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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  July 1, 2019 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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>>good morning. everybody, thank you for joining us here on this monday morning starting off the workweek with checks of weather and traffic lots of news to get to which we will in a minute but first john trouble now with the outlook and what we've seen for this week, you know what a nice week ahead of us james, we got used to some seasonable weather again this weekend. >>after being cool down last week, yeah and we're going to keep enjoying that warmer temperatures yet start july just where we should be today looking outside we do have some fog out there to be kicking off the new month. and if you are driving around to get to work this early morning you'll be looking at it not just at the golden gate bridge but up and down the peninsula up in the north bay and then
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out across the east bay to do be watching out for a few areas where visibility will be falling fairly low this morning. fog is eventually going to burn off it's going to be pretty business as usual burning off at your usual times and then setting us up for what will be a sunny afternoon ahead of us plenty of sunshine to be expected across the bay this afternoon under the sunny skies. your temperatures will though will they will be on the rise. your current numbers are mostly in the 50's a few upper 50's out in the east bay, even the low 60 checking in this morning over in pittsburgh, oakland you're at 58 degrees enough all that chilly of a morning. it is just a touch cooler than yesterday. a really cool down that you're not going to really notice compared to where we were at yesterday. winds will be a factor at times today gusting as high at times has over 20 miles per hour up in the delta 15 miles per hour for most other spots in the bay, not an exceptionally windy day but just enough of a peratures do r into the 80's for inland spots
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this afternoon. well actually offer up a nice cooling effect a warm afternoon. certainly ahead of us and temperatures for the rest of the week are also looking pretty warm i'm tracking your forecast through the 4th of and eventually on into the upcoming weekend. still to come. rebecca. >>when i'm tracking the roads this morning in for robin winston and we're seeing a nice commute into san francisco. so far it's early of definitely hit the road. it is going to be your commute said westbound 80 into san francisco just under 10 minutes. so far on a across the upper deck so that looks really good and we're seeing a very you here for the san mateo bridge only 13 minutes as you make your way on westbound 92 trying to get over to that 1 one connector on the peninsula. the richmond center fell bridge pretty much all yours this morning, not a car in sight so far on the pay gates and 2 of the north bay and then coming out of the north bay like john was mentioning, yes we are seeing definitely a foggy start in
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some spots around the bay area this of course pretty normal for this hour in the morning. and south one oh one looks a pretty good problem free from nevado on the way across the span into san francisco on clocking a total of dry time of so far 19 minutes, i'll be checking your west bound 5.80 commute coming up in just a bit change very good. thank you rebecca time now is 4 oh 3 and breaking news overnight firefighters in the east bay now mopping up a house fire. >>in bay point you see the map there broke out about 1030 at a house in the shore acres neighborhood that's on inlet drive. the fire engulfed one house flames briefly spread to a neighboring house though before it was put out luckily, nobody was hurt. the golden state warriors have lost kevin direct to the brooklyn nets durrant now leaving the bay area after 3 seasons and winning 2 titles as well as back to back finals mvp awards. the actually signed with the mets win the league's moratorium ends on july 6. >>he's teaming up with kyra who is leaving boston for the nets as well, the rent is set
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to get a max deal of 4 years. million he's expected to miss a year has recovers from his achilles injury. meantime the warriors are working to sign a trade deal with the nets to bring d'angelo russell. >>to the warriors he's only 23 years old was an all-star last season. but to pay him reports say the warriors are expected to trade andre iguodala to the memphis grizzlies russell would immediately start the backcourt alongside steph curry until klay thompson is fully recovered from his torn acl and rady for it to return to the court. full time. but the warriors losing kevin duran in free agency comes as bittersweet news for debt nation kron four's gayle, ong has reaction from fans. >>fans are feeling bittersweet as you can imagine especially after the outcome of the nba finals championship game. and of course the warriors moving across the bay to san francisco. and now kevin duran moving east to the big apple. i'm devastated, i'm a huge qatif and so it hurts the
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heart, i wish him all the best. >>we'll miss kevin duran well he's the best player in the works for straight years, the sox. because a heated faced a business as a team, but like to see a 3 p like to him likes him get back on top with the shocking news for golden state warriors fans. >>to time finals mvp kevin durant is leaving after 3 seasons here and announce his decision fund a the start of the nba free agency period on the instagram page for the boardroom an online series produced by deer and. >>the instagram post says he is signing a max contract with the brooklyn nets. >>you see is. >>the brooklyn as man. >>congratulations candy we found this new york band excited for deer and that he's not rooting for the nets. >>and i understand iran's going to be in new york but not new york team that is not the mixed in the sun. they'll this horribly. what i'm a faithful fan from when i
