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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  July 14, 2019 10:00pm-10:59pm PDT

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enforcement have begun conducting raids throughout the country thanks for joining us this evening i'm noelle bellow in for justine waldman.(jrs) and i'm j-r stone. officials say the focus will be on undocumented immigrants who already have court orders to be deported. the raid could last several days.. so far it doesn't appear as though any bay area raids have been reported. right now kron 4's gayle ong is live in san jose... where she spoke with an immigration advocate on what rights people have if they encounter an ice agent. gayle?
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(gayle) activists say ice can be in public places asking questions and it's important to know your rights.
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the cities of san jose, oakland and san francisco say they will not assist ice on this in san jose gayle ong kron 4 news.
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(noelle)while there are several large groups and organizations taking action to protect undocumented immigrants -- there are also local sanctuary churches in the bay area, offering spoke with the congressional church of san mateo about its sanctuary status and its message to the community. >>the congressional church of san mateo says and stepping up for those most vulnerable and its community right now you are neighbors. we're an immigrant welcoming congregation. this is a safe place to land this is a place of refuge. and you know one thing that we say here is no document defines anyone's humanity and so to be a sanctuary church and this time, this moment, may be more important than ever news of planned ice raids on sunday threatens nearly 2000 migrant
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families across the country in 9 cities, including san francisco. >>it's part of president trump's crackdown on undocumented immigrants focusing on those who already received court orders to be deported to its sanctuary status. the congressional church of san mateo says and hopes to help families in need we're one of the main ones in the air that actually have physical sanctuary. a lot of it the congregations have voted become a compliment the sanctuaries so they do different things and provide different services. but i'm here at the foundation dissent, a also the unitarian universalist church just around the corner there are also physical sanctuary church in addition to support from the church we are. >>here for you and will stand with you with you reverend jorge about and penny nixon say. >>it's important to know your rights and resources if somebody is afraid to call the rapid response line and people will come in the area and be in solidarity with you in san mateo sackey kron 4 news.
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thank you taylor this weekend police in washington the shot and killed a man who they say was trying to burn down an immigration detention center. >>officers in tacoma say the shooting took place early saturday outside the us immigration and customs enforcement's northwest detention center. police say the man tried to set the building and parked cars on fire. the incident happened. after protests over ice plans to begin raids across the u s. >>at the suspect in what is clear that somebody died aren't right outside vision center. the offi said dangerous place. >>a man who was killed has been identified as 69 year old william van us from sen. the 4 officers involved in the shooting have been put on administrative leave pending an investigation which is standard procedure of course we do have continuing coverage of the ice raids throughout the day here on kron 4 as well
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as kron on and kron 4 dot com. >>well big story we are following tonight the family of the north bay girl says she's making improvements after being struck by an alleged drunk driver. girl is hit last thursday near the conning towne mall in santa rosa. she's since been in recovery at ucsf children's hospital oakland. that's where we find kron four's dan foreign live tonight. dan you talk with the father today what did he have to say. >>while the family is saying that she's doing much better than they expected mom and dad have been by her bedside here at children's hospital since the andle. but they're lucky. >>we're 10 is opening her eyes and making strides after an alleged drunk driver struck her with his car and took off the little girl who just turned 2 years old has a fractured skull and bruising to her lungs and kidneys.
