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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  July 16, 2019 7:30pm-8:00pm PDT

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♪ tonight -- is j.lo's super bowl bound? >> miami is a big deal. >> the news she's only breaking to "e.t." after her new york blackout then, a bachelorette exclusive. >> my body is your body. >> after hannah's windmill revelation, the new twist from pilot peter's ex. >> that's lot to unpack. plus, meghan markle's royal diss. >> the mics are never far away. >> i wanted to be authentic. >> a rare interview with beyonce as she goes for emmy gold. today's big emmy nominations and surprises. >> i didn't know this was "e.t." the shade version. wow. da da da shade. this is "entertainment tonight." that's video of jennifer lopez leaving her new york hotel this morning.
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towel hair, don't care. and we get it, jen. she had a late night, playing her make-up concert after that massive blackout saturday, and this is amazing, only we spoke with j.lo right after the show. >> can you believe she turns 50 a week from tomorrow? actually the real big news -- j.lo says she's down to play the biggest gig on the planet -- she's ready for the super bowl. >> yeah, we've thought about the super bowl and it's in miami, is a big deal. ♪ l.a., new york, miami say no more >> they make their own decisions over there. ♪ tonight we gonna get on the floor ♪ >> if she's saying she thought about it?'re thinking she wants. but our question is -- how has j.lo not done the super bowl? the closest she has been to the halftime stage was 2018 when she headlined a pregame concert in minneapolis. >> what's up, new york? shall we do this one more time? >> but for now, j.lo is fully
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focused on her "it's my party" tour. last night, only "e.t." was there for her triumphant madison square garden return. that smile says it all. >> the concert was a make-up show after saturday night's power outage forced the venue to be evacuated and ultimately the concert was cancelled. >> i was like, okay, let's just wait a second, it will come back on and then we'll just keep and then, people were yelling "we've got to evacuate" and you know, it was a big, dramatic thing but luckily everybody got out safe. they were like, you don't have to do the show. you know, insurance will cover everything including you, including the fans and everything will be fine, but, i was like, what can we do? >> hold on onen middle of an in. we can't do that, okay? >> arod has been by her side der this tour. one majorish wish for their
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upcoming i do. >> standing up straight -- >> by the way, jennifer will be in stage in boston tonight and tomorrow. more of our j.lo exclusive. and the hustler trailer drops. >> i still haven't recovered from last night. no, i wasn't at j.lo's concert. i was freaking out over the craziest "bachelorette" ever. we finally got our answer, who was in the windmill with hannah? it was pilot peter. >> my body is your body, my heart is your heart. >> did peter get a heads-up that you had to reveal the two times in the windmill? >> i didn't have a heads-up in my brain that that was going to come out. >> yes, "bachelor" nation was k. but now in an even more shocking twist, the fan favorite pilot is under fire for his past. a woman who says she's peter's ex, exclusively told "e.t." he dumped her to go on the show.
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caylee lutes claims they dated for five months, and that she found out he was a contestant on "the bachelorette" along with the rest of america. >> i love you. >> okay, but now to the real reason hannah revealed her windmill hookup. last night, her relationship with luke p. imploded when he threatened to leave if she'd slept with other men on the show. hannah's response? yes, she has, and get out! >> i don't owe you anything. please get up! >> and how did that feel for you to kind of be forced to reveal your sex life? >> it was really frustrating. i feel like that question was really pointed because it was contingent on whether i was worthy of him, his love. >> the painful conversation lasted 15 minutes. >> there's something in me that's refusing me to get into that vehicle now. >> i could probably get you to go in that limo. from obviously how you feel, me
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[ bleep ] in a windmill you probably want to leave. >> and he did! but we haven't seen the last of luke. next week, he's back! >> this is my heart we are talking about here. >> this is not about your heart. [ bleep ] leave. >> why are you still here? she said no. how many more nos do you need? lay your hands off me. >> or what? what are you going to do? >> and get this, it's still heated between hannah and luke. >> i'm so mad. >> last night, he created his own twitter account to defend his actions, saying, he never meant to judge hannah, but things got ugly. as they debated sex, sin and religion. at one point hannah clapped back saying, i'm not going to be lectured on appropriate emotional responses by a guy who threw deli meat in a guy's lap. >> this is a pile of baloney. look at that. >> i have never met another person like luke. i mean, he's a narcissist for sure. we need to do studies on him.
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come on, i can't wait for next week which is the bachelorette's men tell all. all right, let's move on and talk about our girl meghan markle. we can't enough of their appearance at the lion king. but now the duchess is sparking a new controversy -- on her royal confession. they don't make it easy. >> "they don't make it easy," those five words meghan uttered to pharrell had everyone wondering, who was she talking about? the royal family? her own family? the press? >> well, listen to their conversation. after pharrell curtsied, he praises meghan and harry's inter-racial relationship. >> so happy for your union. what it means in today's climate we cheer you guys on. >> that candor continued when meghan met beyonce, who just posted new images from that "lion king" premiere and gave her first sit-down interview in six years. >> each song tells the story of the film.