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was a kid in 80 so it is what it is max deal is said to be 4 years and about million. >>durrant could have gotten 5 years and million from the golden state warriors if he stayed with them, good luck to >>he gave us 3 good years in golden state i think that's fantastic looks like he wants to move on do some different things i think that's great. >>you're and is recovering from a ruptured achilles tendon that could keep him off the court for the entire next season oakland gayle, ong kron 4 news. >>more on that story throughout the day in the meantime another big story we're following this morning 2 people are dead and several others are injured after a wrong-way crash on highway 24. it happened early sunday morning near renda the chp says the driver of a saturn was heading the wrong direction on the westbound side when he slammed into a car full of people. crews quickly worked to rescue the survivors a passenger in the saturn was found dead, the
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driver was pulled from the twisted metal. but later died at the hospital 5 people in the other car all suffered major injuries. video shows some being pushed away and stretchers investigators say the driver of the saturn may have been drunk or high when the accident happened. happening today there are going to be several changes across the bay area, the new months is bringing some new laws and taxes and that includes increasing the new gas tax starting today drivers will pay $0.6 more per gallon the money will go into fixing aging bridges and roadways across the state. and many fares in san francisco are also starting to go up today, a single right fair will now cost $3 if you pay cash or by limited use ticket if you're using your clipper card though are the muni mobile app your fares will stay up to 50. officials say the fare increase will you need to keep pace with little rising labor and other costs for more on the various fare increases just head to our website kron 4 dot com with broken it all down for you. also happening today, a new law regarding the release of police body camera footage goes into effect that
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law requires police to release body camera footage within 45 days of an incident where an officer the law is opposed by the california peace officers association they argue that reviewing in mane inof all this body camera footage will cost police department more money. the law though does allow agencies to request monthly extensions. 2.45 day deadlines for up to one year. california now the first state to require background checks in order to buy ammunition. voters approved the background checks back in 2016. now it goes into effect today. governor gavin newsome says it will deter gun violence and save lives. opponents though are suing they're hoping of undoing the law they say places an unfair burden on millions of law abiding gun owners. state officials expect 13.2 million checks for individual ammunition purchases. each year going forward. sales force park reopens to the public today, the rooftop park in transit center close 6 weeks after it first opened back in september of last year because to crack beams were discovered in the
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steel supports the crumbled concrete for the park walkway is also fix that was a problem to celebrate the reopening they'll be free activities today, including yoga birdwatching swing dancing all available and also the gondola at the corner of mission and fremont streets we'll be operating as well however, the first actual bus service that terminal isn't expected to begin until mid to late july. happening today, the city council in piedmont will decide whether to at license plate reading cameras to form or intersections in the city. the city currently has 39 cameras at 15 intersections that service entry points to and from the city of oakland. well, the city council is says these cameras have already proven useful in helping police solve crimes in the city and tonight's vote in case, you're interested in attending will take place at 7.30. right now san francisco police are looking for the gunman involved in a shooting that killed a man that shooting happened early sunday morning near the intersection of geary boulevard and steiner street. police say the victim was shot multiple times.
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officers say 2 people were seen driving away from that scene but they don't have a detailed description just yet. we're expect to learn more information today about a shooting that seriously hurt 2 people in sonoma county that shooting happened saturday night on valley for grow just outside the town of bloomfield one victim's injuries are considered life threatening. police haven't said yet. any details really about the victims or what led up to that shooting but as they do release more will make it available to you here. time now for 10 coming up on the kron 4 morning news safe and sane fireworks are now on sale in some parts of the bay area but police are warning people that there are restrictions on where you can use them so make sure you pay attention to that story coming up and the trump administration renews its threat to deport millions of undocumented immigrants and some bay area activists say not right. i recall martin in washington, hate crimes are on the rise across the country
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and one of the most common targets are places of worship. >>coming up, i'll tell you what lawmakers are doing to make sure they stay protected. >>and here's a live look outside the san mateo bridge is traffic slowly getting going on a monday morning back with your commute and weather and news checks in just a minute.
