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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  July 1, 2019 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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>>i did some people do that i'm sure if you are one of those people getting out this morning. not too bad of whether to be stepping outside into you definitely do have some fog across the day, but your view from showing the sunshine that we've got to expect later today across the bay area areas that are the most foggy right now include the coast right through the golden gate and then some portions of the east bay up into the hills so watch those areas if you do have plans and crossing through them on your morning commute today skies already starting to clear and we have abundant sunshine to expect into the afternoon ard under the sunny skies, temperatures are going to be comfortable and on the warm side for some of our inland areas back to the low 80's. we go for inland spots which is exactly where we should be with 60's and 70's elsewhere in the bay, i've got more on your forecast still to come rebecca. >>all right, yes, we did have a problem on the upper deck of the bay bridge show but that has since cleared, but of course the backup has not some of it. it's a mix from the earlier accident in some it's a mix because a lot of folks
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are and no work westbound 80 getting to the fremont street exit across the upper deck, clocking in at about 14 minutes coming out of the macarthur maze right now and that we do have a traffic alert now this is counter commute but i definitely want to mention it eastbound 92 and alameda de let's told us all lanes are blocked because of an accident involving multiple cars. so again avoid this area if you can take city streets instead to try to make your way over to the 1, one i will have a complete traffic check coming up in just a bit daria thanks a lot of 71 this morning, july 1st gas prices go up because we approve that gas tax we did so we're looking at what $0.6 per gallon more kron 4 sarah stinson live lafayette now with. >>the impacts on drivers morning, sarah. >>yeah, you know looks like a lot of gas stations haven't changed their numbers quite yet so if you need to gas up and now is the time because prices are going to go up 5.6 cents and right now not a gas
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station words, $4.6, $0.9, for premium gas you're paying with a card. $0.10 cheaper for paying with cash. the men are they storing take a look at your screen. so you can see the average prices of gas right now and again this is most likely the numbers before even a 5.6 cents hits. aaa according to them on average cisco regular gas cost $3.85 in oakland $3 in $0.81 in san jose $3.74 but of course you know right here where we're standing that we're seeing a dollar more than those averages. now the increase in gas prices from the 2017 law designed to raise about billion a year. for road and mass transit projects, this is the second wave increases we've seen back in november. a pass we saw a $0.12 increase voters rejected a republican led effort to repeal the law. the money that is gained by this gas tax is split by state and local governments. a lot of it going to fixing potholes
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and rebuilding our crumbling roads. bridges and public transportation. a lot of things that obviously we all care about because it impacts the wear and tear on our cars but now it's impacting the wear and tear on our wall it so will never truly be happy but it's expensive as we know to live in the bay area. it's expensive to you know take public transportation and now it's getting even more expensive to drive your car to work, driving your kids to school and taking that road trip you may be taking for 4th of july. so it's definitely going to be a hard situation will continue to follow it as of these numbers go up this morning. i'm live in lafayette sarah stinson kron 4 news. >>we have to so it's not just gas. it's also public transportation, a single ride fair now will cost $3 if you pay in cash or use a limited use ticket if you're still using a clipper card or the media mobile app in your fares, stay at $2.50. officials say the fare
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increase will allow muni now to keep pace with ever increasing labor costs and other things as well if you want a more detailed breakdown of the different fare increases expect today just go to our website at kron 4 dot com. and the sales force park reopens to the public today that's that rooftop park at the transit center had to shut down like 6 weeks after it first opened last september because they discovered cracks in the beams on the sidewalk on that park was crumbling. all of that's been replaced and to celebrate the reopening. they're going to have free activities today they've got yoga going on they've got birdwatching swing dancing should be a good time. the gondola at the corner of mission of fremont street is also going to be operational today. she can write that. now bus service to the terminal hasn't starped just yet we have to wait till about mid months, they're thinking maybe even late july before that gets underway. but we'll let you know when they officially announce a start date for that. >>also today, a new law on the release of police body camera footage goes into effect the police have to give that footage to the public within 45 days of an incident where
