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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  April 27, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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>>the pars 90 to get it you're getting stronger and again you can't >>now at 10 a place of worship targeted again by gun violence. one person is dead and 3 others wounded after a gunman opened fire at a synagogue in southern california. good evening and thank you for joining 10. i'm jay our stuff and i'm just involved in while the suspect's motives remain unclear. >>we are getting a lot more information about officials calling it a hate crime and the shooting happened in the city up how a which just about 30 minutes, north of san diego. the attack happened on the last day of passover the
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holiday is one of the jewish religion's most sacred and widely observed, andy rose has the very latest >>a shooting at a synagogue on the last day of passover bringing a tragic end to one of the holiest jewish celebrations of the year, 4 individuals were. >>wounded sadly one of individual succumbed to their wounds. deputies were called to the synagogue in poway california around 11 30 saturday morning. >>authorities say a man armed with an assault-style weapon opened fire on the congregation a 19 year-old white male suspect was taken into custody john furnish date of birth 6, 8, 1990's 19 years old. >>as far as we can tell us had no prior contact with law enforcement. >>police said he called 911 to turn himself in and was arrested without incident, president trump was briefed on the shooting offering his condolences as he departed the white house saturday evening. >>at this moment, it looks like a hate crime. but my faith is set for these 2 all of those affected.
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>>investigators are looking into the suspect's past to determine what motivated him to open fire as the jewish community looks for ways to join together. despite tragedy. >>the car's 90 to get it you're getting stronger again you can't i'm andy rose reporting. >>the shooting has sent shockwaves throughout the country governor gavin newsome released a statement regarding the shooting. it reads in part. california sends our deepest and heartfelt condolences to the friends and families of the victims of today's shooting at bought of how a the california legislative jewish caucus also released a statement which reads in part. our hearts go out to the victims the polly jewish community and people of faith everywhere who are affected by this tragedy. >>law enforcement agencies around the bay area have increased patrols and security checks and key areas after the shooting, san francisco and oakland police. so that
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officers will be making extra calls around synagogues officers are asking people to remain diligent of their surroundings and if they see something to say something. >>on the south bay, a muslim civil rights organization is calling for a continuing investigation into tuesday's crash in sunnyvale police say 34 year-old isaiah peoples drove into a group of pedestrians because he believed they were muslims. the crash injured 8 people, including a 13 year-old who is in critical condition. the council on american islamic relations says they are in touch with the district attorney's office and appreciate their commitment to continue to investigate this as a attorney disputes the claim he says his client is a veteran suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. >>after multiple shootings and a widespread manhunt in oakland man is behind bars tonight in nevada we're getting a better picture now of the rampage that left at least 2 people dead on friday
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night. kron forestall bell has more on the suspect's path. >>43 year-old stefan jefferson is sitting in the douglas county jail tonight in nevada he shot at us and we shot at him. >>about as simple as it gets nevada's douglas county sheriff dan cover lee held a press conference saturday. >>detailing the high speed chase that crossed state lines. >>approximately 2150 hours south lake tahoe. the dea located the suspect driving a black toyota corolla driven by the suspect wanted in multiple homicides which occurred in san francisco and oakland earlier that day. >>according to officials 43 year-old stefan jefferson is believed to have shot a 57 year-old relative in north oakland around 10 15 friday morning. >>as if believes he then made his way to bayview where he shot and killed a 49 year-old man around one 30 pm. >>an hour later berkeley police responded to a deadly shooting at peoples park,
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berkeley pd says they're considering jefferson a suspect in that shooting too. jefferson flood the bay area only to be spotted friday night in south lake tahoe, the investigation is ongoing and we're still gathering what we do know is that he killed several people in the bay area. >>and was for whatever reason was headed the to lake tahoe and what he planned to do we can only speculate. >>sheriff cover lee says during the pursuit they performed a pit maneuver and jefferson immediately opened fire hitting one sergeant in the hand. jefferson eventually crashed and was taken into custody and because he's here we have first crack him. douglas county da mark jackson says a decision on how he will be prosecuted has not yet been decided that we take a very serious when the local douglas county deputy, this shot. >>then based upon that we anticipate that will most likely be looking at proceeding on the charges here first in nevada. >>jefferson will remain in
