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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  July 18, 2019 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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and run. >>in san francisco right on market street knows on the corner of the any and mason and other arear face and market streets affected that area as they investigate. >>so let's go first to the scene of the accident kron 4 sarah stinson with the latest there. >>while this is a huge scene here 15 market is huge area very populated by pedestrians and bicyclists, the right now it is shut down it's been shut down for 3 hours now as a sfpd continues to investigate this hit and run the crime scene investigators are on scene measuring out the whole scene which ivery big take a look at this map. the initial hit and run happened here at this and market streets. and then there's another crime scene add. mason and ed he's so there. it's unclear what is at that crime scene i think it's just continual of where the hidden one took place. so they have it all taped up, but we
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know from we know from a police that this happened around 5 42 in the morning. and police responded they found a pedestrian they're all saying it was a man or a woman. the car was a tractor trailer and the driver took off. now that victim was rushed to the hospital where that person is being treated for life threatening injuries. again this is still very much under investigation and it's a huge impact in the tough for the time being a lot of people here wondering what is going on because it's very rare to see this of it this big of an intersection shut down we do know market line is closed to and we also know that muni is stopped in both directions here as well on 5th and market streets and we're hearing officers are getting close to finding out who the driver was and we'll have more on that coming up with another a reporter but for now this scene is very much active will have we hope to have more information in the next half hour. for now live in san francisco sarah stinson kron 4
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news. >>all right and now us thank you sarah, let's go over to you broadway and front stream which is worse a master hernia is that for that part where the truck might be that had the possibility get we've got the latest now sanaa's. >>good morning again here on the corner of fronts and broadway and that she gets from the camera around to see you to see what's going on in terms of the scene you could see that truck right there is what they say maybe the truck. if the individual overall. focusing mainly on front wheels. but the second set of wheels behalf. >>don't know why things seem and i think at cnn that looking around tires. specifically on the left side. here with ryan borucki is our assignment editor he was here. i wasn't he said. there are a
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number more police officers when he writes at about 15 police officers police for the police officers. larger police presence i would say maybe about 3040 minutes ago. it says a lot of the 3rd out, but they are still looking at the car. wright also said that the police. he's so what you may have been the driver but he's not sure. it was taken away from the scene he's not here anymore. but the truck is here. you could broadway is shut down from front to battery street. both sides have washington a pup we have police officers standing on the side redirecting top it. looking into the tires on. you know there check out all the tires, but right now they're folks manly on the tires. i have any information with regard to you know any any
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anything that the. >>i would just lawson has but we also had brian brooks this morning reporting from the same spot with the truck and actually saw the police talking to the driver right and now the driver is gone, so he doesn't know what happened to us so we'll keep you updated as more information comes in in the meantime there's another breaking news story. we're following as well flooding. >>andy barkett air station in san francisco, not because of there is a burst pipe or something i have to clean it up and. >>it's causing quite the problem with muni and with bart accomplished christina tape cho has on the first part of our team coverage area to robin was all of this as well, but right now live from the embarcadero station. it's still pouring down. >>you know it is still pouring down just below me in the bart station you will be seeing a ton of water in just a little bit wet. writers we're seeing all morning because up here on
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the muni level there is actually basically a main break when they were going through their system early this morning before any trains were operating there was kind of a system failure which caused all of that water to go ahead and leak they did turn off the system, but it right now they're still draining it because the system is so large that when you go out down into bart it's going to basically look like it's raining and their crews down tre cleaning it up right now it was quite the situation it started around 3 30 this morning actually joined with the live here. i am i'm right here have got whatever spokespeople with us muni coming in to tell us a little bit about what early this morning around 3.30 couldn't tell us kind of just a rundown of what happened so we're testing the fire suppression system. >>during that fresh present system and malfunction in the areas and the drainage system so because of there's a lot of water on the track weigh in on the platform and we're not going to start service for customers and in asia and until we fix the drainage system and when that's done. we'll start service. >>and you know in this case a very luckily. no one was hurt.