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an officer uses a weapon. the peace officers association was against it saying that was going to cost a lot of money however that the law does have a request a monthlr extension contingency for up to one year. they can continue to ask for extensions. california is now the first state to require background checks to buy ammunition. this is because voters approved this in 2016 so goes into effect today. governor newsome says it's going to deter gun violence and save lives but opponents are suing hoping to undo the law they say places an unfair burden on millions of law abiding gun owners. the state expects to see 13.2 million. next for individual a musician purchases ammunition purchases every year. >>tonight firefighters in the east bay are cleaning up after a house fire broke out in bay point. it it at a home at around 1030 on or in the shore acres neighborhood that's an
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inlet drive. it engulfed one house in fact spread briefly to a neighboring house before firefighters got it put out. officials say nobody was hurt. >>and the golden state warriors have lost kevin duran get it was a big news coming out this weekend. he's headed to the brooklyn nets. after what 3 seasons with the warriors 2 titles back to back finals mvp award spend it's goodbye. >>they area. >>new york going to brooklyn. that will be officials soon as they can't sign not only can sign anything until july 6 urge iran is going to get a four-year deal from the nets a million and they don't even get to see him for a year his achilles injury. that's right meantime, the warriors are working out a sign. >>a deal to trade maybe the nets to bring d'angelo russell to the warriors so you know that would help out he's 23 years old he's an all-star was last season and reports say that he's going to be doing a lot of work on the floor
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because he's got to fill in for klay thompson talks thompson's healthy enough. and in return looks like we've got a trade out and read all to the grizzlies to make room for the salary that and the pay. yes, it's going to be allowed see clay so in the meantime that's who the golden state warriors got. >>they now say that is police are looking for the gunman who killed a man. early yesterday morning near the intersection of geary boulevard and steiner street. the victim was shot multiple time times and 2 people were seen driving away. from that shooting, but no description on the vehicle. we expect to learn more information about a shooting that seriously injured 2 people in sonoma county now it happened saturday night on valley for breaux just outside the town of bloomfield and one person who was shot is in life threatening condition right now there are injuries or bad police have not said anything about the other victim. >>happening today, the city council and pete in amman as going to decide whether to add license plate readers to form
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or intersections the city currently has 39 cameras at 15 intersections that service entry points to piedmont from the city of oakland piedmont city council says the cameras have already proven useful in helping to solve crimes. tonight's meeting is at 7.30. >>2 people have died now several others were hurt after a wrong-way driver on highway 24 caused the crash. it happened early sunday morning right now are random chp says the driver of a saturn was headed the wrong way on westbound 24 win. he slammed into a car full of people and you're looking at the accident scene here. crews had to work quick to rescue the survivors. a passenger in the saturn was found dead at the scene the driver was taken to a nearby pronounced dead the 5 people in the other car they all suffered major injuries. they had to be taken away stretchers investigators say the driver of the saturn may have been drunk or possibly high. when the accident happened.
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elsewhere in the east bay convicted of possessing child pornographer will spend 10 years in prison, a federal judge in san francisco sentence 56 year-old deven hudson to term court documents show that he was in possession of more than a 100,000 child-pornography images and videos. the judge also sentenced him to a 10 year period of supervised release and has ordered him to pay a $1000 in restitution to one of his victims. but investigators are looking into a suspicious fire that burned a homeless camp. firefighters say broke out shortly before 10 o'clock yesterday morning near maori avenue and mission boulevard luckily, nobody was hurt. >>it's 7 o 9 and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news the trump administration renews its threat to deport millions of meed immigrants and some bayer activists say it's not right. >>station says it has a new plan to help more people reach the american dream of homeownership i'm free jackson and i have that story coming up. >>and we are looking at a cool
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and soggy start to the day for many of us in the base some 50 showing up on your map right now i'm talking a warm afternoon in a warm weekend had to in your forecast. >>and it's the usual slowing go here at the bay bridge toll plaza getting into san francisco just 10 or 15 minutes to
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>>holiday week so a lot of people have days off plans
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welcome to july. july's like the heart take time off season. think yeah and i think so july that's a good you might want to get to a cooler spots a at some parts of july but not this week we take picture today, there's a family photo right blue, yeah we all that lou on you know it's easy like jeans shirts or white connected that when you got her back and read were very picture for the week ahead of us. we are definitely looking at a good forecast for july 4th for taking those vacations for family pictures whatever you got to get going on, you can have plenty of sunshine to do it you just have to wait a little bit later today, downtown san francisco under some of that fog that's been pretty persistent threats with us this morning. >>as for san jose though lots of sunshine that fog and cloud cover there in the distance you can see if you look way out there. and while out to the east bay from mount diablo up to bethel island things are nice and clear as they've bben all morning long away from the
