... and the police are urging people to avoid the downtown davis area at this time... and the shooting prompted a shelter-in-place for the downtown area. as for the suspect fled the scene and is still at large...(vicki) he's described as a white man in his 20s, average build, wearing a baseball cap, black jacket, blue or tan jeans, and black tactical boots. we will continue to monitor this story as the developments come in... there's a press conference about to happen within the half hour to update us on the shooting and we'll be carrying it live for you. (vicki) a federal judge in
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considering requiring p-g&e to reinspect its entire power grid before fire season begins. (grant) the idea is to make sure the company is doing everything it can to prevent their lines from causing wildfires. kron 4's dan kerman is at p-g-and- e headquarters in san francisco with details. a federal judge does not seem convinced p, g and e is doing all it can to prevent wildfires. in a new order judge william alsup says in light of pg&e's history of falsification of inspection reports, pg&e shall... re-inspect all of its electrical grid and remove or trim all trees that could fall onto its power lines,poles or equipment in high-wind conditions. and it must be done before the end of junesot mike danko/attorney for fire victims :28he's saysing as far as i can tell this isnt that hard, check your wires and certify they are safe and when it gets windy shutdown the powermike danko is suing p, g and e on behalf of more than a thousand victims of the wine country fires and the camp fire. sotthe judge is saying there is not going to be another fire on my watchthe judge can require this because the utility is on probation for violating safety standards and obstructing the investigation into the san bruno gas pipeline explosionsot the only thing that can happen is the system becomes safer for californians pg and e says pg&e's most important
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responsibility is the safety of our customers and the communities we serve. we are aware of judge alsup's orders and are currently reviewing. standup dan kerman/sf 121 what pge is not saying is whether they support the plan. ultimately the decision is up to the judge. he will hold a hearing to decide on january 30th. at pge hq in sf, dan kerman kron 4 news. (grant) months after a special needs student died after he was restrained... the el dorado hills school where
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this happened is being shut down by the state. you may recall, 13-year-old max benson passed away in november hours after he was restrained by school staff. this week, guiding hands school had it's certification revoked by the department of education. while the school's attorney says they will appeal that decision... for now students will no longer be able to attend guiding hands after friday. max benson's family attorney says his parents are glad the state is stepping in and closing the school down. but the move is also leaving many parents scrambling to find new special needs schools for theier kids (grant) several school districts who have special needs students attending guiding hands say they're working with families to place those kids elsewhere. (vicki) in the east bay, the oakland unified school district is trying to replace
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some important electronics that were stolen. thieves broke into an elementary school classroom and took dozens of tablets - that the students had not even used yet. (grant) kron 4's justine waldman has details on the crime, and the plea to replace the stolen items. 40 brand new kindle fire tablets, still wrapped in their boxes.and about 25 headphones...all vanished from markham elementary school over winter appears a thief broke into the school... possibly through a window.sot when you are stealing from a school you are stealing from our kidsoakland unified school district spokesperson john sasaki tells me... the theives searched through a few classrooms possily on january 3rd... then and got away with the tablets meant for a 3rd grade class. at a school, where most kids do not have updated technology at home. the tablets were going to help the kids learn to read.sot those kids were very upset they were heartbroken and it is heartbreaking to us standup "most of the tablets were generously donated, so the school district is hoping once again people will step-up and replace the stolen tablets," sot we hope our tech partners will come forward and help give us the learning tools they deserve to haveit's possible, because the tablets were still wrapped they were grabbed because they could be resold.but the district hopes
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- the almost 5-thousand dollars worth of technology will be returned or replaced. in east oakland justine waldman kron 4 news. (vicki) on his fourth day as governor, gavin newsom kron 4 news. (vicki) on his fourth day as governor, gavin newsom today introduced his first proposed state budget. the governor is pitching his first set of financial priorities... proposing a 144 billion dollar budget from the general fund... newsom wants to put $13.6 billion dollars toward paying down the state's debt and building up its reserves and pension liability.. a proposal that pleased assembly budget chairman phil ting. the governor also proposed putting over 80 million dollars into california classrooms, which he says is the most ever.
