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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  April 30, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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we've got a lot of news to get to whether traffic updates of course, we'll start with that robin how are the roads, nice and smooth. smooth as butter farmer and you know what else is smooth like butter on mine males, not really. reference look it up >>his life that to that like google a alike, but a google for just like butter. >>of its smooth sailing through the week about and that's a nice forecast to look forward to you do have few low clouds this morning but nothing blocking now visibility as you can see from the berkeley hills, we're looking good. so that is a great way to start things off much like yesterday was now temperatures are also pretty similar to where they were at yesterday we are in the upper 50's and oakland and conquered right now napa sitting at 53 has also is berkeldy and san francisco. can't complain about numbers like this, but
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they are feeling a little bit cooler once you factor in the windchill new motto is 9 degrees warmer than at the same time yesterday after what is overall a warmer start to the morning. we're going to see temperatures starting to cool down a little bit in the afternoon. not a big difference here only one to 2 degrees cooler for daytime highs. but nonetheless, just a bit cooler mostly sunny skies overhead 60's and 70's for your highs, i'm talking a warmer finish the week still to come. robert. >>sounds good. thank you john want to check in on traffic is picking up a little bit heading into san francisco we're taking a peek at the bay bridge toll plaza, yes, there's a lot. but it's not bad. this is still considered a great commute coming in especially if your car pooling or your fast tracking so under 15 minutes, here's 92 and it's heavy right the started during the 4 o'clock hour. it's only got to pick up and get heavier by the minute to leave as early as you can you can beat any potential hot spots, we're 13 minutes over to send the tale and then the golden gate, nice and smooth trouble free problem free night 21 minutes
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from the motto to san francisco, we'll talk more in just a bit james story of things robin. >>happening today, opening statements are expected to begin in the go ship trial. khan force will tran is live in santa riza and santa rita where the jail is that's one of the defendants. >>is being held right now what can we expect today well. so we can expect the trial to finally began 2 and a half years after the deadly go ship warehouse fire. >>max harris is here in a few hours he will be taken to the courthouse. derick almena is still a little bit closer is he's in jail in open right now so he won't have to travel very far the 2 are accused of being behind the deadly go ship warehouse fire of december of 2016 with 36 people killed. it was one of the deadliest where house fires in the nation's history at that time there was a party and people were trapped inside they could not get out. now if
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convicted the 2 faces 39 years in prison, their defense attorneys will argue that it was the city's fall that they did not properly permitted that they allow this to happen that that the city is also culpable behind this with prosecutors are saying that al mina and creative director max errors they should have known better that they stock their place with a lot of people living inside with materials that never should have been inside and at the party was not permitted by the city of oakland that the 2 actually settled last summer you might recall james and oreo and there was a plea agreement with alameda county prosecutors that they would spend less than 10 years in prison and that did not sit well with the victims as well as the city of oakland. and that's why that plea bargain was scrapped. and that's why we are here this morning. the trial is expected to last about 4 months back to it. >>thanks a lot. well, and we will of course have a reporter in the courtroom today when that trial begins you can get
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extended coverage throughout the day on kron on and then later tonight on evening newscast. >>5 oh 3 right now an army veteran faces terrorism charges after the fbi foiled his plans to bomb a rally in the la area investigators say 26 year-old mark domingo recently converted to islam and repeatedly spoke about becoming a martyr and pledging allegiance to isis they say he was planning a retaliation attack against the group in la for the mosque attack that happened in new zealand. the he was caught after the fbi connected him with a bomb maker who was actually another undercover cop. >>purchased several 103 inch long nails to be used and i e d d's as shrapnel specifically because the nails were long enough to penetrate the human body. and puncture internal organs from recorded conversations with the source talked about attacking churches juice police and
