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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  March 22, 2019 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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moore. we have team coverage on a series of storms moving in... chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is tracking those storms.. but first, storms.. tracking those storms.. but first, let's start with kron 4's gayle ong..she is live in san francisco... gayle how are the conditons there tonight? toss to weather with lawrence. lawrence
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kron 4 news.gayle ong (ken) in national news -- special counsel robert mueller has concluded his investigation into russia's possible election interference.... and his final report is now in the hands of the attorney general ábill barr.á(pam) barr has some big decisions to make, and members of congress are seeking answers, quickly. karin caifa .. in washington with the very latest .. and what happens now. after nearly two years -- special counsel robert mueller's comprehensive report on the russia probe is in the hands of attorney general bill barr.and it's up to barr how much lawmakers -- and the public -- see of mueller's work.sen. chuck schumer / -d- new york: "the special counsel's investigation focused on questions that go to the integrity of our democracy itself, whether foreign powers corruptly interfered in our elections and whether unlawful means were used to hinder the
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investigation."the investigation yielded - 199 criminal counts- 37 people and entities charged- 7 people pleading guilty- 5 people sentenced to prison- and 1 person convicted at trialunder justice department regulations mueller must detail his prosecutions and his declinations -- who was charged, who wasn't charged and why. according to a senior justice official -- the special counsel is ánotá recommending any further indictments.the attorney general wrote to top members of the house and senate judiciary committees -- he "may be in a position to advise you of the special counsel's principal conclusions as soon as this weekend."democrats want to see -- everything.rep. eric swalwell / -d- california: "we want to full report. we want it now and we want it before the president is going to get it or able to make any edits." senate majority leader, republican mitch mcconnell welcomed the news, in a statement, calling for "as much openness and transparency as possible."in a statement -- white house press secretary sarah sanders wrote "the next steps are up to attorney general barr, and we look forward to the process taking its course."the president -- spending the weekend in florida -- has not yet responded to the conclusion of the investigation. in washington -- i'm karin caifa reporting.
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turned in today, a number of bay area representatives talked about what the report could involve ... and their desire that it be made public... (ken) our grant lodes is here breaking down what the represntatives are saying. grant? (grant) some presidential hopefuls are weighing on the on the mueller report.... beto o'rourke made comments during a stop at the trades- man brewing company in charleston, south carolina... and senator kamala harris was in grapevine, texas where she met with voters...
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if we do not receive them, 243 years in, there's nothing that guarantees us a 244th. for this democracy to succeed, people must put our country before their party the next election. the approval of the presidentwhat matters now is the future of the united states.> (grant) (grant) nancy pelosi releasing this statement on the mueller investigation: "... it is imperative for mr. barr to make the full report public and provide its underlying documentation and findings to congress. attorney general
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barr must not give president trump, his lawyers or his staff any 'sneak preview' of special counsel mueller's findings or evidence, and the white house must not be allowed to interfere in decisions about what parts of those findings or evidence are made public." (grant) and u-s representative from the east bay, democrat barbara lee releasing this statement: "the questions probed by special counsel robert mueller go to the very core of our democracy. the american people deserve to know whether foreign powers interfered in our elections - and whether there were illegal attempts to obstruct federal investigators from determining the answer." (grant) fellow democrat and u-s representative anna eshoo from the south bay and peninsula released a statement saying in part -- "the american people deserve to know the facts about the russian attack on our democracy during the 2016 election. questions of grave concern are at stake, and the country has a right to the full truth." (grant) again president trump has not yet responded to the conclusion of the investigation... but he has repeatedly called the
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investigation a quote "witch hunt" and claims there was no obstruction... and no collusion between his campaign and russia. (pam) developing tonight... new details into the death of san francisco public defender jeff adachi. (ken) according to the medical examiner report just released this afternoon... cocaine and alcohol contributed to adachi's death. kron 4's michelle kingston has the latest. michellethe medical examiner ruled adachi's death as accidental.and in addition to the cocaine and alcohol in his system -- they say he also had a form of heart disease.(mk) jeff adachi served as the city's public defender since 2002.he died last month ... after a night out with a female companion.according to the san francisco medical examiner report ... adachi had spent the day with this woman ... named "catalina."according to the report ..."at some point, they consumed some edibles (cannabis). around
