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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  March 18, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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now at eight ... the deadly weekend of violence on bay area roadsthree back to back shootingswhat we are learning about the woman shot to death on highway four(whoosh)san francisco's mayor joining the call for action after giants owner larry baer's very public physical confrontation with his wife.(whoosh)and shock in in the east bay this school is like a family so everybodys close a school principal suffers critical gunshot wounds in what police are calling a domestic dispute.. (ken) three freeway shootings in three days here in the bay of those -- ending
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the life of 25 year old destinee hillery of antioch on saturday. destinee was found dead on eastbound highway four with bullet holes in her car.(ken) thank you for joining us i'm ken wayne.(catherine) and i'm catherine heenan in for pam moore. as kron4's michelle kingston explains -- the bay area has seen nine fatal freeway shootings in less than three and a half years. (mk)michelle kingston, mkingstonnews185 freeway shootings since november 1, 2015 -- and nine of them have been fatal ...including the death of destinee hillery on saturday.her family says she was a beautiful girl with lots of friends and family who loved her and that she will be missed.25 year old destinee hillery of antioch was found shot to death in her car on eastbound highway 4 near the willow pass road off ramp. california highway patrol investigators believe this shooting was gang related -- but would not say why they believe this to be the case.on monday -- cal trans worked to
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replace the guard rail her car plowed into after being shot, according to investigators. officer john fransen, chp golden gate"we just ask that people remain vigilent."chp says just hours after destinee was shot in her car ...a 24 year old woman was shot in the leg on highway 580 near airway boulevard on sunday -- in what may have been sparked by road rage.officer john fransen, chp golden gate"in certain cases, where these incidences caused by road rage, we just ask people to slow down, drive safe and remain vigilent."and it doesn't stop there -- on monday morning, on 80 west -- just east of mcdonald avenue -- another car shot at by another suspect -- the victim was not hurt, but discovered a bullet hole in their car. police say all three shootings were targeted ... but not related. no arrests have been made.officer john fransen, chp golden gate"we want to ensure the public that not only will these incidences be fully investigated but we will continue to go out on patrol whether it be our ground
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(ken) the investigation into saturday's highway shooting that took the life of a 25 year antioch woman... may end up benefitting from a network of cameras that have been installed along highway four and interstate 80. (catherine) grant lodes is here now to update us on where the project stands. (grant) it's a network that's it's a it's a network that's been coming network that's been coming together over the last several years.....right now the wireless backbone of the system is going in....which will of the intel being picked up into a central command center in pittsburg. the system is expected to be fully operational in june... but already there are cameras up along highway four and i-80... and footage from those is being checked to see if it can help investigators develop leads in the recent freeway shootings cases. it's called the freeway security network system... and it includes cameras.....shot
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spotter technology and liscense plate readers. brandon corriea, chp: "our cameras that originally on the freeway are usually just ribs are in traffic what's congested what's not, these cameras that of been installed on the corner of 80 and highway four are specifically designed to pinpoint gunshots that'll give us a more accurate location of where this occurred." mary knox the senior deputy district attorney for contra conta county tells tells kron4... she is continuing to apply for state and federal grants in order to get more equiptment installed...and continue increasing coverage on the roadways. (grant) we updated you about the freeway shootings this afternoon with a push alert...stay connected on breaking news by downloading the kron-4 app today (ken) a big story we're tracking. in the wake of the now-viral video from t-m-z... calls are mounting for giants c-e-o larry baer to face discipline.(catherine)
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several groups and now even the mayor of san francisco are weighing in ...on what action should be taken. kron-4's dan kerman tells us what they want to see happen... the calls for punishment against larry baer are mounting following this very public physical altercation between the giants president and his wife.monday san francisco mayor london breed issued a statement saying "major league baseball needs to send a message that any and all acts of violence against women is unacceptable....while mr. baer has apologized and expressed remorse for his behavior, it does not excuse his actions and it does not erase what transpired. the mayor's statement follows a letter written to major league baseball on area coalition olvoence agains. sot andrea shorter/do what's right mlb coalition :34we want to make sure as we move forward this doesnt get swept under the rug or they want to move past it and pretend it didnt happenin the letter
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titled do what's right mlb, the coalition calls on the commissioner to issue a 1. public reprimand, a 2. significant suspension , a 3. substantial financial penalty , and 4. requirement to complete treatment for domestic violence sot kathy black/la casa de las madres 1:01these steps are necessary send a message to the community that if you are an owner manager or executive you will not get treated differently than a player major league baseball is currently investigating the incident and didn't respond to our request for comment. as for the giants they issued a statement saying "we we value the sentiments and perspectives expressed.... we take this matter very seriously and we appreciate their concerns. because it is currently under review, we have no further comment at this time."as for baer he indefinite leave from the organization.kerman/sf 137 the san francisco district attoreys office is also conducting a review of the incident at this time they dont have an update on that review. in sf dan kerman kron 4news (ken) turning now to our four
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zone forecast. it may feel like spring in the bay area... but rain is making a return(catherine) chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us now with when we'll see the wet weather lawrence karnow: it was a gorgeous day with mostly sunny skies early but then the fog returned. the doppler is showing no rain around the state. low clouds and fog will move into the bay and local valleys. on the satellite you can see the next storm headed our tomorrow we will see patchy fog give way to increasing clouds late. rain will move in tomorrow night and continue on wednesday. another storm will arrive late on friday with showers lingering into saturday.