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bay this morning and skies are going clear even out towards the coast at times this afternoon you to have plenty of sunshine and financial district in san francisco while towards ocean beach. little gloomy aerial get your sunlight into the mid afternoon now high pressure builds up in that kept us warm this weekend the slow to our west though is going to help to weaken this high-pressure just enough to keep temperatures down a little bit for the weekend had this is going to keep us comfortable for your 4th of july still in the 80's but nothing close to 90's for the 4th around the corner like i said you're going to have times right up and down the coast it's going to stream inland overnight. and then seen retreating into afternoon hours ahead of us. this is really a standard early july forecast ahead of us and something that we can all enjoy with those 80's inland, 60's by the coast, really a comfortable range of numbers across the bay, not just for the day today but as we make our way through the holiday week ahead of us 72 today for your high in foster n
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in mountain view and then some low 80's showing up in the south bay like in campbell los gatos cupertino and san jose, a mix of 70's 80's elsewhere in the bay that includes the east bay with oakland today right at 70 conquered 83 and the north bay sharing that same range of numbers of the way how a comfortable 75 will vacaville breezy. but warm at 86 degrees towards the coast. some 60's in stinson beach while mill valley at 73 for your high. here's your next 7 days and look how much sunshine. we do have in this forecast. we'll have those foggy starts but we're going to have some sunshine and beautiful afternoons, 80's for your daytime highs but falling just a bit tomorrow. but tuesday wednesday and thursday for for the 4th. some of our coolest days in that's before a big warm up into next weekend taking us near 90 degrees by saturday and sunday. rebecca. >>well we're looking at a little bit of a back up getting into san francisco, the normal business right as we get to closer to this a
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monday morning a wrapping up couple of hours, we're definitely going to still see some of traffic. the holiday week, but you'd never know it because a lot of folks heading to work this morning. we've had a number of problems on the bay bridge itself, but and now it has cleared. but we're still going to see this loan go under 15 minutes to make your way into san francisco across the upper deck. the san mateo bridge show this is slowing go here as well look at this just crawling across the span westbound 90 to 28 minutes over to the one on connector. i'm not tracking problems no accidents, no stalls but it is pretty packed here. and it's just normal commute traffic richmond center fell bridge, you're standing at about a 60 minute drive time into the north bay right now, especially if you are paying with of those cash lanes those are a bit backed up the building a bridge. the only problem really that's been in your way has been the fog this morning, the visibility, not the greatest, but it's been accident free so far you're standing at 27 minutes making a way out of novato and then across the
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span and into san francisco. i do want to mention a traffic alert there is a special traffic alert, sick alert issued by the chp all eastbound 92 lanes have been closed. right alameda de les paul this it's because of an accident. they do have an estimated time is to reopen and they want to try to get all these lanes cleared by 8 o'clock so avoid this if you can there's a number of city streets you can take hillsdale and ralston to get you over to one o one. back to the news. thanks a lot of 07:17am. >>and we're following a developing story out of texas where a small plane crashed on sunday yesterday killed all 10 people on board. happened at a municipal airport in addison about 2 hours north of dallas. and you can see the hangar that this plane crashed into a passengers and 2 crew on board they died. it did to set a big fire there damaged 2 planes that were in the hangar. >>the aircraft specifically how it was maintained how was operated its maintenance
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history. and the environment specifically looking at the weather that was active at the time of the accident. >>the plane was headed to st. petersburg florida. it was previously owned by a private charter company in chicago. >>in other national headlines president trump has signed an executive order trying to remove barriers to affordable housing. but critics say it doesn't go far enough reforms washington correspondent bree jackson has the story. >>president trump says his new executive order will help people meet their american dream of homeownership we begin a bold new initiative to bring down the cost of housing for american families the order directs agencies, including the department of housing and urban development to take part in the white house council on eliminating regulatory barriers to affordable housing. hud secretary ben carson tells me the group will examine permitting environment on historic preservation regulations as well as other factors that could prevent developers from building more affordable homes and the real problem is sony restrictions.
