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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  July 2, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>>we may have to a separate shooters and they may have been. >>a shooting at each other a pop pop pop pop and people were yelling love them all to young victims wounded in the shooting and tennis grand mall in san bruno one of the suspects traced to a bar station. off trains as police stormed the stations, you >>an active shooter situation sends people running for their lives of that hamper and mall in san bruno as police rush is bart stations are closed. 2 people were shot 2 suspects are still on the loose tonight. i'm pam moore good evening, i'm ken wayne. the shots fired call went out just before 4 this afternoon.
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>>the shooting happened inside that and friend mall in san bruno police say at least one suspect boarded a bart train at the san bruno station just next door to the mall. that caused the evacuation of several of our stations in the bay area. we have team coverage on this story for you tonight kron four's sackey is live at the bart station in oakland last first we check in with kron four's j r stone who has been at the scene of the shooting all evening long jr what's the latest. >>well pam i can tell you in san bruno here it is still an active crime scene and you can see all of those patrol vehicles behind me as i step out of the way you can see those flashing lights from those patrol cars. i'm being told there are still some folks inside the mall and still folks outside of the mall waiting to get into the garage area to et their cars dies. we do go to some of the video here this is what it looked like earlier today. officers say they received a call just before 4 this
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afternoon that shots had been fired inside the mall. officers responded and found 2 victims inside who had been shot initial reports had those victims as being male and in their teens. they were transported to san francisco general hospital, the chief said it appeared at the time as though they would be ok an additional 2 people were urt, but their injuries were minor. they were not transported to the hospital. the chief says they do not believe this was a random shooting, saying it appears someone or a group of people were targeted. he doesn't believe there's any immediate danger posed here. >>what i said it's not random i don't believe that there was an active shooter or somebody went in there just a firing aimlessly for shooting at the end victims at random manner. i believe that there was some type of motive or some type of intent where the person knew what or who they were shooting at and had a specific content rather than some of the active shooter. it seems that we've
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seen in other parts of the state in the country where were people firing and we don't believe that that was the case in this you i mean any shooting is a silly stupid event right when you do it in a in a shopping mall or for any type of area where there's going to be a lot of people. like you said shows a true disregard. and just it's a senseless act its a shame we have to deal with the steps of the thing. >>and back out here live this evening. you can see officers wrapping up this was a tweet from the san bruno police department just a little while ago, it said the incident at 10 for and has been contained public safety personnel will be on scene for several hours. please continue to stay out of the areas, the vehicles parked in associated lots will be accessible. for the next few hours so still seeing right now. but again being told within the last 30 minutes that this scene has been contained also i don't know if you're able to see it right there. there was some that. to
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san francisco general hospital shot some of that video if you didn't see right there, we'll try to get that for you at 8.30 as well, but again, active situation here. but one that has been contained and at this point no arrests have been made when i last spoke with the chief this evening. he said they're working hard to try to get more surveillance video. the suspects and the 2 suspects in this case, reporting live in san bruno j r stone kron 4 news. >>thank you j r and we now want to send things over to kron four's taylor, the sacking taylor's been at the open bar station 12 street all evening spoke with police early earlier today, taylor, what have you learned. >>will everything here in oakland has definitely calmed do on 12th street has been open for about 2 hours now, but definitely very scary moments for passengers on this train cars earlier today and already
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in the area for another story so we saw all well as it unfolded more than a dozen police cars swarmed in they pulled up to the station and shut it down very quickly now take a look at this video that we shot our it has these moments to unfold, you can see it quickly became clear that thing serious was going on down under at this part station. you see those moments and oakland police officers stormed out into the 12th street station with rifles and guns drawn they closed down the station stop the cars here to begin searching each one of them for suspect or suspects. one witness described those terrifying moments. >>the train pulled into the station and they said they had a heart to heart police told him that they had to keep that doors closed for safety. saw a lot of police coming down with rifles in our in hand and then they started staging at each of the door so that maybe think that maybe there was someone on our trade and then they started evacuating the train one car at a time with guns drawn, you know checking everyone as we came out. and
