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tv   KRON 4 News at 630  KRON  June 24, 2019 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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>>democrats would change the asylum laws and the loopholes which they refused to do because they think it's good politics, everything would be solved immediately they refused to do >>the house and senate are gearing up to vote this week on competing funding packages to provide humanitarian relief at the southern border and but time is obviously ticking away and lawmakers only of a few days to get on the same page and pass a bill that president trump will sign. >>before congress heads home for the july 4th recess and the work and he has a more on this developing story. this is the midnight hour house minority whip steve scalise says time is running out for congress to pass a bill and
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help the department of health and human services managed the thousands of migrants at the southern border, if we don't have a bill that the president can sign. >>passed through the house and through the senate they go into shutdown mode. the employees of hhs will not get paid congress is set to leave on friday for july 4th recess, but before they go maryland democratic congressman steny hoyer says the house and senate need to agree on one border package that we were pretty close to agreement way to get there. secretary of health and human services alex, a czar says funding for the program for unaccompanied migrant children could run out in early july. last week a senate committee passed a billion emergency border package, but we are says it doesn't do enough to address humanitarian assistance people who come here under us law seeking asylum from the danger they face at home. >>needs to be treated in a humanitarian way all we're going to do is help attract
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more people to come in illegally but texas republican congressman louie gohmert says unless more money is spent to secure the border the humanitarian crisis will only get worse it will encourage more to come in well after appropriate billions of billions more for a bigger humanitarian crisis. the house rules committee is expected to take up their bill monday evening in washington, i'm in a warning keep. >>well today the us announced more sanctions on iran. this is in response to iran striking down a us drone 3rd thursday. president trump initially planned air strikes but said last week but he called it off after learning of the potential casualties. president said to reporters over the weekend that sanctions are quote going on slowly and in some cases pretty rapidly. today east bay congressman mark to sonya spoke with kron on's ryan o'donnell about what he thinks about the sanctions. the possibility of the us will end up at war with iran.
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>>you've got somebody who thrives on chaos chaos doesn't listen to people with expertise is not interested in fact thinks that he's smarter than everybody else in the roman world. so he's making a difficult situation potentially much much worse and he's risking american lives by doing is their way to be forceful with the iranian regime. yes, i think we can be but is there a way that we can do that that doesn't lead to chaos and people i'm losing their lives. i think that's unfortunately where this president is going and i am very fearful because he is chaotic and he doesn't listen experts you expect things to escalate a little more do you do you really think go escalate to. >>as as far as possibly going to war cent sending some kind of military action that direction. >>i don't think he wants to go to war. but i think he wants to go to the break. and this is a situation that's fraught with danger. few things could
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happen could lead the reins in we americans into war where we don't the president doesn't have control of that so he's putting himself in position of work he he's not to be able manage something happening over there that would lead us down a path way i think that would be really bad. >>if you do want to see more exclusive interviews like this you can download our new streaming app kron on you can watch live local news 24 hours a day with no commercials, it cut off on the latest breaking news and weather any time of day. visit kron on dot tv to start watching. >>attention to weather here in the bay and that's right erica standing by with the 4 zone forecast erica. >>cooling trend is under way and we did see an increase in clouds not just low clouds by high cirrus clouds today along with some patchy fog so taking a look outside san jose seeing cloudy conditions out there and look at that line i mean
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i'm so used to seeing just clear blue skies, the last couple of days and as you can see clouds have moved in and so right now we're in the mid 70's out in mountain view 81 in redwood city 61 in tehran and 70's in petaluma and in napa at the moment, so our temperatures lower than what we saw yesterday by 5 to 10 degrees in some places. we do have this onshore flow that has returned and that's why we're seeing our winds picking up and it's going to even faster those wind speeds tomorrow right now we're seeing winds coming from the west there are 19 miles per hour in novato gusts are even higher than that san francisco are seen gusts about 18 to 20 miles per hour right now and a stationary winds there 13 miles per hour in fairfield star overnight was looking pretty normal for this time of year mid-fifties from oakland down to hayward there 59 in a fremont asked for our temperatures for the rest of evening it it will cool down
