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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  April 30, 2019 4:00am-4:28am PDT

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>>and thank you for joining us on the crime for morning news, i'm robin winston tuesday april john and i don't anymore 2nd on the forecast pleasant, nice and mild so. >>let's see if we continue that pattern doing john. >>yeah looks like we are it's pleasant and side, but we can take it it certainly is a lot better than it had been just weeks ago and obviously it was a very rainy winter season now we'd ride out that storm drive door a nice and closed for the rest of the week ahead of us golden gate bridge, not looking bad you can see out
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there to the first band that's always a good sign at this time in the morning we're not off to an especially foggy startofort for sure skies even clear than yesterday at this time yesterday you did see that cloud cover to start the day not going to see as much of it today and temperatures really not all that bad look at oakland in concord right now egypt, 57 degrees berkeley, san francisco, egypt 53 degrees for your current temperatures, these numbers are a lot warmer than yesterday for concord napa abbado well pretty similar to yesterday in oakland hayward and san francisco as for winds still breezy out there take a look at fairfield going to be consistently breezy through the morning has also will be oakland too so i know those that are a touch warmer than yesterday with shell so it is going to have a bit of a teto it as you're getting out there this morning, your temperatures in the 50's right now a couple areas of fog mostly sunny skies later today and even clear skies than yesterday into the afternoon and temperatures right around the same as we saw yesterday.
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we do a boost in temperatures in the forecast ahead of us though that takes us closer to the 80 degree mark i'll get to that all still to come. >>all right, thank you john sounds good you want to check in on the morning commute and take a look at the early birds that are out there working their way into san francisco, here's a live. look at the bay bridge toll plaza and it looks good right, no problems, no crashes so come on and leave now it's a great time word 8 minutes to make your way from the bottom of the maze across the span over to fremont street in san francisco. we're taking a look at 92, this is your drive out of hayward heading over to the peninsula. so far a nice trip even from the nimitz through foster city and to send the tail one a one to 80 all doing just fine. so so far no major issues to worry about you can make it in just under rich then sandra fell over to e bridge. we're taking a live look at westbound 5.80 traffic. it's also nice and smooth. we had some road ro road work if i can get it out
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under way. eastbound and westbound that should be wrapping up they only have one lane blocked off ways to drive times coming up in just a bit. well happening today, opening statements in the go ship completed yesterday. alameda county prosecutor saying derick almena and max harris are criminally responsible for that blaze. it happened back in december of 2016. you may remember 36 people were killed in that fire. prosecutors claim. guests and residents at the warehouse were endangered by its makeshift electrical system and floor to ceiling loads of panels wooden sculptures and pallets prosecutors also say that the warehouse had no city permits for residency or for the concerts that were held there. an army veteran faces terrorism charges after the los converted to islam and
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repeatedly spoke about becoming a martyr and pledging allegiance que attack and new zealand. he was caught after connected bomb maker who was actually an undercover police officer. >>purchased several 103 inch long nails to be used and i e d he's as shrapnel specifically because the nails were long enough to penetrate the human body and puncture internal in some recorded conversations with the source talked about attacking churches juice police and military office. >>well authorities say the domingo was considering attacks on several places throughout southern california before settling on a rally organized by a white nationalist group. cis have to work together in order to stop terrorism plots. >>it's the same thing happens each time it's just that when it when someone is caught it
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should bring attention to the problem and in a city like san francisco. if it's a city like this where there's so many target's needs to be a coordination between law enforcement agencies. >>a former fbi agent, rick smith says that this case is a great example of the work that the fbi and the local law enforcement agencies have to do every day. funeral service held for the woman who was shot and killed during passover celebrations at a synagogue near san diego. laurie kaye she was shot saturday and pow a the suspect identified by police as 19 year-old john earnest is now in custody, 3 other people were hurt as well during that incident, including bbi. >>she didn't deserve to die. she's such a kind sweet hearted just a good human being. >>well the suspect he's charged with one count of first-degree murder and 3 counts of attempted murder.
