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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  July 3, 2019 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>>leaving a woman and a neighborhood on edge. this is surveillance video taken moments before police say a man gross a victim good evening. i'm pam moore and i'm taylor. >>well this area is less than a mile from downtown palo alto and police say that the woman was walking along this road here university avenue when she was attacked, they say the suspect was able to get away though because we stopped right here in the middle of the intersection and sped off immediately after that attack. >>we believe he is somewhere nearby and that we can get him off the streets before commits a similar act. >>palo alto police say they're looking for this man after he
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groped a young woman walking down university avenue last week new surveillance video reveals the moments leading up to his attack just doesn't happen here. >>which is we are looking for the suspects and hopes that we can stop him from doing it again whether here or another city police say. >>it happened on the 1200 block of university at near marlow street that's where the suspect stopped is laid out in the middle of the intersection left his car running got out and then grabbed the woman's breast, but and growing male approximately 23 to 30 years old. >>possibly of hispanic or polynesian descent. bell 5 for a medium build medium height. he was wearing a hat, a baseball hat. a t shirt cargo shorts. the and we do know that he was also driving a white audi possibly in a for a 6 model somewhere between the years of a 2006 2012. and we
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do know that it had a sunroof with no to windows. >>police say the victim who is in her 20's chased after them and right after the attack. >>probably very shocking and senate for the young lady, the suspect then ran away and drove off in his car before the woman to catch him. >>police believe the suspect is still in the area that he lives nearby so if you recognize him or have any information contact. the police reporting live in palo alto tiller sackey kron 4 news taylor. thank you. >>cal fire says it's grainy gaining ground on the hollow fire that's burning right now southwest of tracy as of 8 o'clock tonight, a hollow fire burned 283 acres. and it's about 50% contained. the fires burning in grass and brush off of west coral hollow road. that's in carnegie state vehicular recreation area in san joaquin county. cal fire says the terrain is causing firefighters. some difficulty. no one has been hurt and no structures have been damaged the fire was first reported shortly after 3 o'clock this afternoon. the cause of the
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fire is still under investigation. a federal grand grand jury in oakland indicted a real estate agent known by several names, including men zhao michael chow and michael west. according to investigators, he defrauded victims out of down payments meant for buying homes. officials said he had the victims deposit the money into his account. instead of portfolio realty that's a company he worked for. he then allegedly spent the money on his own personal use. he's charged with 3 counts of wire fraud 2 counts of mail fraud. and one count of mail laundering. >>chaos at the temple and mall in san bruno tonight. we have new video showing the shooting there you'll be able to see a group of people runninacross the mall as the shooting has taken place you see it there. the active search is still on for the 2 people who opened fire yesterday, 2 teenagers were shot with serious injuries. meanwhile, kron 4 dan kerman return to the mall today to talk with workers who
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are still reeling san bruno police are now saying the shooting that occurred at that and for and mall on tuesday. >>began on the second floor near the movie theater. >>evidence collected suggest that there were 2 groups of people and when caged in a dispute with each other. on the second floor of the mall. one subject from each group began shooting at the other. this does not appear to be a random incident. >>2 teenagers ended up being shot one in the leg and the other in the stomach. both are expected to survive it all unfolded in front of these 2 stores i heard like a bunch of. >>what's your pop up of a bunch of shots in my content accountant 6 inmates and i much of south and west of like people are ready and they were running right across one of the mine just got to keep them dropped. she was screaming and dropped on the floor that's the guy that was shot in the stomach. their mind to cover.
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>>as some hit in stores and other started running towards the exit. a staff sergeant with the malls army recruiting center came running towards one of the victims. >>when is the money went out the back. percent. it was and a little bit because you say that you want to die. what i do not talk you know talk keep him told him he was dime. what lead up to the hospital. >>wednesday, the mall was moderately busy that those who work here say they would like to see security beefed up. >>we need more security. now so this happened they need to an empty lot walking around coming to the stores every once in a while just to make sure everybody's initial reports indicating the 2 suspects may have boarded up our train in taking that hit wall street in oakland. >>appear not to be true san bruno police say they are not looking into that they are
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reviewing surveillance video as well as talking to witnesses hoping to identify the suspects locate them and arrest them in san bruno dan kerman kron 4 news. >>they want to give you a closer look at exactly where the shooting happened inside the mall witnesses say one of the shooters was firing from an elevator near the store which is a number here on the map as 2 to 3 that area circled in red is near the top right of the map but it's an area that also overlooks the food core this is the upper-level one of the victims was being treated a few stores down near number to one for circle here in lou that spot is also close to the entrance of the movie theater. this map shows just a few of the scores of stores located in the temple and mall. all of this helps explain the confusion as the shots were ringing out yesterday. >>biologists are investigating why so many sick and dying sea lions are turning up on bay area beaches kron four's gayle ong has details from ocean beach.