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(catherine) in the last two weeks - more than 27- hundred tons of debris have been collected in the lower russian river area. (ken) clean up efforts are still very much underway following those devastating floods.. as more rain is expected to fall later this week, kron 4's noelle bellow checked in on flood recovery efforts. -- pkg--it's alot of work.. it's a lot of work. mud caked to the ground of the river theater in downtown guernville has owner jerry knight scrubbing everydayit's been the worst in a lot of years.. there's a lot of people that had it harderthan me though. without flood insurance, jerry is tasked with clean up all on his own..from pinesol to vacuuming to bleach. in an effort to help things along -- sonoma county officials did extend their clean up aid to businesses owners like jerry for the remainder of the week. there were fish swimming in here -- you can still see the waterline mark on the window of the dance floor. i was
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gonna go swimming on that dance floor except i thought all this is stuff that was in the river its septic tanks its sewage dischargestandup: it's not just the homes and business that are in need of clean up -- conservationists say it goes much further than that and the impact the floods had on the russian river need to be a focus. the russian river leads directly to the pacific ocean.. and at this time after the floodthe russian river is not settled and as you can tell it's aqua clear on the austin creek side.. and as it reaches the russian river it's pure toxic levels. iris graduanov has lived in cazaderos her whole life. she says she's never seen the river look like this for so long. there was countless gallons of oil, diesel and household hazard products taht were swept away the department of toxic substance control has been testing the river -- preliminary resultsshowing some troubling numbersthe level of toxins are very high and we have more tests that should be released. iris says local groups can only do so much -- and she's hoping the federal government will step in and help, soonat this piont i dont think enough is being done becasue it mouth of the river.. and .. no some 300 volunteers are come out saturday to river, beach and creek and organizers are folks will come to lend a at russian river ,noelle bellow kron 4 news (ken) newsbellow kron 4 river
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,noelle at russian hand. come to lend a folks will hoping more folks will come to lend a hand. at russian river ,noelle bellow kron 4 news (ken) a popular east bay principal is on life support after being shot...allegedly by his own wife. teachers and students at his pittsburg school were shocked to hear what happened they are sending principal paul shatswell get well letters and
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prayers. police say shatswell was critically wounded during a domestic violence incident at his home this weekend. the incident has left people at the pittsburg adult education center in disbelief. (ken)(ken) shatswell is a pittsburg native and father of eight. his wife was arrested and booked for attempted murder. coming up at eight.. police in northern california are warning people to be on alert for this person... who was seen wandering a school campus --- with what looks like a small rifle. plus. measles cases rise again. now at the second highest they've been in nearly two decades. and next. highway 17 is seeing a spike in accidents...what's being blamed for the increase in crashes (ken) and you're looking live at a massive fire fueled by petrochemicals in houston texas... what officials are saying about whether this
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will impact air quality.
