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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  July 16, 2019 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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that crash with a car this happened in union city around 4 30 in the morning. and you can see that the bus ended up there in a tree and then the cars in the middle of the road. this is a to kw and alvarado niles road. there were 2 drivers on the bus. and they were taken to hospital 3 passengers were taken to hospital. we don't know the extent of the injuries though police say you should expect delays in this area while they investigate you can see a lot of damage done there in that crash that happened. several hours ago this morning. >>all right so with that as the backdrop, let's get updates on weather and traffic to see how things are shaping up up see probably spot there but what about elsewhere no other major trouble spots of bridges are packed the east bay is pretty sluggish. i don't have an update on those city street closures and a bit regarding that crash. ok very good in the weather what can we expect today clearing still foggy though for a lot of spots we've been taking a look at the golden gate bridge or maybe not taking a look at it because you can't even see it through the dense fog this
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morning. >>whether you're sitting under the fog or you're under the clear skies we're all going to be in the same boat later on as this layer of low cloud cover eventually does decide to burn off and then this is the kind of sky that we're going to be looking at the rest of the day from center tower you can get a little hint of what we have coming our direction which is just a few cirrus clouds overhead and mostly sunny skies already seeing fog loosening its grip across the east bay and it's starting to. areas nearing san francisco but for the most part if you're on the peninsula at least in san francisco down to daly city in half moon bay, you're very much so in that dense fog this morning. temperatures in san francisco will rise into the low 70's and are those clearing skies later on 75 in oakland, a really nice and some mid 80's in san jose and mile into the east bay too i've got more on your forecast for this tuesday. still ahead rob. thank you john traffic is not improving on 80 into san francisco. so if you need to use the bay bridge you should definitely leave early. >>because you're going to be sitting and a backup that goes all the way through the bottom
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of the maze. so it's been like that for well over an hour now your drive time holding pretty steady at just under 15 minutes, but you know it goes up and down throughout your morning commute. we're checking in on the don barden bridge just unr 30 minutes to cross the bay and make it to the peninsula to 37 that's going to be crowded 21 minutes now that's heavy 8.80 to one on one. we'll have more slow downs coming up sergeant james, thanks a lot rob and today federal investigators are on the scene of a deadly helicopter crash in the east bank flight instructor and his student were on board when that craft went down it was it. >>hayward's executive airport and that's where kron 4 sarah stinson joins us. now live this morning, sarah. >>you can still see the wreckage from that helicopter crash here at the hayward executive airport and that is because federal investigators still need to come out here and figure out what went wrong with take a look at this video that i just shot moments ago. you can see the helicopter down there with the with the chp officer just looking over
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this scene and now we know that the instructor in this because we know that it was a flight instruction that happened when the helicopter went down the instructor died on scene he has been identified as 62 year-old wayne proctor of sunnyvale this morning. the survivor is in critical condition. even medical center now the 2 men were practicing maneuvers in a robinson, our 44 helicopter. this type of choppers very popular for teaching people how to fly crash happened at 2 30 yesterday afternoon it's very close to the runway as you can see in the video. the helicopter does belong to pacific helicopters. that's what the manager of the airport told us and according to airport director eap roger owns an aviation school called vertical. >>cfi helicopters we still don't know much about the student. but we do know that person is still in hospital. it's unclear if the cause of the crash was mechanical or human error but that is what federal investigate will be looking into today. we checked
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in with the manager of the airport who says his main concern right now is a helping the families during this tragic time. >>our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of the deceased pilot. be on that we're going to assist the national transportation safety board. any way we can with the investigation to make it easier for them. >>that we're still waiting to see if investigators have learned who was the pilot at the time of the crash was it the instructor or was it the student. since it was close to the who knows who it could have been. but we're still waiting to learn that. so investigators should seen any minute now so we'll continue to update you as we learn more. i'm live in hayward sarah stinson kron 4 news all right. thank you sarah. >>it's 8 oh 4. and right now police are looking for a group of people who assaulted and robbed a man in pleasant hill in the area of boyd road and cleveland road. but the attackers took off before the police got there the victim's
