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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  July 11, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>>thanks for waking up with us it felt like more than a cute was like a little chair from an ar florida. i like it hands in the air because area most of the left-handers day it's his favorite doesn't case legit thank you for joining us. we've got a weather traffic to start this hour to 06:00am on the road robin roads are looking good but i do have new nie delays to talk about we have some down overhead wires in san francisco. >>so that's causing delays on given up okay with that with the weather today john pretty good. it's warmer today though, and worries that only warming into the weekend to you've got they see storms still yeah. >>i was just thinking about when windbreaker. you know how huge fan i just want my kid one too. it will keep you warm and then though he's a no one would break this to windbreakers or help on
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mornings like this, but this weekend it might be the for this thing from your mind as those temperatures really do heat up in the days to come looking outside at golden gate bridge. it is very foggy this morning. this fog is dense and settle the right into the bay hanging out just up and down the coast. once you head above and i showed you that sutro tower view just a minute ago it is crystal clear up there so visibility in half moon bay and san francisco arey low to watch out for some spots. >>right up and down the coastline where your visibility could cause some problems and slow you down elsewhere, it's just a few patchy areas of fog so it's not intruding very far into the bay this morning that is going to burn off pretty quickly to this is going to set us up for some sunshine really soon across many parts of the day, especially inland areas, where daytime highs today could approach 90 degrees. more on your forecast still to come. robin. >>thank you john checking back in on duty in san francisco, they're dealing with some down and overhead wires on our letter and bay sure so they have shuttles and place make
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sure the plan ahead if you travel along that stretch still reporting delays and we don't know how long it's going to take to get the problem fixed was a deal with those mechanical problems pay attention to the announcements that they are making your drive into san francisco looks pretty decent we don't have any big problems here just along back up that spills to the bottom. >>of so be prepared for that 15 minutes a pretty good average and off to fremont street started. thanks a lot 6 into an overnight. we have news about the ice raids that are going to happen on undocumented immigrants expected to take place sunday, yeah and it will be in 10 major cities across the country, including here in the bay area, how many we're not quite sure but sarah stinson is live in san francisco with what we know so far sarah. >>walt we know that the last time these ice roads were threatened. they were saying that they were going to hit san francisco and across the bay bridge in oakland, so oh we don't know for sure which cities are going to hit this time, but we do know that the acting director of the us
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citizenship and immigration services is saying it's definitely absolutely going to happen. they're doing them and we're hearing reports of this could be as soon as this sunday. the new york times is the one who is reporting this saying they have their sources of homeland security saying it's going to begin this sunday nationwide in those 10 major cities now families arrested together will be held in family detention centers in texas and pennsylvania. but since most of them are almost filled some may have to stay in hotel rooms until their travel documents are prepared. there's about 2000 immigrants who are expected to be targeted. good been ordered to be deported and some who have failed to appear in court but the scary thing is that ice agents will also be on the lookout for other undocumentee immigrants while the is there on these raids so they will not hesitate to detain others. ice agents worry though that many of these people they're looking for have left their known addresses since president donald trump tweeted about the raids about 2 weeks
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ago. we talked we heard from the acting director listen to what he says will happen. >>they're absolutely going to happen there's approximately a million people in this country with removal orders. course that isn't what ice will go after in this, but that's the pool of people who've been all the way through the due process change. >>now the ice raids were supposed to take place in june, but the day before president trump decided to if the democrats or s to see republicans could work out their differences surrounding the southern border. so that's why now it's looking like these raids are happening this week on sunday in 10 major cities as i said last time these raids were you know being threatened san francisco and oakland were on the list. now both mayors have spoken out about this in have been supporting undocumented immigrants saying you know your rights by living in a sanctuary city and reach out to immigration services in
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your city to get any help they may need ask any questions that you haven't make sure that you do know your rights of both mayors are very. very mad about these raids and zayas just talk about how a caution will these are so they're hoping that you know that their residents will be safe and that's why they're doing everything they can to help them, i'm live in san francisco sarah stinson kron 4 news thank you sarah. >>time now is police in san francisco have released a new picture of the car. that struck a tourist on tuesday at the palace, a legion of honor museum and here it is a 4 door. >>silver bmw. the man who was hit by this car is a father who was visiting the city with his son and they noticed 2 guys trying to break into their rental car. when the dad tried to take their picture of the seas. they got into their car and they ran him over as they took off in the area is being taken to the hospital that story is this morning.