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(ken) highway 17 in the south bay is more than living up to its dubious reputation as one of bay area's nastiest commutes.(catherine) there's been a recent spike in crashes along that stretch of highway. kron four's rob fladeboetells us about some of the factors being blamed.. looking back on the wet, wintry months of january and february there were no fewer than 228 crashes on highway 17
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between los gatos and scotts valley. that's the most in a decade and triple the rate on other state roads wth similar traffic patterns according to the group "safe on 17." several people were injured and three people died, which is often the number of fatalities in an entire year. bad weather and slick pavement may be to blame for many of the crashes but too often, accidents are caused when drivers are simply going too fast for conditions says the chp's julieta trenado.juileta trenado/chp "...upon further investigation most o these accidents are due to people speeding and following too closely so we do encourage people to reduce speed especially on the downhill grades..."most of the crashes are occurring on the downhill curves within a mile of the summit in either direction. the chp has stepped enforcement in recent years and caltrans has added extra signs, new turn lanes, wider shoulders skid resistant pavement and other safety measures. another problem is distracted drivingaccording to some of the 63,000 people who drive highway 17 on any given day.
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rob fladeboe/los gatos (ken) the butte county sheriff's office is looking for a suspicious person seen wandering an elementary school with what appears to be a
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rifle. school staff at berry creek elementary contacted police. they showed them surveillance video from sunday. on it --- you can see someone armed with what looks like a small caliber rifle or pellet gun. the person spent about 15 minutes at the school. and appeared to be surveillng it. deputies responded to the school...but the person was not found. (catherine) today marks one year since police shot and killed stephon clark in sacramento. officers shot the unarmed 22-year old - after mistaking his cell phone for a gun. kron 4's sacramento bureau reporter ashley zavala shows us how his family and activists are honoring him. ((pkg)) trt 1:39((say his name))one year later... stephon clark's family is still shaken by his death. (sequita thompson- grandma) "them two officers, that execution style, shooting him like he was nothing. people, please do not judge my grandson." (stevante clark- brother ) "he had his entire life ahead of him, i'd rather me than him." clark's family members, their famous attorney
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ben crump and activist al sharpton stood on the steps of the state capitol monday... pushing for changes to avoid what brought them together in the first place. ((rev al sharpton)) "the legacy is we are going to pass legislation in stephon's name, the legacy is that we won't stop fighting for justice in stephon's name. you might've killed him a year ago but you can't kill a movement."the group called on state lawmakers to pass ab392, which allows police to use deadly force only when absolutely necessary. they're also urging for legislation requiring evidence from officer-involved shootings to always be presented to a grand jury for the public record it provides....something sacramento's district attorney chose not to do. (ben crump- clark family lawyer) "because she didn't give it to any grand jury, none of your citizens will have the right to stand up and say 'we listened to the testimony in the killing of stephon clark and i object!' we don't have that right, because there was no grand jury." although clark is no longer alive, his family is confident his spirit will live forever through change in his city, his state and possibly the law. tag.
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(catherine) the number of measles cases in the u.s. just keeps growing.the c-d-c says there have been at least 268 cases since the first of the year. that's 40 more than last week. fifteen u-s states are reporting measles -- including washington state, which has been dealing with an outbreak since january. cases have also been reported in california-- and right here in the bay area. in all of 20-18, the c-d-c reported 372 cases of measles in the u-s. that was the second- highest number in more than 20 years. now to our four zone forecast. taking a live look outside at s-f-o.kron-4's
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chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here now with the forecast lawrence karnow: it was a gorgeous day with mostly sunny skies early but then the fog returned. the doppler is showing no rain around the state. low clouds and fog will move into the bay and local valleys. on the satellite you can see the next storm headed our way. tomorrow we will see patchy fog give way to increasing clouds late. rain will move in tomorrow night and continue on wednesday. another storm will arrive late on friday with showers lingering into saturday. (ken) happening now...a
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massive fire burning in houston could go on for at least two more days. the fire is burning about 15 miles southeast of houston. the fire started yesterday at intercontinental yesterday at intercontinental terminals company. it stores petrochemical liquids and gases.. including fuel oil and bunker oil the company's website says they have a storage capacity of more than 13 million barrels. authorities and the company say reviews of the air quality around the facility show it is not dangerous to individuals. they say they will they say they will continue monitoring it though.
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new ahead at 8 he's accused in the murd tod the 24 year old appeared in court... and flashed a message about the president. and next. the money mistake that might be making a lot of women more poor... (catherine) woman 1: i had no symptoms of hepatitis c.