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cell phone and wallet were stolen. he was taken to the hospital but he is expected to be okay. in the south bay, a fast-moving fire scorched 50 acres in the foothills of the san jose. and you can see it from miles around as you can see 10 homes were saved, however, the flames destroyed 2 homes and killed a dog there were several other large animals that crews were able to evacuate. neighbors have been busy clearing brush around their properties to prevent just this from happening. >>make sure there's no. >>i we was nothing to burn the except our barn is right on the edge. but it did not catch on fire because we've cleared everything out and that's so important when you live on a place like this. >>no word yet what caused the fire. >>another big story that we're following this morning. a new hurdle for some migrants attempting to enter the us the trump administration has taken a step toward trying to limit immigration we have john lawrence now to explain. the trump white house moving the
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goalpost for asylum without congressional action. we have been looking at the steps that we can take within the existing legal structure. >>to fix various aspects of our asylum system the departments of justice and homeland security issued a rule that prohibits migrants from seeking asylum if they have lived in or traveled through a 3rd country in other words, those who come through mexico are barred from claiming asylum, let's change the asylum was let's make sure that we have a secure southern border. let's make sure that we do all of that the new regulation comes as an influx of migrants have been attempting to cross by land into the united states critics say this rule won't improve the crisis at the border. >>trump doesn't want to fix it. he wants to keep immigration as a bogeyman for so he can stoke that rachel resentment because it's very very powerful unfortunately motivator in this country still and although the rule is effective as of tuesday cuts expected to be challenged in court the american civil liberties union says it will
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sue swiftly. this is the most extreme situations and anybody who's kind through any kind other country. >>cannot apply for asylum, i'm john lawrence reporting. >>california lawmakers are pushing back at the new asylum rules in a tweet governor newsome said we cannot be the country that turns away those fleeing violence and in need of help that's not our american values. attorney general javier becerra tweeted in part not only is this real inhumane. it flies in the face of the rule of law. no word yet on if california plans to sue the trump administration over it. and some advocates for undocumented immigrants protested in front of the amazon office building in downtown san francisco. they say that amazon does business with ice and they don't like it. they were joined by activists in several major us cities. all calling on amazon to stop doing any business with ice. they say that amazon is allowing ice to collect data to target people and then deport them and they say amazon has attempted to sell
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the feds facial recognition software that can be used in raids. amazon is working with ice in this way. and we want to raise the profile and say you know there's many steps that we can take to support the immigrant community which is being targeted. >>but this federal administration say we demand the amazon to the right thing they certainly have the profits to be able to make better choices. >>we attempted to contact amazon. but we have not yet heard back from them. >>new this morning senator and presidential candidate kamala harris has unveiled a plan that lets the federal government set prices on some prescription drugs. her people over profit plan considers medication prices in other countries to set benchmarks for fair market value harris's plan would punish drugmakers it's all about what the law considers to be a fair price by implementing a 100% tax on those profits. it would also penalize pharmaceutical companies that rays medication prices faster than the inflation rate. also in the news a 27 year-old man has
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confessed now to killing an american scientist from oakland, suzanne eaton was found dead on the greek island of crete the man had been detained for questioning by police after she went missing on july 2nd. police believe she disappeared while out for a run. she was attending a conference there when she disappeared her body was found in a former not the war bunker on july 10th. she leaves behind a husband and 2 sons. a federal judge in san francisco reduced and million award against monsanto corporation, to $25 million for sonoma county man 7 year-old edwin hardeman claim the company's roundup weed killer caused his cancer. and a jury agreed ordering months out to the pay him $80 million in damages. the federal judge however said the us supreme court guideline requires him to reduce that amount down to 25 million monsanto by the way is facing more than 13,000 round of lawsuits filed in both the us federal and state courts 2 cases from the bay area have already gone to trial and resulted in verdicts against monsanto. 8 oh 09:00am.
