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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  April 18, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>>case closed special counsel robert mueller's report into russian interference in the 2016 presidential campaign. now in the hands of congress and the american people. thanks for joining us at 9, 9, can wayne grant lotus's off tonight and acuity aka so president trump his claim for weeks that it exonerate him but the report says that isn't true and outlines numerous instances that to mister trump tried to stifle the investigations we want to get the very latest on all this kristen holmes is live in washington d c and she has the details on the mueller report. >>well a busy day in washington after 22 months of investigation, thousands of subpoenas, hundreds of interviews that mueller report was finally released to the public. well at least the partially redacted version of the mueller report but with it
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came a lot of new questions. >>special counsel robert mueller's partially redacted report new in the trump campaign showed interest in emails stolen from democrats by russians then to hurt hillary clinton. but found no evidence of a crime. >>the russian government sponsored efforts to illegally interfere with the 2016 presidential election. but did not find that the trump campaign or other americans colluded in those >>on the question of obstruction of justice mueller is less clear his report identifying 10 instances with the president or his aides. they have attempted to curtail the investigation. a clue ding firing former fbi director james comey the evidence developed by the special counsel. >>is not sufficient to establish that the president committed and the destruction of justice just moments after the report's release. trump claimed a victory, no collusion, no obstruction.
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democrats disagree whether these contacts was officially elicit or not to rise level of a criminal conspiracy. they are unquestionably dishonest unethical in moral and unpatriotic and should be condemned by every american. >>congressional democrats want more answers and demand the full unredacted report the special counsel made clear that he did not exonerate the president. and the responsibility now falls to congress to hold the president accountable for his actions. >>and that of course the chairman of the judiciary committee jerry nadler now since then he has asked a formal request is put in a formal request that robert mueller come testify in front of congress in a public hearing in addition to that we have learned that the the department of justice is going to offer a mine early are less redacted version of the report to judiciary leaders as well as to the leadership on
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capitol hill but he has yet to be seen whether or not this will be enough for democrats reporting live in washington, i'm kristen holmes. back to you all right christine thanks once again to reiterate some people will see more of the mueller report the justice department will allow select congressional leaders and that does include. >>the chairs of the intelligence and the judiciary committees access to a less redacted version of the document will be available in a secure reading room as early as monday. there are calls tonight from bay area lawmakers for the attorney general to resign democratic congressman and presidential candidate eric swalwell tweeted out a g barr must resign. you can represent the people or you can represent the president, but you can't do both sign our petition to demand bar resign. and this statement from congresswoman barbara lee it reads in part it is unacceptable that far as the chief law enforcement official in the country released a summary of the report briefs, the white house on its findings and held a press conference defending the
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president in an effort to spend the report before congress had an opportunity to see it. a g barr has acted in a blatantly partisan and an ethical manner and he should resign. other news tonight, a big story we're following sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise in san francisco at the concerning increase an std cases has public health officials calling on people to get tested. cropper stand thorne spoke with the specialist of the city's department of health he joins us now live in san francisco with more on this dan. well vicki as the rates continue to rise for infections like syphilis doctors are purging sexually active people to take precautions and to understand that there is help out there if they need it. rates of sexually transmitted diseases are going up in san francisco. >>health officials are now urging people who are sexually active. >>to get tested of the increase in stds is is concerning i don't know that we'd say it's alarming but it's been concerning for a few
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years now and it's what we're seeing not only in san francisco, but the bay area and also the rest of the country as well. >>doctor susan fill up at the san francisco department of public health says the upward trend involves 3 infections. syphilis chlamydia and gonorrhea syphilis as especially raised concerns between 2017 2018. the amount of women infected with syphilis increased by a 144% doctor philip says the groups that are most at risk. our day man other men who have sacks with men transgender persons and young people, pregnant women are also included as more than 280 babies were born in california with syphilis in 2017 health officials are encouraging those groups to come forward. >>treatment is curative for these infections. we have highly effective treatment once you're treated you're cured of the bacterial infection. the syphilis gonorrhea chlamydia and you can't transmit any other partner. >>public health officials say condom use has gone down in