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vo: ...and all medicines you take,plements. vo: taking amiodarone with epclusa may cause a serious slowing of your heart rate. vo: common side effects include headache and tiredness. vo: ask your doctor today, if epclusa is your kind of cure. making a lot of women more poor... (catherine) when it comes to managing money-- women might be making a crucial financial mistake that's really costing them.. (ken) a new report shows a majority of women worldwide are deferring long-term money
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decisions to their spouse. in tonight's consumer watch-- mary moloney has a closer look at how that can affect women's finances. who calls the shots when it comes to your family's finances?according to a new report -- women aren't making enough money moves.58-percent of surveyed women say they leave crucial long term financial choices up to their male partners.that's according to a recent study from u-b-s global wealth found only 23-percent of surveyed women in 9 major industrial countries take charge of long-term financial planning decisions.and millennial women between the ages of 20 to 34 are even more likely to let men lead.with 56- percent of them passing on that responsibility to their partners.researchers say it's a bad habit that can set them back financially--- especially if their spouse dies or they get divorced.on the flipside---- the same study found that a couple's long-term financial outlook improved when they worked
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together.the study found that women reported higher confidence in their future, made less mistakes and had less stress about when it comes to money-- it pays to have those tough money conversations with your partner.experts say stay involved... backseat... and be willing to compromise.for today's consumer watch-- i'm mary moloney. coming up at eight.. flood records have been shattered in the midwest--- and it could get even worse. plus. the president goes on a tweetstorm --- but some say this time he took it to a whole new level and next. days after the new zealand massacre.. there's been another suspected terror attack overseas. how the u-s is responding
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even if no one in your home smokes, secondhand smoke can be closer than you think. secondhand smoke from a neighbor's apartment can enter your home through air vents, through light fixtures and even through cracks in the walls and the floors. secondhand smoke is toxic. especially to children. protect your family. visit (ken) days after the new
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zealand massacre -- police in the dutch city of utrecht arrested their own possible terror suspect . investigators say 37-year-old gokmen tanis (gehk-man tahn- ish) shot and killed at least three people and wounded nine others inside a tram. (catherine) police are investigating a possible terrorist motive for the deaths. omar jimenez is in washington to explain how the u.s. is taking note of the security concerns around the world. fear inside a dutch tram as a gunman opens fire.police arrested a 37-year-old man -- gokmen tanis (gehk-man tahn- ish) -- for the deadly attack. dutch police: "one of the scenarios is that it's terrorism, but we're not sure." the shooting in the netherlands happening just three days after the deadliest terror attack in new zealand's history.investigators say 28-year-old brenton harrison
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tarrant -- an australian -- targeted two mosques in christchurch.50 people lost their lives.just before the attack -- investigators believe the gunman posted a link to a white nationalist manifesto.the 87-page document is filled with anti-immigrant and anti-muslim sentiments. jacinda ardern / new zealand pm:" there are those who do not share our values of openness, of diversity, of compassion.".as new zealand works to change its gun laws -- homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen sees domestic terrorism as a, quote, "real and serious danger."kirstjen nielsen / secretary of homeland security: "i want to make one thing very clear: we will not permit such hate in our homeland"the secretary says she sees a range of threats.kirstjen nielsen / secretary of homeland security: "i am concerned about them holding our infrastructure hostage, stealing our money and secrets, exploiting children online and even hacking our democracy."in washington -- i'm omar jimenez reporting. (ken) this year -- the
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department of homeland security will host the first- ever national summit on terrorism prevention. it will span two days --and bring together tech companies -- n- g-os --community leaders -- law enforcement -- social service providers -- and more --to better "crowd-source" against terror. (catherine) the house judiciary committee plans to hold a hearing on the rise of white nationalism. that follows the shootings at two mosques in new zealand that left 50 people dead. the man charged in the attack cited a list of white nationalists as inspiration in a manifesto posted online. a new report says that terror attacks in the u-s by "far righperpetrators" more than quadrupled between 2016 and 2017. the f-b-i also notes an uptick in domestic terrorism in the u-s...where there areroughly 900 open domestic investigations. (catherine) there's flooding across flooding
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deadly there's deadly flooding across nebraska and iowa... and authorities are warning that it could get even worse.(ken)camila bernal explains why meteorologists say flood risks will remain high all week throughout the midwest . the flooding in nebraska could get worse before it gets better... "this a little too much to take init's like i look out there and i don't see nothin' but a big ocean."flood records have been shattered, and more expected this week"my father says this is the worst one since '44.//he's lived here his whole entire life- 1 mile east of here. he's in the trailer house. it's gone. i don't know what we're gonna do with him."the flooding has already killed at least three people in nebraska and one man in iowa.voice of gov. pete ricketts/-r- nebraska: " so what we really want people to do is to stay safe. if you see water, don't try to cross it. its very dangerous."more than 8 million people are under part because of the rapid melting of ice and snow.pedram javaheri/cnn meteorologist: "ice jams also a prominent threat now as we are seeing
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all this melting and the ice and debris getting into the rivers and waterways"the big concern now, floodwater draining downstream.... getting to communities that can't take much morepete ricketts/-r- nebraska: "this really is the most devastating flooding weve probably ever had in our state's history from the standpoint of how widespread it is."bernal reporting (ken) chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us now. (catherine) he's been tracking the serious flooding in the midwest... lawrence karnow: it was a gorgeous day with mostly sunny skies early but then the fog returned. the doppler is showing no rain around the state. low clouds and fog will valleys. on the satellite you
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can see the next storm headed our way. tomorrow we will see patchy fog give way to increasing clouds late. rain will move in tomorrow night and continue on wednesday. another storm will arrive late on friday with showers lingering into saturday. (catherine) a man who's been arrested and expected to be charged with the murder of a mafia underboss.... flashed what appeared to be pro-trump messages in trump saturday.lingering into saturday.