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>>and in novato woman was robbewhile she was just sitting in her car. it happened when a man opened the passenger door and pointed a gun at her yesterday when she was sitting in the car buying a business on first street and grand avenue and it looks like there's a surveillance shot of the man, they're looking for he took her money and credit cards and then took off in a blue volkswagen. the us coast guard has returned to the bay area after making this dramatic drug bust. the video shows officers jumping onto a submarine carrying 17,000 pounds of cocaine in the pacific ocean valued at more than million and the smugglers were arrested. >>hoping to get more ships, newer ships to be able to counter that threat. so as stop the drug runners they change their tactics including playing submersibles like this, so we got to be on our game as well. >>the drugs were unloaded and destroyed in san diego. >>car crashes through bay area home with an infant inside
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we'll tell you more about that in a minute plus the justice department making a major decision in the eric garner case that sparked nationwide protests following his death. and a new sanctuary for animals in
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>>let's see what's going to be like i must admit it was little at my house last due to the help out with a lot of these 2 cases stay nice and clear all day which is great
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unless you're trying still but yeah i do a lot of people probably still cranking on sees even though we are gradually on a cooling trend. this weekend in some spots is actually going to be about 10 degrees cooler than last weekend. which is nice i'd rather take low 80's, the low 90's looking outside at san francisco very foggy overhead we traded in yesterday's clear skies for that fog. well, at least for some san jose and other areas like concord walnut creek haven't seen any fog this morning either and it's just really nice and clear out there also starting to see those signs of clearing out in the east bay, this is your view from berkeley and now for the first time this morning, you're actually starting to get to see the city so you see the process happening. fog starting to burn off we're getting there and sunshine is going to make its return, staying dry today we're in the midst of this low to our north i built up to the southeast and this is a pretty familiar pattern that we've gotten used to the season. it's kept is actually pretty moderate as far as temperatures go we had that big warm up he remember about a month ago 6 to die
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temperatures into the triple digits. but besides that we've actually had daytime highs really a mac speaking in the 90's for most areas as you're looking outside today, you do see those coastal areas of maintaining the foggy conditions clear skies into the afternoon before another foggy morning tomorrow with some coastal drizzle again to be seen then skies clear out tomorrow afternoon we repeat the process into thursday morning with a foggy start in clear skies into the afternoon yet again. daytime highs today in the 60's and 70's for san francisco and then elsewhere on the peninsula where daytime highs we'll be right around normal for this time of year mid 70's and foster city really nice day for you all redwood city in palo alto each at 80 degrees south 8 numbers, mostly in the low to mid 80's again this is just a little cooler than yesterday. such a small change it probably won't even notice. the difference in temperatures for conquered it takes us from 90 yesterday down to 89 today while the creek from 88 to 87 while
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oakland staying pretty steady at 75 upper 80's is what you'll see for the most part in the north bay just a couple of 90's holding on there while santa rosa today at 88 degrees breaking down the next 7 days you do see that cooler weekend. it's so low 80's for inland spots and bayside areas also right around the same as they have been the coast really not so in showing any change at all it is steady right along the coastline with those foggy conditions at times the man windows of sunshine for coastal areas later in the day. robin. >>you john it is very crowded on the san mateo bridge prepare for a lot of slowing here leaving hayward over to the peninsula to like this for hours it's going to stay like this for the remainder of your morning commute. but it's still very quiet and trouble free checking in on the bay bridge 80 west also flown into san francisco stacked up in heavily for on the maze only lanes that have thinned out are your car foley and everybody else he got to be sitting in traffic and now we're up to 16 minutes to make it off to fremont street. we
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talked about this earlier this is one of our breaking news story, this multi vehicle accident here in a golfing ac transit and union city east found alvarado now's at dakota all still blocked as crews wrap up the investigation and do some final cleanup work here. so eastbound offer oddo is a stretch to avoid do expect delays as you work your way through that intersection the shore freeways spot and 22 minutes from crockett to oakland and no major problems for 5.80 it's busy but it's not bad. 22 minutes from castor rally to the maze started. thanks robin 8 17 in the north bay, a 61 year-old man crashed into a home. >>and then admitted to the police he was high on meth this haven't rohnert park not far from the foxtail golf club and the homeowners and their newborn baby were inside at the time, i'm luckily, nobody was hurt. but a building inspector says the home is now unsafe to live in. new this morning civil rights charges are not going to be brought against a new york city police officer involved in the death of eric garner officers were
