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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  April 10, 2019 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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keep them out he joins us now live in san leandro to explain all of this scale. >>making grand city council discuss this meeting about 2 weeks ago. i did speak to the one member who voted against it and it didn't seem to go his way. the vote was 6 to one in support of reviewing the contract with redflex traffic systems. >>the vendor for these red light cameras and stanley and rogue redflex is dealing with fallout after a major lawsuit in chicago in 2017 over red light camera bribery. city council member victor aguilar junior covers district 3 and that to me that was concerning in regards of who were doing business with here and the city. the company paid millions in settlements this prompting and you are junior to vote against the company's contract last month that he was outnumbered by his fellow council members the other members supported it for reasons being that you know it does save but my concern was to bring this in-house so that
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we can get keep the money rather than outsourcing it to a 3rd party. who profits off of us. there are 4 intersections with cameras installed, mainly busy intersections throughout the city. drivers i spoke with say the cameras should be removed. they say it causes more accidents and it's a cash strapped the city says the cameras save the lives as for profits, 180 $1000 in revenue. last year. cuellar junior says the money goes to cost 3 whitman and staffing officers redflex contract was renewed for 2 more years until then drivers will have to be cautious running a red light camera will set you back $500. as of now the city is seeking out other vendors for the red light cameras live in san leandro get along kron 4 news,
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they'll. thank you you know in the last month alone 3 gray whales have washed up in san francisco bay. >>the most recent carcass that was discovered last wednesday near rodale and scott below reports now officials with the marine mammal center say all 3 died of severe malnutrition. >>now gray whales are in migration making their way back up to alaska from baja, the marine mammal center says this year's whales are much thinner and doing a necropsy like the one they just did allows them to find out more information about what's going on in the pacific ocean. >>the large whales are very hard to track and monitor and go alongside them because they're elusive they are deep divers and so it can be very hard so we do have the chance to examine the dead ones that can give us a better story what's actually happening with the life. >>last ca is the knee crops, the manager at the marine mammal center. she says each year the area sees about 5 to 8 whales wash ashore, sometimes. >>the biggest story we seem to
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find his of the dead because we can fully examine after looking at the whale's blubber muscle and bones they determined malnutrition is why this gray whale washed ashore last week we are able to actually fully again all the way down to the spinal cord as as well as the reds and everything and all the bones were as they should be they do looks great everything went really except he was very alaska says gray whales are benthic feeders usually eating the small creatures in the silt and sand. >>the findings prove they're feeding source is dwindling they need a lot of food to sustain that they need to do and they have the longest migration. >>all a marine mammals in the world so sure at the marine mammal center we believe that a lot of it has to do with climate change so the water is warming the appropriate food stocks are actually available as gray whales continue their long migration back to alaska. >>the marine mammal center has volunteers in the open waters keeping an eye. we're not sure if we should be concerned yet but as long as we're able to respond to each oil give us a
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better picture of what's actually going on in the environment in sausalito noel bellow kron 4 news. >>the other big story tonight, several district attorneys have announced they will seek the death penalty against the suspected golden state killer here joseph de angelo angelo is facing charges including 13 counts of murder and 13 counts of rape all across the state coffers. sacramento bureau reporter ashley zavala was at his hearing today. >>and files this report. >>and even senator joseph de angelo learned he could face the ultimate consequence. the district attorney to charge him with murder from ventura orange to larry sacramento, and santa barbara all made the announcement at his hearing wednesday thank deangelis lawyer walked out of the court without comment we are very much behind the decision by the district attorneys and very much support. some victims like ronald harrington say they're thrilled. he says the suspected golden state killer murdered his brother and sister-in-law. >>this is the most gruesome case has ever existed. if
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there is ever a death penalty case it is the golden state killer. >>but other victims like jennifer carroll don't believe in this type of punishment. she says the golden state killer murdered her father, i can't. the victims say they don't think the death penalty will divide them know. >>we all pretty much figured. he's going die in jail. >>either way. >>it was actually zavala reporting for us now prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for the golden state killer despite the governor's moratorium on executions side governor nuisance order does not prevent the death penalty sentences from being handed out kron four share still is following that part of the story. >>and joins us live tonight in santa clara county chair. he talked to the legal expert tonight. how is he thinking this will play out.
