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tv   KRON 4 News at 530  KRON  July 11, 2019 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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it's equality in my hand. it's not a boy thing, or a girl thing. it's everything. give your kids a sport with a level playing field for all. join net generation. >>our top story tonight at 5.30 the trump administration and democrats in congress clashing over the issue of immigration again the administration announced that immigration raise will start this weekend kron four's
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washington correspondent alexander reports democrats are pleading for the exact opposite. >>they want more humane treatment for the migrants. >>please on the father. that little girl. >>kawhi senator mazie hirono was in tears when addressing the situation at the u s mexico border, if you weren't appalled. by these pictures then something is dead. we're dying in your hearts democratic senators introduced a bill they called the stop cruelty to migrant children at it would end family separations set minimum health standards for immigration detention centers and provide legal aid to unaccompanied minors. it's changing the entire mistreatment of children from beginning to end while humanitarian organizations like amnesty international support all of the provisions of this bill. >>they have criticized republicans and democrats for voting to pass the billion
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emergency spending bill last month with no strings attached, what the us government gave. >>trump administration was a blank check to engage in more of the same the trump administration has made it clear it will continue to crack down. >>immigration and customs enforcement agents are preparing to launch raids and round up undocumented immigrants. they're absolutely going to happen there's. >>approximately a million people in this country with removal orders, democratic lawmakers fear families and children will be caught up in the rates. >>which are expected in large cities, including san francisco, los angeles new york and miami. in washington. alexandra the mound. we have continuing coverage on the ice raids on our. >>website there you can find when and where the rains are expected. what to do if they happen and how lawmakers are responding it's all happening at kron 4 dot com. >>another big story we are following tonight, president trump abandoning the effort to add a citizenship question to the 2020 senses, instead, he
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will pursue other ways to get that data. >>i joining us right now is julie and mark she is the staff attorney for. groups it's called advancing justice asian law caucus, a welcome. thank you so much. what does this move mean exactly. yeah, thanks for having this is a really important day for the census. so the census happens once every 10 years and it's essential to how we distribute federal funds how we just revered seats in congress among the states to the electoral college and then to representation at the local level as well and so a lot is on the line here and when the trump administration announced that they were adding a citizenship question the last minute. it was untested it created a tremendous amount of fear. and all experts predicted it would lead to a severe undercount among communities of color and immigrant communities and that hit states like california,
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particularly hard. so the fact that the question will be on the census means will have a more accurate count and all communities will be counted. but in light of this battle which has been so intense and going on for so long now isn't really likely that we're still want to get an undercount cause it's had a chilling effect. >>so many people in the immigrant communities will still be afraid to come forward with the fall fill out the form in general even without the question. >>yes, absolutely that's completely true people across california and the bay area have been mobilizing to talk to their communities about why census participation is essential and in all of these conversations the citizenship question is one of the first things that come comes up and that fear is president and it will remain, but the fact that the question won't be there will make it a little bit easier to explain to people why it's worth participating and why participation as if ok so, but now the question will be added to the sense they're still going to collect that data how. >>how is that going to happen yeah absolutely so that in
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announcement today president trump emphasized that the be collecting this data. but what he didn't explain is that they already have the data and they already have plans to collect it at the census bureau so really nothing new is they vlways collect data from different agencies to try ask a few questions as possible on the form which is exactly what's happening now they won't be asking about the citizenship question and i'll just take data they already have such as data in the social security administration and put it in one place and one thing that's important to know is that they're very strong rules about the census bureau keeping all personal responses, confidential. so even if data comes in from the social security administration and gets linked to someone census response. they can't share that back out with the social security administration or with any other federal government agencies so you said you're trying to get
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groups to talk to the communities and encourage them ok the questions i will be there we need to develop this fall what kinds of things are you hearing from the people in these communities that are fearful about this yeah what people are understandably very scared the trump administration has taken countless inning immigrant actions. >>the the census laws are statutory and a bit harder for the asministration to unilaterally change. >>than other areas of immigration, but that's a very nuanced message about the legal system and safety everyone predicts without the questioner with the question this will be the most difficult census we've ever had in terms of getting out the count and folks are focused on having as many conversations as possible to really build trust with the communities they already serving are connected to and explain to them. what the laws are to protect them and why if they're not responding. their communities are being erased. well, thank you so much for explaining it to us and our
