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tv   KRON 4 News at 6  KRON  May 16, 2019 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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different game association said that come together. >>our top story tonight at 6 early morning slot team weighs targeting an alliance of street gangs, they are blamed for an upsurge in violence good evening, everybody, i'm pale more benign can wayne thanks for joining us. 16 suspected gang members are in custody tonight after raids in 3 counties and 6 cities. >>one of the sites rated this morning was on 76 avenue just east of the coliseum the head of oakland's cease-fire gang interventi task force as investigation leading to today's raid began 7 months ago with an uptick in shootings related to marijuana dispensary burglaries and robberies. >>we quickly learned that 3 groups from north oakland west oakland in east oakland had formed an alliance becoming a super group. >>at least 2 suspects were taken into custody of the 76 street location, some of the charges involved spears
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multiple burglaries a. and lastly several residential robberies police dogs were sent in to search for hidden weapons. they found a pair of illegally modified assault rifles hidden in the walls. >>along with oakland homes were raided in other east bay locations in all the raids yielded 16 arrests at least 2 dozen weapons. those weapons will be compared the shell casings found at shooting scenes in oakland. oakland's police chief says weapons seized in earlier raids had multiple matches one gun was even connected to 17 other shooting events. chief ann kirkpatrick says she was president the east oakland raids and was disturbed by one thing it was the children. >>any time the innocence. having to experience. police coming into their homes is frightening that is i'm always
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troubling. >>several women were detained in today's raid their children were turned over to other family members. >>and another big story tonight, a u c berkeley student is behind bars police say that this young man is responsible for to violence sexual-assault and tonight we're learning that student was a member of a fraternity on campus. for dan kerman live in berkeley police headquarters. he's got the very latest dan. >>what we can tell you that police believe there are other victims out there these 2 assaults one in march of this year and then that led to another woman coming forward and she said that she was assaulted by the same gentleman in november of 2017. so they believe there are other victims out there that may have been assaulted in between those 2 assaults. >>we say in march a woman was sexually assaulted in the 2300 block of wearing street. wednesday authorities went to the swearing street apartment
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and arrested this man 20 year-old u c berkeley student thin walls. he's also been charged with a sexual-assault from november of 2017. that occurred just up the street in one of the fraternities that line the 2400 block of wearing. >>on we began investigating the initial reports. another victim came forward, and we believe there are other victims who have not yet come forward. >>authorities would not identify the fraternity where the assault took place. but did say wolf was a member of a fraternity, but not at the time of his arrest. police do say in both cases, bulls used >>lists are wolf uses force to subdue his victims. and these one they were punched. >>wolf has now been charged with 8 felony counts of sexual-assault it's not surprising. the women we spoke to in the neighborhood say this is just another reminder. the women, especially on and
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or near college campuses must take extra precautions. >>cultures, public colleges and so everyone's always on the lookout and on the watch for but to know that it's happening just down, i'm a few doors and my friend was in this building. it's it's really side. >>again the defendant faces 8 fellny counts of sexual-assault use it for today but did not enter a plea he remains in jail in lieu of 750 $1000 bail. he's due back in court on the 22th, this month. live at police headquarters in berkeley dan kerman. stan, thank you. >>more threatening and racist graffiti has been found a california high school in san ramon that's according to the principal. officials say it stated school shooting thursday may 27 and had racist remarks however may 27th is a monday and school not be in session because it's memorial day at this point police say they don't believe it's a
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credible threat. the high school has experienced a series of these threats in recent weeks. the principal says they've identified several students who may be responsible moving forward the school be adding security cameras soon and says there will be an increased police presence on the campus through the end of the school year university of california medical workers staged a one-day strike today to protest what they call. >>you see these radical privatization plans. this was the scene at u c davis today also participating in this strike you a c l a you see san diego and you see san francisco. there are roughly 25,000 members of the union behind this latest strike. protesters say they use the system is outsourcing union jobs to the private sector. you see officials say that they have made multiple attempts to resolve disputes and they are criticizing the union leadership for refusing to bring the university's office to members for a vote. this is the 5th you see worker one-day strike in the past