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>>when i was in a panic. a i ran and rushed to the hospital as fast as they could was emotionally a very distraught. i couldn't really keep myself together. >>it appears father shane has joined her mother by her bedside since the accident happened thursday afternoon. shane says fear was leaving a social security office with their great grandmother when she ran and the range avenue in santa rosa shames initial shock and fear wore off once doctors told him severe did not have any internal bleeding for brain damage. >>those are things that they were able to tell me much right away that was that was company. say the not comforting for 47 year-old hit and run driver hector larios was drunk at the time if found guilty this would be larios says a 4th dui conviction. >>i'm not exactly what i would say angry mean anymore i'm more wondering. he was doing
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driving. why the trading after so many duis i mean you have so many warning to that point. >>the chain says he's thankful for all of the support they've received from friends and family now they're just i% looking forward to this being all over. >>i think that this is definitely better the aspect of that we're dealing with things that we heal. >>relatives has set up a go fund me page to help severe parents with any expenses they may have at last check more than $13,000 have been raised kland dan thorn. kron 4 t breatr news. >>thank you so much dan a santa rosa man was arrested following a slow speed pursuit. the deputy attempted to pull the suspect over for reckless driving. but he refused to stop reaching
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speeds around 25 miles per hour. police say t e man was also wanted for suspicion of weapons and traffic violations along with prior a vision of a peace officer. police used spike strips in a pit maneuver to stop the car in sonoma county. at that point sheriff's officials said the man held 2 knives to his throat began drinking beer and smoking inside his car. k 9 officer was finally used to end the standoff. >>and now for a quick check of your 4 zone forecast live look outside right now from south market in downtown san francisco. not really tracking much of a marine layer influence right now pretty clear skies not just for interior valleys. but along the coast we are going to wake up though to a shallow marine layer to start your monda morning commute. temperatures right now widespread 60's and 70's throughout most of the bay arth the exception of half moon bay, relatively mild right now currently at 58 degrees and overnight lows
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tonight will be generally comfortable for most of us in the mid to upper 50's, especially those of you in concord in antioch only cooling down into the low to mid 60's tonight. wake-up planner forecast is going to show the start of your work week monday, a slightly cooler forecast not just along the coast. but finally some relief our interior valleys. most of you will be out of the 90's and we're going to be near average to start out your week with very little change in the upcoming days, but gusty wind speeds in store for the bay area, starting tomorrow details on that and when we're going to cool down to below average. my full forecast in just a few minutes noel back to you. litical consultant and north salinas high school coach is facing rape charges after being arrested last week. >>those charges come from both the monterey county sheriff's office and the salinas police department john sic us was coach or was a coach for the girls field hockey and track and field at north salinas high. police said 2 victims who don't know each other
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reported similar stories months apart. take us is facing several charges including 2 counts of rape by use of drugs and 2 counts of rape of an unconscious person, his bail has been set at $400,000. >>in the east bay police in oakland are looking for a lever shot a woman early this morning that happened around 02:30am on the 2400 block of chestnut street in west oakland. police say the woman suffered from a gunshot wound to the ankle right now she is in stable condition. police have not released a description of the gunman. >>in san francisco, a man remains in critical condition tonight after being rescued from ocean beach. this happened late saturday afternoon around 3 15 near the san francisco zoo. officials from the national park service and san francisco fire departments surf. rescue say the victim was fully clothed when he was rescued andrews revived using cpr before being taken to a nearby hospital. he
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remains in critical condition tonight. no word yet on why he was in the water. >>we'll close to a million people are planning to raid an area in the u s on a search for aliens. details on that plan that could be carried out by at least 800,000 people. >>and we are less than 2 hours away from the start of amazon prime day a sneak peek of some of the hot deals coming up. >>of miss the worst part of the storm. but now heavy rains are causing flooding throughout louisiana. ♪ ♪ ♪ this is how driving should feel.
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>>welcome back to kron 4 news at 10 now a tropical depression barry is dumping rain on the gulf coast, even as the storm weakened some could see severe storms as the system slowly churns to the north but the mayor of new orleans says the city avoid a disaster. david daniel has a look at the latest conditions. >>tropical storm barry sparing new orleans we absolutely made it through the storm. i'm the i'm lucky we were spared tropical storm barry is weakening as it pushes inland, it was a hurricane when it made landfall saturday. >>that was quickly downgraded
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as it weakened over land. >>it's seen as those bands move closer to new orleans the same to just go all around us, but forecasts warn more rain is on the way. the storm still has a long way to go before it leaves the state rescue crew. >>crews worked through the weekend the us coast guard air lifted residents to safety as flood water surrounded their homes on saturday. >>of on parish crews shore up the levee after flood water's topped it. >>the people of very well protected we had no flooding in the area. first time this is is that we've ever had an eye for the water where these people have been going on the water, i mean it this is a great day for old that these levees do forecasts show days of rain are ahead 11 million people were under flash flood watches on sunday. >>some could see severe weather as barry continues to push inland. i'm david daniel reporting. >>when you could soon be seeing higher gas prices, thanks to tropical storm barry
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rising oil prices have been causing the national average price of gas to increase in recent weeks. but the storm could cause some of the countries major gasoline refineries to shut down and drive prices even higher. there could also be supply problems. rain could also cause some refinery outages and constrict fuel supplies along the gulf coast. >>people across louisiana are trying to help some of the wildlife that have been trapped by flooding caused by the tropical depression barry in montague folks were using boats to wrangle horses, cattle and other animals to safety. the sources we're having some trouble in pastors flooded, 12 feet deep and people were able to help them get to higher ground but some offic als are telling people to back off off warning residents to not put themselves at risk to rescue wildlife. >>turning our attention right now to whether a much different situation here in the bay area compared to what they're dealing with down there in the southeast, dry or.