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military office. >>and they say he also was looking at a plant having some attacks in southern california, where there was a white nationalist rally that was going to be held. we also spoke to a former fbi agent who says the bay area law enforcement agencies will have to work together to stop terrorism plots. >>it's the same thing happens each time it's just that when it when someone is caught it should bring attention to the problem and in a city like san francisco. if it's a city like this where there's so many target's needs to be a coordination between law enforcement agencies. >>that's former fbi agent, rick smith and he says this case is a good example of working with law enforcement the fbi and local authorities and it's something they do every day. >>in the news this morning, a funeral service was held for the woman who was shot and killed during passover celebrations at a synagogue near san diego. laurie kaye was shot saturday in power way
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the suspect identified by police as 19 year-old john earnest. he is in custody, 3 other people were hurt including a rabbi lori k was killed when she stepped between the gunman and that rabbi, the suspect now charged with one count of first-degree murder and 3 counts of attempted murder. the white house is calling it a hate crime. the 2 other people who were wounded are expected to recover. in response to the shooting governor gavin newsome plans to fund $15 million for the state's nonprofit security grant program now the goal is to help nonprofit organizations that are targets of hate motivated violence that includes places of worship, the funding could provide guards whether they would be armed though is still to be determined state lawmakers are vowing to take action to address anti semitism and other hate fueled crimes here in california. part of what we're doing today is that protecting anyone community or faith communities. it's about protecting anyone in the state of california who's at risk of hate motivated violence that means jews are standing up for muslims that means christians
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are standing up for lgbt folks anyone who is at risk of hate motivated violence. the governor also says the changes are coming to a task force within the state's office of emergency services, the deals with these types of issues. >>grace cathedral in san francisco host a free public concert in response to the fire at the notre cathedral, their london breed says it was a way to symbolically stand with paris want to san francisco sister cities. the concert featuring performances by the san francisco symphony. the opera and the american box soloists also on hand was the organist from the notre cathedral itself. >>in 7 and the man accused of killing 3 people and leading police on a chase across state lines is now apologizing. 43 year-old stefan in jefferson was on the run when south lake
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tahoe police spotted his car friday night. he's accused of fatally shooting a man in oakland man in san francisco and another in berkeley after the police chase deputies say he immediately fired shots at them hitting a sergeant in the hand that's sergeant is expected to be okay jefferson's bayliss said at million. so it sounds like he was apologizing for shooting at the police no word on the 3 murders that he's accused of and we don't know when he's going to be extradited back to the bay area to a california to face charges. he's in nevada right now. new this morning 4 teenagers were arrested for leading police on a chase in vacaville. take a look at the backup that they caused in traffic when the car ended up crhing on interstate highway 80. the 4 are accused of robbing a t mobile store and then they
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trying to get away after the crash. they were all caught. in the south bay police are looking for a gunman who shot a man sunday night near the intersection of keys and south 12 streets which is near kelly part. the victim suffered non-life threatening injuries. we don't know what led up to that shooting. >>and was spotted outside of macy's in downtown santa rosa. it was sitting in the planters just outside the department store ducking as santa rosa police and the department of wildlife and fishery tried to capture him. there you see it. once the cat was tranquilized doctor clinton. martin's was called in to tag the cat's ear. martin's heads up the living with lions project the group studies mount line behavior in sonoma county believes the cat is a young male who might have been roaming through the creek right near the mall. >>just the circumstances of being cruising around looking around the area and just got caught off guard at the time study shows that in over a 100 years and the 16 people have been i'm involved in fatal
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attacks as a result of mountain lions. >>doctor martin says that you should never run a few spot amount line is stand your ground make yourself look big. in national news president trump is calling fonew immigration measures. a memo sent to attorney general william barr and acting homeland security secretary kevin mcclellan outlines a number of measures it includes judging asylum applicants within a 6 month period and requiring fees for asylum and work permit applications. critics say the us has to follow its asylum laws for all migrants who are fleeing for safety reasons in a tweet president trump called us immigration laws quote week ineffective and dangerous and he called mexico quote one of the most dangerous countries in the world. >>illegal immigrants. placing a massive strain when communities and schools and hospitals and public resources.
