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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  July 9, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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>>we're back with john talking about the forecast on this. tuesday's rick gearing up into the week now we're into the return of being back to work yet moment for all right day number 2 of last no more excuses area is now you know you see it again the fog was going to say the faa got a big initiative in the show you still see it out there little bit you can definitely see it but like you mentioned james, not as big of an issue as it was for yesterday which as you remember was quite a foggy start to the day couldn't see much of the same view yesterday i should you berkeley just a few minutes back. it's also looking a lot clearer than we were at the same time yesterday. so you know we worked our way in a good direction as far as visibility can is concerned we still do have some fog out there it's sitting for the most part aloft and sitting
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into the hilly spots of the bay area so do you still keep an eye out for it, it's not going to stick around as long today and that as we move into tonight, you're going to see yet another push of it so we are continuing a pretty seasonable forecast a foggy mornings sunny afternoons foggy mornings again clearing skies and tear afternoons we enjoyed abundant sunshine std all across the bay area, the exception being just those coastal areas in a few spots today we're going to see more of the same and that's going to allow temperatures to rise even further than they did for the day yesterday on monday. your current temperatures will those are in the 50's upper 50's for the most part berkeley are in the mid-fifties at 56 san francisco. also in the mid-fifties but as we move into the afternoon you're going to notice those temperatures on the rise wind speeds compared to yesterday just a bit calmer so all in all really this forecast today is like yesterday, maybe just one step better we're going to be looking at daytime highs still comfortable 60's by the coast, comfortable 70's by the
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bay in just a few low 80's inland. winds calmer than yesterday plentiful sunshine even earlier than what we saw for the day yesterday. see i'm not that bad of a tuesday on tap ahead of us, i'm talking more about what exactly to expect not just for today, but the rest of the week as well still to come. erica. >>good morning and happy tuesday traffic right now. great so far if you're heading to san mateo taking the s and the tail bridge here. it's a 12 minute drive i have a high rise also looking good in checking in on our bay bridge camera heading into san francisco right before the tolls as you can see we're starting to see more cars out on the road there the cash ashley payne both cash lanes. starting pileup with cars there a line has for it. i sent back. james r. >>all right looks like we got just a slight microphone issue will get that checked out in the meantime some headlines here 3 days after major earthquakes hit near ridgecrest california more
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than 5,000 other small quakes have been felt in that area we've got nicole comstock now reporting that ridgecrest residents. obviously th-y're still on edge this morning. >>customers in cook's bolted out of the front door christie's family restaurant in ridgecrest on friday evening, a magnitude 7.1 earthquake shook the entire kitchen and everyone's nerves. low water, one doctor per person this is one of 3 breakfast places that stayed open after the earthquakes. they usually have 25 people working here and your point overnight that manager cesar martinez says now they're stuck with a skeleton crew the courts. the deal for savers because the 2 back to back earthquake scared most of their employees out of town the people they 100 this fall. >>brandon i'll just brought his family back into town. they drove 100 miles away to escape the threat of another quake weird right i think i think that's a bigger one. video taken from the back seat shows them walking around in their car look at
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brandon was concerned all that shaking would be bad for his wife we are one on the way she's 9 months pregnant, so. >>with no hospital here was like we had to do something case. the case this sugar into labor. >>the scope of the damage is clear in these before and after satellite images. monday restoration crews began the colossal task of fixing clap ceilings and walls. president trump tweeted about working with lawmakers to approve federal disaster funding for the area. >>my house got hit by the 6th grade 4. so it's pretty devastating. >>and rescue group almost eden is helping earthquake victims with injured or lost pets, little bella here had a sprained leg and very grateful. >>well as nicole comstock reporting for us this morning. for 34 is the time more than i should say we'll have more on the earthquakes coming up. throughout the morning so stay tuned for that in the meantime. we also have the
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latest on the washington and also the latest local to hear for the first time derek elmen up the master tended to go ship warehouse took the stand. how man is now charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter following the 2016 fire that killed 36 people he broke down in tears during his testimony. amanda said he built something and that he attracted beautiful people to his space. his attorney tony serra talked harassed almandin if he feels resentment for the 36 people who died and remorse and amanda said forever. >>directly mogae take responsibility any and shun guess i do you know, and we'll never you know forget it he's not a tough criminal is an >>and this is destroying him well and everyone >>elmen a said he believed the warehouse was safe and that he would never exposes children to the risk of fire amanda lived in the warehouse with his wife and 3 children among other tenants he said he wouldn't expose anyone to