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and then tomorrow morning around 7 will be in the upper 50's there and then warm up for the day but like i mentioned the breezy and windy conditions will remain throughout the afternoon and evening hours. so here's a look at our high temperatures for tomorrow close to normal for this time of year. all right erica, thank you. it is a case california is watching closely a state district judge approved and $85 million settlement between teva pharmaceuticals and the state of oklahoma today. >>that money will be used in the fight against the opioid painkiller epidemic in that state. under the settlement eva, an israeli owned company has agreed not to employ or contract with sales representatives to promote opioids in oklahoma and one that you speakers, key opinion leaders nor lectures to promote opioids california is currently involved in a federal anti-trust suit against eva and 5 other drugmakers that suit alleges
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that the companies illegally fix prices on generic drugs. the va has denied any wrongdoing. >>a bipartisan team of senators have introduced what's being called the dashboard act it would force top tech companies to tell us how much they make from our data that includes facebook google amazon twitter and any other quote commercial data operators with more than 100 million monthly users democratic senator mark warner of virginia says the bill what increase transparency and could help antitrust regulators determined. if those big platforms are hurting competition among other tech companies. >>presidential candidate, bernie sanders today unveiling a plan to cancel all students dead in the u s as details ahead on how he's proposing to pay for it. >>it was pulls in the state and its opening to a select group of people
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>>it is the ultimate summer pool party, but only if you can afford it the neck to pool at hearst castle in san simeon is hosting for swim dates. but of course is not cheap first you will have to pay $500 for the annual membership and then after that a ticket for each person is $950. each party can only have up to 40 people that cost covers food wine beer, live music and a swim in the nearly 90 year-old pool
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designed by famous san francisco acchitect, julia morgan proceeds will go towards conservation of hearst castle and educational programs for underserved students only 4 days are available for booking july 6 august 3rd august 24th and september 21th looks like they're paying them. >>california shelter dog now has a home. after a 911 dispatcher connected with the dog following a very tragic situation. the dispatcher who has not been named was working last week the 26 year-old sacramento police officer tara o'sullivan was gunned down while responding to a disturbance call. now to help the dispatchers deal with the stress of that call a shelter brought in some dogs to act therapy dogs. the dispatcher knew right away. he wanted to take him hall. he's really help a lot. he's helped us track think. there was a hard situation goes around. so he's really kind of a help me through it. the puppy's name
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is saul a short for salt honor of the fallen officer. >>coming up next tonight, another american tourist deaths in the dominican republic, the fbi getting more deeply involved now by representatives from the dominican are insisting that country is safe. >>and if you're streaming us on kron on the news continues during the
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>>test time now in the past 13 months and american deaths linked to the dominican republic. the tory a caruso of new york died last week, his family members say he died after experiencing respiratory distress. he may have also had a heart attack, dominican republic officials have said that the 10 traveler deaths are isolated events. meantime a canadian woman says she still feels the effects of her visit to that island nation. yes, she says she fell ill shortly after. >>i think it is still suffering years later reporter drew griffin has the story. >>their story sounds similar to others, a dream trip to the dominican republic that ends in serious illness. the trouble for tina and john hamill started when they were woken from a nap by powerful chemical smell in their hotel room. it was. >>so strong. i was burning coughing and. >>it was it was very upsetting. but just panic sets
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in because you don't know where the cells coming from. >>tina lost her voice felt nauseous couple move rooms, but health get getting worse one remember saying something's not right something's not right. i don't and he said do i call the doctor. i think so and after that it just quickly quickly progressed among. and i remember. >>i remember my muscles. my hands hope turned my lakes came up. >>i lost consciousness. >>she spent 4 nights in a hospital in the dominican republic, where doctors found lesions on her lungs, according to hospital records.
