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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  July 10, 2019 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>>he would tell us right now to smile to stand strong. he was on us to be bold we. >>got to keep pushing. >>tonight we're learning more about a 15 year-old shot and killed in the mission district monday morning near 24th and cap streets. thanks for joining us. i'm ken why and i'm pam moore friends say they have was a leader in his san francisco community anna. >>you have a gun violence prevention program called united players. well for sale of the sec, a talked with friends. their people he considered family joins us live now from san francisco police headquarters with the latest on the investigation taylor. >>well police are still looking for highs killer that suspect or suspects led police on a chase but eventually got away now friends and family are frustrated by this senseless gun violence saying hun was one of the sweetest kind of souls, you'd ever meet and he was always helping others. this miles little room. his ways his demeanor
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was beautiful. his presence was world changing and we saw him as a world changed her just being developed and getting equipped and ready 15 year-old avon homes life was cut short monday morning. >>when he was shot and killed in the mission district near 24th in cap streets, san francisco police say the suspected killer or killers. but away from the scene in led them in a car chase but eventually that away no mother should have to go through this and our mothers out consistently point to this and we should have to look at our families and our children's as if they are in endangered species as if we have to save them simply. >>just to be able to live a life. >>time around this new home for most of his teenage years through an organization called united plans a violence prevention in youth development group in soma she describes hahn is a kind respectful and loving leader in their group dave on was that progress turning into perfection of one of the rising young kings of u p
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we're alice says he was very involved with his community we had advocate who would be here first thing in the morning for city cleanups for mlk marches than you have add. >>funny who was one of our. performers for the comedy show we did then you have. >>and love back by his community as well he was loved by all that knew him. >>if you didn't love him that means you really didn't know him. >>now the group is holding a candlelight vigil for high on this friday, it's at 06:00pm at the gene friend rec center. we have any information about han's death contact police reporting live in san francisco. taylor sackey kron 4 news. thank you taylor. >>the death in another country of a scientist from oakland is now being investigated as a homicide. the body a 59 year-old suzanne eaton was found on the greek island of crete on monday 6 days after she vanished tonight, police
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say she died from expect ca shun eaton who worked at the max planck institute and dress in germany had been attending a conference in crete when she went missing back on july the second the north bay man charged with continuous eshel abuse of minors was killed last night in rohnert park police say 68 year-old keith markham. >>was lying in front of an oncoming smart rain around 9.30. the smart police chief says his death was intentional. marcum ran an in-home care facility for mentally and physically disabled children in rohnert park. he faced multiple counts of committing forced the sec's acts with minors aged 14 and older and was scheduled to appear in court in 2 weeks. the state legislature passed a bill authored by khalil a san francisco state senator scott wiener that protects x workers from arrest, when they report serious and violent crimes such as rape. senate bill 2.33 also ensures that the possession of condoms may not be used as probable cause to arrest someone for sec's work
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has introduced as evidence to prosecute someone for sec's work. the bill prioritizes public safety by allowing witnesses and victims to safely report crimes night dental manal identify criminals without hesitation 60% of cech's workers say they experience some form of violence for the 3rd day in a row defendant derick almena is on the stand and ago ship warehouse fire trial today admitting. >>to not having the proper permits to make the changes he did make inside that building. >>also today, the jury went home early so the defense team could watch footage from an oakland police officers body camera showing an interaction that they had with them in a about a year before the fire. force macau, michelle kingston has more. >>his attorney says he's exhausted unable to sleep but derek domino return to the stand for the 3rd day in a row prosecutors appearing to do what they can to catch him in a lie. poke at his credibility on wednesday pointing to body camera footage and a police
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report about a wild party at the warehouse that amanda did not throw but where his son found a used condom. >>god, you know we've heard of my grabbed shouldn't catch you know. now we have to hear about condom i i you know are they in a week are they that do they feel their show far behind that they have to resort to that kind of sensationalism. it glaze and it shows 2 dash pret a man as attorney tony serra says the police report is not relevant that it was character assassination. >>the judge allowing it. >>my god, what what were we treated to today the biggest thing something to you know with his son. when i won't even go into and defamatory that was at times it's uncomfortable to watch the cross examination now made are
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not answering questions directly often leading to alameda county prosecutor ah chee james having to repeat questions over and over again a minute coming off as irritated and combative. >>some family members of the victims of the fire not believing a word he says. >>he won't take a credibility for anything that done and >>a man as attorney believes cross examination will wrap up on thursday morning. but we haven't even gotten to the night of the fire yet so we'll see what happens. in oakland, michelle kingston kron 4 news from the night of the fire to the first day of the trial you can catch up on all. >>well our ghost ship coverage on kron 4 dot com. you will find what both defendants have said on the stand, what the defense attorneys reactions to court developments. motion reaction from the victims families it is all kron 4 dot com. >>police in the tenderloin neighborhood in san francisco said they were seized 7 guns from people in the last 9 days today. they say they received
