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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  July 12, 2019 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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>>thanks for waking up with us on a friday, i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher hoping you're starting your friday on a positive easy notes, let's find out if the weather and traffic will be on your side today what's it look like i say that and then you come look at a tanker truck. >>accident that spilled its on highway one so he won a major trouble spot. >>really does not your there for are hoping to get that mopped up next we're going a bright sunshine temperatures. >>you know the good thing about the bay area. this even if there's bad weather in one spot. you can always focus on the charge of right side of the bay area if only you could get there this weekend there's going to be some more for sure, but it's not going to be all encompassing out towards the coast were will be foggy you can find your cool escapes. it's going to be
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really cool in some spots like the golden gate bridge which this morning is fogged in and definitely on the cooler side of things. this afternoon that's not going to be the case for inland areas, the skies clear out and this is when that heat is going to build if you need an escape from it all you have to do is head out to the coast because temperatures inland will be at their warmest. the warmest we felt so far this month which isn't saying that much because it actually has been a pretty cool month on average. so far but still getting close to 90 degrees if not above it for inland areas, temperatures. we haven't felt in a couple weeks now. so definitely warmer and definitely a weekend you want to prepare for as you're getting outside i've got more about that coming up here just moments, rob all right. thank you john back to our big problem highway one near devil's slide. we now have. >>traffic getting through but under one way traffic control. it's an accident left over from the last hour on highway one a double slide. that's been blocking in both directions i told you about the big rig tanker truck that's involved there's a car that flipped over and at one point we had everything shut
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down. but you are getting through with the chp escort under one way traffic control so that's a little bit of good news, but it's still a stretch to avoid checking the bay bridge traffic which is not that bad not as heavy as yesterday only stacked up from west grand that's it 15 minutes is a good average for friday morning into san francisco during. thanks a lot and today more protests in the bay area and of ice raids expected to come this weekend. yeah we've got immigration lawyers however saying. >>some of their sources say the rates have already begun kron four's will tran in the city right now with more on the very latest will. >>already begun and according to the sources, the heavy lifting could possibly happen over the weekend as many as 2000 raise throughout the country and the bay area you can see the people behind me these are not protesters they are here for their immigration business. personal business. but we do expect protests to take place over the next couple of hours. the throughout the bay area because they are fearful of ice agents coming through the
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neighborhoods knocking on doors and separating families. this is anticipation of what president trump said 2 weeks ago by possibly happening he postponed it at the time, the tape played out the timeline and that's why they think it's going to carry out this weekend despite. officials neither commenting an avid denying or commenting about possible raids. protesters, they're gearing up for this as well letting undocumented immigrants know their rights that they do not have to open their doors that they can i make sure that there is a warrant and before they even do anything we got a chance to talk to lawyers about this and many of them james and area, many of them across the country already volunteering their services should undocumented immigrants go into custody with ice agents. here's what they had to say about that. everyone has the room i with the right to remain silent. >>people can refuse to allow entry into their homes of our
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private spaces as long as ice does not have a judicial warrant, you're not obligated to allow them to enter any private space. >>as far as local law enforcement, i know there are a lot of people fearful of that as well but because san francisco, san jose oakland obviously the 3 major cities in the bay area they are sanctuary cities. those local police departments they've already said they will not participate in any possible ice rates back to you. >>love that. thanks we'll go to the website to for kron 4 we have all the information and we got a chance to speak with san francisco mayor london breed about these impending raids and she says that the raids will be conducted without the city's help. >>we stand by our commitment as a sanctuary city regardless of what is happening with our federal government and we will do everything we can to support and protect our residents were not going to deviate from our because of what's happening in the white.
