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tv   KRON 4 News at 630  KRON  July 11, 2019 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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>>every single morning we're going to get heavy rainfall. for up to 48 hours even >>and it planned fill your family's safety. >>the gulf coast is on alert tonight as it braces for heavy rainfall flash flooding and storm surge. tropical storm barry is expected to make landfall in louisiana on saturday, thousands of people living in louisiana are already stocking up on food and supplies look at the shelves. this is at a walmart and the shelves are empty. the entire state is under a state of emergency and mandatory evacuations have been ordered the low line sections of the
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state new tonight louisiana's governor asked the trump administration for a declaration of emergency the governor already authorized activating up to 3,000 members. the louisiana national guard, the amount of water expected from barry is a big concern. >>this will be the first that we've had a hurricane making fall in louisiana while the mississippi river. and those at flood stage. >>officials are expected to close dozens of flood gaze to try to help lower the flood risk just over easter is tracking their us mary for us right now every so how close is it to making landfall at this point. well right now the timing of tropical storm barry will either make landfall either friday night or early saturday morning and right now. >>the outer bands of this severe storm system already impacting not just the state of louisiana, but the florida panhandle as well parts of louisiana. already received more than 10 inches of rain in addition to the 10 plus inches of rain expected through the
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weekend once tropical storm barry makes landfall into the state of louisiana. so what is forming right now over the warm gulf of mexico waters and there is a hurricane watch and a storm surge warning in effect right now for the northern gulf coast. in addition to the lower mississippi valley right now it is a tropical storm with sustained winds at 45 miles per hour. and it struck right now making its way towards louisiana with sustained winds at 70 miles per hour. so it will still technically be considered a tropical storm because in order for it to reach hurricane status. it needs to have sustained winds of at least 74 miles per hour. so fortunately, it looks like it is weakening just a bit but not by much closer to home and back on land, let's take a look at our local forecast out there right now golden gate bridge noticing a very shallow marine layer, but overall clear skies and your friday microclimate forecast tracking a gradual warming trend in fact we will be a few degrees above average in downtown san
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francisco, 69 degrees in half moon bay, 67 degrees for your friday afternoon highs so will be a mostly cloudy start with mostly sunny skies by your friday afternoon and still tracking a cool but strong sea breeze about 25 miles per hour or less burlingame in millbrae warming up into the mid 60's. low 70's for those of you in san mateo paul to 74 degrees and mount view flirting with a tease but 79 degrees widespread 80's for those of you in the south bay, san jose 85 degrees and a clear those 70 degrees. >>campbell 82 degrees in los gatos 81 degrees for your friday afternoon highs also the upper 80's for those of you in livermore milder along the coast upper 70's for hayward at 77 degrees mid 70's for berkeley walnut creek in the upper 80's and the tri valleys including conquered warming up to 93 degrees in the north bay napa 86 degrees in santa rosa. a few degrees warmer than today warming up
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to 92 degrees. so we're all going to be above average tomorrow, not just along the coast. but our interior valleys and that warming trend will continue through at least the 1st half of the weekend. little change on sunday but then cooling down just enough on monday near average along the coast and interior valleys ken pam back to risa thank you. >>another big story we are following tonight, president trump says he is abandoning the effort to add a citizenship question to the 2020 senses, instead, he will pursue other ways of getting that data joining us now is julia marsh with the asian law caucus in san francisco, so julia must be happy that the president dropped the effort to get the question on the census, but. >>he says he's going to use other means to try to pursue the data do you have any idea what he's talking about. yeah so. >>it's a big positive step that the question itself on the on the census that question causes a lot of fear. but the administration does still want to find out how many people are citizens and holby citizens. the thing
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everyone should know is that they've actually been planning to use administrative data for very long time this is not new. the president probably just didn't want to look like he was giving up so he brought it into his press conference today so that people are still kind of on edge and people i still know that the trump administration does pay attention to immigration and citizenship status but they are census bureau historically has collected data from a whole range of other federal government sources to try to supplement the questions that they are asking everyone in trying to build out as thorough a profile of the american people as a whole as possible to say the government already has basically has that information absolutely so the government has some information about citizenship status through a number of sources, including social social security information. passports and also a data usc
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i asked already has about a whole range of immigrants who come here and sign up with and give them information the supreme court ruled that the administration really had contrived a reason to add. >>the citizenship question to the census. it will be there so any other effort to get the data will it fall under the same ruling from the court. >>so that won't fall under the same ruling that ruling was about the addition of the question itself. the trump administration did this at the last minute it was totally untested and the census is supposed to ask few questions as possible to get the most accurate count possible because it's essential to how we divide up political representation and federal funding. so by adding the question they were threatening the accuracy of the count by making the form longer and by adding something so sensitive so is this a political move by the president to make it look good for his base said hey i'm out here trying to crack down on illegal immigrants. >>or was it to something to try to intimidate people from not answering the question to drive down the numbers of