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>>there is time look for here is which increased costs single family construct. by about 25 to 27% secretary carson tells me that federal leaders will work with state and local officials. >>to identify ways to reduce construction costs and increasing development of affordable homes. >>but opponents worry the administration's plan could hurt families by removing rules that protect fair housing. in a statement, the national low income housing coalition called the executive order. an attempt to achieve large scale dea regulations. the organization also raise concerns about efforts to slash hud's budget and eliminate zoning rules that help low income families under the order the council to track the impact of current regulations and make recommendations for improvements in washington bree jackson. for your money this morning, what is the most regrettable college major in america and what does the typical home costs in
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california. >>jane king is live at the nasdaq with those stories and more. >>heidari and good morning will the median home value in california, $509,000 you knew it was going to be hot and that's the second highest in the nation after hawaii. have says the 5 year value change in the state up 46% that was the fourth-highest game. now today the median american home values so nationwide has a perspective $217,000. well trade talks with china are back on and the markets are soaring on that they have been on hold for about 2 months now in return for getting china back to the bargaining table. president trump agreed to hold off on new tariffs on 300 billion in chinese imports and then china agreed to buy you more us farm goods. bottom line. the difficult stuff still needs to be worked so long way from actually he lease talking again and a new survey of americans with at least a bachelor's degree by the bachelor's degree by the career and salary websit scale fell. 2 thirds said they had a major regret about their educational experience. the number one regret, no big
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surprise here student loans about one in 4 grads say they regret that the area of study that comes with the biggest regret humanities more than one in 5 people who majored in things like history and english regret that choice live from the nasdaq, i'm jane king back to all the humanity. thank you jen. >>one still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, a new scam to warn you about this one targeting people looking to buy cars will tell you what they're doing and after the break safe and sane fireworks are now on sale in some parts of the bay area but police are warning you there are restrictions on where you can use them well explained, here's a live look outside the bay bridge, it's looking a lot better here than earlier when we had an accident on the upper deck that. rebecca strong in the traffic center will give us an update on the commute and welcome back ohn travel, we'l
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everyone 7.24 on this monday morning you can see this being second ago it's kind of clouded up just over the past minute or so, but this is above the clouds that suture tower more like in the clouds right now but. >>you can still see plenty of that cloud cover working its way over the bay, it's not going to last for long don't we do have sunshine this afternoon to enjoy and guess what some low pollen levels too. you remember earlier this season when i was checking in with you on those pollen levels being so medium to high what we've fallen back down to where they should be as we make our way into the summer low levels as we make our way through much of the week the only day medium i will be on
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wednesday the day before 4th of july. rebecca. >>alright tracking us some slow traffic into san francisco, the normal business right we did have an earlier problem the 5 o'clock hour that's cleared that you i with a mix of a just a lot of folks on the road and that earlier crash. you're going to have about a 60 minute drive time coming out of macarthur maze this morning on west on 80 into san francisco. so again just under 20 minutes traffic alert out for the peninsula. all eastbound 92 lanes right camino real are blocked a chp won in the clear though by the 8 o'clock hour. so definitely avoided take a 3.80 or woodside or hillsdale as your alternate snow back to the news. >>you can now buy fireworks in some parts of the east bay and dublin, specifically they have 13 city approved vendors that have opened up their boots and fireworks will be permitted in 3 dublin parks, if you're interested. but from 10 in the morning till 10 at night on
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independence day that's the window of opportunity for you you have to go to alamo creek park emerald glen park in shannon park, the double a sports complex which you have been able to use in years past you can't use issue it's off limits because of ongoing construction. >>and so make sure it's all legal and be in the right spot. have some water in case something goes wrong. but it's important to house my favorite thing percent my family loves them and there's a place in town to do it. >>yes safe and sane fireworks can also be used to single family homes in dublin, but not at apartment complexes so keep that in mind and setting off fireworks at any location that hasn't been designated by the city. could result in a pretty big fine. best bet just leave it to the professionals and watch it all play out from the comfort of your own living room, our 4th of july special on kron 4 bringing you fireworks from across the bay area. >>recovery shows in san francisco sandra fell conquered in san jose. it's the only local live fireworks show so tune in the party kicks off thursday july 4th, starting at 09:00pm. it is
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7.26 and still ahead on the kron 00:04am morning news, big changes coming to the dmv we're going to talk with governor gavin newsome about his new plan to revamp the agency.