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>>we have the continuing coverage is go to kron 4 dot com. we have more from at the you know the local officials and what they say they're going to do in sanctuary cities and all kinds of resources if you are afraid that you know somebody might come knocking on the door. you should know your legal rights. another big story that we're following this morning. the weather is expected to heat up this weekend that could drive people to bay area beaches. >>but think of this in half moon bay a great white shark was spotted and that could cause you to reconsider your plans to head to the water now kristie that hate row live there this morning with more on the shark warning that's now up christina. >>yes so this is definitely something that has been highly talked about this morning, you know people are up pretty early here in half moon bay because obviously we have a lot of fishermen out bright and early actually over here at the sport fishing and tackle shop. their line of people out here early this morning with me in the 4 o'clock hour waiting for their chance in line to get on a boat to go salmon fishing this morning, ted with many residents here in the area
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hasn't deterred a lot of them but it is a talker and does have people on high alert going to take a look at this picture we're going to show you it is a that great white shark. it was sent out on twitter by the san mateo sheriff's office now their big warning they want everyone to know to please be careful but we're going to go ahead and show you a map of where it's been found here in half moon bay. it has been found swimming around the ritz carlton i'm in between that and pillar point harbor which is where i am live right now so it's been going up and down the coast actually i spoke with a gentleman named russ ross this morning and he is a san francisco native who's been fishing his entire life and he actually was out on it kayak earlier this week that he actually thinks he saw that shark or another great white shark that may have been following him >>back and i saw some stuff oil and so i stopped there and fish there. probably the smell of the fish that i caught when i cut it and blood in the water enticed to start to come in i didn't see it.
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>>now the feeling of a lot of people here half moon bay is really they're fishermen. they're very used to seeing a shark warnings quite often and they know that these animals are obviously in the ocean but something that they all say if they're going to be in anything smaller than a fisherman, you know a fishing boat. they make sure to really be careful they won't get in the water at that point but when it comes to day-to-day maintenance or just normal fishing in a larger bowl, it's not going to stop them from getting in the water for now reporting life here in half moon bay, christina teatro. >>kron 4 news ok, thank you very much. christine as we mentioned we have that hot weekend ahead. john trouble promised a moment ago he give us a more detailed look at the temperatures. we're expecting slips do that now so john what are we looking at you know what we had the heat wave just a couple weeks ago, jay sorts, none of us can forget. fortunately it's not going to be that high good but it's still going to be hot enough that if you're not used to it can definitely affect to areas like single today james are going to be climbing back into the 80's now this doesn't sound all that bad, but we've only been in the 70's so far
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this week so it could catch you off guard, especially just not used to stepping outsite and are all the sunshine and experiencing daytime highs about as hot as they're going to get and we are taking in a few 90's out there too such as in concord at 90 degrees for your high today. morgan hill livermore and napa right up next to that mark with of otto also at 90 one of the bits of information about today as at least at the coast you get a chance to escape the heat with 60's 70's holding on even areas like oakland in hayward what's your breakdown for each day this weekend. so today a noticeably warmer one temperatures backnto the 90's for many areas i showed you those areas just a second ago. now tomorrow is actually going to be the hottest day of the week ended this is the one that if we do see any triple digits and they will be tomorrow. most areas are going to be peaking if close to a 100 degrees only in the upper 90's and then you're set scapes will still be at the coast with some 60's and 70's right along the bay's, so you know where to go if you do
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need a place to cool down by sunday, it's still hot with highs in the 90's for many areas, but temperatures are beginning to slide at this point and following that into next week. they will be returning to seasonal averages back to you. >>thanks a lot 7 oh 8 another big story this morning, a 2 year-old girl is recovering after being hit by all car and the driver left the scene but was later tracked down by the police and arrested. police say was hector larios who was behind the wheel of the car that hit a 2 year-old girl as she was running into the street. near conning town center on range avenue. so she was running into the street she was in a crosswalk but police believe that the driver may have been drinking. police say the van that he was driving was involved in a hit and run also in that same area last week. so he was arrested for that in the east bay police in livermore are looking for a witness to a shooting where a 16 year-old boy was killed on monday at a taco bell on the stan lee boulevard officers why are
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looking for this white volkswagen. that was in the drive-thru when the shooting happened so they think the people in the car may have seen something. they are still looking for who they think the gunman was 21 year-old jorge to lead as they say he should be considered armed and dangerous. >>on the peninsula police in palo alto have arrested a 38 year-old man accused of assaulting another man with a skateboard the victim told police that he was walking down university avenue interest in mcgrath started yelling at him and punched him in the face. the victim says mcgrath and hit him with a skateboard threw a rock at him and then ran away. police found him nearby your business they haven't arrest. new this morning a body found at the grand canyon is believed to be that of a missing healdsburg man. that's according to the national park service. peter schwab was last seen on june 28th, he was on a river trip along the colorado river. search crews found the body wednesday. still ahead on the kron 00:04am morning news, the defense rests in the go ship
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warehouse fire trial we're going to tell you what comes next. plus the reason farmers are so concerned about an invasive type of fruit fly coming to the bay area. and after the break a near-death experience for a california woman, a bullet comes so close to her head. actually caught off some of her hair. >>and i'm tracking your commute around the bay area checking in on the bay bridge traffic 80 west. it's not that bad not even backed up to the maze but crowded at the toll introducing my new spicy chicken strips combo. bigger, tastier strips of juicy chicken with crunchy batter. spice them up with hot sauce or cool them down with buttermilk ranch. try my 100% all-white meat spicy chicken strips combo today. only at jack in the box.