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>>the memo from president trump says that bar and cleveland have 90 days to take action. >>morning news. we'rgoing to hear from of a area father who is now taking public transportation because his car was vandalized, tell you what to was scrawled all over it and the food bank get ready to expand now one in the bay area because so many people you to eat and they can't afford it to sign of the time and then after the break, the change is happening in muni just days after mayor breed demanded new leadership and not have any changes in your forecast rob to another cool but. >>comfortable start this morning. that's where we're going to be this afternoon to your forecast account. >>that of course traffic constantly changing getting heavier 5 a minute we're checking out the bay bridge approach here at the toll plaza, already stacked up in the cash
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>>i 14 right now checking out the weather today and i think i can roll with this i got used to yesterday. you just count on the cooler and on back with that in a pretty steady this week to so it's a good thing to get used to because we're going to be sitting here for a bit in next week looks to be pretty similar to the same day are around like it. >>yeah, this is better than 80's 90's. so we don't have a pool seen none of us has a pool that's the thing we had a pool if we hadn't yet. >>and people you know they want to use their not not quite cool weather yet unless i guess it's a heated pool and you don't mind a little it of a breeze and cool temperatures but for those of us without a pulit actually does make for a pretty nice day ahead of us just a touch of fog out there not enough to be blocking now visibility can see all the way across the bay from the north and that shot right there clear skies than yesterday to start in fact yesterday you did see some cloud cover associated with this low right here which continues to track to the ease now as that happens. you see high pressure
5:16 am
building in the days to come what this means for us is increasingly warm conditions in nice and dry conditions. i say increasingly warms and it brings thoughts to your head of a big warm up ahead of us, but it's really just going to be a few degrees warmer in the days to come so still pretty similar today we are seeing dry skies again for the bay area not so much for the mountains though there's some rain and snow to be had up in the sierra nevada, just a touch of it on into your wednesday to really just a few afternoon showers bay area remains dry during this whole time and with that eye pressure coming back into the picture. you're also going to be looking at nice clear skies overhead your temperatures today, 50's and 60's for san francisco as well as elsewhere on the peninsula. you are going to be seeing some 70's mostly in the south bay and then into the east bay woodside today right at 70 degrees in the south bay. just a touch cooler than yesterday was campbell's san jose at 71 each the status and sonny bill at 70 today east bay tri valley in the upper 60's and
5:17 am
low 70's union city of 67 today has also will be san leandro and orange at 67, while the creek not bad at all 72 degrees making for a comfortable and comfortably cool one. breezy especially out towards fairfield in vacaville war temperatures will be in the low 70's. santa rosa at 73 in mill valley today at 67 degrees. next 7 days. there's your warm-up wednesday thursday and friday not much of a warm-up though it only takes us from the low 70's into the mid to upper 70's but they will be the most comfortable days of your forecast and among the sunniest too come saturday, temperatures slide back downwards in one of our cool stays will actually be on sunday with our only chance of rain and even that it's mixed in with some sunshine. so really all in all a calm and pleasant forecast ahead of us. that's a look at your weather robin is it so pretty good out there on the roads, yes, it is it is indeed john i'm not tracking any major problems right now coming out of hayward. >>trying to get over to the
5:18 am
peninsula we're taking a peek at the san mateo bridge. you can see that nice steady flow right this is what we like at this time of morning. it is a bit crowded so you're not alone, but it's 12 minutes to make it over to the peninsula from oakland to san francisco west found a be stacking up mostly right down the middle cash lanes fast track lanes all crowded, yes, it's backed up beyond 80 over crossing, but still not bad we consider this a great drive in and under 15 minutes off to fremont street we're taking a peek at what i want from said martine into morgan hill a little heavy northbound from aston to 10 it but that's not bad right is just a sign that the commutes picking up so only 10 minutes from morgan hill, 2.85 there in south san jose, which means it's a really good cmute highway for smooth. 6.80 at the limit the nimitz freeway. no big trouble spots and once again want to one san jose to menlo park that portion smooth as well and under 30 minutes, we'll check more and a bit target james states lot >>the teen and. >>and changes are coming to
5:19 am
