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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  July 18, 2019 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>>trains are stopping once again at the embarcadero station in san francisco. just in time for the evening commute this after a full day of commuter chaos due to flooding at the station good evening, everybody, i'm vicki liviakis and i'm grant lotus the leak from the new station also affected bart for a while this morning kron four's dan kerman live tonight. >>outside the embarcadero station in san francisco to explain what happened and this is a quite a mess. well that's right. it was certainly this morning basically what
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happened was they were testing the fire sprinkler system in muni and one so so water started pouring out there's a drainage system well it turns out there is a leak in that drainage system and that's what caused this entire mess. and overnight tested feeney's fire sprinkler system in a or a station wreaked havoc on the morning commute. when you knees drainage system sprung a leak flooding meanies tracks and platform and the bar tracks below what we did was turn the water off. they continue >>to drain into the station to the marc >>the eastbound bart trains didn't stop him barkhad era station for 30 minutes but resumed by 6 30 in the morning. but the muni metro did not stop at embarcadero all morning and through the early afternoon, forcing riders to walk from montgomery to the embarcadero taken f car or regular bus so it's called the bus. >>and are getting off at civic center what happened was it was also hit and run that was
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reported from that's a p d so as a right now markets me and i voted on a mission street, asset law kids went back to market street and then continue along this route. >>while some took it in stride other many riders were not amused. one person tweeting 25 minutes now from do boson church to civic center and we still haven't left civic center. the response from another writer par for the course we apologize for inconvenience. >>working as hard as we can to fix this problem and get service back up and running in a park station. >>many located 2 leaks in a single pipe, the leaks were then repaired the system was retested and by 3.30 the muni metro was stopping again. barca darrow station just in time for the afternoon commute and much to the delight of many riders. >>and so we're back to regular commute this afternoon at least those who are here down at the embarcadero have to go one way or the other do that
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we don't have to walk to montgomery or farther down by the ballpark. again mark is running as normal and has been since about 6 30 this morning. that's the latest live from the embarcadero station in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. thank you dan now to some breaking news in the south bay. we're just hearing about a suspicious death investigation is underway. >>san jose police found a woman's body under an overpass this is just before 10 30 near the guadalupe river that it was discovered a 30 say the circumstances surrounding her death appear to be suspicious. homicide detectives are now on scene authorities have not released the identity of the victim. the coroner's office will determine the exact cause of death and we'll keep you posted there and developing news out of san francisco tonight, one man has died following a hit and run accident early this morning. >>there were several crime scenes all across the city after the suspects tractor trailer was found a several hours later conference charles clifford has details. >>lawyer in san francisco on thursday, the police department spent a good part
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of the morning investigating a fatal hit and run that involved multiple scenes, not only in the tenderloin but along market street and here in north beach this all began near eddie and mason around 00:30am in the morning when according to police, one man was struck by a big rig truck pulling a trailer that man was a drug for several blocks before he fell away from the vehicle near 5th and market victim was taken to the hospital unfortunately he did die from his injuries. the police probe began searching for the truck they found short time later along the embarcadero they pulled it over i hear along broadway between front and a battery streets, it's been a cost several hours investigating the truck taking pictures looking for evidence there was some damage on the truck it's unclear if it was from this particular a hit and run accident or from something else. the driver of the vehicle was co-operative with police he was here throughout the ineestigation answering questions helping them a search the vehicle by midday, he was a escorted away and taken away in a police cruiser he was not handcuffed a didn't appear that he had been
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arrested the vehicle was removed from the scene probably about 1 o'clock in the afternoon at this point it's unclear if the driver is going to face any sort of charges were hoping to get some more information from the police department at some point in san francisco charles clifford kron 4 news. >>new video tonight of a deadly police shooting in the east bay the san leandro police department says they are releasing this video here in an effort to be transparent with the community whenever an officer draws his or her weapon kron 4 says ethan as the story. >>it is the first deadly police shooting in santee and role recent years. and now police video from that shooting has been released to the public. >>it happened back june 11th 2019 year old martin drive in san leandro police were responding to a 911 call regarding 56 year-old anthony gold as the armed with a machete threatening his neighbors. about 5 weeks later
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san diego police are releasing what they call a community briefing video focus to the incident it is a video production that includes statements from the chief of police. >>audio from night little a dispatch negotiations and tactical discussions by responding officers. >>we have to do it. we are rated by lieutenant eyes admitted to who explains what police are hoping to gain by releasing this video to the public. >>so we felt that to getting this information out to the public and as soon as we could. to provide factual details too what occurred would. the questions of the public may have as to what took place during this incident. now with the value and the power of the body cameras that public can see first hand and their own eyes. how situations can unfold so quickly.