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as we were starting to go up the stairs, one of the officers came down and said they were going to change at the planned that officers each store and open up all the train doors to try and find the person they were looking for. >>the oakland police says it will be out there just for extra security make sure that everybody feel safe but again they already cleared those cars. it's clear the area and they are definitely confident that the area is safe, reporting live in oakland kron 4 news. >>thank you taylor we continue now our team coverage when our crews first arrived on the scene at 10 for an. our reporters talked with several witnesses about what unfolded in the moments after they heard the shots ring out our grant lotus is here now with what people are saying and seen during all of that chaos there and get probably thousands of people in that holy a lot of people work there are a lot of people shop there. >>and the first person we talked to was a woman who works at bj's restaurant. she heard when the first shots were fired, but at that point she really didn't think it was gunfire because she says she
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just couldn't believe that something like that was actually happening there. >>we were told to evacuate the building and then we were told to stay in our kitchen because of gunshots so we have heard we thought it was something else but then it was there too that gunshots so all of our guests pretty much last we had to close down and we have to bring all the leftover gas into the kitchen. and just leave it on lockdown until we're told otherwise and we run outside and then i managers the minute us to the area just because they didn't feel comfortable with us being there. >>they have the shooting some people run some people hide, but often times when you have a shooting in a public place like this are folks who act heroically and one man tells us when he heard the shots fired. he started trying to get everyone out of the building. >>just like i said yelling get out of the mall get out of the mall. i want to look for the shooter may be stupidity but i i figured if i can help some people out and i started just yell as a people stills of the
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few people stay in their eyes. it get out. >>go go for the front door go to the front door. >>brave man right there and again the biggest relief. i guess in this whole thing is that it wasn't just a random mass shooting. police indicating tonight again that it was. targeted situation, pam ken back to you all right grant, thank you. >>our coverage of the story continues throughout this newscast and on kron 4 dot com stay right here coming up at 8.30 we will bring you another live update and hear more from police and witness reaction from the scene of the shooting. >>new tonight at a deputies have new details on the shooting that put 2 people in the hospital in the north bay last saturday night around 9.40. sonoma county sheriff's deputies got calls for a fight involving a gun the calls led officer for road and mccullough road west of petaluma we're about 30 people directed police to the victims. officers found one victim in a car with a life threatening head wound. the
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other victim was found in a backyard with a leg injury both of them taken to the hospital. witnesses told sheriff's deputies a fight broke out at a gender reveal party. detectives are still investigating the case and issued search warrants for the house and 6 vehicles at the scene. >>thousands of protesters marching on across the nation today rallying against conditions at immigration detention centers along the southern border of the united states here in the bay area of people rallied in san francisco santa rosa dan in walnut creek kron four's michelle kingston was in san francisco and is now live for us in walnut road and nor civic drive for the rally there is a pretty much wrapping up michelle. the horn honking was non-stop the
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sidewalks surrringht here behin me. >>was full of people. >>i so horrified by. what's happening with the camp swift. immigration issue. with all the families being separated with the treatment of the children protesters on the >>and marching through the streets of san francisco. people protesting in response to the controversial conditions inside immigrant detention centers. >>of what's going on in the border, protesters calling on members of can't their silence is really shameful on this this they want congres to stop authorizing more funding for. then to visit the camps
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to see what is i mean it's heartbreaking. >>to see the images of the women and children to hear babies crying for their parents. >>and these are images recently released of the inside a detention facilities on the us southern border, according to a new department of homeland security inspector general report these photos were taken during unannounced inspections in early june inside a texas facility, the i g report warns that overcrowding and prolong detentions at the facilities needs to be addressed. conditions at the facility is dangerous thousands of people marching across the country and to the bay area. >>not just in san francisco, but in >>they both rallies in san