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>>an unusual fight any young starving sea lion wednesday, san francisco police assisted with a sea lion rescue at ocean beach house talking on way and then died by violent theirs. dead birds on here too it's really sad. and it's like tied to it have the kids around and another sea lion was rescued from linda mar beach in pacifica right now there are 130 sea lions at the marine mammal center in sausalito most of those are coming in just skinny some of them have some wounds and things like that as well overall they're a little more quiet so little more lethargic and they would normally be too. >>doctor greg, the frankfurt said the adults may be suffering from demote we kept the poisoning found in algae blooms making the animal sick. they had seizures. >>often just have a other neurologic changes as well. >>in april may and june of last year the marine mammal center rescue more than 200 young california sea lions that were malnourished a higher than average number so your doctor frank for his
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group is the search of answers, it's hard to say you know we're seeing a lot of different animals being impacted from the great whales that are coming in thin to the issues that we're seeing with guadalupe fur seals all up and down the coast. >>and the california sea lions, you know all of its a sign that we're you know we're we're some problems in the ocean overall. all that likely change to climate related to warming oceans in general. >>a warning tonight in the south bay santa clara police a car burglars are using new technology to break into your car and steal whatever they can find. they say this new technology is making hiding your ballot valuables in the trunk or under the sea, no longer safe as cough or bellow explains largest shopping center parking lots are the popular targets. >>need the public to do is to not leave any valuables in the car including the truck. >>break ins are a bay area. >>and santa clara car burglaries are up 121% so far
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this year. >>and the break ins happened very very fast. so it's not minutes, it's actually just seconds and thieves are getting more sophisticated too. >>lieutenant todd come in says they're driving through parking lots using a number of apps that can actually detect whether or not a bluetooth device in your car. you is says something fairly knew we probably been noticing it, you know maybe in the last several but we know the technology is being used that holiday will sign some the vices of our team how to identify which cars they want to break into for the last 2 years a state assemblyman can son shoe. >>has been working to secure funding for south bay police departments to combat the issue. >>and it paid off the new state budget includes 3.7 million to help santa clara, san jose milpitas fremont and newark fight the auto thefts. >>justice served beach until you sure well so hokey. 5 cities to pay and the sheriff will get to spend this trip
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for some billion. >>santa clara pd says they've already implemented some changes and the new funding will only help. >>we're signing marked cars with uniformed officers. 2 locations that we've identified also using undercover officers in unmarked vehicles in these locations in an effort to catch the criminals breaking into cars. >>happening now san francisco police searching for this man they say his dog a pug. toddler outside a grocery store last month, they say the toddler was entering the store when the unattended dog lunged, and that the child the child is currently undergoing a preventative regiment of rabies vaccinations police say the owner of the dog left the scene before they arrived, the dog is described as a light colored hog tied and dog with black spot. if you have any information you are asked to contact police. >>also happening now peace
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unity has started daily fire and smoke detection patrols the patrols are done in the air by planes and those planes and the pilots inspect thousands of miles of p g service area. they assist us forest service cal fire, another local local agencies with early detection and response patrols will continue daily until october 31th. last year p g need patrol say they identified more than 200 fires. >>and now for a quick check of your 4th of july thursday forecast wake-up planner forecast is going to show a partly cloudy start with plenty of sunshine by the afternoon. at least away from the coast, but near coastal areas expect to see more clouds than sun so temperatures very little change in the weather department a few degrees below normal but near average highs mid 60's for downtown san francisco and also mid 50's for those of you in pacifica 63 for half moon bay millbrae 62 degrees with burlingame warming up into the mid 60's
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but brisbane low 60's for your 4th of july afternoon highs so great barbecue weather for most areas at least for the afternoon a mix of sun and clouds and carlos 60 degrees apollo all to 67 degrees wind speeds will be light and breezy with gusts upwards of about 20 miles per hour or less san jose flirting with 80's, 79 degrees for your thursday afternoon, highs and plenty of sunshine but a mix of sun and clouds for those of you in the east bay hayward 72 degrees in livermore warming up into the low 80's, mid 80's for those of you walnut creek conquered upper 80's for you in the tribe alleys berkeley 70 degrees enrichment 71 degrees for your afternoon highs and widespread 70's and 80's for those of you in the north bay napa 80 degrees in santa rosa warming up into the mid 80's. so let's take a look at your 4th of july fireworks forecast. it is going to be a mom night so make sure to dress in layers, chillier right along the coast downtown san francisco, 50 degrees. but