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danger. how many returns to the stand today. 2 people in contra costa county were injured from the fire that was started by a car crash that car. >>and a crashing into a mobile home and then a fire hydrant it sparked a small grass fire on via peralta that's in rancho, blow, a mobile home park this is near the buchanan field airport. 2 people were transported to the hospital because of their injuries from the fire. but officials haven't said how serious those injuries are. new this morning a one year-old child is recovering after falling from a second story window in brentwood. it happened on princess way the helicopter was called the scene and the child was flown to u c davis medical center with serious head injuries, but what police are now investigating that incident. let's go to san francisco now where a man is trying to take a selfie when he's run over by a ball. 46 year-old jamie alvarez was looking to get a souvenir from running the bulls in spain when it turned into a near-death experience. the bull's horn went deep into his neck. actually fractured part
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of his cheekbone doctors say it's a miracle he didn't hit any major arteries. alvarez is in stable condition right now he could be released as soon as today. he says he will definitely go back to the famous san festival but next time just as a spectator. and this morning, the field of moatrunning for president has just gotten a little bit smaller east bay, congressman eric swalwell has dropped out of the race kron four's dan kerman went to dublin where swallow made his announcement. but it is the beginning. an opportunity. in congress with a new perspective shaped by the wives that of touch mine in our campaign throughout these last 3 months. to bring that promise of america to all americans at a news conference monday bay area congressman eric swalwell. >>dropped out of the democratic race for president saying his poll numbers didn't increase after the last debate and it would be unlikely he would qualify for the debates
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in september. >>as soon as it doesn't look like you're likely to win at least. in my case, you know i didn't want to mislead. my family. my staff, my constituen >>during the debate swalwell made gun control his central issue calling for a ban and buyback of assault weapons. he said monday, cmunities across a who have been stricken by mass shootings. now know that at least 3 of the front runners. support this idea that these weapons of war do not belong. and our community. >>joe biden was right when he said it was time to pass torch to a new generation of americans 32 years ago. it's still. >>it was also during the debates that swalwell called on former vice president joe biden to pass the torch to the next generation of leaders and a small well maintained there's nothing wrong with taking down fellow democrats in these forums. >>we need a candidate who's tested of all tell you that much because donald trump is the best political punch or
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ever in american politics and so whoever we send to that debate stage with president trump is going to have to be able to take a punch throw a punch and then unite the country at the end of the campaign that's going to be a very special person and so i think this is ok. this is this is new that the weaknesses will be flushed out and a leader will. >>are small wall did not endorse any of the democratic presidential contenders. but he did say he plans to run for reelection to congress believing. he will now be even more effective to advocate for the issues he cares about among them gun control and health care reform. in dublin dan kerman kron 4 news. >>for your health this morning, the measles outbreak in the us shows no sign of letting up in fact the number of cases nationwide stands at 1109 as of last week that's up 14 cases over the previous week. and it's the highest number reported in the us since 1992 cases have been confirmed in 28 states
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including right here in california. coming up in the next on the kron 00:04am morning news getting rid of library fines is a move that sweeping the bay area we're going to talk to oakland library's director about the push to eliminate these fees. i recall martin in washington. roughly 700 american women die from pregnancy-related complications. >>every year making the us one of the most dangerous places to give birth in the developed world coming up i'll tell you what members of congress are doing to try to curb the disturbing trend. >>and here's a quick live look outside great shot here from our camera along the embarcadero you see the bay bridge back there with some low clouds hanging overhead the fog not near as bad as it was yesterday morning but john will be up in just a bit talk more about that forecast
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>>and we are back john with the forecast as we end a get you caught up on this tuesday morning. and what's the theme going forward are temperatures if i remember a temperature going continue warming yet kind of a gradual boost in temperatures take us to the rest of the week. weekend ahead, it's going to be hot as we've avoided a lot of the really hot weather lately but we're definitely getting back to it in the days to come, i wouldn't say it's going to the hottest weather the year so far nothing close to it in fact, but it is going to be warmer than we've got you see lately looking outside at berkeley do see conditions out there a lot clearer than they were for yesterday. still certainly some cloudy to foggy conditions mostly just some low clouds filtering in across the bay. certainly not blocking out this you and for most of you driving into work
