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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  July 18, 2019 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. >>local news station. good i'm james fletcher that m and breaking news this morning involves both bart and muni in san francisco where we've got a flooding problem that ripple effect looks like it's raining indoors. congress who sent a drill is live at the embarcadero station with more. >>now and because of that you can not go ahead and proceed in enter here at the embarcadero station as you can see it's everything is cautioned off if you'd like to enter muni here from the park and arrow and if you're connecting you are not going to be able to get on all of
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all of the transportation is stopping at montgomery. so if you are on. change minds. montgomery station is going to be your best bet and the trains will not be going park and arrow station was flooded because of that. water system malfunction and failed overnight around 3 30 this morning, there is water flooding everywhere and as you can see from this video it and just as daria said was raining. it was raining. muni station. now right now i it has been training but right hearing system right. and you hear the house. if you are
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wanting to be at him. every as i mentioned trains are not going through here. and also as you can see behind me and not enter we have got a new nice out here that are really arsenal montgomery to get to the rest of your locations as i said i asked as i now another thing that you can do as well you've got to take the f line here. as well as some of the other bus lines and about 20 alternate routes. police say right here. >>and thanks a lot. christine, a so more breaking news now from below ground let's go above police are on the scene of a hit and run. also in san francisco's happen at 5th and market streets an they had to
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shut them down let's see what the situation is like right now kron 4 sarah stinson live on the scene. >>yeah we have confirmed with the san francisco police department that this is a scene of a hit-and-run we know that the person who was hit. it is at the hospital right now being treated for life threatening injuries. there's actually 2 scenes when i'm standing at right now this is the initial hit and run that's where this happened but take a look at this map so we can show you exactly where this happened where i'm standing here at the corner of 5th and market that is where the initial hit and run happened and then nearby just literally a block or 2 away at the corner eddie in mason is another scene now hasn't been confirmed yet, but off the record people are saying they saw someone was drug of from here to the other scene does why there are 2 scenes here on the scene you can see. belongings from the person that was hit a walk or some clothes on the ground. this all happened at 5 42 this morning. right as the sun is rising, you can become a dark
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out here, but the car that is involved is actually a tractor trailer, this tractor trailer, the driver of it did not remain on the scene drove off. left the person here who is very badly injured that person has been taken to the hospital again they're being treated for life threatening injuries, huge crime scene as i said one here and then 1, 2, blocks away, but they just kept it going through there so this is definitely going to be impacting traffic for the morning, it's also impacting muni buses as well as aftermarket line so definitely if you take you know the f market or the muni were driving around here it's going to be a huge impact for the rest of the morning. they're waiting for the crime scene unit to get out here for now live in san francisco sarah stinson kron 4 news, thanks. a lot sarah. so let's go to rob a now get her perspective on how both of these issues are affecting your commute robin. >>just a quick recap of everything that's going on
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expect both a bar delays and newly delays this morning at you as you heard from our reporter. they are on scene still assessing the damage from that flooding they are cleaning up as well. now we heard from a spokesperson from bar to set that they were resuming service but we saw from our reporters live shot that they have the stations still taped off and they weren't allowing people to get into or out of that station so little bit of conflicting information for you, i'd say just stay away from embarcadero head over to montgomery head over to pow street. that is your best alternate but they are hoping to resume bart service soon. now as far as newly we know that the flooding was coming from the meeting platform. the embarcadero muni station is still close stay away from that as well and head over to montgomery street. if you're driving you want to stay away from market and 5th. crews are still dealing with this major hit and run accident. that's also impacting traffic on mason and so if you're looking for an alternate there's always ellis street if you're
