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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  July 1, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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>>flowers lay near the crash site where a 16 year-old girl was killed and another was seriously injured. it's a growing memorial where friends have been paying their respects. police say the 3 teens were driving farm and tho drives in santa rosa, when the car went off the road. >>it just feels unreal that that can happen. and it took a while for me to really like understand that that actually happened that night we lost someone is so kind. >>pain fatigue iraq says they're all students at maria correio high school like many others up he wanted to share her condolences at the site. >>really hard and everybody is nobody expected it came out of nowhere and. >>snapped tree limbs and uprooted grass show the deadly path the car went down early monday morning eventually it landed on a golf course fairway police say the 2 passengers rejected one girl later dying at the hospital. >>it's shocking.
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>>kelly fox as this area is a popular hangout for kids her age. it's also a place well known for a fast driving teens to know that like i've. >>driven on this road charest and my friends have driven on this road fast and she was just doing the same thing teen driver suffered minor injuries. >>and police arrested her on suspicion of misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter. fox says this deadly accident is teaching a tough lesson. >>i don't know i feel like coming out here just made it so much. every aspect. >>santa rosa city schools have been providing counseling for grieving students. police say the teen driver was given a citation and then released to her parents and it's not believed that drugs or alcohol played a factor in this crash. reporting live in santa rosa
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dan thorn. kron 4 news. all right dan. >>hazmat crews have spent all day basically and facebooks mail facility they're there to try to figure out whether a package contains the potentially deadly nerve agent sarah that hazmat team was actually called to the menlo park facility and several buildings had to be evacuated. kron four's taylor bus aqi is following this story tonight she joins us live from the scene so too miller, what's going on there now. >>well the first round of results were inconclusive. so they had to call in a new hazmat team to go head inside that he was already brief but if i take a step out of the way you can see. cleaning crews over there, they're suited up but again no sign of the new hazmat team are still waiting for them to go inside and was they go inside. we're told that they could take 3 hours to get those new results because they're going inside to do more intensive testing to hopefully get more clear results this time. >>a searing gas care and
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facebooks milling facility in menlo park shut down and evacuated this building since monday morning, a bag of mail tested positive for sarin gas turn 2 of 3 examinations hazardous material team suited up took samples ran tests and washed off only to have to do it all over again after the results came back inconclusive in the first test was inconclusive for us so we needed. >>get something it's more conclusive so where do in more detail so we know exactly what we. >>have in place and the park fire says a new hazmat team was called in to go in for a second time to run more intensive testing that could take 3 hours for results. >>very in regards to because they are wearing full breathing apparatus that with them. there is no reading to that huh. to that year and so you know there's a lot of us. wedding this to that because it in the air is not being exchange. it is pretty stressful but we do monitor them and medically before and after injuries to earlier on y 5 people were inside the mail
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package was delivered to people handled the bag but men apart fire says. >>there are no issues and they don't believe anyone was exposed to any dangerous material. >>now this mail facility is about a mile from the facebook menlo head menlo park headquarters crews as you can see are still waiting to head inside are waiting to see that hazmat team again to people who handle that bag are also on scene just in monitor them again just to be safe reporting live in menlo park taylor sackey kron 4 news. >>thank you taylor is we turn our attention to the 4 zone forecast to take a lie live look outside this the embarcadero in san francisco here to give us a sense of this holiday week. >>looks pretty good this in fact the only the damper with the fireworks terms of some fog issues around the media bay that's a little concern as we see a system move over what all this has means as we remain in this mild. so like this because we continue on
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with this onshore flow. we do get some of the glaze happening at the golden gate sure there's some minor fog but nothing too terrible at that we will take the coastal winds keeping those temperatures down down down. current winds all the arrows pointing from due west except to get a little jumble off into the distance is one on the far east bay there. here's what we've got going on ahead, it's mostly clear skies on balance we do have some patchy coastal fog a little bit around the bay. tomorrow, it's mostly sunny, but still staying breezy windy in some spots, mild temperatures and you can carry this right over to wednesday as well. a new system comes our way that may be a bit of a fog producer and also maybe some coastal drizzle is a possibility on the other side of that it's warming into the holiday weekend or post it with some lower 90's it looks like by the weekend, future cast winds watch this we've been talking a little bit about being breezy. i will subside by tonight late tonight tomorrow morning and then pick up and been tomorrow afternoon usual notice. and even linger into wednesday afternoon there you can see as well and even wednesday night