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san francisco. it's believed that's one of the reasons there's an increase in the number of infections. doctors recommend continuing the use of condoms because they're highly effective at preventing syphilis chlamydia and gonorrhea. >>public health officials also recommend getting vaccinated against hepatitis a hepatitis b and human papilloma virus which can be transmitted through sexually contact. reporting in san francisco, dan thorn. kron 4 news. thank you big night for the sharks tonight game 5 of round one of the stanley cup playoffs and for san jose. >>it's do or die, they have to win to keep going kate rudy live for us at as safety center with more on what's happening cake. >>thanks candy as you said after winning game one in the series against the las vegas golden knights the sharks got down in a 3 to one hole that's how they entered this game tonight. but then they got an
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early lead scoring 2 unanswered goals to start things off and for this for the san jose team. it's about more than just winning it's about a little bit of revenge. the knights were also responsible for ending san jose's championship bid last year knocking them out in the second round now this time around it's been pretty tough for the sharks to find an answer for the knights elected office huge piece of that puzzle is san jose goalie martin jones. he finished last in the league this season allowing 2.9 4 goals per game in the postseason that number has gone up. he's loved 13 goals in 4 games entering tonight, he's back in the night and the fans have been hopeful that huma sharks can turn things around. and it should be good. i don't care what anyone says. >>first playoff game ever
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sharks. but i think it's going to take to get the win. >>so far the fans faith in their team is paying off right now just a couple minutes into the 3rd period, the sharks have a 3 to one lead jones has been playing well tonight so far can back to you in studio. they'd uk. i would like that news k and all the seals drawing a big crowd at aquatic park and set a san francisco, the elephant seals between a year and 2 years old. >>experts say the animal is melting which is when elephant seals lose a layer of coat, and they usually come ashore to molt only difference here is that this time the animal, the gun to a busy public location. once the most thing has been completed it should return to the water and resume forging it is expected to stay on the beach from anywhere between several hours to several days and more tina was a beautiful day to molt.
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>>at the beach or wherever you are on the street, it's a gorgeous day out there or night out there right now as we take a live look over san francisco alan small town over to dave smart see how the weather shaping up thursday night this for over a clear the shots of casino recover from sutro that relay are coming in with a little in the way of some fog but for the most part, fairly uneventful until we get to saturday sunday looks pretty good still, but looks like saturday will see some cloud cover coming our way as that line that you can see upstream there. far up in the northwest, but don't worry will be returning back to spring into next week has hit the coast in special we're talking about right now, here's a live shot of what's going on alcatraz island we see it blocked by the marine layer visitors spoke out again. it's the kind of snuck in and just a little bit above that of course we can see the city behind it looking pretty good at that. there's we have the saturday weather maker up to the northwest as i spoke of before that will be dropping towards the south all right now that we're going to watch for saturday as a potential wind and cloud producer going
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on here for us how those temperatures. we're starting on the 70's even at this hour antioch at 71. most of the readings are in the 60's. well, okay, redwood city of 7154 half moon bay, which by tomorrow will be much cooler than today because the winds are going to shift direction so we have scattered clouds going on for tonight. we should be mild. most in the 50's for most locations tomorrow again, mostly sunny to some scattered clouds not as warm we'll have 80's more sparse and then saturday is kind of a changed a wind clouds maybe enough rain to mess up your car and the near 80's going on in line for easter sunday, let's give it to future cast for you see what's going on here there's the marine layer at the surface. the moisturizing up to this from the south. that's a scattered cloud cover but this is what happens oh. yes on saturday when the frontier just got to make a note of potentially some sprinkles to look out for a little looks like a little bit that will be the higher elevations again to look out for temperatures going on for tonight's lows, mid 50's to lower 50's at that winds very little bit of that
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a slight onshore wind could be felt in san francisco variable elsewhere. 53 san francisio, 55 san jose in coming in for oakland at 54 now coming up in just a bit. we're take a look at your 4 zone forecast and also that extended forecast as well back to you all right, thank you dave. well we now know the name and age for men, he was shot and killed earlier this month in oakland. police identified the victim as 45 year-old eric graham, the shooting happened just before 00:30am in the morning on april 8. in the 3200 block of davis street investigators found prim dead with a gunshot wound. no one arrested for the shooting police also did not release any information about a motive or a suspect 5 inmates are injured after a sheriff's office van was involved in a five-car crash in san jose this morning. >>happened on interstate 80 just north of highway one to one. the santa clara county jail was transporting the inmates in a bus. when a prius apparently was trying to change lanes the driver hit the bus and it immediately burst into flames 3 other cars were involved in this crash, 5