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>>dry are calmer right but let's track whpt was once hurricane barry out there right now as it exits the state of louisiana making its track north. it is a tropical depression thustained winds right now 30 miles per hour. and during the overnight hours through monday morning and afternoon. it will have sustained winds at 25 miles per hour so flooding will still be a concern for the next couple of days, not just in parts of louisiana, but also from mississippi we're tornado and flood warnings were issued today and now the bulk of the rain in jackson and even memphis but starting to notice that drying trend right now throughout new orleans, especially throughout most of the state of louisiana as well so we are noticing improve conditions, but still a long way to go just because of toding in that area but closer to home here in the bay area. drier and calmer conditions out there right now and cooling down just a bit especially in our interior valleys today still rather warm day out there but much milder
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throughout the coast of the bay area and here's a live look outside from the east bay overlooking berkeley and as you can see very clear sky conditions in current wind speeds out there right now generally calm for most of us with the exception of fairfield seeing sustained winds in that 20 mile per hour range but wind speeds will be an issue within the next day because during the overnight hours we are still going to see sustained winds of 20 miles per hours specifically in our local hills and mountains in the north bay. calmer for the rest of the bay area but then the winds will continue throughout monday e could see gusts upwards of about 30 miles per hour or less specifically in our north bay mountains and hills but some areas throughout the san francisco peninsula especially downtown san francisco. so fortunately, wind gusts will remain below advisory level and temperatures right now as you head out the door widespread 60's and even 70's as you make your way inland. but half moon
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bay. the one out later this evening, pretty mild in the upper 50's at 50 degrees and overnight lows tonight will be generally comfortable in the mid to upper 50's conquered in antioch though only cooling down into the low to mid 60's and tomorrow's start for your work week monday forecast tracking near average temperatures not just along the coast, but even our interior valleys, so some relief in sight, especially for the try valleys as well downtown san francisco 68 degrees oakland in the mid 70's and plenty of sunshine as well for san jose cooling down to 83 degrees hayward 76 degrees santa rosa 89 degrees. but in the tribe valleys of concord an antioch still going to remain rather hot in the low 90's and taking a look ahead at our next 10 at 10 outlook. as you can see we're going to be on cruise control in the next couple of days, so right about av oeraf year, but gradual cooling trend will start to take place late next week on friday through next weekend we're going to be
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below average not just along the coast, but the interior valleys so, pleasant temperatures for most of our in the locations cooling down into the low 80 so not that bad there, but still going to remain mild in the 60's and 70's with plenty of sunshine. so pretty typical summer pattern right now for us in the bay area always interesting to me was specially i came from the south. >>be it summertime was always hot and humid so it's it's kind of nice to have these cooler days here tonight to forecast either no rain and not really much coastal drizzle also so very shallow marine layer, so we'll take it very good. thanks will be some things. well tonight to separate outages knocked out power to more than 2000 pg any customers. >>they both happened around 6 15 this eveninin held districts at last check pg e was still investigating the cause but they were able to restore power around 9 o'clock tonight. >>reagan's are declining in san francisco compared to last year but the crime remains comment. just last month
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almost 1900 cars were broken into or nearly 63 per day. many were in such tourists to heavy areas like golden gate park, the palace of fine arts and around the famously crooked stretch of lombard street. a reminder to never leave valuables in your car even if their head. >>in world news, a 7.3 magnitude earthquake has hit the northeast. side of a lie, we indonesia on the mallet the maluku islands according to preliminary data from the usgs moments after the original quake usgs reported 2 additional quakes likely aftershocks in the same area at 5.2 magnitude each the usgs estimates that for the location there will be a little or no population exposed to potential landslide attacks for this inland quake. there is no threat of tsunami at this time. >>a new liability fund will
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help protect electric companies in wildfires as a governor explains at least one company has a lot they need to do before they see those
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>>welcome back to kron 4 news at 10 the bible is the top selling book in the united states with an estimated 20 million copies sold each year, but that. >>head of a major christian publishing houses says new trump administration tariffs
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on chinese imports are levying what he calls a bible tax tom lally takes a look at the impact on small christian bookstores. >>and you because god loves christian faith bookstore in schofield. there is no shortage of bibles wow you really have a lot of items here but where those items come from let's just take a look or they publish that could cause problems so it is published here in the united states. i printed in china and with recent harris. those small words make a big difference that frustrating with millions of eyeballs printed in china's this eo of harper collins christian publishing called it a bible tax and printing 75% of their bibles in china local christians stores are still feeling the impact. no it's not just viable that all of our merchandise in the store they say their costs of items has gone up one to $3. this
10:27 pm
year alone the stress of it is i need to pay bills. this is not >>big money maker. it's a big joy maker. >>but first stephanie, it's more than joy here legacy. that we continue to carry on this store but the dew way new tech family started in 1953 more than 60 years later new tariffs and online shoppers. >>make that a hard legacy to leave, there's always worry, i don't know if nobody's coming in today. >>and there's always hope is always hope no matter how down you are. there is always hope and people still need their bibles myself or yesterday. >>and the one thing that will never change is the word of god, and what we're doing here. so as prices go up. she hopes sales will too. >>and don't forget the news continues tonight on kron all ight i'm going to now to head
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over to kron on to stick with us after the 10 i'll be live with our commercial free kron news cast at 11 stick with us. this racquet doesn't care who holds it.