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that will be with that new system passing over our heads. so for the planner this we expect going on waking up to about 60 and those inland valleys at about 8 o'clock mid 50's for the coast. but by high noon coast doesn't move too much at 6176 going on in land and workplace that as we shou to the 80's to the inland valleys, but this time of year sign usual to spike in around 100 or so so they're somewhat controlled temperatures if not a little bit below seasonality checking things out for berkeley, the shot there there's a little bit of that with behaves that you can see off to the distance but a clear view of the east bay shoreline. the fog is not as all intense at this hour at all mid-fifties cover most of the midday from now 56 going on concord 59 the lower 50's up there the north bay 55 meanwhile for san jose. one that up tomorrow afternoon with more 80's inland that both in the east bay, maybe morgan held about 8085 meanwhile santa rosa 70's are going to dominate elsewhere with some cool 60's
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hovering around the immediate bay coming up in a bit we'll check in your 4 zone forecast that you know what's going on in your neighborhood back to you. thank you day. >>well in oakland city councilman wants to close a street behind home depot where people in our these are living he says the people there are stealing from the store, they're doing drugs and bringing unwanted crime to the business and nearby community. this is happening in the city's for ville neighborhood kron four's michelle kingston has more on what the city councilman is proposing. >>now you know for the last i would say for the last 2 you've had campers back there. you had 10 specte grills trash blight this is how oakland city councilman noel describes 37th avenue just behind home depot. the street, he says needs to be sensed off and shut down to reduce the increase in crime outside the hardware store the fruitvale neighborhood, it's a dead end street in our cameras saw very
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little activity there on monday. a man in a dog, some cardboard boxes alongside the are these not only are they stealing their plant material. they're building material. >>they're there. bush cars and everything everything else that you can think about. >>homeless people seem to just surrounded this home depot in oakland, not just behind the store but in the parking lot and right here behind me in this encampment just in front of the store as well. >>the public health issue in a safety issue. >>the large homeless encampment is very visible to anyone pulling into the parking lot at the store. says safety at the home depot has declined dramatically. so much so the home depot has hired 2 off-duty oakland police officers to guard the front of the store tent. today there are also portable security cameras in the parking lot home depot officials say they cannot discuss details about their security measures that they have not threatened to close the store though says they came to him asking for
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help a homeless man in the area says closing down 37th avenue will not fix the problem. >>i don't think that closing the street. would necessarily solve it because you know these people the situations of his bags there back there is such that it's an easy target then just closing that street they have stopped it from being an easier target they'll just have to carry stuff farther city council will discuss the street closure at their meeting next week. >>in oakland, michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>the series of new laws into effect today for bay area residents for one a fare hike is now in effect at the golden gate bridge get used to it it'yecoars to come it's now going to cause folks $8.35 to cross the golden gate that's up from $8. >>and if used the pay as you go method it will cost you $8.20 also up from $8 the increase. it's part of a 5 year plan to buy 2023 that old
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across that bridge will be a size $9 and 75 set sunni theres a san francisco also are starting today a single right fair will now cost $3 if you pay in cash or by a limited use ticket. but if you use your clipper card with a new t mobile app there's will remain at $2.50 officials say the fare increase will you need to keep pace with labor and other rising costs. it will also cost you more to get across the bay in a ferry, the fair is now $13 from sausalito and timber on and $12.50 from locks. if you use a clipper card that there's $8 or $7 from larkspur starting today in california background check required to purchase ammunition under the new law all ammo sales must take place in person, even if the initial purchase was made online people will have to pick up the bullets at their nearest gun store. if the gun owner or is already in the state registry and has been cleared with the background check. they will pay one dollar each