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attempting to arrest garner in 2014 because they say he was out selling loose single cigarettes outside a staten island convenience store. but he refused to be handcuffeda and so they took him down a medical examiner found that a chokehold which is banned under police policy contributed to garner's death. a state grand jury refused to indict officer daniel pantaleo though of criminal charges ponte a low and maintain that he used a legal take down the new ver called the seat belt. >>authorities are searching for a california man who was swept away in the uber river alexander alvarez and his daughter both fell in at the same time this was sunday. they're trying to walk across the river when they lost their balance. the child was able to hold on to iraq. but her father was swept downstream, the nevada county sheriff's office says people are ignoring warning signs about how dangerous the river can be. >>a chance we go up there and
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if it's 2 quicker we we see thing that may be under it has with how embassy avoid or stay out. and we'll take it for granted. >>and the child's mother says that she is hoping other people will learn from this and wear life vests. a utility worker was killed in a gas explosion in southern california. it happened yesterday in marietta is so cal gas employee was working on a damage natural gas line at a home win. it just exploded that worker died in the blast, 15 others were hurt. but trailer sit right there. a camera around the corner. >>and i seen a body laying there there there were people run into him. of course there was a big huge ball of fire cross street knew he was it tense. >>the conditions of the other people that were hurt has not yet been released this morning. now to the death of utah college student mackenzie lueck items were discovered along the edge of the jordan river in salt lake city. dive teams were called in to see if anything else useful to the
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case could be found in the water. meanwhile, the man accused of killing the 23 year-old made his first court appearance yesterday. ula a j is facing numerous charges, including aggravated murder and aggravated kidnapping. lueck was traveling from california when she went missing. >>singer r kelly is going to be arraigned in court today. he was arrested in chicago last week for federal sex-crimes and racketeering in 2 separate indictments. in new york and in illinois. he's accused of recruiting women for sec's and is also accused of persuading people to help him conceal inappropriate acts with underage girls and spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy back videotapes that show him sexually abusing underage girls. take a look at what happened a teenager took his mother's car for a joyride in houston. 16 years old and he took the car ended up crashing into a gas line that's why the suv burst into flames there once was in the backyard. he was trying to get away from
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police. the police were trying to pull him over so he's running from the cops lost control hit a tree ended up in the backyard near a pool and then thing burst into flames, he was taken to the hospital believe it or not he was not seriously hurt. which is great is now is mom to kill him. a 21 is a time dozens of people formed a human chain to save 2 swimmers. they were all lined up to go out into the water in panama city panama beach. and out these people were caught in rip currents. that makes this dangerous and it's not a surprise they issue what's called a double red flag warning when this happens in that that means it's illegal to go into the water but people still do. and now people had to risk their lives for others. people out there. >>she that actually got in the current and at least 4 rescuers were trying to get out there and how i just think that everybody should take a double red flags seriously and when you see red flag to stay out of the water.
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>>currently about 90 people have actually been pulled out of the gulf saved since friday. it's a 21 still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, the prosecution tries to refute the testimony of
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>>24 looking out over as cfo skies, nice and clear at least over the airport you can also see the fog and cloud cover out in the distance, a certain
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kind of over san bruno and daly city this morning. we don't have any delays right now those delays went away there's a brief couple of hours there were sitting around an hour for your delay, likely because of some of that fog in the distance, but hey things are leon, pretty smooth at a cell phone or other airports as of 03:00pm today you're going to still see some daytime highs well up into the 90's inland across the state but has compared to yesterday the centrl valley out of the triple digits. here in the bay area were also subtly cooler for san francisco, it's low 70's while for most of the bay area we're still talking some 80's. robin. >>alright checking in on bay area bridges, they are tax-free prepare for a slow ride here on the san mateo bridge we're looking at westbound traffic leaving hayward creeping along to the peninsula and it's still pretty tight at 24 minutes off to want to watch the bay bridge traffic that's going to be a slow and too from the maze through the tolls and busy on the suspension as well and then we have the richmond sandra fell bridge looks like we have a big rig that pulled
8:26 am
over there on the left-hand side that's in the way. no major problems but it's going to be slowing go from castro leading up to the pay gates and then after that a pretty decent drive across the span >>and soon there's going to be a new home for animals who have nowhere to go nobody wants to adopt them. the peninsula, humane society and spca have 261 acres of land in the han the area and san mateo county and now they're going to develop it into an animal sanctuary for rescue animals that has medical or behavioral issues that make them an adoptable and it's going to be all fenced in and they'll have small enclosures for animals. so they have a place to be and it's going to take a while about 5 years before it's developed. >>we get more animals who come to us sick or behave really messed up then was to come to us healthy. >>so it will be 12 to 18 months before they're able to
8:27 am
first at least get it open they have to work on construction, obviously now. >>50 years ago today 3 men were racing to the moon to under 50,s00 miles away and the world today is celebrating apollo 11 including right here in the bay area i'll tell you the role of who's dog is this?