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♪ spirit >> beyonce spoke with disney-owned abc promoting her "lion king" soundtrack and upcoming "lion king" album. here's a preview of abc's special where queen b will debut the music vid video for "spirit" >> i wanted it to be authentic to what is beautiful about the music in africa. >> last week the superstar perfectionist re-shot a "lion king" music video in the grand canyon, and today we saw her dedication to excellence pay off six times over. mrs. carter scored six emmy nominations including writing and directing nods for her netflix concert hit, "homecoming." other stars who got big emmy news today? >> emmys. >> sterling k. brown with his son on his laps offered congrats to his mandy moore and milo.
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>> how did you get the news this morning. >> i was at soul cycle. when i got out i got 65 nominations. >> "this is us" picked up nine noms in all, including best dramatic series. we skyped with chris sullivan from his garage this morning. >> how proud are you in. >> i'm that proud. >> from l.a. to new york we spoke with many of the emmys today. >> i'm over the moon. i can't believe it. >> these are some of the big nominees we'll see on emmy night. including the cast of game of thrones. picked up 32 nominations 12 more than "the marvelous mrs. maisel" which earned 20 but who got snubbed? >> somebody, anybody tell me -- >> george clooney got no love for "catch 22." also overlooked -- julia roberts for "homecoming" and emma stone for "maniac." and to be honest, "the big bang theory" getting no recognition
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for their final season seems like a big miss. just like this other fan favorite show. >> i didn't know this was "e.t." the shade version. wow, wow. ♪ da da da da da shade coming up -- john mayer's dating history comes back to haunt him as he reveals why he's still single is jen garner finally planning a getaway with her new boyfriend. then, before you see the new lion king, five things you don't know from t
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minutes away on "e.t." -- what will your favorite starslo
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♪ ♪ your body is a wonder land listen, everyone knows john mayer has a little bit of playa in him. but more importantly, even he knows it. after this new photo prompted a fan to comment, "beautiful, how are you still single?" john responded, google me. >> john, no need to google. we remember jessica, and jennifer and katy and taylor, just to name a few. >> john likes to move fast. unlike jennifer garner, who wants to make sure her man is mr. right.
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>> we spotted jen garner and her boyfriend john miller on a lunch date yesterday. a source tells us that john adores her and jen friends are encouraging her to spend more time with him. perhaps they're planning a family vacation together? jen posted this video. >> who hasn't been in a long time and feels like they're the right choice? >> and we can't help but notice that her current beau looks a lot like her ex, michael vartan. it seems she's got a type. ♪ ooh you know i love it when you call me senorita ♪ the are they/aren't they saga of shawn mendes and camila cabello continues. but this video of them kissing in san francisco has us leaning towards #official. the pair later walked hand in hand across the golden gate bridge, and a source tells us it's just casual, but with every
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allow my model to show you what the chewbacca cub coat can turn into, look at, give them the chewbacca impression. >> are you okay? >> chris pratt and katherine schwarzenegger are doing what we all did in our honey phase -- promoting kids' products for amazon prime day. sure, why not? a source tells us they're spending as much time as possible together before things ramp up again. coming up -- lori loughlin spotted laying low. plus, fuller house co-star tells his truth. and the blair witch project 20 years later. and lion king. closed captioning provided by --
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sausa4 donut holes. for just a dollar. dang!! try my 2 for $4 breakfast biscuits and add 4 donut holes for just a buck. only at jack in the box. ♪ welcome back. in three days, disney's live-action "lion king" roars into theaters and get this -- it's already projected to make $150 million opening weekend. but we cannot celebrate the present without giving props to the past. so 25 years after the original, here are five things you might not know about the animated classic. ♪ it means no worries for the rest of your days ♪ >> if i have children i know that they'll be pleased, you know, with daddy and eventually grandpappy did that lion, you
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know, so definitely you think about that. >> first up, matthew broderick wasn't a dad yet when he spent two years recording his part as the grownup simba, but you might be surprised to learn -- he was replaced by a professional for the singing. >> i recorded it twice but then they elected not to use my recordings. >> you can't do anything to me. >> technically they can. >> technically they can. >> twelve-year-old jonathan taylor thomas was already a sitcom star on "home improvement" when he got the gig as the young simba, shuttling between the set and the recording studio on the disney lot to record his part. the now-37-year-old walked away from hollywood to pursue his education, graduating from columbia university. >> you think about it and you say, in 50 years or whatever i'll be able to, you know, pop in a video tape.