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the death of a scientist from oakland is now being investigated as a homicide. her body 59 year-old suzanne eaton her body was found on the greek island of crete on monday 6 days after she vanished, and now police say she died from asphyxiation eaton worked in dresden germany and she had been attending a conference in crete when she was listed as missing on july 2nd. >>well federal government's planned to drop rat poison on farallon islands is on hold for now the california coastal commission held a meeting on the plan which would have targeted an infestation of mice on the island about 27 miles off san francisco's coast. the us fish and wildlife service says it was going to use rat poison. that's banned in california and commissioners have questions about the effects of that's going to have on some of the other birds and other species. so they asked federal officials to withdraw their plan until those questions are answered. park district is planning to take over 2000
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acres of old concord naval weapons station. a property and turn it into a community park. the move would transfer ownership of the land from the navy to the park district, it'll take about 6 months to complete that process. officials are planning a celebration at the naval weapons station. this coming saturday morning the community park i, still several years away however, from opening to the public and there's no timetable on that development yet. the city of oakland will close the street behind the home depot in the city's fruitvale district to fight problems associated with the homeless encampment that's popped up in that area. the unanimous decision by the city council means that for people living in those are fees on that street. they're going to have to find somewhere else to go the section of 37th avenue will be closed for 8 months in an effort to curb crime and illegal dumping home depot which have been asking the city to remove these homeless encampment from the area has agreed to pay for the fence that's needed to close off that street. >>family and friends of 15 year-old dave on hand say he
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was a leader in the community and he was shot and killed in the mission district monday morning. >>kron four's taylor, the sacking has the latest now on the investigation into his death. >>this miles little room. his ways his demeanor was beautiful. his presence was world changing and we saw him as a world changed her just being developed and getting equipped and ready 15 year-old avon homes life was cut short monday morning. >>when he was shot and killed in the mission district near 24th in cap streets, san francisco police say the suspected killer or killers, sped away from the scene in led them in a car chase but eventually that away no mother should have to go to this and our mothers out consistently point to this and we should have to look at our families and our children's as if they are in endangered species as if we have to save them simply. >>just to be able to live a life. >>time around us new home for most of his teenage years
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through an organization called united plans a violence prevention and youth development group in soma she describes hahn is a kind respectful and loving leader in their group dave on blast that progress turning into perfection of one of the rising young teens u p we're alice says he was very involved with his community we had advocate who would be here first thing in the morning for city cleanups for mlk marches than you have add. >>funny who was one of our. performers for the comedy show we did then you have. >>and love back by his community as well he was loved by all that knew him. >>and if you didn't love him that means you really didn't know him. >>organization is holding a candlelight vigil on this friday, it's at 06:00pm and the gene friend rec center. if you have any information about han's death contact. the police in san francisco taylor sackey kron 4 news. >>6 o 9 in the east and driver
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intentionally drove into an oakld police officer and the officer had to go to the hospital. they were investigating a car that crashed into the grace baptist church on 98 avenue when a separate car drove into the marked police suv with the officer inside that driver turns out was troing to get away from a hit and run accident that happened a few blocks away. police arrested the driver and they say that in that car they found a loaded stolen gun. the officer in the suv has been in the hospital but he since been released. also in the east bay, the city of fremont is deciding between 2 places to build a homeless center. the options come after some neighbors were against the facility earlier in the year the decision is between 2 sites one. near a nursery, the gross plans on to kowtow road and the other is near a parking lot behind city hall. >>you have to go somewhere and a lot of cities are doing anything about it they just beat. were earlier in the
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week, the throw to several entities could push him around in different areas. and i think it's a great idea, the more cities need to take responsibility and do stuff like that. >>right now the homeless center still in the planning stages city officials say that when it's built it should has about 45 people that will be allowed to stay for up to 6 months at a time in 6.11 and still to come this thursday morning one san francisco neighborhood has filed a lawsuit against a homeless shelter in their neighborhood will tell you why and then rapper jay z is partnering with a bay area path the company. what the new deal means for business. and a majority of people who live in california are considering leaving the state can you guess why.