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looking for an alternate to market there's always mission but do expect many delays and reroute of for all lines that travel on market street this morning. another problem that we're tracking is an overturned big rig leaking fluid. this is at the richmond parkway off-ramp from 80 east. it's at the bottom of the rap but still impacting traffic they decided to just go ahead and close that ramp down completely so you need to get off maybe a hilltop or just keep going in pass at richmond parkway instead that rig is on its side i'm going to pull up a snapshot for you look at that i got this from the caltrans camera and you can see that tanker truck on its side. they have a tow truck on scene. this is all happening at that rich and parkway offer at from 80 another big problem that you have to deal with this morning, i'll stay on top of it so far no major delays to traffic on the east shore freeway just the rap and city streets all have more coming up in a bit john. >>well you can breathe sigh of relief when it comes to weather today because at least the only thing we're dealing with this far as any sort of
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weather-related delays you may be seeing would be due to some fog that is set up across parts of san francisco, the east bay, not out towards mount diablo though nice and clear skies overhead in areas like mount diablo the south bay in the north bay too even sfo looking pretty clear now that's not the case in half moon bay with the visibility having fallen below a mile fog is going to burn off into the early afternoon but unlike yesterday is going to stick around for the coastline and pushed back inland as we move our way into the latter part of the afternoon sun not going to see much of a sunset tonight for the peninsula nor the east bay has that fog pushes through making for a quick push of cool and moist air to finish off the day, 50's and 60's to start this morning. that's where we're sitting right now some mostly sunny skies between noon and 03:00pm enjoy these hours because that your window of sunshine before a foggy finish to the day and a lot of these areas a slightly cooler day ahead as well. james all right, thank you very much john. in the east bay workers have stopped flaring activity
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at the chevron refinery in richmond check out this video is actually sent to us by kron 4 viewer in off in the distance there you see the flaring that plume misspoke. >>is about 7 30 last night that it happened drew everybody's attention. a chevron spokesperson though says that the flaring was stopped at around 9.25 said only last for a couple hours. employees address the problem again refinery officials remind us the flaring didn't pose any environmental or health risk to the commuyity and they do this every now and then to keep the refinery running safely by relieving pressure in the process. new this morning 4 officers involved in the shooting in south san francisco will not be charged that shooting happened back in april the officers opened fire on a group of people fleeing the scene of a robbery at a construction site. one of those people actually suffered a minor injury. the san mateo county district attorney investigated the matter and found that the officers use of force was justified. >>in the north bay 3 men have been arrested for a murder and armed robbery of a lael shop,
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here's the video from december in 20 16 when the advantage shop on springs road was burglarize masked men came in stormed into a pawnshop and there were employees inside. they ordered to the back the store owner timothy paul was shot and killed and a man in a wheelchair was injured a dog was shot and killed 2 of the 3 that they've charged with this are going to be arraigned in court next week. the shop now operates under a new name with a security guard inside the marin county sheriff's office needs your help to identify a bike thief. in fact they took $25,000 worth of bikes from a sausalito bicycle shop called mike's bikes. several bikes were taken detectives are following up on leads and other surveillance video trying to find this man in the east bay, the man accused of stabbing and killing nia wilson of the macarthur bart station has been found competent to stand trial. she
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was stabbed to death in july of last year 18 years old and her sister was also stabbed and wounded 28 year-old john lee cowell faces murder and attempted murder charges. initially the case was suspended there was evidence that he might not be fit to stand trial. but yesterday the judge ruled that he is indeed competent the trial is now set and he'll enter a plea on august 2nd. >>well new this morning, a judge has ordered a mental health examination for the man charged with killing a taii driver and tow truck driver in san mateo county. the judge ordered to doctors examined the leak to suu kyi police say he lured a taxi driver to the area just west of skyline boulevard and stabbed him to death with a large knife. then police say the very next day he called a tow truck driver to the same area and stabbed him to death as well. the bodies of both men were found just one day apart. >>once again, the city of
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berkeley is leading the way for the entire country there is a new law that's just passed that will start january first we'll tell you all about it and have reaction coming up in a live report. >>and i think we're going to like the reaction you have as you step outside this morning some 50's and 60's for your current temperatures foggy for some not so much for everyone now we've got cut 67 under sunshine. more your forecast account. >>and i'm tracking your commute around the bay area we're checking out the bay bridge. a live look at your approach to the toll plaza yes, it's crawling from the maze. but we have a big problem with mass transit both martin bart an ♪ you know when you're at ross and that cute dress gets even cuter? yes.