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time they go to buy bullets or pick a bullet in order to run the background check as a spot check their callie that's to ensure there are no new criminal convictions or mental health red flags. if they're not the database buyers have to pay $19 for a more extensive background check. there's also going to be an increase in california's gas tax starting today by 5.6 cents a gallon, the increasing gas prices stems from that 2017 law designed to raise about billion a year for road and mass transit projects, november of 2017 a $0.12 a lpgallon increase went into effect after voters rejected an effort to repeal it. the money gained from the gas tax is split between state and local governments. a lot of it going to fix potholes and rebuild. california's crumbling roads and bridges money also goes to public transit. and workers and 7 bay area cities are seen a hike in their minimum wage today going need it to pay for everything
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else that's expensive. well. the city of milpitas says the increase is positive for the local economy. some small business owners say they're left figuring out how to survive kron four's reports. >>we have to read the menu price that has have to do because azteca has been serving homemade mexican food in milpitas for almost 40 years i've been coming here off and on for my guys i would say what. yeah at least 25 to 30 years right owner hari the hall says being a small business means having a relationship with customers, the community and they ask for the nation and we never say no and we do it and label >>what he worries the restaurant won't always be able to stay afloat may be out but sometimes you know to survive >>the rent is so high of custom moose is so high. and now you play going to so it's so hard to survive the you know the on monday minimum wage in the city ticked up from 1350 an hour. >>to $15 flat lapidus economic
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development director alex and ride a says it will be a positive impact for the local economy. >>i believe that i have a positive externality to put more dollars in people's pockets, so that they can go out shop dine and put that money right back into the local economy. >>ari has about 25 full and part-time employees because of the high key may have to cut back on some of their hours and menu items will likely rise about $4 kennedy is so much. >>but if we don't increase that it will be out of business so hurry worries higher prices will cause his customers to go elsewhere. >>one is we spoke with say they aren't going anywhere. the additional for sure is and they have to slightly raise their prices in order to fulfill i have no problem with that i'm still willing to pay it. >>employees will start seeing the reflection of that wage
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hike in their paychecks on july 15th in milpitas noel bellow kron 4 news and we have much more on these tax and fare increases on our website you can also find a list of other laws that went into effect today. it is all at kron 4 dot com. >>the south bay news an investigation continues after a massive fire at a condominium complex that was under construction in santa clara happened. friday the fire on el camino reale neighbors say they're grateful firefighters save their homes. but they say they initially opposed the project because of how close the condo complex is to their homes. the city council member says the fire is a major setback is that city like all in the bay area are facing a housing crisis police detained a person of interest in the fire but released him friday afternoon the cause is still being investigated. and one person is in the hospital tonight after crashing into a building in santa clara it happened at 10 30 this morning here along being drive. these are images from the scene officials haven't said exactly what type of building the driver crashed
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into but it is a residential area, one person again injured the crash is still being investigated. >>investigators have now determine the cause of a vegetation fire in fremont and they made an arrest in connection to it we first brought you the story last week now police have discovered this fire started when 2 people got into an argument. according to police this woman, a 43 year-old christina holler fired a flare from a pellet gun at the man but missed him when the flare landed it caught some of the dry brush on fire that fire burned about 5 acres was contained in about 3 hours. police 2 arrested holler for assault with a deadly weapon and unlawfully causing the plays a hollers first court appearance is slated for tomorrow. a big national story tonight president trump made history over the weekend becoming the first sitting us president to walk on to soil in north korea that historic minute crossing from the demilitarized zone dry dividing there north and south
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korea sparked by a tweet invitation the day before the president saying that he would like to me chairman kim at the dnc just to shake hands and say hello. kim jong-un say the invitation to meet was a surprise telling the president through an interpreter quote i never expected to meet you in this place, then the president and kim jong-un met behind closed doors for nearly an hour. >>i think the relationship. it's so much to so many people but it was an honor that us to step over that line and i was proud to step over the line. >>the 2 announced the goal of resuming denuclearized enuclearization talks by m july but moving forward will likely be difficult despite to pry view previous summits between the 2 sides north korea's nuclear program remains intact. and it's short range missile testing restarted in may that immigration is still a key issue in this country while on their july 4th recess, a number.