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>>7.13 right now looking at the weather was going to be quite the warm up this weekend, you know warm weather this weekend you can talk about it is a bad thing, but it makes great pool whether you have an so some 90's make their return which a lot of people do enjoy if you don't like the 90's just head out to the fog in well, he'll skip them pretty easily. look at this foggy morning you can see that a well it's a pretty bright out there above it you can hardly even see the fog like a they got white area. but now that's just that reflection off of what we're sitting in right now which is the gray skies underneath that cloudy layer. this is from the suture tower right here so looking out over the city of san francisco while down in the south bay, it's just a few clouds hanging out overhead for you starting to see those clouds breaking up just a little bit and then those low clouds pushing on into the eastibay where they are resulting in some especially low visibility in the berkeley and oakland hills if you're heading up into those this
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morning. watch out for the spots where your visibility is going to be very low now into the afternoon we're going to be talking much the opposite a lot like we have so far this week get rid of the fog in the cloud cover saying hello to abundant sunshine and under those sunny skies temperatures today are about to get especially warm but not the warmest of the week as i talk to you about just a second ago that's actually going to be tomorrow tomorrow a little less fog to be noted you'll still have a dose of it especially at the coast. but skies are going to remain clear in temperatures are really going to skyrocket for your day on saturday as for today temperatures are definitely warmer than they have been we're talking a few more 90's out there such as in concord nevado up through pittsburgh vacaville fairfield all these spots will be in the 90's livermore you're close to 88. look at these spots though hayward in oakland despite being near some very warm areas will continue to have a moderating effect from the ocean temperatures only in the 70's so we do have some escapes if you're not looking for to the heat just get a
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little closer to the bexar the coast and it's going to be really nice actually mid 70's through the weekend for the bay with 60's by the coast for inland areas though this is where it certainly warming up saturday and sunday mid-nineties to even near triple digit temperatures possible on saturday if you're heading out to the central valley. you will be seeing some triple digits that direction. robin. >>all right. thank you checking back in on our trouble spot along highway. one. do expect some delays as traffic control is in place at double slide. we have an accident here involving a big rig and a vehicle that flipped over and at last check they were letting traffic through but under one way traffic control which is a huge improvement because at one point we had all lanes blocked so that will slow you down. bay bridge traffic slowed to just not bad, it's only stacked up this morning from west grand and that typically happens on a friday, so this is considered a little break at 14 minutes for the drive in at least you're not backed up all the way through the oakland maze. so that's good news. no major accidents at
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the richmond sandra fell in fact it's standing out already there may be another wave coming through later, but right now it's already improving minor wait here for the cash for years and the fast trackers all right we're checking the e sure it looks fantastic 17 minutes from crockett down to hopefully you know the east shore freeway can be rough. 6.80 from dublin out to fremont that's a pretty good commute and what of the bay parkway doing fine out of san jose 9 minutes from 85 to one o one james. >>robin a california woman is in shock now after being shot while driving her car now this happened in the citrus heights area just east of sacramento. the bullet came so close to hitting her. it actually ripped some of her hair out of her head. well when the sciatic shafik's has the story. >>that's when i heard like. and just my windshield exploded. >>sam her 3 year-old son logan were driving along greenback lane in the area of sunrise mall when bullets went flying
7:18 am
from a gunman shooting toward the businesses, sam parker vehicle and immediately looked down to see if she was hit she wasn't my second react. >>know what i was going to look back at because he was sitting directly behind me. he ended up being ok. >>her toddler a bit stunned, but all right im concerned about his mom it was fine. >>he says can yes using and selling the relax. it's mommy. >>and it's when she looked back to see her son that she took notice of just how close a bullet got to hitting her in the head and noticed. >>sticking out of my seat and i seen a more and suddenly she felt the pain on her arm and forehead from the shards of glass that hit her it still burns, it's actually late great. >>the spot where a bullet narrowly missed her head but rip some hair from her scalp piercing it to the headrest