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4pm, they went to a north beach restaurant and had dinner. they drank a glass or two of champagne, and mr. adachi ate well."at dinner -- he began to complain of upper respiratory problems and began sweating.his friend asked if he wanted to go to the hospital but he refused.they took a ride share back to a north beach apartment, which, according to the report, belongs to a lawyer who lives outside of the bay the apartment, he took ibuprofen ... but continued to sweat and experience severe abdominal pain.he asked his companion to pick up some zantac. when she returned from the corner store, he was still in pain and became confused.she called 911.paramedics say that "...witnesses at the scene stated that (adachi) had been acting 'strange' and unlike himself, grinding his teeth before collapsing. emergency services found (him) unresponsive on the floor of a bedroom."he was administered narcan and was transported to the hospital -- where he was later pronounced dead.michelle adachi died back on february 22 at the age of 59. in the newsroom michelle kingston kron 4 news (pam) oakland police are searching for a suspect in connection to a stabbing on a bartrain. officers say -- the stabbing happened this afternoon at the fruitvale
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station. bart officials temporary closed the station and the victim was taken to a nearby hospital with non-life threatening injuries. police are still investigating what led up to the stabbing. (ken) another big story tonight... the cal- bears football coach reacted about the sexual harrasment allegations facing his team. kron 4 was the only t-v news station to cover his first public address ... since the controversy went viral on social media. kron 4's maureen kelly reports. this cuts to the core it hurts really bad the bears head coach making these remarks just after the last practice of the post season... he's talking about the allegations by a former sports medicine intern who claims she endured what she calls ruthless, endless and persistant sexual harrasment both on and off the both players and coaches. the most serious allegations involved one
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unnamed coach who she says grabbed and kissed her after inviting her to come to the his office at memorial stadium and told her the next day during practice that he would get her fired if she do not have sex with him. it's very concerning do you have any type of behavior that someone would be subject to in that way. it's not something that we would tolerate at our university or in our football program and it is something that is really tough to hear. there were several young women working in various capacities during friday's practice. coach wilcox says they are taking the allegations very seriously and fully support the investigation now underway by campus officials. we are committed here at cal football to providing an environment where people are protected and respected. we're committing to the institution and the
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integrity of the program we expect everybody, we to be held accountable for wilcox says he could not specific questions cluding whether or not the coach accused of the most egregious still employed because of federal and laws and the ongoing nature of the investigation.maureen kelly kron4 news (ken) on the peninsula... two men have been arrested in connection with a series of garbage bin fires set in downtown san mateo. carlos cristerna and wilbert ramirez were arrested this morning on suspicion of arson and conspiracy to commit a crime. the pair is suspected of setting garbage bins on fire in an alley off second avenue. a building was damaged. police say they used surveillance video and anonymous tips to identify the suspects. (ken) a temporary teacher at martinez junior high school teacher was arrested this morning on susicion of misdemeanor battery. alex aono was arrested. police say they responded to the school for a report of a battery on campus. they did not provide any details about the battery or who else was involved. (pam) police are looking for two people in connection to an armed robbery on the campus of u-c berkeley . officers say -- the incident happened last night around 7 -- when two men approached
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the victim and tried to grab the victim's backpack. when the victim tried to fight them off -- police say -- one of the suspects punched the victim in the face. the backpack was later found in a parking lot. (pam) another robbery happened 'near' the u-c berkeley campus earlier this week. a student reported being robbed at gunpoint early monday morning, on shattuck avenue near addison street. the student was walking with a friend when two males approached.. one of the suspects had a handgun and demanded a backpack and shoulder bag from the victim. the suspects took the items and fled westbound on addison. (ken) one person died this morning in a house fire near bay point. firefighters were called to the home on the 100 block of loftus road around 1 am. fire crews learned a woman was able to get out of the home through a window, but a man was still trapped inside. firefighters were able to get the man out of the home, but he later died at the hospital. (ken) in the south bay... a man's body was found in san jose's coyote creek lake. police recovered the body near monterey and metcalf
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roads yesterday morning. a hiker saw the body and told an area maintenance worker who called 9-1-1. investigators don't believe he was murdered. (pam) from the north bay -- an update.. 191- homes have now been rebuilt... following the tubbs which fire swept through santa rosa's coffey park neighborhood 17- months ago. another 689 -are under construction. that means.. right now overall -- 70- percent of the properties there are under construction, or have been rebuilt. santa rosa's development services says, reconstruction in coffey park has ramped up in recent months. the president and founder of the group - 'coffey strong' says, he expects some 700- rebuilt homes to be occupied by mid-summer. (ken) governor gavin newsom is taking executive action for fire prevention in vulnerable parts of the state. reporter lonnie wong shows us where the work is happening and how soon it will begin.
