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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  January 12, 2019 1:30am-2:01am PST

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. tonight, pregnant jessica simpson's cry for help. alarming fans. >> my feet were so swollen. >> and jess isn't the only star dealing with the tough pregnancy. we're checking in on other star mamas a-to-be. >> this one is heard on my body. then going after gaga. is r. kelly on a mission to destroy her oscar hopes after she spoke out against him? and the kissing couple on the golden globes smooch. >> it was a surprise. >> michael b. jordan and lupita nyong'o's chemistry on screen and off. >> there are trust issues here. there are trust issues. >> and kevin hart, no oscars, no problem. >> you're over it, right? >> yeah. >> so what's next? >> his next move that will keep him laughing all the way to the
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bank. >> swing do you, boom boom. this is "entertainment tonight." >> hi, everybody and thanks for joining us. >> we have hollywood news to get to so here's tonight's top stories. >> jessica simpn's pregnancy cry for help. there it is in a post last night. the 38-year-old's swollen foot, ankle, calf and even golden glitter toes. the caption, any remedies? help. this is what she has been struggling with since october, and now she is reaching the breaking point. >> you posted on your ins insta story by putting french fries on your ankles. >> it was frozen alphabetic chicken fingers. >> i never thought of, that but how genius. >> my feet were so swollen and what do people do to try to
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defla deflate. they use ice, and i didn't have that, so i just used chicken. >> should we be worried? no. these are just your typical pregnancy girl problems. but jess isn't alone in the i love my baby, but this pregnancy is kicking my behind department. amy schumer has been hospitalized and is still dealing with constant nausea and vomiting. she posted the evidence all over her instagram, but she hasn't lost her sense of humor. during her best "baywatch" slo-mo on the beach run, she said, quote. i puke anything i eat up until 4:00 p.m., but then -- ♪ >> carrie underwood, insome knee yarks and she can't tie her own shoes, but she has her husband and son isaiah to do that. >> i'm tying this shoe. >> and meghan markle was out yesterday rocking these cow print heels. i bet we know what jessica is thinking. yep. we're jealous too. >> this time i can't rock the
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heels as much. my feet grew with every pregnancy and i'm very sad if i have to change my shoe closet again. if i go another half size up, i'm going to be really upset. dominating this week, r. kelly and the sexual misconduct. they were brought to life in the lifetime docuseries and now lady gaga says he regrets her past collaboration with the singer. ♪ >> gaga performed the song "do what you want" with r. kelly at the american music awards and on "snl" in 2014. yesterday she apologized to her fans for working with the singer and had the duet pulled from streaming flplatforms. she broke down her relationship with the singer in depth calling the decision to perform together, quote, poor judgment. this is how she described it to "e.t.." >> he is just so supportive and easy to work with.
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he is so down to earth. b >> but in her post, she said at the time she hadn't processed her own trauma and to work through it, she wanted to do something extremely provocative. r. kelly fired back at gaga this morning. >> look at lady gaga. now she wants an academy award so now all of a sudden, he is a terrible person. >> do you think he plans to address the public soon? >> i'm sure he will. >> there is new support for her today. ♪ >> christina aguilera who recorded an alternative version of "do what you want" with gaga and performed it on "the voice," wrote, being a survivor of past predators myself, these lines spoke to me which is why i did the song. it's interesting to point out that while the r. kelly version has been largely shut down on streaming services, the empowering gaga/aguilera duet is still available.
