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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  March 26, 2019 1:30am-2:00am PDT

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tonight -- a spice girls feud threatening their world tour. >> she's going to hit me for this. >> how mel b put ginger spice on blast. plus the college scandal and a new star under fire as the cast of fuller house shows support for their aunt becky. >> a loving family sticks together. then our week of "this is us" exclusive kicks off with a mandy and milo>> the hardest qu planet. plus the story behind celine's titanic take over. and jlaw takes down adele. their rowdy night out with drag
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queens and hunger games. this is "entertainment tonight." well, well, well the spice girls tour got spicier. mel b is revealing what she really really wanted. >> it gives a whole new meaning to if you wanna be my lover. it used to be a rumor. now it's on the record. >> did you or didn't you with geri halliwell? >> well, what would you consider doing it or not? >> did you sleep with you? >> well, yeah, we all slept in a bed together, but not like that, all of us. >> did you sleep with geriik >> reporter:? >> really? >> she's going to hate me for this because she's all posh in the country house with her husband. >> geri wasn't at her country
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house today, but in central london. a source close to geri calls mel's hookup claim untrue. but a 2003 interview she gave to howard stern sure makes you wonder. ♪ because tonight is the night >> geri talked to howard about, quote, having lesbian sex once with a band mate saying she could never say who it was. she said the experience made her realize she wasn't a lesbian adding quote i was drunk at the time. meanwhile mel b flew from the uk back to l.a. with her daughter. last year she finalized her divorce with husband steven belafonte. the singer is known for being super blunt and outspoken. >> if you had to give me three things that helped you the most get in the shape that you're in, what would those be? >> sex, sex and more sex. >> mel's bombshell claim comes during major preps for the spice girls uk reunion tour. geri was featured yesterday in a rehearsal video posted to instagram. their kick off concert is in two months. that's around the time piers morgan airs mel's full interview for his itv show "life stories." during the taping spice girl mel b seemed shocked by the hookup claim.
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>> why can't you answer for me? >> i don't know anything. >> oh, whatever. >> i don't. >> cannot wait for rehearsals. let's move on to the college bribery scandal. how sweet is this. dr. dre showing off his daughter's acceptance to usc. you know the saying if you live in a glass house don't throw no stones. dr. dre deleted this post on instagram. "my daughter got accepted into usc all on her own. no jail time." he was seemingly poking fun at parents such as lori loughlin and felicity huffman, but dre suffered online backlash because he himself, with a business parter, legally donated $70 million to usc in 2013.
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♪ >> dre's daughter 18-year-old truly young had also posted "all my hard work paid off. i'm going to film school." that post is no longer up either. >> this family has a lot of heart. >> meanwhile at the nickelodeon kids choice awards, ironically held at usc on saturday, the "fuller house" cast had their aunt becky's back. >> where there's a lot of heart there's a lot of love. a loving family sticks together no matter what. >> accepting the favorite funny tv show award candace cameron bure let it be known lori had their love. >> they stick together through the hard times and stand by their side no matter how tough it gets. >> and lori's daughter olivia jade also in the middle of the scandal got some love from fellow youtube star david dobric. >> it's the worst to get involved in anything bad. she's a sweet smart girl. so i'm sure she's holding up good. >> olivia has not returned to
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school and usc is investigating to see if other students may have been involved. >> felicity and lori are scheduled to appear in a boston court on april 3rd. >> we will be there when they hit the courtroom. let's turn to the big news out of apple headquarters. this was crazy. >> oprah, jennifer aniston and reese witherspoon all on hand for the big tv announcement up first in know and tell. >> we're so proud to be a part of this exciting launch with apple announcing our new project, "the morning show." >> it's jen's first tv role since "friends" and a reunion with reese. >> what duj? >> i don't like it. >> steve carell will co-star. >> in the morning show we pull back the curtain on the power dynamics between men and women in the high stakes world of morning news shows. >> it's available on apple tv
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plus. other talent coming to apple, steven spielberg, aquaman and oprah who will launch a viral book club. from apple tv to the big es inside this new york city gay bar over the weekend when the pair decided to party it up with drinks and drag queens. >> what do you do for a living? >> i'm actually at the moment a stay-at-home mom. >> the ladies ended their wild night with j-law tackling that mom following adele losing a drinking game. no word on how hung over they were the next day. >> jennifer, this isn't the hunger games. and "clueless" fans are still totally buggin' after the popular cast reunited over the weekend. cher horowitz herself alicia silverstone, paul rudd, brekin meyer and donald faison thrilled guests at chicago's comic and entertainment expo. they shared memories of their late friend and co-star brittany murphy who died in 2009 at the
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age of 32. >> she was so good. >> and alicia proved that she's a bit, well, clueless when it comes to remembering the film that put her on the map. >> i don't remember the table read. >> i don't remember the table read either. >> i do. >> you guys might not remember this, but for my 21st birthday you three took me out. do you remember that? >> i was there? >> yes. >> do you remember making the film? and our hearts will go on and on after witnessing a carpool karaoke pairing like no other. check out celine dion and jame no icebergs at the bellagio fountains, but james and celine went full jack and rose for this bit we're told will air on james' show this spring. james posted this shot of the duo carpooling last week, but it looks like it was this moment that had him feeling like the king of the world.