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=newsom 'we go to step up our game... governor gavin newsom says this yearús fire season is just around the corner. he announced an ambitious fire prevention plan in middletown in the heart of lake county which suffered the first of a series of massive wildfires in 2015. it is still recovering after 60 percent of the county was burned... since then there have been other catastrophic wildfires newsomús proclamation allows fast tracking prescribed burns, clearing out fire breaks, and manage forests, in the most vulnerable also means doing faster environmental among the other initiatives, the plan helps local officials organize and prepare for disasters, and provides 50 million dollars to mobilize volunteer groups like americorps which have always responded to the need for help. (ken) (ken) a government
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watchdog says fema wrongly released the information of 2.3 million survivors of disasters... including california wildfires in 2017 in a massive data breach. the information of victims of hurricanes harvey, irma and maria were also released. authorities say the breach occurred when fema was working with a contractor that helps provide temporary housing to those affected by disasters. information, like names, last four digits of a social security number are required to confirm eligibility.
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but fema also provided the contractor bank names, electronic funds transfer numbers and bank transit numbers. the watchdog says the victims could be vulnerable to identity theft. fema officials say they are changing how they deliver information to avoid giving too much information and it will be completed by 2020. (pam) a big announcement from the golden state warriors .. as they wrap up a week of events surrounding the new chase center. we have already heard about some of the big musical acts..such as metallica and andre bocelli ... who will be entertaining fans in the fall. but today, we learned who the warriors will face... as the n-b-a returns to san francisco. kron4's dan thorn is live in san francisco with details .. and dan, you got a special tour of the arena with one of the warriors' stars.. that's right i got to join draymond green on the tour..he actually made the annoucement today that the golden state warriors will be takingon the los angeles lakers in the nba's return to san francisco. that game is schedule for october 5th and it will be the first time since the 70s that
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professional basketball will be played in the city. the golden state warriors make their final big annoucement during their chase center reveal week.sot: october 5th at 530 we'll be taking on the lakers in the first preseason game at the chase center..the game will mark the first time in nearly 40 years a professional basketball game is played in san francisco warriors star draymond green made the announcement at press conference friday. he then threw on a hard hat for a tour to take a look at the progress at the chase center...nats.. warriors president and coo rick welts helped lead the way on explaining where things will be at the center.. draymond says he's impressed by what he saw--including the work on the main floor..practice courts and the lounge area. he also got a look at the lockeroom and already called first dibs on a spot.. sot: ah right here corner it's gonna be good..i'm excited i keep walking through here saying it's nice meanwhile im looking at rails it's so spacious and just like excited to see the finishing product but this is..amazing..
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the warriors new home will have more than 18 thousand seats.and there's lots of hype around not only the basketball but the entertainment on the way. that's the latest here live in san francisco dan thorn kron 4 news. (ken) major league baseball is about a week away and the a's are making some changes. kron 4's christina tetreault spent the day at the coliseum and shows us what's to come.
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look live intro:christina tetreault, @cetetreaultbefore fans fill the stadium...the a's are putting the finishing touches on new technology...and a whole new menu of food like this.package: it's not just peanuts and cracker jacks anymore...ashwin puri, vp of strategy and business operations "you think a lot about a ballpark and you expect the hotdog and beer over time taste and desire from fans has evolved 20:45 the a's...partnering with aramark catering...will now have boba tea...a kitchen with a rotating menu of oakland local chicken tenders and well as lighter plates with vegan options.but it doesn't stop at the pops...alcoholic popsicles...and a beer cycle will be available for those 21 and up.ánatsthis is 'the
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market'....where you can buy booze and snacks...ánatá no cashier neededánatá...making it quicker to get back to your seats.ánatsas for a place to sit and eat? ánatá crews...putting finishing touches on three new seating terrace..."lounge seats"...and "theater boxes"new ways the a's...are hoping (pam) still ahead... (pam) (pam) still ahead... the walnut creek bart station is getting ready to reopen. the changes you will see. (ken) plus... the item stolen from a little league team and why the coach says its hard for the whole (pam) and how do you feel about a tax ... on the miles you drive ... instead of a gas tax? lawmakers in hawaii are considering the tax change ... and the idea is not getting a warm welcome.
