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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  July 16, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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on the roads but so does the anchor desk just what they like this colors for that we have. >>we all got the memo line check the following along with the days of the week i started with on to tuesday, i'm going to do it every day. thursday i know what date in 2002 this is jump >>a boy it was a pretty the fog and cloudy when i came to is very much so foggy morning we traded in yesterday's crystal clear conditions for some dense fog this morning. we also traded in for a nice full moon if you can see it that is i know it's kind of hard to look out and see if the horizon, but if you look out this is the view that you've got a nice full moon this morning and looking outside at the fog nothing about this is a saying hey it's crystal clear it's just very bad as far as visibility goes with areas out along the coast streaming inland seeing some pretty low spots and now i know we are seeing some improvements as far as visibility goes on this map
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but this patches out there that can take you by surprise as you cross the bridges or just driving up and down the peninsula out into the east bay too by the time we work towards 08:30am we're still holding on to fog on the peninsula in the east bay, a bit of clarity in the north bay as well as the south bay at this point then into the afternoon, there's your sunshine for you it's going make its return and stay with us for the rest of the day after that point 50's and 60's to start by the afternoon ahead of us were still talking some upper 80's in a few areas just a couple of 90's lingering on but temperatures overall just a little bit cooler, i've got the rest your forecast still to come thank you john taking a peek at traffic it's getting busy and crowded at the bay bridge toll plaza, your cash lanes and your fast track lanes are stacking up now. >>this is not that nothing you can't handle a great trip from the maze into san francisco. here's another bridge, the richmond sandra fell bridge 8 minutes here from the pay gates out a one on one hot spot free on the golden gate just socked in fog so be careful you'll experience
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reduced visibility because of that thick fog across the span 19 minutes novato to the toll plaza and the san mateo bridge 92 west crowded the looking good 12 minutes over to the finance left james darya thanks a lot rob and 5 oh one 2 day federal investigators will be at the scene of a deadly helicopter crash in the east bay, a flight instructor and a student were on board at the time that that craft went down at the hayward executive airport. >>and that's where kron 4 sarah stinson is standing by for us this morning with the latest sara. >>that investigation is going to happen very soon but basically what happened it was during a flight instruction and the instruction the instructor died on scene while the this morning in the student is recovering in the hospital with major injuries at last check that survivor was in critical condition at eden medical center now. this all happened yesterday afternoon at 2.30. crash was reported around 2 30 shifter
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noon near the runway emergency crews rushed to the scene that we do know the 2 men were practicing maneuvers in a robinson r 44 helicopter to 7 choppers very popular for teaching people how to fly though we now know the instructor has been identified as 62 year-old wayne of sunnyvale still unclear though if the cause of the crash was mechanical or human error but that is what federal investigators with the ntsb will be looking into today and we did talk with the manager of the airport he he says his main priorities being -here for the families involved during this tragic time. >>our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of the deceased pilot. be on that we're going to assist the national transportation safety board. any way we can with the investigation to make it easier for them. >>and those federal investigators will still be looking into whether or not the in structure or the student was the pilot during
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the crash that still one of the main questions at this time as well as we want to get an update on that survivor how is that person is doing in the hospital this morning so stay tuned as we continue to learn more. for now live in hayward sarah stinson kron 4 news. thank you sarah. >>and this morning we're hearing from the man who was shot dead a 6 flags in concord he only wanted to be identified as danny says he was visiting the park saturday for his daughter's 8th birthday, when he was shot in the parking lot. danny says the gunman hit his car our when he parked next to him and then things escalated from there. >>had a gun and stuck in the window mike you try to hit me in the face with it or just pointed my face i don't know, but says it has not grabbed grabbed his handgun and i pushed it out the window and i thought on the night he killed them, you know you you know. >>even though he was holding myself i thought he was going to die over a parking spot. he's expected to make a full recovery police are still looking for that gunman. in