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>>i look at weather and traffic on a monday morning and how are things on the roads now little better. >>a little better, but i do have traffic alert but it's counter commute directions, right now, but all eastbound
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lanes are get to just a ok fine. >>well in the meantime, let's get a quick update on the forecast looking pretty good against for this first week of july yeah, not too bad fog as you would expect on the first week of july that's really the only interruption you're going to be seeing as far as weather is concerned. >>you see that fog streaming through the golden gate this morning, not cause and you too many issues because it's staying above the a level is a the pathway that you travel on the deck of the bridge but obscuring the top of it as we make our way through the day today going to see less and less of that gray and more and more of those blue skies overhead and into the afternoon today comfortable one ahead of us a lot of 70's and 80's across the bay area this afternoon. so going make for a really pleasant start to the month low 80's inland low 70's for most areas right along the bay, i'm talking more about what to expect as we approach the 4th of july. still ahead. rebecca. >>monitoring us some slow traffic of course getting into a san francisco this morning we had an earlier problem that's been cleared. but a lot of folks still hitting the
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roadways. and so a mix of that and the earlier crash makes for a wait at the pay gates 15 minutes coming out of macarthur maze, especially if you're paying with cash the fast track lanes moving just fine once you get on to the upper deck though it is going to be a slow ride into san francisco. about a 15 minute drive time for you so far getting to the fremont street exit. we do have a traffic alert this is eastbound 92 right before all come in a right at alameda de les paul this all eastbound lanes are blocked because of an accident and what happened was there's actually damage caused to the center divide and so caltrans crews have to come out and actually repair the concrete and actually remove some of it. so that is what's happening. but chp telling us that they're hoping to have this all wrapped up by the 8 o'clock hour. so we still have about 30 minutes or so, but definitely avoid the area if you can. now back to the news. thanks a lot. >>one big changes coming to the dmv yet those changes go beyond fixing just you know,
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wong wei times and the technology glitches that we've seen recently we're talking about a whole revamp its a pow time. >>i mean governor newsome has a plan he wants to be a whole new experience. he gave conference capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala little preview. >>california dmv is could be completely transformed under governor gavin newsome for years the department has been scrutinized over technology outages long wait times and some registration errors all of us are. >>perturbed in our age the retail face of government in a one on one interview the governor told us next month he'll be giving a status update on the dmv to reveal some big plans we've hired a team to envision a 21th century retail experience for the dmv and i've seen some. sketches about completely redesigning the experience no more lines, no more having to go to the counter totally different engagement and interaction totally different look and feel i think we need to focus on the future and
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that way because the futures automation. >>while the transformed experience will take time the governor says his team is putting together creative ways to soon expand access to the dmz so updating web sites fighting the credit cards. a new saturday hours expanding. the partnership, so you can deal with kiosks the airport or triple layer. >>maybe your own business. maybe a place downtown audit results of the dmv will also be released next month that's a report. the governor says should be skating i know millions of other californians just shake their head every time they go in. >>and we're trying lease. the talented employees we have there to enjoy a better system. and a better customer experience will be the byproduct of that. >>in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>in the meantime we have more dmv offices opening up earlier to help with those long wait times beginning today, there are 10 offices across the bay area that will be opening at 7 in the morning. and that will be every weekday except wednesdays on those days, officers still open at 9
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o'clock. >>a big story this morning the trump administration has renewed its threat of ice raids in major cities including esident trump says th to begin deporting undocumented immigrants sometime after the 4th of july that comes after a ruling by an oakland judge to block border wall funding the president says he will appeal that decision trump's threat is renewing concerns for immigration advocacy groups around the bay. >>there's such fear in the community and justifiably and people have a right to be here to engender fear in the community against people that have ultimate dignity and right to provide for their families. it's very unjust. >>some bay area religious groups and immigrant support organizations plan to hold vigils to oppose deportations this week and those rallies are expected around the bay area we're also going to see
