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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  April 15, 2019 7:30pm-8:00pm PDT

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pleads not guilty. what we just learned about her plan to avoid 40 years in prison. >> that have some pretty damming evidence then -- ariana grande's surprise but wheres was justin timberlake, what he side about the reunion. plus, "game of thrones" pandemonium take over hollywood. inside the wild celeb parties if for record-breaking premiere. plus brand and angelina make it official. how they're moving on since their split. and kelly clarkson, how she was mistaken for someone else. he is "entertainment tonight." >> basically the best part of my day. let's be honest it was an epic weekend for news. tiger woods makes a comeback for age. >> reporter: "game of thrones" comes back with one billion people reportedly watching and the stars rocked coachella. but let's start with the news that just broke today in
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the college bribery scandal. lori louf lip is apparently going to fight it out. >> sorry about the bad news, lori, are you and your husband fighting until the end? >> the fight is on. both lori and her husband have plead not guilty to the charges connected to the widespread college admissions cheating scandal. lori's signature appears on the court filings obtained by "e.t." the couple have waived their rights to appear in federal court for the arraignment. legal analyst rachel stockman tells "e.t." why lori's case would be so tough to defend if it goes to trial. >> according to the prosecution, they have some pretty damning evidence in the form of tapes and recordings of lori, so i think it will be a very hard case to fight in court. >> if convicted, lori faces a maximum prison sentence of 40 years. her husband feels >> i paid 500 grand to a women's crew coach to say my daughter was good at rowing. i'm loco.
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>> on "snl," kate mckinnon spoofed what lori's life behind bars could look like. >> you think prison is hard? i have done 68 hallmark movies. i have seen hell, man, i'm going to take your heart and cut it out. >> funny kate would say that because lori's hall a mark show was just renewed for another season. but without lori. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> all right, let's turn now to the top-selling music festival in the whole world, coachella. and so many surprises, there, but ariana grande dropped the biggest of all, when he show got 'nsync. ♪ baby bye bye bye bye >> i've been rehearsing my whole life for this moment. make some noise for 'nsync! ♪ it's tearing up my heart when i'm with you ♪ >> so, just how did ariana grande make the nsync's reunion happen with her was a the fifth member?
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♪ if you want me girl let me know ♪ >> it was all ariana grande's idea. she put the ask to the boy band in weeks ago. lance, j.c., joey, and chris traveled together to coachella by bus and tried to go incognito wearing bandannas, to keep their five-minute set a secret. but why was justin timberlake missing? well, the night before, j.t. had just finished up his world tour in connecticut. this morning, he posted this shot, with the caption, you guys killed it last night. ariana grande replied in all caps, quote, i love you so much. we missed you. j.t. wasn't the only fan. ♪ tearing up my heart when i'm with you ♪am corden and justin bieber in the audience dancing to the performance. biebs was at coachella with -- said he's getting better every day, was at coachella with wife hailey and her bff kendall jenner. also in attendance, katy perry
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and orlando bloom. katy did a surprise performance as well. the moment that went viral was when justin met the ultimate belieber. met her first love and fans were right there to capture the moment. >> when did your love for the biebs start sf. >> it started when i was 12. >> did you have posters in your room? >> i did. like big ones. >> taylor swift wasn't at coachella, but it seems she did have music on her mind. swifties going crazy after taylor dropped a series of social media clues, including jewelry, pink tulle and a countdown clock to april the 26th. we think that means new music is coming and everyone is so excited. >> those tunes may be on the way, but for "game of thrones" fans, you know what's already here? winter.