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the south bay, a fast-moving fire scorched about 50 acres in they foot hills of san jose and the san jose firefighters were able to save 10 homes, however, 2 homes were destroyed by this fire and one dog died. there were several other large animals that crews were able to evacuate. wpneighbors say they have been clearing the brush around their properties to prevent this from happening. yes so make sure there's no. >>i we was nothing to burn that except our barn is right on the edge. but it did not catch on fire because we've cleared everything out and that's so important when you live on a place like this. >>and you can see some of the homes that were saved right there. 5 o 5 right now and firefighters in santa clara county also contained this grass fire that you can see the smoke rising from this was last night just west of sweet water fire station. it burned just an acre and damage one building. >>well happening now police are looking for a group of
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people who assaulted and robbed a man of pleasant hill that happened in the area boyd road in cleveland road. the attackers took off for 4 police got there another victim cell phone and wallet were stolen and as for the victim himself. he was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. in national news, a new rule takes effect today that prohibits migrants from seeking asylum here in the us if they have lived in or traveled through a 3rd country. and that includes those eople who are coming through mexico. the departments of justice and homeland security issued this new rule yesterday. the new regulation comes as an influx of migrants have been attempting to cross into the united states. critics say this rule though won't improve the crisis at the border. in fact the american civil liberties union is planning to sue. >>this is the most extreme situations and anybody who's kind through any kind other country cannot apply for asylum, let's change the asylum was let's make sure that we have a secure southern border. let's make sure that we do all of that. >>mexico's government is rejecting the new asylum rules saying it won't affect mexican citizens.
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>>california lawmakers are pushing back against the new asylum rules in a tweet governor newsome says we cannot be the country that turns away those fleeing violence and in need of help that is not our american values. attorney general javier becerra tweeted not only is this really humane. it flies in the face of the rule of law. no word yet on if california officials are going to sue the trump administration over these latest regulations. some advocates for undocumented immigrants protested in front of the amazon nffice building in downtown san francisco. they claim that amazon does business with ice. they were joined by activists in several major us cities calling on amazon to get out of doing business with high demonstrators say that amazon is allowing ice to collect data to target people and then deport them they also say that amazon has attempted to sell the feds facial recognition software that can be used in raids. amazon's working with
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ice in this way. and we want to raise the profile and say you know there's many steps that we can take to support the immigrant community which is being targeted. >>but this federal administration say we demand the amazon to the right thing they certainly have the profits to be able to make better choices. >>kron four's reach out to amazon and asked them, however we have not heard back yet. >>27 year-old man has confessed now to killing an american scientis from oakland, suzanne eaton was found dead on the greek island of crete the man who confessed had been detained for questioning by police after even went missing back on july 2nd. investigators believe she disappeared during a run, she was attending a conference with her employer when she disappeared her body was found in a former not see war bunker on july tense. she leaves behind a husband and 2 sons. a federal judge in san francisco has reduced an million award against monsanto corporation to 25 million for a sonoma county man 70 year-old edwin
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heart of unclaimed the company's roundup weed killer caused his cancer. a jury ordered monsanto to pay hardiman $80 million in damages. a federal judge says the us supreme court guideline requires him to reduce that amount to 25 million monsanto by the way is facing more than 13,000 round of lawsuits filed in the us federal and state courts 2 cases from the bay area have gone to trial and resulted in verdicts against monsanto. >>in the north bay, a 61 year-old man crashed into a home with his car. and there was a newborn baby inside the car as well then he admitted to the police that he was high on meth. this was in rohnert park not far from the foxtel golf club. the homeowners were inside the house at the time luckily nobody in the house was injured a building inspector says the home is now unsafe to live in. novato police are looking for a man who robbed a woman as she was sitting in her car. he opened the passenger door i adore and pointed a gun at and her yesterday behind a business on