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at 10 a riverside county california who was missing for days after visiting a casino has been found safe. the man's girlfriend reported him missing after he did not come home following his casino trip. investigators say was
10:31 pm
eventually found after being dropped off by a rideshare driver. both his personal and business accounts have been drained. police say though he voluntarily left the area. president trump says when it comes to deportation raids. his administration is considering ending the special treatment given the families of immigrants who serve in the us military. right now the families of soldiers sailors and all members of the us military. traditionally have been protected from deportation. the pentagon says it needs its servicemen and women focused on the mission as opposed to the safety and security of their families back at home. illinois senator tammy duckworth question army officials about how terminating the program what effect military readiness. >>how would you advise the president the potential impacts of taking this action i would need to dig into exactly what the justice and what they plan on doing there are soldiers are defending our country and their families deserve the protection of this
10:32 pm
country. >>the president is noncommittal about whether his administration will continue to protect the military families of immigrants, adding quote we are looking into it. well this week governor newsom signed a bill aimed at helping to pay wildfire victims when utility companies are to blame that goes into effect immediately establishing a $21 billion fund with money from investor owned utilities and attacks californians already pay governor newsome emphasize pg n a has a lot to do before it has access to that money. the company first needs to get out of bankruptcy. the payoff the 2017 2018 wildfire claims. >>they got a lot of work to do, you know get to participate in this one in this they go through a series. steps most importantly they've got sit down. they can deal with these victims. been 1400 days, some of these victims compensate.
10:33 pm
>>the governor says to help prevent fire in the first place. he sent a letter to a number of us senators requesting the federal government boost its forest management budget with more than half of california while bans on federal property. the legislator gets back from summer break they will be again focusing on insurance issues and fireproofing homes in the wake of those devastating fires. we'll taking a live look outside of a san francisco off in the distance there you can see the san francisco bay and the bay bridge way off in the distance as we're joined by meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez tonight what a weekend it was a little breezy little windy. but gorgeous outside yet clear skies out there you can make out all the city lights out in the distance because of that lack a blanket of low cloud cover and also freeze stargazers out there. >>beautiful more full moon out there this evening so head out and enjoy it stormtracker 4. not only tracking that marine
10:34 pm
layer influence out there and also pretty dry and calm for those of you in this year, let's take a look at your sierra forecast because snow melt has certainly been an issue within the last couple of weeks because of above average temperatures monday cooling down into the upper 70's and holding steady on tuesday. but then back in the low 80's by the middle of next week, partly cloudy skies and temperatures well above average at 81 degrees in closer to home here in the bay area great night for those of you heading in and out of the city golden gate bridge right now not tracking any dense low clouds and fog visibility, perfect out there as far as the eye can see not just along the coast. but also the interior valleys as well temperatures out there right now still relatively warm out there in the 60's right now those of you in concord in antioch 70 degrees right now in conquered in the mid 70's, but cool and mild right now for those of you at half moon bay, 58 degrees as you step outside and we're all going to be in
10:35 pm
the 50's during the overnight hours mid to upper 50's though it is going to make for a pleasant night in the bay area and let's take a look at your microclimate forecast to start your workweek monday because we're all going to notice a gradual cooling trend, especially along the san francisco peninsula. downtown san francisco cooling down to 68 degrees sunset district in the mid 60's for you daly city 63 degrees in half moon bay in the mid 60's at 66 degrees so we could still see a shallow marine layer to start out your monday, but then plenty of sunshine by the afternoon burlingame 69 degrees foster city in the mid 70's as a san mateo and paul also in the low 70's for your monday afternoon highs and cooling down for those of you in the south bay as well in the low to mid 80's, san jose 83 degrees. saratoga 81 degrees animal peta's flirting with a tease. but 79 degrees and in the east bay livermore cooling down into the mid 80's tomorrow at 86 degrees. hayward 76 is
10:36 pm
still tracking those mild temperatures right along the coast, richmond 79 degrees conquered though 91 degrees is still going to be a hot day for our try valleys fairfield 92 degrees of the 83 knapp in the mid 80's as well in santa rosa in the upper 80's for your monday afternoon highs and watch out for those gusty wind speeds tomorrow that i was tracking earlier 30 miles per hour. the lesson here is a look at your allergy outlook low to medium amounts of these top 3 allergens and we're going to be holding steady for most of this upcoming workweek near average highs but then below average by this weekend. >>well for your money tonight amazon's prime day starts tomorrow. and now we're getting a sneak peek at some of the deals the online retailer. putting a big focus on many of its own gadgets and in-house brands there are discounts of up to 50% on some of amazon's women's clothing lines, some lines of home goods you can get up to 30% off other company products