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atsoever looking outste and rad nice and dry conditions just a couple of spots there on the peninsula where you may be running into a drop or 2 of drizzle on your windshield not like yesterday when many of you did have to turn on your windshield wipers low pressure to our west this is going to be skirting to our north resulting in a few showers right along the oregon, california border. well too far north to be seeing any chance of precipitation anywhere near the bay area. we do have that fog a retreat of it into the afternoon today. then a push of it again tonight could see some coastal drizzle mostly isolated to right around half moon bay southward into the evening and early morning tomorrow, fog burns off again tomorrow afternoon day time highs tomorrow are going to be a touch warmer than today's even were and weoue the remainder of the week. eventually on at the weekend too. 60's for your highs in san francisco, as wells up and down the pacific side of the
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peninsula today, this is a boost in temperatures as compared to yesterday when you remember a few 50's were mixed it out there, 60's and 70's from brisbane down to burlingame and then even getting in some low 80's on the peninsula with woodside right at 80 degrees, south bay, mostly in that range of numbers now campbell 81 santa clara right at 80. morgan hill a mormon warmer 83 livermore 80 degrees for you while some 70's stretch from pretty much. union city hayward up through oakland or india and morocco at 7477 while 80's returned from danville walnut creek conquered on up to portions of the north bay where winds will not be quite as breezy as they were yesterday which as you remember for areas out of the delta was definitely a breezy start to the week. now today you're going to notice those daytime highs rising not just for inland areas, but also by the bay and even by the coast come tomorrow and thursday temperatures right around where they should be for this time of year very close to
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seasonal averages. then come the weekend friday saturday and sunday bayside and inland areas all going to be very much so on the warmer side of things. 90's for some spots inland with some 80's even for some spots along the bay. erica i love the warm have their a good morning, everyone and. >>happy tuesday. checking in on our san mateo bridge here traffic's looking pretty light still it to an 11 minute drive from hayward out to stand matteo the high rise is also looking pretty good. bay bridge camera you can see and has gotten more crew how did there. last we checked in the lot line was not this long of cars here in the cash lanes fast track is moving pretty good in car pool as well though it's a 9 minute drive from the maze to fremont street. i am picking up a traffic collision in san francisco if you're taking out one o one of south there was a traffic collision if just mentioned you can see the red here heavy traffic backed up
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near the 2.80. so you might want to leave a little earlier if you plan on taking that this morning. here on the 24 if you're taking that from walnut creek to the 5.80 looking like a quick and smooth drive about 11 minutes. i'm not trapped picking up any other major collisions that could affect your commute this morning. and our other drive times here on the one o one from brisbane to san francisco. it's a 6 minute drive, 2.80 from daly city to san francisco. a 9 minute drive and family andrew if you're going to taking 8.80 to oakland. 10 minute drive, no problems or issues there and castro alley to oakland, it's a 13 minute ride james all right. thank you very much erica. >>news this morning. the us has the worst rate of maternal deaths and one of the highest rates of infant deaths anywhere. and now there's a new plan on capitol hill that would set national maternity care standards with kron four's washington dc correspondent raquel martin
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explaining. >>we're losing them they're losing their lives. the number of mothers and newborns dying from health complications in the us is soaring making america the most dangerous place to give birth in the developed world. according to the center for disease control, roughly 700 american women die each year from pregnancy-related complications. and the cdc says 3 out of 5 are preventable that's not acceptable in the united states of america, michigan democrat senator debbie stabenow says the numbers are alarming and while some states are taking action to reduce deaths on their own she says it's time to set national standards to pr tect every american mother and baby what's happening for 2 new moms and babies is that they're not getting the health care they need stabenow is plan would give hospitals more money to reduce the number of unnecessary c sections and induced deliveries before 39 weeks. both serious risk factors linked to the rise in deaths. they're also linked to
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a rise in federal health care costs that's nearly half of us burst are covered by medicaid, taxpayers are spending roughly $48 billion a year on deliveries so it makes no sense and we need to make sure we've got high quality standards. >>the health and human services department estimates by reducing early deliveries just 10%. taxpayers would save more than million and medicaid standards aren't met. stabenow says hospitals could lose funding. the plan has bipartisan support right now it remains and the senate and washington recall martin. >>times for 49 other big story falling closer to home. we have lawmakers that have sent a bill regarding use of force by police to the governor's desk. the bill would allow police to use deadly force only when it's necessary to defend against an imminent threat of death or serious injury to officers or bystanders. now the state senate approved the bill yesterday. the legislation was prompted by public anger over recent police shootings across the state. in the east bay,