san francisco's troubled the transit mayor london breed has demanded new leadership it needs transit. chief is stepping down we a crime for us dan kerman with more on what's happening here. >>whether it's getting your hand stuck in the back doors of peonies new us light rail vehicles or an operator shortage causing delays. it's been a rough period for san francisco's municipal transit agency. but it appears that downed wire which brought the subway and its passengers to a standstill on friday for more than 10 hours was the last straw for san francisco's mayor today. >>amazing letter to mta board of directors. >>asking for new leadership for the agency her call for a leadership change resulted in this from uni chief at risk in. in this letter to colleagues riskin said i will be stepping down from my position as the city's director of transportation when the employment agreement he has ends in august. it's become clear that this is the right time for a change it is
5:20 am
time to make a significant change and so that's what we're proposing. >>the mayor echoed that sentiment at a news conference monday afternoon that refused to say if she threatened to fire risk in. she did say she is looking for a new leader that can restore the public's trust. >>it's important to make sure that we have contingency plans, it's important to make sure it every step of the way we're communicating with the publiso that they know exactly what they can expect to do as a result and it's important to make sure that they know that we are prepared to deal with any challenge that comes our way risk and will run the transit agency through summer, it's unknown how long. >>take to find a leader. in san francisco dan kerman on for news. >>in san bernardino county are still looking for the body of a 6 year-old boy. investigators went through a landfill in victorville searching for duke floor as he has been missing since last
5:21 am
week. his mother hasn't seen him in about 2 weeks 6 years old they believe the child is dead. and that the body was put in a dumpster. they don't say though the police won't say what leads them to believe that this child has been killed the mother and her twin sister face murder charges at this point even though there's nobody 5.21 and take a look at this video capturing the moment, angry customer starts trashing. a convenience store in southfield michigan. boom knocks over that whole display and the store was only open for about a half hour when he walked in trying to sell his cell phone. and really the cashier refused and that's when he went knots. they believe that the guy has mental issues. >>reaction from students after woman says she was raped the u c berkeley campus, we'll have more on that plus get ready for the worst allergy season
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5:25 am
actually a lot of clear than they were yesterday morning with much less cloud cover to be taking in that means as we move into the afternoon, plenty of blue to the skies, your bus stop forecast is looking good this morning. now even though temperatures are in the 50's right now for most of the day. it is quite breezy so do get those jackets ready to go especially for dropping the kids off the bus stop a breezy, but comfortable afternoon ahead of us robin. thank you john want to check in on traffic. >>a very busy commute right now it's in san francisco check out the cash lines of fast track claims are all backing up so we have a crowd, we have a lot and and it's growing you can see it goes back be on a dating. starting to spill over to west grand but pretty smooth across the span. we're looking at traffic tracker more drive times are great for the east shore 24. the macarthur and the nimitz or off to a fantastic start we'll check more coming up james. >>much robin the sf marine food bank is looking to expand and help more people who are in need. so officials are
5:26 am
looking to expand the facility that you see here on the screen will add about 28,000 square feet of space refrigeration and loading docks, the food bank serves about a 140,000 people per it moves 48 million pounds of food through that facility each and every year. but a new study found that there are still 38 million missed meals across the bay area's they nt to try to help more people if they can the food bank's executive director says the problem donations its capacity. you were turning away donations every week. >>that just drives us crazy. to to be seeing people a community that could use that food and to have to say no when farmers and manufacturers call us with donations. it's just wrong and we're going to solve that. >>the work in san francisco should begin next year and the upgrades in moran. our starting this month. >>allergy season is here coming up in a live report all coming up in a live report all tell you why the bay area will to look at me now,
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>>i know where look at weather traffic before you head out of the house any trouble out there are no major issues were bridges our path that's all to bridge now and the like yesterday little chilly to start another mile afternoon right yet another mild afternoon ahead of us and a chilly to start. >>but not too bad. we're in the 50's and when you factor in the breeze. it does certainly make that there have a bit more of a bite to it.