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viewers julian marks. >>thank you. alright, some other developing news tonight to the national hurricane center predicting that tropical storm barry will strengthen. >>to a hurricane before it makes landfall in louisiana on saturday as you can imagine residents are now preparing for the worst. so the masters with our sister station in louisiana is live tonight in morgan city still be a what does the situation look like right now. and morgan city where. >>it may look dry right now we're starting to feel some winds right now but late tonight early tomorrow tomorrow morning is where we will see those tropical strength, winds and rain are right here. we are overlooking the a chapel, i river to our right is downtown morgan city and businesses along downtown are boarding up their windows they're putting out sandbags all in preparation for tropical storm barry. on fact as you mentioned it will make
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landfall early saturday morning as a weak category one hurricane is what we're hearing on fact we're just at the local emergency operations center where our state governor got governor john bel edwards declare a state of emergency saying this is a severe storm that should not be taken lightly here is what he had to say. >>this is a very significant severe weather. the event and the national weather service or they're using terms like life, threatening floods. >>and out and as governor edwards just said the biggest thing that officials are and that life threatening rge flash flooding, reporting live in morgan city, i'm sylvia master might still be a thank you for that update will stay in touch all right checking now on that situation in new orleans meteorologist for greece or every is really tough going there. >>yeah, it really is i mean new orleans just gets back
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after time after time with these hurricanes and severe storms not getting much of a break right now in fact yesterday they got more than 10 inches of rain just because of the outer bands of this storm that is developsng right off the gulf of mexico and as you can see the gulf states along the northern gulf and even the lower mississippi valley, right now under parts of a hurricane watch and storm surge warning just because of all that flooding and heavy winds that that reporter was just talking about so this storm starting to take shape right now and as you could see those outer bands. rain right now impacting the states of louisiana and even the florida panhandle right now. the one thing that is working in their favor is that it doesn't appear that this storm is going to reach hurricane status in order for it to do so it has to have sustained winds of at least 74 miles per hour. and it looks like by the time it makes landfall in the state of louisiana either friday night. early saturday morning it will have sustained
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winds of 70 miles per hour. and it will be considered a tropical storm which is what it is now sustained winds at 45 miles per hour pena to keep back to you. >>a recent coming up you might want to pace yourself well with the guacamole why off of condo prices are skyrocketing and when there expected to level out. >>nearly a year after the devastating car fire hit northern california, one fire department is welcoming a dozen new babies, a new mothers came together while their husbands were out on the front lines. larry us make some of woman orders of they cake and somehow gets one that
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>>it is a good one a whole areas birthday cake mix up my a dairy queen in georgia. this is the cake. a woman got for her 25th birthday, the giant marijuana and my little pony smoking a joint would have been perfect maybe for somebody who enjoys pot. but the woman is a disney fan and her favorite movie is mo wanna a marijuana a want her mom asked the restaurant to make wanna themed cake and they misunderstood her instead making this marijuana cake has workers were apologetic and offered to make another cake but she says the first one was so good and hilarious that she didn't take them up on the offer. >>and the south a football
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coach with no arms and no legs is honored at the espys we will show you his inspirational speech just when you thought you were done painting...
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that way the facilities, the dogs were in could be deep cleaned. officials now say the animal's health has improved and the 2 spca adoption centers have reopened no word yet on the oakland animal services center. >>says i can go further. that's my message tonight. >>that is a south bay football coach, a coach who was born without arms and without legs. rob mendez one the espy award for perseverance and los angeles last night mendez is the head coach for the jv team at saratoga high school. he learned football while playing madden video games now he's getting the props and the publicity. he deserves. well boys will tran talked to the coaches france today, we say they couldn't be any more proud. >>here are his friends, carlos and maria. you saw his electrifying speech last night at your thoughts. my thought
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was wow you just you know i was so proud of him because you know he's on world stage, you know he spoke so well i just. >>wanted to tell you we love you coach rob. >>your take on him you said that he treat everybody the same and he does not want any special treatment he's just a regular person said or as one of the stop and retreat, him i don't see him as a tonight i see like a complete person. i don't see him he's so at is like yes, imagine arms and legs. i mean he's inspiring to kids. >>spying to mean he wrote and you say you know, i mean to he'll come so many obstacles. i mean he will resign and like we've got chalk how does acting coach. i see him coaching is like. i mean he can is he's a great great. >>you seem to get a little teary i can you can be a quick story about them that people down on like he is the real
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deal. he is he really is if you can see him at on the field as coaching will make you cry just he so got in. >>it's i can't describe it just and he who says the camp in the he he got heat. you know, i'm blessed in. he's blessed we're blessed we're blessed to have a but he just inspires me you it's just it's catchy speaking of inspiring his parents said that you can make a lot of money being a motivational speaker be says he doesn't want to do that that he thinks he can make a bigger being exactly who he is. >>and doing what he does being a football coach. back to you. >>prices are skyrocketing maybe you noticed wholesale prices on the pitted fruit are more than double what they were just a year ago because from mexico cost a whopping one 129% more most of that is being passed on to consumers with retail prices almost