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>>of lawmakers in congress are visiting the u s mexico border. but a change of scenery does not necessarily mean any sort of agreement reporter camila bernal now explains how the divisions across party lines. can be even more visible at the border. >>lawmakers on monday taking the immigration fight from capital to the u s mexico border. members of the hispanic caucus, visiting facilities in west texas and describing the condition of migrants held there. >>one of the women said that she was told by an agent, drink water out of the toilet. >>i will never forget the image being in a cell and seeing 15 women tears coming down their faces but hundreds of miles away in mcallen texas senator ted cruz painting a very different picture after visiting another facility want to have people inhumane detention and you ought to expedite. >>asylum proceedings so that you can have legal proceedings and those people who do not
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meet the legal standards for asylum should be returned to their homes as quickly as possible dissolution a stricter enforcement of the law and stopping the release of migrants. >>after in take at border patrol facilities. >>not encouraging illegal immigration we know that works because we've seen it work, but democrats. >>i'm camila bernal reporting. >>president trump has signed a billion measure to send emergency funding to the border, the senate bill was passed by the house on thursday the vote was a reversal for house speaker nancy pelosi, one that prompted outrage from some progressives in her party democrats primary concern was getting humanitarian aid. 2 children caught up in the crisis the bill provides funding for children in federal custody. and does not include any funding for a border wall, however, progressives worry the trump
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administration could divert money for humanitarian aid toward immigration enforcement. >>meantime a group of current and former border patrol agents are being investigated for cruel and lewd social media posts, customs and border protection officials are looking into the comments made in a closed facebook group pro publica broke the story reporting some of the post a pic members of congress and vulgar images and others showcase and unsympathetic attitude toward migrant children. congresswoman alexandria ocasio cortez was asked while visiting the center about some of the post which directly mention her. >>and the comment about you and they let group. i mean i think it's just a. >>the us border patrol chief issued a statement saying quote these posts are completely inappropriate and
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contrary to the honor and integrity i see and expect from our ages day in and day out any employees found to have violated our standards of conduct will be held how double unquote. customs also said they reached out to the department of homeland security's inspector general to call for an investigation. but a federal investigation reveals at least 8 government agencies, including the department of education transportation and even the state department. >>are failing to meet federal cybersecurity standards investigation says the agencies are lacking basic tools to prevent a cyber attack in 2015 foreign hackers stole the data of 22 million americans from a federal agency. now an ohio congressman is calling for massive reforms to prevent it from happening again. >>why are these agencies to put up the fire already. >>a cyber security expert agrees with the need for reform but says if congress wants improvement. they'll need to have money to fund it
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right now it's unclear if senator portman's planned legislation. we'll include the necessary money. >>in world news a violent protests in hong kong escalate people they're demanding that the government halt a controversial bill this is time lapse video of the protesters taking to the streets last night look at that hundreds of protesters clashed with police as they stormed hong kong's legislative council building. police fired tear gas to clear out the protesters on this. the 22th anniversary of hong kong's return to chinese rule, the protests started back on tonight over a controversial bill which would allow extradition to mainland china. many people fear passage of this measure could lead to arrests of those who oppose the chinese government. chinese president xi jinping has remained at a distance on this issue despite the crowds were challenging his regime. the bill has been table for now but many of the demonstrators are calling for it to be completely with job
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and they're now demanding greater freedoms. >>governor newsome is defending his wildfire liability plan after many people say it helps utility companies that are responsible for causing deadly and destructive fires. >>plus some victims of the camp fire now starting to get a second chance at making a home. how one community is taking in and helping to business owners who lost everything in the flames said after the break more and more cities are starting to ban those the scooters or at least put restrictions on them that is up because they clutter the is up because they clutter the sidewalks the risks ♪ ♪ is up because they clutter the sidewalks the risks ♪ this is how driving should feel. the tech-advanced nissan leaf. the best selling electric vehicle of all time. this is nissan intelligent mobility.