5:30 am
this is you look outside of berkeley were conditions obviously a few clouds out there still but not the blocking out your view so a smooth drive to work besides that traffic there ob-gyn tell you about and then those 50's which like as mentioned really not too bad oakland in concord at 57 degrees warmer than at the same time yesterday, dublin and hayward 55 with the votto napa and berkeley all of 54 degrees right now some pretty uniform as first temperatures go by the time we work into the latter part of the day today it's going to be a lot like yesterday which as you remember wasn't all that bad, mostly sunny 60's and 70's but still breezy today, so the jackets will be handy at times, especially when those winds pick up talking more about a warmer finish the week also the coun roberts all right, let's check in on some bridges showers starting off with a better bridge smooth conditions here. >>on what i wanted to be a great trip across the golden gate use it now i don't see any big trouble spots, leaving the north a heading to san
5:31 am
francisco. so we're at 22 minutes to make your way from the votto to the tolls but that's not the case on haiti. we have a packed house here the backup you're looking at the toll plaza goes all the way back to west courage and yes, that's where you are pumping on the brakes and it stays like that through the tolls right up the eastern span but no major hot spots so sure 24 5.18 and then let's all look good. we'll check more coming up james. all right rob, thanks. >>5.31 east bay father sas he's hurt after finding his card in vandalized with a racial slur the man has resorted now too walking or taking public transportation because he's embarrassed by the message of hate that's been spray painted on his sedan kron four stand thorne has the story. >>i hate filled remarks stains the side of dante morris car the racial slur spray painted in red was hard for him to i was hired my i wasn't. >>that was of said he knows a lot of emotions. >>east oakland native says on
5:32 am
april 23th, he went out for ron and came back to find his car had been vandalized the n word was tagged along the driver's side front and back doors. moore says he couldn't believe this type of racist act what happened in oakland to know ever do this you know that they did about 8 minutes and. >>you know i wish they would just think a a different way you know you know it's not about the co of people scam was you know we've gone from the heart of these days, i'm not embarrassed to be seen driving in his car. >>moore has resorted to walking or taking an ac transit boss with his son to get around. moore says he forgives the person who did this. and shortly after seeing the slur he says he prayed and then placed a bible on top of his car. the next day he found a note inside. >>it's actually from a 7 or greater, you know so when i seen it. this test and they said inspired him a lot they see the bible top of the car. >>my prayers are answered and
5:33 am
that it was all the work. i was a scene that as word spread a go fund me page was set up to help restore moore's car. the campaign has exceeded its $1700 goal. moore says the community action has helped show that oakland is no place for hate. we just contagious to be. >>positive, you know and do this i've been advised, you know e not all at this time was in a very you know we to we don't continue to stand up for each other. >>now as dance or in reporting more says he is thankful for all of the support he plans to get his car repainted this week. time is right. berkeley police are looking for 2 people who sexually assaulted a female college student over the weekend at a frat house on channing way near campus and near the cal campus. we have no description of the men that they're looking for it's not clear if they were even with the part fraternity or if they were students and all. but cal
5:34 am
students at least talk to say that this has happened before a couple years ago. >>there was a bit of a spate of assaults on campus and then that ah the university seem to solve the problem of it but then it is disheartening to hear happening again this year. >>police are asking anybody with any information to come forward. >>your health this morning, the bay area now dealing with its worst allergy season in more than a decade. we have called for sarah stinson joining us now live from walnut creek with more on what doctors are saying about the issue this year saira. >>if you think allergies are bad now and it's really starting to affect you. well, the problem is that it's only going to get worst. we spoke with allergist who say that the people who live in contra costa county. here like why mad in walnut creek you're going to experience the most intense symptoms of all. >>this is all because of all the rain we have been having over the last year and 2 years