7:35 am
rallies tomorrow to protest the conditions of us immigration detention centers. the rallies will be held in san francisco santa rosa and walnut creek. 2 are at noon as you can see there one outside of death. senator dianne feinstein's po street, san francisco. and the other noon rally is in santa rosa at the old courthouse square. then in the evening at 5.30 that's when there will be a rally in walnut creek at the corner of ignacio valley road and north civic drive. >>police in center fell now warning people about a car sales scam this was after a person was tricked into buying what ended up being a stolen pickup truck. it was initially listed craigslist the buyer met with the seller negotiated a price and in the end the buyer handed over $13,000 in cash, but the problem started when the buyer trying to get registered with the dmv that's what it turned up the truck was a stolen rental so sandra f now putting the call out if you were victimized by this sort of scam they want to hear from you as they build their case. new this morning police
7:36 am
in american canyon are looking for the people who broke into 2 dozen cars in one neighborhood. the break ins started around one 30 yesterday morning right along lt drive west. carol drive, joan drive and then los altos place. police say all of the damage was done in about 4 hours time. police now looking at surveillance video from the area hoping to a track down those burglars. kerry is missing in the grand canyon. fact the national park service says that 66 year-old peter schwab from healdsburg hasn't been seen since friday. that's when he was on a river trip in the colorado river. police say he was reported missing after he didn't come back from that day hike rangers are still searching that area this morning. >>the sa parade came to a standstill hou eric dyer shot this video protesters on market street near 6th street. police say that a group against what they called the corporate takeover of pride block to the route.
7:37 am
apparently they were and you'll see him in a second linked arm in arm in the middle of the road. the at times they broke down some berrios and through water at the cops one of the police officers was injured. and police ended up making 2 arrests. >>the us supreme court's decision to hear the dhaka case causes fear and disappointment among dreamers i'm alexandra be known in washington and all its. and after the break a new warning from doctors think twice maybe before you let your kids swim in a public pool. and looking outside this morning you are seeing some fog some cool temperatures enough for a jacket in san francisco in fremont each at 54. >>i'm talking what to expect this afternoon and into the 4 still account. >>and a lot of folks making their way into san francisco are trying to are seeing about a 60 minute drive time from the after carthur
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what was a very foggy start to the morning up in the berkeley and oakland hills. but as you can see visibility is already improving into the afternoon there's going to see more and more sunshine overhead. your current temperatures still mostly hovering in the 50's, although oakland and concord getting close to the 60's now just as mountain view in antioch abbott 6061 degrees
7:41 am
currently. >>today overall is going to be pretty similar to what we had for the day yesterday you know temperatures back into the 80's for inland areas this afternoon. >>under all that sunshine that you also enjoy this weekend. rebecca. >>all right and we're looking at said the bay bridge toll plaza now getting into san francisco about a 15 minute drive time as you make your way into the city and it's all the slowing go so backed up into the macarthur maze so across the upper deck. that's where you're going to getting into the city. there is a traffic alert out on the peninsula eastbound 92 right before el camino real all lanes are blocked the thp now telling us one of lanes should be opened a shortly so i will definitely keep you posted on that. now back to the news. >>rebecca time now 7.41 and your wa the pool this summer that could be something in the water that could turn your stomach literally the cdc is warning about a parasite called cryptosporidium they call a crypto for short and
7:42 am
it's spread by fecal matter. and the cdc says they're seeing a lot more people coming down with this parasite a recently they say could cause diarrhea for as long as 3 weeks it could be worse for children for pregnant women really anyone also that's got a compromised immune system so the best way to combat this they say is to make sure you shower after use a public pool. >>some 42 coming up on the kron 00:04am morning buzz now that kevin duran is going to new york where does that leave the warriors we'll take a look first day of
