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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  March 20, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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nats screeching(grant) (grant) illegal sideshows seem to be popping up more and more... and that means the danger to people is growing across many parts of the bay area. now one east bay county has come up with a way to try to deter them. good evening i'm grant lodes. (vicki) and i'm vicki liviakis. the contra costa county public works department is trying to break up the illegal sideshows that keep happening on the backroads in martinez. today-- they showed kron 4's philippe djegalthey are now testing to prevent drivers from spinning donuts. .. (philippe) a not so hidden
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secret in rural martinez... craig hutchinson/neighbor- "the sideshows are always a problem." a problem now being exposed and addressed by the contra costa county public works department... neighbors living near the intersection of alhambra valley and bear creek roads say if something wasn't done -- someone could eventually die.craig hutchinson/neighbor- "they always do it in the middle of the night, typically, so you don't see it until the next morning when you see the skid marks." and, those skid marks are hard to miss...steve padilla/public works- "this is a first of its kind, uh project, uh, not only in contra costa county, but i believe in the bay area." steve padilla with county public works says his department has installed about 100 raised pavement markers at this troubled intersection. steve padilla/public works- "what we're hoping is that these raised markers will make it a deterrent and make it uncomfortable for, uh, sideshow participants to come out and do what they do." the domes aren't large... they're about six inches wide and an inch and three quarters high. they won't stop people from driving over them... but they can damage your car.steve padilla/public works- "as the car is turning, they're going to hit these raised markers, and its going to not make it for a smooth ride. uh, and, you know, they want to be able to, you know, to do the cookies and turn in a way that they're unimpeded, and these raised markers are going to
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impede that. and, so we're hoping that, um, they won't be able to do what they want to do, the way they want to do it, uh, with these raised markers." padilla says although this is considered a pilot project, it was relatively inexpensive... costing only about 50-thousand dollars to add the markers and improve the shoulder lanes as well. public works and law enforcement will work together with neighbors to determine the effectiveness of the markers... and, possibly consider adding more throughout the county in the future. in martinez, philippe djegal, kron four news. (grant) a pittsburg principal... allegedly shot by his wife... is in a coma due to a brain injury and paralysis.(vicki) that's according to the contra costa county district attorney's office. which just
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charged his wife with attempted murder. paul shatswell was shot over the weekend during a domestic violence incident. now his wife maria vides is officially charged with attempted murder. the felony charge comes with two enhancements. that includes cause great bodily injury causing a brain injury and paralysis. 45 year old shatwell is the principal at the pittsburg adult education center. on monday- teachers and students were disturbed to hear what happened. saying their campus community is tight knit and like family. (anchor1) taking a look at stormtracker 4 radar... the rain is moving out of the rain is 4 radar... the rain is moving out of the bay area but another storm is on the way. (anchor 2) time now to check on our weather... with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. lawrence karnow: we started with plenty of clouds and rain this morning making for a difficult commute. by the afternoon the clouds had
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parted and the sunshine returned but it was much cooler. highs today were in the 50s and 60s. on the radar you can see more showers and thunderstorms across the state. the rain will decrease overnight but another storm is not far away. tomorrow will be mostly dry with a slight chance of coastal showers. highs will be in the 50s to mid 60s. storm clouds will return on friday with rain and gusty winds. showers will linger into saturday morning. more rain is expected next week. (grant) a big story tonight... police in petaluma are investigating the beating of a man as a possible hate crime (vicki) the incident occurred right in the downtown area. kron 4's dan
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kerman is live there tonight with more... dan? petaluma police are investiagting a vicious assault in the downtown area as a possible hate crime. police say two saturdays ago a white couple exited this restaurant about 9 in the evening, and as they walked to their car a block away, the man was attacked by 4-5 african american men. sot lt. tim lyons/petaluma policehe received injuries from one suspect and a second then came up and kicked him in the face and they believe it was racially motivated.the 60 year old victim, who suffered broken bones to the face and was hospitalized for two days, maintains the assault near the intersection of petaluma boulevard north and mary street was unprovoked and racially motivated sot he said there was a derogatory term made to him before the assault. petaluma police says there are some inconsistancies between the victim's statement and his companions, which they are trying to clear upsotwe have checked with some restaurants and bars checking for some surveillance video, we havent been able to independantly confirm that it did occur but the victim did receive injuries. the search for the
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suspects is ongoing... neither the victim or his companion could provide a good description of the suspects other than they were driving an emerald green honda civic. (grant) students held a rally on the cal campus to bring attention to an incident involving classmates being arrested by u-c police. officers say they were looking for someone who had an illegal weapon on campus when it happened. kron4's haaziq
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madyun has the story. nats/demonstrators"no justice! no peace""no racist police"the black student union here at uc berkeley organized this demonstration to bring attention to what they say is uc police arresting a pair of cal students and a ucsf student on campus on march 8th 2019. according to uc police on that date two of their officers were responding to the report of someone being in possession of a stun device which they say is unlawful on campus. uc police say when the officers tried to confiscate the stun device a struggle took place ending with the students being arrestedsotthese bsu student demonstrators and their supporters agreesotsotsome students question why they are not allowed to have stun devices on campussot
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uc berkeley released a statement that reads in part... "we recognize this arrest has become a racial issue for some of our community members. we are committed to supporting a fair and thorough investigation, and to taking the steps necessary to maintain a relationship of trust with our community and our guests, while ensuring their safety"the demonstration lasted a couple of hours and ended peacefully...on the cal campus in berkeley haaziq madyun kron4news (grant) a repeat d-u-i offender will spend 21 years to life in prison in a crash that killed a mother and her seven year old daughter. 26 year old jose lopez-perez was driving