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a tip that a suspect was armed with a handgun, the man was founded was this a loaded 3.57. investigators later discovered that the gun was stolen in a burglary. >>last month car break in's turning violent a tourist run over with a car in san francisco and is still at san francisco general hospital tonight with life threatening injuries. it all began with an auto burglary at the city's legion of honor parking lot kron four's dan kerman has the story. a tourist visiting the legion of honor with his teenage son is suffering from life threatening injuries. >>after he saw 2 men trying to break into his rental car in the museum's parking lot there were 2 males occupying. >>the silver possibly bmw were breaking into cars in the area. the victim was a victim of the car burglary was attempting to take photographs the suspect the suspect vehicle at which time the the suspect vehicle struck the victim causing severe injuries. the incident happened tuesday afternoon about 4. >>wednesday afternoon glass from the break in was still
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visible in the museum's parking lot sad this testing. some visiting the museum and heard about the incident but almost all were well aware of san francisco's car braking problem, i usually bring the big. >>the bag so i think everything that's valuable put it in a bag. >>there are signs in the parking lot reminding people not to leave anything visible in vehicles and most word hearing to that advice. >>we have on electronics he left nothing in the fall. and we always kind of just stay by that time and keep an eye on it. >>auto burglaries in san francisco are actually down 14% this year compared to this period last year, but it's still happening we believe that the vast majority of these auto burglaries arb conducted by a small number of individuals to me act in teams. and act and commit these crimes in other jurisdictions late wednesday police released this photo of the suspects vehicle. >>it's a four-door silver bmw,
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anyone who can identify it should contact police. san francisco police saying if you do see somebody breaking into your car don't put yourself in harm's way don't confront the person don't try and take pictures simply picup your phone and call 911 from a safe distance. in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. >>in these face an eye livermore police are still looking for the man who shot and killed a 16 year-old boy in the parking lot of a taco bell. officers say 21 year-old jorge to last shot and killed emanuel most be monday night at the restaurant on the stan lee boulevard the 2 knew each other and got into a verbal fight and eventually to lez fled. most be was a rising football star at livermore high school. the new ordinance in hayward is designed to make sure buildings are ready for a major earthquake. the city council estimates are 930 buildings with 3 units or more that could be affected. the new ordinance wants to know exactly how many so-called soft-story buildings are in the city and if they're safe.
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building owners must fill out forms to tell the city the details on their conditions. the city is working on plans to help owners offset the cost of retrofitting is needed the screening forms will go out in late october. >>a big story tonight following those 2 major earthquakes in southern california questions are being asked about how prepared we all are for the next big one in menlo park today, the fire department demonstrated some new equipment that the crew say will help them respond faster after a major quake. well for charles clifford has details. >>we'll hear in menlo park on wednesday, the fire department showed off some new equipment that they have that they say will help them respond faster in the event of an earthquake. now the menlo park fire department fire protection district has 2 stations that are equipped to receive shakealert sets the alert system set up by the usgs but hopefully one day will give all of us the chance to know that an earthquake is about to get. >>the fire department told us even alert alarms will sound the doors to the fire station. i will open allowing crews to
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act quickly. we had a chance to talk to the fire chief this afternoon. the says says that in a 3rd quake in a major >>time is of the essence being able to respond quickly is key and that this will help them help the public. >>you know having that early warning capability not ju for the general public for for the firefighters allows a know that something's coming. so they can shelter in place as well and then right out the earthquake or say that could happen is we get a fire station that collapses or they can't get the doors open for one of the firefighters themselves gets hurt. there was taken that piece of equipment we've taken those personal out of service at a point where we need them to be in the community to perform rescues and all types of other scenarios for the community itself to help the community when their in their moment of need or worse time the menlo park also showed off a new k 9 unit, they also have some new a heavy rescue equipment that will help them respond earthquakes and damage from an earthquake. they also showed off some new drones that they can use to survey damage in
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menlo park charles clifford kron 4 news. >>authorities in nevada are now investigating a possible earthquake related death. yesterday sheriff deputies responded to a call about a man pinned under a vehicle in a small town about 40 miles west of las vegas near the california border, when they arrived they found a 56 year-old man dead under the car. investigators believe the vehicle may have fallen off of the car jacks and crush the man back on july 4th at 6.4 earthquake hit ridgecrest and the effects are felt all the way across the nevada border. >>say look outside a gorgeous night really can't find a bad shot was our cameras out there and this is a view of the embarcadero in the bay bridge back chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here and he says warmer temperatures are coming sure are we a lot of clouds this morning all around the bay area today but by the afternoon we saw that sunshine kind of giving you a hint of overlooking san francisco actually not bad to mostly clear skies there.