7:19 am
police still don't know exactly what the gunman's motive was although they haven't identified him publicly yet they say they are familiar with him from a previous incident as for sam, she's just grateful knowing the outcome could have been very different. >>i feel a guide it is like saying to me. >>that was really a shot reporting nobody else was hurt in that shooting. for your money this morning. we've got jane king at the new york stock exchange for the latest business news hiding. >>darya good morning. well, one of the most extensive things that a budget going out to eat at restaurants and that's right a lot faster than buying groceries. the consumer price index says over the past 12 months, the cost of meals prepared outside the home is up 3% from 3 times as much as groceries, higher minimum wages across much of the country part of the reason why restaurant food is going higher in price will starbucks
7:20 am
will stop selling newspapers in september the seattle base coffee giant says beginning september 1st it will no longer sell the new york times wall street journal usa today or others at its 8,000 shops nationwide the new york post says it's because many people thought the newspapers were free and just walked out of the store with them. and redwood city based impossible foods a maker of one of the plant based burgers, taking the meat out of another animal product. the company developing a plant based seafood alternative so this is really geared toward the guns in the search for that fishy flavor a possible team working with a plant made anchovy flavored broth and then protein release from genetically modified yeast that's also its burgers live from the nasdaq, i'm jane king bacteria think he changed. >>kron 4 morning news, a gun is stolen from an fbi agent's car in the bay area now the agency stepping up its effort to try to get it back. and after the break, california passes a bill to help utilities pay for wildfire damage. but not everyone's happy about it. here's a live look outside the bay bridge
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>>jack 7.23 on this friday morning keeping an eye on tropical storm barry which is expected to reach hurricane status later on today as a category one hurricane just before making landfall in louisiana. now this slow-moving storm is expected to have its worst impact in
7:24 am
the form of storm surge and flooding and also those high winds winds have increased over the past 24 hours, one of the reasons it is expected to reach status as category one hurricane. now the slow mover will speed up after it makes its way inland and eventually a trudges way northward across the mississippi basin and the process leaving most of the heaviest of rainfall across southern louisiana and portions of mississippi, some meteorologist taking very close look at this not just today but all weekend long as continued rainfall is expected to fall for much your saturday back here at home really the biggest concern we've got this morning as the fog for your travel at least that's delaying your flights out of sfo by a solid 60 minutes, oakland and san jose still said in just fine, no delays reported in both of those airports while this afternoon it's not going to be the fog that's lotion town. well that he's not going to slow you down it just by making a little uncomfortable for you. this afternoon president gets up to a 101 degrees if you have plans on heading to the
7:25 am
sierra that also be toastie up there. robin thank you john there some. >>crowding on the san mateo bridge. but overall it is not a bad commute. it is just a little slide year westbound 92 leaving hayward heading over to the peninsula. you are getting a break since it's friday, your drive time is only 60 minutes and that's really good. we're checking in on the bay bridge traffic i've already noticed that the 8.80 over crossing is standing out and then right down the middle if you come from 5 80 or the e sure it's only backed up to about west grand. it's not even spilling into the maze so this is a good commute coming in it's even better on the suspension just crowded behind the toll plaza on the oakland side so heading over to the 6.80 highway 4 split as you come out of martinez heading toward pacheco in concord there's an accident right at the split south 6.80 east for it's on the shoulder pedestrian may have been hit so no word on the condition of that person, but at least this activities on the shoulder creating just a little bit of a backup leading up to the scene we'll check some more slow downs coming up james.