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>>the weather for you on a tuesday morning an hour thing for laser good crews are still dealing with that at the crash in union city and guys talked about one of our breaking news stories all update the closure on city streets ac transit in a car involved in that crash union city. >>it's been pretty cloudy a more lie, we get in the sun breaking through anywhere just yet. yeah we're starting to see the signs of it not so much of the golden gate bridge just yet that's going to be a while but elsewhere in the bay at you're starting to see the clearing skies for the east bay oakland and berkeley or getting your first signs of clearing now and well sitting over the bay, this is center tower right here, you're still seeing that fog especially over the peninsula. it's starting to break up and fog tracker showing that progress we're making out in the east bay, north bay far east bay and then the south bay. you're don't even know we're talking about it's been clear all morning for you and will continue to be clear into the afternoon for the same areas. now san francisco and oakland in the 70's for your daytime
8:31 am
highs today will san jose and really most of the rest of the bay area still holding on to the 80's and just a little bit cooler than yesterday. i'm talking the rest of the week still to come. >>robin all right, thank you john long line heading into san francisco this morning traffic still jammed up at the bay bridge toll plaza expect this to continue through this hour and to the next hour, it's just a full house and a slow drive 15 minutes from the bottom of the maister fremont streets and but it's not as heavy on the bridge of course have the euro behind the tolls and we're checking in on union city we've had a major crash early this morning around 4.30 involving ac transit and a car so they are still working and clearing this crash. they have the tow trucks moving in to remove other vehicles involved here. the only part that's block this eastbound, alvarado now set the cota westbound are getting through eastbound is closed. so they do have traffic control in place in this intersection so expect delays if you're rolling through union city james. ok robert thank you.
8:32 am
>>testimony in the go ship trial is beginning to wind down and the jury could get the case before the end of the month derick and max harris, both face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter in the 2016 deadly fire in oakland. and local police officer took the stand to answer questions regarding a 2014 couch, burning incident outside the go ship where house and the officers body camera video the jury heard elmen is saying it's amazing the fire didn't go inside because it would have been horrible. next an atf agent told the court that she took part in a pair of interviews of go ship president da rold a levee as a witness for the defense led he testified that he heard a fight and then saw a man running away from the go ship fire before the go ship fire broke out, however that atf agent testified that libby never mentioned that information when he was first interview the day after the fire. >>i'm not going worry about that. yes of course in the thing that in peaches says credibility is says painful for me what i don't think one
8:33 am
he was adequately. and 2 i don't think in the bigger picture that it's not meaningful. >>closing arguments are set to happen later this month. a california man will spend the rest of his life in prison for killing an engaged couple in sonoma county back in 2004. investigators say the ohio couple was sleeping on jenner beach when they were shot and killed by sean gallon. the case goes cold for more than a decade before gallon admitted to killing 22 year-old lindsey cut shawl and 26 year-old jason allen. he also pleaded guilty to killing his own brother. and so now he's been sentenced to 3 consecutive life terms in prison without parole. >>special delivery that happened in san ramon, the mailman chuck's the packages through a ride on the porch. this was recorded on the security camera video that the home ahead as inside the box. a new security system. police in menlo park are investigating a shooting that happened between 2 separate cars, they got a call there was an argument with people in
8:34 am
the 2 cars near the intersection of hamilton and market place and somebody in one of the cars fired a shot then both of the cars drove off and nobody was hurt. >>well a california woman and her dog who went missing last week have been found alive near a campground in southern california, a 60 year-old cheryl powell went missing friday. she said she was going to the family dog for a bathroom break so they headed off on a trail. but then she never came back. she says she was approached by someone with a knife while on that trail. she was able to get away but from that point on she was avoiding roads in order to stay away from her attacker and stay hidden. but then that made it tough for searchers to find her. >>to be something. she wouldn't just disappear into thin air. >>well powell isn't letting this experience stop her from hiking again she says she plans on getting back out there to huntington beach park with her friends so. >>and second died and was in journal. ignition sequence
8:35 am
time. >>wow 50 years ago today, the world watched as we saw apollo 11 with its crew on board liftoff blast off on their mission to put for the first human boots on the moon is pretty incredible yeah. >>and the uss hornet which is on station alameda played a big role in that mission kron four's will tran live right now was more a will. >>the whole mission took about 8 days and the uss harnett was the book and yes they took off 50 years ago and 2 hours ago.