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>>as we look toward other business district in the san francisco, but we are going to see a lot of sunshine coming our way and some warm temperatures to as high pressure takes over numbers warming up today right around the average in san francisco, 67 degrees 75 a little bit above the average in oakland 77 degrees in san jose 82. in livermore 87 in concord in 82 degrees in santa rosa. storm clouds some making their way up in the pacific northwest see the rain moving through here and continue to see some of that this evening, more widely scattered showers a storm system kind of begin to fall apart. it's a pretty impressive to see that come through at this time of year and summer but nonetheless that system is falling apart high-pressure begin to build in across the state now fog certainly seeing some of that along the coastline right now so we're trying to make its way through the golden gate bridge too but it's a much less extensive tonht. i don't think is going to fill all the way the interior valleys, not of the concord a little more tomorrow morning. i think maybe just inside the bay. so that being said the numbers outside right now 64 degrees in san jose. it is a cool 56 with a patchy fog in
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pacifica 61 in a word, 63 degrees in oakland right now still 70 warm in concord and pittsburgh 60 degrees in the napa valley, 63 in santa rosa and 71 for friends in cloverdale so we are going to see some changes coming our way just patchy fog for tonight and then tomorrow, mostly sunny and warmer temperatures by tomorrow afternoon. the start to see some hot numbers begin to pump up and some of the valley's some numbers moving in the upper 80's and probably some low 90's by tomorrow afternoon. that's why it's going to stay into the weekend in fact this is the type of pattern setting up they're gointo see that huge contrast in temperatures maybe 30 degrees plus a cooler out toward the coastal areas. all right we've got high pressure to our east and south and that's gonna start to build in this front really going start to die now is running in the street, you see the clouds kind of dissipating as well but this ridge will start to take over moving in now the desert southwest that's going to bring some that dry desert air back in the california to be hot the central valley and hot in some of our valley's 2 summers numbers really get on the toasty side as a fog moving along the coastline keeping temperatures there
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toward the beaches. much much cooler overnight tonight, we'll see low clouds and fog not going to worry about too much in the way of drizzle overnight tonight but you see that tomorrow morning. so that patchy fog inside the bay. then as we get the afternoon, lots of sunshine so out of the coastline. we'll keep you a little bit cool but i think we're setting up for some very nice weather head as high pressure it's going to take over over the next 2 days so this that kind of a pattern that you can really seek out the kind of weather that you like if you like the cool stuff. he had right up the coastline. you've got some low clouds and fog you like it hot, i think a lot more celeste place for asked to be nice and toasty out there all right, thank you and storms. >>well it's now down says 2 locations tonight city of fremont is deciding between 2 sites to build a homeless and navigation center new options come after some neighbors oppose a facility back in may. well for a long as live in fremont tonight with the latest on this story, gayle. >>hammon can there's a petition with the goal of 5,000 signatures to push for this location where behind city hall in a parking lot so
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far more than 4,000 people have signed a petition. but the city still has to decide. >>in a meeting tuesday night the city of fremont has narrowed it down to this site next to this plant nursery on to kowtow or a parking lot behind city hall in the heart of fremont no goal to build a homeless navigation center business owners near city hall seem to be okay with it and i think it's a great thing you know any time you can help, you know people less fortunate get off the streets. i'm not be a great thing for is not a problem they walk in here. >>it's quite people. and the or sometimes it's quite peoples. >>some still have mixed feelings and say the center should be at the dakota site away from crowds. because no one who missed defending them enough it down i think it should be bad at all. they from the cvr something right now it's still in the planning
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stages, but the city says about 45 people would stay for about 6 months at a time and have access to resources around the clock and ultimately get the homeless into permanent housing have to go somewhere. >>and a lot of cities are doing anything about it they just beat. were earlier in the week, the throw to several entities could push him around in different areas. i think it's a great idea, the more cities need to take responsibility and do stuff like that. >>next step still be doing some community outreach ing this summer and hopefully narrow down as cited this fall and open mid 2020 live in fremont gayle, ong kron 4 news. thank you gayle, the battle between california lawmakers and major employers including uber and lyft is heating up. >>a bill that could have a big effect on gig economy workers as moving forward but as capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains not everyone is on board. >>supporters of ab 5 crowded
10:18 pm
capitol hallways wednesday, dozens of uber and lyft drivers along with labor unions urging lawmakers to pass the measure that would redefine many independent contractors as employees i strongly supported those backing the bill say companies misclassifying workers as independent contractors to get around minimum wage overtime and workers compensation laws, the bill's author in the running gonzales taking aim at the income inequality between good company ceos and their employees the lift owner bought a $70 million home. >>the day after story ran about how many of his workers are sleeping in their cars where is the compromise and they can sit here and say they care about their workers and they love to preach provide benefits when it could provide them with a lot more money that we know and they have that and they won't unless we force them to several other groups affected by ab 5 including the trucking industry are against the measure opponents worry the bill could hurt small businesses start-ups and workers who enjoy having a flexible schedule i think it's going to be a blow to our economy.