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first street and grand avenue took her money and credit cards and then drove off in a blue volkswagen. the woman was not hurt. the us coast guard has returned to the bay area after this major drug bust with the dramatic video showing an officer jumping on to a us submarine, it was carrying 17,000 pounds of cocaine in the pacific valued at more than million. those who smuggle the drugs into the country were arrested the coast guard says the drug trafficking is on the increase. >>we're hoping to get more ships, newer ships to be able to counter that threat. so as stop the drug runners they change their tactics including playing submersibles like this, so we got to be on our game as well. >>the drugs were unloaded and destroyed in san diego. >>5.10 will take a quick break but coming up here on the kron 00:04am morning news after 4 days lost in the woods, a california hiker is found safe. we're going to hear from her family in just a moment and a new sanctuary for animals in need is coming to
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the bay area will explained. and we do have some fog this morning as you're stepping outside i'm talking about at you can expect the rest of the day still stuck out. >>and i'm tracking your commute keeping you on time and we're checking in on the bay bridge traffic. only in a little bit for the cash for years and the fast track or so get on out there early
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>>back in guys it's not messing around this morning. yesterday we were spoiled at this crystal clear there was such a nice start to the morning. but once you get above the fog, it's still pretty nice that score nice up there yet most of us are in the midst of it. this is your look from suture tower right above that fog you layer that streaming in across the bay making for some low visibility for many of you that are driving into work here is one example of that looking down from the berkeley hills at the east bay which is not in view at all because of that lower visibility from the fog that is streaming in land this morning, skies over all our dry despite the fact that fog is pretty dense that's more than we can say for tomorrow now this fog is going to continue not necessarily this afternoon but the set up is going to allow that deep marine layer dickens to news streaming on in across the bay area. that's just that nice ocean cool they're really gripping us and this is also going to help temperatures to just subtly school downward in the days to come high-pressure not really getting a chance to build in this forecast. this
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is a trend of weather. we've got used to this july keeping us out of the triple digits at least even with some 90's the past few days so today we do have some fog in or treat this with that fog. again are treating on into your wednesday afternoon. many at more of it to thursday morning. that's just the trend we're getting set up for i told you that yesterday was our one chance to enjoy a fog free morning at least for the next couple of days. so i do hope you enjoyed that because now we're back to that seasonable trend a foggy morning sunny afternoons, 60's and 70's for your daytime highs in the city of san francisco today. you've got some 60's right along the coast temperatures really just one tog2 degrees different than yesterday for most of us that's a one to 2 degree cool down taking us in some spots like the south bay out of the mid 80's back into the low 80's for santa clara milpitas san jose 84 that compared to 85 yesterday, not really a noticeable difference. hayward in union city in the mid to
5:16 am
upper 70's while in areas like concord that one degree difference at least takes out of the 90's and back into the upper 80's while oakland at 75 richmond at 76 will still see a couple of 90's in pittsburgh in vacaville, but no longer in areas like also falling into the upper 80's today, 60's 70's, 80's for portions of marin and sonoma counties further to the north. here's your next 7 days temperatures like i mentioned not really dropping too much, but just enough that by the weekend. we're in the low 80's on average for inland spots that's about 10 degrees cooler than we were this past weekend by the bay and by the coast temperatures pretty steady 60's 70's to remain through the forecast. that's a look at your weather for the week ahead robin do we have any problems out there yet we do not have any problems well i guess the problem is everybody's heading to the same place at the same time. >>and that creates a slowdown we're checking out the 70 oh bridge we already have a crash out here and lots of brake lights on westbound 92, but no
5:17 am
no issues, no crashes no single herbs. so a pretty good chance. so far at 12 minutes to make it over to one o one. we're checking oakland to san francisco your drive on 80 west cash lanes and fast track lanes getting a little crowded, but no problems it's 12 minutes that is great and quick to make your way from the bottom of the maze off to fremont street, here's a look at traffic tracker and stme more drive times out there we took highway 4 that's one of the first freeways to start backing up and it's looking good at 15 minutes or contra costa county. so that's quick. 6.80 looks great for take on the danville the nimitz in pretty good shape. so far and so it's one on one. no problems at all leaving the south bay to the peninsula, your drive is less than 30 minutes to make it to menlo park, we'll check more coming up back to. >>thank you robin time now is 5.17 authorities are searching for a california man who was swept away in the uber river alexander alvarez and his daughter both fell at the same time on sunday while trying to walk across that river. the child was able hold on to iraq but her dad was swept away.