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inmates were taken to the hospital for minor injuries, nobody else was hurt. >>a south bay families in shock tonight, a grandmother facing murder charges in connection to her grandchild's deaths kron force dan kerman has the details. >>70 year-old boss hoss she's been charged with murder and child abuse for allegedly strangling her 3 year-old grandson. police say monday afternoon they received a 911 call from the child's aunt when authorities arrived at this milpitas home. but the child lived with the and her children and his grandmother, the boy was unresponsive and later pronounced dead the child's grandmother was arrested wednesday evening in san jose. >>we never that's the response that location for new types of abuse allegations we don't have any knowledge of any previous abuse allegations police are not releasing any details about what led up to the murder saying they don't want to compromise the investigation. >>we're here speaking for that 3 year-old boy who cannot speak anymore tell us a thing about what happened. so we
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want to make sure have this the integrity of the case so again we can speak for this boy when it goes when it comes time for legal proceedings. >>neighbors didn't want to go on camera, but one young mother told me the incident terrified or to the point where she doesn't even want to think about it. >>police say the family including the parents who live out of state are in shock. they say they both uncooperative this well as guarded as for the grandmother, she is due to make her first court appearance friday afternoon. in milpitas dan kerman kron 4 news. >>the sacramento community is remembering this couple shelvin and rosalyn sharma last month investigators say they're tow truck got into a crash on a bridge and plunged into the sacramento river, both of their bodies were finally recovered. i just in the last week. the family says hundreds of people showed up to the memorial service. they say the sharma's will be greatly missed and they say their focus is now i'm making sure the kids have a good future. >>the business to get they
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have a nice kids. >>the chp is still investigating the cause of that crash horse racing will continue at santa racetrack in southern california. the california horse racing board voted today to continue racing through the end of the current meet on june 23th. the decision comes despite objections from animal rights activists who urged the board to close the track, 23 horses have died while racing or training at santa anita since december. on tuesday the los angeles county district attorney's office announced it's launching its own investigation into the horse deaths happening tomorrow, the couple in the house of horrors case is expected to be sentenced. this is video of david and louise turpin is previous court appearance. investigators say the couple tortured and starved 12 of their children they both pleaded guilty to 14 charges, including a count of torture back in february. 2 adults captured in this disturbing
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video will also be in court tomorrow. this is in chula vista california just south of san diego police say the 2 people aged 1819 along with 4 miners punched kicked in stomped on 16 year-old paul martin last week yesterday martin spoke for the very first time since his attack. >>a horrifying i thought i was going to be dead in the second. i thought i was going. >>l. >>the teen and his family hosted a peaceful protest to speak out against bullying. they asked people to step in to help if you see someone getting hurt. most of 3 counts the laws aimed at protecting illegal immigrants can remain in place since the ruling today from a federal appeals court in san francisco. it upholds most of the lower court's decisions that were rejected that you rejected rather a bid by the trump administration to block sanctuary laws. one of them bars local officials from informing federal officials about immigrants really states from jail except in serious
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criminal cases. the us department of justice sued california over the laws last year claiming the measures were quote a deliberate effort by california to obstruct the united states and force month a federal immigration law. san francisco's gearing up for big crowds in golden gate park for the annual for 20 festival. here's what for 20 look like last year golden gate park, a huge crowd in a lot of pot smoke hanging in the air. this year organizers are expecting at least 20,000 people. the city says it will double the amount of porta potties have 30% more security and for ambulances to help deal with the larger crowds. last year more than a half dozen people had to be hospitalized after consuming edibles laced with fentanyl that's why i reckon park is pushing a new message stole my any drugs or pot related products on site. >>it's different now the days of buying your weed from a random guy you don't know our over quality controls important it's important in our food, it's important in
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our there so pleased that the dispensary before you come to for 20. >>also alcohol not allowed inside the events and no one under the age of 18 no pets and no glass that even means bongs as well as bottles. a sinkhole in braga continues to get bigger started out as a little depression in the earth but has since turned into a full blown sinkhole has grown forcefully chagall reports first tonight, there's now a new concern. >>for people driving in the area. the sinkhole outside might peterson's business in morocco green valley auto repair. >>is now to buy 5 feet wide and 12 feet deep, he says he noticed an indentation in the ground at the end of march but about 2 weeks ago it caved in we're lucky we're getting into the dry says now. >>you know it's not that ring. we're also fortunate that that happened we caught it before anybody got her phone. the minds. >>this is what the asphalt and grass looked like on april 6th and what it looks like now one