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as you make your way away from the coastal areas and inland you're going to be in the low to mid and upper 60's by 9 o'clock thursday night,future cast is going to show stubborn murray in there to start out your morning because of that overnight increase in cloud cover patchy overnight drizzle as well and even going to make foreslick commute for your thursday morning drive so expect to see plenty of clouds not just at the san francisco peninsula but even for those of you in the east bay as well, better clearing by the afternoon but more clouds and sun, especially along the bay area coastline with the return of that low and high cloud cover by thursday night. when the fireworks show start as you can see a blanket of cloud right along the coastal areas and it is going to extend right along the bay as well in addition to that some patchy drizzle for your overnight temperatures and also for the overnight hours, let's take a look ahead at the next 7 day forecast we're going to warm up at least for the first time
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of next week. 4th of july is supposed to be a day of celebration but for some neighbors, it's becoming a day full of worries in addition to the major fireworks shows. >>many people will be setting off their own fireworks s despite the fact that even safe and sane fireworks are illegal in many bay area cities. kron four's share stone talks some people in the south bay who are set up. >>it's of little the sky in recent days likely only get brighter and louder on july 4. >>it can go. you know 10 blocks that way or that way and it's it's you know baghdad at the every night. >>jeff levine is the vice president of the roosevelt park neighborhood association in san jose. he says legal fire a certain dangerous. and they hurt but they can easily catch homes and trees on fire. a reason why. we leave his home on the 4.
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>>i'm a prisoner in my own house to protect to watch out for my house in the neighborhood i would love to go out. and you know go to a barbecue or have fun with friends but no i i have to stay home and watch the house the city of san jose is again asking residents to report illegal firework use on their website. >>safe and sane fireworks are illegal in san jose. in the past thousands of reports of command, dozens of warnings given a handful of citations read it's like fireworks but i don't like them here makes me thought echoed around the dry region. >>some people were setting off fireworks and then a tree caught on fire. was really close to the electric line and so the electric lines actually is sparking real money or how to do it i would celebrate. >>the 4th of july and i think
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that this is a tradition and it is but just like we don't use leeches to to treat diseases. we're in the 21th century now. >>they all is quiet out here right now in san jose, but it will be a much different story. on thursday night july 4th independence day when there will be a legal and public fireworks show right behind me here that discovery meadow in san jose j r stone kron 4 news. >>a big story tonight as we get ready for her big fireworks show here kron 4 1st a reminder in contra costa county all a fireworks are illegal every year on the 4th of july officials with the east contra costa fire protection district say they go to great lengths to inform the community not to use fireworks for minding neighbors all fireworks in that county are illegal even those build in some places a safe and sane the fire marshal still bear says too many people do not get or simply do
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not follow that message. >>and this year they will be as a cruise through the neighborhoods. they will be stopping in confiscating maybe not given tickets in issuing fines. but they will could be confiscated. >>he's talking about the crew's the contra costa county sheriff's office says deputies will be looking for people using fireworks and offenders can face fines ranging between $505,000. the fire marshal says his crews also have the authority to confiscate fireworks. you can celebrate the 4th of july with kron 4 or watch live fireworks from around the bay and across the nation. the comfort of your home, the fireworks display at pier 39 is presented by the city and county of san francisco. the san jose fireworks will come from the san jose convention center. we'll also cover the fireworks shows and sandra fell and concord this is the only live fireworks show broadcast in the bay area, the party kicks off and. thursday right here on kron 4. >>the day after the department of justice and the secretary
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of commerce confirms that the 2020 senses will be printed without a citizenship question. the president is now contradicting his own cabinet, he tweeted today that was fake news and that his administration will continue to push to have that question added however, the question has already been ruled out for the 2020 senses by the us supreme court. today the justiceepartment told a federal judge in maryland it will examine whether the government can include this is jim chip question while remaining consistent with the us supreme court's ruling. meanwhile, printing of the 2020 senses has already started. >>stories of people facing discrimination because of their hairstyle is now against the law in california today. governor newsom signed a new law for him in a natural hair discrimination at work and it's cool. well for capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala has more on this story. >>with the stroke of the pen.