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geico. over 75 years of savings and service. >>and we get a look at the weather and i guess we're getting above the clouds flying above the clouds a shot in. >>doing what most of us don't have the chance to do as you're driving or have really nice picture. suit romer that is suture right there. yeah, definitely a nice you above the gray that is to envelop to the rest of us in yeah, nice a look ahead at what we can expect the rest of the day once that fog does eventually depart the bay area and taking a look at sure beats the view that you're looking at san
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francisco, san jose though you're not looking at much if any cloud cover you can see it out there in the distance but it is a nice clear start for you and your view from berkeley is shown, you know what a lot of us are seeing this morning which is still some foggy to cloudy conditions. fog is not as president it was yesterday though believe it or not it's especially thick up and down the coast but its intrusion into the bay is pretty limited compared to your wednesday behind us now high pressure is building back in this forecast. what does this mean for us. well first of all temperatures are going to be on the rise our morning fog is going to be president especially along the coast, but it's not going to stream in one so far as this warm and dry air replaces that this is going to help temperatures inland to rise really quickly starting today but into tomorrow saturday and sunday you're really going to notice or inland temperatures starting to peak, higher and higher into the upper 90's in some cases and in some cases further inland, especially into the interior valleys of the state we're talking triple digits returning these will be
6:16 am
the warmest temperatures of the month. so far we have enjoyed seasonable and relatively conditions and for the coast. you're going to hang on to that mission district today though up to 70 degrees so little bit warmer 60's from daly city down to half moon bay and then also looking at some 60's and 70's in brisbane's south san francisco and san bruno while bilbray and burlingame there in the 70's 70's and now 80's searching from san carlos southward as you head down into the south bay where your daytime highs will be solid mid-eighties san jose warmer than yesterday at 84. the east subtle warm up from 24 hours ago livermore here in the mid 80's with conquered. now just shy of 90 today start to get a little uncomfortable as for those daytime highs in just a few spots while oakland will comfortably peak at 75. if you head up 80 eventually up to vacaville, he will be running into some 90's, the first 90 and what will be a forecast that's about to bring plenty of them into the upcoming weekend. you do see friday saturday and sunday are inland
6:17 am
average highs will be well into the 90's with saturday, especially bringing some inland temperatures close to triple digits by the bay temperatures will also be on the rise peaking in the mid 70's on average by sunday with some spots getting close to the 80 degree mark, just alongside the bay. that's a look at your forecast robin how is traffic right now thank you john traffic is getting heavier and heavier we're checking out highway 90 to look at the brake lights. >>was found west of the toll plaza just barely moving no problems right now it's just a typical morning crowd, trying to get over to the peninsula. so about 15 minutes, that's your average. the bay bridge traffic why into cash lanes and fast track lanes all stacked up and now it's spilling back to the bottom of the maze. so it has officially reached that point but no major interruption so 15 minutes that's ok right 15 minutes for your average off to fremont street and that does not include in hot spots are major issues a little busy for you through pittsburgh in bay point on wes for but not bad at 6.80 wide open. such a
6:18 am
call to danville filling in on the nimitz but no trouble spots, nothing to worry about 26 minutes from to 38 to 37 1 oh one looks good san jose to menlo park darya back to you thanks a >>17 after those 2 major earthquakes in southern california bay area fire departments are getting better prepared for the next big one that might hit here the menlo park fire department showed off new equipment. that's going to help them respond fast. pastor. when a quake hits the station's alarms will sound. >>and the doors will open automatically and immediately and that will save precious time. everything in a natural disaster comes down to the last second. >>of that could happen is we get a fire station that collapses or they can't get the doors open for one of the firefighters themselves gets hurt. they were taken that piece of equipment we've taken those personal out of service at a point where we need them. >>the district also showed off a new k 9 unit, they have some heavy rescue equipment as well
6:19 am
and new drones that they were going to use for surveying damage and for rescues a group of proposals toelp california prevent and respond to wildfires statewide is moving forward in sacramento. there are 4 senate bills and they just cleared the final policy committees, one of them would establish the california wildfire warning center which would conduct fire weather forecast and look for fires threats. another bill would authorize the government insurance commissioner and treasure to enter into an insurance policy to pay out when california has an unexpected disaster cost. >>a baby boom for a northern california fire department over the past year a dozen babies were born to parents linked to the reading fire department 12 babies and 9 moms. so there are 3 sets of twins in all of that to the women were pregnant while their husbands were out on the final has decided to will it all very cute not to see bill
6:20 am
that will fire department bonding more as a giant family now with everybody kind of helping each other out it takes a village or fire department all right and just because don't forget. the that if the dads are the ones that work in this case they are at the fire station they spend nights away right as they do the line. >>so the the moms are back home alone they help each other. and i think you may comes now the baby is basically nobody's get any sleep over height. >>use a bill to protect drivers working for rideshare companies like uber lyft is moving forward but not everybody is on board with it. the bill would redefine independent contractors as employees, those backing the bill say the company's misclassified rideshare drivers as independent contractors to get around minimum wage over time workers comp laws but rideshare companies themselves and several other groups are against this measure. opponents worry the bill could hurt small businesses and startups and workers who enjoy having they're flexible
6:21 am
schedules. i think it's going to be a blow to our economy. >>um i don't know how new businesses are going to get started and be able to come up one again most small businesses start. >>on a shoestring the idea that they will go quietly into the good night is i think delusional on all of our parts i appreciate the conversations that are ongoing. the bill now heads to the senate appropriations committee before it makes it to the senate floor. >>big developments in the go ship warehouse fire trial, we'll tell you what one of the defendants admits. after the break we're gonna tell you why jay z has decided to partner up with the bay area pot company.