7:26 am
all right. thank you very much robert. >>a measure aimed to protect california utilities from wildfire costs is just waiting for the governor's signature now at the center of the bill is a multibillion dollar wildfire liability fund made up of money from investor on utility companies and also tax revenue from taxes that are already being collected. so the money will help utilities pay for future wildfire costs from wildfires that the cause. and lawmakers are hoping it will protect ratepayers and the credit ratings of utilities across the state. >>we are on diverse verge of a second or a 3rd. major utility being under the kind of stress that we are attempting to deal with here president lee. >>a handful of bipartisan lawmakers have spoken out against the bill with some taking issue about how would restrict public utilities from expanding the genie for its part hasn't taken a position on this bill but they did release a statement in which they said the company appreciates the work of the legislature and the governor
7:27 am
on this issue. we'll take a quick break it said. >>the 6 coming up on the kron 00:04am morning news bar is stepping up efforts to stop fare. evaders we're going to show you some of the new fare gates they're testing out in introducing my new spicy chicken strips combo. bigger, tastier strips of juicy chicken with crunchy batter. spice them up with hot sauce or cool them down with buttermilk ranch. try my 100% all-white meat spicy chicken strips combo today. only at jack in the box.
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try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. >>welcome back, it is 7.29 are looking at weather and traffic on a friday how are the roads he said pretty good for friday. we have one little problem and that's on highway one it's an overturn accident backing up traffic. so we'll
7:30 am
check the commute their double >>and then weather wise of course is getting a warning out to everybody is going to be hot for that's really the only thing you got to worry about this weekend as the heat and even then. >>we felt worse the season, so it's not going tothe hottest it's been but the hottest it's been weeks so that will be a shock to your senses after we kind of got spoiled lately with some pretty comfortable weather overall this is your look outside the north bay timber on right here skies still very foggy but they are in the process of clearing out now you can see a little bit further out to the horizon than before still not very far but it is an improvement. half moon bay still visibility, not doing too well you're starting to look at cloud cover breaking up over the bay and that's going to continue to occur as we make our way into the afternoon. eventually setting us up for what will be in abundantly sunny and especially warm one compared to where we have been we started the week with some temperatures in land only in the 70's now we're in the 90's but and we close to the 90's and other areas for inland
7:31 am
spots. bayside area still holding on to the 70's see and know where to go if you need there need some relief from the heat. i'm talking the hottest of temperatures this weekend come tomorrow. still ahead your forecast robin, thank you john checking in on the bay bridge traffic, not so bad for friday morning. >>it's going to be crowded, but it's not a terrible commute. this backup does not spill into the maze in fact if you come from the 80 over crossing. >>that connector has already thinned out so that's good. i'm noticing that the fast track lanes down the middle her opening up when you get closer to the tolls and then coming from the maze from 5.80 and the e sure it's only slow from right around west grand. so not bad at all, here's a trouble spot that you want to look out for one way traffic control in place for highway one at double sliders an accident involving a tanker truck and a car the car flipped over they had all lanes blocked you are getting through under one way traffic control in the minutes a little slow in both directions to hayward we still have a crash working north down right around 10 a son and that is
7:32 am
back you up both northbound and southbound darya. is installing new fare gates at the fruitvale station in oakland, it's part of their effort to try >>i'm >>paying bart fares really the last 2 days, someone. he did in front of me so the night last 2 days in a row finding new ways to slip their new gates at the fruitvale enrichment stations would refinance. >>we think the stations because first of all they have the smallest a re a fare gates so there are fewer fare gates to my mind and also because our front line. there's like or station agents have identified the stations. >>while fruitvale has added pop of barriers richmond's modification are stacked gates. we have. >>gates stacked on top of their game to increase the height. drugs richmond station with the same ideas that is stop people. >>writers say they haven't been too effective even with
7:33 am
bart police watching 10 people will go seen people baseball slide, people up in over whole thing. it's crazy him while writer nolan purtell has seen a bunch of new moves. he thinks the gates are serving a purpose to stop some people. but you can stop the brazen people might they killed us up to the roof, some will just that medal game it says the like they'll figure land there will always be someone trying to tell others disagree not very effective. writers like charles johnson say our needs to work on a new concept on together maybe. taylor the sackey kron 4 news. >>muni service will be running to the sales force transit center finally they fixed everything roots 5, 5 are 3830 are and 7. >>we'll be rolling again an ac transit will be operates on the transbay terminal a temporary once you have to cross the street between the bus plaza and and beale street