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but was there any immediate danger to anyone. >>it's not the main issues in can be used to riders and we certainly apologize for that. but since montgomery station is so close to station people can walk to montgomery next a station that. >>also you know we have some great you admit hurry to get to know that this was going on and you got here you are on your normal commute or if you still are what keep riders do it. >>well right now writers in that time texas mciver station or they can take the f line i was a historic streetcars and to get that down market street they can also take 21 of 20 on market street. on our bus lines which can get them where they need to go market. >>now do we know when this is going to be cleaned up, i know crews down there working we've been live all morning giving people live pictures of those crews hard at work. you you know maybe when that's going to happen. >>at this when we don't have estimate that we down there working as hard as they can into this up or run as >>the message you guys want to get out to the community or writers that we have out there. >>while the main thing is that that we're working as hard as we can get this fixed. we
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apologize for the inconvenience and you can still access the subway at my government. >>and also really emphasize you do get that free bar right if you're paying any customer it's not going to be an added extra out of pocket costs right if you pay for muni and you're trying to access the station you to get off the station you can take part. and thank you so much paul really appreciated that was paul rose live with us here with me and so just a really emphasizes alternate routes we actually have a list of those also online right now over at kron 4 dot com. we'll see what this morning on the newscast we're going continue to give you my pictures a kind of the rain down there and some alternatives you need to know if you're traveling today for now reporting live for the market share of christianity drove from earnings. >>it's chris and hold on we'll have more team coverage live in just a minute, but first there was another breaking news story we started falling earlier this morning in the east bay, you know we have an overturned tanker on the richmond parkway overpass right near interstate 80 and kron four's will tran has scrambled to the scene to show us the latest there will. they're still very busy trying to clean up the liquid asphalt
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and fell on to the ground and you can see there's the fire truck right there. >>it's on its side and according to the chp it might be another 3 to 4 hours it's before they get this cleared. this is on the richmond parkway overpass to i 80 so this is not impacting freeway traffic. but you cannot hop on to the freeway by this direction. so you have to guard grounded. it does not appear to have any major injuries and people you can just see their body language there little bit more casual now then a little bit or earlier so they still have their hands full hazmat crews are here because of a liquid asphalt and then one see make sure that it's safe enough for people to move around other than emergency personnel. then they'll have to bring out a tow truck to right that asphalt trucking get it out the way which is why there's talking about maybe noon to 1 o'clock to get this cleared up back to you. >>it's a lot at will robin. >>anything else. she where shall i start. easy there is
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so much going on this morning. yes, just a quick recap of no return rig where will as the return parkway off-ramp is clothes from 80 east only so you cannot use that route one exit in the east shore freeway stick with hilltop stick with api and that is your best alternate now moving on to bart and 2 new any delays continue this morning for both services just keep in mind that the muni abarca daryl station is close as christina just told you you need to head over to montgomery instead there is no exact estimated time of clearing. but you can transfer from unita bar. they are providing mutual aid they will honor your ticket and that bart service has resumed so bart trains are run ing through. but there is a 10 minute delay on the san francisco life 2 sfo to millbrae and also to daly city all related to the drainage issue. the next big problem is city streets in san francisco all jammed up as the investigation of this major hit and run continues on market and 5th or near market
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and 5th that's just one of many intersections that are close market shut down from 4th to 6 mission is your best alternate that street clothes for market to mission. you can take 4th or 6 as an alternate. and mason is also shut down you can use ellis street as an alternate checking in on the bay bridge to drive into san francisco is crash and here at the toll plaza you're back up spills through the maze it's been holding there. throughout the morning so no major problems right now on a t you're just under 20 minutes to make it in want to take you out to one and creek where we do have a trouble spot west found 24 at oc alon is so just getting word of an injury crash here. so that's putting more pressure sure on 24 just when things were starting to look better. now you have a new accident so it is backed up to 6.80 out of wannacry mount you can see the oakland side gets better. but a little busy through lafayette and are in debt because of that crashed 16 minutes now, let's
