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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  March 14, 2019 7:30pm-8:00pm PDT

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tonight, lori loughlin canned. her daughter dropped. >> i was super naive and ignorant and dumb. >> how lori and her family are paying the price today. then jussie smollett's alleged hoax attack. what happened inside court the "empire" star faced the judge. plus, whoopi goldberg and alex trebek back at work. >> i just want to take a few moments to say thanks. and wendy versus howard stern. now. fainted on my show either. this is "entertainment tonight." one day after lori loughlin
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was arrested for her alleged role in the scandal, the hammer dropped on her career. she's not the only one in the family paying the price. hall marc announced they'll no longer work with lori. he currently has two projects with the network. >> party! whoo! >> as for her yush star daughter and usc freshman, sephora announced they cut with her. >> bahamas, here i come. >> reporter: according to tmz, olivia and her friends werecaru chairman of usc's board of trustees. he varsity blews they thought home.
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lor ri was released from federal custody after posting a $1 million bond. a li ya and her older sister seen here. a rep for usc tell "e.t." a the university is conducting a case by case review. in a source close to the loughlin family tells "e.t." the sisters are devastated and, quote, it's been mortifying and frightening for them. they are so painfully embarrassed they don't want to go outside. they realize how serious the charges are and feel helpless. >> being able to have a fashion designer dad, a mom who's an actress, do you up? >> i feel like it gives both of us a leg up. >> nepotism works and i have no problem with it. unlike his wife, william h. macy
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are not charged. >> are the allegations true against fe his the i? >> you know i can't talk about that. >> that is rights say he only took part can weren't as heavily involved as felicity. >> people who lie are called liars. >> here's my favorite. chrissy tiegen photographed here and her hubby's faces on soccer faces saying, does this look real? we are trying to get into harvard. jussie smollett is in all kind of legal trouble. he made his plea today in court. jussie smollett's attorney did most of the talking today, but you the actor could be seen quietly concurring with her not guilty plea. >> mr. smollett enters a plea of the not guilty. >> the "empire" star is charged.
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>> you must be in court each and every court date. >> brandon geoffrion was inside the chicago courtroom this morning. >> the 36-year-old act door was focussed and looked straight ahead at the judge. the judge rules smollett will be allowed to travel to new york to meet with his attorneys without having to ask the court for permission. a grand jury indicted smollett on 16 counts. >> smollett also returned to "empire." last night's episode was his character jamal's first episode since the hoax. this scene stood out to us, small concert. it looks and felt a lot like the show jussie had after the alleged hoax. >> i don't know if you know about all that foolishness, but it's been a tough week. >> i had to come home.
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>> i had to be here. >> we are told smollett will continue to appear on "empire" this season b you his future is uncertain. he's due back in court april 17th. >> in other news, joe giudice was released from federal prison today after serving a 41-month sentence for mail, wire, and bankruptcy fraud. he was transferred directly to an immigration detention c he'll remain in i.c.e. custody before a trial on deportation. >> let's talk about the feud between howard stern and wendy williams. drama! the shock jock hit back. >> he's hollywood insider now, which sucks. you started like me, being of the people, but at some point you sat behind that microphone for too long and now you are the people. >> not a nice person. nobody likes you. that's why you can't call
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hollywood. >> on sirius xm the shock jock launched into an expletive filled 40-minute attack on the self-proclaim self-proclaimed queen of all media. >> just shut up. keep your opinion to yourself on me. you're not the queen of all media. you haven't done anything. >> i will say what's on my mind. sometimes that will rub people the wrong way. that's my career. >> at one point he was my everything. >> you are now hitting it big. >> once both praised each other. now targeting kevin. >> worry about your husband, not show and mystery illness. she disappears for two months, nobody nose why and now she's blaming me? thanks, honey.