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the white house is calling it a hate crime. the 2 other people who are wounded are expected to recover. well to the east by now berkeley police are on the hunt for 2 suspects at they say sexually assaulted a female college student, armed forces that the new has that story. over the weekend at a fraternity house on the 2700 block of jenny way near the u c berkeley campus on that saturday night sunday morning. >>reported that she was raped. >>berkeley police say the woman is a student at cow. on monday some of her classmates voice their following the incident point stephanie scary and you don't hear often in this place you know i hear it was like other school obviously it's terrible a year. student this shouldn't be happening news of prompting some students to have second thoughts about that it didn't fret parties in the future couple of assaults on campus and then that ah. >>the university seem to solve the problem of it but then it
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is disheartening to hear happening again this year i mean i don't want one percent to pay about picture for all of them, i'm sure there's a lot of great people in but it is scary to hear about and then to go to one in not have youruaup hardly police offer this advice for people attending large social gatherings on or off campus, some helpful. on we always recommend you have a buddy system somebody or watch out for you. also make sure that you you keep track of any drinks and you might consume they don't want to take a drink for somebody read on north came from. >>partly police investigators have limited information about the sexual-assault suspect anyone with information is asked to give police a call. al has a menu kron 4 news. >>the man accused of killing 3 people and leading police on a chase across state lines is now apologizing for what
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happened 43 year-old stuff on jefferson was on the run when south lake tahoe police spotted his car friday night. he's accused of fatally shooting a man in oakland, san francisco and one in berkeley. after a police chase deputies say that he immediately shot hitting a sergeant in the hand that's sergeant is expected to be okay jefferson's bail set at million. well no word yet on when he will be extradited back to the bay area to face those charges. new this morning 4 teens were arrested after leading police on a chase in vacaville take a look at this back up. look at all the traffic there that they cause on highway 80 interstate 80 during this incident, the 4 accused of robbing a t mobile store. they tried to run after the crash, but they were all caught. well to the south and now police are looking for a gunman who shot a man this
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happened sunday night near the intersection of keys and south 12 street that's near kelly park. the victim suffered non life threatening injuries. and so far no word on what led to that shooting. well coming up next on the profit. for those in need. we'll take a preview of the new food bank expansion that happening right here in the bay area. plus if you catch yourself sneezing get that we on often you're not alone will take a look at what researchers have to say about one of the worst allergy seasons to hit the bay area so far i agree with that we are feeling it. and we're also going to talk about a gunman who went on a rampage at this convenience store to be a man find out how this all started. welcome back to the
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crime for morning news. we're talking about just rinse and repeat rinse and repeat the same forecast. >>right through some because i like it i think it's perfect
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like i said yesterday so broke don't fix l leave it alone, so you know it's nice. >>i like it and i the best they can to just level is so it's like they're not so hot and are so warm that it's uncomfortable exactly, yeah, pretty comfortable. 80's 90's last week i would say that's verging on an unknown trouble i this week so we went right back to where we'd like it 70's, especially for those daytime highs which makes for some comfortably cool weather across the bay area now this morning you are in the 50's out there for a lot of us. >>we do have some low lying cloud cover it's not really blocking out visibility into many spots at the moment, current temperatures are mostly in the 50's with conquered in oakland are right at 57 degrees making for a high pressure art skies much building back in after that low pressure area scooted through the southern part of the state yesterday having resulted in those showers for southern california now we've got increasingly dry skies for southern neighbors and for