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24 wannacry to oakland so at this point i feel like we're just relying on john and to give us some good news because we've had so many traffic issue so also forecast shaping up john. >>robin yes, at least all is quiet on the weather front because it really has been a pretty favorable morning as far as weather goes. the side some fog which we're all used to things are okay when it comes to whether there is some fog sun out there in the distance that's blocking out your view the golden gate so take a little bit slower if you're traveling up and down the coast today but even timber on in parts of san francisco are now seeing some clearing skies overhead fog really starting to break apart over the bay, it is going to hang out pretty thick right along the coastline, half moon bay hasn't budged from visibility below a mile all morning long in retreat early afternoon and then push right back into the late afternoon. so it is going to be a foggy finish the day just like it has been a starts today. we have see more of all that breaking news and of that our window
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and sunshine in the middle today of the day today unlike yesterday when we closed out the day crystal clear and warm today is going to be a brisk and foggy finish a rush of fog on into the letter at part of the afternoon so do anticipate bringing those jaets if you're going to be heading out
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later today allhe way out into the east bay. now tomorrow morning, some fog certainly, but it will clear out then your friday is going to be off to a really nice start to the weekend. comfortable temperatures, clearing skies, plenty of sunshine seymour that saturday after a dose of fog saturday morning as well temperatures today, those will be on up into the 60's a couple of 50's holding on at the coast like in sunset district on terror just above the 50 degree mark at 60 and then some 60's 70's along the peninsula on one oh one now these temperatures from the peninsula. all the way inland are universally a little cooler than they were yesterday we're all in the same boat here cooling down from where we were for the middle of the week and then especially from where we were to start the week to some low 80's hanging on in the tri valley well 70's for a lot of the east bay now oakland right at 70 degrees while the creek and danville you are in the 90's days ago now barely in the 80's. no more 90's in the north bay we saw a couple yesterday, not so much today. knapp at 79 for your high
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while petaluma right 80 degrees temperatures will remain just a little bit below seasonal averages today tomorrow and saturday before they rise in especially to the middle of next week by the end of next week do expect some 90's to return. time now to talk winners and losers on wall street financial expert rob black sharing his knowledge this morning, yes. >>so got to talk about netflix the swirling rumor mill a month ago or so was that they need to watch out because you get disney-abc coming down in the fall in that's going to see a big sucking their subscriptions and i guess their latest numbers don't bode well. well you have any competition from walt disney competition from atnt time warner's point friends but. >>let's talk about the 2nd quarter 2nd quarter typically, the weakest for netflix stocks down 11%. i'm gonna be looking at buying i think it's a great name i think the second quarter's weak they start the 3rd quarter for a stranger things in orange is the new black so they're looking to
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add 7 million, but this the first time they've lost a 130,000 us subscribers and a quarter since last time they tried to separate their dvd from the streaming and that was a disaster they raise prices all at the same time, stocks down 11% today we lost 130,000 us customers. the one thing that people are worried about is maybe people get on for months watching or things and again all 4 months and then wait for something come out because there's no penalty on that. the company blamed higher prices and just week programming have a strong line-up this quarter coming netflix said is one term one-time blip but keep in mind. he spent billion in program in the quarter. another 600 to market and they spent 594 million more than it took again. they lost million. they're the money of losing business. people question long term because disease always nice towers are always got marvel and i had to choose one for the long term i'm probably going disney. now but i don't have to choose one for long term. so it's interesting very very interesting i've always
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felt that that's not the downside of this binge. >>ewing model sure they just dump all the ups is one shot and people will subscribe just for that month to binge it and then there like you said they saw the the you know unsubscribe in a move on i thought hbo with game of thrones had the better model you drop it out like a traditional once a week and that has all that buzz in between episodes and people get hyped about it. i think game of thrones one of them is because it was if he just drop the whole season in one shot people moved on keep my game of thrones finale had 19 million viewers were stranger things have million viewers. >>so they're they're something the best that hbo can they also do a lot of data mining is they know that i like comedy specials, sometimes a search for music specials. but there's none there like i want to see you too or something like that. so they really smart about their data we'll see where they go very risky name. but it's on sale today if you're a long-term patient investor. a lot of analysts see as a foreign $50 stock some people see as low as a 195 it smartly would have a long way to go but. ok so burger bites.