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nevada while he faces his charges there which include attempted murder of a peace officer he will then be transferred to san francisco, san francisco pd says they have not formally charged him just yet and are waiting until they finish their investigation in san francisco, while fellow kron 4 news. ley dispatchers are understaffed and overworked and that's all according to a new report there was a live release by the city's auditor the report says that the city spent nearly $1 million in overtime to staff the communications center in 2017 from for skill on joins us live in berkeley tonight on this story with more details scale. >>are in the audit was conducted after identifying staffing constraints in the city. report also says excessive overtime has taken a toll on the morale of this stature, us. >>was location. we're sea. >>it's not an easy task. when you call 911 you want to make sure that for you, there is
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someone out. >>that who is going to be on the other line that's going to pick up the phone right away. >>according to a new report berkeley's 911 communication center is understaffed and overworked city auditor jenny, one looked at called times and call answer times in 2017. the police department did not meet that standard of. picking up the phone. within 1595% of them picking up within 15 seconds. they instead picked up the phone. 89% of the time the audit found the communications center was understaffed by approximately one call taker per shift and also found the great reliance on over time because of this under staffing we definitely. >>know that our dispatchers are and have been working far too many hours. >>of overtime monique frost was a berkeley dispatcher for 18 years and she is now the communications manager as
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manager i have try desperately of hired. between 1819 people in the last 5 years. our staffing has increased, but we've also been faced with retirement at the same time among the report's recommendations, the police department conduct a staffing analysis to determine appropriate staffing levels cree recruitment and continuing training for dispatchers. >>the audit make several other recommendations to improve the communication center. the city plans to correct to follow up on those recommendations when implemented live in berkeley kellogg kron 4 news. >>well happy saturday, everyone today was definitely yecloudy day for the coast. we r moving in and currently it is foggy along the coast and it's going to stay with us overnight. we have a shot here over a san francisco you can see that cloud cover out there
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in the distance. the reason we're seeing that is because of a low pressure system off the pacific ocean and here we have a look at our current temperatures lower 50's here in the city 53 degrees been apis 53 in valais how looking at the mid-fifties and livermore right now upper 50's out in the san jose area. so our overnight lows will be in the upper 40's along redwood city there san jose degrees. antioch about mid 50's for us and a look at those temperatures in the bay here tomorrow morning for you early risers around 10:00am we're going to in the upper 50's will slowly warm up, but as you can see our temperatures are going to be lower than what we saw the same time today. so our high temperatures for oakland will be 67 degrees. santa rosa in the 70's on your full forecast later on in the newscast.
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>>and now to a big story that we are following tonight out of seattle 4 people died after a construction crane fell onto a street 2 of the victims are crane operators. the other 2 people were in cars below happened around 3 30 this evening, 6 cars were crushed in the incident. firefighters say 3 people including a mother and her child were wounded and taken to the hospital with non life threatening injuries. witnesses described those terrifying moments. >>i was going to go to the grocery store and i normally go to kfc gonna be that that way and that could happen to me. >>washington state governor jay inslee said in a statement this evening that he and his wife are hoping for a full and speedy recovery for those who
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are injured. he thanked first responders and urged people to stay clear of the accident scene. >>the driver police say is responsible for a fiery crash that killed 4 people was in court today roadshow was ariel argue maduro's faces numerous charges of vehicular homicide. a judge set his bond at $400,000. and arrows has no prior criminal history. police say he appears to have lost control of the truck. i do wear mud arrows told his family that the brakes went out his lawyer called it a tragic accident. also coming up tonight cooling towers are gone and massachusetts how people who live right by them are reacting to do to today's major demolition. >>and today, thousands of law enforcement agencies across the country took part in national drug take back day. one bay area city did their
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>>as the nation tries to get a grip on the prescription drug abuse epidemic. the us drug enforcement administration continues its prescription drug take program today, thousands of law enforcement agencies across the country and in the bay area took part accepting old medicine and getting rid of it instead of allowing the medicine to get into the wrong hands. >>kron for some to call stopped by a few of those drop-off locations in the east bay. >>from the police department