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you'll never be me, honey. you don't have my wit and you don't have my talent. >> today on her show, no mention of howard, but wendy tweet, goat, it's all good howie. i still admire you, old man. the truth is the truth. >> i'm brash and a whole lot of fun. as you can tell by my show. >> moving on, whoopi goldberg made a surprise return to "the view" after a battle with pneumonia and accept is. >> i will be here more often but i wanted to first foray to be seeing y'all. >> she was out five a weeks battling the illness that almost scariest part was hearing my say, you do know how close to death you are. >> these words from alex trebek. >> i'm extremely touched by the warmth you have expressed in
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your comments to me. i'm a lucky guy. he returned to the set of "jeopardy!" while also undergoing cheem therapy. he's recording a number of shows now and they will be seen in april. >> you can tell ben affleck's health and happy siness is a bi thing in his life. >> it's a phoenix. >> rising from your [ bleep ]. >> he's been defending the tat for some tore shoulder. >> i've never seen a good repres media. >> we saw it while he was filming "triple frontier." >> you're welcome. no one was happier than us. >> today, he told ellen he had
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no idea the press was there. >> it's north of hawaii. we had no idea the paparazzi was there. zblil, he has no tattoo regrets. >> i love my tattoo. >> yeah, it's your tattoo. it's your back. >> instead he's keshed with being a good little league coach for samuel. >> it's like the dad dream. >> coming up, we meet the men make "bachelorette" history. a pilot, a stripper, and is that taylor swift's man? when we first met the jo bros. >> we have crushes on, like, natalie portman. >> and is jordan peel following up get out with an even scarier movie?
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so did y'all survive the great social media outage of 2019? i didn't know what was going on. it was so crazy. facebook, what's app, and instagram all went down for hours. will smith so so happy when instagram came back he felt like twerking. sorry, colton. meanwhile on "the bachelorette" we know hannah b. will be the one look for love. we are getting a look at all 30 of the bachelorette's beaus. hannah doing online dig something good luck.
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they have already set their social media profiles to private. she met five of the men tuesday nig night. i get aboard the mess express ♪ >> the youngest is 23. the oldest has a decade on him. >> i think it's going to be fun, and so i want fun and i want adventure. >> maybe 27-year-old pilot chasen can help with that. there's also a high school math teacherer and a singer song writer who moonlights as a stripper. >> hannah is looking for a man from her home state, the pickings are slim. this guy, garrett, a golf pro. john paul is a dead ringer for taylor swift's boyfriend. she has three matts, two conners, two tylers and two lukes. hannah has been studying to be the bachelorette. >> i'm like, all right, reading
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books about it. because it's like, this could happen. >> coming up, the stars explain what you can expect from us. >> then meghan markle's maternity leave today. how sister-in-law kate is getting her place back in the spotlight. and "e.t.'s" epic throwback with the jonas brothers. >> i'm kevin. >> nick. >> and joe. closed captioning provided by --
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now to our royal report. kate middleton's time in the royal spotlight continues. it was announced that the
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duchess of came braj and the queen will visit kings college sunday. but this time it was harry as turn. as the queen announced harry and mega halfback's household will have their own offices as buckingham palace. meghan's last royal engagement was at monday's commonwealth day service so the mom to be is officially on maternity leave. >> if your idea of relaxing is seeing a horror movie, then i've got the one for you. in "us," what you see is what you get. >> we have to call the cops. >> i did. they're 15 minutes away. >> we made it clear this is a nightmare. if you're going to see this money, that's what you're signing. for.
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>> lupita and duke are battling some scary home invaders who look just like them. >> hey! hey, hey! hey! >> was it meant to make me sleep with the ilights on last night? which i did? and the television? >> all those things at once. that's the power of the movie. you leave and you're uncomfortable. >> the movie is the first since he won an oscar for "get out" last year. in this he may have topped himself. >> if we can give people a cheat sheet, what would that be? >> i desiam to take a audience's expectations and use them against the audience. >> who are you people? >> it's us. >> go see it.