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those of us in the bay area which is staying dry of the touch of fog this morning and a couple of sprinkles out there along the central coast. you are also looking at a few showers up in the sierra nevada but nothing back here and dry today tomorrow on through the start of the weekend and that is going to make for some pleasant conditions to continue to get outside, not really worrying so much about if you do have any chances of rain. lisa we're looking at in the days to come 50's and 60's for your daytime highs in san francisco today unified more the same right along the pacific shoreline for those of you along the bay, shore a range of 60's burlingame a comfortably cool 68 degrees. redwood city and start saying carlos just a touch cooler than yesterday at 68 each with woodside right at 70 degrees today, south bay looking at numbers low 70's again these numbers are just a touch cooler than yesterday is really not a huge difference though double in livermore in the low 60's oakland
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today right around the same as yesterday 66 degrees conquered its 73 today, north bay looking at numbers in the low 70's, a noticeable drop in vacaville from 76 yesterday, 72 degrees today as for the coast 60's and 70's as well a little bit warmer and point raise in stinson beach as compared to yesterday so skies clear today temperatures right around the same tomorrow we take a boost in temperatures and that this does continue into thursday and friday with upper to mid 70's expected come saturday, highs dropped just a little bit and we do see a slight chance of rain on sunday as daytime highs fall further into the upper 60's. that's a look at your forecast robin still early but as scott. the traffic is holding up no major accidents are major trouble spots we're off to a great start you want to take a look at 92. >>we're taking the drive out of hayward and as usual during the 4 o'clock hour because folks are just leaving earlier earlier the states to beat the rush. we already have a little bit of a crash and so yet it's busy but it's not bad. we'll
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put it at 14 minutes to make your way from hayward over to the peninsula favorites traffic not as crowded right. there's a minor weight, it's often on mostly in the cash leaned on the left excusing what to get through this. it's a great trip across upper deck to downtown san francisco. so 8 minutes is a great average off to fremont street was found 5 any looks good. no problems here 8 minutes from the tolls to one on one keep in mind that you do have bridge work wrapping up eastbound and westbound with one lane major delays so far may get a little crowded near mit span going west. so just keep that in mind checking in on traffic tracker and it shows some great looking drive times right highway 4 white opened 6.80 no problems dublin to fremont been looking good and one on ones trouble free if you have to leave the south bay and work your way up the peninsula heading north. it's only 30 minutes right now from san jose to menlo park will check more in just a bit. in san bernardino county are still looking for the body of a 6 year-old boy investigators
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went through a landfill in victorville for duke flores he's been missing since last week and his mom says she has not seen her son in about 2 weeks. investigators now believe that the child is dead and that his body was placed in a dumped a dumpster. flores this mother and her twin sister are facing murder charges in connection to the boy's disappearance the 2 are being held without bail. the changes are on the way for san francisco's transit agency. mayor london breed has demanded new leadership and muniesa trance and she transit chief excuse me is stepping down from force dan kerman has that story. >>whether it's getting your hand stuck in the back doors of peonies new us light rail vehicles or an operator shortage causing delays. it's been a rough peansit agency. but it appears that downed wire which brought the subway standstill on friday for more than 10 hours was the last straw for san ancisco's mayor today.