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francisco and in walnut creek had the same message demanding change be made at the border. moment creek michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>thank you and coming up at 8.30 demonstrations around the country today, including here in the bay area demanding the closure of immigrant detention facilities we're going to take you to the protests around the country and the latest on what's being called a humanitarian crisis. >>also ahead what one bay area city blames for the rise in its homeless population and a jewelry store smash-and-grab caught on camera the warning from police. >>to business owners in a live ♪
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>>after sandra fell police released security video of a jewelry store smash-and-grab police reminding store store owners to keep their display cases empty overnight kron four's noel biello joins us live from sandra fell tonight, so noel police believe this most recent burglary might be connected to others in the bay area what are they think that. >>and pam there have been several of these types of rock of burglaries across the bay area police say not only do they all have the same m o but they're on 4th street in downtown sandra camera but they do say that this was an extremely difficult unexpected expense for them because they are a
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small family owned business. >>it was just after 03:00am on june 23th when a group of 4 men repeatedly smashed through the glass front door of villa jewelers in sandra the men wearing ski masks could ease use hammers cheddar just about every display case. >>very sophisticated and check for glory there in an hour and 56 seconds most of the store's merchandise have been put away so the thieves didn't get away with much. >>but the owners say the cost of replacing all the classes that she a $1000 alone just to fix the front door on tuesday, at least one display case was still sitting empty. it just feels. a local artist, nice guys co owner of another jewelry store just a few shops down says crimes like this are very upsetting. >>we're all small business owners here. the street were not big stores and so not only is it emotionally upsetting.
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it takes a big toll. the business financially. >>sandra fell police as the burglary may be linked to several others in the area. >>yes, so there is like 4, 5, in the bay area that we're looking at that have the same ammo the same time of day the same manner haven't link them up exactly yet but based on what we know they're probably link so we're reaching out to those department to see if we can communicate with them to see if there's any evidence left on those crimes of their scene. >>says knowing the group is still out there has are discussing with her fellow co owners how not to fall victim was dot topic of meeting and we discussed. >>what changes we might make what we might do to. >>now as you can see behind me villa jewelers definitely taking that warning from police seriously their display cases are all empty now overnight police say that the reason you only see 3 men in
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that surveillance footage is because of 4th was actually waiting outside in a gold mercedes getaway car. they're asking anyone who may have seen something or know anything about this theft to contact sandra fell police live in sandra fell know al bello kron 4 news sank, you know as well new tonight at 8 san mateo county officials are finding an increase in their homeless population and they say is because of. >>more are the residents county officials at a homeless counts on monday and said that the jump in they're homeless population problem is driven by the rising number of people living in recreational vehicles. volunteers counted 1512 homeless people that is up from 1253 counted back in 2017. the group says the 127% increase in the number of people living in our phase is the reason for the overall increase in homelessness and sam, a tail. the human services agency director said e
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contributing to the homelessness problem. >>governor gavin newsome made a stop in the bay area today visited a 100% affordable housing complex sets nearing completion in emeryville ca forcefully to go reporters asked the governor toured that property he touted the efforts that the state is now making through his recently passed budget to boost the production of affordable housing. >>as governor gavin newsome checks out a strong love this stuff, a new 87 unit affordable housing complex in emeryville he says although the nearly billion included in these newly passed budget to address housing and homelessness won't necessarily impact this development. he says the successful collaboration between the nonprofit developer ea 8 housing and the cities of henryville oakland-alameda county the state and federal governments to fund the $64 million project should serve as a blueprint for how to increase affordable housing throughout the state to state of california cannot so this issue assure you the state.