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>>all right got to talk about a staff that's been big news in the last 24 hours hugely popular app people take selfies and self people age or younger 5 that's a word their image but now it comes out his own by russian people are all scared about their data not all ssians are just because they have the elections 2 years ago face app is surging in popularity. it's number one app in the apple store someone app in the google story even though there's big stories like this. >>you take a picture of yourself a selfie a gets offloaded to a server in comes back in a couple minutes with a the aging process lebron james steph curry did it maybe even brad pitt, i don't know i haven't done it because i know that it's free, you know pay for a product that you are the product. lot of fun with this app but it's not exactly nefarious we can't assume that are maybe you should assume it. it seems in all likelihood that nothing evil is going on here but again you unlock your phone with your picture with your face and id that's kind
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of spooky as far as that goes in my but again just to take your passwords every every 3060 90 days, don, some sort of religious schedule he can maybe it's your birthday, maybe it's the first in every 3rd month. but this is an error on the side of caution the side of caution and it's free know that you're the product out the play candy crush is free sell advertising figure out your age and everything like that. alright say that vice that's all the time we have for today. >>rob, if you have any questions, we'll try and work goes into the show to get those answered we've got e-mail facebook twitter as you can see there on the street and also don' shopping for backpacks... ...and mom also gets a back-to-school bag? that's yes for less. ross has the brands you want for back to school. and it feels even better when you find them for less. at ross. yes for less.
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and realize you can get youeverything you need...oss oh, yeah. yep. yes! feel like a boss? that's yes for less.
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20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices for every room and every budget. at ross. yes for less. >>welcome back to the kron 4 morning news checking back in on muni we still have major delays this morning because of that big drainage issue that led to flooding on the muni platform and the bart platform, so the embarcadero muni station is still closed, this is going to cause delays on the l that am and the j also the in that he's so keep that in mind. they're telling folks to head over to montgomery instead of embarcadero the bart trains are moving in that's great news, but we are having a delay of about 10 minutes or so on the san francisco line heading to daly city and sfo and millbrae so you need to plan ahead for that delay, we have other problems to talk about we'll have another check coming up in just a bit christina. >>water is still ringing from the ceiling here at the bart
9:27 am
station and we have delays on you need
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>>19 i let's get back to the breaking news. we're following which is a hit and run that happened earlier this morning in san francisco. now there are a couple of live scene set up for investigating right to wear the truck hit the person and then one where they think they may have found the truck so let's get to one of those scenes this morning kron 4 sarah stinson joining us now
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live long market street sarah. >>we have just learned that the man who was hit in this inteectionhe died from his injuries, he died at sf general after being rushed to the hospital we also learned and d police have detained the suspected driver of the tractor trailer who hit the man. that happened on broadway street they put out an alert and the description of the tractor trailer. officers were keeping an eye on and they located that man the driver is cooperating the person is being detained right now question has not been arrested yet. well let's take a look at this map so you can get a good idea of where i'm standing there are several crime scenes right now related to this case. it all started on mason and eddie street. that is where the initial hit in one hand happened at 5 42 this morning. and we're told that the man was draft and from mason it all the way down about 2 blocks here to the
9:31 am
intersection of 5th and market street, the person had horrific injuries was rushed to the hospital once police arrived to the scene and after you know they tried to save him, but have to supple hours later that man died from his injuries now. we do know that the scene has been very active ever since investigators have been trying to figure out how this all happened initially they thought the man was hit here at 5th and market street because you can see clothes on the ground you can see a walk or a walker that still has blinking of light a safety light on in a wall in a crush cell phone so they thought the man was hit here. but in fact that man was hit. mason in eddie drag all the way here another still a lot more to learn about this. obviously a hidden one is a felony so they haven't arrested the man the driver yet. but that is what they're trying to figure out at this time we have a reporter at the other scene where rest of drivers a lot more on that coming up, but for now this area is going to be closed down for at least
9:32 am
anocher. so keep in mind you need is not running in both directions also the f line market, a market line is not running either so avoid the area. but definitely a horrific scene here in the back to you. >>thanks and they think that the truck that hit the person ended up in of course neighborhood we have sonata hernia she's been line out there what are you seeing right now sanaa's. >>insede it's actually confirm that this. right here minutes from a around from that this truck. on your street us was that for involve. you can see they're still crime tape set up here on broadway police officers on scene here. team is not under arrest, but how it's been 15 and speaking a couple the officers they believe that it's possible he may not even realize.