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>>over will now show you where you can hop on a bike or a scooter the rideshare company is adapting with the popularity of those these scooters and other eco friendly transportation options, the app will show its line of credible the bison the scooters on the homescreen beginning today in atlanta and in san diego and if the test is successful the feature will be rolled out in other cities in the months ahead. meantime, those cities around the world have started banning those popular electric scooters including some restrictions in san francisco. it's a hot topic for sure and as such as because they litter the sidewalks melissa rainy has the story. >>scooter companies like bird in line have taken over city sidewalks they might be more fun than calling an uber hopping in your car. but they're also responsible for
10:26 pm
at least 1500 injuries since they rolled out the 2017. according to a consumer reports survey in 47 cities. >>in line told consumer reports that safety is paramount and they're willing to work with cities on safety issues. well scooter sharing apps have some risks they can be good if you're looking for an inexpensive and environmentally friendly option. >>you can stay safe by wearing a helmet while you're writing make sure you read the company's terms and safety suggestions when launching the app many prohibit writers younger than 18 and recommend not riding downhill. only right the scooters in bike lanes or on sidewalks where they're permitted and make sure you're following city laws keep in mind. some cities have put speed limits and other restrictions in place check your scooter before writing to make sure the braks working properly. and finally when done make sure to park your scooter off of roads in a way from foot traffic for today's health minute i'm melissa rainy. >>still ahead a warning before you head in the pool with
10:27 pm
their kids. the dangers paris say could be living in local and even private pools we have the details you need to know. >>plus tolls are increasing if you use the golden gate bridge will tell you what that extra money is going to be used for. >>and ultimately our temperatures will be increasing that that will be as we head on into the weekend that will be all covered in our 10 a 10. there's a lot more straight ahead stay with
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need another reason? enjoy an introductory no annual fee. to apply, visit >>governor gavin newsom held
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an event today to commemorate the passage of the state budget newsom's office has touted that budget is helping families face financial burdens such as health care housing child care and education all all while creating the biggest reserve in state history. meantime, though the governor is catching heat for his new plan to address wildfire liability that proposal could help utility companies like p g an a when they're found to be at fault in fires, our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains. >>a few months ago the governor had said that he hoped the legislature would get him something big as it relates to wildfire liability before they go on summer break which comes up in just a couple of weeks now with the governor's new plan lawmakers have a lot to consider in a short amount of governor gavin newsome guarded as he's asked if he should leave the state wildfire liability plan after taking campaign contributions from pg any last election you know the governor's plan would
10:31 pm
create a new liability fund to protect utility companies blame for future wildfires pg which was blamed for the deadly camp fire would not be eligible for any funds unless it gets out of bankruptcy and takes care of recent claims by next 9 lawmakers from both sides of the aisle sent a letter to the governor in >>we're looking at we approach we're taking a stunt proteus under the circumstances is her. and i'm not committed to every. com semi colon with fire season under way and the legislative break fast approaching state leaders may consider his special session for this and want to set expectations. i just want to set a perimeter. >>because i just walking away. >>getting into end of july august, radiance. were in >>we get something done in order for this to pass it
10:32 pm
requires a 2 thirds vote. it has its first hearing in a senate committee hearing later this week reporting in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>the us conference of mayors wrapped up in honolulu today, a number of bay area mayors attended the event topics at the conference including homelessness veterans and affordable housing, the mayor's also discuss renewable energy and how to keep city's green, even with the trump administration opting out of parts of the paris climate accord san jose mayor sam liccardo taking note of honolulu status as the national leader in solar energy. >>but our goal simply become the nation's first one or city. can get this so many residents to get solar panels on roof and we certainly have a great model to work from. >>los angeles mayor eric r said he was also there. he is leading a coalition of 13 other mayors, including hollows mayor in oakland mayor libby shaft 2 fight homelessness their push
10:33 pm
passing the ending homelessness act in washington would put billion towards that crisis a big chunk of the money would go to building ffor will also push for action on to other pieces of legislation one that would provide homeless services and another that would increase the tax break to build affordable housing. >>the costs of crossing the golden gate bridge went up today and the toll hikes will continue for the next 5 years eventually topping out at nearly $10 for services to breaks down the numbers and what all this means for people driving. >>just like the towers tolls will soar in the next 5 years to cross the iconic span. take a look this is what the golden gate highway and transportation district board of trustees recently approved option 5 as you can see it calls for a steady rise across all platforms so that whole increase that was approved was for the maximum amount that was being considered it a
10:34 pm