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meals. ok to the danville police and the contra costa county sheriff's office in martinez, i don't want end up in a landfill and the water system and the east bay neighbors taking advantage of the drug enforcement administration 17th national prescription drug take back day. the da partners with nearly 5,000 law enforcement agencies that some 6,000 collection sites giving people a safe avenue to get rid of excess prescription drugs there's already a problem with excessive use of antibiotics. >>2 antidepressants and we certainly don't want people that don't need those things getting into their system since the program's inception 9 years ago the da has collected 11 million pounds of unused expired and unwanted prescription drugs that's 5400 times. >>30 so probably 80 pounds of drugs have been taken back prescription drugs danville police sergeant steve stapleton says once all of the drugs are collected the burn up bins are taken to the da's
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headquarters in oakland where the medicine is incinerated. >>rather than possibly being stolen from a medicine cabinet for a car anything in your car could be that way and that's why we you know promote the take it didn't lock it home but with the bills, the faster you get him here to see you know we can get rid of them for you as a green van. >>the gm, the body has needles. they can profit off and read during business hours outside of drug take back event several law enforcement agencies and pharmacies. >>make bins available in their lobbies for people to drop off prescription drugs and needles number one a take a lot of >>you don't use them. and own sense and not get rid of the da says 457 times of prescription drugs were collected during the national take back event in october in contra costa county felecia all kron 4 news. >>bart passengers in contra costa county should prepare for some delays trains are not running this weekend between concord and pleasant hill.
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crews will be replacing the aging track way that portion of the track will be closed. tomorrow. bart officials say a free bus bridge will take riders between the 2 stations riders should expect to add 20 minutes to their normal commute time. >>attention right now to weather we're joined by forecaster >>closely tracking all of this weather out to the time today to the sun came out found some parts the area looking at a repeat for tomorrow. definitely a but right now though we did see that marine layer come over the coast and we are seeing some fog. >>out in places like a pacific time here we have a shot at and temper on when it was still light out you can notice the marine layer out th >>view over berkeley looking out there we're seeing that low cloud cover so. >>not the greatest tonight to go stargazing if you're into that as for our visibility map here you can see that that fog
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in those low clouds are going to move over. more inland overnight so visibility will be limited up in the north bay there looks like and then by 10 o'clock just after 10 tomorrow morning we'll start to see the fog kind of melt away and we'll get to see a mostly sunny skies. if you live further inland, partly cloudy along the bay right now we are in those mid 50's in dublin, 56 out in concord to 54 in saint helene a temper on looking at the upper 40's at this time and we will see some rain coming to california but not here in the bay area basically there's this upper level low to the southwest, some rain and that's also why we saw more clouds today tomorrow we can expect to see a lot of those clouds here in the bay area here we see monday night add a light rain they're just moving off towards nevada. our and looking pretty dry will bring us some breezy conditions though on monday will see gusts to 15 to 20
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miles per hour in some places as for right now it is looking pretty light for when conditions we can expect the same thing tomorrow morning. our high temperatures. we're going to be a little below normal in san francisco tomorrow oakley near normal temperatures but the rest of the bay area still slightly above normal but we are getting back to what we normally see this time of year by tuesday, we'll see our temperatures further inland in the lower 70's and as you can see here temperature comparisons were going to be 2 to 5 degrees lower tomorrow for those numbers and our pollen count looking add a higher levels tomorrow oh in case you happen to be traveling to lake tahoe we can expect to see some showers possibly on monday because of that system that's heading towards california and nevada on monday as for temperatures across the state here in key sera hitting the road tomorrow on a little roche about to monterey we're g 50's there. and
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seven-day extended forecast here we see those temperatures. us decreasing tuesday down to the mid 60's there along the bay and then we'll see those numbers go up and on thursday before it drops a saturday down at around 70 if you live inland. going to toss it back over to you justine and j r. thanks so much well cooling towers are now gone. >>in massachusetts. watch here. this morning, crews detonated the 5 500 feet tall towers at a former pow our station the tower stood for about 6 years and took just seconds to come down. site owners say the demolition set a world record for the tallest cooling towers ever brought down and many people there so they were happy to see the towers go and they actually held demolition watch parties.