10:19 pm
the first state in the country banning discrimination against natural hair, the measure gives people of color the power to flow their hair freely in the form of curve girls locks or braids without fear at work and at school had not needing alter that to me coming out his comfort level surrounded by black women the governor says he was moved last year one in new jersey wrestler was forced to cut off his braids to be eligible for a match that is playing out. >>work places played out in schools, not just in competitions in every single day all across america and ways it weighs senator holly mitchell authored the bill her proposal made it through the capitol without a single no vote every supreme court case we lost employers have won. >>that's why the deal is so critical. 2 of include natural hair and protected hairstyles a beauty industry leader from new york flew across the country to celebrate the
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signing it seems like that. while california is the first state to pass this legislation both new york and new jersey are also considering the measure. >>reporting in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>as san francisco based air bnb prepares to go public the home rental company is making some changes when it comes to employee office relationships, a new policy you only get one chance to ask out a co-worker if they say no you're not allowed to persist the change could be a move to try to prevent potential lawsuits that have plagued other tech startups such as uber google facebook and netflix have all adopted some form of new office stating policies in the wake of the me too movement. still ahead tonight we tag along with the as it prepares for his holiday crackdown on dui driver to the east bay
10:21 pm
teachers vision, the program or an oakland teachers using to. >>try to be a disadvantage students to fall in love with travel getting through airport security can be a hassle for anybody even worse if you have a disability coming up, we'll tell you what lawmakers are doing to make it easier for disabled veterans if you're streaming us on kron on on the news continues during the ♪ ♪ ♪ this is how driving should feel. the tech-advanced nissan leaf. the best selling electric vehicle of all time. this is nissan intelligent mobility. ♪
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>>there's a new push to make it easier for disabled
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veterans to adjust back into everyday life a new bill would waive tsa precheck fees making air travel also process of doing that a little bit smoother kron for washington correspondent recall martin reports. >>i got a pretty thorough pat-down was very a possible is on public i've been taken into a separate to strip to that they can see my devices it got to a point where i had to file a complaint. >>when it comes to passing airport security disabled veterans like sherman gillum's and even us senator tammy duckworth have their share of horror stories as a full pat-down every single time and for a while they are x-raying our limbs stockport says thankfully the days of routine x-rays are over but she said it's time to make getting through the airport even easier for disabled veterans, i figured you've been wounded and the defense of this country you should be given a little bit of a break she is pushing a bill to waive the cost of tsa precheck for disabled veteran ice think that it's the right thing to do many of our veterans are you unemployed, especially disabled and they did a little
10:25 pm
bit of a help tsa precheck normally cost $85 for a 5 year plan it allows someone to speed through security. now under doc ford's plan roughly 300,000 veterans would be able to enjoy the hassle free benefit. >>we want those men and women to get out of their houses to see the world if that's their desired. >>and and the. >>the world itself to be more accommodating marine veteran sherman gillum's was paralyzed 17 years ago during a training exercise he says free precheck will open doors for veterans. >>it's not a lot to ask spent a little more will the people. we suffer loss at the hands of the city freedom. >>court says the plan has bipartisan support it is hoping it will pass congress by the end of the year in washington recall martin. new solution in the east bay to try and reduce the growing homeless problem. >>and a group of demonstrators gathered outside the us
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i knew that. did you? buick's fresh new lineup is full of surprises. during buick's fourth of july sales event, pay no interest for 76 months on most 2019 buick models. >>a holiday weekend is here and the california highway patrol is now pushing its a maximum enforcement program during the enforcement last year, 18 people were killed in collisions on california roads and that was just for 2 days this year the enforcement period will last 4 days instead of 2. all the way until sunday at midnight kron four's justine waltman got into a patrol car with iowa. troll find out how officers will track down drunk drivers.