5:18 am
the nevada county sheriff's office says people are ignoring warnings about how dangerous the river is even as they search for alvarez's body. >>take him a chance we go up there and if it's 2 quicker we we see thing that may be under toes without we haven't seen the boys or stay out. and we'll take it for granted. >>the child's mother says that she hopes other people will learn from this and we're life vests. a utility worker was killed in a gas explosion in southern california that happened yesterday in so cal gas employee was working on a damage natural gas line at a home. when it exploded you can see the aftermath there that worker was killed and 15 others were hurt. but trailers sit right there came around the corner. >>and i seen a body laying there there there were people run into him. of course there was a big huge ball of fire cross street knew he wasn't >>and the conditions of the other people that were injured
5:19 am
haven't been released yet this morning. has been linked now to the death of utah college student mackenzie lueck items were discovered along the edge of the jordan river in salt lake city, diving teams were called in to see if anything else useful to the case was deeper in the water meanwhile, the man accused of killing the 23 year-old made his first court appearance yesterday. ula a j is facing numerous charges, including aggravated murder and aggravated kidnapping. lueck was traveling from california when she went missing. >>singer r kelly is going to be arraigned in court today. he was arrested in chicago last week and faces federal sex-crimes and racketeering charges in 2 separate indictments in new york and illinois. they say that he recruited women for secs he's also accused of persuading people to help him covered up and spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy. back videotapes that show is the sexual-abuse of under age
5:20 am
girls take a look at what happened when a teenager took his mother's car for a joyride in houston. it ended up on fire. >>the 16 year-old boy hit a gas line and the suv burst into flames. he crashed trying to get away from the police who are trying to pull him over he lost control hit it. tree ended up in that backyard near a pool. he was taken to the hospital, he was in serious really hurt. but his mom's going to kill. 5.20 is a time right now and dozens of people formed a human chain on a beach to save 2 swimmers. they were lined up along. >>railing here outside of a condo on panama beach, they went all the way out into the ocean rip currents made it dangerous for swimmers. so and there were double red flags flying at the time, but swimmers were still out there even though it's illegal and so these people a risk their lives to make a chain and bring the others back in safely.
5:21 am
>>people out there that actually got in the current and at least 4 rescuers were trying to get out there and how i just think that everybody should take a double red flags seriously and when you see red flags to stay out of the water. >>a total of 90 people have been pulled from the gulf since friday. >>5.21 and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, the prosecution tries to refute the testimony of defense witnesses in the go ship warehouse fire trial. we'll tell you what they said. let's take a live look at. that's a live shot of the full moon today marks 50 years since apollo 11 blasted off from the kennedy space center on the first manned mission to the moon. 4 days later, we landed on the moon. it's not where to look at a live and i know there can you see on a visit there. we'll tell you more there. we'll tell you more about the event. buttermoh manscuits now we're talking fried egg
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switch to geico. sausa4 donut holes. for just a dollar. dang!! try my 2 for $4 breakfast biscuits and add 4 donut holes for just a buck. only at jack in the box. and welcome back to the kron 4 morning news and thanks for staying with us. we're tracking your commute this morning it's going to be a foggy one across the golden gate. >>the cow. the towers covered in fog so it's going to be a little hard to see as you work your way across the span be careful be cautious 19 minutes novato to the toll plaza. we don't have to deal with fog at the bay bridge toll plaza but there's a little bit on the stand your backup is growing it's already spilling. >>beyond the end of a lot beyond 8.80 all all the way
5:25 am
back to west grand that was quick so we have a full house. >>at 13 minutes after fremont street. a little foggy to have lots of drizzle at the richmond sandra fell and starting to make this camera shot a little blurry 7 minutes from the tolls to one o one, but no hot spots are major issues are looking good on the east shore 24 out of walnut creek and a great trip from 2.38 to downtown oakland on both the nimitz and the macarthur james all ght, thank you very much. >>more children are entering the foster care system due to drug use by their parents. a study published yesterday found there was a 147% increase in foster care entries when the opioid crisis swept across the us from 2000 to 2017. the increase related to parental drug use was most prominent in the last 5 years that's when there were surges in opioid use and overdoses. the study didn't specifically since didn't specify what kind of drugs to parents used so the results can't be linked to any particular drugs.