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my way still is having a hard time basically breathing stable life. >>muscles limb muscles. she just kept having these convulsions and and they just kept. >>sticking needles into are. you don't want to lose anybody, especially your wife or your children. and there was they could do. >>it's been 3 years now but tina says she still has lingering effects. she doesn't know what made her sick. all her doctors in canada can tailor is something she encountered in the dominican republic could have poisoned her. >>i never had a breathing problem before i never had asthma and never smoked. i know you know we are. >>healthy first doctor in very was adamant that she had been poisoned he just said to us in the room. your waist in >>the grand bahia put a condo hotel with the hamill state is run by the same company that operates the grand bahia la
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romana where the recent mysterious deaths of 3 american tourists are under investigation. and cnn has spoken to dozens of tourists like the hamels got an extremely sick while on vacation in the dominican republic. many who spoke to cnn the lead their symptoms go beyond typical travel related illnesses, though it's unclear what caused them. several reports smelling a strong chemical odor in their rooms before getting sick. many say they suffered stomach cramps. diarrhea and malays that lasted after they returned home. cnn previously reported the case of kaylee and and her boyfriend tom schwander who both fell ill after smelling chemicals in their room at bay he allow roma in 2017. according to medical records. their doctors in colorado think they were exposed to organophosphates toxic chemicals found in pesticides that poisoned them. the domino cramping. >>and uh gee i upset lasted
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for about a few weeks and you said drooling and wet. bad sweat tearing. dizzy nauseous and donald was the worst. i was the hardest something to deal with this so much pain. >>but prince up a hotels and resorts says it can't comment on specific allegations but did send a statement to cnn saying the safety and comfort of our guests and staff stand at the core of our company values and that we regularly audit all hotels in respect to health and safety and consistently received hi certification scores for hygiene. >>that was drew griffin reporting a us state department official says the us is closely monitoring the investigations under way and that includes assistance from the fbi. the dominican republic's ministry of health said deaths of american tourists are actually down this year in the country is safe. >>senator bernie sanders plan for free college just got a
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whole lot more expensive he wants to wipe out all student debt, one 0.6 children dollars of it. >>today the democratic presidential candidate unveiled his ambitious legislation called college for all. currently about 45 million americans have student loans. sanders proposal would cancel debt for all of them were guard lists of their income or their assets it would be paid for by a new tax on wall street. >>the american people bailed out wall street. >>now it is time for wall street, the come to the aid of the middle class of this country. this wall street tax we'll have the added benefit of controlling wall street recklessness and reducing the likelihood of another major economic crash. >>one of sanders rivals, the senator elizabeth warren has presented her own debt relief package, but it has limits based on income levels, the first of the democratic primary debates will be held this wednesday in florida.
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>>well coming up mark and kate will say up for bay area sports night today. it was all all about the warriors draft picks we're introduced future of the jobs in the spotlight. >>can a low pressure system is heading our way and i'll tell you about the changes that bring coming up and called for now streaming live local news 24 hours a day if you haven't tried kron on yet, here's what you're missing. first time in 35 years. county oakland, san francisco menlo park.
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>>lots happening in the sports world say so mark harper kate rooney. >>bay area sports night 7 o'clock on kron on and tell you this the nba really does not a control the off-season right we have free agency starting in less than a week now and today you read warriors headquarters because the team introducing the new draft picks 3 draft pick saw jordan poole eric pascual and alen we're all going to learn that one together. hearings on hearing from the rookies who do you think is going to be the first one to make a real impact with this team. >>so hard to know that my of my gut feeling is telling me actually the 3rd pick by the
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warriors eric possible. he spent 4 years in college improved every single one of those years and he's a very personal guy who's pretty well rounded coming out to going to be interesting to see what he can do we're going to be hearing from the newest warriors at 7 o'clock also are going to be hearing bob myers e a he's asked about the coming of free agency because kevin durant and klay thompson, they will be free agents will see where they end up playing next year we'll see what happens over the next coming days, lots to talk about on tonight's edition of bay area sports night 7 o'clock on kron on. >>a throw back to you and i are pretty sight about those draft here because you get a michigan. i thank you both. the international olympic committee made a big announcement today. >>and that's where the 2026 winter olympics will take place milan beat out the swedish city of stockholm
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today's decision marks the winter olympics return to europe, the big event 2020 tool take place in the chinese city of beijing, italy has hosted the winter olympics twice before this will be the first time it is being held and milan that critics. >>and another look outside before we go still looking nice out. >>joined right now by meteorologist eric to to wrap it up and give us what it looks like for the rest of the yeah. >>yeah well we did see an increase in those clouds and it's going to stay with us for the rest of these actually these next few days to be honest because it's part of this low pressure system that is moving our way. >>looking outside of your son all seeing those high clouds out there timber on same thing as well we're still seeing some patchy fog along places on the coast. so our temperatures did dip from what we saw yesterday there as you can see in tomorrow it's going to be.
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>>as well and there you see our satellite and radar the high-pressure leaving our region that sea breeze kicking in and this low pressure system bringing some rain to the northern tip of california but it will mess the bay area though, but like i mentioned the winds. well pick up because of this system and it already is right now. but it's going to be higher tomorrow there we see a got up to 30 miles. our hands and a look at our high temperatures tomorrow. and you see it. >>and real quick, it's important to act the usa it beat spain.
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the passenger who fell asleep on a plane and found herself trapped on board. >> this is a nightmare. this is not happening. >> she made her way to the front of the aircraft and actually entered the cockpit. then, halle berry's home nightmare. >> how a suspected scam artist changed the locks at her home. president trump fires back at that time woman accusing him of sexual assault 23 years ago. it was a fight. >> and inside the dressing room where it allegedly happened. plus, the scary moment that freaked out daredevil nik wallenda and a his sister. >> it was a little nerve- racking. and


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