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people who are counted that could potentially help republicans are combination of both. >>what's unfortunate is that serves both purposes it's already been such a challenge talking to people about why census participation is important and in a state like california with a very large number of immigrants, citizens, non citizens people who are documented people who are undocumented or half neighbors and friends are undocumented um we're at a very high risk for a significant undercount and every time we talk to folks about census. they have very legitimate concerns about how that information will be used. the census has very strong confidentiality protections, and the census bureau cannot share any of the information they gather with any other government agency including immigration enforcement but that's not intuitive and in these scary times. that's not necessarily enough comfort for people so just real quickly are you optimistic that without the question people will go ahead and fill out the
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form where optimistic more people will go ahead and fill out the form, but it's still going to be a big education campaign on the ground among. >>local officials and community based organizations. >>julia marsh from the asian law caucus, thank you for joining us and providing that information very helpful. thank you developing story we're fall we're learning new tonight the this right here is where investigators found said oakland scientist. >>who died on the island of crete it's a former not see war bunker on that greek island, 59 year-old says and even went missing last week she was attending a conference on the island. and she's believed to have disappeared during a run police are investigating her death now as a homicide. today, friends and family released tributes to be eaten through her employer describing her as an accomplished woman of insatiable curiosity but this again is the cave the bunker a world war 2 era bunker where her body was found. >>and many baby bull will take you to a california fire
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department now celebrating dozens of new lives one year after a devastating wildfire. >>but first a troubling report on 4 the details of an investigation that found
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>>troubling report for for drivers an independent investigation finds that the automaker knew that is ford focus and fiesta models have flawed transmissions but sold in any way the affected cars
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randomly lose power on freeways and unexpectedly bold right and intersections. >>at least one and a half million of those cars on the road right now the detroit free press says it reviewed hundreds of pages of internal documents emails in court filings from the past decade. the paper says documents show ford was repeatedly warned that the car should not be on the road. but ford's declined to make an expensive change in the transmission technology and stalled on a fix for 5 years while complaints and costs piled up. in a statement to the free press ford says in part quote after the new transmission was on the road other problems developed we acted quickly and determinedly to determinedly to investigate the problems while we eventually resolve the quality issues. the solutions are more complex and took longer than we expected. we regret the inconvenience and frustration that caused some consumers. >>us is about to pass boyd to become the world's largest aircraft maker airbus already
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deliver 150 more jets them going through the first 6 months of the year. according to sales figures reported this week airbus o 389 aircraft compared to boeing's 239. the gap will likely get wider boeing has not been able to deliver any of its bestselling 7.37 max planes since march. that's when the planes were grounded afr 2 deadly crashes. coming up next a south bay co steals the show on a national stage his inspirational message despite
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>>realizing i couldn't play football. but i could coach football. now's the way for me to never give up from where the jimmy v that was my way of focusing on what i can do. says i can go further. that's my message tonight. >>fine speech from a south bay football coach born without arms and legs. rob mendez one the at sea award for perseverance in los angeles l-st night mendez is the head coach for the gb team as search hold a high school. he learned football playing madden video game had amazing now he's getting the props and the publicity. he deserves. >>kron four's will tran talked to friends of the coast today who say they could not be any more proud.
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>>here are his friends, carlos and maria. you saw his electrifying speech last night at your thoughts. my thought was wow you just you know i was so proud of him because you know he's on world stage you know he spoke so well i just. >>wanted to tell you we love you coach rob. >>your take on him you said that he treat everybody the same and he does not want any special treatment is just a regular person said or as one of the stop and retreat, him i don't see him as a tonight i see a couple to person. i don't see him he's so at is like yes, imagine arms and legs. i mean he's inspiring to kids. >>spying to mean he wrote and you say you know, i mean to he'll come so many obstacles. i mean he will miss i'm like we've got chalk how does acting coach. i see him coaching is like. i mean he can is he's a great great. >>you seem to get a little
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teary i can you can be a quick story about that people down on like he is the real deal. he is he really is if you can see him at on the field as coaching will make you cry just he so got in it's i can't describe it it just and he who says the camp in the heat. he got heat. you know, i'm blessed in. he's blessed we're blessed we're blessed he just inspires me you it's just it's catchy. speaking of inspiring his parents said that you can make a lot of money being a motivational speaker be says he doesn't want to do that that he thinks he can make a bigger being exactly who he is. >>and doing what he does being a football coach. back to you. >>absolutely want to share another story of an inspirational athlete this time coming from wisconsin mike her call introduces us to a 12 year-old who stealing the show at an ice hockey camp.