7:34 am
to access those buses and also to get on the greyhound an amtrak the center recently reopened but not the bus service is the first service since cracks were discovered in the steel beams at the transit center last september. >>another big story this morning. the defense has officially rested its case in the ghost ship warehouse fire trial in oakland and all this comes weeks after testimony from both defendants, max harris, and derek al the 2 are charged with involuntary manslaughter. both facing 36 counts for the 36 people who died in the fire back in 2016. yesterday prosecutors tried to point the blame on al for being the one responsible for that fire. man has appeared frustrated and combative at times while on the stand. we asked his attorney about his client's feelings now that the cross examination is over. and >>do i do good did they do bad blood you're wrong. if you have too long and too he's asking all of those questions. and of course were comforting
7:35 am
and same. >>and we want justice we want justice for everyone who is responsible. we want justice for the 36 people who die. >>the court will hear rebuttal evidence on monday and then closing arguments are expected on july 29th. in san francisco will get to decide if the city should ban the cigarette sales. the city elections division certified the measure for the november election. the measures funded largely by san francisco-based vaping manufacture jewel and it's in response to this new ban on vaping sales that was approved by supervisors last month soju wants to put this before the voters. the measure supporters say that increased regulation will help reduce youth vaping while still allowing adults an alternative to cigarettes. >>the fbi is offering a $5,000 reward to help find several stolen items stolen from the
7:36 am
fbi a semiautomatic rifle and a vast assault was taken out of oakland take a look and this is what the rifle looks like a also had a magazine with that that was taken and a jacket with official fbi markings they were stolen from an fbi agents. car that was parked in a parking lot at the hague in burger shopping center. the east bay spca a has reopened its adoption centers in oakland and dublin. so looks like the dog flu. head is over that big outbreak that closed the center for several weeks is over now. it was very contagious. and so they had to keep all of the dogs can of corn team done then they had to move lost sight. so they can quarantine him there while they cleaned at the regular area. and now they say the health has improved the 2 spca adoption centers have reopened. >>along the peninsula. the california department of food and agriculture is moving quickly right now to squash a
7:37 am
potential fruit fly invasion. if he's fruit flies get. into california anymore that could be a real problem because they eat about 42 different types of fruits, including you know things that we enjoy apples peaches ocado's we talk with an agricultural commissioner in santa clara county who says this has happened before and that they have to stop it before gets any worse. it's quite a few that we're. >>that are notorious, we know of them they're all tropical. they have great reproductive potentials they eat a lot of the things that we love we don't have a winter here so they would all survive here, we have plenty of food for them here, that's a like that. >>the plan the crews for plan as it stands right now is the crews are going to drive around in a spray trees this weekend to cover a 15 square mile area and then the monitor that area for several months to make sure the fruit flies have been eliminated. 7 coming up in about a half hour's time in 8 o'clock hour, a major storm is barreling towards the gulf coast we're going to take a look at how the region is
7:38 am
preparing for the worst. >>after the break west, nile virus is showing up in northern california. experts say could get worse as the weather gets hotter. john and it is going to get hotter this weekend. james this morning is still nice and cool some 50's 60's but it's not last time talking 90's in your forecast ahead. >>traffic is already improving and fanning out to check out the richmond sandra fell bridge
7:39 am
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>>come back 7.40 on this friday morning looking outside at berkeley skies are definitely going to clear out they're just not there just yet. some very dense fog making its way into the oakland and berkeley hills if you're driving up watch out for those spots with low visibility should your current temperatures just a moment ago as of this morning we are actually a little bit cooler than yesterday at the same time which this is before warmer afternoon ahead of us that don't let that fool you may be stepping outside thinking yourselves us air's got a little bit of a chill to it. a part of the reason for that is the high pressure build back in as little bit drier out there. the same thing's going to happen to the afternoon just as temperatures fell extra. last night they're going to rise a little bit further into the afternoon today. now we did have another earthquake down in ridgecrest us earlier this morning, it was a 4.9 certainly doesn't measure up to that 7.1 that we saw last week but if you look at the ridgecrest area this swarm of earthquakes still certainly does continue. the
7:42 am