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kristen bell dressed as an white dragon. which stars had the best premiere parties? check out sofia vergara and joe manganiello's epic cake. the "thrones" blanket and the family pup in a jon snow cape. back to kristen, she and dax's squad went full speed "game of clones." and dined on dragon slop. meanwhile, chrissy teigen got locked out of hubby john's private theater for asking too many questions. >> and what's the deal with jon snow? >> boo! dragon ride on last night's season premiere, and he's on the >> seven times. >> kit harington tackles trivia and some sultry couch poses for the magazine, out may 3rd. he's also sharing on-set phone pics, including this battle-scarred image. and the last season's cast, kit says after filming his final scene in the series, he felt a, quote, onslaught of relief and
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grief about not being able to do this again. and listen to this, last night's season premiere was watched by a record of 17.4 million viewers. it was also tweeted about 5 million times. and like jon snow returning to winterfell, the cast was back in belfast friday night for the show's uk premiere. producers filmed a lot of scenes near the northern ireland city. kit's fondest memory -- downtime with his co-stars. >> just wandering around belfast on the days off, like being bored together. you make your best friends when you're bored out of your mind. those times, that's sort of "game of thrones" to me. >> maybe i need a few nights in belfast just to decipher what went on in that first show. now earlier you saw joe jonas, before watching his fiancee on "game of thrones," he and his brother nick made the trek to augusta, georgia, to watch the final round of the masters. tiger woods, the injuries, the
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scandal, three years ago, it seemtd like he may never play again. yesterday, as he hugged his children after winning golf's biggest prize, the world watched and cheered for tiger 2.0. >> the return to glory! >> it's being hailed as the greatest career comeback in the history of golf. sharing the moment with tiger, 10-year-old charlie, mom, his daughter and his girlfriend of two years, erica herman who had her arm around tiger's daughter during the game. >> to see their dad win a major championship i hope it's something they'll never forget. >> my coachella is my masters. >> nick tweeted his congratulations. president obama acknowledged, to come back and win the masters after all the highs and lows is a testament to excellence, grit and determination. >> i was just very lucky to
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being playing again. >> woods earned just over $2 million with yesterday's win. after the championship, nike dropped this ad. he is he on his way to becoming viable endorser again? >> i think tiger woods brought with him infidelity, a lot of headaches. >> i am deeply sorry for my irresponsible and selfish behavior that i engaged in. >> once earning millions in endorsements alone, tiger's troubles began in 2009 when he crashed his suv into a tree, just as his marriage to his wife elin nordegren was unraveling amid reports of marital infidelity. >> is he conscious? >> yes. >> they divorced the following here. their once-contentious marriage is now amicable.
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she's kept a low profile since then, while tiger was arrested on dui charges in 2017. >> tiger woods has damaged his brand beyond repair. >> coming up -- >> i have a whole new life that i plan for myself. >> wendy williams breaks her silence after filing for divorce and the new development in the brad and angelina divorce case plus a "dancing with the stars" couple says i do. details on val and jenna's ocean front ceremony. we're playing matchmaker
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minutes away, "e.t.'s" sneak peek at the final film in the
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♪ you know i've been dealing with issues with addiction, alcoholism and i have a whole new life that i plan for myself and my son. . >> wendy williams was in high spirits on her show today. she's been living in a sober house when she broke the news she'll be moving out in few days and she said et with us the best thing that could have ever happened to her. >> self-care is very important. last week, wendy filed for divorce.
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and she's not the only one who just took a big step toward singlehood. so did brad and angelina. both brad and angelina are now single and fee to remarry someone else. a judge ruled their marriage is officially over, more than 2 1/2 years after she filed for divorce. while they continue to finalize details in their divorce, a source reports to "e.t." that brad and angie have come a long way, to the surprise to many of their closest friends. their communication has improved tremendously. they rarely argue now and are now at a point where they can discuss their children's plans calmly. the source also says they're both dedicated to coparenting. and now the kids spend time with both their parents and are happy and thriving. moving on to wedding news, "dancing with the stars" val chmerkovskiy and jenna johnson tied the knot on saturday at the terranea resort, south of los angeles. the bride wore a fitted white dress with a sheer turtleneck and sleeves from designer vera wang. the couple's first dance was to "la vie en rose." >> i think a lot of people expected us to do a big choreographed dance and we're
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just going to slow dance. >> val's best man, brother maks shared a smooch with wife peta as their son shai was part of the ceremony. among the guests, val's former partner, olympic gymnast laurie hernandez, recently at a cake tasting the newlyweds told "e.t." about their vows. >> we are writing our own. >> when i say wife, you say husband. wife, husband. >> that's not going to happen, either. >> please make that happen, please. >> maybe. still ahead -- >> please don't make me say my name. >> we'll say it, kelly clarkson. >> the huge star she's chasing for her talk show and charlize theron looking for love. who needs a dating site when you have me? and big little lies sneak peek. we're breaking down the new season's major mroplot twists. >> i don't think i could get the truth, would i? closed captioning provided by --
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♪ oh. >> gwen has made the paparazzi show up. >> luke bryan more than happy to be the third wheel during blake and gwen's date night at craig's in hollywood last night, but here's what you didn't see. gwen's outfit. we see you there, gwen, with the fishnets and cowboy boot/heels hybrid. they're not really boots, though, they're boots sandals.
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>> i see you gwen. meanwhile, their good friend kelly clarkson is seeing pink. as the voice of moxy in her animated movie "ugly dolls." when i sat down with kelly, it brought back another ugly time in her life. this is technically your first lead role. >> yes. >> since -- >> from justin to kelly -- no, yeah, that was the worst thing ever. but, um, i was contractually obligated to do that one. this one i volunteered. i feel smarter already. >> "ugly dolls" is about acceptance but kelly's 4-year-old couldn't accept that her mama was in the movie. >> pretty much crushed her dreams of, like, she didn't realize i was explaining to her, because she was confused. like, you know, like how elsa and anna, there's a person that plays elsa and anna. and i didn't get what i was doing. >> you didn't do that. >> i did it. i did it. but she's very clever. she would have figured it out. i saw her face and i saw the wheels spinning. i was like, oh no. it was so sad.