5:26 am
>>50 years ago this morning, the world would never be the same as 3 man race to the moon. the uss harnett played a key role in and i'll tell you exactly babybel: i used be a one-cheese operation,
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>>you know look at weather and traffic for anna tuesday morning and how we roll and it's looking good a little foggy out there like there's a
5:29 am
lot of drizzle on the richmond center fell covered in fog so it's kind of interrupting traffic that is used slow >>now that i had to do it on a double chance to look at the allies that can really see to say this we know that right you went outside this morning. you do see that the golden gate bridge is actually not able to be seen it all this morning as robin mentioned as everyone mentioned. >>it is foggy out there visibility definitely an issue for those of you taking your way into work and want to change from yesterday when it was so clear out there. half moon bay visibility will fall below a mile this morning as a will on some of our bridges like the golden gate bridge. but into the afternoon there you go that fog is going to clear out and we will be set up for what will be a beautiful and nice one ahead of us 50's and 60's is where we're at right now we're will continue to be around 08:00am
5:30 am
60's 70's for your temperatures by noontime today and your afternoon day time highs still in the mid to upper see 80's for some of our inland areas, 60's and 70's closer to the water, your forecast more of it that is still to come. >>robert all right a long line at the bay bridge toll plaza 80 west our slowest a pro it's to a bridge right now and i say your approach could because traffic on the bridge itself is not this low. it's a traffic leading from the maze up to the bay bridge toll plaza that is packed as you can see so be prepared for this 15 minutes at a decent average to make it in and at least it's very quiet. traffic tracker does not have any hot spots are major issues in fact it's smooth sailing on 5.80 livermore to dublin 6.80 south dublin to fremont the number to 2.37 both in good shape will check more coming up james. >>very much rob and testimony in the go ship trial is beginning to wind down now in the jury could get the case before the end of the month. derick and max harris will face certain 36 counts of
5:31 am
involuntary manslaughter. in the 2016 deadly fire in oakland. and local police officer took the stand answer questions regarding a 2014 couch burning incident outside the go ship in the officers body camera video the jury heard alan mannus saying it is amazing the fire didn't go inside because it would've been horrible. next an atf agent took are told the court that she took part in a pair of interviews of gaucher president dar longed or dare old let a light day as a witness for the defense light he testified that he heard a fight then saw a man running away from the go ship as the fire began to burn however the atf agent testified that light he never mentioned that interviewed the day after the fire. >>not going worry about that. of course in the thing that in peaches is credibility is says painful for me what i don't think one he was adequately. and 2 i don't think in the bigger picture that it's not meaningful. >>closing arguments are set to happen later this month. a
5:32 am
california man will spend the rest of his life in prison for killing endangered are engaged couple in sonoma county back in 2004. investigators say the ohio couple of sleeping on gender beach when they were shot and killed by sean gallon. the case remained cold for more than a decade before gallon admitted to killing 22 year-old lindsey cut shawl at 26 year-old jason allen. he's also pleaded guilty to killing his brother. he was sentenced to 3 consecutive life terms in prison without parole. >>take a look at this a mailman caught on camera delivering a package and san ramon let's see how it goes just to check there. and then he walks away this was a a box that contained a new security i their their old one seems to be working fine. i mean you know it got the video. police in menlo park are investigating a shooting that happened between 2 separate cars, they got the call about an argument between people into cars near the intersection hamilton and market place and during that the argument somebody in one of the cars fired a shot at
5:33 am
the other car and then they both drove off nobody was hurt. they're soon going to be a new home for some animals that don't have anywhere to go the peninsula humane society and spca purchase 261 acres in the law on the area and san mateo county and this land is going to be where the animal sanctuary for rescued animals will be put up and it will be for medical and behavioral issues, those kind of animals 261 acres will all be fenced in nd they'll be small house liking closures for the animals that cannot be adopted the organization has been looking to build a sanctuary for 5 years. >>we get more animals who come to us sick or behave really messed up succumb to his healthy. >>it will be another 12 to 18 months before it is done right now they're designing the site and starting construction. >>a california woman and her dog who went missing last week were found alive near a
5:34 am