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>>welcome back some 14 back to the breaking news which is barton and a to the mess with new the flooding more than like a little leak in the kitchen sink. raining, raining it was pouring look at video so this coming from the newly platform which is above the bart station pouring right down into the embarcadero bart station in san francisco on the tracks on the platform, you see the crews out there. >>china push the water out with the brooms and mops they have on those yellow vest, they are still out there by the way so as this was how happening are developing in the 6 o'clock hour they pretty much stop service. you can run trains through that it's a major hazard so we've learned that trains are indeed running through the embarcadero station. so once again we have
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service between oakland and san francisco. but delayed service and then we also heard from our report seen a teacher on the scenand we saw that they had bart station still sort of cold often have tape out there and they weren't allowing people to get through so the trains are running through. but it's still unclear if you can get into our susan media into the embarcadero station looks like you can get off that you can get in. so i'd say just to avoid the whole big mess and head to the montgomery station instead we've learned that the muni embarcadero station is still this will throw you off this morning make sure you pay attention. bart will honor your muni ticket while this all is happening. but yeah pao street montgomery street much better alternate stay away from the embarcadero our second big issue a major hit and run accident that's happening on city streets and san francisco this is near 5th and market this is just outside of the san francisco shopping center that entire intersection is club those not only is impacting for the
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market, but it's impacting mason and any because this activity continued one block over to that intersection as well so avoid the stretch stick with ellis stick with the mission street as your alternate that will give you access to those other side streets and downtown san francisco, but also plan ahead for new nie delays. this is impacting the f market line and all lines that run on market street. they're being rerouted as of right now we'll definitely keep you updated heading into san francisco at least you don't have any major problems on your bridges they are quiet. but they are slow crawling from the maze here at 60 minutes to fremont street. here's another one this is 92, it's getting heavier by the minute people leaving hayward working their way to the peninsula. you're gonna have to sit in traffic at 23 minutes off to one o one and they were checking other freeways and it's trying times are good they look normal so nothing major going on on highway 4 or 6 80 or the nimitz even want to once quiet for now 41 minutes heading north from san jose to menlo
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park. that's a look at traffic what we want to see how your forecast is shaping up now john street just. >>thank you robin we're looking at foggy conditions out there for many of us this morning. foggy certainly of a berkeley right now and that fog sudden across san francisco too elsewhere in the bay though you're actually starting this morning a pretty clear fog is going make its or treat, but it is going to push back in sooner tonight, so don't expect quite as clear of a day as we did see yesterday you're certainly have your sun shiny window but the finished the day, especially there's going to be cool and it is going to be a little bit more brisk than last night was 60's and 70's for your temperatures right alongside the bay with a tease continuing in concord livermore in san jose but even the 80's not as warm as they once were now as we work our way through the next 7 days, you'll notice temperatures are pretty nice and comfortable thursday friday and saturday these days are your best days to plan things outside if you're not a fan of the heat come sunday, temperatures will begin to be seen on the rise again gradually rising through next week and by the end of
7:18 am
next week looking at some 90's likely returning darya. >>thanks a lot in the east bay berkeley is the first city in the state to ban natural gas in new buildings including homes, yes right rob, we'll we'll stoles. >>restaurants a lot use this for mass ranges, we'll tread in berkeley this morning was more will. >>the new law begins on january 1st see if you have. kurt renovations, you're fine this moves forward any new construction for residential. places and commercial buildings as well and the whole thought is to try to cut down greenhouse gases burke we had a goal back in 2009 and they say they're far well behind that goal this is why they're doing this right now and it passed unanimously, let's get reaction from people on the streets of berkeley. a lot of people snickering say that so berkeley so california. it's just a gas stove people, your reaction. i
7:19 am