10:29 pm
bay area roads will be busy this holiday getaway weekend every available california highway patrol officer will be working during this maximum enforcement period. >>officers will be on high alert for drivers were speeding distracted or impaired by alcohol or drugs trying to keep the roadways safe and we just want people to be aware that we're out here so try to make better choices. >>i was for 8 even 6 80 in the east bay. >>officer brandon korea positioned himself in a few spots looking for drivers making the wrong choices. it did not take long before one driver clocked in at 89 miles an hour. >>this for speeding right this is going to offer my back right. thank you. >>this driver gets written a ticket for speeding and can leave the chp helps with the lesson learned to slow down during last year's independence day holiday. the chp me 389.
10:30 pm
>>for people driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs that's a sobering statistic. >>we're more specifically wanting to get impaired drivers off the road. >>from now until sunday driver should notice more patrol cars out with so many people on the highways. the chp wants to stop any person behind the wheel before a worst case scenario if it's your family member you know, or it's person you know personally. >>and. they die in a crash because someone was dui or impaired as or a >>and now for a look at your thursday afternoon highs for your 4th of july forecast great barbecue weather little change in the temperature department we're going to be right about average in fact just a degree or 2 below normal for most bay area cities downtown san francisco, 65 degrees low 70's along the east bay shoreline oakland and hayward both in the low 70's,
10:31 pm
but widespread low to mid and upper 80's as you make your way inland livermore 81 degrees santa rosa 85. napa in the low 80's in san jose trying to flirt with a tease. but 79 degrees and by 9 o'clock thursday night. i am tracking very mild temperatures widespread 50's and 60's for most of the bay area for your thursday evening. so make sure to dress in layers, especially along the coast where that dense low clouds and fog will be very chilly, especially when we see that overnight drizzle. it is going to continue all the way through your thursday morning that are clearing by the afternoon but is going to be a stubborn murray and they are especially along the bay area coastline and it will extend into the east bay shoreline as well by around thursday night so for the best fireworks sh make sure to head inland drier conditions and better clearing as well. let's take a look at the next 7 day forecast because as you could see we are going to warm up for your 4th of july weekend at least for the 1st half of your weekend with below average temperatures on sunday continuing into monday of next
10:32 pm
week and then rebounded very nicely for your midweek forecast in the upper 80's by a week from today. >>family says their loved one is innocent of murder and should not be put to death now that families using the anniversary of the us supreme court's decision to allow the death penalty to highlight their case. >>trevor shirley reports from washington dc. >>for the past 4 days these demonstrators have stood outside the supreme court calling for an end to capital punishment. we want to have justice prevail in this case, not just to run in the fare every body roger greig's brother rodney was convicted stites and sentenced to death. last week a texas court denied reid's latest appeal. now his family citing what they say is new evidence in the case hopes the us supreme court steps in because we believe if you can i give it back take it and they can i get back to life 43 years ago this week the supreme court reaffirmed the
10:33 pm
use of capital punishment. but opponents here say the practice needs to and we look for >>compassion and mercy and forgiveness last year, 25 people were put to death in the us 13 of those in texas alone. supporters of the death penalty say it's a necessary deterrent, especially when it comes to violent crimes for now roderick holds out hope the supreme court will step in even though with the way for 23 years. >>us to have faith in god then we will find their way out reporting in washington, i'm trevor shirley. ventura county man took his wounded daughter to a fire station for help but according to reports of firefighters wouldn't come outside to do that. >>police say the firefighters didn't come out possibly because they feared for their own safety. the father went to the fire station because help was slow to come. police say the 7 year-old girl and her pregnant mother were shot inside a home in part why niemi on tuesday night.
