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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  January 17, 2019 1:30am-2:01am PST

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tonight, paris jackson's mental health crisis. >> i don't expect anyone else to really understand. >> putting michael's daughter in treatment. plus, the duchess gets dogged. what happened when a woman called her fat? then, three exclusive sneak peeks. "the masked singer" a look inside the "big brother" house. and the real life miracle that inspired the "this is us" star's movie role. and are prattzenegger wedding could be super soon.
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>> when i feel responsible, i feel responsible. >> this is "entertainment tonight." michael jackson's daughter, paris has grown up right before our eyes. i don't think any of us are going to forget this moment, seeing her in tears at her father's funeral. such a heartbreaking moment. >> it's one of the moments you will never forget, and you can't help but feel for her. paris has battled serious depression most of her life, but she has taken a big step down to get help. >> "e.t." learned that paris jackson cententered a treatment facility for her mental health. she supposed this intriguing photo with her dog and addresses her month-long absence from social media. she said, yes, i have taken a break from social media and my phone because it can be too much sometimes and everyone deserves a break. she checked into treatment in mid december. she was last seen out on december 9th enjoying a night on the sunset strip. it's unclear exactly what prompted paris' treatment, but
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she told "rolling stone" in 2017 that she has tried to kill herself multiple times. >> female od'd on 20 motrin and cut her arm with a kitchen knife. >> dr. drew when has not treated paris told us by skype today that she remains at risk. >> the fact that she has been suicidal in the past increases the probability that she will be suicidal in the present again, and my suspicion is those sorts of symptoms have reemerged. >> the 20-year-old has been increasing her profile. she modeled for chanel, presented at the grammys, appearappea appeared a tv show, and starred with charlize they areon. >> are you in or out? >> i admire she came in and auditioned for this and was prepared. >> you might not know this, but paris' godfather is the actor, mccauley caulkin. they even have matching tattoos. he discussed his relationship
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with the king of pop. >> i want to spend my life being someone. >> he reached out to me because a lot of things were happening, big and fast with me and i think he identified with that. at the end of the day, it's almost easy to say it was, like, weird or whatever, but here's the thing. at the end of the day, we were friends. >> there is so much going on right now. there is also the "leaving neverland" documentary. that could be weighing heavily on paris' mind. we want her to be healthy and get happy. tonight we have star wedding news. it appears that chris pratt and katherine schwarzenegger will tie the knot sooner rather than later, but the next marriage celebration and forgive me for calling them this, could it belong to biebwin? >> matchy yesterday, could they soon be in wedding white? they just t out save the dates four months after their courthouse nuptials.
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they were close with family and friends. no location included because, quote, they want complete privacy. so formal ceremony or just a reception in our source would only say it will be, quote, a beautiful celebration and a party to be remembered. justin's mom is psyched, and posted this shot of hailey kissing her. #suchagift. the "american idol" alum tried on a dress noting this isn't the dress. she captioned it, don't let david see this. that would be 69-year-old music producer, david foster. he spoke for his fiance who was on vocal rest. >> how's wedding planning going, guys? >> we're on a slow -- we're on a great plan. >> slow plan. >> a slow but great plan. >> and our first prattzenegger sighting since the engagement. the soon-to-be married couple took chris' son jack out in the rain. rumor has it they could tie the knot this summer.
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one thing is certain. the ceremony will be religious. >> i'm a man of faith. >> and this comment on her future seon-in-law's instagram. congratulations to two kind and loving people. >> they seem like a great couple. >> they do. >> they may have to thank james corden for getting engaged. >> he followed this afc championship game, and chris is a big part of that. leave it to james to spill a little of that tea. >> you're getting the most coveted person, like, in hollywood right now, chris pratt, big engagement and you got him this weekend. >> i feel responsible. i feel responsible. i can't tell you what we did, it's a big surprise, but we all flew about four hours away from here and we shot a piece together and it's really awesome. >> confident. >> of course. but i'm so happy for him.