think california is leading the way and then it's really important for us to do this we have to do something about climate change. >>and um i think a lot of us like cooking on our gas toes and we don't want to give them up, but i think somehow or other we have to change how we do our thing the way things that we do every day your reaction. i think it's good that we're leading the way to helping our future generations interest. >>trying to stop the climate change it's getting worse and we've noticed that with recent fires and winters. so we're trying our best and appreciate where we live. >>and you see all those cars and buses in the background, according to the city of berkeley, the gas toes they actually cause more greenhouse gases than the cars on the roadway which is why they're behind this plant back to you. all right, thank you very much well. >>07:19am for your money this morning more than a 3rd of americans say that they have not taken a vacation in 2 years. an amazon says prime days were bigger than black friday and cyber monday
7:20 am
combined. jane king is live at the nasdaq. at any my anything. >>guided i did take a little look around but i didn't end up buying and yet only need to be and are you good they do say that prime day once again the largest shopping event in the company's history as you mentioned for the black friday cyber monday combined it wasn't didn't reveal specific figures like revenue and also doesn't typically disclose numbers for specific shopping days to kind of get a glimpse of that when the company reports its earnings now about 40% of homes in the us have no mortgage they're paid off. zillow says an aging population and change an owner demographics is a reason for this younger americans are waiting longer to buy due to student loan debt among other things so as a result older americans comprise a larger share of total home ownership and have had years to pay off a home instagram could be one step closer to concealing your likes the facebook own company says it's expanding it s that
7:21 am
hides likes to more countries now followers won't be able to see the total number of likes on the post but the owner of the account still can says it wants people to focus on the photos and videos know how many likes or getting and over a 3rd 36% of americans took their last vacation more than 2 years ago and over half of not vacationing more than a year that's according to the annual vacation confidence index released by all leon's global alliance. nearly half of those said they just didn't have the money for a vacation. now for this study they said a vacation was a leisure trip of the week, a 100 miles or more from home and that the average employee takes only 41% of their vacation days with again finances, preventing many from traveling live from the nasdaq market site i'm jane king back to yankee game. >>coming up on the kron 00:04am morning news, if you want to skip the commute. well, how about hopping on a helicopter, it'll cost put the services there will tough to take a closer look and here's a live look outside the bay bridge approach traffic that is backed up just a touch years folks make their way from oakland to san francisco, we'll be right back.
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>>welcome back to the kron 4 morning news checking back in on muni and bart we do have delays this morning after severe flooding at the embarcadero station so they were testing out the drainage system overnight and that spilled over into the morning and that water started flooding the muni platform and it spilled out on to the bart plot form so at one point there was no bart service into or out of the embarcadero
7:25 am
station bart says that they are resuming service the trains are running through hopefully they'll start letting folks into the station shortly. now they're saying there's just a 10 minute residual delay as far as muni the muni station at a market arrow is still closed as crews are drilling with the flooding and we don't know when it's going to re open. so you need to head over to another station consider montgomery street or consider pow street instead, but the bart trains are getting through. there's a separate major injury accident that's under investigation on city streets in downtown san francisco market and 5th as close as well as mason in any person was struck by a car that person's already been transported to the hospital with life threatening injuries, but the investigation continues so consider using mission street instead of market and consider using l s instead of any i'll have more details coming up in a bit darya. >>him with hall of the affic and how long it takes to come you why not just jump in a
7:26 am
chopper sure money is a 100 to you it could cut the commute by taking to the skies pretty incredible story but it comes at a cost blade is the name of the company things each or hello. right. i know it they say cut your travel time by you know more than half they started helicopter flights across the region back in march. right from palo alto airport to oakland and vice versa takes they say just 10 minutes. >>okay, but how much does it cost palo alto to wear to oakland oakland, ok 200 bucks each way. >>$400 round-trip that's the question when he's with his life worse it. >>pay $2. that's just too much money. i mean the commute is bad what is of dollars that if i. >>the money. i would do it yes out think about it let's say maybe with a discount at the beginning. >>mister sure what all right, but there's over price for
7:27 am
tube or or helu bernard lee it was when we say 400 rounds at right it would be like a 140 at worst round trip on a new do you do your own math, christina. >>now we have flooding here at the menie station at a bar cordero every