10:34 pm
>>and there were 5 people near as to when this occurred at 3 children along with that parents and 2 of the individuals were shot. again we don't believe that this was a random incident and that somebody within the residents was a. >>the target the shooting. >>police officers went to the fire station and rushed the little girl to the hospital she is now in a coma. her mother is also still recovering. >>police say they need the public's help locating a man in the north bay and they say he is armed and dangerous. this is his picture 21 year-old and lopez cup or petaluma he's also know must take a take a meal and shorty he's 5 he won 135 pounds with black hair and brown eyes. he is alleged a suspect in the valley ford wrote a shooting we told you about ong kron 4 earlier this week you happened at a gender reveal after party. the shooting sent 2 people to the hospital. police say if you see him do not approach him call 911
10:35 pm
immediately and provide as much information as you can to the dispatcher a reward of up to $2500 is offered to anyone who provides information leading to his arrest and conviction. in the east and the alameda county sheriff's office is already starting the illegal fireworks crackdown in tweeted out a warning to anybody who wants to try and set off fireworks that it is illegal and alameda county. the tweet showed a picture of more than 2000 pounds of illegal fireworks that the agency has already sees just sense. monday. >>o why bother trying to create your own fireworks display when we have a really great show lined up right here in the bay area san francisco is getting ready for its big show kron four's theresa talk to the crews at pier 30 of 50 rather about what it takes to set off all those fireworks. >>everyone i'm out here in san francisco and i went this special group is i put together all the fireworks for the big show on 4th of july. joining me is john erickson.
10:36 pm
and this whole process and there's a lot that goes on behind the scenes, there's a lot involved in setting up a fireworks show this is going to be 25 or 20 minute firework show. >>but it's today's to set it up those 20 minutes and we're about 3rd of the way through the set up when they're putting together near hammering away on all of this. they don't really know, but they're just following like a patterned will we know >>shells were going to be firing the number and the caliber of the size diameter, the shelves and we are given they sort of draw lines of how they're going to be laid out the actual order which cells are going to be fired is come here is actually computer based is a wheel you can see that and when we're fire in the show. we will know what's going that what we have sheets and if we will fall along, but we won't know all we do is sit there on the computer and we have with all the dead man switch we hold that down in the computer does all of
10:37 pm
firing for us we have to just ensure that the floor like today and tomorrow morning. that we've looked up everything correctly so when the computer fires, a shell of thinks is right the right shows up. >>i will we will look forward to the magic with a john and his crew. but that will wrap it for us and san francisco, theresa kron 4 news. >>president trump is calling his expanded independence day celebration a salute to america hyping it as quote the show of a lifetime. the show will include armored tanks along with the speech by the president, but some military leaders are reportedly not entirely on board with the weapons display because of the costs of bringing the tanks and whatnot to the nation's capital and part of the money more than $2 million is slated to come from the national parks budget money normally used to maintain the parks today, the president defended his plans in part saying quote the cost about a great salute to america tomorrow will be very little compared to what it is worth. >>planes going overhead the best fighter jets and the
10:38 pm
world, planes too. >>among other changes for the july 4th celebrations, the fireworks show will be longer airspace around washington dc will be close twice during the day. also anti-trump protesters are planning to be there with that infamous baby trump balloon. >>last year notes of hope began appearing on the forest hill bridge has near auburn in placer county over the north fork of the american river. the handwritten notes of love and encouragement replace with the goal of trying to save lives as 730 foot bridge is the highest bridge in california and as a witness attic shows us why woman placing notes was able to save the life of a man who was about to jump. >>on tuesday care berry and her kids were putting up new note of hope when she noticed a young man on the bridge, i looked at him and i smiled and he just and down but it was enough to give care of feeling that something was wrong. so
10:39 pm
she kept an eye on him as she and the kids continue to hang notes and when they were done carrick checked on the man one last time i asked him if he was ok and he said yes, but he was shaking so i said can i help you and he said yes as they embrace kara felt him trembling she asked him to sit down with her on the bridge and he agreed cares instinct was right. the man was there to end his life. >>and we talked for an hour and a half from the bridge. and i finally i felt like i got him to the point where. >>he was comfortable to call with a promise to stay with him they called the suicide prevention line carol also called 911 deputies arrived and got the young man some help. >>it was a huge thing for me and for my children i think i think it was just positive reinforcement that what we're doing. >>she hopes they can meet again cara says the experience of helping people with the now it has been an invaluable life lesson to her kids.