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cities and counties working with the state and federal government. >>the governor and state legislature have agreed on a package of incentives wiring assembly vote and the governor's signature. action of money and the incentive encourage cities and counties to amend or creek ordinances to make it easier to approve and build new affordable housing. the legislation will also allow the state to sue a city or county for falling short on production with that money comes new rules, new regulations, luke and ability new focus. >>a regional strategies we don't see results that money is going to pull back the 8 housing will begin accepting applications for a stroll avistar on monday. e t is near completion. the doors are expected to open this fall in emeryville felecia all kron 4 news. >>our 4 zone forecast as we step outside and show you a
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live picture when we call a cotton, candy that's what every >>and meteorologist dave spahr is here to give it the proper lingo as well as to tell us what's ahead a little bit of fog to which we're watching for the july 4th holiday and unfortunately there is a system that's going to traverse. >>across the bay area. probably by thursday morning and in its wake we still have that deep more marine layer that we're going to contend with live shot of alcatraz little to haze going on for the background. >>of some of this fog leaking oil on in we watching future cast for tomorrow morning, not too bad little pockets off here to the east bay to deal with that will mix out nicely then overnight. finn the thursday morning look at that fog coverage s the food trough will then be passing over us at that point. this will make south but the bigger issue is thursday night we see the fog bleeding back again about 48 hours across the east bay shoreline and looks like in the tri valley and the peninsula looks pretty covered up. this will be after that trough moves through but in
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its wake the marine layer in which to contend with and deal with current winds there's are strong on shore flow that's going to be with us keeping the temperatures down. let's check it out for tomorrow your 4 zone forecast at 64 san francisco, lower 60's along the coast, you'll notice upper 50's as well lower 60's to the bay side of the peninsula, popping about 75 from mountain view, south bay still holding on to 70's as well. morgan hill about 79 there the 60's on the east bay shoreline but inland kind of warm and try tally up to about 85 for livermore 79 walnut creek actor checking in an 84 from the north bay napa checking in at 8078 for sonoma, 84 for santa rosa after this trough, however, away go the temperatures up up up into the lower 90's by the time the weekend rolls around not to. >>thank you dave coming up police make a serious bust of a mountain of merchandise. they say these women are accused of stealing from a
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>>police arrested 3 women for stealing thousands of dollars worth of clothing and other merchandise from napa and outlet malls in vacaville kron four's grant lotus is here now to explain how police managed to make this arrest grant was an easy panic and according eve taken into custody, vacaville outlets holding a whole lot of clothing that they did not purchase police say 2 employees tried to stop them. but failed is the women
8:26 pm
apparently yelled get out of the ways they ran into a car and sped off police for called and given the car's description license plate. the driver, according to police, 24 year-old mccullough lockett first stops when police pulled the vehicle over that set the 5 oh 5 on ramp but then according to police when they were at the window, she drove off. and while the officers were then trying to catch up with the car lockett crashed into another vehicle, totaling the car that they were in the driver of the other car was hurt. but is expected to be okay police say all 3 women then jumped out of the car and right into a nearby field where they were eventually captured and arrested you saw a video or a picture of the crash. this is what was allegedly stolen after an investigation officers say they realize the same women were responsible for a robbery in napa just hours earlier where they allegedly stole $3,000 worth of sunglasses and police say they found hundreds of dollars worth of other
8:27 pm
merchandise with the security tags still attached now. the 2 other women arrested a 24 year-old care route from san leandro and 19 year-old shane aly of san francisco all 3 are now in the salon a county jail where they face robbery possession of stolen property and other felony charges kind of back to you. thank you grant it is being described as a human rights crisis at the southern border. >>specifically it facilities for migrant children are being held the protests taking over the bay area and the country today. >>and we'll be back with an update on tonight's breaking news here from police and witnesses on what happened the
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these are the memories that stay with you, long after the moments have passed. >>the fear on people's faces were literally just you could call them which is running for their life. >>2 people shot 2 suspects still on the loose. we have been following breaking news all evening out of san bruno where an active shooter situation led to the evacuation of a temper and mall and close around the bart stations tonight. the search is on for the suspect or suspects involved in the shooting officers believe there were 2 shooters so far tonight, no arrests have been made for sarah anfranmil us and britain also jr. >>how's it looking right now out there. >>what can things have been changing within the last 20