5:35 am
at that now the entire bay area will be experiencing this of allergies this will be the worst in the last 15 years because of that rain. >>and landscapes what they've endured the drought conditions was all the recent parts for cetacean now there's new growth causing allergy symptoms be stronger than we're used to that we spoke with an allergist who says the worst is yet to come sometime around mother's day it will peak. >>i think the rain makeup on and was nice dry out not raining. the weapon will for nation. i don't think we see the worst yet i think it will we will peak in may when we have a actually no ring and that with the getting hot and dry. it will be worse. >>allard is also warns people who experience allergies to take your medications starting right now and as your students continue because you want to get ahead of that once you start experiences, allergies are really start to impact your daily life and your work
5:36 am
life will be continuing to fall this but true to talk to people here want the creek. we're here at a heather farm a place where you can go to the playground. you can go swimming, you can go for a run places where you're going to really just feel that pollen load is creeping up on you so stick with us as we continue to talk with people still are feeling here in contra costa county will send it back to you now in the studio. >>all right. thank you very much sara and for a lot of people who deal with allergies feel all that great we've got meteorologist on tribal not taking a look at today's pollen forecast as we try to get you prepared for what you need to know and for parents particularly make sure they and the kids have the allergy medication on hand exactly i you may need to be taken those allergy meds the next couple of days and conditions may be bad enough you may be even need see a doctor at times. >>i'm like sara mentioned all the way to mother's day is when we're going to seeing the worst of home levels maybe not the best timing for it, maybe instead of picking your mom some flowers for mother's some chocolates this time around here's paul levels in the week to calm any do see them
5:37 am
boosting in the coming days today, its medium. >>some of our lowest of the forecast tomorrow back to medium to high for parts of and thursday will be bringing the highest levels of pollens for most of the bay area come friday and saturday, those start to diminish again, but overall you do see those impacts as we make our way through the spring months and definitely a next couple of days that you're going to be wanting to take those medications if you do have suffer from seasonal allergies like sarah mention the it's especially bad this year back to you thanks a lot 05:37am. >>and back to the warriors because tonight too. >>hosting the rockets round 2 golden state leads the series one to nothing and although some say that it was a controversial ending to game one because of the fish on others to say the rocket stands here and whine and whine and whine and they continue whining about it. >>they're saying that the game, you know the calls were bad, this is one that they call bad it was non call and hard should have gotten.
5:38 am
>>this evening through free throws video we got 14 a may 13 saying he's got complaints about that. and you know what if there's all kinds follows you know curry's been in foul joe so he's got to watch and he knows that it kerr says everybody's got to watch it. but he's. >>disappointed that's the rockets have really turned this into a isa sheeting ally now everybody's going to be watching the rest tonight said the game watch the game. tipoff is at 7. it's 5.30 and still ahead on the ground for morning news, a child is recovering after being shot by her own father, we'll tell you what happened to hear from her mother and a growing number of parents are now supporting their adult children. how that puts a financial burden how long you're supposed to keep those ties going. to simone, i leave the van gogh. to harrison, the wine collection. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads.
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>>morning news wake up it's time to head to work and sit in traffic there's a back at waiting for you at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's pretty big to it goes all the way back to a west granted just about to the bottom of the maze about halfway off and on between those 2 points a very slow leading up to the tolls but a great trip across the span to downtown check out these trying times and freeways they look pretty decent right. it's picking up out there, but it's not bad 5.80 livermore to dublin 11 minutes to 37 7 minutes milpitas to sonny bill, 6 80 and the minutes of both looking really good so it's a looking really good so it's a greato look at me now, you don't see psoriasis.