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under the influence on highway 12 the morning of november 14 20-17. his truck crossed over the center line. and collided head on with the victim's car. 27 year old estefania soto was driving her daughter kaliyah to school at the time. soto was killed instantly. kaliyah was pulled from the car by good samaritans. but later died at the hospital. lopez-perez was found to have a blood alcohol level of point one seven. more than double the legal limit. he was charged with murder because of a prior d-u-i conviction. (vicki) across california today... tens of thousands of university of california workers walked off the job for a one day strike. that includes many employees here in the bay area. kron 4's charles clifford has details from san francisco. well, here on the uc campus along parnassus in san francisco, hundreds of workers were walking the picket lines for a one day strike. now they are with the university of california research and techincal workers union. that's about 14,000 people state wide. they are on a one
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day strike protesting what they say are cutbacks on benefits and the flattening of wages. the uion has been trying to negoitate a new contract with the uc for two years. now there are two other unions, the healthcare workers union and the patient care workers. they are out on a sympathy strike. that includes about 39000 people statewide. now, i talked to several people here who say they are frustrated by this process.sot we have had real wage errosion throughout this whole time. i'm taking, everyone is taking, home less with the cost of living going up. we have less at ucsf the hosptial says they have had to reschedule 689 outpatient appointments because of the strike. the operations manager here at the hospital says they are doing what they can to keep things running.sotwe were given 10 days notice so since then we were able to secure repalcement workers. someone of them have been here before. our staffing was adjusted and we notifed patients in terms of the one we would have to, at this point it's unclear when the union and uc will return to negotiations. it's also unclear if the union are planning any more strikes. in san francisco , charles clifford kron 4 news.
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(grant) coming up... a disturbing story of abuse... a mother is now behind bars-- accused of torturing her adopted children for years. why nobody noticed-- despite the kids starring in a popular youtube show. (vicki) and relief could be on the way for the hundreds of thousands of new mothers suffering from postpartum depression. the new drug the f-d-a just approved. (grant) plus... we are learning new information about a bay area family tied to the college admissions scandal. what the parents sold-- in order to get their kids into elite schools.
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(grant) tonight we're learning more about the college admissions scandal. new details are emerging in the case against a hillsborough couple charged with fraud and conspiracy. (vicki)kron4's maureen kelly reports that they are alleged to have paid with over a half million dollars worth of facebook stock to get two of their daughters into elite schools. here's the profile picture of bruce and davina isackson's daughter lauren....from the ucla women's soccer team
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roster....under her bio it states in not only that she was team captain for the woodside soccer club for 4 years....but was selected mvp in 2015. but according to the current head coach of that club.... nobody's heard of lauren isaacson unfortunately zak ibsen wasn't with the club during those years....but he says they've done an exhaustive search of their records and talked to as many people associated with the club at that time as possible we've come to the conclusion that it's almost impossible because we didn't actually have a girls team that would be her age during those years according to the court documents detailing the allegations against her parents....rick singer...the alleged ringleader of this nationwide scheme....told law enforcement that the isacksons agreed to use bribery to secure her admission to an elite school ....singer using a falsified soccer profile to do so. and in 2016 the father transfered over a quarter of a million dollars in facebook stock to singer's charitable foundation. and over the next two years isackson allegedly
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transfered more stock...over 350-thousand dollars worth....paying enter into a cheating scheme for a younger daughter....and to secure a her admission into usc as a rowing recruit....even though that wasn't her sport. during a wiretap...singer idenfied in the documents as cooperating witness one....told the father that his foundation was being audited ....and "what i've told them so far is that 600k plus has actually gone to pay for our foundation for underserved kids."to which isackson replied "uh-huh"he went on to say..."i did take a write off for those yes."the news of the audit apparently spooked the isackson's ...according to these court documents....when allegdly discussing entering into a college entrance exam cheating scheme for a third child....the father said....i think we'll definitely pay cash this time....."no one answered the door at the isackson's hillborough home...and a young woman driving away in a porche....would not acknowlegde my questions. maureen kelly kron4 news. (grant) while officials examine the wreckage of the
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latest boeing 737 max-8 crash, the country's best=known airline pilot says there is a clear reason for why two of the planes crashed in a six month period.captain sully sullenberg, who successfully landed a stricken airliner in the hudson river ten years ago, writes in marketwatch that the blame goes to the too=cozy relationship between the government and boeing. french investigators are going over the black box recovered at the scene where a boeing 737-8 max crashed in ethiopia ten days ago. today... they're saying there √°are clear similarities to the lion air plane that careened into the sea off the coast of indonesia less than six months ago. all 189 people on board that lion air 7-3-7 max 8 jet died. the apparent reason: a faulty sensor... prompted the plane's computer to override the pilot controls and send t uncontrollable dive. the technology, installed only in
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the latest 737 model, was approved not by the government, but by boeing engineers themselves. in captain sullenberg's words, "there simply are not nearly enough f=a=a employees to do this important work in-house." boeing says it has a fix for the software glitch, and hopes to have the planes back in the air by the end of next month. but that plan is already running into some turbulence. the wall street journal reports that a federal prosecutor has launched a criminal investigation. a grand jury in washington state has issued a subpoena to at least one involved in the plane's transportation secretary elaine chao has asked for a formal audit of the certification process for the max planes. and a senate committee scheduled a next week to from the n=t=s=b, the department of transportation. (grant) (grant) europe's air (grant) europe's air safety organization has already said it will no longer automatically approve every airliner okayed by the f=a=a.