8:31 pm
minutes or so when we last talked with you we saw some of those officers come out of the mall. this mall has now been contained where i'm standing right now there was once between 1015 patrol cars, those have since left this mall is closed right now, but it will reopen. tomorrow morning but they have cleared this mall so that is certainly. good news for folks. we're looking to get their cars and be able to come back into this area. i do want to go to the video to show you what it looked like earlier today because it was quite the scene the shots fired call to the chief of police. they responded in a short time later they found 2 victims gunshot victims inside the mall. both of those victims were transporttd to san francisco general hospital, there were 2 other victims who are hurt what those were minor injuries. they did not have to go to the hospital. now there
8:32 pm
are a number of reports out there of a possible gunman. we had been walking outside of the mall police say. that they believe there were 2 shooters 2 guns used they believe there were 2 handguns used in this as well they also believe there could have been 2 suspects in this case and that they may have taken. bart that is one of the reasons why the bart station was closed for a good while as well and talked with the chief of police he had said that they had been in close contact with bart police during this investigation, so it has been a very busy night but again at this point. no arrests have been made the chief of police does tell me that investigators are also at san francisco general hospital talking with those 2 victims who were shot and at last check they were in stable condition as well the chief of police tells me they are trying to determine at this point if those 2 were shooting at each other. if if they were
8:33 pm
even involved in the shooting. or you know there are a number of different scenarios that could have happened here trying to figure out if the shooters in this case came into the mall, looking for people at this point we don't know the answers to those questions. they do believe that the 2 shooters one of them had green sweatshirt on leaving this area, but the descriptions are very vague and it is a reason why the chief didn't go into heavy descriptions about it but again this is a rapidly changing case and as we get new information we'll update you here in san bruno live in san bruno j r stone kron 4 news jr. thank you and we continue our coverage tonight we hear from witnesses who were there and heard those shots being fired around for dan kerman talk with people who were forced to evacuate the mall. >>those here at that and friend mall at the time of the shooting some very >>us in the last i saw people running i heard 4.
8:34 pm
>>pop pop pop pop pop and people were yelling love them all get out of the mall, there's a shooting there's a shooting. seoul i get walking because of the my personality is to protect people. so i start walking through a mall telling people get out of the mall get out of the mall people were just running just we'll literally just countless people were just we're running full speed ahead of me look like a race look at the marathon where were you. >>was a in the us movie theater watching spiderman i saw my phone and i started getting a lot of missed calls and i called my mom says that all these issues and my cousin takes me there's a shooting. so we just we ran we ran out and then in the lobby that there's a cop holding your buddy what's going through your head at this point has k that was a guy got a particular go from i got we just got to get out here and i had a couple kids run into the story as well. >>and they screaming that someone was shooting my first reaction was to tell them to go towards the back we have been at to the outside of the
8:35 pm
mall through the back so i just told them to go that way and then my next reaction was to just to close the doors and turns the lights out so real mix of emotions some kept a level head others in the state of panic. >>all glad to be out of the mall once they were able to exit in san bruno dan kerman kron 4 news. >>we first told you about this breaking news through a push alert download the kron 4 mobile app to keep up with this story as it develops into always get the latest breaking news notifications in your nei hborhood. >>arguably san francisco has not seen a rally like this one in years thousands of people marching down market street today demanding better treatment for immigrants held in us detention centers along the southern border. today's rally was just one of dozens held across the country. those
8:36 pm
protests fueled by new revelations about conditions inside the camps and about some of the peoplin charge of them. >>kron four's grant lotus is here with the details grant ken pam this immigration battle is getting nastier is getting more personal. the new york congresswoman who's been an outspoken critic of the border patrol was mocked and threatened on a secret facebook page that border patrol employees, we're a part of president trump. today is refusing to condemn the posting. the border patrol, the patriots are great people. they love our country they know what's coming and president trump pushing back as the border patrol comes under fire and under investigation. the head of the congressional hispanic caucus is promising to hold hearings on the secret facebook page where current and former agents made racist and sexist comments that was a vulgar. >>this gusting and vile pace post things not only mocked the deaths of immigrants but also members of congress who visited one of the camps over the weekend