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>>democratic presidential candidates now sound off on minimum wage here from couple harris and beto o'rourke. >>is in need of a new president the latest on all over north's craig resignation when we come back. >>and if you want to skip all the commercials to get more news during the breaks make sure you're streaming us on kron on go to here you go little guy.
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>>the national rifle association is scheduled to choose a new president tomorrow and it definitely will not be oliver north north resign as the nra president today in a letter that was read at the organizations convention. he wrote that he had hoped to be nominated for a second term but decided to resign when he learned that that would not happen. the news comes a day after the wall street journal reported that and are 8 c o when lapierre told the group's board north had tried to extort him north was a controversial figure in the nra because of his involvement in the iran. contra scandal and the 1980's, new york's attorney general says that her office is now opening an investigation into the nra. >>senator kamala harris is demanding the minimum wage across the country. the raise to $15. the democratic presidential candidate spoke at a service workers union form in nevada today. she criticized the fast food chain mcdonald's. >>you can't go around talking about the golden arches. as a
10:25 pm
symbol of the best of america when you are not conducting yourself in the in the best way in terms of supporting the working people of america. >>mcdonald's didn't immediately respond to an inquiry saturday earlier this year. the company announced it would no longer take part in efforts to lobby against laws raising minimum wages across the board. >>another presidential candidate beto o'rourke also spoke at that form today and tomorrow he is expected to be in the bay area in san francisco and hold a town hall event that event is scheduled to begin at 11 30 in the morning at the irish cultural center that center is located at the address on your screen doors open at 1130 and we will have coverage for you tomorrow and called for news at 08:10pm. >>well up next we are tracking the growing number of measles cases here in california. the president is reacting when we come back.
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>>police raid for suspected terrorists in syria lanka and as with explosions a look at the damage next. >>and rain is cominglto california. now te yoooh, hello yellow! at ross and you find... yes! that's yes for less. spring forward with the latest brand-name styles at 20 to 60 percent off department store prices. at ross. yes for less.
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and you find the same style you knoyou saw there... ross that's yes for less. yes! say yes to those spring trends you love, at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices, every day. at ross. yes for less. >>nearly 700 people possibly exposed to the measles at 2 los angeles university. universities are still quarantined 3 days after health officials ordered. the precautions to contain the
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spread of the highly contagious disease of measles 30 students and employees from u c l a remain quarantined and california state university officials announced today that 106 staff members and 550 students have been told to stay home and avoid any contact with other people as the outbreak across the country continues to or a president trump sounding off. >>on vaccinating against measles meredith wood has the latest. >>they have to get the shot the vaccinations is so important. >>trump is sending an urgent message to parents and unvaccinated people across america, a reversal for the president who tweeted in 2014 about alleged link between vaccines in children and autism this is the country passes the highest number of measles cases on record since the disease was declared eradicated in 2000 there's nearly 700 reported cases in 22 states with 38 reported in
10:30 pm
california alone where dozens of students and faculty at u c l a and more than 600 at cal state l a are now under quarantine now we have an outbreak of measles. >>and obviously it's much easier to have an outbreak when you have. increased numbers of people who are unvaccinated. >>those who are exposed were ordered to stay home and avoid contact with others you have to stay away from other people quarantine could last up to 7 days for some we quarantine people to avoid. >>increasing the numbers of cases of measles there is a way for you to protect yourself. and that has to be fully immunized. >>i'm meredith wood reporting. 4 zone forecast time now take a live look outside right now here in the city of san francisco along the embarcadero nice clear cool night out there. >>on this saturday. >>as cars there some action going on a lot of hot spots
10:31 pm
filling up probably on the saturday night playing saturday night evening. we're joined now the for erica cataract you've been closely monitoring the weather situation you're talking about all the >>you have on, but our winds are looking pretty light compared to last weekend and here we have a shot over the keeper and she looking pretty calm traffic, pretty light out there, san francisco international airport here. looking clear out there but other parts of the bay area we are seeing cloud cover and some fog hugging the coast. a further inland looking up hardly clear thoughates right n jose, so we did see more clouds today and that is because of this upper level low to the southwest of california here and it's gonna bring us some breezy conditions on monday and it's also going to be bringing rain to southern california, diego and possibly los angeles and