9:33 am
>>harvard march. would that. something you know right him and we would think you'd be able to feel but it's possible that they say thdriver may not. >>this truck is confirmed to be the truck that hit the person on. police officers were here a little earlier examining the tires and she said the tires on. they were looking they are examining that truck and her tires. i'm assuming looking for pieces. you know the family in the truck, but again. >>there's 3rd prime team up.
9:34 am
he is the tank right now freshening him. information for you guys as we get it. >>i think that's thanks to last >>ok as we said at the top of the hour. that's just one of several breaking news stories we're following this morning. this is the other one flooding at the embarcadero bart station where is all that water coming from the any platform above so many also impacted by the is probably more so because bart trains are running through at least kunkel problems to skate christina tetreault. >>as live at the embarcadero station now you're back down and still gushing. >>up on the second floor. i just above here so once it
9:35 am
started it leaking they immediately said they started late officials said they turned off the water but the water system is so large it's been training for over the past 6 hours, you know it's now here in the 9 o'clock hour. and we have water so flooding from here there have been crews on site ever since their mom. weeting up all the water pushing in over into the trap. rights cannot be going in or out of the embarcadero station to your commute or you need to know that you can not get on. muni will not be going through and barkhad arrow. but if you do go ahead and start here you can get they subsidize or free ride on the bart system to get to montgomery which is the next stop over to go ahead and get your commute so there are. accommodations for you if you are right or go ahead, you know doing that and so again this all happened around 3.30 early in the morning, it's been about 6 hours crews are here on site still trying to sweep up the mess. but here's one thing it has been let's just say that the talk of the
9:36 am
station here this morning and that the bart station. any time and there are you know like trains coming in or out all the flocks of people are just stopping and staring it added quite a rush bart stations because see there's a lot flow over from you need lot of people now taking part in said of muni we're getting redirected so you may have some more weight time if you're on guard because of you know the fact that the trains are not running. just a lot a lot of movement behind me as you can tell the truth so behind me making sure this get mopped up i just got done speaking with me officials said they do not know how long it's going to take get cleaned up right here, i'm reporting live from the bart station at the embarcadero christina from warnings. >>accidents to lower this morning, no kidding from here we want to go over to the richmond park we were an overturned tanker now his gumming up the works on interstate 80 ran track offers will tran has been covering that from richmond well. and
9:37 am
for this area at least until noon or 1 o'clock in the afternoon because they still have so much work to do you can see return. >>truck there on its side he was carrying tar for the roadway so they have to clean that up hazmat crews are out here actually we're closer to it guys but we were pushed back because they're fearful that he could catch fire. it's not combustible worse explosive but we're talking about are and then if there's an some kind of ignition source flames which is why you see the fire department there. we do know that this happened at around 5 o'clock in the morning and according to the police department, the driver just simply got off the freeway and try to make a left turn and perhaps was going too fast that's still under investigation lost control of the big rig which is why it's on its side spilled all that hard hazmat crews came out here and they're still cleaning up the roadway. once they clean up the roadway. then they'll have to bring out the big rig trucks and you can see one on the left side of
9:38 am
your screen right there so they're on standby. one stick situation is cleaned up then and only then will they be able to remove that truck which is why their guests to mating at this point at least another 3 to 4 hours guys and this is on the overpass on to i 80 you have to go around this on the other side. you can still move move down closer to pin all, but if you're hoping to hop on to the freeway to oakland this you can clearly see the sign obviously that is not available to you back to bill can you believe it. >>this morning they were have. >>that's why we are you're breaking news station got to some southwest self-promotion your that's why you need to watch every hour every because we got to cover for breaking news. right so bad, i'm so proud of this team for what we've done this morning there it selfless. promotion. but we got to cover when it comes to breaking and that's for sure nobody does traffic light we do let me tell you we've got our crews all panned out live without robin and the traffic
9:39 am