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also offer deals like a sony ellie, the smart tv for have a fall. amazon's annual sales blitz starts monday and will run for 48 hours us. well coming up an amazing rescue caught on camera will show you that rescue. when we come back. uh-oh, looks like someone's
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there's no such thing so start driving and don't stop. because no one takes off at the finish line. and the only way to get that trophy, is to take it. net generation. official youth tennis of the usta. >>welcome back to kron 4 news construction workers in albuquerque. we're able to
10:40 pm
save the lives of a baby and a toddler, stuck inside a burning building you can see that video right here. the dramatic moment was caught on video. brandon evans reports. the man in the yellow vest art firefighters or police, they're construction workers and today, they're heroes brothers mason and jermaine said they saw a man screaming for help from a second story window we saw him hanging out the window with his baby 2 month-old baby with every second counting and with the rest of the crew working to bring their ladders over facing calls out for the man to drop the baby into his arms. >>doctor i caught her then they bring out another little boy 2 years to 3 years old and then we caught him as well. mason says he couldn't have done it without his brother and the rest of the crew running over to help him as well as putting up the ladder to in think. >>but no one was more proud than jermaine of his brother mason to seeing in cats have a
10:41 pm
growing in many ways is touch when he stepped up and can really. >>became a hero of the day mason says the only way to long enough to make sure the family was ok and they startedo everyone else out safely as well well neighbors, we spoke with say mason deserves a medal. mason says the dad thanked him and that was enough in mind that remember my name on my face with the nose as somebody help and that's. >>and i'm basing moment, right there one woman was taken into custody on arson charges. police say she admitted to starting 2 fires in the apartment using paper. an electric stove. a handful of box office hits were playing this weekend but which one came out number one. >>sports the a's walked off in wild fat action today plus giants wimbledon and the final round of the american century celebrity golf tournament highlights are all next.
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>>spiderman far from home easily repeated this weekend champ earning million. it's made 275 million in the us in its first 13 days toy story 4 state at number 2, or in million at the low end of expectations crawl opened at number 3 surfacing with
10:45 pm
million. and finally the buddy action comedy stuber debuted in 4th place with million. well the duke of duchess in sussex will attend the european premiere of the lion king in london on sunday. they will be meeting cast members including beyonce cnn's linda kincaid has more. >>it's one of the most hotly anticipated releases this year. these these live really imagining. line. >>with an cast a voice including beyonce as the young line nala and donald glover in the lead role as really fun to be a part >>you've known your entire life like i didn't have to wait. learn any lines i didn't have to learn the words of the songs that him after that you know it was a second nature's i think that i think you do films like that. once in a
10:46 pm
lifetime, but the crown prince is a jungle is getting of oil seal of approval in the united kingdom. >>prince harry, the duke of sussex will attend the uk premiere of the film is sunday. it's all for a good cause disease launching a worldwide conservation charity to protect him revitalize the line population across africa. the protect the pride campaign its goal to double the line population across the continent by 2050 wildlife conservation is a cause close to prince harry's hot. and it's also a chance to get some positive media attention up to some negative press over the private nature of prince a cheese christening with lions in africa facing rising threats from poaching and loss of habitat. >>prince harry will likely be a good today, the public attention from his own household to the king of the jungle lindsay kinkaid cnn. >>by the end of next year thousands of subway restaurants. well, the whole new look the company says more
10:47 pm
than 10,000 locations will be remodeled by the time 2020 draws to a close. in addition to new decor and layout designs. there will be new tasting menu options. subway also says it will be taking steps to enhance convenience and customer service, 2300 subway restaurants around the world have either been remodeled or have remodel and on the way. nearly a million facebook users say they're going to raid area 51 in nevada on september 20th in a quest to see aliens. yes true story the clearly tongue in cheek. facebook event page is titled storm area 51 they can stop all of us and states quote we can run faster than their bullets. it'sin the myste has been the subject of conspiracy theories for decades. many people believe the us government stores, its secrets about us foes and aliens. the military site.