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year. for the second day in a row oakland battalion fire chief is testifying in the go ship trial. >>say they stand behind their actions and their decisions made back in december 2016 when that fire broke out during an electronic music dance party in an oakland warehouse. despite 36 people dying that night both but i'm chiefs it took the stand in the trial say there's nothing that would have done differently about the way their firefighters fought that deadly blaze. conference michelle kingston joins us live from the courthouse today. the shell out of the families react to the testimony. >>these are very frustrated. they want to hear the firefighters say that they could should have would have done something different in order to save lives. >>you see here walking out of court on thursday escape the fire at the ghost ship warehouse back in december 2016 he testified in the trial of derick almena and next harris, both charged with multiple counts of involuntary
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manslaughter that he saw no exit signs her no smoke alarms in was panicked suffocating as he exited the building arrest survived 36 other people did not. >>my future of this great side, the first priority is to shave life. you know putting out the fire fine that should be second priority. they did nothing they just let die. >>mean as attorney tony serra frustrated with the testimony of oakham battalion fire chief james barren on thursday who took control of the scene when he arrived at the ghost ship warehouse fire 2 and a half years ago unlike chief osteen who testified on wednesday that she did not know anyone was inside our and said he knew within minutes of getting there despite knowing this see still told the court there was nothing he would have done differently looking back he still says it's firefighters did the best they could they pulled the hose lines through the front door and fought the fire on the first floor choking back tears barron said he stands by his actions and decisions and said the fire
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was so intense. he didn't think it would even be possible to have saved lives from the warehouse building. sarah believes the firefighters on the stand or protecting the city of oakland from liability both of these fire, you know world. >>people chain that they would have done anything different is a bunch of baloney. >>what they're trying to do really is shield themselves from civil liability because there's a big civil shoot that may well cost oakland because of the fire department's dereliction of duty, hundreds 100's of thousands of dollars and they well know that. >>also on the stand today were to oakland police officers who say they responded to calls at the warehouse prior to the fire and had suspicions that people were living inside when the asked al mina he always said no live in oakland tonight, michelle kingston crown. >>michelle thank you let's take a look outside we see the umbrella with michelle and while here's how it looked on the golden gate bridge this afternoon, scattered showers
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continuing throughout the evening showers it was really windy today we better check on that 4 zone forecast to see what is going on. >>with our chief meteorologist laura's car know. >>why we're really active weather pattern, not only are all around the state numerous lightning strikes up and down the san joaquin you have snow heavy snow across the sierra to that of course we had a just a ton of showers on and off all day they continue now in fact you're seeing some pockets heavier amounts of rain taking an oakland right now lou that cell that is now moving through very heavy rainfall moving through that area right now take you down to street level you see some of that rain very heavy in spots, especially as you move in along the carpet boulevard they're seeing some heavy rainfall amount boulevard as well and even san leandro street, they're seeing some very heavy rainfall so we've got that rain continuing on and off for this evening and not only there but all around the scattered pop-up showers are going to continue at least through midnight tonight and then things begin to settle down just a little bit but still downpours throughout that period as you can see the heavy rain kind of hit miss andrews boy coming down for
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some time and then just kind of moving out of town and that's what we're seeing right now you're going to see a couple of sunny breaks a in between that and then tonight, you'll probably see some showers and some stars and some more showers rotating on through. but there are some dry weather had at least for one day. the weekend maybe not so dry, we'll talk more about that coming up in a few minutes or sank you of course will be dry inside oracle warriors kind of coasted pretty easy games to one nothing lead in the western conference finals on tuesday. >>if they went 3 more games, they will advance to a 5th straight nba finals side tonight they will look to use homecourt advantage again to take a 2 nothing lead against the portland trail blazers cloud for sale of the psac ii is love from our goal tonight as things are just getting underway. taylor. >>well it's been chilly, it's been windy and now it's been rainy but i'm telling you nothing is putting a damper on these warriors fans here tonight all the excitement and just all positive vibes fans
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tonight and they're expecting the words to come back just as strong people saying they're hoping for 50 points from steph curry i talked to many people here today who came in as soon as the gates opened some warriors fans even flew in just for the big game tonight better who i talked to though we're all confident, the words will bring it home again this evening. >>what are most excited tonight, i'm excited for the window. as all the way western conference team. game lives. >>in no way does it last i the chance here and and they has ever says goes over make the best and of it. we're going win this and this is his last to visit proclaimed the matter with morton
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>>well you heard it from the fans a no-brainer for a hopeful second win here tonight as the game just kicked off live from oracle arena taylor sackey kron 4 news taylor. thank you. coming up it is the law just the suicide deterrent net in the world old and it's coming to the golden gate bridge, show you how it will work after it'd installed. >>and more trouble for high speed rail tonight in california why the project is in jeopardy of running out of money might sooner than expected and lawmakers on both sides of the aisle, quick to criticize president trump's new immigrati