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>>grand attorney stephen clark believes that this will considerably delay this case. he says it also could be used as a negotiation tool. but if this case continues as a death penalty case it will significantly delay this because not only will the defense have to get ready. >>factually for all of the crimes but then they will have to focus on the penalty phase and do their discovery in get all of that lined up so you are now talking years before this case can get to trial because stakes are so high when you talk about a death penalty case. >>the joseph james d'angelo is in a sacramento courtroom today. he is the man known and accused of being the golden state killer accused of raping and killing more than a dozen women between 19 75 in 1986 73 year-old de angelo is being prosecuted in 6 counties.
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contra costa is the only bay area county. now 4 of the 6 district attorneys, not including contra costa county say they will try for the death penalty. governor gavin newsome assigned a moratorium on death penalty cases, not allowing them to happen in the state that stephen clark says this whole process is going to take quite a bit of time. >>the case may go to trial while gavin newsome is still in office but by the time the appeals are finalized. he will long be out of office so his proclamation against the death penalty will have little relevance in this case. >>reporting live in santa clara county j r stone kron 4 but i think the and a half million people should go through this the process again. >>why what a headache more than 3 million californians. already have the real id but
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it looks like it may not be valid for very long and now the department of homeland security says california's dmv did not follow federal guidelines when processing people's documents. >>conference michelle kingston explains the glaring mistake and tells us we'll now need to fork over. >>it's a it's a it's >>it's a already have your real id great except now you have to provide a second proof of address after the department of motor vehicles failed to ask for the first time they should have stuck together for us. the first place the department of homeland security sent a letter to governor gavin newsome this week informing you that the dmv did not follow federal guidelines when processing the documents for the 3.4 million californians who already have and they're real i d c. the kicker is they won't even be asking you to provide that second document proving where you live until april 29th, so some people
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showed up to the dmv on wednesday to get their real i d. >>and weren't even asked to provide that second document. >>they're not only putting us through this whole headache now they're going to be another headache. room, it's totally wrong if you already have your real id the dmv will be sending you a letter letting you know they need a second document showing proof of address you can do this by mail online or the dmv it's the in pleasanton michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>well, not a cloud in the sky a little earlier it was just it's spectacular spring day picture perfect spring weather is our chief meteorologist large car joins us now and we've been enjoying it. lawrence said, it's going to rain for a couple months there, but that today was glorious have a tomorrow fully of torrow to see some changes. those winds of course kicking up in the afternoon tomorrow to see a few more clouds coming in. >>the wind's going to be with a little bit toward the afternoon to you already see it up there on the horizon that look like much, but those clouds gathering up in the
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pacific northwest going to drop almost due south in the bay area's high pressure because we can still outside tonight, mostly clear skies a so far this evening later on tonight, those clouds going to start to move back in and then things will begin to change the winds have been whipping up to as much as 30 miles per hour today now settling down just a little bit in fact we'll see that continue to calm down overnight tonight and then pick up again by tomorrow afternoon. offshore winds that normally companies blown all the clouds away not even have to worry about fog today which is really nice for this time of year, but will likely see a pass some patchy fog return as early as tomorrow temperatures though popped a bit up 6 degrees in many of the interior valleys 6 degrees warmer santa rosa. so we have some very nice numbers all around the bay area back into the 60's and 70's outside is these temperatures running a little bit above the average in most spots tonight, those clouds will begin to creep back on shore overnight tonight, partly cloudy late and then tomorrow, partly cloudy skies, some cooler temperatures heading noticeably cooler by tomorrow afternoon. but i think that's not the last long just kind of break from the sunshine for
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one day and then we'll get right back in the sunshine and some warmer weather as we head into the weekend. winds by tomorrow morning just breezy but watch what happens in the afternoon you see all those yellows and oranges the red start show up along the coastline, those are winds gusting to 30 plus miles per hour out toward the beaches so going to be blustery out there along the coastline. that dominant ridge of high pressure that has brought some nice weather last couple days match go start to weaken a little bit and pulled back off the coastline. that's gonna allow that system to drop into the bay area bringing some more clouds in our skies for tomorrow and the winds again going to be with an up models picking up on some low clouds late tonight you see it there and early tomorrow morning commute should be dry. you'll see a couple clouds for a float across skies. most that just some high clouds and that continuing on and off the models trying to pave some showers and by tomorrow afternoon. i think there's a slight chance of showers mainly tomorrow night in the early on friday morning. then we clear our skies again so on friday, yeah going to see a lot of sunshine as we head into the weekend. so that's some good news numbers, wise numbers are going to be down a little bit by tomorrow