10:40 pm
>>able to be nice and kind to people. this is going to teach them to always be kind you know you never know what someone's going through in forest hill rowena shafik's. >>still ahead a group of these fe students skip the trip of a lifetime heading to latin america. how their teacher made it all happen disney announcing the new star for one of his animated classics coming up with that young so says about the announcement. >>in sports mark as giant sunday's highlights plus a more years in the summer lee. >>that's also coming up. >>and kron 4 is now streaming live local news 24 hours a day if you haven't tried kron on yet. >>here's what you're missing. >>today was bad some are worse. stoner into the oakland
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>>group of high school students from oakland is in columbia right now all part of an effort to give disadvantaged young people a chance to see live beyond and their own neighborhoods, the 16 students won the free trip, thanks to the vision of one of their teachers. >>salsa lessons in colombia,
10:44 pm
this is the kind of vacation a lot of people save up for. >>a chance to immerse in an exotic location and learn about other cultures. but for these invision academy students it's a lesson about life far beyond oakland, i think it's amazing it off. >>north their history. >>but ronald calderon also learned there are some things back home he takes for granted even in the flatlands of oakland. >>also tri-party how there's safe drinking water >>what i really want the kids to get out of it was i believe a there was a lot of there's a lot of violence a in recent years and the violent sort of. responded to the violence in oakland with the war on drugs >>the students visited the bustling capital city of bogota in the mountains and are now in the beachside hot and humid tropical locale of car to hania. >>one of my favorite places
10:45 pm
right now. >>simmons says she could hardly contain herself when she learned she would be going to colombia. >>started you know >>she says she's seen that women seem to be more value here than back home in oakland, goes cj says one thing columbia shares with the u s this race isn't. >>of all the people that actually live in i was the % only one that was actually pay down the muster. >>still the students say there's much more good than bad. their instructor says the lessons they're learning here could lead to some positive changes back home finding little ways that they can help their community. >>and engage the community to make changes to something that i hope for as well as just goin lower travel. >>the oakland students trip was made possible thanks to a charity called the foundation for learning and you travel education otherwise known as
10:46 pm
flight was a great charity. the goal is to inspire young people and piece them to understand. >>other people beyond their own borders. all right coming up the sheds may look like regular storage units but they are homes for people who don't have a safe place to spend the night today. oakland mayor libby schaff and emeryville mayor alley medina introduced oakland's 5th community cabins site designed to try to alleviate homelessness in the area. each of the cabins can house up to 2 people there are also fully equipped electricity a fire alarm. double pane windows and insulation. most people when offered the. >>privacy and comfort of one of these cabins has taken us up on the offer and that's something that's very important to us we don't want it 10 like we're helping people we don't want to just push the problem somewhere else week actually want to reduce harm and help people. >>the shed site will cost one million a year to operate that
10:47 pm
money will come from the state homeless emergency aid program. what is the 4thf july without fireworks and block parties and of course barbecues that. >>and in that spirit tonight on dine and dish our vicki liviakis visits bay area pit masters with tips on how to make great grill. >>the best barbecue comfrom people's backyards. >>backyard grill on come dine and dish turns up the heat with a few free tips on barbecue. >>some of the may come fall off the bone. >>the bay area barbecue school for starters, they tell me that some of the best herbs ever had >>and that's not for me that's people telling them all it is secret. he had just the right temps for just the right amount of time there's this perfect the perfect temperature that they reach were it will fall off the bone, you buy come right david lawrence is secret black bark and that's where we get an a from >>we get the ball on the outside then me and my school a ring smoldering them there
10:48 pm
as well as everyone in the >>pit master wesley shot swears by the dry roads barbecue is dry run and just all smoke plume mixture of a >>the koreans backyard get together with the neighbors. one whose brand of cooking happens at moment as a little bit of much paper marred cold beer than getting better on this. you know having of we're down here on the meat comes a final tip keep an eye on the grill or your barbecue could end up going up in smoke in san francisco, vicki liviakis kron 4 news. >>if you want to submit your favorite restaurant bar, a cafe eatery or food truck to dine and dish you can nominate those locations by sending an e-mail to dine and dish kron 4 dot com or you can go to our dine and dish facebook page. >>brought to you xfinity making it easy to access all your favorite entertainment at home.