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(pam) for your money tonight... tempers are flaring in hawai i... over a proposal to replace the gas tax... with a mileage tax. hawaii's fuel tax is currently 16- cents a gallon. however, the growing number of electric cars on the road means ... less revenue generated by the gas tax. supporters of the proposed change say, taxing drivers 'by the mile' might be more fair and more sustainable. but one state lawmaker says, the new plan would shift the tax burden to lower income residents who live in rural areas and commute to work. (pam) things got so heated at a community meeting this week ... that police were called in. a
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three- year project is underway to assess the feasibilty ... of swapping out the gas tax in favor of a mileage tax. (ken) papa johns lost its spokeperson last year... but it's about to get a new one. shaquille o'neal. the former n-b-a player will become the new public face for the company. shaq is investing in nine papa johns stores in atlanta and joining the company's board of directors. the pizza chain's founder and tv commerical pitch man -- john schnatter -- resigned in july. he was under pressure to leave the company after it was revealed he used racial slurs during a conference call. papa john's sales have declined for five straight quarters since then. (ken) coming up... c-v-s is going to start selling cannabis products... details on what you'll be able to buy.
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track the series of storms heading into the bay area right now... a live look at some of our bridge cameras around the bay. (ken) chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here with a break down of when we will see the wet weather. (pam0 after a week of mostly
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sunshine ... a lot of people were disappointed to see the return ofrain .... especiallybecause of the wet roads leading to longer commute times..(ken) kron4's gayle ong is live in san francisco with more... gayle? i spoke with people in the area who have mixed feelings about this unsettled weather. this is spring in the bay see the blooms but some are not feeling the spring fever. alexa doty had a long drive up to the peninsula.. we saw dry conditions in south san francisco friday evening but more rain is expected in the forecast.the national weather
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service says a frontal boundary will move from northwest to southeast across the region friday resulting in widespread rainfall through the night.some are welcoming the unsettled weather. others are craving more sunshine.. we are just in the first week of spring so we'll see plenty of sunshine to in san francisco gayle ong kron 4 news.
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(ken) just a few weeks into their season... and, the newark little league is dealing with a terrible loss. (pam) a little league storage shed was burglarized this week ... and, as kron four's philippe djegal reports... the thieves got away with a valuable piece of equipment. (philippe)juan/nats- "i looked down and seen it shining, and i, like i said, i knew." what he knew was that his organization... made up of young kids and their parents -- were just ripped off.nats- "2002 kawasaki -- with the vin number." fortunately, the stolen a-t-v, or quad, used for more than 15 years by newark little league was registered with the d-m-v... still, that doesn't take the sting away of someone deliberately breaking into this locked storage container at the ernie silva sports complex in newark -- and taking off with the a-t-v.fess
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santiago/coach- "i just thought who would ever steal a quad from a little league. i mean, this is for the kids. this is not a business, this is a non-profit little league." it's clear whoever did this knew what they were looking for and where to look for it. it appears they used bolt cutters, to get through the lock.fess santiago/coach- "we use this to haul large heavy bags of dirt and equipment." fess santiago's six year old son plays in the league... santiago is also a coach and board member. he says the burglary especially hurts because this is the first time the two major little leagues in town -- comibined to make one league... and, the season just started. santiago believes the theft happened sometime between wednesday night and early thursday morning. there are at least three sruveillance cameras in the area... and, that footage is under review.fess santiago/coach- "having a four- wheeler around town, this is a not very rural, so it may seem a little odd. so, if there's a four-wheeler, if you hear one or if you see one in the community or around, please let either newark police department know or contact someone at newark little league." newark police took the report and hope someone in the public can help solve this case. in newark, philippe djegal, kron four news.
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(pam) if some san francisco supervisors get their way, juvenile hall will be shutdown by december of 2021... and replaced.. with a state of art facility which they say, offers better treatment and help for juvenile offenders.. supervisors hillary ronen and shamann walton plan to introduce legislation in april, to have the facility closed .. they say, currently, it is an ineffective way to deal with juvenile offenders. they say it would be better to spend the millions of dollars annually.. on a state of the art facility ... with improved rehabilitation for young offenders. (pam) ronen envisions a new
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type of facility which focuses on therapy and education for at -risk youth, so when they do get released, they can turn their lives around. the full board is expected to address the matter at the end of may.. (ken) in the east bay... major changes are coming to the parking situation at the walnut creek bart station. kron 4's haaziq madyun explains. there are some new changes here at the walnut creek bart station. it comes in the form of a new bus transit center and a new parking garage. here is what you need to knowsot nat/haaziqi couldn't help but notice that new bart police substationsotone big noticiable change is the
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location of the passenger drop off area. that white zone is no longer right outside the ticket agent booth. you're going to have to do a little walking to get to the location where passengers are being picked upnat/haaziqnot too bad for you huh?sot
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gate bridge... earlier today the board of directors approved a plan to increase tolls over 5 years. right now it costs fastrak drivers 7- dollars to cross the bridge... as of july first that will go up by 35 cents. every year for the next five years... it will increase by 25 cents. so by 2023 a fastrak driver will by 8.75 and pay as you go drivers will pay nine dollars. but if you don't use fastrak or pay as you go... the bridge will send you a bill for 9.75.