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>> can we talk about acms for a second? >> yeah. >> did someone think you were a seat filler? >> somebody thought i was a seat filler. ♪ >> this guy goes, yeah, ma'am, we're going to need you to move, we need the seat fillers to move. for the talent to come in >> but it's an awkward moment when you have to turn around and say, hey, i'm kelly clarkson. >> i didn't say that. i couldn't say that. i would have -- >> it's tough. then, what did you do? >> yeah, so i turn around and i was just like, oh, well, no, i'm not a seat filler. you feel like such a -- you feel like such a tool, going like i'm kelly clarkson. >> kelly better get used to saying her name, her talk show premieres this fall, and she's eyeing to book her new costar. >> nick jonas is walking the halls. >> i'm calling in all favors. they're texan, those boys, they owe it to me. but i will beg them. reba, i'm like, you don't have a choice. you have to come on my show. like, please. now, tomorrow, my interview with kelly's co-star nick jonas, talking about his blended family doctorly with priyanka. are they ready for kids?
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by the way, i want to take you behind the scenes for a second. moments after nick and kelly came by for "uglydolls." in walked charlize theron and seth rogen to talk about their new comedy. and speaking of long shots, remember that dating bombshell charlize dropped on me in vegas? clearly, we had some unfinished business. okay, we talked in vegas and -- >> oh, my god. >> you know. >> i know i did this to myself, kevin. >> you think? >> you're charlize. for the average guy, i's a long shot. >> it really isn't. isn't. i've been single for ten years. it's not a long shot. somebody needs to grow a pair and step up. i'm shockingly available. >> i'm sitting at my computer. bing bing bing. linkedin. >> anybody good? >> i do have a pair. i'm stepping up. >> he seems like a nice guy. >> seems like a really nice guy. >> from kansas city.
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>> what you want you to do, sign a picture for doug. >> yes, of course. charlize came to play. she and seth hook up in their new rom com "longshot." charlize is running for president. but her advisers believe party animal seth will sink her chances of winning. have you ever done something and realized, that's going to go viral? >> no, i did all my crazy stuff before this social media thing and cellphones. e would not be working. >> you have been in a romantic comedy before. >> yes. >> the tom hanks movie. >> yes. >> what do you remember about that? >> i was discome plated with the fact that i'm obsessed with tom hanks. i wanted to be darryl hannah.
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>> someone who's very, very happy today. >> who's that? >> charlize's superfan. we just hooked you up, my brother. this is coming your way. >> i think he actually wanted a date with charlize. >> now he can get a date with another woman in kansas city. all right, fans of "big little lies" got their own treat last night, a sneak peek at season number two. it twists and turns. >> it's going to get us, it's going to get us all. >> what are you talking about? >> the lie. >> it's very, very authentic and truthful to where these women are in their lives. >> and you'll see sides of the husbands you haven't seen, too. >> nicole kidman and keith urban breaking down the highly anticipated roller coaster of a season. >> they're already fired up for the june 9th premiere date. reese witherspoon tweeted, the monterey five are back. who's ready for big little lies
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season two sf. >> you're one of the monterey five. >> and apparently everyone's suspicious of the ladies after last season's finale cliffhanger, saw the demise of alexander skarsgaard's abusive character. >> my son is dead. i want to know what happened that night. >> now, oscar and emmy winner meryl streep is on the hunt as the mom searching for answers. >> i'm very tempted to ask you, but i don't think i would get the truth, would i? >> well "big little lies" returns june the 9th. coming up, we're with the cast of star wars for season 9. >>yeah, no and c willard see mccollum work yesterday against oklahoma city, you know what's funny is that. a team led by russell westbrook okay, this is a guy that is average to triple doubles during the year it just says
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♪ please welcome daysie ridley, john boyega. >> stephen kolbert moderated a star wars. the trailer dropped on friday and get this, it already has more than 22 million views. >> now, this is final film in the current saga and the first time we get to see the whole gang fighting together. >> friendship, it's family. it's just all a beautiful collection of people. >> star wars is an enseminl, a collective story and one person can't win without the other. it shows the message of the film, family, trust and love. >> family, trust and love. the rise of skywalker hits
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theaters december 20th. ♪ star wars galaxy's edge opening may 31st
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at disneyland resort >>now in a construction workers make a troubling that every. in the east bay, the search for a hit and run driver suspected of killing a mother and her child john to us. >>kofi not >>the pride of the french nation ravaged by fire. we now know where that fire started at notre cathedral in paris. controversy at the chase center construction sit


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