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(catherine) a man who's been arrested and expected to be charged with the murder of a mafia underboss.... flashed what appeared to be pro-trump messages in court. while waiting for his court hearing to start -24 year old anthony comello held up his hand. on it ---
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were slogans like "maga forver" -- referencing trump's campaign slogan "make america great again" it also read "united we stand maga" and "patriots in charge" comello will be extradited to new york to face charges. he's expected to be charged with the murder of francesco "frankie boy" cali. cali was a high-ranking member of the gambino organized crime family... possibly the crime boss. (ken) president trump unleashed a weekend twitter storm with a record 29 tweets and retweets on sunday alone. as grant lodes shows us, his targets ranged from general motors to the late senator john mccain ... to a t-v show that frequently targets him. live from new york it's saturday night...the president went after the nbc comedy show where he is frequently mocked ... suggesting that the f=c=c investigate its political bias and accusing late night hosts of colluding with russia. typing sfxgeneral motors and its workers are also in collusion, the president tweeted, in shutting down the lordstown car factory.typing
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sfxbut it was his tweets about john mccain that drew the biggest response... he accused the late arizona senator of leaking a dosisier about trump's ties to the russian government to try to harm trump's chances ahead of the 2016 electionmccain said he passed the document along to the fbi after the election.the tweet also falsely claimed that mccain was last in his class at annapolis.mccain's daughter meghan, a co-host on "the view," compared her family to the president's. "your life is spent on your weekends, not with your family, not with your friends but obsessing, obsessing over great men you could never live up to." the husband of white house counselor kelleyann conway suggested that the president's daylong twitter rant fits the definition of a narcissitic personality disorder:"a pervasive pattern of grandiosity, need for admiration and lack of empathy. his wife disagreed."no, i don't share those concerns ."
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still ahead at 8 it's attracting thousands to a small california town. what forced the city to shut down super bloom access over the weekend. also -- billionaire warren buffett is offering the chance to win a milliondollars a year -- but there's a catch. sarah's last tuition payment, sent off. feeling good? oh yeah. now i'm ready to focus on my project. ♪ ♪
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this is why we plan. ♪ ♪ you never cease to amaze me, maya. see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch. (ken) a warning for
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people looking for the perfect superbloom selfie-- officials say accessing an area of fields in southern california may not be easy. the site in lake elsinore is
8:42 pm
reopen now. after it was shut down sunday. it's located about 90 minutes from los angeles. the city says unbearable conditions forced the closure. including overwhelming crowds and a massive traffic jam. the city says the super bloom has drawn thousands of visitors from around the world. the super bloom is a result of an unusually wet winter. next at 8 he spotted red flags...and it turns out he was right. what an iowa trooper noticed about a man headed for the bay area--- that prompted him to notify local police.