8:37 pm
>>this is what they are doing to members of congress in front of their eu leadership. so you could imagine what happens behind closed doors with in these i cells to children as young as 2 years old. >>house members had to give up their cell phones. but one of them managed to take these pictures when we went into the cell. was it was clear that water was not running in fact, one of the women said that she was told by an agent the drink water out of the toilet. >>the border patrol denying the caring for the thousands of these people longer than we've done these facilities were ever designed to do it again we take any and every allegation of misconduct incredibly seriously we get to
8:38 pm
the bottom of the facts and there will be consequences to those. >>who do not adhere to our standards of conduct. also today, the justice department said it is dropping the controversial citizenship question from the 20 20 census, the supreme court ruled last week you may recall. >>that question could not be added for now, but left open the possibility that additional arguments could change its mind. civil rights groups argue that the trump administration's motive for including the question was to discourage minorities from
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>>new interim 4 at 8 california's launched a state-sponsored retirement plan specifically targeting employers who don't have options for their workers. it's part of a state law requiring companies with at least 5 california based employees to offer a retirement plan. state officials say as many as 300,000 businesses have to comply over the next 3 years. workers cannot opt out of the plan they can also choose their own savings rate. a recent study by u c berkeley says half of the state's private sector workers have no retirement assets. >>and in sports tonight highlights from an amazing semifinal match between team usa and inland how a couple of former bay area soccer stars put on quite a show
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>>we have been following breaking news all night long all right here on kron 4 an active shooter situation led to the evacuation of that hamper and mom and close several bart stations, 2 people have been shot. 2 suspects are still on the loose tonight. we will have a live update from san bruno in just 15 minutes on kron 4 news tonight at 9 o'clock another big story tonight, president trump is vowing to stop california from expanding
8:45 pm
health care coverage to undocumented immigrant cloud source capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains how much the state's plan relies on the federal government and how lawmakers are reacting. >>president trump taking aim at california's plan to provide health care coverage to children and young adults regardless of immigration status and we're not going to be bullied by the president to simply budget chairman phil ting says lawmakers knew this could be a fight but he says it's a fight worth laving our voters are people feel a very a strong sense that we should be ensuring. everybody here if we can and that's the goal that we have heard from some our residents are voters that we should continue to do and we're going to continue on that course because we think it's. >>up to the right thing to do to make sure every california has access to health care of the million this is estimated to cost california budgeted $74 million for it. >>while the rest about 25% is relying on federal dollars. the president did not say how exactly he would stop the state from expanding healthcare access to
8:46 pm
immigrants saying quote. >>we may need an election to do so state budget experts say california is legally protected to use the money this way what is he doing to the governor responding to the president's comments literally had in fact. >>i'm not sleeping well last night was little better. when exactly coverage will start to apply to undocumented immigrants is unclear officials tell us systems need to be put in place before that begins. >>in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>let's take a live look outside tonight and see what we can say ah. >>as and it's a little hazy out there tonight, everybody's favorite hangout a let's check in with weatherman day for her exits bout of the swim, you know i i way when advise it but anyway, here's a live shot of some know beautiful sunset about to happen here some scattered clouds making their appearance on the horizon. but a bit of fog sneaking on in across the bay, we're looking at temperatures like this 60 to 59 about 10 o'clock 11
8:47 pm
o'clock it about 57, his ultimate low settle across the greater bay in the mid to upper 50's own future cast winds is going check these gusts out here pretty settled by the time we get to tomorrow morning but remaining out of the west for wednesday. there's the uptick that happens in the afternoon. so we'll keep breezy in there. temperatures behaving themselves, nice winds here out of the west and the teens and the lower 20's. now by thursday morning. we do have a system moving across that's going to be deepening up that marine layer that's thursday morning. yes, but by the evening because we have a thick marine layer to contend with that means the fog may regenerate in the models don't look great unfortunately for the fireworks. thursday night high temperatures tomorrow, mid 80's for the far east bay reaches meanwhile around the perimeter of the bay mostly into the 60's lot of green around there temperatures pretty much behaving themselves back to you. will open the show with the team that has cash.