center i q. >>in the works here to robin what ane you seeing from your vantage point. a trend where we have will tran so let's talk about this closure that's been in place since the early. >>hours are talking about 1231 o'clock before they get this cleaned up so it's going to take a long time to clear out this mess. you need to stay away from the return parkway offering up it is clear. so your next best alternative is hilltop are api and use those to get off of the east shore freeway that will help you get around this mess because going to run right into the closure. put all this to at bloom all right, let's move on. let's talk about other issues around the bay area that's not impacting traffic on the freeway by the way mostly city streets the e sure looks normal going east and wes it's not until you get down to albany. that you're dealing with some traffic so 21 minutes from crockett to the maze moving on to our major problem on city streets in san francisco. this investigation of this hit and run crash has several streets block market from 4th to 6 mission is your
9:40 am
best alternate apart, a 5th is close for market to mission you can use 4th or 6 and then mason and eddie is also blocked off consider ellis street. >>as your alternate moving on unity and the drainage issue the embarcadero station remains closed with no exact estimated time of clearing you need to head over to montgomery. >>and use that instead bart rolling through. reporting delays up to 10 minutes also because of the strain who's dog is this? it's my special friend, antonio. his luxurious fur calms my nerves when i'm worried about moving into our new apartment. why don't we just ask geico for help with renters insurance? i didn't know geico helps with renters insurance. yeah, and we could save a bunch too. antonio! fetch computer! antonio? i'll get it. get to know geico and see how much you could save on renters insurance.
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>>it's i'm 42 and and 2 window washers had to be rescued from the millennium tower and san francisco, they are up there washing the windows and they got stuck at the 10th floor they that 10 floors up they couldn't do anything up or down. and so they actually had to send latter's a fire department rescued them brought them down by ladder. >>it's unclear what was wrong with their platform. >>coming up on the problem morning buzz, it must be a slow news day if the giants are leading the buzz and i should curry's dancing is making headlines but there is something really big you might have made a
9:44 am
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>>9.46 right now there should be some sort of a foghorn not just to be pointed today like this that's a good day to take the day off. that's a for the latest traffic delay by a strict code run major hit and run accident. it's a lot. there's a lot going on let's start off with mass transit because this is one of the big problems. many the embarcadero station it's called those it's been closed for hours so ehis a drainage issue in the flooding. >>started in the 6 o'clock hour and they are still working with that they're still cleaning up the water from the platform. so yeah, the muni embarcadero station is a no go until further notice or sending folks over to montgomery. it's a short stretch away you can use that as an alternate at least we have the bart trains moving
9:47 am
and one point trains were stopped and then one point they were rolling through without stopping that is no longer the case so you have access to bart. you do not have access. 2 muni from embarcadero but they are working together as they work to resolve this issue they're barred is providing mutual aid so you can transfer to bart sandbar supporting a 10 minute delay because of this on the san francisco line heading to sfo to daly city and also millbrae so you need to plan ahead. our second big problem a fatal hit and run accident on city streets in san francisco. still under investigation. this is impacting several main intersections market shutdown foreh to 6. i'm sending you over to mission as an alternate 5th street is closed for market to mission. i continue over to 4th or 6 as an alternate and then there's mason and any that has also blocked off. ellis is your next best alternative for that closure will definitely stay on top of it. meanwhile, you also need to leave early if you need to roll into san
9:48 am
francisco because you're dealing with heavy traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza that this is the norm right, it's stacked up from the maze pretty quiet on the upper deck, you're averaging 16 minutes, another busy bridge as usual 92 the drive from hayward over to the peninsula, not a lot a room between the cars it is packed but 17 minutes at a decent drive time, i'll take it. alright checking on some more freeways and drive times highway 4 looks much spatter 15 minutes, it's pretty much back at the limit that commute over 15 minutes from one 60 to 2.42 and then we have the nimitz busy as usual winding down just a little bit. >>but you're looking at some crowding and 44 minutes rolling south from san leandro to milpitas let's check in with john now and still looking for sunshine, i've seen the fog of the clouds john where's the sunrise this line is it's out there somewhere it's a kind of peeking through the clouds out here in berkeley, but you can still see that mostly cloudy skies prevail across much of the bay so far this morning. >>cloud cover seen here on storm tracker 4 little coast