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(catherine) an iowa trooper says he acted on a gut feeling...and it might have prevented an attack on google headquarters here in the bay area.(ken) angelina salcedo tells us the red flags which raised the alarm for that trooper.. and what happened when the suspect was tracked to mountain view. (nats)it was a normal call to respond to: one vehicle in the ditch at the 92 mile marker of i-80.trooper ryan zenor/ iowa state patrol"the vehicle was running, the windows were down, the radio was on and there was no one around."that was the first red flag for trooper zenor.sot trooper - "that is not typical, somebody that is in danger, or does wreck, usually calls." after running the truck's license plate, cops found out long was from maine and has a violent past. trooper ryan zenor/ iowa state patrol"they immediately put me in an officer safety alert - meaning this subject had diagnosed mental disorders, was extremely violent."meanwhile long was at the nearby kum and go waiting for a tow truck when troopers circled back to question him. (nats)trooper: "what did you
8:46 pm
say you're going down to california for?"long: "a business meeting at google headquarters."trooper: "where's all your luggage and stuff?"long: "this is it!" officers had no reason to arrest him, so they let him go to california.but they weren't completely done with the case. trooper ryan zenor/ iowa state patrol"he never just came out in direct threats he kind of worked around it that if they wouldn't have this meeting, he was going to make a meeting happen. that was kind of the final, this information must get passed on."so trooper zenor called police in california.trooper ryan zenor/ iowa state patrol"i relayed to them, 'i really think this subject has thoughts and he could actually harm someone.'" hours later police in california arrested long for making thgoogle employees.back home in iowa, trooper zenor was relieved trooper ryan zenor/ iowa state patrol"i truly believe i was just doing my job. i truly feel like anybody, any other officer in this situation would've handled and done that extra work." (catherine) police say long was angry
8:47 pm
at you-tube -- because his videos were deleted, preventing him from earning money. mountain view police say they found three baseball bats in his trunk. they're holding long on suspicion of making criminal threats. (catherine) for your health. is it a good idea for heart health to takea daily aspirin -- or not? (ken) meredith wood takes on this age old question in tonight's health minute. an aspirin a day has long been held as sage advice when it comes to preventing or staving off a heart attack or stroke. but according to new college of cardiology and the american heart association, the benefits may not outweigh the risks, for older adults without a history of heart disease.for those adults, the study's author says a healthy lifestyle coupled with getting blood pressure and cholesterol under control are the best
8:48 pm
preventatives.a daily low-dose aspirin can increase the risk of internal bleeding and early of the study's co- chairs says daily aspirin regiments can benefit older adults with a history of heart disease who have trouble lowering their always, there isn't a one size fits all rule. every patient should work with their doctor to determine the right prevention plan for them.for today's health minute, i'm meredith wood. they say all good things must come to an end...and so is the case with the warriors short-lived winning streak. the dubs dropped a tough one in san antonio tonight... but to be fair, they ran into a red-hot spurs team who had won 8 straight games... 10 straight at home... coming into tonight... one of stories of the night...andrew bogut... back in a warriors uniform he started and played pretty well... 7 points and 7 rebounds in 19 minutes... inclding three dunks end of the frst quarter... steph curry... from three-quarters-court... beats
8:49 pm
the buzzer!... that was a 61- footer... score tied 25-25 after one 2nd quarter... the spurs take over... lamarcus aldridge... hits the face-up jumper... he had 23 points and 13 rebounds... spurs up 11 at the half 4th quarter... klay thompson... hits his 3rd stright three to get the warriors within 5... but klay and steph wrre only 14-of-43 from the field tonight less than 3 minutes left... demar derozan... with the reverse going baseline... 106- 99 spurs next spurs possession... davis ber- tahns... the man with the 2nd best 3-point-percentage in the nba... nails the triple... 109- 102 spurs after a steph three cut the deficit to 4... range"... makes the tough turnaround jumper over klay... 111-105 spurs... derozan had 26 points, 9 rebounds, 8 assists steve kerr and his mentor... gregg popovich... with the postgame pleasantries final score... 111-105 spurs... the denver nuggets won in boston... so now it's a dead heat for the number-1 seed in the west with 13 games
8:50 pm
left spurs 9th left spurs 9th stright win... 11th straight at home some good news for the dubs today...the results of demarcus cousins' m-r-i today came back negative...but cousins was not in action for tonight's matchup with san antonio...he rested that right ankle he tweaked against the thunder on saturday, and is now listed as day-to-day. cousins is coming off two of his best performances in a warriors uniform...he put up a season-high 27 points against houston last thursday, and followed that up with a dominant defensive outing, including two steals and two blocks against oklahoma city. march madness is officially upon us..the women's field loca teams are going dancing...the stanford cardinal have gotta like their draw...tara vanderveer's squad will host its first round game after earning a number two seed...the cardinal take on 15th-seeded uc davis on saturday with a 2:30 pacific start time. stanford is fresh off winning the pac-12 tournament...and this is the 32nd straight year the
8:51 pm
cardinal are in the tournament...only tennessee has a longer active streak, with 38 appearances. cal, meanwhile, doesn't get the luxury of staying local...the bears earned a number 8 seed and are headed to waco texas...they'll take on nine-seed north carolina on saturday, tip time 12:30 pacific. cal has one of the nation's top players in kristine anigwe...she and the bears are making their third consecutive trip to the big dance. and finally tonight...antonio brown hasn't been an oakland raider for very long, but he's wasting no time in a having a little fun with his teammates. brown's zest for competition extending to this bouncy house obstacle course race...the setup part of the celebration for derek carr's son decker...they held the festivities at bulldog stadium in fresno, carr's alma mater...and while brown's elite speed certainly on display at points of the race...he seemingly never recovers from getting tripped up at the rock-climbing wall. we're hoping he fares a little better when it comes to catching passes this fall. (catherine) next at 8...