total of a million that will be brought in over the next 5 years and of that 25 million is. >>more than needed for operations that means that we're able to then reinvest that money into transit services we're really looking at using that funding to improve our larkspur ferry service in particular and potentially bus ridership as well. >>looks for ferry has been growing by leaps and bounds over the last decade, it has been growing year over year over year and now we're stopped. >>because we're at a point where we're literally at capacity. we have some women are early morning trains are late morning trip to the the main commute runs in the morning and the evening >>especially tuesday through thursday, so we want to make sure we do is provide enough space for those who want to come commute by ferry to be able to do that comfortably so this march we will be extending from sandra fell here larkspur we're super excited about that happening we're not sure exactly how many customers are going to be coming from the smart rain over here to look to the ferry
10:35 pm
terminal. it's a short walk we're looking forward to those customers coming we definitely want to provide them with the services they're hoping to get. >>currently 2 boats are out getting necessary service to make sure that people don't feel the pinch the ferry system is entertaining a visitor. >>the rhode island ferry is on least to us for one year we have several boats going through scheduled maintenance this year and we didn't want to cut back on our reach. >>the district is also moving forward with wiping out a large section of the toll plaza that has no historical significance that bridge eliminated toll workers back in 2013. traffic flow has improved significantly and clearing the existing bruce will also help the district says that they know the increasing toll costs negatively impacts drivers but they add that they're doing their best to try to balance safety and quality transportation emery county stasio kron 4 news and crime has much more on this price increase and the other new
10:36 pm
laws that went into effect today on our website. >>you can also find a list on every law online it is all at kron 4 dot com. 4 zone forecast now. >>well dave spahr in for large stay flat of people looking at thursday 4th of july. >>it's looking pretty good smooth sailing as we go into much of the rest of the week with these mild temperatures. here's how we stand now still lot the 71 off to any off those 63 concord 60 going on for oakland 56 for san francisco, let's check it out your 4 zone forecast tomorrow, 63 for san francisco, staying opin those lower 60's along the coast, meanwhile in the bay side will be into low to mid 60's, a touch warmer to the south a grant get some 70's in granted was intentional. 74 for mountain dew meanwhile, the south bay lot of 70's to be had here as well morgan hill at 8075. san jose and 77 cupertino east bay shoreline upper 60's lower 70's livermore tri valley, 7884, 79
10:37 pm
going on for walnut creek with a lower 70's line up the east bay shoreline there's a lotus 79 for napa although we're probably pop above 80 when we get past july 4th. 80 going on for sonoma tomorrow, 85% of those of a chilly still the beach is a bit point re at 63. here's the 10 to 10 for you to check it out we do warm up as we head on into the weekend that is true and then moderate a little bit into next week. but these are pretty decent numbers for this time of year back to you. >>thank you dave. so many people lost everything in the camp fire they lost their homes and businesses a lifetime full of memories. reporter lonnie wong shows us how the community of yuba city is taking in a couple of the survivors and giving them a fresh start. >>he is back in business a separate sweep putting shirts on new equipment that is new shop in yuba city that he's named phoenix is a location behind his home was just getting a foothold in paradise. then came the flames is devastating for any and
10:38 pm
every one he and his wife could fit all their belongings in one bag. you know we lost his home, he lost his livelihood wake up in the morning and think oh i'm i'm going to work. >>what happens if there's no work. >>why can't work now though barely after opening up on plume a street in yuba city with some of his insurance settlement, i s he attended the summer stroll of it on the street that was welcomed with office of help this community is. >>welcomed us with open arms and i couldn't ask for better and talk about random kindness from strangers. >>that was able to retool with help from a screen printing company on by an oregon man who spent his childhood summers in paradise, there are thousands of us the half great stories. that's not just me this now is ready join with lifelong paradise resident ashley car lena lunsford who does the embroidery and design part of the business. they also sell antiques and gemstones at the store actually lost her beloved gemstone collection in the fire. as well as the comfort of friends who were forced to move. inadmissible.
10:39 pm
>>don't have the contact information and more. >>she like my were touched by the kindness and thoughtfulness the view of the city residents who have never felt more connected to people then when they were helping us with all. we establishing a customer base will take some time. ashley says starting over in a new community is scary that both she and michael committed to rebuilding their lives. it has to be a fresh start for mean there's there's no other choice. >>was its own thing but that doesn't mean other places can't. >>the other big story we're tracking hit the free head to the pool there could be something in the water that could actually turn your selling its a parasite often called crypto. >>it's spread by feces and the cdc says they're seeing. >>more and more people come down with it new report says. >>the cdc has seen the nearly 13% increase every year between 2009 2017. most people get crypto get it from the pool b can also get it in lakes and from cattle. it
10:40 pm
could be worse for kids, pregnant women and anyone who has a compromised immune system chlorine and filters are not enough to keep crypto way so if you do go to the pool. it's best to shower right after a 2 year-old boy has died after contracting e coli at a county fair health officials in san diego say 3 other cases in kids have also been confirmed. they visited the del mar fairgrounds between june 9th and june 15th. the symptoms were reported shortly after and a little boy died last monday after rare complications from the co lie. officials say the 4 kids were likely infected at the fairs popular animal exhibits. >>animals do relieve themselves. there is waste potentially a young child to touch it to walk in and get on their sneakers, you know, it's it's hard to say. >>all of those livestock exhibits are now closed after an inspection health officials say they're sure that food is not the source of the e coli and they say it is safe to visit the fair.