red indicating the most recent shakes this morning back to you. west nile again showing up in parts of northern california experts say the hot weather as we mentioned earlier will only exacerbate the problem. >>mosquitoes of course, a big concern and if you talk to experts though say that a lot of the occurrences of mosquitoes happens in your own backyard. he may not realize it, but they're standing water out there in like flower pots in pet bowls container lids anything that collects water that doesn't go away right away 211 people contract west now in california last year 11 of them died. the centers for disease control provides information on its website regarding insect repellent including what types you can you safely, which ones are safe for children so if you're concerned about this make sure you check that out. >>has another dynamic duo has just teamed up in the nba, but they'll never be the splash brothers. no way the warriors let's step curry snowboard but he is enjoying lake tahoe this
7:43 am
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why don't we just ask geico for help with renters insurance? i didn't know geico helps with renters insurance. yeah, and we could save a bunch too. antonio! fetch computer! antonio? i'll get it. get to know geico and see how much you could save on renters insurance. 7.45 on this friday morning, this is a nice look at the fog that streaming across the bay area. >>san francisco and that nice little window of clearing down below and you can see that fog is begiing to break out. also mount diablo out in the distance you're not under some fog out there for the east bay. well you can see over san jose show hit likes to
7:46 am
cooperate is some cloudy skies overhead it's also breaking up out there and i showed you that distant shot of mount diablo just a second ago over the fog you can see well out there in the east bay, you're not dealing with that same cloud cover that many of us little closer to that they are currently seeing that's not going to last for long skies are already in the process of clearing as you get those windows of sunshine up and down the peninsula and out into the east bay and they'll continue to clear the afternoon now as this happens temperatures are obviously going to rise back into the 70's for financial in mission district of san francisco. well a range of 60's on the fog year coastline of the pacific and pretty much 70's 80's or even 90's elsewhere in the bay, looking at a lot more 90's today that we did see yesterday or any other time this week. morgan hill getting close to 90 to 88 san jose 86 while livermore also 88 70's stretch from union city hayward on up to oakland and richmond. so if you need an escape from some of those warmer inland temperatures these are great options for
7:47 am
you're going to be beautiful days here concord on the other hand up to pittsburgh sonoma vacaville on ville over even fairfield very close to 90 degrees or just above that ninety-degree mark for all these areas and out towards the coast. some 60's stinson beach if you really want that air-conditioned feel that really are conditioned to feel until you go it will be nice and cool out there. temperatures continue to rise at the saturday and sunday in when daytime highs on average in the 90's and in some cases getting close to a 100 degrees on saturday. so that is going to be our hottest of days. after this we return to seasonal averages into next week. rob we'll check on highway one a double slide, one way traffic control. >>remains in place as crews deal with an overturn accident. there's a big rig involved too. so expect delays as you travel between linda mar and pacifica but at least you are getting through now. we're checking the bay bridge traffic we have another little wave of traffic filling in from the 80 over crossing but still not bad, not even backed
7:48 am
up through the maze but crowded for the cash fares and the fast track or 17 minutes after fremont street good for friday morning. golden gate looks good 23 minutes nevado to san francisco and minor crash pretty much friday light on one oh one. it slows in little pockets from 3rd straight up to cesar chavez north to 80 slows alimony to one o one. another little pocket heading toward the bottom of the 2.80 extension. just when you thought that the jersey swapping was over another big trade in the nba. >>russell westbrook is going to the rockets to play with his old okc teammate james harden good luck getting those 2 did share the ball mom james, never let me be bad. hopefully by the time they work all that out step will have a splash brother back curry and klay they know how to take turns. right now steph is getting ready to make a splash in lake tahoe. here he is practicing yesterday for the celebrity golf championship. steph is the big
7:49 am
fish who all always look at real's in the fans but he has never baghdad the trophy. >>they get a promo down. >>pay attention to i want is i want to win and this is my 6th year. >>enjoy the cold water too. >>well be fun to see us to jump into the lake this year's death of his father dell usually on the side that going. last year they both took the plunge. even a little hurry finished 11th that his dad came in, unlike 30th. >>retired cowboy quarterback tony romo one it. >>ever since returning to tennis 16 months ago, new mom serena williams has been chasing one of the few records. she hasn't been able to break after dismantling her opponent at wimbledon yesterday, serena gets a shot
7:50 am
tomorrow. to earn her 24th major title which would tie. margaret court for the most grand slam singles titles in sports history. new york just rolled out the red carpet and gave the women world cup winners, the key to the city and already allie long as locked out. somebody stole her on a very key and her wedding ring from the hotel room at the ritz where she was staying to go to the espy awards in l a she asked the mayor of new york if they can make a copy. a copy of mine an ace hardware was one box but mine only opens my i have a feeling they don't do that. continues through the weekend in pamplona, spain and redskins cornerback josh norman is apparently using it to stay in shape. on the streets james.