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>>it's 6 24 in the south bay cannabis company is celebrating a new deal with rapper jay z the he's a the new chief brand strategist for cully vogue. >>it's based in san jose we have no abella now with more. i'm kind of growers in a it stays these days. >>on wednesday to leave a customer's at the san jose shop were buzzing off she news of jay z's partnership with the brand on the light. >>do that o it's cooler days he's getting involved i think he's picked a good a good company john the shah is a frequent customer and decade long cannabis activist.
6:25 am
>>he feels the multi-year partnership is a win-win. >>get involved in trying to bring some awareness to all the social justice issues it for many decades to me is awesome. >>not only will jay z be helping with creative decisions for the company. still specifically focus on improving the representation and participation of previously incarcerated people who are still being kept out of the legal weed business. the rapper said quote to leave his expertise and east coasts makes them the best partner for this endeavor. we want to create something amazing happened in the process do good and bring people along the way the end like a more ethical reason to come here. >>i think that her. going leave and not just because their selections really good but i feel it if they're involved with that sort of thing maybe. it follows suit maybe can start a trend to
6:26 am
leave a is a strong leader in the industry boasting a wide selection of products employer pay benefits and award-winning greens. >>seo dennis o'malley says they hope to use their platform to shape the conversation surrounding cannabis a statement that's music to customers years to come here because and important we support. >>exporting companies got the feed enter so that the rest of the changes that still need to happen can happen. >>no financial details have been released just yet when it como this partnership, but cully va does say they plan to work with the communities that have been hardest hit by the war on drugs we can expect to get some of those details in the coming months in san jose noel bellow kron 4 news. >>construction is starting here for new navigation cente >>construction is starting oh thaphenomenal!, that's unfair. that's so unfair. c'mon jay-bo. let's go. let's go. woahh!
