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tv   KRON 4 News at 630  KRON  July 3, 2019 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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>>true collaboration between the cities. that we are getting from the state of oakland mayor libby schaaf emeryville mayor alley medina and tony too far as the couch and introduced oakland's 5th community cabin site on mandela parkway in the west. it's designed to alleviate was this. the area. more than just. >>moving people off the street it is actually creating the bridge we believe it's a really important bridgeton the real solution which is permanent housing. but this bridge is credit com. >>according to the latest count in january 2019. the number of homeless residents in alameda county has gone up by 43% in the last 2 years alone. obviously this approached has risks. >>we get a rating we did. that we are doing. we're being created in addition with that
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limited resources. so that we've been able to act reach more people. the community have insight will have. basic sanitary services weekly on-site showers and a garbage service. caltrans is providing the land to t city. oakland hernia kron 4 news. >>this president trump took aim at several democratically run cities such as los angeles and san francisco pointing to their problems with homelessness the president blamed liberal leaders for the crisis and their roni is lee claimed that the issues only started 2 years ago the president also called the problem quote disgraceful well the oakland mayor libby shaft responded to the president's comments today on cnn. i agree with the president it's
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disgraceful. what is disgraceful is that he has continued to cut. >>funding for hon. he is continue to cut health services and mental health services that are causing homelessness i would love his assistance in actually passing legislation and funding the things that we know that prevent homelessness and that is subsidized housing and health care. >>the president also claimed that his administration may have to intercede to quote get that whole thing cleaned up and that the white house is looking at the issue very seriously. >>all right, let's get a check of the weather around the bay area today 7 biggest standing by with the 4 zone forecast that greece uh. >>yeah, i ken and pam let's take a live look outside from golden gate bridge as you can see still pretty breezy out there sustained winds at 20 miles per hour or less and we're not saying that fog being just yet but it is set to arrive in just a few hours in temperatures right now along the coast cooling down into the 60's even for most of the east bay shoreline as well
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mid 60's for you everyone else in the 70's with the exception of concord an antioch low to mid 80's so still relatively warm out there right now. overnight lows tonight will be mild in the mid 50's for most of the bay area and we're going to be on cruise control at least temperature wise because little change as far as tomorrow's daytime highs compared to today so at or slightly below normal. downtown san francisco, 65 degrees, a mix of sun and clouds not everyone in the bay area specifically along the coast, half moon bay, 63 degrees pacifica 56 degrees for you south san francisco in the upper 50's and wind speeds. well once again increase for your thursday afternoon and evening hours around 25 miles per hour less so well below advisory level san mateo 68 degrees. santa clara in the mid 70's, but upper 70's for those of you in san jose in the south bay with plenty of sunshine to started and your day and tomorrow's daytime highs in the east bay livermore low 80's hayward 72
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degrees. so mild or along the coast, s leandro castro valley mid 60's, low 80's for walnut creek but upper 80's for those of you in concord vacaville 92 degrees 80 degrees for napa and santa rosa, 85 degrees for your thursday afternoon highs so great barbecue weather for your 4th of july afternoon. but during the overnight hours i am tracking some more widespread fog starting tonight even continuing through your 4th of july fireworks show set to kick off at 9 o'clock. so if you want the best show head inland because along the coast. we are going to deal with that stubborn and they are. but after thursday, warming up to above average temperatures for the 1st half of your weekend and then cooling down to below average temperatures by sunday even continuing into monday of next week and then warmer conditions by the middle of next week with above average daytime highs and plenty of sunshine in the forecast ken and pam back to you number isis thank you waymo google's former self driving car company. >>now as the permission of
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california regulators to give passengers rides in their robo taxis the permit allows waymo to test out their pilot program in the south bay for now waymo employees can hail rides and bring gas the cpu see approval differs from the dmv permits have been given to several companies and that the self-driving cars can actually take people. however restrictions remain in place the company can't charge for the rides and safety drivers must be present at all times. the company says is as a step toward commercial deployment. >>e cigarette maker juul which is based in san francisco is facing new scrutiny as after a study found social media is being used to target younger users. the study published in the british medical journal tobacco control let a 15,000 posts from march to may of 2018. it determined one 3rd of those were promotional with marketing messages or links. the web sites with vaping products are sold it's important to note though most of the posts were not made by
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jill they came from social media influencers and businesses which sell e cigarettes however, the group behind the study still wants the fda to restrict baby manufacturers from using social media as a way to market to young people says last year jewel says it has cut back on its social media advertising. it shut down its facebook and instagram accounts and has posted fewer messages on youtube and twitter tools of social media policy says it does not feature images or situations intended for a youth audience. but all of this effort has not stop san francisco from enacting an ordinance banning the sale of all all they ping products within city limits until they are approved by the fda. coming up tonight at 6 new video of teenagers being rescued from a sailboat into lawless bay. >>why this rescue prove to be trickier than several others that happens on the same day. >>whether or not it was fake some beachgoers inapt os has some real fear about what looked like a rifle in the
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hands of a woman. but police are now saying about the incident.