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afternoon. i think we're done with the 70's will be the upper 60's of the warmer spots 50's pretty with the up by the coast guys back to you. thank you arts now to the south bay. the seismic retrofit of. >>anderson dam is a story we've been following really since it was made public to the dam could fail in a major earthquake trying a has a progress report now on what's being done and why. >>that 235 feet high anderson dam which looms large about hundreds of homes here on the east side of morgan hill 6 more or less on top of the calaveras and coyote earthquake faults studies have concluded that in a magnitude 7 or larger earthquake nearby that includes small and failed. putting 10's of thousands of people downstream at risk says valley waters cruz takes when anderson's full that create a large the body of water that been moved out how to create. you know it's it was completely full that be about a 30 foot wave of water that was just kind of and indeed the committee downstream make it all the way to the bay geotechnical an
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archaeological work is already underway and on schedule in a project that could take 5 years to complete once construction begins in 2022. crews will strip the earthen dam down to its clay core and replace what could turn into jello and the big quake there some material that in the event of earthquake. we get kind slushy for lack of a better term they call it viable material. earthquake shakes it kind of gets machine that would slump down in the base the released water over the top plans are in the works to address neighbors concerns about truck traffic on nearby streets. dust and other impacts from construction for now the water level in the reservoir is being kept below 58% for safety sake. but eventually it must be drained so crews can get at the base of the dam taking the valley's largest reservoir offline is also a concern but hicks says there's a plan for that to actually have about 55% of our water is imported water we have the ability increase that we have the ability pump
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groundwater we have other storage basins within the county that we can utilize as well. we have to stop the aqua duck that comes in is an important water sources will send those reservoir which we get our state and federal contracts through. so we'll have and a day in advance of the facility being drained to make sure that we have sufficient water supply for the community. in morgan hill rob kron 4 news. >>and we're learning tonight, the bay area has the third-highest homeless population in the country. a report released today by the bay area economic institute found that more than 28,000 homeless people live across the 9 counties here stretching from sonoma down to santa clara county. the council and oakland mayor libby shaft announced the findings of the study today. they say a big part of the problem involves low income folks who can find themselves on the streets at a faster rate than communities can move existing homeless people into housing. and that means there needs to be a greater emphasis. they say on prevention.
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>>subsidize people's right so they don't get evicted when they fall on hard times a week and purchase buildings and making turn buildings market rate housing into affordable housing. we can provide. rental assistance, even when people are able to make their rent so that they can provide for other aspects of their life. >>the report says there needs to be more low income housing and programs dealing with mental health and drug addiction issues officials say this will require greater funding from the state and from the private sector and it must be done on a regional basis in order to succeed. >>a unisex birth control pill may be hitting the shelves tune. and it's all thanks to a local started to come for and met with one of the scientists behind this new development to find out how will work. >>we're choice. they're putin says the startup your u c berkeley and its mission is to improve the lives of men and women by providing a non hormonal birth control option for women that has no side effects but his research is
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pulling alicia co and not him and what's came up with the first control option. >>they discovered that men can take it too making it a unisex option for birth control up until now hormonal contraceptives primarily work to stop population in a female. new type of birth control can effectively inhibit the action of meals from. >>making it suitable for men. >>the tools switches we are modulating they are both proteins in spring cells. the second switch. we recently learned how to modulate it that's a spurned specific protein and when you when you learn about something that is from specific all the lights go on for a little if we can prevent are in any way change the function of the protein that's from cells cannot do their usual work. then yet we are on the good way to start developing countries us from have to travel a very long distance to make it to >>if they don't have energy
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there's no way that they can make it to and so essentially kill their ability to generate energy and so they don't make it to the eggs actually typically die out into this and it's not in the cervix the process to get this new drug approved by the fda is a lengthy one. >>but your choice therapeutics hopes to release as an over the counter drug in 2025. in berkeley, some nia kron 4 news. >>say just into our newsroom as of about an hour ago the lights are back on for everybody in san francisco. this is a a tweet i sent out right as we are going on there at 6 o'clock in. we lost power here in this studio ah the power outage affected about 650 customers. if the embarcadero area of san francisco. little black out during the 6 o'clock newscast in here, but our backup generator kept us on the air and p g says the cause of the outage is being investigated. >>california drivers are feeling some pain in their wallets when filling up the tank of the average price per