7:51 am
they put him in an arena then so they can talk them and try their luck. who actually routes for the bulls. what the gore anybody but like a little poke just a little reminder not off balance just you know me alone. polk, i don't understand the jumping over the ball because that's just your now you're just. >>courting disaster. >>look at the see the way they're all surrounded it's like a it's like a circus and the bowl. now i get it you know just >>still like for the ball to you see what i yeah i don't body to be gored like that guy was any from the bay number and he was running and he took time to take a selfie. >>that's a long time to stop. >>and put the phone up and you've got a whole herd of bull come running up behind just yet lost an eye that he did learn his lesson and that that's all i want i just want them to learn a lesson. that's the buzz have the weekends.
7:52 am
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7:54 am
>>today's box office report brought to you by the new luxury lounges at century san francisco center. >>one action comedy and a horror film hitting theaters this weekend both hoping to knock the new spiderman movie from the top spot will see they can do it david daniel has a preview. driver kumail
7:55 am
nanjiani picks up a fare to remember in stuber. >>day but he says the police detective who forces his driver to help him track down a drug lord estimates for the action comedies debut range from 7 to million well behind spiderman far from home which should easily repeat as weekend chant. >>the state of florida has issued a category >>for moviegoers looking for something darker and wetter there's crawl very pepper and pious go to play a father and daughter are battling a florida hurricane and a swarm of giant alligators will the horror flick sink or swim it's looking at a million debut in hollywood. i'm david daniel. over the next hour of the kron 4 morning news, the bay area is bracing now for immigration raids that are supposed to happen this weekend.
7:56 am
>>as more protests are set for this afternoon and a great white shark spotted off of area coast. just in time for people heading to the beach this weekend. we'll have that in a minute as well. here's a live look outside we've got a shot here of the san mateo bridge where traffic is moving along nicely on a friday morning about that, let's hope it stays that way robin will give us a complete check of your commute and as for the fog and the weather. it will lift will get some sun this afternoon and john's talking about a hot hot weekend ahead. about a hot hot weekend ahead. full details in just a minute. oh thaphenomenal!, that's unfair. that's so unfair. c'mon jay-bo. let's go. let's go. woahh! try my $4.99 bbq bacon double cheeseburger combo. only at jack in the box.
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>>joining us, i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher it is 8 o'clock in the morning, let's see if the traffic is still on your side staying friday like yes, it's getting better was already friday light now it's improving and then also update highway one we had a major crash near double slides will talk about that and more importantly we've been talking about food again. one of those weekends where you can a cake. i don't know if that's a sur is don't do it oh yeah, it's not going to search through i've seen people up a cookie dough their window like on the dash for oil and the really
8:00 am
hot days illustration of why you shouldn't you know and was sitting there. is taking the easy bake off as if they don't like that stuff usinr mother nature to kick your cookies. unfortunately this weekend even though it is toasty guys we are going to be looking at temperatures quite as high as you remember that heat wave that we had about a month ago that. >>heated areas all the way out to the coast up into the 90's in triple digits. this time around coastal areas are spared the brunt of this heat wave, so you can still head out to the coast enjoy some cooler weather kind of ke we're seeing this morning with these cloudy conditions foggy conditions out at the golden gate. temperatures in the 50's our temperatures in the 50's and 60's right now across the bay area. there we go i think by mike fell off. we are seeing visibility improving though there we go ok i think i can finish whole sorry about that guys see i definitely foggy out there at the coast, some clear skies inland and as we make our way through the day today, those 50's 60's that we've got right now


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