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>>amazino letter to t e mta board of directors. >>asking for new leadership for the agency her call for a leadership change resulted in this from uni chief at risk in in this letter to colleagues riskin said i will be stepping down from my position as the city's director of transportation when the employment agreement he has ends in august. it's become clear that this is the right time for a change it is time to make a significant change and so that's what we're proposing. >>the mayor echoed that sentiment at a news conference monday afternoon that refused to say if she threatened to is c n restore the public's trust. >>it's important to make sure that we have contingency plans, it's important to make sure it every step of the way we're communicating with the public so that they know exactly what they can expect to do as a result and it's important to make sure that deal with any challenge
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that comes our way risk and will run the transit agency through summer, it's unknown how long will it take to find on for news. >>grace cathedral in san francisco hosted a free public concert in response to the fire at the notre cathedral near london breed says it's a way to symbolically stand with paris one of san francisco sister cities. this concert featured performances by the san francisco symphony opera and american box soloist also on hand was an organ is that was actually from the notre cathedral. for you. immigration measures a memo sent to attorney general william barr and acting homeland security secretary kevin mcaleenan outlines a number of measures. it
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includes judging asylum applications with the 6 month period and also require new fees for asylum and work permit applications. now critics say that the us house to follow its asylum laws for migrants who are fleeing for ty president trump called immigration laws weak and affected and dangerous and also called mexico, one of the most dangerous countries in the world. nts. placing a massive strain when communities and schools and hospitals and public resources. >>the memo from president trump says that bar and mcaleenan have 90 days to take action. we'll take a look at this this video this captures the moment that an angry customer. e him right there knocking ng stuff over this happened in
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s ly an. you can see him open for about a half hour when the man walked in he was trying to sell his cell phone. fue cashier later caused him to just go off and make a mess. they believe that he is battling some sort of mental issues and they are planning to drop the charges after he was arrested. before we go we want to take a little peek outside checking in on the golden gate there it is traffic looks good right. the weather is looking good more mild weather in store for you today, it's going to be nice and pleasant. we'll talk about that and we'll have the hollywood minute coming up in just a bit stay with us. oh and also don't forget it's a reminder kron on is now streaming live local news 24 hours a day with no commercial says you know that this new service is called kron on it's great you can get caught up in the latest breaking news, whether traffic anytime of the day. so make sure you visit kron on don t v to start watching right now.
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>>2 different for morning news, thanks for waking up with office records at a certain marvel movie has broken and it just keeps growing david daniel has that and more in the hollywood minute. >>final weekend numbers are in and avengers endgame made million nearly 100 million more than the previous mark set by avengers infinity war. both films were shot entirely with imax cameras and that company says endgame nearly double the opening weekend record for imax theaters grossing more than $91 million
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in the extra large format. another franchise is gearing up for its next chapter. warner brothers says the 3rd fantastic beasts film following up the crimes of grindelwald will hit theaters november 1220 21. the series about jk rowling's wizarding world is slated to include 5 movies and all production on chapter 3 is set to begin next spring. >>i mean again you one minute >>the duke rides again events and turner classic movies are honoring the 50th anniversary of true grit by bringing the classic western back to theaters. more than 600 us theaters will show john wayne's oscar-winning performance on sunday may 5th and wednesday may 8th check that events dot com for details in hollywood, i'm
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david daniel. >>thinking about my mom now she loves john wayne she loves westerns you'd like watch that all day we're going to take a live look outside watching the bay bridge, there's a little bit of a backup for you but not bad right we'll be back with more on the kron four morning news after the break stay with us. dale's little girl is heading to college.
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luckily, her dorm is about 10 minutes from a hotel by wyndham. ashley's meeting all her in-laws, jeff is flying to.... oh never mind. but hey, 10 minutes from a wyndham. he's having the best. day. ever! and he's about 10 minutes... 10 minutes from a hotel by wyndham. with over 6,000 hotels across the country, a great hotel by wyndham is closer than you think. book direct at >>back to the crown for morning news are you awake. john and i are up. i have my offee, what do you have y know i've had like this much of it, but it's enough that's all in and we'll have plenty
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more. yeah oh yeah by to stay around will have a lot of drinking coffee at home she's watching us and then when she's wast's going to nice right anotother r good one to g outside get unspoiled again this week this week even better than last week that is if you saw last week was maybe just a bit on the toasty side is we're us right up to those 80's and 90's and this week are pretty solid 70's all week long you see outside of the golden gate bridge things not too bad out there. >>visibility is holding strong to fight despite the fact we do again have the return of some low clouds across the day really not too many problems right now. now skies are clear than they were yesterday. you remember those clouds hung out
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southern california, leaving us behind with actually some building high pressure the days to come 50's for your current temperatures oakland and conquered look at that 57 degrees starting your mornings off very mild, san mateo and san francisco at 53 each with brett would dublin and hayward all sitting at 55 ri


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