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>>um i don't know how new businesses are going to get started and be able to come up when again most small businesses start. >>on a shoestring although the bill passed 4 to one in the senate labor committee lawmakers see a lot more discussion needs to happen, especially with companies like uber and lyft the idea that they will go quietly into the good night is i think delusional on all of our parts i appreciate the conversations that are ongoing the bill now heads the senate appropriations committee before it can make it to the senate floor. >>reporting in sacramento, ashley zavala kron more news. >>the city of oakland will close the street behind a home depot in the cities of fruitvale district in order to fight problems associated with homelessness in that area. the unanimous decision from the city council may's people living in recreational vehicles in that area will be forced to move the section of 37th avenue will be closed for 8 months in order to curb crime and illegal dumping but the loan business owner on the block says closing the street could actually increase crime
10:20 pm
in the area. home depot which had been asking the city to remove those homeless encampments from the area agreed to pay for the fence to close off the street. kaiser clinicians held a one-day strike today protesting what they call worsening mental health care for san francisco children. >>the summer strike involving thousands of kaiser mental health professionals took place last december clinicians say children dealing with depression often have to wait more than a month to receive their first appointments and that other services are being eliminated due to a shortage of therapists and psychologists. kaiser says it's working to hire more staff. >>the family of fallen police officer tara o'sullivan is hoping their daughter's legacy will live on through her fellow officers they set up a memorial fund to help the sacramento. police department purchase new canine officers through fund raising efforts family and friends have already raised more than $22,000. the family hopes that money will be enough for one police to offer now. >>this afternoon the officers
10:21 pm
father thanked the community for the outpouring of support and generosity as he remembered his daughter. >>tar did not go through life as a spectator. she was an active participant. >>my wife kelly my children krista and justin. >>and my good friend gary. >>and i have embarked on a unique memorial to my daughter. >>solomon was killed in the line of duty in sacramento while responding to a domestic dispute back on june, the 19th the 26 year-old was from pleasant hill. >>we'll tell you why you might want to avoid certain cities in the east bay if you're looking to buy a home for the first time plus major flooding in new orleans tonight with a hurricane that could hit in just a few days the damage already suffered and the debate over increasing the federal minimum wage continues coming up we will take a look at the winners and potential losers and if you're streaming us on kron on the news kron on the news continues during the
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♪ ♪ this is how driving should feel. the tech-advanced nissan leaf. the best selling electric vehicle of all time. this is nissan intelligent mobility. ♪ >>the fight for $15 an hour minimum wage continues and now a new government report highlights the winners and potential losers if it happened as trevor shirley reports from washington, many workers would potentially benefit. but business owners and high earners could take a hit. >>the debate on raising the minimum wage keeps gaining traction but at this point no one's really sure what the final result is going to look
10:25 pm
like that new report says 17 million americans would get a raise if congress enacted a $15 an hour federal minimum wage and more than a million people could be pulled out of poverty. economist heidi shares all says it's a no-brainer. >>we will see increase in workers wages a reduction in poverty reduction in inequality. >>but the report from the congressional budget office also says some americans and american businesses would not do so well. the cbo says about 1.3 million people would lose their jobs and business owners would see reduced income. michael tanner of the cato institute warns raising the minimum wage could do more harm than good. >>we should also note that the report said that america's a whole would be core. >>the bottom line seems to be that no one's really sure about the overall impact of a higher minimum wage. >>economists are all over the place on this. >>but chairman of the federal reserve jerome powell says a range of studies have similar findings. there are winners
10:26 pm
and losers but like the cbo study what they tend to show is that. a number of people. get higher wages and there are people lose their jobs and until congress takes action the debate will basis of an annual family wealth. >>we would actually go down to the benefits of a $15 minimum wage to low-wage workers. totally outweigh the costs. >>house democrats say they plan to hold a vote on the issue this session and the current minimum wage bill has been introduced by congressman bobby scott a democrat from virginia, reporting in washington, i'm trevor shirley >>they can of this company announced a new high-profile partnership with a music legend coming up details on what the new partnership means for the business, a man is dead tonight after a shootout with police details on a close call for one officer hit by gunfire. >>and we've got some warmer weather of savings and service.