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>>and we're back at 4.13 you can now buy fireworks in some
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spots across the east bay, it dublin for instance, 13 city approved vendors have opened their boots fireworks will permitted in 3 double and parts from 10 in the morning through 10 at night on independence day. they are alamo creek park emerald glen park and shannon park, the dublin sports complex will be off limits this year because of ongoing construction. >>and so make sure it's all legal and be in the right spot. case something goes wrong. but it's important house my favorite thing percent my family loves them and there's a place in town to do it. >>yes safe and sane fireworks can also be used at single family homes in dublin, but not at apartment complexes, setting fireworks off at any location which has designated by the city could result in a fairly ust keep that in mind affect the fe thing to do was just leave it to the professionals and you can celebrate the 4th of july right here on kron 4 as we bring you the fireworks shows from around the bay area across the nation. recovery shows in san francisco sandra fell cochran, san jose, so we got a little bit from all
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over. it's the only local lives fireworks show that you can watch on your tv so check out party kicks off july 4th at 09:00pm right here on kron 4 and john trouble now with our july forecast today being the first of july entering a new month. well sounds like we're continuing the weather we had over the weekend. it is going to be dry and it's going to be war which to remind you why it is a a good thing that we put all these restrictions on fireworks. >>as fire weather will definitely be something a lot of people's minds. this upcoming week with those fireworks being lit up and then of course with our continually dry conditions as we roll into july looking outside this morning a berkeley you do have some cloudy skies, some low clouds rolling in to the east bay as we're also seeing up and down the coast. so do watch out for some spots where you could be encountering that lower visibility as is the norm this time of year as we start our mornings off on a fog, you know and finished our day later on today with abundant sunshine. we do have high pressure builds back up across the west coast keeping much of
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the west, nice sunny and warm as we speak right now, but this a dip in the jet stream sitting right to our west not as powerful as what cool this down last week. but it is going to scoot over head and help to offer up temperatures that will be just a couple of degrees cooler in the days to come we're still going to be pretty seasonable still going to have highs in the 80's inland. but it's going to keep us out of the 90's for the week ahead, so we can be thankful for that. you do have some cloud cover and fog up and down the coastline but that's not going to be getting too far inland on through the afternoon today, you're just going to have your foggy starts to the morning here sunny afternoons again this is a right where we should be for this time of year, pretty business as usual to be starting off the month of july temperatures in the 70's in hayward freeman oakland today low 80's for san jose and then a range of low 80's for concord and livermore as well up into the north bay a of 80's in napa and santa rosa, well 60's out along the coast in san francisco and half moon bay. here's a look at your next 7 days as we move into the 4th of july notice,
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how temperatures are going up they're just going to slightly down we're down into those low 80's inland g into the 50's that is that dip in the jet stream that's offering up just some slightly cooler temperatures more than anything it's just going to be keeping us from getting too hot during the week ahead, which is certainly nice for the 4th after that though high pressure builds again and into the upcoming weekend next week. what you have is upper 80's in near 90 degree temperatures by saturday and sunday so enjoy our seasonable weather in the next few days before that warm up into the upcoming weekend. that's a look at your forecast this morning. we have her back in for robin for traffic and how's it looking out there looking great roads are pretty much wide open for you this morning just a minor wait here at the bay bridge toll plaza and some of the cash paying lanes. >>fast start there you're moving through just fine but all in all under 10 minutes to make your way into san francisco cross a west than 80 not bad at all, but of course this morning. the golden gate bridge problem
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free we do have some fog though that said john's been talking about you're going to see francisco on south one on one, but problem free from nevado all the way to the pay gates under you ahead into san francisco. so far this morning and a nice commute across the richmond center fell bridge 8 minutes from the pay gates out to the one on connector in the north bay so far and then here's a look at some drive times around the bay area from crockett to the maze you're looking at 15 minutes on westbound 80 from walnut creek in 2 of the 5 8980 split. that's going to be an 11 minute drive for you on west one 24 in lancaster valley to the maze. 14 minutes on the west bound 5.80. and the nimitz freeway looking great from san leandro to the macarthur maze as well only 10 minutes that i'm tracking so far. james all right rebecca, thank you very much time now for 18 we're following a developing story out of texas. >>we're a small plane crash on sunday killed all 10 people aboard. that crash happened at him in a airport in addison
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about 2 hours north of llas. federal transportation authorities say 8 passengers members died. the plane actually went down in that hangar the e c 2 aircraft inside were damaged the ntsb in the f a a now investigating the cause. >>we've had the opportunity to walk through the scene several times this evening and observed the wreckage where it sits the damage to the hangar preliminarily we've noted that the airplane was damaged by impact forces and a post impact fire. >>investigators say the plane was actually headed to st. petersburg florida. it had been previously owned by a private charter company in chicago. the san francisco pride parade came to a standstill for about an hour yesterday. eric dyer shot the video you're seeing here on the screen. it shows protesters on market right near 6th street. police say a group that oppose what they corp the pride parade blocked the route. he actually sat on the road linking arms together.