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lawmakers have until june 15 to agree on the spending plan. (vicki) senator bernie sanders and a group of democratic lawmakers are introducing a package of bills designed to save americans money on prescription drugs.... (grant) one of the bills would force drug companies to sell drugs in america for no more than the average prices in other major countries. another would allow americans to buy drugs from canada and other countries, and a third would direct the government to negotiate lower prices... and as our washington correspondent morgan wright explains... preisdent trump says he's on board with the plan to lower the cost of prescritption drugs. democratic lawmakers campaigned on the issue of lowering prescription drug prices for americans - and now they're taking action... people of our country pay by far, not even close, the highest prices in the world for the prescription drugs they need, that has got to end... vermont senator bernie sanders says the
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pharmaceutical industry is the most powerful political force in this country skyrocketting prices have caused outrage among americans. how many americans have to get sick, how many americans have to die before congress is prepared to take on the greed of the pharmaceutical industry? this system is broken and the days of political dominance for big pharma are done... senator sanders and other democratic lawmakers have introduced a legislative package of three bills all aimed to drive down the costs of prescription drugs in america we should not be paying more than people in other countries despite claims of prices for prescription drugs being high some pharmaceutical researchers say the rise in costs has slowed... but president trump has also expressed the need to reduce drug prices - which could open the door for the two sides to come together on reducing costs for americans. we've got a president who claims he wants to do something about this, i think he got to step forward and he has some willing partners right here on this stage to bring relief to the american consumer but right now - congressman welch says the american consumers are on the losing end - and prices have to change to provide that relief. in washington, morgan wright.
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(sports tease) just ahead in sports, we'll hear from demarcus cousins in advance of his return that's coming next week. the all-star center on his comeback. (lawrence bay area weather) (grant) we continue to follow that breaking news tonight out of davis... where a police officer has been shot.... and there is a manhunt for the gunman.
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some problems going on a run this year, but soon, no one will be feeling sorry for them... when they put a 5th all star on the floor. demarcus cousins, set to return. boogie...expected to make his debut next friday in l-a against the clippers...nearly a year to the day he first suffered that torn achilles as a member of the new orleans pelicans. his addition...weaves another all-star into the lineup... and over the last several months he's ramped up his conditioning... rehabbed with the g-league warriors.. and started going through full scrimmages. --and it doesn't seem there will be
9:43 pm
many limitations as steve kerr says he is planning for cousins to start. "i'm excited to play in front of the fans. i'm just excited to play basketball again. like i said, there's not one particular thing that's standing out for me besides just being on the floor. maybe later on i can find a specific thing that i like the most, but right now just playing basketball."he's in a better place, and now we've got to help him along because it's not going to be easy when he comes back. this is just the next step of the process. this isn't the end of it." finally finally tonight, a day after most likely missing out on a future star with kyler murray. the a's losing a current star... jed lowrie,striking a two-year, 20- million dollar deal with the new york mets. the 34-year- old 2nd-baseman leaving oakland after five seasons... and his most recent was his finest... 23-jacks... 99-rbi... all leading to his first career all star nod.
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coming up on kron4 sports at 10, some would say a rivalry game for thesharks tonight. sharkies in vegas against the knights. highlights ahead until then, more news after the break
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a three-car (grant) we continue to follow that breaking news tonight out of davis... where a police officer has been shot.... and there is a manhunt for the gunman. there's a press conference about to happen within the
9:47 pm
next couple minutes to update us on the shooting and we'll be carrying it live for you. the shooting 5th and d street... that's downtown davis...the shot after a three-car crash. (vicki) new york police are investigating two violent arrests that involved officers hitting suspects with batons... a witness posted video of the incident on instagram -- but the police union says the video doesn't tell the whole story. reporter christian benavides shows us that video. the wild scene unfolded in broad daylight at the corner of broadway & 169th street in washington heights.police officers repeatedly kick and strike two people that were resisting arrest with batons. at the beginning of the video, this officer takes out his baton and swings it at one of the two individuals.that's when chaos ensues.while one of the individuals is on the ground, two detectives and an off-duty officer appear in order to help with the arrest. mayor bill de blasio/new york "if people are on the ground, and yet there's still physical action being taken, that concerns me."according to police, the two are a known nuisance to the neighborhood. they were asked to leave a subway stop after riders complained that the duo was harassing people and smoking
9:48 pm
on the stairs leading to the subway platform.when they refused, the officers tried to place them under arrest.but they fled out into the street in a statement pba president pat lynch said in part-"what the video doesn't show is that these perps, one of whom has been previously arrested for assaulting a police officer threw a haymaker at the cops once they got above ground, necessitating the use of force to bring them into custody."36 year old aaron grissom and 37 year old sidney williams face an array of charges, including felony assault on a police officer, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. some residents feel the officers went too far- natsot/mos"sometimes you just gotta do what you have to do, but you can't go overboard with these people. there's a lot of people here." (vicki) the witness who
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recorded the video says the suspects were being confrontational and one of them tried to assault an officer. that's why he pulled out his phone and started recording. (grant) authorities in florida rescued a man trapped in a burning car... and that rescue was caught on an officer's bodycam. the incident happened on a major interstate near daytona beach after a head on crash... the 22-year-old man was critically injured when his s-u-v was struck by a wrong-way driver. deputies used an axe to break through the driver's side door and remove the man from the vehicle. the man was taken to a hospital for treatment. as for the wrong-way driver he died at the scene. the southbound lanes of the interstate were closed for more than 13 hours as officers investigated... (grant) now to our four zone forecast... as we take this live look outside at the embarcadero... joining us now is chief meteorologist lawrence karnow...