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>>police shot and killed unarmed suspect in citrus heights near sacramento last night they got calls about a man with a gun in the sunrise mall parking lot about 7 30 last night according to officers when they approached the suspect opened fire shooting a canine in the face and just missing an officer. the officers returned fire. the suspect later died at the scene surrounding roads were closed for a time, but the mall was not evacuated during
10:30 pm
this incident. >>actually though the bullet went through his shirt it actually is so the outside of school too fast, but in the slack area of his uniform if you will. they went through the uniform. >>this was a a scary event very dangerous event. this highlights and underscores the dangers that police officers face every day. >>the injured canine is expected to make a full recovery if you are a first-time home buyer looking to settle down here in the bay area there's new research which shows that berkeley is a bad place to start forcefully tuggle talks with a local realtor about these new findings. >>east bay realtor bruce wag says the median price of a home in berkeley is about million and prices of only dipped to about 9% since last year wag who works for keller williams says so far this year about 300 homes have been sold in berkeley and only 10 of them went for less than $700,000 and if you're doing a $1.2 million home. >>and 20% down to come in they think with a quarter of a
10:31 pm
million dollars is for a down payment so that's a lot for people to get started with make sense then why personal finance website wallet hub ranks berkeley last on its list of best places for first time homebuyers 300 cities are ranked tampa florida comes in first and berkeley is number 300 based on affordability the real estate market and quality of life now if you're going over to oakland where the average home prices more in the 800,000 people are still finding some value there, but they're also having to. >>going to neighborhoods that maybe are a little more marginal oakland isn't too far behind berkeley on wallet hubs list coming in at number 297. >>wag says a lack of rent control is leading to skyrocketing rents making it nearly impossible for first-time homebuyers to save enough money to buy in either city we've got a lot of people who are being priced out from san francisco which are coming over here and our pricing is looking very affordable to them and they're saying well and it all just live over in the bear they find out how beautiful the weather is over here, and they say well let's
10:32 pm
live over in oakland berkeley and so that's another factor that we have coming in at last year wallet hub says 39%of all single-family home purchases across the nation were made by first-time buyers in berkeley felipe took all kron 4 news. >>and a new survey shows more than half of the people living in california are considering leaving the golden state because of the high cost of living according to edelman intelligence, 53% of residents are considering moving out of the state and the age group most likely to leave is millennials the median home value in san francisco is a whopping one 0.3 $7 million that's the median 76% of bay area residents say the cost and availability of housing is a serious issue and many ad, ess crisis is also a factor as they considered leaving the state, a california couple has filed a lawsuit against a fertility clinic following an ivf mix-up. >>that mixup led to a woman carrying and giving birth to
10:33 pm
babies that were her own attorneys for on e and say they are one of 3 couples who believe their embryos were mishandled by ch a fertility. name a new korean says she didn't learn about what happened until after a dna test. >>it was so many emotions running through my head like. happiness that that was the first time who wants to meet their child and the lobby of a hotel. >>a new york couple is also suing the same los angeles space fertility clinic, the mothers asian and says she gave birth to 2 non-asian babies, each was a genetic match to a different couple, that's unfortunately fertility clinic. for years, the fbi and ice have used facial recognition technology to search through millions of drivers license pictures to identify potential criminals and illegal immigrants as a
10:34 pm
recent revelation has sparked outrage and privacy concerns from lawmakers on both sides of the political aisle. >>washington correspondent raquel martin reports. >>this is a horrific lawmakers say their outrage that's potentially a lawful recently revealed public records show that federal law enforcement and immigration agents are using facial recognition technology a cone to millions of drivers license photos to try and find criminals and undocumented immigrants using this technology to help ice target immigrants for deportation doesn't protect us from terrorism. it never rises hard working families at a wednesday hearing texas congresswoman sheila jackson lee grill department of homeland security leaders for what she says is illegal surveillance of private citizens is no statutory legislation or anything that's giving you that authority but department heads defended the practice arguing dozens of states have signed agreements allowing it or agreement allows us to. >>verify with them that that