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center street at boulevard a big difference that has town public works director and rick won concerned because i knew underneath that depression is a 96 inch the corrugated metal pipe and that piper for the eruption at the actual intersection of remain will remain center. >>public right away that's where back in 2016 we had that same type they'll creating the 2016 and so knowing that further downstream. the question is being developed and brought me quite a bit of concern this sinkhole is located on private property not owned by the town raga so kwon says he is working with the property owner to arrange for immediate repairs before the already fragile pipe underground fails because that channels and in a creek. >>and all the runoff and jaime still tours and goes into that pipe and so there's a blockage you can imagine. citing and other problems and other failures at attention her last
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year the town of morocco rejected a measure that would have collected fees to make improvements to the storm drain system. >>in morocco all kron 4 news. >>oakland city vehicles will soon run on renewable diesel mayor libby schaaf announced today that the city will begin using renewable diesel gathered from raw materials like cooking oil from local businesses. the city's been running its fleet of vehicles on renewable diesel ever since 20 15, but the mayor says converting raw materials into diesel is another step improving lives and reducing local emissions from the city's fleet. >>an emergency room employees being called a hero in san jose that an employee took action and what at the time was thought to be an active shooter situation. a good samaritan hospital. our first rough lot about reports. >>as dozens of police responded to reports of a man with a gun here at good samaritan hospital. the man drove right up to the emergency room and then
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stormed inside says san jose police lieutenant todd loan that. >>the inner the emergency room and demanded to be seen. produced a handgun as people panicked and ran outside thinking there was an active shooter. >>a male nurse still inside the e r calmly confronted the intruder who had sat down on a gurney disarmed him and held him down until police arrived he walked up to him grabbed the gun threw it in the tackle him and took him to the. it turns out the gun is a replica of a sig sauer 9 millimeter pistol likely a pellet gun. but the whom police say is a military veteran did not know that when he decided to step up and take it from the man. >>you know in hindsight not a real gun, but he didn't know that it looks by it. it's absolutely looks real functions like a real gun, there's no reason to believe it was a real. >>no shooting occurred and no one was hurt the hospital did not identify the nurse who declined to be interviewed. police are the only ones who
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think he is a hero cindy and wayne our hospital neighbors very very brave to tackle him and take care of business and even the probably know was a pellet gun. >>so you know that doesn't minimize the the effort in a row to the guy put in on that. >>in a statement, good samaritans said nothing about the merits but thanked police for their swift response. it's not clear if the intruder was her or in need of help as he arrived the gun may have been fake but the panic it caused was the real thing said lieutenant low knack it just the chaos that ensued from people running out in the crowded emergency room and you know people assume the worst witch was reasonable a male nurse that confronted him thinking at a real and disarmament tackle room was a hero in san jose rep flood kron 4 news. we have teams target a jewelry store in the east bay getting away with arm loads of merchandise, a surveillance pictures that could help find the suspects. >>plus a day at the park, it's
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something we all enjoy espeally in a nicely day like today. growing weight problem, those causing a well a little problem, the one california park and more problems for facebook and your privacy. what we're learning new tonight about how it's stored passwords not just for facebook but also for instagram. that we have a live shot coming in the san mateo bridge that too much the way of fog, although there is a little bit out there most readings around the bay in the 60's 71 in redwood city. >>lots more straight ahead keeping eric on for
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>>facebook is on the hot seat again tonight over how it's handling your privacy, the social media giant revealed last month security incident affects millions of instagram users not 10's of thousands as first thought last month facebook said instagram and facebook passwords were stored in plain text and were accessiblby facebook employees in an updated blog post today the company says that it discovered additional loss of instagram passwords that were stored in a readable format. facebook however did add the passwords were not abused or improperly accessed instagram will still notify affected users and asked them to change their passwords and other retailers closing stores pier, one imports announced today that it plans to close 45 locations for the next fiscal year. that's on top of the 30 stores it has already
9:26 pm
closed in total up to 145 stores could be affected. the news comes a week after bed bath and beyond said 40 locations could be shattered this year. they survived the deadliest wildfire in california history. a new warning tonight for families still living in paradise plus trying to solve the homeless problem in california details about a new homeless shelter that's in the works and a hit and run kills a mom and her young son and injures another family member a citywide call tonight. >>to prevent another such you wanted to save on prescriptions... so, you went online and got so confused that your brain went offline. next time, ask your helpful cvs pharmacist.