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the oakland library. it is now find free. it's a trend sweeping the bay area and beyond kron four's theresa stasi talk with the library's director about her push to eliminate these fines and other events happening at the library this summer. >>we want books out into the community. so what we're trying to do is make it as easy as possible for people to use of materials. so we are no longer going cynical and i'm people for overdue fines. >>all can director of library services jamie ter bach spoke with me about the big changes coming to all oakland libraries and how it all came about her. >>open to the glider it started a few years ago staff who are serving patients at the library noticed that. some patrons were afraid to even get a library card or get a library card for their child's because of the fear of generate in overdue fines. but it's also become a national trend i think i p librarians across the country and realize that this is a barrier that just fortunately harms people
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who have economic disadvantage is her back says the library fines started out years ago when libraries were much different places than they are today the open library has been around for many years in fact the system is one of the oldest in the state of california. >>it's a very old we the open public library is the second oldest library in the state of california. and we have books from late 1880's that have slips that tell you how much you would pay for overdue fines and it was 10 cents a day that sandwich was an awful lot of money so. it this then a barrier for a long time. >>turn back also adds that they are putting into place a fun summer program summer reading program has started already. >>and we have a special library card that's behind me here a fairyland card that's a limited edition if people want to celebrate that the star ferry landing of things they can get a special limited edition library card and if they bring that hard with them to fairyland on july 30 they'll get in free.
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>>her back says getting back to the no fine issue she says people will be charged if they of course keep a book but that oakland along with 50 systems nationwide are now more than ever in bracing a fine free concept for the betterment of b to the people who are supporting us is not our libraries the communities like are want to really make sure that everybody feels incursion welcome very theresa kron 4 news. >>and we first brought you this story on kron on that's our 24 7 streaming platform. don't forget you can always find more exclusive stories on kron on as well as commercial free live, local news just go to kron on dot tv to start watching. quick live look outside the san francisco international airport camera showing us all's quiet so far at sfo will keep an eye on any potential delays this morning, we'll be right back. introducing my new spicy chicken strips combo. bigger, tastier strips of juicy chicken with crunchy batter.
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. >>back for 55 right now looking outside of san francisco a much clearer view than yesterday at the same time you can still see that we do have a few clouds drifting across the bay, but overall not going to cause you any issues as you're getting outside mid to upper 50's for yooakland, an antioch 59 conque to 58 hayward a cool 57 get those light check, it's ready to go we're pretty much off to the same start as we were yesterday. one she concern
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temperatures and winds little bit lighter than they were yesterday shouldn't be quite near is breezy into the afternoon. top wind speeds only topping out at 20 miles per hour out in the delta. erica. >>and while checking in on a richmond sandra fell bridge. it's looking good right now. we do see that there's some cones out here there is construction going on till about 6 30 this morning in a flag if you're going to be taking it and heading to the north bay, it's looking like a good commute right now 7 minutes from the toll plaza. to highway one oh one and checking in on that traffic collision in deways that's bloc of the lanes there and you can see the red there heavy traffic so if you plan i'm taking that. >>you might want to leave early this morning. >>coming up on the kron 00:04am morning news, another bay area city votes to ban the sale of the cigarettes will have the details on that coming up in a live report. plus a plan to get rid of mice on the farallon islands is
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to that should probably talk about weather and traffic first though see how things are going out there and what are we seeing out there what's a little busy year compared to the same time yesterday we got some construction going on and already a traffic collision that's causing some backup. >>more and more people back to work today decided to take monday off from us and notice nothing about the weather this morning right. it was >>call i mean it just yet that's kind of nice his we don't have to register teeth it was no fog. >>that the wipers i didn't see the way i did feel when i decided and yet. >>i was in chile. i think we covered this day in history. this one we're just going to sell or. >>right through it which it really is a day much like yesterday except with some improvements, not as much fog not as


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