campground in inyo county there. she is 60 year-old cheryl powell went missing friday after taking the family dog for a bathroom break. she was approached by a man with a knife apparently how was able to get away she avoided roads in order to stay away from that attacker. but that made it tough for searchers to find her. >>i knew that there had to be something. she wouldn't just disappear into thin air. >>powell isn't letting his experience stop her from hiking again. she plans to get back to huntington beach park with her friends. it's 70 can go back to using the former names of landmark so the ahwahnee hotel in curry village are back. the national park service announced the settlement of a lawsuit over the naming rights back in 2015 maren member of the national park service changed concession operators from delaware north to air a mark. now delaware north sued claiming that it owns the naming rights of properties in the park that looks like it's all been settled. >>it was 50 years ago today, the world watched as the crew of apollo 11 blasted off from
5:35 am
earth on their mission to the moon yet we know at the time whether it would be successful. the uss harnett which is now station in alameda played a role. >>in the success of that mission kron four's will tran live with more on that morning. well. >>good morning james, i know you love nasa so this is a story right after alley as far as excitement the uss hornet right be i mean they plan to have celebrations not just here in the bay area but also florida years ago and one hour. from now it's 6.32 exactly am california time. 3 men from apollo 11 launched from cape canaveral in florida race to the moon it took them 4 days to get there. death defying they easily could have been lost in space. they landed 4 days later than about 8 hours later after landing. that's when famously neil armstrong and buzz aldrin stepped on to the face of the
5:36 am
moon. they were there collectively for about 21 and a half hours removing samples and then you know you remember that line one small step for man one giant step for mankind. then of course they had to come back to the mission altogether took about 8 days they splashed down into the ocean and that's where the uss hornet played its major role not only were they monitoring the situation. they also were there when the man landed into the ocean they reach read it. all day we plan to talk to some of the crew members including part of the dive team, one of the men was actually in the water looking at that little aircraft to see if it was upside down or not to see of the men were safe and then retrieve them so the uss hornet was the official welcoming party on it at the time was president richard nixon as well if you come down here you can see the museum. they have plenty of pictures they will have celebrations and people throughout the day the next time you see me i will be on the deck. the uss.
5:37 am
harnett i mean you talk about achievement in human history. flight was 19 all 3 guys with the wright brothers 66 years later man human race landed on the face of the moon how incredible it is the think about that absolutely and just to think how far technology has advanced from that point. >>to now as nasa sets its sights on may be returning to the moon once again. it will be fun to watch all right will thank you much and we'll see you on the deck of the front later on. >>5.37 and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, a milestone for a town devastated. my wildfire will take you to a new home this ready to move into. >>plus we're going to hear from a woman who found something crawling in her salad what she says the restaurant told her when she told act is that it. >>these are people that in my opinion hate our country. they hate it i think with a passion. >>no matter what the president
5:38 am
says this country to you. to everyone. >>coming up at 6 o'clock lawmakers clapping back as president trump defends his racist tweets and we are looking outside this morning you can see temperatures 50's 60's even close to some 70's up an antioch right now. >>i've got your forecast to expect after the fog clears still to >>and i'm tracking your busy commute around the bay area stacked up [farmers bell]
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>>and on this tuesday morning once you head above the fog we actually are off to a pretty nice start to the state this is the fog streaming across san francisco in the rest of the bay area from suture tower right here that's about the awful out there the distance obviously not charted by the there. some 50's and some 60's for your current temperatures across the bay redwood city in mountain view at 61 degrees while berkeley and hayward in the mid to upper 50's petaluma nevado also in the mid-fifties to kick off this morning now overall for most areas at least for a little bit cooler than we were yesterday at this time. this is a trend will actually continue into the afternoon once the sunshine comes back out. you notice temperatures just one to 2 degrees cooler than yesterday out some merely going to feel less you're paying close attention. but just the start of what will be a continuing cooling forecast into the upcoming weekend rob.
5:42 am
>>i'm tracking a continually slowing commute. it's packed of the 70 oh bridge 92 sec on the brake lights here. levy hayward its own only going to get heavier as we continue through the the 13 minutes off to one o one bay bridge traffic, 80 west crew calling from the maze. right through the tolls up the incline so the usual grind into san francisco. an accident here leaving the lay whole this is a west at 7.80 it has traffic tied up from 37 so keep that in mind but as you make it past the scene right after the scene it opens up a good trip across the cartoonist on down the shore and into the oakland the shore and into the oakland oh thaphenomenal!, that's unfair. that's so unfair. c'mon jay-bo. let's go. let's go. woahh! try my $4.99 bbq bacon double cheeseburger combo. only at jack in the box.