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>> and now more you ins. let's go to kevin frazier in new york. >> another name all over the headline is of course, kevin hart. he said he is not hosting the oscars, but he said there is no slowing down. >> you're over it. >> here's what i'm trying to say. i'm over it. >> so now what's next? since you're over it. >> yeah, man. what's next? well, you know, you have "the upside" which drops over the weekend. >> i have exclusively inside the screening to surprise fans in the breakfast club inside manhattan. >> thank you, man. i appreciate you. >> he'll prep for the "jumanji" sequel, and it was announced that awkwafina has joined the cast. >> we're trying to clean up some of the mess dwayne leaves behind. >> will he be holding you like a little baby? >> yeah. the baby will unbuckle me. i haven't bounced back from the
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baby one at all, no. >> kevin now has a new bromance with his "upside" co-star, bryan cranston. bryan was all too eager to share a behind-the-scenes secret from shooting this scene. 6. >> tell him about the hang gliding that you did on the movie. >> did you really hang glide? >> what makes you think i'm going hang gliding? ain't no way in hell. >> they had a big crane with a crane arm and they raised it up maybe 15 feet. >> you can see my feet. >> screaming. >> and how's this? good for me. i hope it's going to work for y'all. i'm find with it. we're just acting off each other. >> i am relaxed! this is me being relaxed. >> listen. i have no problem with it. i ain't going to lie about it. kevin, did you go hang gliding? i told them to kiss my ass. >> no way he's going to go hang gliding. let's go back to keltie knight
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in the studio where the new season of "the bachelor" is off and running. >> literally. didn't you see colton jump that fence and flee the scene? that's the first for a bachelor. meanwhile, arie luyendyk jr. is about to be a botch already ach. he is tying the knot this weekend and here's what we know about their big day. >> we're getting married in mow way. it's a beautiful destination spot. >> it will be a huge day for us. >> the couple will say i do in the aloha state. the groom will be in a kenneth cole tux, and the bride in a hayley paige. >> i would say it's a princess vibe, yeah. there's probably going to be some glitter, yeah. we're getting inside haiko mill and it's a sugar mill taken over by the jungle so it's gorgeous. there is vines everywhere, greenery. >> on the guest list, 120 of their closest friends and family, including some of the other women from arie's season. maquel is even a bridesmaid, and
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yes, they have kissed lauren's future husband. >> it's not weird. we hang out with them. >> it's a special bond that a lot of people probably don't understand. it's a little bit quirky in the way we met. >> the host chris harrison will be there, and he broke the news to us he wilbe marrying the couple. >> they called me a couple of months ago and said, we would really love it if you would fly out and officiate the wedding for us. we can't think of anyone better. i don't take it lightly. it's an honor to stand before all the couples and do that. >> this i't the only life-changing event they are celebrating. in june, they will welcome a baby girl. >> we're excited to start a family and we bought a beautiful house and we're settling in arizona. >> a lot going on for them. as for arie's jilted ex, becca, she got engaged to garrett, and they have no wedding plans yet. they haven't ruled out the possibility of a televised ceremony. coming up -- >> this is on my head.
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>> the stunning reaction to our massage by a snake story which celebs completely freaked out. >> hell no. plus, the rare "happy days" home movies as we celebrate their 45th anniversary. >> can you believe that? and joey fatone's new game show, but how much does he know about his nsync past? >> no? am i wrong? do i use a toothpaste that whitens my teeth, or one that's good for my teeth? now i don't have to choose. from crest 3d white, the whitening therapy collection with new spearmint and peppermint oil. it gently whitens, plus it has a fortifying formula to protect your enamel. crest. healthy, beautiful smiles for life. think only specialty stores have what's new? olay has the hottest debut.
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♪ ♪ living la vida loca did you watch "the masked singer"? panelists are speculating the star inside that rabbit costume is nsyncer joey fatone. i love that show, and in the meantime, joey is hosting his own new game show that's common knowledge, but how much does joey know about his own trivia? >> what was the only nsync single to top the billboard hot 100? >> that should have been "bye-bye bye". no? am i wrong? ♪ it's gonna be me
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>> how many grammy nominations did nsync receive? >> i want to say four. three or four. there was more? shows you what i know. we never won. >> eight. >> eight? holy crap. >> what was the first sitcom that nsync made a guest appearance on? it was 1999. >> i want to say it was "sabrina the teenage witch." >> yes. >> i remember that. >> shoutout to melissa joan heart. >> i got one right. >> one out of three on his own life. >> clearly joey wouldn't do so well if nsync was a category on his own game show. contestants test their knowledge on the bid for a grand prize. >> you got it. >> what do you think makes you a great game show host? >> i'm not sugar coating anything, and being, like, hey. >> which of these is one of the great lakes? >> any celebrity cameos? >> nope. just me. i'm the celebrity right now. that's it.
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do we need anybody else? no. it's fun to watch other people. >> what a wonderful attitude to have. congratulations to joey on all of his success. "common knowledge" premieres monday on the game show network. still ahead, why these "black panther" stars can't keep their paws off of each other. >> the chemistry between you two is amazing. you two. you two. >> yeah. i think so. >> what's really going on between michael b. jordan and lupita nyong'o? then -- >> you went to bed grown. >> the "little" movie creating some big buzz. then -- "happy days" turns 45. our friday flashback. what you never knew about the cast. >> i was not the guy they had no mind. closed captioning provided by --
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♪ when you encounter a snake, of course, you feel a multitude of complex and powerful reactions. >> hell no.
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>> lisa renner clearly enjoying our snake segment, so much so she posted it on her insurance sta story. >> no, no, no. oh, yeah right. bye-bye. >> lisa, look. next time you're in new york, we're if i can to connect you and hook you up soing get a massage. also last night, the stars of. michael b. jordan and lieu tee a nyong'o, the movie didn't win but boy did they win at the afterparty and boy, are people talking. >> can we talk about the elevator skit? their "instyle" acting party, racked up more than 5 million instagram views and had everyone wondering, why was michael scrambling? >> the elevator doors close and you're running across. what happened? >> i mean -- >> you can tell them. >> they took a little spill. >> she really committed to that, with the swoop. it took me by surprise and we were both in still let toes so we ended up on the ground.