10:32 pm
liked how could see some showers monday and that systems actually get hit and nevada to so they can see some light rain this week asked for us here it's expected to be pretty try we ion't expect to see any rain. certainly in the upper 40's here for san francisco and novato 53 out in any app free 8 in the san jose we got a look here at our temperatures tomorrow morning where still going to see some of that along the coast, but it will melt away as we get closer to 11:00am tomorrow fees, some partly sunny skies inland, not looking like a bad day to you know have a little barbecue out orders and livermore it's going to be mostly sunny, we're looking at a high of 76 degrees and in case you happen to be going to the giants game they're playing the yankees again same time i'm a little after 1 o'clock tomorrow temperatures can be 63 degrees, partly
10:33 pm
cloudy out there, here's arrest of our high temperatures here in the bay area. we're going to see our numbers 2 to 5 degrees lower compared to what we saw today, 75 zahra high out in san jose, 78 an antioch 70 in hayward in 72 is our high in novato so here's a look at our 7 day extended forecast. temperatures will be back to town to normal tuesday. there mostly sunny and then our temperatures bump up a little bit there thursday before it goes back down to around 70 on saturday kind of like a roller coaster with those temperatures. inland, but i'm not too big of a difference now. have any weather pictures we love seeing them send them to us kron four is on facebook. kron four is also on twitter as while this trial has now been declared in the case of a houston teenager accused of killing his mother and father and the father.
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>>briefly played for the san francisco 49 ers the jurors and a j armstrong's double murder. >>trial could not be could not reach a verdict that is after 3 days of deliberating. he's accused of killing his parents antonio and dawn, armstrong in july of 2016. the jurors told the judge that they were quote hopelessly deadlocked unquote. >>and that they had been since thursday they had been since thursday the harris county district attorney. so they would try armstrong again. >>in world news tonight, suspected terrorists in syria like a set off explosions as police moved in. during a raid on the home in the eastern part of the country yesterday authorities say 10 civilians were killed, including 6 children and 6 suspected terrorists also died. a trove of explosive isis flags and bomb making materials was seized nearby. >>now this is destruction in the country of calm switches in one of a chain of islands off of africa after a powerful
10:35 pm
cyclone made landfall this week. the storm destroyed homes knocked out power and killed 3 people the cycle and moved on to a nearby country of mozambique. heavy rain is expected over the next few days. >>coming up 3 years later and still no suspect behind bars, how police are still trying to find the man responsible for shooting a pregnant woman. plus by politicians are being ♪ flintstones! meet the flintstones. ♪
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>>welcome back to kron 4 news at 10 a shocking story out of southern california. the los angeles time or times reports that efforts to put out the deadly woolsey fire last november. we're complicated by requests from politicians. the paper claims that emergency responders had to cope with a large number of requests to check on specific addresses there were so many requests. >>that a distracted them from their priority which was putting out the fire. sarah don she has our story. >>the was the fire was one of the most destructive in california history, but did everyone get a fair shot and saving their homes. a new l a times report tonight suggests they didn't that la times story cites an after action review from l a fire that states quote a significant number of requests by political figures to check on specific addresses of homes to ensure their protection distracted from department leadership to accomplish
10:39 pm
priority objectives. upsetting news to malibu mayor jefferson wagner, whose home burned down in the woolsey fire it would be sad if somebody put there. >>position above the general population. >>so my feeling would be we shouldn't be doing that and if you did shame on you. my situation was different i lost my home and i was hospitalized during the event. >>we reached out to ellie fire about the la times report and they responded with this statement which reads in part. these requests did not interfere with the l e f these primary responsibility of saving lives and protecting property at no time were any al afd firefighting resources redirected to check the status of any properties during the woolsey fire. >>that was aired on she reporting the woolsey fire killed 3 people destroyed more than 1600 structures and burned nearly 97,000 acres. >>the 49 ers took who may be the most talented player in the nfl draft and nick bosa
10:40 pm
but it did not come without any controversy. how president donald trump is now weighing in on this and coming up we will preview the warriors highly anticipated series between the warriors and the rockets that's after the break. >>kron four is now streaming live local news 24 hours a day if you haven't tried kron on yet, here's what you are missing. >>today was bad some are worse. and the wind and the oakland hills.