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gallon jumped $0.50 in a month that part of the rise in gas is seasonal is california gas refineries which are you make a cleaner more expensive fuel for the state switch over to the pricier summer blend a spokesperson for aaa says that that's been compounded by some production problems. >>you've got is ever find these new york bay here we are and also the southern california which is really pushing a lot pressure our supplies. another of the real the real issue here is that california refineries produce nearly all the gasoline that we use so we had heavy she's with our own refineries here it tends to send almost overnight place sticker shock. so that's why you seem to be a $0.50 jump. well, actually $0.30 higher than a why stay average right now just pretty incredible. >>so the average price for gallon in california you've probably noticed right now it stands at 3.97 statewide it's expected to hit 4 bucks by easter. >>and many eyes on this and we're very confident. >>there may be confidence but the new sales force transit center in san francisco has now been closed longer than it
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was ever opened 7 months later and repairs are still being made after those 2 cracked steel beams were discovered back in september get today transit officials say that there. >>about to hit a major milestone and the large hydraulic jacks currently supporting the transit center on fremont street. they may finally be coming down conference charles clifford spoke to engineers today about the ongoing repairs. >>well on wednesday, the transbay joint powers authority gave the media an up close look that some of the repair work occurring here at the transbay terminal now you might recall the last fall cracks were found in one of the steel girders in an overpass above fremont street now since then there have been steel beams coming up out of the roadway walking that center lane and supporting the structure what they showed us on wednesday was the repair work up close where they actually removed a section of the girder the cracked they're going to replace that with the specially fabricated steel. slabs that will go in there the bolt them into place and eventually that will bear the brunt of the load of the
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structure, they'll actually be able to remove those girders are coming out of fremont street other hoping to finish that work by june. the chief engineer on the project told us today that they're also checking the entire transbay terminal for any other problems we're pleased to find that there's nothing else we're still continue to ascertain if there is any other work needed. >>as we go through this process of a building wide review. but as we work through this frontal as i call it the on us, a systematic review process o we'll know here in the short and we need to go anywhere else. >>the lingering question now is when will the transbay terminal reopened to the public the joint powers authority said today that they don't know they hope to complete the repair work in june, but it could take weeks or months to finish checking the entire building to also do some peer review of some of the repair work and according different transit agencies in order to get bus service and so forth we're out of here to the transbay terminal and that could take some time in san francisco charles clifford kron 4 news.
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>>passed and without objection. the motion to reconsider is laid on the table. >>today the democratic controlled house passed a bill to restore net neutrality protections that were repealed by president trump's fcc more than a year ago the bill is called save the internet act it would prohibit internet service providers from interfering with web traffic net neutrality supporters argue that without the rules. an agency like the fcc and forcing them internet providers will have the ability to reshape the internet by favoring content from partners and businesses that pay them. however the bill is likely to hit a wall in the republican controlled senate. and the white house says president trump strongly opposes. this new house legislation. but not without hope the new housing project being built for veterans who used to live on the streets and a new study takes a look at where you live with your family and how it impacts your child's development. >>the group says study of but
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and found the study find that most of the problems occur with communication skills and amazon go stores will be undergoing some changes. how lawsuits like one launched in san francisco may have played a role in the new policies. crawford is now streaming live local news 24 hours a day with no commercials. the new service is called for. >>ron on get caught up on the latest breaking news and weather. any time of day visit kron on dot tv to start watching now
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>>for your money tonight, it is a full stop for one of the hallmarks of amazon go those stores may start now accepting cash. >>yet there are 2 of them in san francisco cnbc is reporting that in an internal meeting last month the amazon exact told employees that the company is expanding payment options that was a response to a question about discrimination and the the announcement comes weeks after philadelphia and new jersey passed laws banning cashless stores. a san francisco supervisor also introduced a similar measure back in february. >>amazon employees for climate justice that's a group published an open letter to jeff pesos and the amazon board of directors. the group includes more than 3500 staffers, we're calling on the company to step up efforts to help the environment. the employees even list their names and titles at the bottom of the letter. one part of it urges basis to publicly
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outlined the company's plans to reduce carbon emissions and reliance on fossil fuels. amazon has vowed to become more sustainable in the coming years, the company is calling its effort shipman 0 says they want to make all packages net 0 carbon and half of all shipments net 0 by the year 2030. >>we have tonight on and i don't dish we're going to sit down with atia curry enter new restaurant and to ever talk about. how she's helping kids find the artist with n. >>just a few weeks ago we were seeing oakley teachers setting the picket lines now sacramento, teachers could soon follow when the teachers could be walking out of class for >>and there's a new solution to the housing crisis coming to vacaville. the way that they're