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july and we're starting things just the way we and down the coast you can see san francisco through that fog that is hubbard across the bay this morning so far looking out at the south bay skies, nice and clear as they also are in the east bay with mount diablo and your beautiful sunny skies for those of you around walnut creek and up to concord now skies are just going clear and clear for coastal areas, you're still gonna hold on to some fog or ride up and down the coast light enough use stretches but over all that sunshine is on the way for the vast majority of us in the bay today we're staying pretty similar to where we were this weekend but we are in for a a little bit of a cool down ahead of us thanks to that low pressure to our west can help to nudge out the high just a little bit this is going to at least keep us out of the 90's closer to the low 80's for inland spots. this is pretty seasonable and it's comfortable for the days ahead, as we work our way eventually towards the 4th of
7:46 am
july you do see tomorrow a few clouds of this especially during morning hours with another foggy start to the day. a lot like we're experiencing right now your temperatures today up into the 60's for san francisco again this is her 80 similar to yesterday's daytime highs. 60's right out at the coast and then elsewhere in the bay we're talking mostly 70's and low 80's with your daytime highs in woodside in mountain view just shy of 80 and down into san jose los gatos in campbell right out the 80 degree mark looking at the east bay temperatures also 70's and 80's with a t n livermore today 81 in walnut creek and danville concord 83 while oakland right at 70 degrees. sonoma and napa hanging our ai to 80 for your highs but nation the was antioch in the 70's and then those 60's as you would expect out towards the coast. let's break down next 7 days and just look at all the sunshine that we're in for other than your morning hours. it is going to be abundantly sunny in the days to come and that includes the 4th of july, a cool down for much of the week
7:47 am
ahead before we warm up into the weekend nearing 90's by saturday and sunday. that's a look at your forecast we have her back in for robin this morning, how's it looking out it's pretty packed out there john that's for sure. >>we're definitely seeing it to fight heavy getting into san francisco. a pretty normal though for this hour of the morning. here's a peek at the drive time. it's going to be just under 20 minutes about 16 or so coming out of the macarthur maze on less than a t across the upper deck into san francisco. the san mateo bridge show moving well just a lot of folks taking the span 27 minutes to make your way out of the east bay and then over towards the peninsula finally making that connection with one oh one. we do have a traffic alert eastbound 92 all lanes are closed right before welcoming a real right at alameda de luz pulled us rather but the good news is chp is letting us know that one of the lane should be reopened shortly. all update at the richmond center fell bridge and the golden gate coming up.
7:48 am
>>stowed spread in the new or even >>want to be appalled. >>i'm sorry i have to sing kron has want to pay frank sinatra but look at kids because that is what kevin durant is singing this morning. he's going in new york to play for the brooklyn nets and for warriors fans asking why it's in the lyrics. he wants to wake up in a city that never sleeps in fine. he's king of the hill. >>winder and join the warriors critics said it was like adding water to oatmeal ready made. but brooklyn is going to have to simmer for a year with new additions carrier ving in d andrej jordan and tilda rancic hiley says healed and you can try to prove. >>if he can make it there. i'll make it anywhere. it's up to you new york new york ok, but what about us in the golden state well we still have dream on and staff and clay the warriors are giving thompson a mac steel but we're not going to see him splashing
7:49 am
around with steph until his acl heels. that's where d'angelo russell comes in the warriors are getting him from the net. and we're having to pay for it by shipping off andre iguodala say it ain't so. favorite and a team favorite was the mvp when the warriors won their first championship. and its business in the nba. i'm sure the memphis grizzlies are going to love him because we all share did why. >>is the question this morning, this is all that's left where will their breath. if lebron can park quite from the raptors that would really raise eyebrows with anthony davis and kawhi leonard then lebron might really be able to deliver los angeles the ring he promised while everybody else is waiting for their superstars to heal. just named their all-stars the giants in the a's, each got one for the giants it's closer will smith
7:50 am
and for the a's, its 3rd baseman matt chapman and the giants and the a's baldwin yesterday, so if you're still feeling down about kevin duran sunday wasn't a total loss, wow what a consolation that's the bus. >>we'll make me saying don't make the same.