10:41 pm
>>new york senator chuck schumer is calling for an investigation into the recent american deaths in the dominican republic. as we've been reporting at least an american citizens have died after a parent sudden health issues there while they were vacationing, and that's been happening in the dominican republic and republic since june of 2018. the us embassy is also involved in the investigation. us officials said earlier this month there is not an uptick in death despite the reporting. the fbi currently has a team in the dominican republic assisting with toxicology tests of 3 of the american death. some of which could be related to alcohol. the us embassy announced the agency's involvement in early june and said results may take up to 30 days or more. >>after several months of repairs, the sales force park is back open. but you still cannot catch a bus what else in the transit center will be back up and running. >>plus the alarming amount the
10:42 pm
weekend coming up in sports more on kevin durant's decision to leave the bay and then brooklyn will have the response from the worries front office
10:43 pm
10:44 pm
>>transit center and park in san francisco is finally back open bo had been closed for months while crews repair damage to a walkway over fremont street near mission but you still cannot catch a bus at the center force
10:45 pm
charles clifford was at today's reopening. >>well here in san francisco on monday sales force park where i'm standing right now has reopened to the public the sits on top of the transbay transit center in below sales force tower you might recall that about a year ago last september. this all closed down after they found some structural problems in one of the walkways over fremont street they have since picks that damage and as of today july first they have reopened the park the public can come down here check it out there's lots of amenities there's a half mile walking trail. it's kind of a mini golden gate park in the middle of san francisco. there's also starbucks and some food and amenities here now sales force park also a features a gondola which you can catch down to fremont and mission and you can write in about a minute or so up to this level here to sales force park it's kind of a one or a one-way ride you can go from below top here, but then you've got to find another way do ingwell it doesn't take long and it's free. here's a spokes first spokesperson for sales force park, i'm explaining what's going on for this basically
10:46 pm
what is a soft opening we have. >>though our regular programs that are open so 22 free public programs a week we already had yoga and meditation this morning. we'll have live music in the plaza today at noon crafting night from museum of designing crafted by 05:00pm. so that's part of our regular schedule that will take place all year long. >>of course this is a transit center and it is open to the public, however they have not yet started rerouting buses through this transit center. they figure a probably be a few more weeks before people be able to cast their muni rider ac transit riser golden bus service rides here, they're still waiting on figuring out those last minute logistics over the time being you can check it out that will but for now in san francisco charles clifford kron 4 news. >>here's a look at the timeline of the events related to the new transit center back on august 10th of last year the billion center open following 8 years of construction bus service
10:47 pm
started on august 12. on september the 25th the center had to be close and in fact evacuated that was after a crash back in the low bearing still be was discovered another crack was discovered the next day. the center was only expected to be closed for a matter of weeks on october the 15th fremont street reopened to traffic however at this point in the process. there's no real timetable for when the center was going to reopen the repairs ended up lasting until june 11th and today, the park and the center reopen to the public. but is now expected to be august before bus service will return to the centers 3rd day and that's so full years since the center was initially opened 40 tons that so much trash an ocean cleanup group just pulled out of the pacific the ship they used is now docked in sausalito and the. >>shown everybody the hall take a look it is called a ghost in that basically these are massive nets that drift
10:48 pm
for decades pulling in plastic wildlife, even ships about 380,000 animal these things a nonprofit organization went out on a 25 day cleanup mission between california and hawaii. this area collects huge amounts of plastics because there's so many ocean currents coming together in that general area wimbledon is getting more environmentally friendly the tournament said all water bottles given out at the event will be made from 100%, recycled plastic attendees can also bring their own reusable bottles or is water fountains wimbledon is the largest single annual sports catering operation europe. last year alone almost 475 1000 people attended. >>want to buy it's been a making it easy to access all your favorite entertainment at home. >>some big changes coming for our warriors people that you
10:49 pm