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coming up this week only we're sitting down with all the co-star couples from "this is us" before the show's big finale. first up mandy and milo. >> we're lunch buddies. >> plus mandy's big honor today and dash. >> the star hand picked by elton to play elton. only we take you to the london set. >> i mean, i start off singing and then it became drunken singing. ♪
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♪ ♪ benny and the jets >> elton getting carpool karaoke treatment and taron takes it next level. >> you can watch the full episode of apple tv. we're waiting for beyonce to get there. by the way happy birthday elton john. he turned 72 today and he
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celebrated by revealing the cover of his first autobiography out in october. >> meanwhile taron and richard are bringing elton's life story to the big screen in "rocketman" and only i went behind the scenes in london. ♪ i'm a rocketman >> you've been singing for a long time. this isn't a new thing. >> no. no. i mean, i started off in the shower singing and then drunken singing and now i'm kind of doing it as part of my acting life which is great. >> but you don't care, you'll sing anywhere? >> yeah. yeah. i mean, anyone who knows and loves me is truly, truly sick and tired of my singing actually. >> taron's being modest. sir elton hand selected him for "rocketman." >> elton said he loves your voice. he loves what you're doing with the songs. what does that mean to hear his blessing? ♪ blue jean baby >> while on the london set complete with a recreated troubadour theater i got a chance to check out the costume trailer. i can tell you no expense was spared in recreating sir elton's iconic looks. ♪ hold me closer tiny dancer >> the dodger outfit is heavy.
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>> yeah. >> what was that like wearing that? >> i mean, the phrase first of all problems spring to mind, but yeah, it's -- i mean, you know it's hot on those sets and but i need to be honest. when it looks that fabulous, you kind of forget. >> when you get in it, do you feel that elton vibe where you kind of like -- >> it's definitely empowering. like yeah, it kind of -- it gives you that swaggering kind of stage persona thing. >> how does it feel to be a star? >> it's never gonna last. >> still ahead "this is us" scoop straight from the mouths of milo and mandy. the almost plot twist that could have made fans boycott the show. what? >> then stars get sliming and serenaded. ♪ i can show you the world >> plus an exclusive sneak peek of the new netflix movie. >> you didn't? >> i did. >> why noah could be the next
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♪ this is not something that typically happens to somebody it's very overwhelming. >> congratulations to mandy moore who got her star on the hollywood walk of fame today. her "walk to remember" co-star shea west was there and her tv family came out to support. get ready "this is us" fans because this week is an epic one here at "e.t." >> i usually say get your tissues out. only we have your favorite uths on each other starting with mandy and her tv husband milo ven scene you've ever shared together?
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>> i think the fight because that was the first time you saw mom and dad at each other. and really the only time. >> i devoted my life to you so you could have a life. >> that is absolutely ridiculous. >> how dare you. >> that's absolutely ridiculous. >> and that might have been the only time mandy has ever heard expletives that i said to her in life. >> same. >> really? >> yeah. [ bleep ] we both like threw the f bomb out there a couple times. >> i can't, in a way that was -- i think we had to build up the aggression. >> it's like you had to build it up to like take it down a little bit. >> mandy moore has never heard the words [ bleep ] you. >> no. no one's ever said that. >> and the look on her face hearing that? >> i was just like no one's ever said [ bleep ] to me before. >> but we had to. >> we had to go there. >> we had to do that. >> what we learned from our "this is us" couples confidential, milo's a snackaholic. his favorite is pastry strudels. mandy says milo's the best on screen kiss she's ever had. and there's one thing that could have made fans boycott the show. >> could you imagine if kate named little jack miguel or even mike? >> she's like it's miguel. >> no! people light houses on fire.
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>> yeah, it wouldn't be good. >> throwing the towel in. >> so toby and kate have katoby. the internet has ideas for your couple name. >> jebecca. >> is there something that you've learned by playing these characters that's changed your out look on your own life or relationships? >> i would just say love fully. love deeply. love someone til it crushes you. >> who is milo's dream guest star? >> you know what, i get now. a lot of people say you did a movie with jennifer lopez. is she going to be on the show next? that would be a kind of fun for justin's story line in hollywood or something. >> oh, yeah. let's say jlo. >> what is mandy's go-to karaoke song? >> me? oh, my god. i don't have one. this is the -- i'm the worst. >> fine, you know what, i'll write yours. >> thank you. please help me out. >> three, two, one. >> anything joni mitchell. >> i'm going to have to go with milo definitely -- definitely not that. ♪ i'm missing you like candy >> i don't even what that is anymore.