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>>future immigrants be required to learn english and to pass a civics exam pryor 2 admission. >>today president trump unveiled his long-awaited apimmigration reform proposal. the plan will focus on legal immigration in the us. it is merit based in would prioritize highly skilled english-speaking immigrants. well making it more difficult for immigrants to bring their families to the u s this white house correspondent britt jackson tells us the proposal fails to meet the concerns of both parties. >>president trump says america's immigration system is badly broken the system will finally be share
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transparent and promote equality. the president's solution focuses on a merit-based approach. deputy assistant to the president to ron smith says it prioritizes skills and education. >>think about industries of the future and a critical needs of the country. >>recruiting the best president trump says his goal is to attract the best and the brightest to the u s while also securing the border, the president's plan needs support from both parties in order to become law but the proposal falls short of what lawmakers say they're willing to accept virginia democratic senator mark warner supports immigration reform i do think we need to move. >>and in a way that it encourages higher quality frankly, some of the folks who come with an enormous skills that can be an immediate help to our economy but the president's plan fails to addressed a key issue for him and other democrats. >>the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants who are in the country, including of course the dreamers george
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washington university professor matt dallek says. >>the president's proposal won't satisfy some in his own party, either native this groups. >>want to see a reduction in the number of immigrants let into the country so they're unhappy administration officials say this is a first step toward changing the nation's immigration system. >>and are open to working with congress to get legislation passed in washington 3 jackson. >>police on the peninsula believe that they have solved the decades old cold case murder, san mateo county sheriff's deputies arrested this man 75 year-old john arthur good true of hayward on suspicion of sexually assaulting and strangling 21 year-old janet and taylor in march of 1974. the true was already in custody in santa clara county when authorities made this connection. he was arrested last year for sexually assaulting and strangling another woman back in 1973. investigators had sent dna samples that were stored with the evidence to
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the same dna database that was used to arrest the alleged the golden state killer, a state plan to build denser housing closer to transit stations in jobs, small move forward this year and today the senate appropriations committee voted to make the proposal a 2 year bill. >>that means no action will be taken until next year. tech companies and other proponents view the proposal as a way to help with the housing shortage. critics say the measure will change the character of neighborhoods and make traffic even worse, san francisco state senator scott wiener says he is disappointed by the move. >>the long planned a suicide barrier for the golden gate bridge is slowly taking shape now today the bridge district showed off what that barrier will eventually look like once it's completed for shells clifford has details on that. >>one thursday that district showed off a prototype of its new suicide barrier that's currently being installed. underneath the golden gate bridge know when it's finished the barrier will said about 20 feet below the road deck you
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will run along both sides of the bridge extending out away from the bridge will be composed of a steel arms, the tubes. >>there will also be a stainless steel net spread ost in all there will be about 3 and a half miles of netting underneath the bridge. the idea is to a deter people from trying to commit suicide by jumping off the bridge. and also be if they have someone does jump they will fall into the net. >>and get stock about now will get first responders a chance to get out there and save them. now also at today's event were family members of people who have committed suicide by jumping from the bridge. we heard from one family who says they're very excited by the progress on this project. >>after all of these years to see and touch and that and that that will actually save lives and the golden gate bridge is very emotional and surreal. >>all the suicide barrier is going to cost about million. they expect it will take another 2 years to install they're hoping to have it finished place by january of
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2021. they're also between now and then be considerable number of lane closures overnight. well crews i move equipment over the side of the bridge and get it down there so it can be installed in san francisco charles liberty. >>outside in every time we look out there, it's wet and windy and now there's traffic so there you go. well a ledge about the traffic part of it in terms of what's happening beyond the a bridge right now, but we certainly can get some answers on the weather not making many friends with these cast, i mean the think you very much to say that the storms just kind of lineup out there more showers out there right now look at that that looks pretty ominous looking from a timber on back toward the golden gate bridge. another round of rain. >>actually being in a move in there we'll show that here in the doppler just a moment, but the totals very very impressive center rose last 24 hours over an inch and a 3rd napa an inch even mill valley oter an inch there half an inch plus in the san francisco, almost a half an inch in oakland and san jose.