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i mean, he is just the single loveliest man you could ever wish to meet. when he holds you, it's like hugging a tree. >> really? >> that will protect you forever. it's just adorable. it really is. >> sunday's post-football special isn't james' only tour on the small screen. right after the game, you have got the most coveted slot, like, people fight to try to get that slot. >> we have this new show called "the world's best big global talent show," and the winner will get a million dollars. >> these are the judges and here's something else we can't wait to see. james is once again sending his parents to the super bowl. >> they will be there causing whatever mischief they can, and my dad is getting so grand now. it's getting to his head. i said, dad, are you good to go to atlanta? he said, yeah. listen, mate. i don't want to be funny, but what with mom's knee, we're
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going to be in business class, right? i was, like, what with mom's knee. don't play with mom's knee. >> come on. pops was just looking out for mom. >> they're flying first class. you better believe. >> james did give in, and he has them in business class. >> step it up. can we talk about another person that we love? sam jackson. i like saying it like that. sam jackson. >> he sts in the new thriller, "glass," and it's projected to make over $65 million over the four-day martin luther king holiday. we were up with sam and the cast last night at their big new york premiere. sam's big reveal did remind us of his movie character, the hyperintelligent mr. glass. >> and yet it is true. >> into the premiere spirit, you know. >> jackson has starred in an
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amazing 123 films. one of them, "snakes on a plane" reminded us of what we just reported about, the snake massage. >> would you ever consider that? >> first of all, no. it would feel good, but not like a massage. >> then there are rumors of a reunion with his cast mates from "avengers" on the big stage. >> i always wanted to be a presenter. not so much fun being a contender. >> he's simply extraordinary. >> sarah paulson is the slink in "glass," but she's thinking ahead to "oceans 8." >> i would like to add bette midler to the cast. or emma thompson. let's get them both. >> done. and sandra bullock of course. >> i like it. >> i bet you too. >> she was in "oceans 8" and "bird yn box." >> she's my friend. any time you can work with your friend, that's great. >> no way. >> james mcavoy has multiple
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personalities. >> i feel like i should be nervous. i'm good. actually, julie will definitely be on the show. >> by the way, it would be crazy if she showed up. i would love it. >> i don't know. i mean, you never know. >> baby pratt is coming soon. coming up -- ♪ >> rihanna's daddy drama. why she's suing her own father. then, meghan markle's puppy love in london. but is the pregnant duchess in the doghouse with her sister-in-law? >> there is a clip by meghan. and this man looks studies show that omega-3s are great for your health. but did you know that 98% of us don't get enough of them?
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♪ that is rihanna greeting a fan in a wheelchair last night. >> wow. look at that. >> he just left her dentist's office. how about that? things are not so nice right now between rihanna and her father. >> she is suing ronald fenty for trying to capitalize on her success and her fenty brand of products. she claims he has been misrepresenting that his company is affiliated with her. rihanna wants him to stop and to pay her damages and attorney
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fees. >> not good. well, all right. somebody else with plenty of daddy drama is meghan markle, but the duchess has found her royal duties and starting a family of her own. >> today, we have got a look at the duchess with dogs. meghan paid a solo visit to an animal charity where her six-month baby bump was clad in a dress that cost under $35. >> her heels were so high that she actually looked a bit possibwobbly on her feet at wuone point. she did touch her bump. she looked delighted to be meeting rescue dogs, including a little jack russell who was up for adoption today. >> the pregnant royal was all smiles despite press reports that she's miserable in her new royal role. >> i was there with her today. she certainly doesn't look miserable. of course, she's an actress. she could be feigning the whole thing, but my sources tell me behind the scenes, her and harry
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are really happy at the moment. >> she showed off her sense of human wher a well wisher said this to her. >> may the good lord always bless you. >> thank you. >> and you are a fat lady. >> duchess kate also made a solo appearance today checking out the costumes at the royal opera house and there continues to be reports that so much public interest in meghan may have caused a rift with kate. >> it has ruffled some feathers and she feels eclipsed by meghan, but it's happy intentions and it was hopes by appearing in force this christmas, everyone would stop talking about these rumors. they haven't really gone away. >> come on now. kate is, like, take all the attention, girl. >> that's right. still ahead -- ♪ >> get a jump on guessing tonight's "the masked singer." our exclusive sneak peek with nick cannon. >> that's not a bad one. and what inspired chrissy
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metz's movie debut. and her career. >> "this is us" happened. and we go on a tour of the tricked out celebrity "big brother" house. >> coming up on "e.t.." closed captioning provided by -- deal talk!
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my new $4.99 blt cheeseburger combo, deal talk! comes with fries and a drink. all for just the change in your couch. what... mr. wigglesworth? i thought we lost you. kevin?! try my new $4.99 blt cheeseburger combo. ♪ i love all your albums, brett favre. >> brett favre might be the best guess. i have got to be honest with you, joel. >> why don't we just ask him who he is? >> that would be so much faster. >> that is no fun. >> i know. >> joel mchale, a guest panelist on our new favorite show, "the masked singer." >> so joel thinks the deer is a football player. >> yep. >> i don't think it's brett favre. i'm still sticking with terry bradshaw, but he had a whole host of other ideas. >> i thought it was stone cold steve austin and mike tyson.