5:42 am
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>>5.45 john talking about the forecast for today, we know it's a little chilly out there startling yesterday you a little bit like yesterday with those 50's to start an breezes that's going to get you more than anything that makes the air feel a little bit brisk air stepping outside with they are today the mourners india, a 20 mile per hour gusts pretty much through the
5:45 am
afternoon today. >>but you know when daytime highs bus into the 70's and you get a bit of a breeze at least if it's not too breezy. it's not too bad, but those 20 mile per hour gusts. they do get just sometimes so jack it is definitely handy even into the afternoon today. he definitely will one this morning as you're stepping out and about there's severe low clouds not as much as yesterday, but they're still certainly president not locking out your visibility over any parts of the day skies over all clear what you had above that low cloud cover that's hanging out. now yesterday remember us talking about some showers in southern california that was part of this low pressure area which is getting further and further to the east and as it does so high pressure is going to build back in our forecast what that means for us in the days to come is even though there will be a bit of coastal fog skies are all going to be even clearer, especially during your afternoons when temperatures boosting as compared to where they have been areas in the mountains like the sierra nevada are seeing some rain and even upper elevation snowfall today just a few showers up there this year tomorrow as well for your wednesday in the meantime
5:46 am
the bay area remains plentifully drive to finish out the week and like i said temperatures are going to be rising in the days to come so these daytime highs that you're seeing today in the 50's and 60's for san francisco and on the peninsula and in the low 70's elsewhere are going to be this cool for that much longer so if you're a fan of this cooler weather much like we saw yesterday. today's a good day to be getting outside low 70's for the south bay making for a nother comfortable one and some upper 60's and low 70's all across the east bay oakland today at 66 while while the creek at 72 conquered at 73 breezy, especially out towards pittsburgh fairfield vacaville, an antioch these are your peak wind gusts could be as high as 30 miles per hour and make those temperatures in the 60's and 70's maybe not feel so comfortable sometimes when those winds really do kick into gear. tomorrow you see your temperatures in the mid 70's, even warmer into thursday and friday come saturday, we start to die back downward and by sunday, the
5:47 am
cool stay in our forecast and our loan chance of rain and even that just a few sprinkles are really possible. robin. >>thank you john checking in on your morning commute we still have a long line at the bay bridge toll plaza, the drive into san francisco's really have a right for the cash payers for the fast trackers are all stacked up and this officially goes back being on a tv over crossing the on west grand and now is spilling to the bottom of the maze. so that was quick but expected 12 m-nutes to make it off to fremont street. that's a good average richmond center. it's not that at all just a minor weight and some of those cash lanes it's moving very well across the span uh into the north bay earlier we had some road work that is picked up and never caused any major delays for looking pretty good. so no hot spots, no major traffic alert to these drive times are right on time like the sure freeway that's going to be 17 minutes from crockett to oakland. if you take 24 year averaging 11 minutes wannacry to the maze 5 80's at the limit and check out the for those of you using
5:48 am
a to the north from to 38 to downtown oakland, it's only 11 minutes, so right on time, we'll check some more coming up james all right robert thank you time now is 5.47 for your money this morning, a growing number of parents are. >>using their retirement savings to financially support their adult children and parents who do that in many cases are digging themselves into a money hole later in life. mary maloney has a closer look. >>not cutting the financial cord half of american parents say the sacrifice retirement savings to financially support their adult children. the bankrate survey found higher earners with adult children are more likely to dip into their savings while lower income parents are more likely to have never see for retirement at all in fact act one in 6 parents making less than $50,000 say supporting their grown-up children prevented them from putting away anything for retirement meanwhile, 60% of those with adult children and a household income of $80,000 a year say
5:49 am
they've cut back on their retirement savings in order to pay for their adult children's bills, which could include cell phone and car payments insurance housing and student loans in general, assistance usually ends between the ages of 19 to 23. however, millennials believe the cutoff should be delayed by a year or more so why are parents increasingly dipping into their savings to support their adult children. the survey mentions helicopter parenting suggesting more parents have been more co dependent with their children throughout childhood making it hard to let go in adulthood i'm mary moloney. >>the national headlines a 6 year-old arizona girl who was accidentally shot by her father will likely spend the next 3 months in a hospital. the vote gurley was accidentally shot in the stomach last week while her father was cleaning his shotgun. he was putting it away when he tripped and that's when the gun went off. he's been arrested for that shooting the child's mother says that the v a is it's
5:50 am