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we created a proprietary search tool that analyzes ways to help lower your prescription costs. just drop in... before you conk out. see what you might save at cvs pharmacy.
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>>the search continues tonight for this man responsible for a deadly hit and run in oakland tech crash killed a mom and her 6 year-old son, the child's uncle he's fighting for his life tonight in the hospital today, there was a march calling for a major change to the crash site chron for special kingston spoke to students who are demanding action. police have identified the man responsible for this hit and run, but he's on the loose and they need your help tracking him down to bring justice to little angel. >>his mother alma and his uncle jamie. >>hundreds of students staff and parents marching for justice march or stop light in marching to remember angel land his small craft fair. that they die on saturday 6 year-old angel garcia vasquez
9:30 pm
was walking to the laundry mat on the corner of 26th and foot hill with his mom and uncle. >>when police say this man hit them and took off 27 year-old ross not jalen is the suspect in this case and police say he's on the loose angel and his mom were killed in jamie garcia. the angels uncle is fighting for his life in the hospital while this and this from fremont high school. >>it was like a brother to me so seeing all these people around here makes me feel happy makes me too. there's something right that we have to fight for it. >>among the flowers candles stuffed animals symbol as drivers honked their horns in support of their movement i everyone feels school is like it could have been anyone and
9:31 pm
i think this has brought the community together they want to stop sign or stop light at the intersection where neighbors say people speeding don't pay attention which is why justice because this was not fair to take a lot of weight there's just possible for just running away from people like from that's not our parks there's a $25,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the driver. in opening the show kingston kron 4 news. the jewelry heist in a quiet east baytown police releasing these surveillance images. >>the suspects hoping that somebody in the community recognizes them get a close look at the images show for burglars breaking into the diablo fine jewelry store in the town of alamo about one 40 monday morning. investigators revealed that the these broken by shattering the front window they then ran away with an undisclosed amount of merchandise. alamo residents say this type of jewelry store
9:32 pm
burglaries really out of character for their quiet little town. >>the cops stations right over there. it's safe we're not that far and this is actually the area they patrol the river that right on red right there so pretty pretty crazy that could happen right here. >>the suspect's vehicle is described as a newer 4 door honda civic with aftermarket rims and tinted windows police believe were day that suspects got away with going east on stone valley road toward interstate 6, 8, if you think you recognize the man called the alamo sheriff's office. >>the a's plans to build a new stadium on the city's waterfront is getting some opposition from those who work in and around the port of oakland, our first marine kelly was at a rally today where dock workers and truck drivers voice their concerns that this project could jeopardize operations. >>it was here at oakland city hall that a group of people representing different factions of the cities.
9:33 pm
maritime industry came to voice their opposition to the idea of the oakland a's, making a new home that the city's waterfront. >>longshoreman and others representing truck drivers and those in shipping said putting a ballpark and housing at howard terminal could mess up shipping and loading schedules and restrict the ports ability to grow. >>this port of oakland is no different than an assembly long. you have the brothers of the out w the thought boat operators you have the less the lines that come in from all over the world. you hoff the railroads that are bringing in thrall plan raised over a mile long were talking about putting a playground in the middle of type of a work area that is on they also expressed concerns about moving jobs away from the a's kerr. >>a location in east oakland. that's where they say the a's should build their new
9:34 pm
ballpark. the mayor says it's possible that their city's maritime industry can be protected while the a's build a new waterfront stadium and she believes that the team moving out of east oakland could actually create more opportunities there now the coliseum land has amazing potential. >>to actually create many more jobs than it currently hosts. i mean right now it is primarily a giant surface parking lot that does not support many jobs at all and so oakland can happen folks they can have a fantastic job growth both as part of the howard terminal project and as a redevelopment of the coliseum area. those speaking out in opposition here said repeatedly that they support the oakland a's. >>they just want them to stay where they are now kelly kron 4 news. >>a 40 year-old peninsula man pleaded not guilty to several charges related to a machete attack investigators say marco opinion shop attacked his
9:35 pm