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>>innocent photo shoot or reckless disregard for your surroundings whether or not this gun and it's a pretty big gun was real or fake a lot of people weren't too happy to see a woman carrying that gun as she walks down seacliff state beach in aptos in santa cruz county. reporter ashley keane has the story.
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>>it might be the last thing you'd expect to see on a summer weekend at seacliff state beach in nafta talks, a woman holding what looks like an assault weapon now people are left with questions and concerns it's a very big. >>weapon if it's a weapon i don't know. that you a concern for everybody on the beach some comments on facebook to send the woman saying she was cost playing dressing up like a fictional character and it wasn't a real weapon she probably made it with products from the craft store. >>but even if it was fake many people say this isn't the place to play dress-up with a gun if it was intended to be humor in it. i don't see it. >>i mean you know children grandchildren that would not have been something that would have been acceptable to me at all what kind of. >>the message are you sending. it's a day, you know kids and families this is a family beach the sheriff's office said after looking at the picture it's not clear if it's real or fake which is a big part of the problem. >>they may know it's a replica
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as we've seen in this picture there walking around having a good time with what they know maybe or a fake firearm that are responding officers don't have any idea what they're walking into as well as the other public members that are on the beach sheriff's office officials say they didn't receive any calls sunday about a firearm. >>on the beach when this photo was taken, but they hope is something like this happens again. it's reported. >>anything like this where there's a public setting where there's a gun that's openly displayed. we would hope to get a call about a so we could at least investigate what's happening. we'd rather have the information on the front and then respond to something terrible happening later. >>that was ashley teen reporting state park regulations do prohibited weapons of all kinds but they do not expressly prohibit replicas of firearms. >>2 teens sailors back on dry land tonight, the coast guard rescued them from demolished bay, the rescuers were sent out after the teens sail boat started taking on water this was last night. coast guard
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vessel could not get too close to the sailboat because of heavy winds. so the rescue crew sent a surface swimmer who pulled the teens out one by one the coast guard also managed to save the sailboat from because of the help from the fire department vessel nearby there are no reports that the teens had any medical issues 6 other sailboats also got into trouble in the area, but they were reportedly brought to the shore by a local nightclub vessel. >>coming up why the warming climate may have made to sea lion sick and in need of rescue in the bay area today. >>and if you are streaming us on kron on the news continues during the commercial break go to kron on dot tv to see what
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thanks for the ride-along, captain! i've never been in one of these before, even though geico has been- ohhh. ooh ohh here we go, here we go. you got cut off there, what were you saying? oooo. oh no no. maybe that geico has been proudly serving the military for over 75 years? is that what you wanted to say? mhmmm. i have to say, you seemed a lot chattier on tv.
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geico. proudly serving the military for over 75 years. you ok back there, buddy? >>controversy is growing over conditions in migrant facilities along the us border with mexico reporter nick valencia tom to a long time border patrol agent in el paso texas about the situation as well as the offensive online post by other agents. he agreed to talk only of his identity was concealed his the report. >>you're taking a big risk by doing that. >>what americans to know they need to know the truth. >>a border patrol agent who's had enough in a cnn exclusive interview, the veteran agent who agree to go on camera only if their identity was concealed expressed disgust at a closed facebook group reportedly comprised of thousands of current and former agents pro publica the first to expose the group i'm 1015. remember shared lewd and
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sexist content about what members of congress, including alexandria ocasio cortez the agent telling cnn being derogatory is part of the border patrol culture, even hearing the supervisor joke about dead migrants. he was making fun of them saying what. >>what difference does it make the system a life. you made a comment also regarding. running over illegals and i'm like. >>you can go wrong over people. >>in describing the conditions inside the el paso detention facilities, the agent compared them to a zoo. >>holding facility. the seals. will say filthy. we have a mate moves including crew. clean bill. the relote area where the whole leaves. >>i've never seen them. clinton counters. cleaning toilets in the cells. sing
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clean the spill. so those are going to still wonders clash ever were. >>there are those in leadership a customs and border protection. yes, they say that migrants are getting basic human rights would he say the leaders who are saying migrants are getting basic human rights. >>mueller's basic human rights of toilet paper. water from the sink. to some clothing for days. remember when that will use to be a process that we used to special the ones who are we still have this blunders. sunday for millions ll use a son like that recycle them. you know will put them in though in the bag and. you want to watch. >>i feel like you know. multiple times during an interview, you know you sort of stared off in the distance and you thought about some things that you've seen him and it seems as though.