tough and she stay tough throughout all of this. >>it's to get up and talk she's mouthing words is going to be a long process for her and we want everything to be. a 100% for her we want her to be happy and have a fresh start. >>a go fund me account has been set up to support the child. beto o'rourke has announced a trillion plan to combat climate change. he visited yosemite national park yesterday. the plan is his first major policy initiative and calls for increasing taxes on corporations and top earners as well as phasing out tax breaks for fossil fuel companies. it also pledges to take significant action to defund to defend the communities in order to prepare for natural disasters exacerbated by climate change. he pointed out one example, wildfires now before or were headed to the central valley and the sierra he made a stop in the bay area for town hall in san francisco on sunday we talked about this yesterday that's one crop force c wait
5:51 am
actually had a chance to sit down with him for a one on one check to talk about some of the biggest concerns for californians. >>scientists have been very clear. >>historic wildfires we saw last year in california are in large part the result of human activity of our emissions a in our inaction in the face of the science, no sign to say we will continue to warm at an alarming rate that will consume more property and more lives in california and texas throughout the world unless we change course now 10 years left to us and that means no new oil and gas leases on federal lands. the existing leases we have suld reflect the cost in pollution. the consequences to our climate we've got a transition off of fossil fuels towards wind and solar and renewable energies as fast as we possibly can we're going to central valley in part to learn how farmers can use new technologies like precision tilling to disturb less of the carbon in the soil and plant cover crops to read more of the carbon out of the
5:52 am
year if everyone does everything that they can then maybe we can help lead this world can be in the powers of the planet to ensure that we stop this change before it's too late for the generations that follow. >>well o'rourke has touched on californians housing crisis. he also tackled or talk about tackling gun violence and more and you can watch that entire interview. this saturday and sunday at 11 oh 05:00am on inside beria politics were streaming that on our new kron on platform visit kron on while shopping at sears, you need to place yourself in the moment. ♪ our products make the wins more victorious... and the rewards even sweeter. you need confidence in the appliances you select to build the home and life you love. our products and services bring moments like these to every family. shop top-brand appliances including kenmore at sears.
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5:55 am
>>work your way through your tuesday morning skies. clear we do have a few low clouds but it's not causing any problems you can see well across the bay at financial district in san francisco temperatures right now in a range of 50's oakland in concord at 57, livermore just now updating to 54 degrees while san jose kicking things off this tumsday at 56 degrees robin. >>all right we're checking in on the bay bridge. it's one of our busiest bridges right now with the full house at the toll plaza traffic already stacked up be on less grand but it will improve on the bridge itself so it's really mostly your approach that's just at a crawl but as expected it's under 15 minutes. we don't have any hot spots are major problems highway for is picking up. we're a 23 minutes in growing antioch to concord and busy on one on one, but only 32 minutes from san jose, apart
5:56 am
japes. >>thank you very much robyn time. still ahead on the cross for morning news scary moments for people in the bay area they spotted a mountain lion hanging around outside of a store. we'll tell you where this was in how they resolve the whole situation. plus a look at what you can expect from today's go ship warehouse trial. we'll have a live report force will tran on that and a man is apologizing now after police say he killed 3 people here in the bay area before he ran off to nevada and was ultimately arrested we'll have the latest in that case as well, here's a live look outside with the san mateo bridge where traffic is moving along but definitely volume building this morning on this tuesday, we've got robin with a complete check of your commute coming up in just a moment and as we look at the golden gate bridge as you can see we've got a few clouds overhead, it's a little chilly out but john trimble says we've got a mild afternoon on we've got a mild afternoon on tap will get the full forecast
5:57 am
we've got a mild afternoon on tap will get the full forecast oikos triple zero is the official yogurt of... proving the doubters wrong. the official yogurt of... never backing down. it has fifteen grams of complete protein, zero added sugar, artificial sweeteners, or fat. oikos. fuel your hustle.
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>>thanks for joining us on a tuesday, i'm sorry a pulse and i'm james fletcher weather and traffic updates at the top of the hour. that's what you can count on here kron four so we got john with the weather robin was asking you what we've got we've a little hiccups nothing awful we do not have any hot spots, thank goodness, check the bridges because they are crowded are and let's say going to have a house but this afternoon around the bay a few warm spots, but i wouldn't call them hot k not compared to last week announced those >>there's a look outside this morning work skies are on the cloudy side for sure we do have a clear day ahead of us is compared to yesterday and now you can tell just yet but. >>these guys are are going to be so cloudy for so long temperatures are in the 50's right now with oakland in concord each of 57 degrees, dublin and hayward at 55 right now in san mateo at 54 can't complain about numbers like this isn't a bad start to the morning. it is a windy though, and that does make for some brisk feel to


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