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non- psychoactive component of cannabis. kron 4's justine waldman has details on the drug store chains move to market marijuana-related products. there is a long list of cbd products on-sale at cvs .. they include- creams, sprays and roll-ons.the hemp-products will be available in 8 states, including california.some items are now on the shelves at this marin city cvs. the large drug-store chain made the move to as it says " meet consumer demand for alternative care options."cvs customers kron 4 news spoke with seemed pleased with the decision.sot i think is going to help people and think people should not be afraid of it this is the healing of a nationsot you come here to get your rx it makes it easier i am all for itsot personally this makes sense to me it is medicinal benefits ah!cbd gets credit for its medicinal benefits.soon, about 800 stores will carry cbd products over-the-counter.cvs is not selling any supplements or food with cbd... so no gummies at the checkout counter.and the store says it will comply with the law, including testing for thc.justine waldman kron 4 news.
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(ken) in national news tonight... in the days following the second crash of a boeing 737 max 8 jet that killed everyone on board.. a string of problems has been revealed. (pam) our washington d-c correspondent alexandra limon reports... there are a lot of red flags with how those max -8 jets were certified by the f-a-a ... and how they were rolled out by boeing. the new york times reports both of the boeing 737 max 8 jets that crashed - killing everyone on board...did not have optional software...that might have prevented the accidents. boeing charged extra for that feature.douglas kidd of the national association of airline
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passengers...says boeing redesigned its newest be more fuel efficient... douglas kidd / national associaiton of airline passengersbecause it changed the flight characteristics, they decided they needed to put in some extra software to compensate for the natural tendency of those engines to push the nose up. so they put in software to push the nose down.kidd says boeing didn't tell pilots about the changes. alexandra limon / washington correspondentsecretary of transportation elaine chao has asked the office of the inspector general to review how the 737 max 8 jets were safety certified. she wants to know if the faa outsourced too much safety itself... douglas kidd / national associaiton of airline passengersthe faa has fallen down on the job//this really highlights a bigger problem and that is the faa has been paying attention more to the manufacturer, more to the airlines, than they are to the this week boeing's ceo issued a video statementboeing ceo we're taking action to fully reasure airlines and their passengers of the safety of the 737 max, pilots have concern that boeing's plans to train them is still not adequate...relying mostly on i- pads rather than full size cockpit flight simulators. in washington alexandra limon.
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(ken) still ahead... a spring training adventure... away from the baseball field. we'll check out what you can find along arizona's famed apache trail. (sports) coming up in sports..... the warriors blew out the pacers.... with six warriors scoring in double digits last night... we'll recap and hear from steve
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(pam) all week long... ken has been showing us all .. things to do during spring training in arizona ... when you are not at a baseball game. this time ... he is taking us on another adventure away from the game. (ken) we're going on a drive... and a flight to the superstition mountains. it's a place of lost gold mines... and elvis.=========(s ot) about 40 miles east of phoenix is a mountain range of myth and legend. this is what locals simply call... the superstitions. it's a rugged range that rises more than six thousand feet. highway 88 follows the centuries old apache trail... first used by native americans... who later helped build the road used to haul supplies up and down the mountains during construction of water projects in the early 20th century. this is goldfield ghost town... next to lost dutchman's state park. legend has it a german immigrant revealed on his death bed the location of a hidden gold mine. prospectors have been searching for lost dutchman's mine ever since. a little
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farther up the mountain and you find canyon lake... one of four reservoirs that are part of the salt river project that provides water and electricity to central arizona. it's also a popular boating area. back on the ground... we drive to apache junction and to the old apache land movie set... where countless b movie westerns were filmed.1:02 courtesy: the original set burned down in 2004... leaving behind just a few structures.1:07scene from: "the gambler" this gallows was where linda evans was to be hanged in the kenny rogers series "the gambler". this barn hosted many gunfights... and today has a wall covered with pictures of all the stars who've been here. but for many... the highlight is this small wooden church.5323 this chapel was built specifically for the movie charro1:30scene from: "charro" charro was one of the last movies made by elvis presley.1:37jeff danford/superstion mountains museum5336 they had no chapel so they had to build one. it also called for the steeple to get blown off. so they built two steeples. they brought one they could blow off and one that could be permanent. 5345