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7:30 am
flooding. >>the kron four's christina tetreault live at the embarcadero station now with more on the situation as it stands christina. >>now meaning winds are not going through here in park and arrow and you can actually tell right behind me they have blocked off the entrance here at the station and we have staff members that have been redirecting people all morning. so if you are taking mines. l m or jay you're going to have to reroute to montgomery. but if you are a paying member here for. one of your muni right you going to get a free bart ride in lieu of that so the keeping that in mind for your morning commute. now this all happened because station flooded early this morning around 3 30 in the morning. when dad you need official union officials told me that they were working on their system and unfortunately there was a malfunction which caused all of this flooding. you can take a look here on the screen you see water falling from the ceiling something you don't. >>clearly normally see here if you are a writer so this is something immediately they have crews down there cleaning
7:31 am
up and with mopping up the situation with the of water that happened now i did hear from up and she did tell me that all the water has been drained and right now they're looking for what type of damage has happened if any, but right now they are not putting everything back in operation because they want to make sure everything is clear before they go ahead and get everything started up obviously these are the busy hours for people to commute. do not be tell me they don't want to put anyone in danger and again want emphasize they told me that water has stopped. >>and right now they have crews down there on the platform working to get that and up. but again if you are wanting to take get on muni on or off here in park there you they're going to be redirecting you to montgomery that either walking distance away or you can get a free bar right here in park and arrow to montgomery and then continue your lines there. union officials and also tell me you can look for the alternative routes here flying parker darrow or some of the bus lines that go to and from market street and they say they're about 20 alternative
7:32 am
options there for now i'm reporting live christina teatro kron 4 news. >>thanks a lot christine uh well the other breaking news story we have this morning is just a few blocks down on market where police are on the scene of a hit and run in san francisco at and market streets. so let's go live to kron 4 sarah stinson for an update there. >>a san francisco police officers are waiting for the crime scene investigators to get here that way they can break down this scene take pictures they're trying to figure out what happened here but so far we do know that a person was walking near the corner of 5th and market and that person was hit by a tractor trailer, let's take a look at this map because there's actually 2 scenes that a massive crime scene for a hit and run a police department is not saying exactly why there are 2 scenes, but we know here at 5th and rket is where the initial hit and run occurred and not the next scene is just 2 blocks away can literally see it from here, andy and
7:33 am
mason, and they're not saying exactly what happened there. but people you here have seen have told us that they think the person was drag to block so whether or not that's true are waiting to confirm that they're still investigating this happened at around 5 42 in the morning. sfpd responded to the intersection here for the victim vehicle collision in when they got here they saw the person lying in the street you can see in the video their belongings clothes in a walker dismantled walker looks like the person where that person got hit is very close to the cross walk here at this and market street. in the tractor trailer, the person driving that just took off from the scene so that that is why this is in fact a hit and run the victim was transported to the hospital with life threatening injuries now this is this investigation is happening as we speak so there first, they're hoping to learn more about how this all went down. but i can tell you it's a huge impact i mean the csi is not even here yet so this could be
7:34 am
close for couple hours longer. we know that s market line is a shutdown in both directions as well as muni buses. this is a huge intersection right near westfield mall. so a lot of people here wondering what happened if you are going to be driving this here today i would avoid it this morning at least we'll continue to update you as we learn more for now live in san francisco sarah stinson kron 4 news, thanks a lot of sarah so obviously we've got 2 big impacts on the morning commute through san francisco, robin winston following all that as well from yes, let's talk about the delays and since he just got the update from our reporters. >>starting off with bart and the flooding issue of embarcadero station bart has resumed service. >>trains are now running through and and stopping at the embarcadero station it's getting better. they're reporting residual delays of 10 minutes that's not bad. the flooding started on the muni plan foreman at last check the embarcadero muni station is still close there telling folks to head over to montgomery instead of