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try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. >>it's 5.45 and today furniture is being delivered to the first home to be rebuilt to after the camp fire last year yet the town of paradise issued its first certificate certificate of occupancy for the home yesterday we eave 50 gonzales now with the story. >>the sinclair is are celebrating a milestone with significance extending beyond their families moving into a new chapter for the town of paradise. the victorian travis sinclair's home among the nearly 19,000 structures destroyed in the camp fire. this is the first certificate of occupancy and now pioneering a fresh start. their home in mint condition.
5:46 am
the first completed rebuilt for the town of >>coming home today. >>after 8 long months that felt like an unstable roller coaster towards eternity it's then trying there's you know it says something like this will either make or break your marriage. i mean and i for us it made it one home to the next thrown into unforgiving uncertainty was there ever. i wondered what i would be coming back to and i mean you'd be foolish not to consider it. but for the sinclair's home goes well beyond the house when i was on. still felt more at home and there is a peace in my heart knowing that it was still going to be okay, it seems like you have a deeper meaning. >>and so it's for me home is
5:47 am
just we planted our roots here with the intention of never leaving the spot. >>progress yeah to me nice. >>weather wise, i know it's a little foggy down at street level but above it all looks beautiful it sure does you know once you get above the 5 years that nice this out that is not the awful out there in the distance and just a really nice view of it, but you can just see how much of the bay is also covered by that cloudy layer that once you're in the midst of it this is what it looks like which is where most of us are certain. this is a in san francisco obviously with that cloud cover really draping the city south bay, not in the clouds though you're looking nice and clear down there in san jose out to the east bay to this is another shot of mount diablo from a clear point of view over towards pleasant hill where there isn't city fog currently so it's a really just a foggy morning on the peninsula. right in the midst of the bay and then out into the east bay, the further east to get south and even into the north bay. we are actually
5:48 am
seeing those clear skies to kick things off now high pressure sits to our south and east but this low is a persistently sitting in place. that's going to help to keep us out of the triple digits in to slowly actually keep temperatures dropping out of the 90's in the forecast ahead of us today we're already looking at a few s 90's for your daytime highs compared to yesterday today we're obviously seeing the fog to that's going to burn off into the afternoon. tomorrow we're going to start off the morning with another dose of it and even some coastal drizzle to kick off your wednesday ahead of us and thursday are going to see more of the same so this is the return to normal after what was that dry in crystal clear start to the week yesterday, 60's and 70's for san francisco's daytime highs today also range of 60's up and down the peninsula from a brisbane to san bruno south san francisco down to burlingame in the 70's with a few 80's when she gets south of redwood city saying carlos falling into the upper 70's today while san jose down one
5:49 am
degree from yesterday's high 85 to 84 today. also looking at just a subtle drop in temperatures out into the east bay this will be enough to take conquered from the 90's to the upper 80's while the creek in danville also seeing just a slight difference oakland not much of a difference. but that's fine here still at 75. pittsburgh in vacaville are 2 spots left in the 90's of what forecast this weekend that had plenty more of them so it's nice to see if us 90's in a much more tolerable range of 80's ahead of us in the forecast. we're only going to see more of those 80's as temperatures continue to fall eventually taking us into the low 80's on average inland by the weekend ahead. robert thank you john a growing line here at the richmond center fell bridge toll plaza busy busy busy leading up to the pay gates but not bad. >>it's going to be great trip across the span just a little heavy leading up to the tolls out of put you at 8 minutes into the north bay from oakland to san francisco. this line is growing for sure you're looking at 80 west. yes, it's stacked up from the
5:50 am
maze cash lanes fast track lanes are all slow except for the carpool lanes they look good 13 minutes here to make your way in and off to fremont street. here's a new accident south 6 80 at the single exit so minor crowding their as you work your way south bound, but overall, it's looking good continuing to 84 and said all continuing south to 6 80 in fremont and milpitas in san jose. so there's just that one little pocket for you and 60 minutes, dublin to fremont not bad at all we're checking in on highway 4 little busy through pittsburgh bay point but the concord side looks good. so does that any outside 20 minutes from one 60 out to 2.42 an accident still wrapping up in vallejo 80 west at 7.80 has traffic tied up but as soon as you get through it, it's going to be wide open after that across the car keen us along the east shore, you're looking good down to oakland and 18 minutes started thank you robin five-fifty and fewer kids die from guns in states with stricter gun control laws this is according to a new study researchers