8:48 pm
>>activated the attention of the nation team usa orchestrating another chapter of brilliance and onto a 3rd straight world cup final a live in the us world cup semi to make star player making repeal forced to watch due to a hamstring injury kristin press, the stand for the long started in her place. what interests across the header right into the back. one male 10 minutes in shortly after a response from england, ellen white the equalizer game on it want still in the 1st half look at this place in the us perfect to set up. for alex morgan cows very own on time with a header america takes a 2 one lead, then look at the celebration for morgan during a sip of afternoon tea as we draw most common aided late in the 2nd half penalty called on the us after of you. they would have a chance. a listen air. just a remarkable play to get the stop to one team usa, your final they are moving on to the championship match awaiting the winner of sweden and the netherlands. let's
8:49 pm
hear from or get it the on this team's journey also explaining her post goal celebration. >>they have money to keep it in to cnn may and if you know has the best celebrations so i had to try to step up this game and i feel like this team just has not so much them in at us and i think we can take the easy to the finals this came in for this tournament ends that's the teeth. >>final match will be on sunday now let's talk some warriors according to reports klay thompson underwent surgery today on his torn acl the procedure was a success and he's expected to make a full recovery in the meantime the front office making more free agency moves former king center willie cauley-stein according to be signing with golden state will be taken just over the minimum salary to join the roster and the addition of the athletic 7 footer gives the warriors more jeff. >>at the position to go along with him on the money. he's entering his 5th year in the leave the warriors also signed
8:50 pm
when player robinson, the 3rd. >>and now for the left his pursuit of perfection ultimate highlight. >>our lexus ultimate highlight more summer league or years lakers on the california classic stepping up tonight for golden state. second round draft pick eric pascual had a team-high 18 points, a dunk a couple of threes warriors did lose to la 100 to 90 but the rookie out of villanova the subject of our lexus, ultimate highlight finally to attend at wimbledon serena williams embarking on a request for a 24th grand slam title facing giulia months ago in the opening round, a stellar performance from williams wins in straight sets a match that ended on a great back and forth at the net a look at this seeking to become in time wimbledon champion. can is your look at sports. all right good stuff. thank you marty. >>well, this is not the first time a natural beauty has been the destination for instagram lovers trying to get their
8:51 pm
perfect selfie the reason farmers say they are a nuisance and you can celebrate the 4th of july with kron 4 watch live fireworks from around the bay and across the nation from the comfort of your own home. >>fireworks display at pier 39 is presented by the city and county of san francisco. the san jose far worse will be coming from the san jose convention center. and we'll also be covering the fireworks displays in sandra fell in concord this is the only live fireworks show in the bay area party kicks off thursday night
8:52 pm
thanks for the ride-along, captain! i've never been in one of these before, even though geico has been-
8:53 pm
ohhh. ooh ohh here we go, here we go. you got cut off there, what were you saying? oooo. oh no no. maybe that geico has been proudly serving the military for over 75 years? is that what you wanted to say? mhmmm. i have to say, you seemed a lot chattier on tv. geico. proudly serving the military for over 75 years. you ok back there, buddy?
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>>an active shooter situation says people running for their lives at that hamper and mall in san bruno 2 people were shot 2 suspects are on the loose tonight. i'm vicki liviakis and i'm grant lotus the shots fired call went out just before 4 o'clock this afternoon police say at least one suspect. >>ran out of the mall got on a bart train at the san bruno station which is right next to the mall and then went to the
9:00 pm
east bay, several bart stations on both sides of the bay. we're shut down as police searched for the shooters can force a are still alive tonight in san bruno with the latest jr. >>will grant i can tell you police have cleared this mall and they have left the scene the area where i'm standing right now at one point this afternoon there were at least 10 patrol cars here. but again all of those officers left within the hour that earlier to happened just before 4 o'clock the san bruno police chief talked about what happened this is what he had to say. >>our initial investigation seems to indicate that this was not a random active shooter incident where somebody is going in there just shooting.


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