7:35 am
montgomery gets too busy and too full head over to pass how street so we have barton running through new knee still at a standstill here as they work to get that all cleaned up for you. now as far as the major accident where we have sarah stinson in downtown san francisco. just outside of the san francisco shopping center. it's a big mess here at 5th and market which is a very busy intersection its claw so stay away from market street. you want to head over to mission mission gives you access to 4th 5th and 6th, and then they also have mason and any shut down as well as a part of this investigation. so instead of using any you just want to head over to ellis street which runs parallel major merely delays for the f market line and all lines that run on market street. so pay attention to the announcements that mean he's making another big problem wrapping up here and wanted creek. we have 3 lanes close with their opening up the lanes right now northbound 6.80 and north main northbound us the counter commute direction, but with 3 lanes shut down. it's been a
7:36 am
mess on both sides so northbound it's back to be on 24. they have one lane closed there as well to assist with the northbound activity. seoul south 6.80 is backed up on to 2.42. and it's a mess out of concord so 6.80 not looking so good, but at least they're clearing it for you 25 minutes now from highway 4 out to danville leave extra early this morning because you have a lot of problems to deal with john. well robin out. >>these 2 other not causing too many problems this morning, it is a touch foggy out there looking out across the bay you can see alcatraz but not a whole lot else san francisco certainly sitting under the fog as of the time being looking outside and your future cast you'll see fog lightning its grip towards the afternoon. some sunshine peeking back out but father manning pretty ever-present along the coastline and through the golden gate after some clearing briefly in the afternoon it will push back in late afternoon well before sunset tonight, search trading in yesterday, sunny and warm finish to the day for a brisk
7:37 am
and foggy finished the day later on on this thursday, 50's and 60's is where we're sitting right now temperatures you will have plenty of sunshine are right there in the middle of your day before that foggy push later on 80's for your highs inland while 60's and 70's by the bay in coast back to you. all right, thank you john, a public health crisis that's what smart trade officials are calling the deadly train crashes along the sonoma marin rail corridor. >>since last month 5 people have been hit and killed by smart rains in the north bay. some of the golf course drive crossings in rohnert park have been places where this has happened frequently smarts general manager says in all of the cases people are either not paying attention or intentionally taking their own life. he announced a task force with more than 30 suicide prevention law enforcement and county mental health agencies to determine what can be done to deal with the issue. >>we need to get the professionals involved when when's somebody decides to jump out of the bush in front of the train, it's too late, we got to figure out how to
7:38 am
prevent them before they get to that point. >>we'll train officials are right now in the process of installing more gates along the tracks to help people who are not paying attention code enforcement officers will also monitor those tracks. periodic lee. >>2 window washers had to be rescued from their job they were washing the millennium tower in san francisco yesterday monday afternoon when something went wrong. and they were stuck there on the platform, 10 floors up. couldn't go anywhere firefighters had to go to them with the latter's in bring them down they were fine. >>they're just trying to figure out what went wrong with the equipment. >>time now is 7.38 still ahead. the follow that breaking news story in san francisco where we've got to the embargoes finbar station. a major problem as you can see water pouring down on to the park platform below. that's coming from the muni platform above it's impacting both above it's impacting both services we'll be right back.
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. >>welcome back to the kron 4 morning news and thanks for staying with us make sure you plan ahead for your right on muni and bart this morning we've been tracking delays related to a drainage problem which started some severe flooding it happened on the muni platform and spilled out on the bart for him. so as far as muni the embarcadero station remains close as they deal with the strain it issue they're urging commuters to just head over to montgomery
7:42 am
instead of embarcadero there's no estimated time of clearing you can also transfer to barred park will honor your ticket bart has resumed service so at one point rains were stop the men they were running through without stopping, but that's no longer the case bart service has resumed they will honor your tickets but they are reporting a 10 minute. will delay after all the issues with flooding. we have ♪ you know when you're at ross and that cute dress gets even cuter? yes. or when you can say yes... to both? (smiling) sure. or when you find that brand at that price? are you kidding me? yeah. that's yes for less. and that's what ross always has in store. whoa.