10:35 pm
is a valid license in to retrieve the photo from that's john wagner with us customs and border patrol assured lawmakers the tools are being used carefully the department. >>also says that it's common practice for law enforcement to use facial recognition technology to catch criminals but more than 2 dozen civil rights organizations and data privacy groups say it's time to put an end to it. >>they say past studies show facial recognition technology does not always get it right, especially for women and people of color it is unlikely that we will ever achieve a point where every single demographic is identical in performance across the board. >>department of commerce technology chief charles remind told lawmakers that the technology is right 99.7% of the time and getting better. lawmakers say they're considering setting regulations to prevent potential abuse. in washington recall martin. >>the south bay cannabis company is reason to celebrate this week not only has it been in business for 4 years and also announced a partnership
10:36 pm
with rapper jay z. the rap mogul in san jose based cully va now said jay z will be the company's new chief brand strategist as kron four's noel bellow explains the partnership goes beyond marijuana. i'm kind of growers in a oh no it's easy days. >>on wednesday to leave a customer's at the san jose shop were buzzing off the news of jay z's partnership with the brand on the light. >>do that ago it's cooler days he's getting involved. i think he's picked a good a good company john the shah is a frequent customer and decade long cannabis activist. >>he feels the multi-year partnership is a win-win. >>get involved in trying to bring some awareness to all the social justice issues it for many decades to me is off. >>not only will jay z be helping with creative decisions for the company. still specifically focus on improving the representation
10:37 pm
and participation of previously incarcerated people who are still being kept out of the legal weed business. the rapper said quote to leave his expertise and east coasts makes them the best partner for this endeavor. we want to create something amazing have fun in the process do good and bring people along the way the end like a more ethical reason to come here. >>i think that her. going leave and not just because their selections really good but i feel it if they're involved with that sort of thing maybe. it follows suit maybe can start a trend to leave a is a strong leader in the industry boasting a wide selection of products employer pay benefits and award-winning greens. >>seo dennis o'malley says they hope to use their platform to shape the conversation surrounding cannabis a statement that's music to customers years to come here because and important we support. >>exporting companies got the feed enter and so that the
10:38 pm
rest of the changes that still need to happen can happen. >>no financial details have been released just yet when it comes to this partnership, but cully va does say they plan to work with the communities that have been hardest hit by the war on drugs we can expect to get home of those details in the coming months in san jose noel bellow kron 4 news. >>check in now on the weather with laura's got a 10 to 10 and yeah i was looking to the end of the law n you know what. >>not seen much heat so far much of july keep those temperatures down but that's not a bad thing right so right now we've got some mostly clear skies you can see a couple patches of fog trying to form but it is really just a fan letter out there right % now it's a big contrast. what we had last night. well things changing though now we've had a cold front storm system making its way in the pacific northwest there it is right there to watch it happens. they're not done yet if you're headed up from 7 northwest, the next couple days get ready things change as we head into our friday see the patchy fog along our coastline. the watch of this we've got another
10:39 pm
storm system rolling on in there it goes as we get lot of part of the weekend again so expect some more rain over the weekend as we're going to see another storm system roll in that direction not going to be huge. we're certainly going to be a little bit wet. in our neck of the woods all we're going to keep mostly sunny skies just some patchy fog along the coastline and now those temperatures going to heat up in the 90's over the next few days at least inland keep you cool by the coastline with some 50's and some 60's everybody going to cool down with another trough of low pressure dropping in on monday and tuesday, those temperatures warm up briefly get on thursday before cooling down the following weekend. thank you lawrence. >>it's only july and already the gulf coast is bracing for a hurricane. the national hurricane center predicts tropical storm barry will form in the gulf on thursday tomorrow strengthen to a hurricane to make landfall this weekend. but the storm system is already causing problems on land mary moloney explains. >>easy walloped by wet weather.