8:36 am
so according to experts they would have already broken earth's gravitational pull and on their way to the moon. they're celebrating across the globe. if you come down here to the uss hornet, this is a museum. this is not the exact one, but it is the tester that they used for the astronauts to 3 of them of course the very to famous ones. neil armstrong and buzz aldrin they came down here and crew members from the uss hornet we're waiting for them in the pacific ocean near hawaii to pick them up on board was president richard nixon here is mike mccarron with the uss harnett to talk about all the festivities. it is there's nothing like this i'm either landmarks and parks but to be on this ship. what are you doing to celebrate 50 years were basically having an eight-day celebration coming a day mission we start today with. >>so special paula stuff, the a's are hosting us tonight the coliseum for horn at nht. tomorrow we're open up our our archives of the collections
8:37 am
for the apollo programs to bring some stuff out that we don't generally don't have on display that a pretty delicate got a moon rock on loan from aston we're going to have on display later this week. whole thing home late saturday is a big. extravaganza here on the ship we have california county sciences chabot science center nasa ames. all have an exit was here and that evening we have a dinner may the crew men grow more that she will be here. people vie to come down buy tickets for the dinner meet the crewmen. when we have kids come through the day during school years and stuff always told you can read about history can watch a movie about history. you walk in the history here is history speaking or walking walk us through you know your history mike. >>walk us through exactly what happened this helicopter here is the type of helicopter, the pick them up. it landed on front deck above us was brought down by an elevator. this tax tobacco a further news right now. and the astros came off and they walk right through here and the trailer's of a more further for than us now. and these the footprints to represent me armstrong. buzz aldrin and michael
8:38 am
collins as i got into the mobile quarantine facility. this is the trailers used for paula 14 3 missions after apollo 11. and a lot of look this is cramped is but after being the capsule for 8 days. this must feel like to help number here. i know you open in a little bit later let's show you only you can at least shoot through the window. >>absolutely you're so cramped in the module, this looks like compared to that and according to make this was basically brought over to houston and then those astronauts they stayed in the quarantine area for several more days just to make sure that the only thing they brought back from the moon. >>iraq so this is the start of the celebration we're talking about. >>some of the divers who sure that the astronauts make are safe. we will talk to mike mccarron again coming up at 9.30. it will continue to give us a tour and might really quickly you said that. aircraft there that helicopter save tom hanks club this helicopter, the last families mission was a movie apollo 13.