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>>homeless military veterans in fact the ville are getting a place to call home as curtis making reports for us tonight, not only do they have a new place to live. but also new hope. is this is my little girl. >>10 miles from his dog patty used to live on the street but now have a reason to smile. tim was the first move in to vacaville is rocky hill veterans apartments, most of these 39 units are set aside for veterans. many of them, formerly homeless, i love it that's quite you know it, everybody's kind. it's been
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really nice while people as grand opening celebration toward a sample unit. tim, hellstrom invited us into his new home these are the washers and dryers that they gave us entered us. and i can move into one of these days he says after 3 and a half years living on the streets. it means so much just to have a bathroom. yes, and i said bucket. a bucket and a shopping bag. that was what i use for a long te money from the department of housing and urban development in department of veterans affairs helps pay the rent. veterans working to turn their lives around to get one on one help at the complex and mice writing gate 9/20/2016 tim hellstrom 3 so much after serving in the navy substance abuse cancer, violence on the streets i've had my fingers cut off. i mean stabbed and burned i i've had a lot of things happen now he's doing everything he can to help his fellow veterans live better lives life is so good, i'm
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blessed i mean i have so the grace of god and everything just so much better he says his life now is proof it's possible and home is where the heart >>definitely i'm so stoked this is my home and i'm not even for a long time. >>for him that was kurtis ming reporting project developers expect to have all 39 units of that place they look pretty good rented by the end of the month. in sacramento, the city's largest school district is bracing for a one-day teacher strike tomorrow, the issue is over better benefits for teachers as the district struggles with a budget deficit, ronnie wong with this story. you've probably heard by now about the teacher strike planned in our district for this thursday april 11th, the sacramento city unified school district. >>doesn't want parents to be surprised by the one-day walkout by teachers where doing this for the students, the teachers union says despite negotiations the district wants to back out of its contract agreement to use teacher health care savings on students like reducing class
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sizes and providing more librarians nurses and psychologists understandably it can be inconvenient for one day. but if the district allowed to backtrack on this agreement to students then was to keep them from that coming connect checking and other agreements. >>but the distance back is against the wall because it's facing a state takeover if it can't resolve a $35 million 2 year budget deficit its message schools will stay open with that the staffing some schools, the plan have a regular day tomorrow with nobody walking now. >>on the other side we will need some replacement teachers and sometimes we need some ministers with credentials to go back into the classroom buses will run and meals will be served at all campuses. >>still many parents we spoke with will be keeping their kids home they get their funding. >>through the kids coming to school but also i want to make sure might help save of the same time and all the kids are going to be here we have to have i just rather them not be be there for others, it's a matter of principle, interest is actually in supporting the
9:33 pm
teachers teaching my kids that. >>it's important to honor promising news still some parents we spoke with didn't know about the strike the others will be bringing kids to school because they work and can't afford day care. >>we plan on keeping our schools open this thursday, so that our children have a safe learning environment to go to during the day. >>i know steph curry and his wife are known for right so many things obviously the hopes and the food also their passion for cuts tonight i die in addition to take you to restaurant. >>international smoke has some young diners pick up a fork and a spoon as well as a brush. >>it's from raf wheelhouse and services taking a little break from their usual after school program to join the party here at international smoke. being party. warriors steph curry's celebrity wife and a
9:34 pm
restaurant partner michael mina cooking up the idea we wanted to do something those little bit more family little more community and i use came up with the idea and and that was a great idea because it's something that will create some memories rough feel house helps low income families experiencing homelessness. >>i sat down with to talk about her love of family and serving up comfort and so today, you know there's no better love language to me than food. >>as it and i out the next person help assist in helping out the next generation, children died, i'm all here for it. >>chow down on delicious ribs and mac cheese friday shot, it's good food for the soul. >>and next time you decide to dine on delicious international barbecue, you can appreciate his bureaus for yourself. if your restaurant,
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a cafe, a food truck or a bar that you'd like to see featured on dining dish send us an email to dine in addition kron four dot com or fill out the submission form on our website can also check out our guide in dish facebook page. >>well just in time for seller right hundreds of kids here en the north they are learning how to swim helpful skill. the kids are part of a charity program called sustainable sports that helps underserved children learn how to swim about 320 children are taking classes this week at the marine y m c a and sandra fell over the last 6 years more than 1500 at risk use have participated. organizers and parents say these kids might not ever get the opportunity to learn how to swim otherwise. former a harlem globetrotter the way harrison also stopped by to lend his support. he can dunk in the pool, not only is it fun to get as many parents peace of mind knowing their kids. now have some basic knowledge when they're around bay area waters and swimming pools.