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that means the new 737's could be banned from transatlantic routes until authorities there are convinced of their airworthiness. (anchor) taking a live look outside-- our sutro camera overlooking san francisco. (anchor) time now to check on our weather... with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. lawrence karnow: we started with plenty of clouds and rain this morning making for a difficult commute. by the afternoon the clouds had parted and the sunshine returned but it was much cooler. highs today were in the 50s and 60s. on the radar you can see more showers and thunderstorms across the state. the rain will decrease overnight but another storm is not far away. tomorrow will be mostly dry with a slight
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chance of coastal showers. highs will be in the 50s to mid 60s. storm clouds will return on friday with rain and gusty winds. showers will linger into saturday morning. more rain is expected next week.
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a neighborhood feud goes viral... why a santa rosa man set up a garden party of naked mannequins in his yard. (grant) plus... another report about housing costs in the bay area... how much more expensive the south bay is getting-- and the startling amount you need for a down payment on a home.
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(vicki) time now once again for some more eye- popping numbers in connection with the increasingly unaffordable bay area real estate market. kron four's rob fladeboe checks in with the not-all-that-surprising findings of a new survey from zillow. according to a new survey from the on line real estate service known as zillow, the median sale price here in san jose has now has pushed up to a jaw-dropping$1-point-2 million dollars. zillow says the market here has cooled some but it's still one of the hottest markets in the country. i asked local realtor rick smith for his opinion.rick smith/windemere real estatewhile some sellers have cut prices a bit and some properties are taking longer to sell, many buyers have been pushed out. rick smith/windemeresmith says inventory is on the rise. what do you find in that median-price range? this home
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on clintonia avenue in willow glen is on the market for $1 million, 98,000. this one juliet avenue is listed at $1 million, 199,00 and this one on camden oaks court is at a million, 250. but you can find something for less that that. rick smith gave me a tour of this 3-bedroom, one-bath twelve-hundred square foot home on hillsdale avenue that just sold for $795-thousand. rick smith/windemerethis home more in line with the median-priced home across the 9-county bay region which remains about $750,000. in san jose rob fladeboe kron4news in san jose rob fladeboe kron4 news
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(grant) next at 5:30... a crucial vote tomorrow for the oakland raiders. the future of where the team will play next season now lies in the hands of the city council. (vicki) plus... a mother is accused of severely abusing her adopted children for years. hear from a family who just had two of the boys at their home-- and didn't notice anything was wrong. to simone, i leave the van gogh. to harrison, the wine collection. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs,
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all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california. (vicki) our top story
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tonight at 5:30... an arizona mother is accused of locking her seven adopted children in a closet, pepper spraying and starving them if they didn't perform properly in her popular you-tube videos. (grant) another family who makes similar videos and collaborated with two of the kids recently... says they didn't notice anything was off. kim powell has the story. zeb schnorr/father"we have a schedule of when we can collaborate with people and they wanted to do it so we said sure."about two weeks ago, the kids of extreme toys t-v welcomed two other children from a youtube channel in maricopa to come shoot a video at their home. natsot"give them 30 seconds, then attack." zeb schnorr/father"normal kids, normal playing, they played with the kids, they ran around the house."tawny schnorr/mother
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"they got along well with our kids, well-behaved."but zeb and tawny schnorr said they immediately deleted the video and took down any pictures of that day.after learning that their adoptive mother is accused of abusing those kids for years.zeb schnorr/father "you just try and reminisce about the day and try to pick up on little things and i just... i got nothing."tawny schnorr/mother"as stupid as it sounds, i'm glad they got to eat at least.according to the report, the kids told police that if they didn't want to cooperate with the youtube videos or could not recall their lines, they would be brutally punished.tawny schnorr/mother"i don't know how you sleep at night. my kids are my everything and if they came to me and said that they didn't want to do youtube, then it would be over."the schnorrs said they'll likely take a break from their youtube channel, as this just hits too close to home.tawny schnorr/mother"you should never have had to go through that and i'm sorry that you were in our house and we didn't see anything. i hope that they can move past this and that they find the families that they deserve." they deserve."


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