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>> they tried to catch, but it was too late. >> you were gone. >> but would the single stars ever hook up? it's, like, a fantasy of people. >> well -- what are you doing? >> no. i mean, we're good friends. we respect each other and i love the girl to death. >> yeah. >> last night, the friends hit up a sag screening for "black panther." in just 11 days, even more nominations could come down. >> the film itself already won, you know, in my eyes. i think the fact that we're still talking about it today, gives, you know, recognition by the academy is icing on the cake. >> and speaking of, michael has already lost a bet to lupita in a wakanda wager. >> seeing who goes the longest without saying the word no. whoever loses has to do a certain number of squats. >> we're not going to be around
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each other all the time. >> no, no, no. wait a minute. we haven't started. >> it was that simple to get her. to another movie people are buzzing about. "little," the trailer dropped this week, the reaction has been bananas. but i want you to understand this. it all you came from the beautiful mind of a 14-year-old blackish star, marsai martin. >> hello? >> wake up! >> your character is so mean, but there is a reason why. >> there is a reason. >> why? tell us why. >> you know childhood trauma does a lot. >> were you always mean? >> i got big and i got rich. so now who's going to check me, boo? >> i wish you were little. >> rejgina stars as a mean tech mobile that goes from big to little in this comedy. issa rae is her assistant. >> you went to bed grown and you woke up little. >> that's for white people because black people don't have the time. >> 14-year-old marsai martin not
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only plays the younger version of regina's character but she is an executive producer. she slipped the idea to will packer when she was just 10 years old. >> she had her idea of, like, how the character would be, and how she would act. she was talking about regina hall playing the older version of her. which we got. >> get back to work. >> whose child is this walking around here in a tiny pink pantsuit? >> you and millie bobby brown are the youngest executive producers. did you know that? >> i didn't. i didn't know that. oh, wow. what an honor. >> there's your teacher. >> are you feeling what i'm feeling? >> no. i'm not feeling that at all. >> and "this is us" star, justin heartily is the hot teacher. >> i told you not to call me that. >> it was so much fun on that set. i can't wait for y'all to see
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this movie. "little" hits theaters february 12th. one of the most iconic tv theme songs of all-time, and wrap your head around this. next tuesday actually marks the show's 45-year anniversary. hard to believe, right? >> yeah. we're looking back at our time with the cast. it's our friday flashback. ♪ these days are ours >> it's 45 years since "happy days" debuted this year. >> unbelievable. >> can you believe is that? >> where's my walker? >> i was 27 when i got the fonz. >> my office. >> i left film school to come and be in "happy days" and work with terry marshall. >> it's a wonderful family. >> i will never have an acting partner like ron howard again in my life. >> henry winkler behind the scenes onset, we have been with "happy days" for 255 episodes and we have got plenty of show
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secrets. >> i was not the guy they had in mind. they were looking for, you know, a big italian kid and they got a short, german jew. >> i mailed you a valentine. why don't you go home and wait for it? >> the fonz was offered his own series. had he gone off and done the series with guys with leather jackets, it would never have had the appeal. >> he wasn't going to get it. >> they liked my screen test and said, we'll create a regular character. >> can we talk now or do you want to be alone with your hair? >> another secret at the time, joanie really did love chachi. for about a year, scott baio and erin moran hid their onset romance. >> we got along. >> it was inevitable. same age on a show. >> it was a secret. we were really good about it.
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>> the cast then and now most are still acting andf course, directing, but here's something that may surprise you. the fonz was almost played by mickey dolenz of the monkees. >> i wore a cloth, you know, and i couldn't keep the collar up because it was a golf jacket, you know. it kept falling down and it was really hard to be cool, but we got through that. the fonz was the guy that i never was. so for awhile, i got to be cool. >> you were not going to put fonzie in a dad jacket. >> would have been a completely different character. coming up, our lady gaga golden globes interview gone viral. how it became 2019's most remittable moment so far.
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before discovering nexium 24hr to treat her frequent heartburn, marie could only imagine enjoying freshly squeezed orange juice. now no fruit is forbidden. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts r all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? . travel considerations provided by -- do you know any time we get a chance to talk to lady gaga, it's a memorable moment. >> always fun. so very true. now for the first time, it's a meme. >> plus, you know what? i don't -- i -- >> that was gaga's reaction at the golden globes when i pointed out that judy garland wore a similar dress in the 1954 version of "a star is born," but now "time" magazine is calling
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it 2019's most relatable meme so far and here's why. fans online are using it for any situation where you just don't have an answer. for instance, one person tweeted, quote, when my dad raids my phone and i forget to delete a convo. >> you know what? i don't -- >> another says, when i die and i have to explain my tweets to god. >> you know what? i don't -- i -- >> i love lady gaga. she can do no wrong. >> bye-bye. >> bye, everybody. - [narrator] the following is a paid presentation
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