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>>we've got some clouds moving in later, they've got a major storm headed toward the middle united states we'll talk about that next we're now well into spring but mother nature doesn't want to the list says the areas across the country getting more than 20 inches of snow and causing headaches at airports. >>and just ahead in sports details on which team is coming up or call this weekend for around one of the playoffs. plus an update from san jose game one of the stanley cup playoffs. >>or is now streaming live local news 24 hours a day you haven't tried kron on yet, here's what you're missing. we're still in 35 years. county oakland, san menlo park.
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>>brought to you by your northern california volkswagen dealers visit dw dealers dot com. >>and here we go the past to the stanley cup begins tonight, sharks golden night underway at the tank in san jose game one of the opening round. here's a quick update right now sharks looking good jumped out to a 3 nothing lead in the second period up to for one. joe pavelski got the scoring started with a power play goal 6 minutes into the game. looking real nice to full highlights later
9:40 pm
tonight's going to be going out of the warriors we have now learned their first-round opponent. the past 2 a 3 p to begins against the la clippers this weekend. still no word on an exact day, but the chance in memphis tonight finishing the regular season game, 82 know steph curry draymond green or since klay thompson and kevin duran suited up early 1st quarter durrant his 16th tech of the season which would usually worn a one-game suspension but since they don't carry over into the playoffs katie will be there for game one later in the first week of evidence the rookie nails a trade sets the nba team record for threes made in the season. this game was all grizzlies however javan carter off the bench 32 points warriors finish out the season with a one 30 to one 17 a loss now to the majors a's rolling on with a four-game stand in baltimore oakland dropped 13 runs last night today more damage what show go to the 4 a's already up 3 nothing jurickson profar 5 rib ease yesterday tax on 2 more today shot to right they say
9:41 pm
the 5 run lead. then you can always count on this from chris davis top this same score crash comes through goes yard, the first of a to home run night, 7 on the year for him it's 200 for his career and you know this party is incomplete without matt chapman says one to left the complete a 5 homerun night for the green and gold a's role 10 3. finally we ended oracle park a matinee match of the series finale between the giants and padres in the 4th giants joe run. kevin paul r the 8 rbi in the last 2 games today, jack right near the foul pole in left giant on the board game not at one. 2 innings later seems score manny machado gets a hold of one. home run to levi's landing. san diego up to one derrick rodriguez 2 runs allowed to 7 frames. now to the 9th giants still can make a move down 2 runs runners at second and 3rd for brandon belt going to happen. pops up to end the game 3 one pod racer final giants fall to 4, 9, still have yet to win a
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series this year. coming up on kron four sport attend the sights and sounds from tonight's game one in san jose be your best self... .
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it's your time... . own it... take off in 3... 2... .aww it's time to get more. lower fares. better service. sweeter rewards. alaska airlines. people wake. and smile, when they see the sun. not that one. this one. it makes knowing when to take your prescriptions clear as day. up to fifty percent of people don't take them properly. so at cvs pharmacy we got up early and built
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a system that helps calculate each person's ideal schedule. it's great for doctors. and caregivers. at cvs pharmacy, we're just trying to help more people have more mornings. >>it's beginning to look a lot like winter from what to minnesota some 4 million people. they are under blizzard warnings that's right in april there over at more than 700 flights have already been canceled and as this.