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>>there are things that you might take home with you. every day like what. >>just one hole. the one to believe in something. the want to use her. >>do you support president trump's immigration policies. president trump. >>it's a money and she's all this is on a fickle illegal or immoral. >>the question is at what cost nick valencia cnn el paso texas. >>to 6 sea lions were rescued from bay area beaches today, san francisco police assisted with a sea lion rescue that took place in ocean beach. officers stayed on the scene until the marine mammal center crews arrived earlier today, another sea lion was rescued from linda mar beach in pacifica the marine mammal center confirms the animals are sick and may be suffering from the mueller casson poisoning cast citizen earl
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talks and the scientists say is becoming more pervasive perhaps due to climate change marine mammal center says it has more than a 100 sea lions currently in its care. the center also says if you see a sick sea lion or something that looks out of place do not approach the animal instead call the center immediately. their phone number is 4, 1, 5, 2, 8, 9, seal. >>a group of high school students from oakland is in colombia right now it's all part of an effort to give disadvantaged young people a chance to see live beyond their own neighborhoods, the 16 students won the free trip, thanks to the vision of one of their teachers. >>salsa lessons in colombia, this is the kind of vacation a lot of people save up for. >>a chance to immerse in an exotic location and learn about other cultures. but for these invision academy students it's a lesson about life far beyond oakland. >>i think it's amazing it off. north their history.
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>>but ronald calderon also learned there are some things back home he takes for granted even in the flatlands of oakland. >>i was surprised by how there's safe drinking water from. >>what i really want the kids to get out of it was i believe a there was a lot of there's a lot of violence a in recent years and the violent sort of corresponded to the violence in oakland with the war on drugs >>students visited the bustling capital city of bogota in the mountains and are now in the beachside hot and humid tropical locale of car to hania. >>one of my favorite places right now. >>simmons says she could hardly contain herself when she learned she would be going to colombia. >>started you know >>she says she's seen that women seem to be more value here than back home in
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oakland, goes cj says one thing columbia shares with the u s this race isn't. >>of all the people that actually live in i was the only one that was actually pay down the muster. >>still the students say there's much more good than bad. their instructor says the lessons they're learning here could lead to some positive changes back home finding little ways that they can help their community. >>and engage the community to make changes to something that i hope for as well as just lower travel. >>the oakland students trip was made possible thanks to a foundation called the foundation for learning and use travel education or. >>flight and the goal is to inspire young people and teach them to understand people beyond their own borders, which all of us probably need to do. the students reach home to oakland on friday. well coming up my day says set you up for bay area sports night. the big topic today in the
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sports world. >>which team will nba finals mvp kawhi leonard select that's coming up. and i have a final check at your forecast including your 4th of july fireworks forecast here
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>>there is happening tomorrow, san jose native joey chestnut
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the column jaws will try to defend his title and nathan's annual hot dog eating contest. this is video as chestnut weighed in today. last year he downed 74 hot dogs in just 10 minutes and that 7.4 hot dogs a minute chest. 11 mustard belt, the competition is held at coney island every year the evening starts tomorrow at 9 o'clock in the morning, our time and for what it's worth the wait in at 224 pounds will be a little heavier after he'd 70 plus hot dogs. you know. >>the nda still the talk of this morse who are all going to happen with kawhi mark and jason joins from the set a bay area sports night. >>that's right getting ready for bay area sports night 7 o'clock on kron on yes free agency has gone to another level now after kevin durant announced his decision klay thompson's dan golden state wn are all waiting to see what will be happening with kawhi leonard and cheese and we are now in the phase where
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helicopters are tracking his every movement now he's in toronto today just what do you make though of kind of the raptors latest recruiting forts to try and sign him. i think they might actually be scaring them away with all that attention you know kawhi leonard is the introvert he doesn't like to be in the spotlight when we're very well. >>know about what he's capable of on a basketball court. but off the court. he likes to be in the private eye doesn't really you know loved the spotlight love the limelight. so it was killed off i don't know seeing the helicopter was almost like ok guys let's relax yeah, it's not that serious exactly his decision will alter the landscape of the league raptors clippers lakers, all in the running will break it all down a bay area sports nilht 7 o'clock on kron on. >>a throwback to them all right, thanks guys. >>a quick look outside as we get a last check on the weather we're looking at the bay bridge toll boy this leave you have to travel across the bay rays, nobody of the toll plaza embrace a.
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>>yeah there's a long holiday week let's take a look at your thursday night 4th of july fireworks forecast, widespread 50's along the coast and 60's as you make your way inland. and it's all because of that fog bank it is going to make its way into the bay area tonight during the overnight hours. breanna some patchy coastal drizzle better clearing by the afternoon so great barbecue weather near average daytime highs throughout the coast. inland and bayshore areas and then thursday night right around the fireworks show start as you can see there's that fog being creeping along the coastal areas, better clearing though as you make your way inland alright, murray said, thank you thank you for being with us. >>tonight at 6 we'll see it tonight at 8 o'clock have a good e
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marathon man cheater? officials say he was caught red-handed. there he is. >> was he sneaking back onto the course, or taking a bathroom break. >> then. >> we're going to use someone else. >> the home owner who turned away a contractor over his confederate flag. she's upset with the flag. >> no. i'm beyond upset with the flag. >> so many people responded to the way you handled this. >> then pamela anderson's disturbing accusation. she claims her ex crushed her hands until they cracked. then, hot car warning. >> the 10


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