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doubling. analysts attribute the spike to growing global demand and and a natural seasonal dip in production, both in mexico and california. prices are forecast to come down in about a month when production in mexico ramps back up. >>let's take a live look outside on this thursday evening looking at a san francisco's embarcadero little breezy out there. but clear skies to come in on our weather meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez were all. temperatures as we head into the weekend. so the best of both worlds right. >>let's take a look at your microclimate forecast for your friday afternoon highs. we're all going to be a few degrees above average downtown san francisco, 69 degrees. mission district warming up into the low 70's, upper 60's for those of you at half moon bay at 67 degrees. we will wake up to mostly cloudy skies along the coast, but then better clearing by the afternoon. san bruno low 60's burlingame in the mid 60's, cool sea breeze will continue with gusts upwards of about 25 miles per
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hour or less and also waking up to that marine layer as well keeping our temperatures along the coast, relatively mild sam, a tale in the low 70's pollo all to mid 70's. now he warming up into the upper 70's, widespread 80's for the south bay, san jose to 5 degrees as cupertino campbell 82 degrees and in the east bay livermore trying to flirt with 90's that 89 degrees for you along the coast milder in the east bay shoreline union city in the low 70's hayward upper 70's at 77 degrees. berkeley and richmond 75 degrees but walnut creek, mid 80's for you and conquered 93 degrees so widespread 90's for a try valleys. now 86 degrees in the north bay and santa rosa, warming up into the low 90's with plenty of sunshine there and let's take a look at your allergy outlook. top 3 allergens low to medium out for your friday through your saturday and as we take a look ahead at the next 7 day forecast that warming trend is going to continue most of the weekend still above average with hot inland heat, but then
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by monday we're going to cool down to near average even along the coast and interior valleys, pam and vicki back to you thanks for greece uh next. kron 4 news at 5 we're going to show you the fire department that is welcoming a dozen new babies after their dads were on the front lines battling the massive. >>our fire.
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>>northern california over the past year dozen babies were
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born to parents linked to the reading fire department this after the area had to deal with that devastating car fire julie every report. >>12 bouncing baby is born into the reading fire department family in the past year. 12 babies and 9 moms that's right do the math 3 sets of twins after the car fire. >>after you we all went through some real emotional we all coming back together and we were telling each other what was happening and all kind of figure out that president together. >>they call it one big family. >>it's a big team effort. and and very family oriented and i think that's one thing one of the reasons why we love this job. and being able to help each other out families friends. >>but the night the car fire barreled into reading they grew even closer you actually communicated day and night 24 7 it was a hard time for sure just being pregnant and trying to evacuate everyone, you know trying to get together and help each other their husbands out on the fire lines 6 of the
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women pregnant at the time that night my husband was working and you know he told me he loved me through text a lot of us actually got that text that we love you very much fearing the worst. you don't want to be a long reason babies but again like i said we have a good support prepare so it's amazing the women in the family. how are bonded together today nearly one year later, a sign of new life and growth in the form of it fingers and hope for the future. reading fire family are going to have a lot of and a lot of little kids and probably tantrums and times together yes. >>and that wraps up kron 4 news at 5 ken wayne and pam moore are here with kron 4 news at 6 alright vicki. thank you coming up on kron 4 news at 6 o'clock the search is on for a driver following a hit and run in the north bay, a 2 year-old hit and found in the street then airlifted to the hospital and we're going to show you a live picture at a
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rally against isis it's happening right now in san francisco, it's all over immigration raids attorney so kron 4. >>those rates are already under way right now in the bay area. what those lawyers just when you thought you were done painting... discover paint bleed under your tape...
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because no one takes off at the finish line. and the only way to get that trophy, is to take it. net generation. official youth tennis of the usta.
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>>6 a protest outside the ice headquarters in san francisco as we hear raids or her happening right now for undocumented immigrants living in the bay area. thank you for joining us, i'm ken wayne. >>and i'm pam moore, the focus earlier today you may recall has really been on the rays which are planned for sunday, however, immigration attorneys here in the bay area say those ways of already started. >>we've seen an increase in ice activity since this past sunday. i'm in a manner that's consistent with a large cooperation actually commencing this weekend. >>in the bay area. >>kron four's dan kerman is outside eyes headquarters in san francisco where those protesters are holding that rallied and. >>that's right where the 600 block of sansom street to street is closed now you could say the street is filled with protesters, those who are good protesting. these ice raids as well as the breaking up of families at this protesters with going on since about 5 o'clock we told you immigration attorneys


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