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>> the original timon and pumbaa -- nathan lane and ernie sabella might have given us the first crosswalk musical ever back in 1994, but did you know nathan improvised many of his most famous lines in the movie? >> you have to create a diversion. >> what do you want me to do, dress in drag and do the hula? >> and get this animators brought in real-life lions to practice sketching, but also worked in the actors' facial features, everyone got the full-on disney treatment. >> a lot of the eye expressions i notice when simba, when he got in trouble with his father, you know, he gave this mopey-dope look and throughout the whole thing my mom was saying, that looks exactly like you. let's talk about another fun fact -- "can you feel the love tonight" it was supposed to be a comedic song between timon and pumbaa, but sir elton john lobbied for it to be a ballad. thank god he did because it out matly won him an oscar. now "the blair witch project" was never nominated for an oscar but maybe it should have because it changed the cinematic game. yes, it did. the movie opened 20 years ago this week and you better believe
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"e.t." was right there for every horrific moment. >> toward the very end it was very scary. >> i'm so sorry for everything that has happened. >> hollywood had never seen anything like this. a documentary-type story 20 years ago, with shaky camera moves, about a search for a witch in the woods, it left audiences wondering if they really were watching lost footage. >> blair witch, we're going to get scared. >> it was the scariest movie i've ever seen in my entire life. >> it's my fault because it's my >> it was eight days total shooting. >> actress heather donahue shot to fame after the movie's runaway success. today, she's a marijuana farmer and wrote a book called "grow girl." >> how has life changed since "the blair witch project"? >> it's become extraordinarily chaotic. >> the mockumentary was so convincing a lot people were stunned to see the stars were actually alive when they arrive at the 1999 vma awards. >> how do you sum it all up? >> amazing. >> so how'd they pull it off? well, to add realism the actors truly suffered in the
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wilderness. >> how filthy did i get? i had dirt under my fingernails, i had dirt in my hair, and i had bugs in my hair. >> we were the blair witch. we would have to go out at 4:00 in the morning and run around their tent and all that good stuff. it was a lot of work for everybody involved. fortunately, it seems to have paid off. >> it sure did. take this in. the filmmakers put the expenses for the movie, about $60,000, on their credit cards. it was bought for $1.1 million. and went on to make a staggering $250 million. >> heather, what do you mean you don't have the map? >> and from "snl" to "the muppets" -- >> i think i'm ready. >> maybe the biggest tribute the hundreds of parodies "blair witch" inspired. >> it's very exciting that tv shows and other movies are using the blair juice as we call it to promote themselves. it's cool, it's really cool, we get a kick out of it. okay, confession time -- i have never seen "blair witch." i was too scared to ever watched it. let's talk "fuller house"
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star, lori loughlin. she rocked a floppy hat while meeting friends for lunch and doing some grocery shopping in l.a. while it's simple times for lori now, come october 2nd, her defense team will be required to return to court for a status conference but loughlin is not required to attend. meanwhile, another of lori's former co-stars is making news for an entirely different reason. juan pablo di pace, best known for his tv roles on "fuller house," "dancing with the stars," and nbc's "a.d. the bible continues," is publicly living his truth, and he's telling me how playing jesus was the moment he realized it was okay to do so. >> so there i am, hanging on the cross, in morocco, and i look up at the sky and i think, you could still strike me down with lightning. are you sure you want me to play your son? >> 21 minutes that's how long it took for juan pablo to come out if a ted youth talk back in march. >> when you're asked by a group of teenagers that they want you to talk to them, i felt it was
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my duty to be honest and vulnerable. >> the revelation made headlines when the video became public. but the soon to be 40-year-old actor from argentina said he was finally ready for it. >> i was on top of the cross for the first time i really believed and believed the message was universal -- simple message of love yourself, love everybody simple. >> lot of times i hear actors that have come out say, i was afraid what would happen to my career or that i would be put into a box, did you have those fears in. >> i was told don't do >> fernando. >> you're on "fuller house." how supportive have they been. >> very. non-issue. we're there for each other all time. we support each other like any family. we're tight.
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>> they're a tight-knit family over there. he said he's done for a spin-off coming up -- we know everybody in hollywood is looking for fountain of youth. why are some stars aging themselves? manager in
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good coaches to get on him about his weight than 2 is not messing around this year event got in shape as a wall. so he had a hero to longleat the instagram post but i'll give you a clip from those who have a sickly said. >>you know you guys have been calling me fat. free know the past year and a half and i pretty much read it all and it actually got to me a little bit but i said you know what you're from philly better for worse, i do put my head down and i work hard. so doing a lot of lessons in that you know a lot of things people say on the internet are coming in cheek and they're not really saying it mean
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you may have noticed that face app is literally breaking the internet with a new filter that ages you 60 years. of course, stars are all over it. >> oh, yeah, here are a few of our favorites. kylie jenner. >> meanwhile, no shortage of wrinkles on justin bieber's face when he gets older. >> so, you know, we had to give it a try. ladies, first. nischelle. oh, wow. that's you at 107. >> look at kevin. >> oh, yeah. hey, now, see. that's a sexy grandma.
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>> take care. >> eyebrows. bye, everybody. now did you feel
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it. >>i heard like that how can you moving into day 4.3 quake on one of the bay area's least known fault lines. >>asking family members outspoken supporter of one of the go ship defendants is confronted by angry families of fire victims they get ready for a long hot summer. >>us is pleased to see a staggering expansion of the frequency and the severity of extreme heat in the coming decades, how climate change is affecting life in the bay area. >>that.


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