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>>the civic a police called it a miracle a woman and her unborn child survived a brutal assault that was 3 years ago and the suspect has not been caught with police believing the person responsible is possibly still living in the bay area. >>and this special report kron on's teresa stasio shows us. police are still very much on this case are hopeful that federal law enforcement officials will help crack crack the case. >>there was fear of this if ago where the victim worked for this crime unfolded. victim saw her ex-boyfriend she was most surprised and scared she was nearly 8 months, pregnant. she also noticed that her ex-boyfriend had a gun in his hands. >>i remember screaming. a
10:44 pm
hearing the shots ayers truth. cooper was there that day remembers every detail that deadly. >>she talked with me about watching a beloved staff member at the senior independent living care complex brutally right in front of everyone. >>it happened right in front of the managers a part of that then he pulled her in before could fire off another she's just an innocent victim. >>cruz says that her heart still goes out to the victim teresa johnson and her child and he said let's go and i said again i'm not leaving with you. >>and that's when he put the gun to the back of my head and shot me. i honestly didn't think he would do and there's like a scare tactic and he would walk off but i was kron four spoke with marissa and her happy little boy for year after the shooting she showed us where the bullet struck her. >>and the scar that remains. she is now in deep hiding with
10:45 pm
her son fearful because her ex-boyfriend 28 year-old ricardo, colin dress is still a wanted man out there somewhere. arriving despite the ordeal but her life is on hold as she hopes law enforcement can track them down she survived the miracle. it was miraculous captain chris clements with pacifica police department says that this may be a cold case, but it is very important to him. he talked with me as they continue to try and uncover leads to callender us. >>it's been almost 3 we're hoping to generate some leads by bringing this. she's back into the public's attention. april 27th, this could be the 3 anniversary of this tragedy. we want people to be on the lookout for mister clinton s we don't necessarily believe he's here in the community but we know that he's out there somewhere we want to bring him to justice comments says that they are getting some help from federal officers with the us marshals office as we consider understood the armed and dangerous the gun that he used an assistant has not been recovered he may still have it. >>anybody who's want to shoot somebody like this. this certainly a dangerous to our
10:46 pm
community. >>in pacifica teresa stasio kron 4 news. >>that is the moment we've all been patiently waiting for golden state and houston. these 2 teams have been on a collision course all season long the warriors look as vulnerable as ever while the rockets looked determined employees to upset the chance. what will give when they tip off tomorrow afternoon. the dozen rockets faced off 4 times during the regular season, the rockets won the first 3 matchups with the warriors winning the final one, but it's hard to put too much stock into most of these regular season games steph curry didn't play one game. chris called him play one game in james harden didn't play in another. neither team cares for one another that much but they do respect one another. a great team they got to hall of fame. guards in the back court. >>and everyone else has carved out a nice roll. history with
10:47 pm
than last 5 years with i know they're just itching to get another shot us and that's when. to tease me like that today the states that high. >>this what i has bleacher report. so so long ago going to be really for so will be working on the working on all year long newer you long so. i mean nothing they or the goaded can so before we go you go get up to date too. >>oh i can't wait. >>let's go to the shark tank somewhere free that sharks would have a let down on friday after an emotional series win against the golden knights but san jose's did just the opposite they came out they took care of colorado 5 to 2 in their game one
10:48 pm
matchup the sharks were down 2 to one and then went on to score 3 of the next 4 goals the look to take a 2 nothing series lead tomorrow evening at the tanks. >>obviously they don't want to go down to nothing we don't you know we don't want to lose home ice advantage, so i think in every game in the series. everything search to get ramped up a little bit more. >>arla shoot down the embarcadero giants hosting the yankees at oracle park and the yanks break it wide open at the top of the 5th. already up 2 nothing gary sanchez list one to deep center that makes it 6 nothing grand slam. bottom of the night now same score to trying to mount a comeback. you're ork with a deep shot to right that makes 6, 6, to 3, but it would not be enough giants lose 6 for your final. let's go north of the border were oakland a's were visiting the toronto blue jays top of the 5th a's now for nothing trying to come back nick hundley ground into a fielder's choice this short, blue jays can't make the play from home. lowrie scores on a
10:49 pm