9:49 am
to drizzle earlier this morning. we're going to see the return of some sunshine midday today before a cloud cover push is right back in late this afternoon. so definitely a cloudier they the not for areas closer to the coast in the bay while east bay areas down into the south bay. it's been all about the sunshine throughout the morning. so really just depends on where you're at then we work our way into tomorrow skies will clear out a little bit quicker than they have today you are going to see gradually clearing skies through the morning for your friday, a really nice and sunny friday afternoon to start the weekend as for temperatures today, noticeably cooler than they have been it's back down into the 60's on average for san francisco. hayward 70 to oakland at 70 today, temperatures will remain cool. the next 3 days before rising temperatures next week. >>it's got to be a slow news day for me to lead with the giants but today and they actually deserve it, san francisco beat the colorado rockies. 11 to 8 yesterday to complete one ad sweep, 40 in 4
9:50 am
games if the giants can continue to back their way out of the cellar ali dawood of every day still looks like mad moms days are numbered, but he's on the mound tonight versus the mets the oakland a's who never get their due in the news are doing even better they are second in the a l s just beat the mariners 10 to 2 with 2 kinds of homers homer bailey their new picture from kansas city and home runs they had 6 in this game that makes it 17 straight games. what homers seth curry knows a slow news day when he sees one when his wife was dancing makes more headlines than whether he is the best player in the nba. i shownposted a video of her doing the milly rock in front of her number one man at the opening of her 4th restaurant. they haters jumped all over her and steph jumped all over them. and for restaurants.
9:51 am
also as you know getting bashed for being a basketball wife trolls saying, she's live in offer has been she points out. he didn't invest a dime. she is a self made warrior and you know who else is a self-made millionaire. the winner of the world series of poker. and even break a sweat. germany's is saying and sen cool as a cucumber. though it seems unfair that you're allowed to wear sunglasses to cover your poker face. at least the other guy dressed up for the final. an italian player in a tux he bet the
9:52 am
farm went all in for a 140 million in lost his shirt. to the guy in the t shirt. i love the keep this giant stack of money there so you really see what you're playing for and son had a pair of pocket, kings in his final hand and walks away with million. you know it's a grueling 3 days of poker, you know what the final but when you compare that to solo sports. it's easy money. we look so they get 10 million the winner. you look at the winner of the british open. 1.9 million i remember james how long that one. the wimbledon 2.9 million for that game 2.9 million. the winner after that the british open which is starting right now. the winner will get 1.9 million right. look at those numbers don't even have to break a sweat plain and with the world series of poker unit have to be the number one i think the number 2 guy got 6 mill. you go on all the way down to number 9 and that that
9:53 am
person gets $1 million. yeah that is very tall for being able to keep keep a straight face. >>and the good at guessing or whatever they do i don't know i can play cards save my life. >>how much is your privacy worth millions of us just gave it away for nothing just to see what we look like old, you know that say sap i told you about yesterday. too late for all the celebrities, the wait staff the jonas brothers and everybody else who had fun with it. the russians all already have wormed their way into your phone. a russian company owns that ad. you're facing all kinds information because you agreed to the over the thing popped up. and you just scroll through and didn't read it said they can do whatever they want with your stuff basically so access to your picture. your face your likeness they can do what they want you would think google in order to allow that app on their store would have at least had strier requirements on privacy than
9:54 am
this. >>apple lawyer is you want to sue james. >>talk to your tech person talk to your lawyer and what you can do he can't delete it because that doesn't get rid of it whatever they did air it's done.
9:55 am
9:56 am
>>something to end the day on a positive note with this is your 70 forecast temperatures. it's nice and mild really to wrap up the rest of this week
9:57 am
and into the weekend as well looks like the climb a bit as we head to the middle of next week clay nice is that we now and then you know it's coming up this weekend. it's a big deal. tapes right yeah in san diego to be i can always tell when you have bad every a look npat the inside convention writers i see me in my costume ok but get the stars try to fully very good so tune and will be back here tomorrow starting at 04:00am.
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