8:39 am
and rescue tom hanks and his crew from that movie but it actually serving job 7 that mission. the helicopter that actually raise up all of unfortunately had a mishap and is now bottom of the ocean off of a second many island. >>in southern california. but was a sea king just like this one often very similar to helicopter. it's a good idea of how the the rest of the water tom hanks always being rescued also another famous a bay area legend and james i know you like flight. >>look at this all all aircraft all helicopter on a ship needs to be able to be foldable how cool is that i will. >>as mike mccarron who used to be the spokesperson for sfo how can we can get to the moon and back and we can't take off from >>another shot across the bow. it s about what she said that says he used to work at how are we able to send people to the moon and back and we can even take off from sfo with fog you can figure the runway
8:40 am
was are too close together. it is silent and approaches and low visibility weather like rahm this morning. if they separate the runways out more than a 400 feet when they can do it perfectly i got an answer for the simmons let it go. just a
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>>welcome back to the kron 4 morning news checking back in on our trouble spot in union city, an early morning crew as for 30 this morning an ac transit bus collided with a car. closures are still in place eastbound alvarado now set to kowtow block westbound you're getting through they have a tow truck on scene they hope to
8:44 am
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8:46 am
>>and right now furniture is being delivered to the first home to be rebuilt following the camp fire last year that's a positive sign the town of paradise issued its first certificate of occupancy for that home yesterday we have solace with the story. >>the sinclair is are celebrating a milestone with significance extending beyond their families moving into a new chapter for the town of paradise. the victorian travis sinclair's home among the nearly 19,000 structures destroyed in the campfire this is the first certificate of occupancy and now pioneering a fres start. their home in mint condition, not. the first completed rebuilt for the town of >>care has been coming on today. >>after 8 long months that felt like an unstable roller coaster towards eternity then
8:47 am
trying there's you know it says something like this will either make or break your marriage. i mean and i for us it made it one home to the next thrown into unforgiving uncertainty was there ever. i wondered what i would be coming back to and i mean you'd be foolish not to consider it. but for the sinclair's home goes well beyond the house when i was on. still felt more at home and there is a peace in my heart knowing that it was still going to be okay, it seems like you have a deeper meaning. >>for me home is just we planted our roots here with the intention of never leaving the spot. start to get back on their feet, yeah. >>i get back to the sunny side of things back here in the bay, even though some of us have been clear all morning others of us don't have the
8:48 am
nutley not at all around in fog made its return this morning and it stuck around for a bit. >>looking across the bay still not a whole lot of a view of san francisco. from the north bay right here definitely some dense fog, san jose even one of those spots i didn't even see the fog this morning you've been clear and a lot of other areas in the bay have been right there with you. now this has been the biggest change just in a few minutes. fog is really retreated from the east bay and look at this now you in berkeley and oakland are sitting under some nice clearing skies and we'll continue to do so on into the afternoon today so we're already seeing some big changes as we work our way towards that 9 o'clock hour now and as we make our way further through the morning less and less of the fog is going to be seen we're stuck in a pretty familiar pattern actually currently high pressure to the south and east low pressure to our north and we are right in the middle of it. this is keeping some of the brunt of the heat away from the bay area and actually help into a result and fairly comfortable conditions in the days to come with temperatures occur at actually a falling
8:49 am
for inland spots into the upcoming weekend. this morning fog into the afternoon it clears out that it returns tonight, you alssee some coastal drizzle in parts of the bay come tomorrow. we repeat the process tomorrow clear skies for the afternoon fog rolls back in tomorrow night starting off your thursday morning, the same way so just getting used to this kind of weather as we make our way though the week, what you can expect is gradually cooling temperatures for the coast, not really going to be too much changes here, 60's and 70's remain on the peninsula. all the way into the upcoming weekend for inland areas, this is where you're really going to feel those changes just subtle changes each day, south bay one to 2 degrees cooler than it was yesterday in the east bay is going to be a lot like that too modest changes through the days ahead with concord falling from the 90's now into the 80's for your highs today while open staying steady at 75 just to 90's remain and that's in vacaville in pittsford fairfield down to 88 delay how at 79. while sandra fell and nevado each in
8:50 am