former girlfriend and her boyfriend in the lobby of their apartment in redwood city monday night. the suspect has a son with his former girlfriend and said he wanted to visit the boy, the man then took the boy to a nearby park as for san mateo county sheriff's deputies say they arrested the suspect no trace of water that's a warning for almost a 1000 people still living in paradise months after the deadly camp fire. what are officials say the a water is now contaminated with the cancer causing chemical men's scene fixing the problem could cost million and take up to 2 years. experts say they believe the extreme heat of the november firestorm created a toxic cocktail of gases in burning homes and that was sucked into water pipes about 1500 of the town's 27,000 residents are living in the few surviving houses. what are officials have warned them not to drink. cook mazin or brush their teeth with tap water and they should only take quick showers with warm water. officials are giving cases of
9:36 pm
free bottled water to residents daily in national news, the search is often colorado for a mom missing since thanksgiving. investigators say. >>kelsey berreth dropped off her one year-old daughter with her fiance patrick crazy later that day. now he's in jail accused of murdering her and tampering with her body for nearly 2 months now police have been searching a landfill to find parents remains, they called off that search today in florida 2 middle school students are being charged with conspiracy to commit murder. police say the girls made a hit list of 10 students at the school detailing how they would be killed and where their bodies would be buried to world news now 3 climbers are dead after an avalanche in canada. american jess ross kelly and 2 austrians were supposed to return from the banff national park in alberta yesterday. >>they're part of the north faces global astley team. north face confirmed today, the climbers are still missing and rescue crews say they do
9:37 pm
not believe they're still alive. in france paris police say an electrical short circuit most likely caused the fire at notre cathedral. investigators made an initial assessment of the key feature all yesterday. but they still can't go inside because of ongoing safety hazards. the fire broke out monday at the 850 year-old gothic masterpiece police have questioned more than 40 people so far to try to find out the cause of the fire. today, france paid a daylong tribute to the paris firefighters who responded to the fire. president emmanuel macron hosted several 100 firefighters to say thank you. more than 400 firefighters to part of the 9 hour battle to try to save note your mom. >>and it's a mild night across the bay today with most readings into the 60's look at the fog settling in around the golden gate bridge as a little air right above the bay. we'll check into your extended and 4 zone forecast in just a bit plus pot holes are often a nuisance is how one may have saved a man's life.
9:38 pm
>>and ahead in sports. we'll let you know how the warriors are doing against the clippers after falling apart the other night also sharks night's game 5 of the tank. >>we'll take you to san jose sharkey's trying to s ♪ ♪ with the chase mobile app, jason wu could pay practically anyone, at any bank, all while putting on a runway show for new york fashion week. ♪ ♪ he could. or, he could make it even easier - and set up recurring payments to his neighbor. for cat sitting. (meow) whoa. you've groomed her, too.
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oh yeah, we're good. we're good. termites never stop trying to get in, we never stop working to keep them out. terminix. defenders of home. >>vw dealers dot com. >>both the sharks and warriors in some post-season action
9:41 pm
tonight, we'll start with an update from la golden state in the clippers at staples warriors and a rebound from that awful debacle in game 2 last check scores 170 golden state leading in the 3rd kevin durant's sensational 1st half 27 points on 10 of 15 shooting that is being aggressive for highlights later on now to the sharkies in the most desperate of spots down 3 one trying to keep their season alive game 5 sharks golden knights opening up the door for the team to skate >>oakland a's mark hanna liam hendriks can a san jose native. get this one 16 into the game want to ensure they do a great job for the state starts draw first blood tomas hertl gathers the past beats work andre fleury glove side. one of the charts. second period 2, one san jose, partly good row parked right in from the net to extend the lead back to 2, 3, one san jose's in the 3rd stanza the knights. and just cut it to 3 to marty jones is no more 30 saves for
9:42 pm
jones in a bounce-back performance couple of minutes later colonel put away with the power play goal. his second of the game. a final score, 5, 2 sharks, the knights to lead the series 3 to however game 6 sunday. >>now on now to the a's major news regarding the green and gold that keeps one of its biggest stars in oakland chris davis has agreed to a new deal the team announced this afternoon that the reigning home run king has inked a 2 year extension to the 2021 season said to be worth 33 and a half million dollars. he's worth it since 2016, he's been one of the league's most powerful hitters to 143 homers since that span. >>in a statement, he said play with the team feels like a family he's glad he can continue to call the city of oakland, his baseball home we'll talk more about the deal. a press conference tomorrow. a big day in our nation's capital but the giants as we just got to play some baseball thought of force. >>tonight the nationals defoe take drew pomeranz deep to on for a solo home run 3 nothing