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. >>i look at weather and traffic for on thursday morning how we roll around and it is packed out there a slow roll for sure, but no major hot spots and what we're looking at weather wise on this thursday a little warmer and a little bit warmer today, clearing skies into the afternoon kind of something we've gotten used to we see a lot of fog especially during our morning hours. but our afternoons have been greeted by plenty of sunshine. this view biz and foggy at all what you head above that layer fog that streaming in along the coast of this is what you're seeing the lick observatory and other hilly areas right above fog. we're looking nice and clear while san francisco
6:30 am
and half moon bay, just the opposite visibility having fallen well below a mile this morning. >>foggo make its retreat eventually and then we will be in for that sunshine as per the usual based on what we've seen so far this weekend this month, 50's and 60's for your current temperatures. it is another warm start to the day already into the upper 70's inland just by noontime today and will be approaching 90 degrees for many inland areas into the afternoon. this setting us up for what will be 8 host the weekend ahead, i'll get to that still to come. robin. >>thank you john we're checking back in on the bay bridge traffic which is heavier it spills back into the maze now it's on to the 5 of the west connector and the shore freeway connector so be prepared for a long slow down leading up to the toll plaza but it is quiet on the bridge and that's what we like 17 minutes, a good average. after fremont street. we're taking a look at some more numbers like if you come in from the east shore freeway, 18 minutes from crockett oakland that's good. 24 wide open wannacry through
6:31 am
the caldecott to 38 to downtown oakland looking good for both the nimitz and the macarthur will check more coming up its ok. thank you robin. >>time is 6.30 a new this morning plans to build a homeless navigation center along the embarcadero in san francisco is now being met with a lawsuit. >>kron 4 as of the latest coverage, this morning, a group of neighbors are opposed to this and christina tape cho is live now in san francisco with the latest. >>they're here behind me you can actually see that construction preparation has begun here for the new navigation center and mosque 33 now the group that you mentioned that is safe and parker dera for are for all their group who actually opposes the safe navigation center coming here and they actually filed a lawsuit in to peer court after threatening to do so just last month and they're just their goal is to stop plans at all process of the homeless shelter being built here between the ferry building and the giant oracle park. now the lawsuit seeks to have the state lands
6:32 am
commission act to protect the public from the development as the property is public trust land the filing also seeks a temporary restraining order to stay and keep the development from progressing until the lawsuit is decided according to say from bar cordero and the lawsuit more than 10,000 residents. many of them. retirees and young families with children live here within 3 bach blocks of the proposed center. they even after 2 appeals were filed against a proposed center and much pushback from people who live in this area, including those unsafe embarcadero the san francisco board of supervisors voted to move forward with the plans just last month, the homeless shelter will have around 200 beds of it does. that if it does come to fruition right here often parker darrow and will be the largest navigation center in the city, this is something proposed by mehr freed in march it was officially approved in april of justice here is something that we've been following here at kron 4. throughout the past few months and actually have spoken with a lot of people throughout the past few months joe's here off the market share here run by
6:33 am
frequently walk right frequently or live here and the 2 sides of the argument really are we don't want homeless in this area. more of that not in my backyard type of mentality, but we do want to help them and then the other side is saying basically this is and be a great news of the space here especially with the amount of homelessness in this area for now reporting live on the market darrow, christina 6.33 right,now. >>and cisco is getting more than a million dollars from the state to help young people who have survived or at risk of being trafficked the money will pay for a 3 year pilot program and it should start later this year. it aims to provide housing options and services for kids, many of whom are homeless or involved in the child welfare or juvenile justice system. time now 6.33 and for the 3rd day in a row defended eric l man that took the stand in the go ship warehouse fire try yeah and now he's admitting to not having the proper permits. >>to make the changes said that they made inside that building kron four's michelle
6:34 am
kingston explains. >>his attorney says he's exhausted and unable to sleep but derek returned to the stand for the 3rd day in a row prosecutors appearing to do what they can to catch him in a lie. poke at his credibility on wednesday pointing to body camera footage and a police report about a wild party at the warehouse that amanda did not throw but where his son found a used condom. >>god, you know we've heard of my grabbed shouldn't catch you know. now we have to hear about condom i i you know are they in week are they that do they feel their show far behind that they have to resort to that kind of sensationalism. it glaze and it shows dash for all mean as attorney tony serra says the police report is not relevant that it was character assassination. >>the judge allowing it.