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it is a warm family comedy with some light rom manhattanics. it's a feel-good romp. >> a romp? not exactly. it's getting rave reviews for combining who who, thought provoking drama and comedy. >> you're going to be sore from holding your shoulders up, but you're going to feel love. >> it's true. oh, my god, i was going like this the entire movie. i couldn't. any way, lieu fee and winston not only have big screen connections they have a school one. they both attended the yale school of drama. just like this. i know, i'm crazy. the jonas brothers made a return to the charts. their single is on the billboard 100. it's their first single in ten years. in honor of throwback thursday,
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here's when we first met the jonas brothers. ♪ >> you are. >> the jonas brothers. >> i'm kevin. >> i'm nick. >> i'm joe. >> who's the oldest? >> i am. >> it started with nick being on broad bey and getting a song and being signed to the record label and then 5u8 three of us writing songs together. >> the band was almost called sons of jonas and even officially had the name j 3 before going with the jonas brothers. they were boy scouts, homeschools and their dad was a pastor. they famously wore purity >> we are not trying was a prive public. that's just something we believe in and whatever. >> the disney machine quickly catapulted the joe bros to jame.
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their teenage fans were upset. >> our fans are amazing. >> a fan actually adopted a hippo in a wildlife preserve for school bus named it jo national security brothers. >> we experienced the frenzy firsthand when kevin, joe, and nick came to the "e.t." set. >> do you have nicknames for each other? >> k 2. >> nick will be president in 2038. >> i have a lot of voters, i think. >> single, dating? >> single. you know, enjoying life. >> single. >> same here. you know, being on the road, girls don't like it when you're gone 200 days out of the year. >> but seriously, when it came to the ladies, none of them had problems. >> we do date and have crushes on, like, natalie portman.
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>> she's the best.nick's first sigh ris. he then moved on the selena gomez and olivia culpo. >> i'm the happiest i've ever been. >> in 2015, nick had a month long fling with kate hudson. ♪ love back again >> as for joe, his first crush was his "camp rock" costar, demi lovato. >> you're a big jonas brothers fan. >> yeah, i mean, i still am. >> joe dated taylor swift who he dumped into a 27-second phone call. look what he found. >> dream show for you to be on. >>nes." i'm a huge fan. >> what about kevin, whose real name is paul? he's married with two daughters. >> we cannot forget to mention
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the brother amazon glowups. they changed from when he first met the jonas brothers. >> ♪ i'm a sucker for you >> i'll say it. they used to be cute. now they are fine. coming up, taylor swift next on kron-4 news at eight: several homes in the delta on fire... as crews are working to put them out... details on where it is happening and what fire crews say may have started it... (terisa) plus... a woman in oakland awarded tens of millions of dollars... after she says her terminal cancer was caused by using a popular product found in houses all over the country. i'm ken wayne i'm terisa estacio... the news -- at eight -- is next.
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tomorrow on "e.t." we are there as taylor swift and katy perry hit up the i heart radio music awards. >> girls night. i had so much fun. >> plus we are with gwen stefani in las vegas taking a break from her residency to give baa to be kids in need. >> it's very emotional. >> it'ss the broke the record for highest grossing u.s. tour ever, raking in more than $266 million. it's amazing. i did see the tour. that's why she's going to be honored with tour of the year at the i heart radio music awards. katy perry will be there as are win at the "the masked singer." we'll see you for that tomorrow. we're all busy.
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cancer=causing chemicals in a best=selling baby powder ... and a half=trillion=dollar judgment. johnson and johnson is held responsible for contamination in one of its signature products . (whoosh)the undocumented immigrant charged with murdering a san jose woman makes a first court appearance... as prosecutors make this promise. he's going to spend the rest of his life in prison(whoosh) two dead whales wash up on the shores of the bay. why the marine mammal center says we may see more of them this year. (ken) that breaking news we're following is in the east bay where several homes are on fire tonight... and crews believe propane tanks may be (terisa) and im terisa estacio in for pam moore...


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