9:43 pm
washington pomerantz gave up 4 runs in 4, 2, thirds top night for one nationals, evan longoria singles to right. i and gets the green light to go home cuts the deficit to 4 to and brandon crawford representing the go ahead run would he be the hero today facing sean doolittle the strikes out to end the game. doolittle the high heat to close it out final score 14 after the giants now to its birth for 3 games starting tomorrow night. coming up on kron four sports at 10 those full warriors highlights, the champs, complete there is sounding response and finish off the clip
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>>and in elk grove is known to be a popular spot for families to gather to fishy may feed the animals, a beefy little too much however, as lonnie tells us the increase human traffic is causing some problems with littering and some overweight ducks. the phone is a signature feature of elk grove regional park. it's a popular place to feed the ducks and geese and to go fishing. but the concern is community services district plans to put a halt to fishing temporarily to that. i was beauty lear officials here on his lunch hour these fish to since he was a kid, it's an important thing to me and i think i mean as a little kid who didn't love to go fish. he's not looking forward to the impending fishing ban just be a travesty not to be able to fish or but park officials are concerned about an ongoing
9:47 pm
problem, discarded fishing gear left of the pond, the ducks and geese get tangled in henri fishing lures lead weights a discarded day they've caused injuries and deaths the water fall. despite the installation of special receptacle for dangerous fishing items placed all around the pond. we're admits there are plenty of irresponsible fisherman here there's a guy with a net out here the other day trying to catch one to us. you know get all the fishing line off of this. but none fishermen are adding to the problem for wildlife as well most people feed that sundays at public parts feel they're doing them. a favor but that isn't necessarily the case. parks officials say human food, even the ubiquitous stale bread is harmful subtleties and the ducks, i'm just their wing structure little subtleties and the health and the characteristics of that. >>the ducks and geese that is attributed to their diet with a temporary fishing moratorium will give parks officials time to get public input and look at options like seasonal fishing requiring a fishing license or even a permanent
9:48 pm
ban. meanwhile, a moratorium on feeding is not on the table but providing park goers with bird feed. >>and the focus education effort is trying to change the trend and get the dots on a decent healthcare >>sacramento mayor darrell steinberg and other members of the city council there announced another homeless shelter will be opening up soon this time in downtown sacramento. the city is working with mercy housing in the sacramento housing redevelopment agency to renovate capitol park hotel. once renovations are complete city leaders say it will have a 180 rooms including some with tree oz facilities. the city says the project could begin within the next year. >>and so this is big and it's exciting. and it gets says another 180 beds towards the of 800 >>it is not lost on my residents, our businesses are the people come to visit or work downtown that homelessness is a serious
9:49 pm
problem and our central city core. one of the biggest and most meaningful steps to resolving that problem. >>there are 90 people who currently live at the hotel, the city says it will help them find a new place to live. >>there are 4 zone forecast take a live look outside at san francisco's embarcadero looking good the bay bridge much clearer isn't the goal, you know right we do have some fog. it's a journey across the bay here is toward kind of deal without a little bit. a slightly cooler tomorrow but much more so on your saturday a little bit unsettled. we'll call it may be couple little sprinkles to throw out there 30 of the car why not. a live shot comes in from what would be alcatraz but there's alcatraz and wears alcatraz is where the bump is can point that out to the earlier there it's a little bit of that or graphic lifting up a good moral couple vowels and consonants if you will just little upslope the fog is a comes over from the golden gate, but we still see the city behind it pretty nicely. what's upstream is a front to do here by saturday before we get there though for tonight
9:50 pm
tomorrow a little bit the way some stray clouds up this way by the way this is false ground returns on the radar just ignore that or get some scattered clouds overnight into tomorrow and then more like the lion share dropping south here on saturday. so want to pry call saturday. variable clouds consomme winds and cooler temperatures right now we stand in the 60's for just about all the entire bay. redwood city has dropped out of 68 now 71 still antioch and expect those highs of today in the 80's going to be much more sparse it looks like tomorrow after drop down to 54. we had a kind of a warm day today with an offshore flow. now that's going to be shifting more coastal. again tonight tomorrow here comes the stray clouds from the south. again should be kind of close to mostly sunny. we expect for your friday, however, into saturday look at them really are spilling in while we're at it as well couple radar echo showing up in the higher elevations. so the possibility is there mt hamilton little bit of santa cruz mountains as well we make up for on easter sunday, though things really improved from saturday night