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>>it spurs are coaches knew really rosenthal was just another goalie, a former olympian chanel surrogates crazy at hockey camp in hartland when lee's parents signed her up they didn't mention one small detail. >>she has it i do's wind isha >>because in her goalie pads on the ice. you have no idea the sun prairie 12 year-old as 2 prosthetic legs, that's the one thing about hockey i kind of like i want people to see her. >>as a player and not as a player west prosthetic legs. >>police parents adopted her from northwest china when she was 2 and a half. she was born without a fibula in both legs club feet missing toes. her legs were amputated at the ankle at 3 and a half once the cast came off and week. >>petr fitted for prosthetics she was off and running and you know she wanted to try something. we didn't stop or um i don't think you she
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wanted to be a goalie mike or sister. >>she stops pots with whatever she's got well the locker lakes too. >>the thing of them you discuss going on. you just have to be in the game, i'm just very inspired by her i think. now i've a camp of a girls here in we all know this and um i think it would be hard for them not to be inspired by her she works hard and she's not letting that limits. >>what she wants to do. >>all right there is a baby boom in reading these babies were all born into the reading fire department family in the past year, 12 babies and 9 moms, the laugh, 3 sets of twins when the men were out on the fire line 6 of the women were pregnant at the time. >>my husband was working and you know he told me he loved me through text a lot of us actually got that text that we love you very much. firefighters in their wives consider themselves. one big
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family and they say they plan to have a lot of play dates with all those babies. >>also west world is leaving oklahoma city marking jason will say up from bay area sports night where they will tell you ross is going for whom he was traded and how it changes the landscape of the nba that's coming out. and cooler temperatures along the coast today but we're all all going to gradually warm up starting tomorrow through the 1st h
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>>and a lot to talk about in the basket my power trade again mark carpenter and jason dumas join us from the set a bay area sports night. >>that's right the nba really does know how to control the news cycle big trade that came down about an hour russell westbrook traded from oklahoma city to the houston rockets, chris paul going from houston to okc all let's dissect all of this jason, your initial thoughts on this trade. >>just rooney told us about it we've got to really bomb in the newsroom and this initially i think wow chris paul going back to where all started he played his rookie year in oklahoma city. the warnings played there they had to leave new orleans, the the cleanup of hurricane katrina and then russell westbrook is to play with his former teammate james harden they had a lot of fun with the thunder way early in their career. i
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wish them would start next week will we we saw the whole football season we have to get through but like you said the nba has dominated the news cycle and nfl's take a back seat and there were right on the eve of this near season yet just a remarkable that's right the season just ended a few weeks ago in a there's also the big question will this even work or used in having james harden and russell westbrook. >>playing together so much to talk about tune into bay area sports night 7 o'clock on kron on. let's go back to get them all right guys, thanks a lot just take a look outside. >>do that and see what's happening with our of areisa looking at the golden gate. yeah beautiful shot of golden gate bridge very shallow marine layer so that cool sea breeze. >>trying to push in that low and high cloud cover along our bay area coastline right now and we're going to wake up to mostly cloudy skies by or friday morning specifically around the coastal areas of the bay area and bay area's shoreline as well better clearing buyer noon lunch time
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hour and then mostly sunny skies for everyone and slightly above average temperatures as well along the coast warming up into the upper 60's, mid 70's along the bay and upper 80's and even some widespread 90's for some of our interior valleys. the warmest locations will be in the tri valley has conquered in antioch warming up into the mid 90's but santa rosa, not that far behind 92 degrees for your friday afternoon. san jose 85 degrees and widespread 70's throughout the east bay shoreline hayward 77 degrees fremont 74. and even downtown san francisco trying to flirt with 70's but 69 degrees and half moon bay, not that far behind 67 degrees for your friday afternoon and we're all going to notice a gradual warming trend starting friday through the 1st half of the weekend. little change on sunday so we're still going to be relatively warm in the interior valleys, not expecting any record breaking heat with these above average temperatures but then we're all going to cool down to near average by early monday. we don't need any record breaking
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heat, you all right, thank breeze and thank you for being with us tonight we'll see it tonight at 8 o'clock have a good evening. thanks for the ride-along, captain! i've never been in one of these before, even though geico has been-
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ohhh. ooh ohh here we go, here we go. you got cut off there, what were you saying? oooo. oh no no. maybe that geico has been proudly serving the military for over 75 years? is that what you wanted to say? mhmmm. i have to say, you seemed a lot chattier on tv. geico. proudly serving the military for over 75 years. you ok back there, buddy?
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baker shop meltdown. >> dude, you want to step outside? >> the guy who loses it, all base he's short. wait until you find out who he is. >> i don't really like you much, so this inteinterview is over. then the mom who went missing after giving birth to twins. she left with three guys she met at a bar. now he's been charged. teen u.s.a. glamour girls. behind the scenes, as they get glammed up for the espy's. >> the girls are


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