6:35 am
>>my god, what what were we treated to today the biggest with his son. g to you know when i won't even go into and defamatory that was at times it's uncomfortable to watch the cross examination now made are not answering questions directly often leading to alameda county prosecutor ah chee james having to repeat questions over and over again all men are coming off. >>but hated in combative. some family members of the victims of ththe fire not believing a word. he says he won't take a credibility for anything that done and >>man has attorney believes cross examination will wrap up on thursday morning. but we haven't even gotten to the night of the fire yet so. >>we'll see what happens in oakland, michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>in the south bay firefighters put out a garage fire that was threatening a home in campbell it happened yesterday afternoon in the 400 block of richly drive. as a
6:36 am
picture firefighters doing t work of knocking down this fire really took them about 15 minutes and the flames did not spread to the house which was good news there cause is still unknown. nobody was hurt. >>a high school football coach born with no arms or legs was honored at the espys in los angeles last night that's right his name is rob mendez he coaches the jv football squad at prospect high school in saratoga and kron four's will tran is live for us from the campus of that school ththt morning with the what an inspirational story well. >>you feel like a loser right because he's done much with so little and we are healthy all of her limbs and we don't even do a quarter. what he's doing on a daily basis. >>let's get right to the video, i mean you talk about overcoming obstacles determination and grit rob mendez. >>born without arms or legs at condition. so rare that reportedly only 7 people in the world happened at this particular time but his
6:37 am
parents they told them from a young age, no excuses you will do everything everybody else does. so he's been productive all of his life and then about 15 years ago his sister introduced him to football. >>through madden video games and he thought that was interesting so he learned to play that he liked the idea that you can rest. >>between plays and then in high school he became a manager of the football team as a freshman and then over the past 12 years, an assistant coach at many high schools. then finally last year they gave him the title of head coach for junior varsity and having a great season 8, 2, i was thinking james and darya before last night they belong to the south bay belong to the bay area but after this electrifying speech. he belongs to the world. >>realizing i couldn't play football. but i could coach football. for me to never give up from where the jimmy v that
6:38 am
was my way of focusing on what i can do. says i can go further. that's my message tonight. >>i need that as an alarm clock i would jump up and run into the station and where what an inspiration and people are smiling people who know him he's maria you've you're a good friend of his talk about robin and this is just one fantastic man he's just an amazing person and hear prospect, we just love him, let me just he just i'm at all. i'm at all assume that you're getting a little choked up he's just he just is just gotten all around you can imagine working with him he's on staff, you know and at the whole staff love him just give me a quick story about him that inspires you dizzy and there's some people say hi to everybody right and that's
6:39 am
what i did when i first met him i saw the cameras following my thought was going on here you on the sesewill here you coach eat ice and the soy has no arms or legs and i went wow what and when i first saw him i just had to be at all you know like. when you meet him he's very powerful he knows what he wants. and he's just he's so i can't describe it we just he's them. you just want to hug them. and friday before he left i d d we gave each other hugs in i mean you know he's on his way in do you know when he'll be back. >>no i'm not sure but i knew we took off monday morning. >>when he comes back, i'm sure there's a question local media would love to talk you my number i'd love to meet him because i need pep talks. we all need a life coach you are on line coach mendez please call me i need a life coach because his life coach apparently is tom brady because he says he watches tom brady and tom brady so fired up that it inspires mendez amanda says he
6:40 am
doesn't wear prosthetics because he wants to be exactly who he is to inspire others. he already has. >>back to you we'll 20 say that is parents told him they should be you can make a lot of money being a motivational speaker and you read that well right now and then he said what i love football. so that's what i want to coach these kids. i don't want to go make my job a motivational speaker he's just a motivation is needed he knew he could make money for that absolutely he can make money be a motivational speaker, but he wants to make an impact. >>and let's face it is a motive motivational speaker just doing anything right being who he is and now we hear from friends. i mean it seems like this guy has a huge heart and a huge personality is cool all right, thanks. a lot well looking forward to a following. >>that coaches a he continued. all right coming up next under fire for its equipment that could spark wildfires tell you how the utilities responding to all of that this morning and then labor secretary alex acosta is defending the lenient plea deal that he gave
6:41 am
2 convicted sex-offender jeffrey epstein and temperatures this morning pretty similar to yesterday's were in the 60's right now for conquered in san jose with upper 50's in oakland in hayward. >>i'm talking where we're headed next in your forecast. >>and i'm tracking your commute around the bay area this morning. it's going to be busy drive into san francisco, the traffic here in 80 it's