7:51 am
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7:53 am
>>today's box office report brought to you by the new luxury lounges at century san francisco center. >>toy story 4 is still the reigning box office champ for a second week in a row we've got david daniel though taking a look at the other films that round out the top 5. the secret life of pets to state in 5th place making million for a domestic total of 131 million. >>aladdin is up to 306 million in domestic ticket sales after a 4th place weekend worth >>the beatles inspired yesterday debuted with million a better start than expected. annabel comes home opened with million much less than expected. but enough for second place. >>howdy to pay sorry to bother you you're not a father now.
7:54 am
>>as expected toy story 4 topped the chart for a second straight weekend earning million for a 10 day total of 237 million in hollywood, i'm david daniel. all right, here's a quick check of the big leaders and in new york, what so if you want to want me to sing no we did not. >>never as you can see the dow is surging nicely nearly 200 points to the plus side this morning and all that because of the weekend developments with president trump overseas. meeting with china's president xi jingping and both men came out of those meeting saying that they're going to for now a halt and the new tariffs, the ones that are in place are going stay in place but the restocking put any more on there. and that looks like they're going to start talking once again maybe we can bring an end to this a tariff trade war. we'll have to wait to see that wall street least optimistic on that news this morning asked why we're seeing positive train will see last coming up, it spread
7:55 am
>>gas prices are tell your friends and are going to start spending more start today, we'll tell you why we got more co he got in a live report and also this morning we have 2 people that are involved in a crash on highway 24 we're now learning more information about the driver of the other people involved will have an update on all of that. >>coming up in just a minute. and here's a quick live look outside the san mateo bridge little sunshine there in the far distance, but we do have more sunshine expected today we've got john trouble in the forecast center on this don't forget first week of july know after all a for 4th of july forecast coming up. momentarily traffic front. we have rebecca strong standing by she had a problem earlier on the upper deck of the bay bridge. but that's okay we'll see if there are any other hot spots looming for you as you head outside this morning, we'll be back as the kron 4 morning news continues with our 8 o'clock hour. introducing my new spicy chicken strips combo. bigger, tastier strips of juicy chicken with crunchy batter.
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♪ ♪ this is how driving should feel.
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the tech-advanced nissan leaf. the best selling electric vehicle of all time. this is nissan intelligent mobility. ♪ ♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. >>you take any more this that came right and we're here till 10 so james fletcher let's get updated on weather and traffic we have hopefully the traffic scene improving. >>it definitely things are just getting better and g can o
7:59 am
>>summer i carry a here. people it well you know what we have good weather today if you're going sing it in the sunshine as you say in ours is where they sang the little bit because my cardio times that i always pretend that i'm just talking on the phone or something looking outside the san francisco is going to be a nice day to be stepping outside enjoying the day foggy still in the boy are looking at cloudy skies at the coast still. >>and even a couple spots out in the east bay that you're skies are already clearing for a lot of the bay later on today, it's just sunshine to expect a lot like we had for the day yesterday under the sunny skies, temperatures are about to rise into the 80's in london for the south bay 80
8:00 am
degrees for san jose low 70's for oakland and upper 60's for san francisco. i've got your 4th of july forecast still to come. rebecca. >>all right, i'm rebecca storm filling in for robin winston this monday morning and it's going to be a slight we here at the bay bridge toll plaza nothing that unusual we had an earlier accident the 5 o'clock hour thank goodness that has cleared and your drive time not too bad right. 17 minutes into the city. fast track you're going to move through just fine cash lanes you're backed up to the macarthur maze so a normal way for this hour in the morning, across the san mateo bridge but not bad at all 24 minutes on westbound 92, getting over to the one on and as some good news out of the peninsula right n h right at el camino real chp just open the right lane for you to get by so traffic is starting to move once again getting over to one


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