10:40 pm
>>our car. >>flooding in gulf streets tranormed indoor stairs into waterfalls. during the flash flooding emergency. rescue crews in new orleans responded to more than 250 emergency calls. >>i don't want to open fire. find a way to get out the car by the car that out the middle of one of a cup. >>waterspouts formed in the sky prompting a tornado warning. but the worst is yet to come. >>we all need to take this very very seriously. >>a tropical system is churning in the gulf of mexico. the national weather center predicts tropical storm barry will form by thursday and strengthen to a hurricane by saturday before making landfall. we know it's going to be a big storm, a significant rain and storm surge event louisiana's governor warns the already soggy state could see 10 to 15 inches of rain within 24 hours from friday into saturday that a short time period for such an intense rain as texas governor says the lone star
10:41 pm
state should brace for the slow moving storm. >>if you prepare. for the very worst you will be able to come out far better in >>i'm mary maloney reporting. >>outdoor activities a great this time of year, but they can pose a threat to your dog if you're taking them along for the ride. the good rule of thumb if you think the pavement is too hot to walk on on its going to be too hot for your dog and just like humans, a dog's skin can turn red become sensitive human blister or scab. in the heat. a simple solution is to protect your dog from you ve raised by applying some sunscreen that is designed for infants and of course always have plenty of water available. coming up. >>care may be coming to a head coming up you will hear from both sides of the argument millions of americans are living with diabetes. still ahead details on how hundreds of children for helping fight for a cure and is forcing us women's soccer team enjoys a victory parade through men. heroes markets higher i've
10:42 pm
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>>type one diabetes patients from all 50 states went to the us capitol today to fight for a cure washington correspondent jesse to know reports these children say a cure is only possible a congressman news, the special diabetes program.
10:45 pm
>>in elementary school. i was sometimes teased for being different are probably being with an age adrianna richard was diagnosed with type one diabetes when she was 5 years old. >>now 16 she is proud to show off the insulin pump that keeps her alive, gets when i 2. knowing richard along with more than a 100 other children living with type one diabetes from all 50 states came to washington to ask lawmakers to renew the special diabetes program which is set to expire in september. if that happens it would cut off the million used to fund type one diabetes research every year if we stop now. the push to cure diabetes comes at a time when the costa treated is at an all-time high after victor garber joined the kids on capitol hill, the idea that someone has to ration. >>insulin in 2019 to 2 greed and avarice is. >>constable garber has lived with type one diabetes his
10:46 pm
entire life. pennsylvania senator bob casey recently introduced legislation that would specifically help cover the care and insulin costs for these patients, we still have a long way to go on these issues and we were not where we need to be but casey says younger voices like richards bring an urgency to the issue that no legislator can just like normal teenagers with extra responsibilities, one of those being to save diabetes research in washington, i'm just eaten or. >>more than 4 million people in california alone or 13.1% of the adult population has diabetes of these an estimated 1 million people have it and don't know it. >>the affordable care act also known as obamacare may soon be in critical condition. attorneys from a coalition of republican led states are pushing to have that law overturned the debate took place before an appeals court in new orleans. 2 of the 3 judges on the panel indicated they may agree with the lower court decision that called for striking down the entire law. republicans including president trump our against
10:47 pm
obamacare democrats want to keep it. >>tells him to do so. >>if they have their way millions of americans could be forced to delay skip or forgo potentially lifesaving health care altogether. >>one official said if the ac a were struck down families and communities around the country would bear life altering consequences in the health care system would be thrown into chaos. the trump administration has been working on a different plan to replace obamacare but so far no official proposal has been released health officials say u c l a employee may have spread the measles. >>had a campus food court the infected employee 8 of the food court 2 times last week, the la county department of health is now looking for students and staff at u c l a who may have been exposed. right now health officials across the nation dealing with what's considered to be the largest outbreak of measles in the united states since the
10:48 pm
disease was declared eliminated back in the year 2000. >>brought to you xfinity making it easy to access all your favorite entertainment at home. >>of those soccer champions equal pay. >>yeah and who knew have united and that makes her up he knows from reading took soccer lessons in oak grove joshan's in northern california an amazing amazing and his team is really taking over me. the story of the year really and what a phenomenal 3 weeks and the us women's soccer players have been just remarkable champions, not only dominating squad on the field, but tackling the social conversations in today, the champs enjoyed a much-deserved the celebration. the world cup champions road through the canyon of heroes in lower manhattan with a throng of adoring fans cheering them on chanting usa equal pay in reference to the team's legal fight to get paid as much as the american men's team, the squad took its 4th world cup
10:49 pm