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>> exactly. ♪ candy >> fine, mandy. i'll keep singing "candy" at karaoke. and we are just getting started because tomorrow sterling k. saown and wait until you ho good. meanwhile we know chris pratt and will smith are men of avoiding slime. t there's one >> i didn't come here for that. no, no, no, no. not for me. i don't -- ugh! >> thank you. >> chris got majorly slimed, but walked away with with the favorite butt kicker award. meanwhile there was plenty of eye popping fashion over on the orange carpet before the show. that's where our special correspondent 10-year-old "single parents" star devin trey campbell was. >> i'm already impressed with you by the way. >> thank you. >> you have so much swag. can you give me the best tip to perfect mine? >> well you got amazing swag.
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your suit game is crazy. the way you got your collar popping is crazy. >> thank you. >> sometimes you might wanna hit them with the -- you know what i'm saying? ♪ i can show you the world >> whoa! ♪ shining shimmering splendid >> he's gonna take my job. ♪ a whole new world >> i heard you are filming a new video with northwest. how did that happen? >> you know it actually -- kim reached out to me and i just responded to it. so me and kim we made somethings happen together. we're actually filming on wednesday. >> all right. some ground breaking news was recently announced you're getting your own late night tv show. >> yes, i am. >> how excited are you? >> i'm so excited. i mean it's pretty. it is ground breaking. >> your favorite movie actor is -- noah centineo! >> the guy dubbed the internet's boyfriend walked away with a
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coveted orange blimp. next up he'll be starring in "the perfect date" and we've got an exclusive look at the netflix rom-com's trailer. >> i figured out how to get the money i need to go to yale. i'm offering my services as a chaperon for whatever it is that girls want. hey. >> oh, my god you didn't. >> but i did. every date would be custom build. >> noah's star is definitely on the rise after his swoon worthy role in netflix's "to all the boys i've loved before." his social media following jumped by more than 10 million followers. >> to all the girls that you once loved what would you say to them now. >> i would just say thank you and i'm grateful. ♪ havana oh nah nah >> noah had a role in camilla cabello's "havana" music video. he's set to play a love interest in the "charlie's angels" reboot. and "e.t." has confirmed the 22-year-old calvin klein model is in talks to play "he-man" based on the popular '80s action figure. but noah told us he was originally eyeing another super
1:53 am
hero. >> everyone's comparing you to mark ruffalo. you could be a young hulk in the prequel. >> i would be so happy to be a young hulk. i cannot even explain to you. it would be so dope. he was my favorite marvel hero and the fact that mark plays him is sick. >> by the way mark has been asked about the comparisons a lot. mark says he wished he looked like noah back then. >> they do look alike. i bet they work together some day. speaking of gambling "e.t." is going all in. next week on "e.t." -- >> hello we're in vegas. >> we're bringing the show to sin city. >> guys, i'm not afraid to have fun. >> taking you behind the scenes of all the big time act. >> the marie and "e.t." show. >> feeling the heat inside star
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tomorrow on "e.t." before kathie lee says good-bye to "the today show" our throw back surprise. >> that was the most shocking. >> then elizabeth hasselbeck returns to "the view." her reaction to rosy's crush. >> there are a lot of stories. plus we're many hawaii with the "american idol" judges. tomorrow on "e.t." you know only "e.t." reuniting the cast of troop beverly hills to celebrate the film's 30th anniversary. even the stars learned a thing or two. >> betty thomas went on to direct shelly long in the brady bunch movie. shelley never knew that betty got to play carl brady. >> really? >> yeah. i don't think anybody else game
1:58 am
in. >> really? that was late in the game. i thought you were seeing everybody. >> no gary cole was mr. brady, but you were a shoe in. >> we have so much more for you tomorrow. be sure to join us for that. looks just like carole brady in the wig. >> when she has the wig on -- yeah. >> when she has the wig on -- yeah. >> bye, everybody. woman: opening night jitters. i adjust the mood to perfect. the audience arrives. ( ♪ ) courage. we have a fragrance for that. new glade plugins scented oil. sc johnson. new glade plugins scented oil. you said you'd rather sniff than clean the bathroom? that's nuts! with scrubbing bubbles cleaning doesn't have to stink. it gets rid of tough soap scum and it smells amazing. it's cleaning reinvented. sc johnson.
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