9:45 pm
>>so-called bomb cyclone churns to hit the country. omar jimenez is in minneapolis where the snow could break spring records. >>welcome to spring in minnesota yeah, we are 10 days into april and this is what we're getting you should be seeing a minneapolis skyline over my shoulder here, but it's pretty much obscured by snow winter precipitation at this point over the course of the next few days, we're expecting snow accumulation could get up to 20 inches in some part of the states and here minneapolis area and that so my face we could see wind speeds of up to 45 miles per hour. the first official day of spring was march 20th and people were enjoying those spring-like temperatures until they weren't. powerful april blizzard is forming over the rockies plains and midwest putting millions at risk for heavy and potentially record breaking snow. >>i'm sick of this letter in a matter of hours temperatures went from spring-like snow giving people in the region, a sense of winter with flash.
9:46 pm
>>and it was all 70 degrees of not 70 degrees. then you go back to them over >>the planes can get more than 2 feet of snow by friday morning and south dakota may see up to 30 inches before the snow started falling heavy fog blanketed the denver metro the low visibility just one sign of the rapid change in weather. the storm is packing a punch to with 50 mile an hour wind gusts in some areas making traveling dangerous major airports packed with passengers as airlines cancel hundreds of flights and since no wasn't the best baseball weather either the colorado rockies postpone their game. minnesota is no stranger to snow are your country spring comes along 2 or 3 times every spring last year amid april blizzard brought a record 15.8 inches of snow to the twin cities. clouds roll into minneapolis forecasters say the storm could shatter more records or. >>prepared for psychologically and i think physically we're good trucks and good. snow removal equipment so we're in
9:47 pm
good shape. >>really keeping our eyes on the great plains in this as well because let's remember this storm isn't just happening in a vacuum it's coming on the heels of a storm that can in mid-march that brought devastating flooding to that region and officials are already warning people to stay vigilant. the tension. >>it's anybody's ready for a big snowstorm. it is minneapolis says we come back home and take a live look outside right here the embarcadero in san francisco, a clear night here much different than what we saw there the adjoining is now chief meteorologist learns colonel or to any of this weird bomb cyclone. i guess is what they call it any that weather making its way here not here but actually the storm that moved through the bexar on friday this is actually part of that bomb cyclone now making its way across the country so there you go. >>these see it kind of reforming in right as it drops across the rockies. that's what we see a lot of these storms and testifies called bomb cyclone because it's intensifying in a very short amount of time and now we're
9:48 pm
seeing all that snow on the backside of the system out ahead of it though this was going to pretty scary night. we see the snow. we've got some much warmer air out in front of us see some severe weather probably some tornadoes across the plains for tomorrow. here's the very latest forecast we've got a blizzard warnings of course running up and down the backside of the system all the way into parts of but the cold in part south dakota parts of minneapolis over 2 feet of snow real possibility, but look at this line of storms that stretches all the way down through st. louis all the way to the deep south along that line as word. we're expecting some very heavy rainfall and some powerful thunderstorms. maybe even some tornadoes that will continue to russia's way across the eastern seaboard as we head in toward friday. it's going to be a mess over the next couple days there out west we're .% going to see some changes. get the sense now this next system of dropping down the bay area high pressure start the weekend it brought us a couple of great days, but now that ridge it's going to back off a little bit. temperatures tomorrow will take a hit use of 50's and 60's where we saw some 70's today. it will cool
9:49 pm
back down a bit the winds are still be kicking up in the afternoon and the pattern is going to change just a little bit slight chance of showers i think tomorrow night into early friday morning not going to be much maybe just some scattered stuff, but then by friday a for the better part of the day. it is beginning come mostly sunny again with those normally wins little bit on the breezy side again and then over the weekend staying mostly dry. although sunday night into monday. i think a better chance. a couple raindrops returning the bay area behind that though high pressure really starts to build in again and we start to warm up those temperatures so we do have some nice weather ahead looks like high pressure is going to take over is a ridge builds we're going to see some nice weather next week. the next couple days not bad tomorrow see some changes on friday return of sunshine, a nice start to weekend too. by sunday, those clogged clouds start to roll back in chance of showers sunday night into monday. then as we get toward the middle of the next week maybe start to talk about some temperatures near 80 degrees guys back to you like that's a cue larks free help tonight makes sense to living right near a major highway would usually mean you're