5:51 am
say. >>states with universal background checks such as here in california had a death rate of almost 4 children per every 100,000 children in states without that type of law the child death rate was almost 50% higher california has mandated universal background checks on gun purchases since 1991. that a woman noticed a living creature crawling in her lettuce tracy torrance finishing up for lunch, she or a salad and she saw something moving to the screen so blends in she whipped out the camera to get a picture gets a green caterpillar. this was at jason's deli in downtown vegas that she bought it. >>i showed her the video open the little guys back trying to get out trying to save his life. she said that is usually because our salads are washed year greens before you start serving on to the
5:52 am
>>it's games, healthy. i guess you could eat it well. the pay extra for that again this hour. >>watch yourself because there's a lesson there i guess are going to break, here's a live look outside this is our camera out of san francisco international airport out of international airport out of the wild wide by finally, an eggo thick and fluffy waffle all to myself, whoa. karen, karen you've got to try this. breakfast in bed? major. husband. points. would you l'eggo your eggo?
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5:54 am
5:55 am
>>welcome back 5.54 on this tuesday morning. you can see the fog out in the distance from sfo, but it really is not shrouding the airport this morning and hey that some really good news for your flights still not tracking any delays out there so it's really just san francisco on the east bay that saying the foggy bridges foggy commutes and or now some other good news look at fresno ant bakersfield down out of the triple digits, just a sign of a cool down that's also being seen here in the bay area taking a lot more areas out of the 90's back into the 80's we're going to be seeing more of those 80's into the weekend ahead of us to so much more comfortable weather to come. robin pretty visit commute into san francisco right now you're back up at the bay bridge toll plaza officially reaches the bottom of the maze. so yes, you have to wait in this long line. >>to make it in but it's a great trip across haas the span just really heavy behind the toll plaza on the oakland side traffic tracker showing you increasing drive times for
5:56 am
highway 4 6.80 per take of the danville at 20 minutes and the picking up, but still not bad less than 30 minutes from to 38 to to 37 james. >>all right, thank you very much robin. so take a look at this jellyfish the size is of a human hard to tell in the shot, but there there's a better shot or you can see the the person next to it. staying from this jellyfish by the way is a a big hurt. bush's put it that way more than a bite from a great white shark as a matter of fact a diver was stunned when he spotted this blob off the southwestern coast of england right near cornwall it's called a barrel jellyfish they're the largest species of jellyfish in the british sees but seeing one. this big is pretty rare can't even see the diver behind it that's how huge these jellyfish are. jellyfish dinosaur you write tour and was so kelly around the of jelly. the next that will work on that next have the very
5:57 am
latest out of the east bay hear about that helicopter crashed out at the hayward executive airport will have the very latest on how that flight student is doing this morning plus a shooting near east bay water park and now we're hearing from the victim about what happened m right now, earn 60,000 bonus miles after qualifying purchases when you apply and are approved for the hawaiian airlines world elite mastercard. plus, you earn miles on everyday purchases. get closer to the travels and moments you'll remember forever with this special offer. need another reason? enjoy an introductory no annual fee. to apply, visit
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>>a man was killed and another was seriously injured in a helicopter crash in hayward coming up in a live report will tell you what federal investigators are hoping to find out this morning.
6:00 am
>>50 years ago this morning, the world would be the same as apollo 11 took off. racing to the moon and their mission ended right here at the uss hornet will talk about the celebrations coming up in a live report. >>these are people that in my opinion hate our country. they hate it i think with a passion. >>no matter what the president says this country to you. belongs to everyone. >>lawmakers clapping back as president trump doubles down defending his racist tweets. >>and thanks for waking up with us on a tuesday, i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher we've got lots to talk about and get to this morning and we will but first. >>let's get updated on weather and traff w


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