throwing error bottom of the 5th of 5 one now danny jansen us what the sac fly to right stephen piscotty makes the great catch the jays still score a run on the play but it could have been much worse, however, blue jays do hang on to win this 1, 7, to one your final but of course, everyone is talking about that warriors rockets games march, 12 30 and the warriors could be sure hand we don't know the status right now steph curry and klay thompson they both sprained ankles. >>on friday night in los angeles that's why you have to take care of f like tigg is forces that they both of them questionable for tomorrow, you think they're play tomorrow. i think step definitely plays with clay i'm not so sure apparently clay's worse this test. >>president donald trump tweeted support for one of the newest 49 ers say
10:50 pm
congratulated nick bosa for being pick number 2 in the nfl draft. the president wrote always stay true to yourself that could be in reference. the sum says previous tweets including support for the president and one where he called collin kaepernick a clown. those also got attention in the past for tweeting criticisms of the on say in the film black panther, he deleted those tweets but did not apologize for them bosa told espn he had to delete them because he knew he might end up in san francisco. he was right about that the san francisco 49 ers drafted him in that first round and second spot. >>afl player. ryan griffen was arrested yesterday for allegedly punching out a window at a hotel, the houston texans player was in nashville for the nfl draft and according to police griffin walk by the indigo hotel and punched the window then kept on going when police reached and his hand and fingers were bleeding. and he appeared to be intoxicated police say they arrested griffin for his own
10:51 pm
safety. he was then released on $1700 bond the next morning. name in them. like this one is herald. this one's dante why are you name it this one still. >>coming up an instagram account is taking a humorous approach to address cockroach problems on the high sarah's last tuition payment, sent off. feeling good? oh yeah. now i'm ready to focus on my project. ♪ ♪
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>>welcome back to on for news at 10. this somewhat of a gross one gets a good one anonymous instagram account is shining a light on. these little bugs cockroaches at a maryland high school get so not only >>are on this instagram account but they want the cockroaches to get a name and also a story so it's a very personalized account despite all this the school district insists there's no infestation kevin lewis has our story. >>that discussed ing there are no photos of food islands are sunsets on this instagram account entitled cockroaches of dhs this is rob down there. mister schippers room for a peace weeding thank you for your submission, keep those packages coming the account which has more than 60 posts in 340 followers. >>it's kind of nasty other so many pictures. >>documents the sheer number of roaches found within damascus high school.
10:55 pm
>>that is said this little guy was found in mister newsroom. you say it like all the time junior casey bolden told us she even submitted a picture to the anonymous account earlier there was one i saw the other day that was really being. >>even by ants. as their name in like this one is herald. >>this one's dante why are you name it this one still to report lance whose a registered nurse struggled with the humor. >>such an unhealthy interest station sound this guy in the mouth for unfortunately has passed away. >>his name is geo short for geometry. >>keep a lookout for georgina near the english hallway stairwell because she is alive and well still thriving, but will one day lose the battle parent elise williams, however could not stop giggling i think it's hilarious and i mean you know if it brings attention to a problem that needs to be solved little that's it that's great deal. >>in damascus i'm kevin lewis. >>the school district there says that there is nothing
10:56 pm
unusual about the cockroach sightings at the high school. but we've got an insider from that school jason you said you've done a lot of work mascot hornets, i used to cover that school when i worked in maryland. >>i never came across any cockroaches so little shock but hornets hard to get it now us 440 3 followers. 143. j r thank you so much for your think you can survive they do look well they are attention to the weather and it's been chilly today, same sort of thing tomorrow. >>our temperatures are going to be 2 to 5 degrees lower tomorrow and take a look at that shot still seeing that 5 just hanging out with us pair to stay overnight. and there we fear his with felony math. but it does clear later in the
10:57 pm
morning there will see mostly sunny skies eyes. we did see more clouds today that because of that trough to the south and west of us and it's going to bring some rain to southern california there. a sunday night into monday night there and then we see that rain passing through the area and a look at our temperatures tomorrow morning on the day, thank you sign a big show coming. >>we'll preview that series with it's you know. i was excited hello and welcome to another
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edition of hoop session....i'm your host jason dumas.


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