6:42 am
6:43 am
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>>6.43 right now get a look at weather on this thursday morning and i guess so we've got the usual fog a little bit and get started with that fog and in with the sunshine. you know last year a room looking back in july it was persistently foggy in the schertz been different so often on we've seen in us and breaking up a little bit into the afternoon as you get not just your window sun later in the day, but we've got a lot of sun so far this summer and there were continuing that especially this weekend looking outside at the foggy conditions that are streaming in especially along the coast. this morning. this is from suture tower looking out about that dense fog that is resulting in some visibility issues for those of you that are traveling such as up and down highway one where it's especially dense down in san jose skies are just nice and clear not so much just yet out in the east bay patchy fog streaming out into the east bay hills such as right about berkeley conditions going clear pretty quickly this afternoon and then there's that sunshine that have been talking about high pressure is
6:45 am
at play and it is going to be building in the next couple of days, this is going to result in a dry and hot air mass sitting, especially over inland valleys across the state and temperatures will be the warmest of the month. so far we've enjoyed some seasonable weather up to this point those foggy mornings a sunny afternoons we're going to keep both factors fog is going to hang out especially right along the coast and obviously that coastal impact is going to keep temperatures in areas like san francisco even oakland berkeley on the cooler side with comfortable weather. but it's our inland spots that are really going to notice the difference in the days to come all starting this weekend as for temperatures today, 60's and 70's for san francisco, one of our warmest days of the week so far 60 stretching from daly city down to half moon bay at 67. while millbrae and burlingame in the 70's solidly, you go south the same carlos and now you're talking 80's with mountain dew 81 palo alto right at 80 degrees, south bay in the low to mid 80's, san jose and campbell at 84, each morgan
6:46 am
hill keeping 86 much like yesterday while fremont union city hayward on up to oakland and richmond. all in the 70's are really comfortable. one. take a look at what we're going to be seeing over in concord 88 degrees this is getting uncomfortably hot now and into the 90's for vacaville napa in fairfield each 87 while holding on to the 80's in santa rosa, while rising into them then petaluma novato and sandra fell looking at friday saturday and sunday there's your 90's the warmest temperatures of the month so far with some spots inland, especially on saturday nearing triple digits, so this is hot we're not necessarily used to this hot of weather just yet. so as you plan out your weekend make sure to stay hydrated and probably just keep inside during those peak, a heat hours during the early afternoon. bayside areas also warming up near 80 degrees in some spots by the end of the weekend. that's a look at your forecast robin how is traffic holding up. >>getting heavier on the
6:47 am
bridge's john we're checking out the richmond center fell rest bound 5.80 the last time i checked id. it was a delay free now we have a long line here leading up to the pay gates then stretches beyond richmond parkway so that's where it starts and continues through the tolls then after that it's going to be great drive heading across the span. the bay bridge traffic filling into fish lee backed up into the maze to those major connector ramp as usual carpool lanes look great busy up the incline busy on the suspension. overall this is not bad you can handle 15 minutes that's not terrible. heading into san francisco. we're checking out the south bay checking out one oh one. we're at 37 minutes and growing san jose to menlo park, no major problems for 2.80, san jose to cupertino and we have to typical crowd on 80 south and 6.80 south and no big problems for 17 25 minutes through the santa cruz motains and into los gatos started. >>thanks a lot robin 6.47 a big story, a federal judge in san francisco is demanding pg
6:48 am
any response to new wildfire allegations an explosive report. and the wall street journal reveals pg any new for years that its power lines could cause wildfires and they didn't do anything about it. and we're is one of the reporters who worked on that story. >>in terms of what you dominant lines and what it. oversight of transmission lines though to be speaking to regulatory gray area that being said just completed inspections of many of its the highest high risk areas throughout california in the coming bliss. the basic result of actions. tell people when they're going to get weaving. the repairs that are needed and know on their website. >>pg e responded to our request with in part this to a
6:49 am
statement saying that their safety of customers is the most important responsibility and they are reviewing the court's order. >>time now 6.48 and labor secretary alex acosta continues to defend his role. in the plea deal with child sex-trafficking suspect jeffrey epstein, the out but calls for him to resign continue to grow louder we've got reid binion now with the story. >>we believe that we proceed that based on the evidence and not just my opinion but i've shared the affidavit based on the evidence. there was value to getting a guilty plea and having him breakfast. >>labor secretary alex acosta sticking to his guns that he secured the best plea deal he could during his role in the prosecution of jeffrey epstein for sex-crimes in 2008 which he now acknowledges may seem lenient as time has passed a look at this and they say, but why. >>and so you always look back and you say what if.