know you felt like well most family from the way or they're leaving in the kind of day of mourning in a sense for the bay area. yeah, a big changes around the league that's we can happen or a fast and furious when the signings get going in the nba offseason in this warriors roster. >>is completely change now that's the thing about nba free agency entire rosters can transform in a matter of hours and that's definitely the case in golden state know kevin durant andre dollar has been traded and durant's decision to head to brooklyn has shaken up the league after 3 years and 2 world championships to rant teaming up with elite point guard. we are being on a four-year $164 million contract. this has reportedly turned into a sign in trade with the nets in which the warriors have acquired all-star guard d'angelo russell from brooklyn signed him to a max contract with their future recovering from an achilles injury. he is expected to be out. next season, warriors ownership issued this response today on the tour and news in a statement, joe lacob said 3
10:50 pm
years ago we were thrilled with the arrival of kevin duran today as he starts a new chapter in his incredible career. we thank katie for all of his contributions for being an integral part to one of the most prolific runs in nba history. and wish him well as he continues his hall of fame journey as long as i am co chairman of this team in eau claire will ever wear number 35 for the warriors again what a gesture positive note in terms of signings klay thompson he isn't going anywhere the all-star from ear to a player made it official today. he's agreed to a five-year million contract, 3 main in golden state that was widely expected he would stay now the warriors are able to keep together their quarter steph curry 3 months cummings asked more your statement. big man come milli dover 3 years o great value to golden state considering he could have garnered much more from other teams floating blew the really solidified himself as a valuable contributor, especially these most and he
10:51 pm
often see is a versatile center and while he's returning can say the same about jordan bell reports have him signing with the minnesota timberwolves and the action doesn't stop warriors summer tiam's debut in the california classic leading jimmer fredette taking on the kings talents mileage each the second round pick. they call him smiley those down the lane for a huge jammed on the other side kyle guy the most outstanding player from this year's final 4 he had 10 points for the kings, final 8177 sacramento. warriors take on the lakers. let's talk some baseball the giants and san diego taking on the pod race, san francisco fans making meat customary pilgrimage south to watch their team. top this gian buster posey breaks one down the left-field line into the corner tyler austin a branded don't come home a six-run giants lead last how about that. the 8 10 2 giants, kevin paul r he had 5 rbi yesterday, charge into
10:52 pm
this pitch west center field john three-run jack. i know 13 to giants solid night for just some are just giving up only 2 runs screenings that also busy time for nhl free agency, san jose franchise cornerstone joe pavelski leaving the sharks. there's the announcement from dallas, the 35 year-old captain has signed a new three-year million contract with the dallas stars, this ends a 13 year run for pavelski he's been one of the team's most decorated players scoring more than 350 goals. nearly a 1000 games. he's also represented team, usa in the olympics going missing. finally a huge upset at wimbledon 15 year-old cory coco gauff be one of her tennis titles in the first round 39 year-old venus williams in rghsets. 6, 4, 6, 4, the nets won 4 major singles titles before goff was even born in 2004. >>she's the 12th youngest overall to play in the wimbledon main draw the youngest to come through qualifying this year she became the youngest woman to win a grand slam. the
10:53 pm
qualifying match. in the french husband. >>pretty amazing. good for her. so a good dollar is gone, it's gone it does it seem to you like warriors fans may be missing a dollar more there's certainly more shocked by his departure yet really shocked by to just by and. >>you know just because of the fact that it was like wow we're actually thinking about this now with a good dollop that was really really out of nowhere a caveat because you're thinking all right if durant's going to leave what's going to happen next to the roster, the engineer the site intrade get d'angelo russell but what happens with that is somebody is going to have to go and then of course of all people right it's ondrej the dollar's some would say. i mean really the heart and soul of this team in and steve kerr is always admired his veteran presence in the way that he's able to really calm things down on thesfloor that was a stunner. >>and maybe the fact that fans are missing dollar more than the is part of wider at left. yeah, you know oh yeah i was never in that initial court he
10:54 pm
sort of i think felt like an outsider yeah even now for the reports that are going to be coming out over the next several weeks and months just kind of wind. >>when did this process start for kevin duran right and when did he start talking with kyra or a when did we really get this going because free agency officially started at 3 o'clock yesterday that deal was done an hour and a half before and that's when we saw the reports. >>more to check in on the weather. >>temperatures a bit on the cool side as we go into the
10:55 pm
10:56 pm
10:57 pm
>>the weekend starts to wari up a little bit but july 4th looking pretty mild at that little fog or an immediate they may be an issue thursday night let's hope it holds first though. >>all right, thank you dave, thanks all of you for being with us tonight they have great night, everybody j r stone is up next with kron on all the day's headlines, including weather. at 11 o'clock.
10:58 pm
there are moments in life that leave a lasting impression. like the feeling of movement as a new journey begins, or the sight of soft fur, warmed by the morning sun. you might remember new flavours, or a view that defies all expectations.
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