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police say the barricades threw water bottles and even injured one of the officers. police ended up arresting 2 people from that protest. in national news hate crimes are continuing to rise across the country and often religious groups are the target and that's why lawmakers are now trying to get groups more money to combat the rising threats kron four's washington correspondent raquel martin has the story. >>from the 2015 brutal murder of worshipers at a charleston south carolina church, the 2017 bombing of a minnesota mosque. and the 2018 shooting massacre of jewish people at a pittsburgh synagogue. fbi statistics show hate crimes targeting places of worship have spiked in america ov 3 year >>it's unfortunate and tragic. a fact of life now that people go to houses of worship and they have been attacked. >>while congress remains gridlocked on gun reform democrats senator gary peters is pushing a plan to send millions of more dollars to religious groups and
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nonprofits threatened by rising domestic terrorism. >>and sad to say, but we have to make sure that those organizations can defend themselves. the 5 year grant program what set aside $75 million for religious groups or other nonprofit they could then use that money for training alarm systems or to hire security guards, we have to to fight back against this travis weber with the christian base family research center joins groups like the n double acp and the jewish federation in welcoming the initiative. >>it's improper and wrong and should be condemned by all americans every american should be free to shoes the religious beliefs and live them out in peace. >>unlike those groups who blame the president's rhetoric for the spike in attacks weber credit the administration for advancing religious freedom and they're trying to promote this worldwide peters plan is receiving support from both sides of the aisle, the lawmakers that will solve the problem of hate in america right now they're working on a series of bills to address the broader issue and washington cal martin.
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>>and for your health this morning you're going want to listen up to this story before you head to the pool next summer there's something in the water that could turn your stomach. the cdc is warning you about a parasite called cryptosporidium crypto for short, it's spread by fecal matter and the cdc says they're seeing more and more cases of people coming down with the parasite they say can cause diarrhea for as long as 3 weeks they could be worse for kids and pregnant women anyone really who's got a compromised immune system. experts say if you go to the pool make sure you thoroughly shower afterwards. morning news, big changes could be coming to the dmv we're going to talk to governor gavin newsome about his plan to improve that agency. >>and here's a quick live look outside the golden gate bridge this morning. coming up in just a moment, the hollywood minute stay tuned, we'll be right back.
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>>for 25 and we're tracking your entertainment headlines here on the kron 4 morning news and this morning we're getting our for latest look at the new fast and furious spin-off hobbs and shaw david daniel has that story and more in today's hollywood minute. rb in fast and furious presents holondon to los angeles and from chernobyl gust
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music legend tanya tucker is back hard luck is the first single off her new album while i'm live in the music video features brandi carlile and shooter jennings who produced the album. tucker's first of all new material in 17 years it arrives august 23th. >>if you call me >>the wreck on tours are some where they've never been before the top of the billboard 200 help a stranger not to be confused with the single help me stranger is the band's first album hit number one on that chart, they're backing the desk with a north american tour kicking off july 4th in aspen colorado in hollywood, i'm david daniel. here's a quick live look outside of the bay bridge toll plaza it's for 26 will be back plaza it's for 26 will be back with m
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. >>back at 4.30 john again with our july forecast as we're kicking off the month on this monday back to work for a lot of folks well i guess we get holiday time being taken off the end of 2 are forthright. i have a feeling it's going to be a little bit of a lighter one in the workplace. all week long for a lot of vacations going on and you know what if you do have some time off some good weather to be. >>enjoy that time off plenty of sunshine for the week
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ahead, even though we are off to a foggy start to the new month this morning, very foggy conditions across most of the base you can see in san francisco. visibility is improving to be too much of an issue for most of the bay area despite the fact that you are seeing that layer fog streaming on inland in some cases could be slowing it down just a little bit but this is really a seasonable way to be starting off the new month with some fog in the morning and then as you can see in future cast some nice sunshine do expect later on today now skies are going to remain dry through the day today, not really even looking at much of any coastal drizzle this morning. so that's good news don't really have to be worrying too much about the windshield wipers 50's for your current temperatures across most of the now right at the 60 degree mark nap at 53 berkeley or to cool 55. as you than yesterday before we


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