10:49 pm
>>hayes baseball going on tonight, yeah up against a tough minnesota teen yemen, a soda has had a great year in started to surge once again we've got a good one going on at the coliseum the a's in a great spot right now winners 5 in a row and a playoff team at the second wild-card spot a mike fires got the start of great performances. a lot of runs through 6 innings the facts were working early bottom second 2 on maury tiles off shaft 400 loss to left center a's up 3 nothing and the twins would mount a comeback. the t p of the 8th, a's up 3 to 4 hape along co. said well home it's going to clear the wall in right game tied at 3. we go to air any. 2 on for mitch garver. shoots it into the gap between second ensure that gives the green light to byron buxton slide into home twins take a 4, 3
10:50 pm
lead the game is still in progress bottom of the 12th. twins still ahead a's have the tying run at 3rd, with 2. in san diego giants pod race fans of the orange and black taking over at the park. the top 3rd a 2 nothing san diego evan longoria takes one left center field gone to run. 4th home run in 3 games against the friars a nice little run there. the top 6. pablo sandoval skies want to center then watch this. wil myers to try to track it loses it in the lights drops and brandon belt scores ruled a double for panda 5, 4 giant final is 7, giants roles in the pod race, their first road sweep of the season. now to some warriors talk bob myers, making another roster move today, backup guard quinn cook now an unrestricted free agent, he's cleared to sign with other teams in the meantime golden state's a summer squad wrapping up the california classic he's in the miami
10:51 pm
heat. nice outing for damian jones the warriors big man throw it down the put back led the team with 15 points 5 of 8 from the field. the warriors had no answer however for tyler hero miami's first-round picks making all kinds of plays drops 20 8 win 7365, warriors back to work on friday. now to the story at has consumed the nba offseason where will kawhi leonard play next to this was the scene earlier today in toronto fans waiting outside of the hotel where he was reportedly meeting with the raptors front office hearing their pitch to have him resign. the reigning finals mvp is the best free agent on the market she is in a position to change the landscape of the league reports say he's already met with the clippers and lakers, so now. we more we have to wait for a decision on his future. now to the mls chris won the last key in the san jose earthquakes in the twin cities taking on minnesota united fc first-half stoppage
10:52 pm
time minnesota up one nothing a bit of luck though for the quakes off the set piece called the flex off of tommy thompson, matched i didn't want 52th minute same score to cap the ball goes off the quakes defender right to michael boxall send in the go ahead goal to one minnesota finals for the won minnesota united. the quake struck one after winning the war. their last. finally we go to the all england tennis club where a teenager is taking over wimbledon. 15 year-old. gauff beat venus williams in the first round became the youngest player to advance to the 3rd well to jennifer capriati did it in 1991. >>the 14 goff defeated pretty cold. fun fact about coffee. she apparently is so modest that a couple of her teachers didn't even know she played tennis low until they saw her. >>on t v wimbledon get this the same day she beat venus williams. she took a science exam hours before hand and in summer school house that screening of the hand like hero
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
thanks for the ride-along, captain! i've never been in one of these before, even though geico has been- ohhh. ooh ohh here we go, here we go. you got cut off there, what were you saying? oooo. oh no no. maybe that geico has been proudly serving the military for over 75 years? is that what you wanted to say? mhmmm. i have to say, you seemed a lot chattier on tv. geico. proudly serving the military for over 75 years. you ok back there, buddy?
10:55 pm
>>apparently the world's a little short on superheroes so we need our friendly neighborhood. spider man more than ever dated a look at the unusual circumstances behind spider man's latest movie. >>everywhere i go that's use face.
10:56 pm
>>spiderman far from home takes place after the events and sacrifices of avengers endgame snapped or whole without damage. job to do. you're coming with us the job for director jon watts was to keep endgame secrets while making far from home. >>i was one of the very small group of people that knew everything that happened in infinity war and endgame this with the very beginning. was very stressful. >>but we plan our movie while they were shooting and editing their movies all happened concurrently that spoiled and game for some of the cast and we had to find out it almost seems properly and a lot of it was written in script, it's not even the tightest it's just like you're eating you like. >>oh man. >>of course piety has bigger worries than spoilers. in hollywood. i'm david daniel.
10:57 pm
it's the news continues on our 24 7 streaming service kron on. >>and it is commercial free car catherine heene is standing by in the newsroom with what we're working on catherine. >>hi, pam and ken at what we're working on everything you need to know for the 4th of july things like where it is illegal to shoot off fireworks that in most places around here, we'll have details on the chp maximum enforcement safety tips that you will need if you are someplace where you're allowed to shoot off fireworks and we'll have a preview of the big fireworks show set for san francisco. so i hope you join us back to you. >>and good night everybody will see you tomorrow.
10:58 pm
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