9:51 pm
on into sunday so making note of that in the long range forecast models that's a little bump in the road here the high picks up in next week looks great look at that playing keep away with all the systems in the until the end of next week it looks like another one coming our way bringing some cloud cover maybe some showers up to keep an eye on that their 4 zone forecast to check it out tomorrow 67, san francisco looks like up the 50's lining up along the coast of the peninsula. meanwhile, the northern and for the bayside 59 south san francisco, san bruno 61 burlingame up to 68 and the 70's in the southern end. redwood city at 7475 palo alto mountain view with 76, but up to 79 san jose, no at 76, but still cool on the east 75 81 for livermore meanwhile, 78 walnut creek 80 for concord and the 69 meanwhile for san leandro on the north bay back to the 70's forget about the 80's maybe vacaville in fairfield pittsburgh might make a t potentially and 77
9:52 pm
for santa rosa back down to the 70's down the southern moran. your seven-day forecast. here we go for sunday warming up 80's return for the balance of next week but again watching towards the end of next week might be some more showers back to you. thank you dave for your house tonight us health officials are tracking a listeria outbreak that hospitalized at least 8 people. >>left one person dead those centers for disease control and prevention says listeria infections have been reported in new jersey michigan pennsylvania and new york people who ate to they fell ill the a different types of deli products, including meats and cheeses syria has been identified in samples taken from several stores but officials haven't said who supplied the deli products said that are involved symptoms of listeria infection include muscle aches diarrhea, fever headache confusion and convulsions many of us hey potholes but a pothole apparently saved a man's life in nebraska. an ambulance was rushing a 59 year-old man with a racing heart to a hospital
9:53 pm
monday. when the ambulance to the according to the omaha scanner on twitter medics told the hospital the patient's heart rate return to normal after that jolt. a doctor says it's rare phenomenon but it can happen. one way to treat that is that an electrical shock costcoou'll see on television. the paddles clear and the big jolts turns out you cado that with a pothole. friends of the patient expect a man. recover fully at home. we'll be right back.
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>>a >>surprise for a close knit community in tennessee neighbors just learned that one of their new neighbors is a burglary suspect police say the man broke into a person's house and then moved and officers arrested this man james brown. they say the actual homeowner went on a road trip and came back to find brown living in his home with his car parked in the driveway. the victim said several is belongings from inside the house were also inside that car. office got a friend of bank this that wraps up on for news 9. their prime-time coverage continues at the top of the hour next to 10 sexually. >>diseases are on the rise in the bay area, the increase as public officials are urging people to get tested we have the details coming up a live report plus a deadly hit and run is having an emotional impact on an entire community. today the message they want to send by marching in the mother and son's honor and today was
9:57 pm
warmest day of the year in the bay area a chance that things could be changing. changing weather on the way meteorologist dave spar has the latest in the 10 to 10 forecast don't go away our 3 of kron 4 news in primetime starts or after the break. hey mercedes, how about letting your hair down a little? how about a car for people who don't play golf? hey mercedes! mix it up a little. how about something for a guy who doesn't want a corner office? hey mercedes, i don't even own a tie. do you think i need a mahogany dashboard? hey mercedes, can you make it a little cooler in here? [ a-class ] i am setting the temperature [ a-class ] to 68 degrees. we hear you. we made a car that does, too. the all-new a-class. all-new thinking starting at $32,500. at the mercedes-benz spring event. going on now.
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>>people to know cities are out there they're increasing in san francisco and elsewhere in the bay area. >>sexually transmitted diseases on the rise, not only in the city but across the bay area. thanks for joining us. i'm can way and i think you will kissin for pam moore, the concerning increase an std cases has public officials calling on people to get tested on first-and thorn spoke to a specialist at the city's department of public health and he has details for us tonight, hey dan. >>vicki a as these are rates continue to rise for infections like syphilis doctors are urging people that are sexually active to take precautions and to help fight against the spread of stds they also want these people to know that if they need help it's out there. as std numbers go up in san francisco, public health officials are calling on people to get tested. >>and just go is always been a place that's had relel


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