10:47 pm
today the church is covered with elvis movie posters and pictures. there were no interior scenes shot for "charro"... but elvis did perform here.5519 one of our volunteers was a 16 year old kid and he and his mom were extras in that movie and he said elvis would sit there and play his guitar, sing songs for em. 5528 and yes... people do get married here. usually elvis is moved off to the side.5651 there's a couple of them that request elvis to stay here (ad lib) (ad lib) (ad lib)
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toss to sports... jason dumas dumasdumassports... jason toss to toss to sports... jason dumas the dubs returned to the oracle on thursday night for a little bit of home cooking.....and boy did they put on a show for the home crowd.....>they jumped all over the pacers from start to finish.....>this was demarcus cousins' first game back after missing two games due to injury.....>and he looked fresh as he led the dubs with 19 points and 11 rebounds....> but it was a great all around effort from the dubs.....>klay had 18.....steph and kd each
10:49 pm
chipped in with 15......>after the game....kerr was full of praise for his prized big man.....> "demarcus was fantastic. he was physical in there, he was, you know, getting a lot of drives to the hoop and drawing a lot of attention defensively, you know, making great passes. we had 19 assists at halftime even though we weren't really clicking yet. but, i thought some of that was just playing through demarcus and his aggressiveness." and speaking of the dubs.....there news digs is almost completed over in mission bay....>and today the organization annouced when the warriors will make their debut in the brand new chase center.....>they will play the los angeles lakers on october 5th in a pre season matchup.....>this will make the first professional basketball game played in san francisco since 1971......> green also paid a visit to
10:50 pm
chase center today.....> let's to the ice....the san jose sharks in anaheim tonight facing the ducks....>pick things up in the 3rd period..sharks down by 1.....justin braun gets it off the board....and ties it to force an overtime.....>but that wouldn't last long....jakob silverberg ends this one in a hurry and wins it for the ducks....>sharks fall to the ducks in overtime.....4-3.....this is their 5th straight loss...> moving onto some march madness action....zion williamson and the duke blue devils taking on the north dakota state bison....>1st half....tied at 16....speaking of zion.....he throws down the two-handed slam to give duke the lead..... 2nd half....duke leading by 15....zion....from beyond the arc.....splashes down a trey.....he had 25 points tonight for the blue devils....>about a minute
10:51 pm
later....rj barrett....showing off a little razzle dazzle.....he ledthe blue devils with 26 points tonight....duke goes on to defeat north dakota state.....85-62..... to the was a very short-lived giants career for cameron maybin.....>the giants released the outfielder today.....>if you remember, maybin was arrested earlier this month for a dui.....>the giants season open their season march 28th on the road against san diego....>their home opener is april 5th against tampa bay.....> thank sports. weather tease. (weather) finding a pot of gold at the
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end of a rainbow... two nebraska men discovered a refrigerator packed with ice- cold beer after the flooding. kyle simpson and gayland stouffer were cleaning up near the platte river when they saw the fridge. they trekked through waist-deep water, ice james and washouts to get it. when they opened it up they found the prize. simpson called it quote "a bright spot in a crappy day." the two men touched base with the owner of the fridge and promised to return it... minus a few beers.. one the roads are clear.
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(pam0 in entertainment news... only one big movie opens in theaters this weekend... and it could knock "capitan marvel" from the top spot at the box office. david daniel has the weekend preview. "if you want to get crazy, we can get crazy." (nat)fans of "get out" have been dying to know what jordan peele would do next, and it appears "us" won't disappoint them. critics are raving about the horror flick, and analysts are expecting an opening weekend anywhere from 38-to-50 million dollars. anywhere in that range would top "get out's" debut of 33-million... and it could be enough to dethrone "captain marvel" as the box office champ. in hollywood, i'm david daniel. lawrence karnow: it has been a wet day for the bay area with rain starting this morning and it continues tonight. on the doppler radar we can see plenty or rain over the bay area and heavier rain is on the way. the rain will be heavy at times before midnight before turning to showers. on the satellite you can see the cold front coming through. lows tonight will be in the 40s. we will see partly cloudy skies with cool temperatures tomorrow with highs in the 50s and 60s. it will be partly cloudy on sunday but mostly dry. rain will return sunday night and monday and well into
10:56 pm
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