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and the in the north they one of the mountains there over 5 inches of rain from this storm alone that's impressive from a storm so showers continuing all around the bay area see the heavier bands that are moving into parts of the space and landed just headed east into the hills are augie gets more and more on the way for san ramon in the south bay just more widely scattered showers popping up and that's what's going to be tonight the showers going to come they're going to go out quickly and then they'll come back again so you may see some stars in between some of these clouds for tonight, the showers once again return a lot more seen some light showers right now and continue to see some of that making its way into parts the east bay but that will continue and here is that so we were looking from teheran, there's all that rain that is showing up in the sausalito right now sandra fell you get some rain drops too that stretchi into san francisco, drying out a little bit in the north bay as the storm syem begins to wind down the winds have been with the know it has been a blustery day again and the winds continuing out there to 20 miles per hour at sfo 23 in oakland, 16 into the body get the pretty strong onshore breeze. now tonight, partly cloudy skies decreasing
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showers specially after midnight tonight and tomorrow will be partly cloudy in the morning i think become a mostly sunny in the afternoon and a little warmer too and dry. but another storm is expected to move in as early as the weekend effect you can see it is just beginning to put itself together now i think another of low pressure going dive on the backside of this actually going intensify the storm system again as is approaching the coastline. so we're looking at more heavy rainfall. i think as we get into saturday night. rain will be heavy at times probably into sunday as well with maybe some thunderstorms so let's enjoy the break we're going to get we've got some sunshine to some partly cloudy skies a dry day for friday. get ready for more rain over the weekend. >>the man jailed for 17 years for a crime and he did not commit. now his tearful reunion with the south they fail. and california may soon be taking the federal government to court again this time over the high speed rail project. why the trump administration is trying to claw back billions of dollars in funding.
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♪ from the town of bedrock. ♪ meet george jetson. ♪ ♪ his boy elroy. with instant acceleration, electric cars are more fun to drive and more affordable than ever. electric cars are here. plug into the present. >>california is likely headed to court again against the federal government, but this time over money for the high speed rail project. this latest development comes after the federal railroad administration. officially decided to cancel nearly $1 billion for that project today, capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains. >>crucial money for california's high speed rail project is now canceled the
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federal railroad administration notified project leaders thursday it's canceling million and wants billion back already spent on the project in a letter to the high speed rail authority for administrators wrote the ages, sorry violated the terms of that agreement and consistently failed to make reasonable progress on the project may also see the state abandoned its original version by focusing only on a segment to the central valley governor gavin newsome vows to defend the money in court saying in a statement in part, the trump administration's action is illegal and a direct assault on california, our green infrastructure and the thousands of central valley workers who are building the project the announcement comes a week after high speed rail leaders told lawmakers there is no money to fill the project's original vision a bullet train from san francisco to anaheim the legislative analyst's office warned lawmakers without federal dollars there may not be enough money to complete the projects current vision a line from bakersfield tumor said to find out how soon california might file this
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lawsuit against the federal government we reached out to the attorney general's office. >>but a spokesman there said they do not comment on client issues reporting in sacramento. actually zavala kron 4 news. >>coming up tonight at 6.45 the new numbers are in and homelessness is increasing in several areas in the bay area what's behind the troubling trend. >>and next at 6.30 the ntsb has released a preliminary look on and a deadly tell us look last back in march. it says the car failed to do seconds before impact and governor newsom joining the chorus of democratic lawmakers decried the latest antiabortion law
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>>cnn alabama that. if someone is raped and she seeks an abortion. the doctor who treats her will be penalized with a longer prison term that her rapist. makes me question. whether the discussion about freedom in this country has gone off the rails. >>presidential candidate people to speaking today in chicago today, california political leaders are also speaking out because the nation's strictest abortion ban was signed into law in alabama yesterday. this after another bill banning abortions at 20 weeks passed in missouri in san francisco today and she has his reaction to all of this. >>it's a constable i mean look


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