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because of the build. those are the two that i thought. and the person knew me. >> that's so random, but everybody knows you, nick. that's not a clue. >> he's literally the most popular guy in high school. you know what i'm saying? get ready for the return of another guilty pleasure "celebrity big brother," but before the stars move in, julie chen is taking "e.t." inside the house's most coveted spots. >> hey, "e.t.." welcome. here is your first exclusive look at this year's head of household bedroom. >> it's a bit of new york city in the l.a.-based house. even the hoh room looks fit for a broadway show. >> we have got the makeup lights, but i actually am told this was the real theater marquise. what does every star get in her dressing room backstage? flowers. break a leg. you're fabulous. >> the big apple theme continues throughout the house. check out the upstairs lounge. >> looks like the iconic brooklyn bridge with the lights
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and the way we strung the lights. >> all 12 contestants are sequestered as of today, including joey lawrence, kandi burru burruss, kato caelynn and dina lohan. of course, with lindsay's blessing. >> she packed my things for me. >> look at you. >> she did. >> my wife is pregnant and she was, like, ryan, no matter what, we got your back. just go out there and have fun. >> who would you hate to be stuck in a house with? >> probably a criminal. >> i have been there. >> such a good cast. it's so good, and the house looks so peaceful and put together now. but we know it's going to get crazy, right? see you in the next one. all right. i'll start your campaign. another show all about the drama, "this is us." >> yes. i'm so happy this show is back and giving me p.
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ations. chrissy metz is giving us all kinds of emotion in her first feature film starring role and i was exclusively onset. >> have you had that time in your life where you just had to rely on faith or where it looked like it was bleak and -- >> oh, yes. yes, of course. two years ago when i was planning on moving back home, and i was just, like, i'm done, and you just have to let go and as people say, let go and let god. let go and let universe, whatever you believe, and sure enough two weeks later "this is us" happened. so -- >> for her first leading role, chrissy chose an inspiring, faith-based film. >> you didn't spare my son. >> the impossible, "breakthrough" tells the medical miracle story of 14-year-old john smith who survived a devastating fall into a frozen lake. >> i drowned for 15 minutes and i was without a pulse for an additional 45.
1:52 am
in all, i was dead for over an hour. >> god has always been and done what he said he could do, and so i just started praying. >> chrissy plays the role of john's mom, joyce. the entire cast would move when they got to meet the real life people they play. >> these people came through. such a difficult situation. i mean, every single organ is failing. they're emotional. i'm getting emotional. i'm, like, this is all just really -- yeah. >> i know you like the faith in family type of movies. why do you think they touch the families like that? >> we all want to believe in something, and we can all relate to that. we're all cut from the same cloth. >> yes, we are and i'm so happy for her because she's getting in hollywood right now. back to tv news, okay? our friend from "let's make a deal," will meet a special milestone. >> yes. keltie got in on the deals.
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>> hey, guys, i am backstage at "let's make a deal," at the tenth an yawl dealy awards and this is fancy. ♪ >> who wants to make a deal? >> the dealy awards is like the oscars. everyone is in their best turkey outfits. it's probably the classiest show on tv. >> viral entertainment reporter show showed fabulous fashion. >> who are you wearing? >> well, i'm bubbles today. >> lady gaga would die, honey. >> oh, yes. i know. >> i'm not the only member of the "e.t." team getting some love on friday's special episode. check out kevin and nancy's cameo straight from the "e.t." set. >> it's the tenth anniversary of the dealy awards, and keltie knight is live on the "let's make a deal" set. >> having the team talk about us, it actually gave me goosebumps. oh my gosh. we have a pretty fancy show right new. >> as for the actual game, the contestants will have the option to take home a dealy award along
1:54 am
with some cash or a mystery prize. >> so the dealy award or the big box? >> the big box. >> there is always a chance they could walk away with a zonk which is basically not a prize. >> it was the zonk egg. and wayne says you better watch out. looks like he is trying to make a deal of his own. >> hey, kevin. look at me and look at you. i'm coming for your job. coming for your job. >> uh-oh. you better watch it. >> guess what, wayne? i'm going to take yours. >> hey. >> sounds like a deal going on right there. >> we should swap for a day. >> that would be kind of fun. got to grow a beard there. all right. coming up, is that alex rodriguez or someone who just coming up, is that alex rodriguez or someone who just
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