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lawrence karnow: dense fog was slow to clear around the bay area today as a result temperatures stayed cool in the cloudy spots. highs today were mainly in the 50s. tonight we will see more dense fog develop making for very low visibilities tomorrow morning. storm clouds will increase in the afternoon with showers developing. rain and wind will pick up late in the day especially near the coast. highs tomorrow will be in the 50s and 60s. it will be mostly dry on saturday with a chance of afternoon rain on sunday. very stormy and wet weather is expected most of next week. (vicki) 4 your health tonight... the c- of next week.expected most wet weather is stormy and wet weather is expected most of next week. of next week. expected most wet weather is stormy and wet weather is expected most
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of next week.
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(vicki) 4 your health tonight... the c-d-c says some americans who had surgery in tijuana, mexico-- came home with antibiotic-resistant infections.(grant) they say the infections caused by the life-threatening bacteria, known as c-r-p-a, are rare in the u-s... and hard to treat. all the travelers diagnosed with the bacteria had undergone invasive medical procedures, the most common being weight-loss surgery. the c-d-c didn't say when the surgeries happened or how many people had been infected. mexico's government shut down a hospital where roughly half of the procedures took place. (vicki) americans are having fewer children. one report says the number of births was so low in 2017 that it wasn't enough to keep the population levels steady. the national center for health statistics released its report today... and they found that overall, the total fertility rate for the u-s is 16-percent
9:53 pm
below what is considered the level needed for the population to replace itself. according to researchers-- the only states that are keeping up with the population are south dakota and utah. but they admit there were some limits to their report. (vicki) up next singer r. kelly up next singer r. kelly celebrates his birthday amid sexual abuse allegations... hear what he had to say to his fans...
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(vicki) r. kelly surprised a lot of people at a club in chicago last night. he showed up even though he could áánow be facing new investigations into sexual abuse allegations against him. (grant) social media users posted video of the singer at a club called v-75 chicago... where he was celebrating his birthday and gave a message to the crowd.(grant) r-kelly is in (grant) r-kelly is in the midst of a firestorm in the wake of the lifetime documentary series "surviving r. kelly." the documentary stoked interest in allegations that kelly abused women and teen girls and held some of them against their will. r. kelly denies all the allegations and has never been convicted in a court of law on any of them. he was found not guilty on child pornography charges in 2008.
9:57 pm
his attorney calls the recent alleged victims' allegations... defamatory. (grant) that wraps up kron 4 news at nine... (vicki) but our primetime coverage continues at the top of the hour. pam moore and ken wayne are here with kron 4 news at ten....guys? (pam) thank you grant and vicki.... next at ten... we are following breaking news tonight right here on kron 4. a police officer in davis has been shot and critically injured... and a manhunt for injured... and a manhunt for the shooter is still underway. we will have up to date we will have underway.still the shooter is manhunt for the
9:58 pm
shooter is still underway. we will have up to date information .. coming up top of the hour. plus... a brazen berkeley robbery and we haveit all for you caught on camera. the store owner says three women ran off with dozens of expensive jackets. now we want you to see if you can help track them down.(pam) also we are tracking yet another strong storm set .. to roll on shore tomorrow. our chief meterologist will
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(ken) that breaking news we are following


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