9:50 pm
likely more exposed to more air pollution right compared to folks may be living out in the country. but now a new study found a link. >>between living too close to roadways and childhood development, steve has a closer look now at those findings. >>a link between highway exhaust and a child's communication skills. a new report found children who live near a busy roadway are twice as likely to have developmental delays. that's according to a new study in the journal environmental research. kids who live near major highways scored lower on tests of communication skills and those who live further away. the study looked at more than 5,000 children. researchers compared their proximity to major highways. an estimated each child exposure to ozone and other pollutants produced by vehicle traffic then scientists tested their motor skills communication, social functioning and problem solving abilities about 23% of the children failed some of the developmental tests, researchers say children who live closer to a major highway or freeway have twice the risk
9:51 pm
of having a communication delay. they also found that exposure to high levels of pollution, especially ozone during pregnancy is linked to the risk of a developmental delay. the study was done in upstate new york which has relatively low air pollution and researchers wonder if the effects would be stronger and higher pollution areas like major cities. the study did not show cause and effect and researchers say more studies are needed i'm steve menace. >>the new trailer of the lion king is dropped and fans are really with excitement after the break we're going to give you a sneak peek. >>also if you're streaming us on kron on the news continues during the commercial break and always
9:52 pm
[ dramatic orchestral music ] [ announcer ] tiger woods. [ tap of the putt ] expect anything different? [ waves crashing ] probably the most important shot dustin johnson has ever hit right here. [ crowd cheering ] what a gem! now keopka, down there into the wind. [ club thwacking ] how about that? back to back united states opens.
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[ tense elegant music ] just awesome.
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remakes are just. >>part of hollywood's circle of life and today we got a new look at walt disney studios latest remake the lion king that there's a shared an official trailer that is just over 90 seconds long, here's a sneak peek.
9:55 pm
>>it >>features many of the pivotal scenes that were part of the 1994, a original but now it's disney's live action inspired treatment in the video we need young simba with his father mufasa plus evil uncle scar and his band of hyenas the film stars the lover as symbol. fiance as nala and has james errol jones is pipes reprising his role as well. wolf asa the film is set to hit theaters. july 19th, great music to >>a reality star kim kardashian she was to be a lawyer now kardashian told vogue that she began a four-year apprenticeship with a law firm here in san francisco. last summer she says she became inspired after she helped get 63 year-old reed johnson released from prison. johnson was in jail on a first time nonviolent drug offense. her dashing says she is required to log in 18 hours
9:56 pm
of supervised study per week and she plans to take them are in 2022. >>the next avengers movie is already a sales record breaker even though it's not in theaters yet avengers endgame sold more presale tickets in its first week than any other film in history that according to online ticket retailer. fandango thousands of shows are already sold out during the opening weekend, the superhero flick opens in theaters april 26th. but events tickets have been on sale since the second of april and some movie theaters are now adding more screenings even doing so around the clock. so you can just 4 and whatever it is go see it. that wraps up kron 4 news at 9 prime time coverage continues at the top of the hour justine waltman and can't wait are here with properties attacks. >>the key and grants, thank you very much next at 10 o'clock a stunning move by the prosecution in the golden state killer case.
9:57 pm
>>they are seeking the death penalty just weeks after governor gavin newsome put a stop to executions in california tonight we're going to hear from a bay area lawyer about why the district attorney thinks the governor's moratorium doesn't matter plus 20,000 homeless people in the bay area that's the 3rd worst in the nation. the billion dollar price tag it would take to create housing for everyone. >>and what city leaders have to say about it. plus we have plenty of sunshine in store for the bay area with temperatures hitting these 70's in some parts of this weekend. so our chief meteorologist has our 10 at 10 forecast don't go away our 3 of kron 4 news in primetime
9:58 pm
9:59 pm
10:00 pm
>>if there is ever a death penalty case it is the golden state killer. >>victims families are reacting to the state's plan to seek the death penalty against the golden state killer that man says the golden state killer murdered his brother and sister-in-law tonight a suspected killer learned he could face the ultimate penalty. thanks for joining us. i'm can way and i'm just involvement in for pam moore, joseph de angelo is charged with killing more than 12 women between 19 75 in 1986. >>those cases span several california counties and now prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for the gn


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