the low 80's and even cooler temperatures me the weekend friday saturday and sunday, your average inland bay daytime highs should only be in the low to mid 80's which is in some cases around 10 degrees cooler than where the same spots where this past weekend. robin. thank you john we're hot spot free. no major trouble spots on the freeways. we've had minor crashes but nothing that's awful. >>it's time to check in on the richmond sandra fell bridge looks like a fog is getting a little bit better earlier. there's so much drizzles on the camera on the cars you can really see the traffic much it is still stacked up from between castro and return parkway so this looks pretty good at 13 minutes to the north bay from the east bay to san francisco. all of your connectors out of oakland in emeryville they're doing fine. they're crowded, but that's the norm 14 minutes for the drive to fremont street and then we have this trouble spot. it's an overturned. so southbound one on one at trouble at least one lane blocked with southbound the counter commute directions. the backup only a couple of exits so it's really not that bad but be prepared for a
8:51 am
slowdown approaching trimble and the northbound the usual grind here from south san jose up the peninsula to palo alto 84 minutes is your drive time just to make it from san jose to menlo park. so that's been hived keep in mind. we've had some minor trouble spots and that southbound crash is attracting a lot of attention to what about 24 communal pablo crash wrapping up a little busy for you i don't want to create 20 minutes wannacry to oakland if you're taking was found 24 star you, thanks a lot. the 51 a nevada woman noticed a creature crawling in her lettuce tracy torrance ordered a salad and it was towards the end she was finishing up her lunch when she noticed that green caterpillar. >>coming out of the leaf their this wasn't jason's deli in downtown las vegas and listen to what happened when she brought the solid back. >>i showed her the video an open the little guys back
8:52 am
trying to get out trying to save his life she said that is usually because our salads are washed year greens before you start serving on to the >>and what if you're really hungry and really fast and in that green is exactly like the last. >>our director said what's worse than finding a caterpillar in your salary, what finding half a and think about all right we're going to take a quick break. back with more in a minute is a live look outside of the golden gate bridge trust me it's there. >>all of us hard to the act.
8:53 am
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8:55 am
>>welcome back a 55 getting closer to that 9 o'clock hour and well looking outside still some foggy spots a temper on here among those areas that are still pretty fogged in at this point can see much of the horizon out in the distance. now temperatures are starting to rise at this point pittsburgh, one of our first spots in the 70's, san jose mid 60's for you at 65 same for you in dublin in fairfield while the not far behind that at 64 san francisco still in the fog as well as timber on only in the mid-fifties back to you. >>ok john thank you time now is a 55 take a look at this. there's a jellyfish that's the size of a human heart to tell him that shot away there you go. now you've got to diver right next to it. this is big and apparently it's packs
8:56 am
quite a wallop of that stings are apparently the bite. they're feels worse than the bite from a great white shark. yeah this was spotted blogging along off the western coast of a england near cornwall they call it a barrel fish. the state's largest species of jellyfish in the british seas and seeing one like this is pretty rare and again so big it blocks out the view the scuba diver behind it. >>these are accounts when it fell. it doesn't look as scary as a shark i mean original if you've got some time to get out of its way. i will take a quick break a 56 is the time still ahead on the kron 00:04am morning news. >>name of the person who went down in that helicopter. the crash in the east bay investigate still trying to figure out what went wrong. we'll have more on that in a minute plus a shooting near east bay water park. actually hearing from the victim now though what happened right before bullets started flying. and more changes to the country's immigration system. now president trump's trying to limit who can seek asylum. right now, earn 60,000 bonus miles
8:57 am
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>>and thanks for joining us. i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher let's get you caught up on weather traffic and we'll get to the headlines in just a minute how the on the roads are ok very busy on the bridge is still stacked up and then we have a major crash in
9:00 am
union city that's wrapping up as well involving ac transit so we'll talk about it all ok and you idfoxconn list but little later yet it's taking its time in san francisco for sure we are seeing improvements in some spots like the east bay, but as you do see sitting over san francisco. >>there's still a stabber layer of it sitting right above the city and other parts of the bay other areas though are seeing those clearing skies like oakland and you've been under sunshine all morning in the south bay, the north bay and then areas further inland in the east bay which really enjoyed all that sunshine through your morning pld will continue to see nty of a into the afternoon. 70's for san francisco and oakland making for really comfortable conditions in both cities. while san jose and a lot of our inland areas still holding on to the 80's not quite as warm as yesterday though, and even cooler in the days to come, i'll get to that. still ahead robin thank you john, the only lanes that look better at the bay bridge toll plaza are your car. >>pool lanes there wide open but right down the middle you will be dealing with a backup cog


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