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>>they had 6 in this game that makes it 17 straight games. >>what homers steph curry knows a slow news day when he sees one when his wife was dancing makes more headlines than whether he is the best player in the nba. show posted a video of her doing the milly rock in front of her number one man at the opening of her 4th restaurant. they haters jumped all over her and steph jumped all over them. and for
7:50 am
restaurants. also as you know getting bashed for being a basketball wife trolls saying, she's live in offer has been she points out. he didn't invest a dime. she is a self made warrior and you know who else is a self-made millionaire. the winner on of the world series of poker. and they didn't even break a sweat. germany's is saying and sen cool as a cucumber. though it seems unfair that you're allowed to wear sunglasses to cover your poker face. at least the other guy dressed up for the final. an italian player in a tux he bet the farm went all in for a 140 million in lost his shirt to the guy in the t shirt. i
7:51 am
love the keep this giant stack of money there so you really sre what you're playing for and son had a pair of pocket, kings in his final hand and walks away with million. you know it's a grueling 3 days of poker in what the final. but when you compare that to solo sports. it's easy money. we look so they get 10 million the winner. you look at the winner of the british open. one 0.9 million i remember james how long that one. the wimbledon 2.9 million for that game 2.9 million. the winner got for that the british open which is starting right now. the winner will get one 0.9 million right. look at those numbers don't even have to break a sweat plain old and with the world series of poker unit have to be the number one i think the number 2 guy got 6 mill. you go on all the way down to number 9 that person gets $1 million. yeah that is very tall for being able to keep keep a straight face at. >>and the good at guessing or whatever they do i don't know
7:52 am
i can play cards save my life. >>how much is your privacy worth millions of us just give it away for nothing just to see what we look like. say sap i told you about yesterday. too late for all the celebrities, the wait staff the jonas brothers and everybody else who had fun with it. the russians all already have wormed their way into your phone. a russian company owns that app so now they have you're facing all kinds information because you agreed to the over the thing popped up. and you just scroll through and didn't read it said they can do whatever they want with your stuff basically so access to your picture. your face your likeness they can do what they want you would think google in order to allow that app on their store would have at least had stricter requirements on privacy than this. >>apple lawyer does she want to sue down james. >>talk to your tech person talk to your lawyer and what you can do he can't delete it because that doesn't get rid of it whatever they did these are there. it's done. of savings and service.
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whoa. travis in it made it. it's amazing. oh is that travis's app? it's pretty cool, isn't it? there's two of them. they're multiplying. no, guys, its me see, i'm real. i'm real! he thinks he's real. geico. over 75 years of savings and service. >>our breaking news. we're following this morning following a flooding. i should say at the embarcadero bart station it's impacting your commute we're going to tell you how it's impacting you need. and bart service and what you need to know right
7:56 am
now and also breaking news on the street surface level to we've got a hit and run accident san francisco. kron 4 sarah stinson will join us for the very latest live from the scene and one east bay cities, the first in the state to ban natural gas pipelines to any new building that's beg built homes restaurants all of its included will have the latest there's a live look outside of san mateo bridge and again traffic is moving. we've got robin winston with complete check of the commute, those issues in san francisco though really slowing things down for it that part of the bay and on the weather front john trade will join us with your outlook, he's the same respect a little bit cooler today with maybe a warm up a week from now we'll talk more about that in a moment. oh thaphenomenal!, that's unfair. that's so unfair. c'mon jay-bo. let's go. let's go. woahh! try my $4.99 bbq bacon double cheeseburger combo. only at jack in the box.
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>>so right now barred so far working for now all business as usual, but you're looking take me, we know that. of muni years you're going to have. and mark here you can get a free park ride over 2 new knees and don't worry if you're already in and you know someone. there's an accommodation that part is made for me drive. union writers and that is something that if you already a muni. 3 that the media more tell me it all started around 3.30. a malfunction of some sort causing water tok.


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