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>>it is so good to have baseball back in our lives after a week off for the all-star break and both days and the giants picked up right where they left off the red hot a's had won 9 of them last 11 games coming into today, and they're looking to sweep the chicago white sox beautiful day at the coliseum this afternoon we go off way to the bottom of the 8th in this one tied to 2 chris davis. foul territory down the right-field line tagging at 3rd. hese believe he's called. it's like having got his right hand on the bag before the attack. but the looks like the same result because right hand close maybe about. if he didn't get
10:49 pm
injected the vehemence of what he was arguing, but the result in stilti when 3 to 2 at oakland 10 win in 12 games. 2 of 3 from the brewers today. hockey they're starting the 2nd half of the 7 game road trip to thi 11th of the season to six-team score. of the season, it's a
10:50 pm
tie game. the giants rode a six-run 7th innings to away and when 3 b gets the win only couple weeks. passing of father way to go for him to rally. today's men's wimbledon final one of the greatest everlasting almost 5 hours and ending in the first fifth-set tie breaker in tournament history. top-seeded novak took on second seed roger. the deciding 5th set a joke of it. broke joe conviction had a chance to serve for the title, but the joker fought 2 championship points to break back. that's what our job much better can handle the service return. joke of it when says.
10:51 pm
7, 6, 1, 6, 7, 6, 4, 6 1312. it takes a few blades of grass in center court. this is the trophy some well earned smooches it's his 16th grand slam title. he's now for and finally the final round a celebrity tournament like. of his basketball skills that the real hoops star steph curry who came second only the putt curry finished the tournament, a tie for 7th with the score of 50. the for the second straight year. the tournament belong to former cowboys quarterback tony romo that accident on the a team, championship romo finished with a score of 71 is whopping 10 points ahead of the second place finisher someone, local fans will know former a's pitcher mark mulder beautiful day.
10:52 pm
>>well we are doing across area. know all sorts of sporting events today, i mean spoiled rotten when it comes to in the gulf of that there stephon curry obviously having so much fun even his dad get involved 2. oh yeah, those 2 lines of last other so much k. well next on dine and dish where you can get a taste of the mediterranean right here the mediterranean right here in san francisco. oh thaphenomenal!, that's unfair. that's so unfair. c'mon jay-bo. let's go. let's go. woahh! try my $4.99 bbq bacon double cheeseburger combo. only at jack in the box. whoa. travis in it made it. it's amazing. oh is that travis's app? it's pretty cool, isn't it? there's two of them. they're multiplying. no, guys, its me. see, i'm real.
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>>welcome back to kron 4 news at 10 if you can't make it to a mediterranean island for the summer. at least you can eat like you're on one tonight on dine and dish vicki liviakis takes us to a hidden gem and san franoisco's 6 street area, it's called project. >>island of rota system 16 hours from the bay area until that george. only home island is not far from his mind. this is a new cafe called argenta project. rina and her husband dimitri if you're your it definitely a favorite. it is greek as you can get from donors, even the soda pop from greece. street area of san
10:56 pm
francisco is. you know what do you say. if you want to taste the mediterranean. it's all of oils are fine wines the new language along the way like. still put up with in san francisco, >>almost 11 o'clock at night, i'm getting hungry. if you want to submit your favorite restaurant bar cafe eatery or food truck to dine and dish you can nominate them by sending an e-mail to dine and dish at kron 4 dot com or you can go to our dine and dish facebook page joined one last quick time by meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez to.
10:57 pm
>>the work week forecast, yeah, let's take a look at your wake-up planner forecast to start your workweek because we are going to notice plenty of sunshine and gusty wind speeds by later tomorrow night. wind gusts upwards of about 30 miles per hour or less so it is going to be noticeable especially in the north bay mountains and hills and even parts of the san francisco peninsula but daytime highs near average 60's and 70's along the coast 80's and 90's as you make your way inland with below average temperatures this upcoming just give me a racquet and watch me go.
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