8:52 pm
warren buffett wants to share some of his wealth...but before you get too excited.....we'll tell you about the catch involved...
8:53 pm
8:54 pm
billionaire investor warren buffett wants to give somebody one million dollars a year for the rest of their life.(catherine) but there's a significant catch. the berkshire hathaway c-e-o is once again holding a march madness men's college basketball bracket contest. the rules are simple, anyone
8:55 pm
who can pick the last 16 teams in the tournament will win a million dollars a year for life. but to play, you have to be an employee at berkshire hathaway. about 100-thousand employees have completed brackets in recent years. last year, not a single worker won the contest. (catherine) that wraps up kron 4 news at 8.(ken) but our primetime coverage is just getting started this monday. grant lodes and vicki liviakis are here with kron 4 news at 9. ((grant))thank you ken and at nine...a bay area family is on edge tonight after they say someone broke into their home while they were sleeping.and it was all caught on camera.including this video of the suspect going into a room with a baby the hunt is on for this man.we'll hear from the family, next in a live report. plus...three shootings on bay area freeways in the past three days.including one young woman who was killed.where they happened why authorities don't believe these incidents are connected.((grant)) plus..we'll take you to a vigil in the south bay tonight for victims of last week's
8:56 pm
massacre at a mosque in new zealand.((vicki))keep it here..kron 4 news at nine starts right after the break.
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(grant) a terrifying moment for one bay area family... after a burglar broke into their home.. then went into the baby's room-- with the child sleeping in the crib... the whole thing-- caught on camera... and the thief is still out there.... (grant) thanks for joining us im grant lodes....(vicki) and im vicki liviakis... it happened at a home on cotta way near souza way in vallejo... surveillance video shows the man making off with thousands of dollars worth of electronics .(grant) kron4's dan thorn is live in vallejo tonight with reaction from the family... dan? as you can imagine the family says they're pretty upset about the stolen gadgets but their real concern is for the safety of the 4 year old and 1 year old who were sleeping in their rooms at the time of the break in. a vallejo family is looking for answers after this man breaks into their home and
9:00 pm
steals thousands of dollars worth of electronics..sot: this is supposed to be your safe place. your home is supposed to be your safe place.. schendelle (shin dell boho lah no) bohulano says the burglar broke into their sister's house on cotta way sunday morning. surveillance images from around 8 am captured the man stealing a phone. he also made off with mac books, headphones and an ipad..nats sot: this is where he took the mac desk top..and this is where he pulled the cord nats..but bohulano says it's this part of the surveillance video that terrified the family..sot: it was scary i was like in tears once i saw that video... the burglar is seen quickly sneaking into the baby's room while the 1 year old is peacefully resting..his 4 year old sister and mom were also fast asleep at the time.. bohulano says she feared for her nephew and niece..sot: i was very angry i was just like i was really honestly upset about that that's why i was like the moment i got here i went and hugged my niece and nephew im so glad that they're safe. in the video the burglar is seen in front of the home wearing a red hoodie. but it appears he came in through the back window after destroying the screen. bohulano says the man targeted the home after her sister's husband left to go for a morning run.when he


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