6:50 am
>>despite the secretary's efforts to explain himself democrats calls for his resignation are only getting louder. acosta says they're not looking at the facts of the case in the district attorney of palm beach county. review the evidence and recommended a single charge and that charge would have resulted in no jail time at all. no registration is a sexually offenders and no restitution to the victims. simply put the palm beach state attorney's office was ready to let epstein walk free. no jail time, nothing i'm reid binion reporting. tensions between house speaker nancy pelosi and a group of progressive women in her caucus continues to grow and those women are. >>representatives ocasio cortez gilman arm rashida to leave and a on your presley. they spread over the recent are said to there spread out over the researcher that it's
6:51 am
part i should say over the recent border funding bill passed by the house that the group of progressive supposed in a meeting wednesday. pelosi reportedly told that group the legislation means not everyone can get what they want the cause of cortes says the persistent signaling singling out of her and her colleagues by pelosi, maybe more than just outright disrespect. happening today, president trump is holding a social media forum at the white house. but none of the big name tech companies from the bay area like facebook or twitter are invited instead he is inviting leaders of conservative think tanks along with far right personalities and trolls so far the white house hasn't released any information on about the events other than addressing so-called social media bias a new survey. half of people living in california are considering leaving the golden state because of the high cost of living. according to adam intelligence, 53% of residents are considering moving out of the state. the age group most likely to leave millennials 76% the bay area residents in fact say the cost of living
6:52 am
and the availability of housing is one of the biggest issues for them. the median home value in san francisco by the way sits at more than a million dollars. speaking of money, here's a check of the big board this morning, the dow actually surging more than a 100 points as we open up the trading day today we're seeing positive trading across the board with investors pleased with what they're hearing from fed chief jerome powell as he's hinting there could be a interest rate cut coming at the end of the month and wall street reacted positively to that news. i will take a quick break coming up at 7. >>on the kron 4 morning news, the president is holding a news conference this morning to announce how he plans to include the citizenship question on the 2020 census. despite the supreme court's ruling that is not allowed to do that we'll have the latest.
6:53 am
6:54 am
♪ ♪ ♪
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this is how driving should feel. the tech-advanced nissan leaf. the best selling electric vehicle of all time. this is nissan intelligent mobility. ♪ outside shows plenty of sunshine over so no one of our spots that is actually sunny had like other spots in the bay where especially right along the bay, you are looking at a dose of fog right now 50's in san francisco, oakland hayward and fremont well low 60's in mountain view, san jose in concord cuban one of our warmer spots all morning and you continue to be at 65 degrees currently now these numbers are certainly warm for this time of day. but they're actually little bit cooler the warm and muggy start that we had to the day yesterday to make our way into the afternoon this dry air mass is really going to heat up and that means some hot inland temperatures. robin.
6:56 am
>>to the bay bridge checking back in on 80 which is definitely not improving it's going to be slow drive into san francisco from the maze and it stays like that right to the pay gates up the incline so just be prepared for a lot of heavy traffic coming in. but still problems are major issues that you need to worry about coming in right now you're only averaging 13 minutes alaska and off to fremont street. we'll check more bridges slow downs coming up james. >>thank you robin time now 6.56 coming up in the next hour of the kron 4 morning news we're going to follow us on the breaking news overnight word of ice raids happening all across the country starting this weekend. we'll have the overnight developments in a live report. plus there's a new attempt now to prevent the city of san francisco from building a new navigation center along the embarcadero and california is putting a hold on the federal government's plan to poison mice on the farallon islands will tell you about the question that officials say needs to be answered before that plan to move forward. here's a quick live look outside the san mateo bridge traffic moving along 92,
6:57 am
although the slow but it's moving right, you see the sun there in the distance. yeah, we've got a pretty nice look at some sunshine this afternoon. although you really can't see it at the golden gate bridge. so the fog low clouds. heavy in spots we're going to have more on your forecast with john tribal and word of a big there's no such thing as a born winner. so start driving and don't stop. because no one takes off at the finish line. and the only way to get that trophy, is to take it. net generation. official youth tennis of the usta.
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>>good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher we've got john and robin here with weather and traffic let's see how things are shaping up the top of this hour on a crawl getting heavier by the minute not improving its i going to any time soon look at the bridges we're looking at whether through a little bit of fog this morning. yeah, a little bit of fog out there, especially thick at the coast, not as thick this morning for inland spots, so depending on where you're at the catching a break or you're definitely not at the golden gate bridge, where conditions as you can see are especially not so clear can't see any of the bridge really if you're looking out there, i'll step out of the way because this really is quite the foggy start to the morning so do slow it down. in san francisco and half moon bay and even out towards oakland where visibility is falling pretty low now elsewhere in the bay skies are actually pretty clear. so fog where is ng out is definitely a problem it's not going to be there for long though, and skies are going to clear pretty quickly into the afternoon lot clearer than they did


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