title last sunday and france with a win over the netherlands. at the post parade ceremony, golden boot and golden ball winner making up you know the outspoken and unquestioned team leader message for the crowd that when to be on soccer. >>so we got to know that this is ever but is responsibility. do you have to do step outside yourself. the more the better the bigger than you ever been before if this team. of what you can be. when you do that please take this as an example. >>just congratulations that's even out that day during the summer where there is no baseball going on, but a big deal may be on the way the trade deadline is at the end of this month. we could be seeing the giants and dodgers transaction will smith has emerged as reliever this season. there's a chance he may be playing the 2nd half of the year in los angeles as the dodgers have shown interest this is according to mlb dot
10:50 pm
com. >>this year smith, the city cam out of the bullpen 23 saves and a subject to the r a. >>now to the nba if you saw this offseason has been well with the free agency signings get ready to experience this all over again in a couple of years, according to reports you los angeles but for kawhi leonard it signed a 3 year million deal with the team. he has the option to become a free agent after 2 seasons. this runs contrary to many expectations he be signing a four-year contract in l a his deal also coincides with his new teammate paul george that means in the summer of 2021 leonard george and get this yonas attempted coup ball, the reigning mvp. they all have the choice to sign with new teams that's a today's highlight from wimbledon men's quarter-final novak djokovic versus david goffin this may have been the point of the turning coffin, those backing aloft returns it between his legs back to the joker returns the trick going through his legs as well the for golf and
10:51 pm
finally put it away to win the point ed match point gauff in is magical this time, it's why the top-seeded joke of its wins in straight sets. 6 war 6 nothing 60 to advance to the semifinals against. >>roberta about he stuffed roger federer when his one 100th match at wimbledon to advance to the other semi against rafael nidal and finally congratulations to a true legend and the greatest winner in american team sports bill russell was recipient of the arthur ashe courage award at tonight's espy awards, the 11 time nba champion can constantly stare down racial prejudice during his 13 year career is the 27th recipient of the award. those are reflected the spirit strength and courage. tennis great arthur ashe was a local human rights campaigner for over 3 decades, russell, who grew up in oakland and went to climate high was presented the award by kobe bryant called russell his mentor and friend and
10:52 pm
inspiration just a phenomenal love and he's one of a kind. >>all right. thank you all right let's check in with lawrence heading. >>in close now temperatures going to start heating up going to start heating up around the bay ♪ ♪ going to start heating up around the bay ♪ this is how driving should feel. the tech-advanced nissan leaf. the best selling electric vehicle of all time. this is nissan intelligent mobility. ♪ discover paint bleed you under your tape...... not with frogtape! frogtape is the only painter's tape treated with patented paintblock technology. paintblock reacts with the water in latex paint
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>>matt lauer's wife and that has officially filed for divorce after 20 years of marriage, according to people magazine, this comes 2 years after lauer was fired by nbc for alleged reports of
10:55 pm
sexual-misconduct according to people the couple split after those reports, but today her yesterday his wife officially submitted the paperwork to divorce in new york together they have 3 children. >>up next the news continues on our 24 7 streaming service called kron on on its commercial free afternoon and is standing by in the newsroom with what we're working on catherine. >>hi, pam and ken what we're going to talk more about the victorious women's a soccer team, you know they've been celebrating a lot also pushing for equal pay for women athletes. wednesday night meantime alex morgan one female athlete of the year at the she also shared the best team award that your teammates and we'll have more on that later back to you. >>thank you catherine make sure and download the kron on app to get 24 7 commercial free local news coverage, lawrence. >>all right guys hey you know we've got some changes coming our way of thinking like an too. skies, pretty clear right now out toward the golden gate
10:56 pm
bridge that's a good sign we do have some patchy fog city over parts of san francisco, but yeah looks like more sunshine on the way as high pressure trying to build in here you see the patch fall kind of fill in along the coastline right now so they're trying to sneak inside the bay but not going to be much as we head in toward tomorrow. temperatures still the 70's in any a right now 68 degrees in concord of 63 in san jose and cooling a 59 degrees in san francisco. but tomorrow morning we get up there to see some patchy fog early on, but it's not as much because we're going to show you see this morning. you see more sunshine on the way as we head toward the afternoon tomorrow, these temperatures to warm up nicely maybe some hot 90 showing up in the valleys to so about that speaking of the fog here it is you can see it moving inside the bay but really not going to penetrate all the way to the interior valleys so just patchy fog early on that it's going hug the coast into the afternoon and probably be in the back on shore by tomorrow evening. so that being said temperatures tomorrow going to be a cool co side. you don't get a 59 degrees but look at dover the mission what a difference in san francisco. in a short distance there 70 degrees of the mission 59 degrees in daly
10:57 pm
city inside the bay are looking at 60's and burlingame 65 millbrae 76 in redwood city the south a lot of 70's 80's popping up in the afternoon, warm temperatures and then we start a little hot 89 degrees in pleasanton 90 degrees in livermore 87 in dublin, 72 in hayward 80 degrees muranga but 86 walnut creek 90 in concord get the idea these temperatures warming up inland along the coastline enough of the sea breeze keep those numbers down so here we go over the next uh 10 days so if you're 10 a 10 to 9. we're going to see some hotter temperatures to the weekend that will start to cool things down on monday and tuesday warming back up. >>all right lawrence, thank you thanks all of you for
10:58 pm
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