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>>in saneandro haaziq met you kron 4 news. >>the big story tonight police have identified a 34 year old bay area man who drowned at lake tahoe on tuesday. andrei a j arc has a was an army veteran and he worked as a correctional officer for the san mateo county sheriff's office. officials say bystanders pulled him from the water for cove on the south shore. deputies tried to save our but he was pronounced dead at the hospital, he served in iraq and also previously worked for the santa clara county sheriff's office. it's not clear what caused him to drown a judge has ordered a mental examination for a man charged with killing a taxi driver and tow truck driver in san mateo county. the judge ordered 2 doctors to a leak the suu kyi last month police say that he lured a taxi driver to the area just west of skyline boulevard and stabbed him with a large knife, then officers say the next day he called a tow truck
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driver to the same area and stabbed and killed him. the bodies were found just one day apart. >>it's not about me this is about us fighting for what this country to the should be. >>a somali born congresswoman accusing president trump of corrupting political debate. representative from minnesota. omar was the target of the send her back chanting at a trump rally in north carolina last night that incident, drawl drew widespread criticism and today the president reflected on what happened. >>it was quite a chant. i felt a little bit there be about but i will say i did and i started speaking very video of the speech tells a different story. >>omar. >>has a history of launching this year's anti semitic. >>the president paused for nearly 15 seconds says the crowd took up the chant. even
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some republicans recoiled from the spectacle there is no place for that kind that kind of talk i don't agree with that. a gop congressman from new york tweeted that the chanting was enough to send chills down the spines of our founding fathers, his democratic colleague from queens says the president has put millions of people in peril just about. >>that's to individual members of congress, but it is not >>the president says he did not like the chant, but he refused to condemn those who voiced it well, these are people that love our country. >>i want them to keep a loving our country and i think the congresswoman by the way should be more positive than they are. >>as cbs news is reporting today that president trump took a lot of heat from members of his own family over
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those races chance, the criticism reportedly coming from first lady melania trump as well as his daughter ivanka vice president mike pence is also said to have expressed his concerns to the president. >>all right let's going to take a live look outside right now camera pointed in the direction of the golden gate bridge ship plenty of fog out there as per i guess usual right for. >>summer sunday is time with their pattern but this is a especially socked in the whole city was a coming over the golden gate bridge today, you get see that it was a cool day in the bay and our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us now going to remain that way for at least a little bit longer. yeah. i think we've got one more day of some cooling around the bay here we get a pretty good low clouds and fog already looking out toward the golden gate bridge you can see i think it is there. >>it is now stretching into the bay to italy filling in overnight tonight with some drizzle along the coastline already so yet right now keeping you cool in the san francisco, some of the patchy fog 63 degrees oakland. you've
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got some sunshine at 70 to 70 tie very nice and san jose and sunny and bright a little more looking at 79 degrees much more couple as temperatures cool even in the valleys to 80 degrees right now in concord and 74 degrees in santa rosa. so we've got changes in the works and not so bad considering rest the country is going to be basking it's a very hot temperatures over the next few days and probably well into next week we've got enough of a sea breeze and some low clouds and fog keep us cool and that breeze we'll continue to bring that fog on shore. so if you head out tonight plan on that increasing right through the golden gate passing through some of the passes as well several get there you see that filling in as we head through the night tonight and the temperatures going to be cooling down tomorrow morning we wake up on a friday with some patchy fog early on that will give way to some sunshine. the temperatures going to comfortable by noon these numbers probably going to run a little bit below the average for this time of year, but really not a bad place to be 80's and some of the valley 70's a few 80's in the santa clara valley. and little warmer out along the coast. i think a little more sunshine out to the beaches tomorrow afternoon. temperatures there in the 60's. all right
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lawrence coming. >>major heat wave expected to get much of the us this weekend we're going to tell you where life threatening temperatures are expected. >>also one bay area city wants to make everyday words more gender-inclusive wife berkeley is now banning terms like manhole man power fraternities and sororities. >>and lawmakers are now warning americans about face app that said viral after it makes you look older or younger. why some say the right now, earn 60,000 bonus miles after qualifying purchases when you apply and are approved for the hawaiian airlines world elite mastercard. plus, you earn miles on everyday purchases. get closer to the travels and moments you'll remember forever with this special offer. need another reason? enjoy an introductory no annual fee. to apply, visit
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>>they and volley for a couple days now if you use social media whatsoever you've likely seen all those pictures maybe you your friends, celebrities, whatever transformed to look wailed are way. >>it's called face app and it's owned by a russian company. and lawmakers are afraid that it could be the latest effort by the russians to hack back into our digital world, not often games kron four's and where the key reports that senate democratic leader chuck schumer is now calling on the fbi and the federal trade commission to conduct a national security and privacy investigation. >>the viral photos flooding your feet come from fees sap something that let you transform your appearance to look older and younger or maybe add a beard that seems like the 9 new social media fed. >>but it may actually not be benign at all senate minority leader chuck schumer says in the app comes from a
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russia-based company and greets them access to all your photos contacts and other potentially private information to potential. >>for our facial data. >>and the data from all of our friends and family contained in our photos to fall into the hands of something like russian the russian military is really troubling. >>schumer is calling on the fbi and federal trade commission to conduct a national security and privacy investigation into the app. >>in a letter to the fbi an ftc schumer says allowing the app access to our personal photos could pose a national security and privacy risks for millions of us citizens. >>make sure you know who you're sharing your information with as a former cia officer texas republican congressman will hurd says we need to be careful while it's a new app and it's fun to see. >>how you get a low of 75 years. and making sure you know how that information is going to be used as import and heard says americans need to
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be on high alert, especially as we head into the next presidential election in washington, i'm in a warning key. >>the house passed a bill to raise the minimum wage for the first time in a decade. the raise the wage act would bring the federal minimum wage up gradually from 7.25 to $15 by 2025 after that year. the rate would be indexed to the median hourly wage of all workers the boat was to 31 to one 99. earlier today, house speaker nancy pelosi spoke about the importance of passing the bill. well families work hard to make ends meet the cost of living has surged to unsustainable highs. >>inflation has the nearly 20% of their wages and the gop special interest agenda has left them far behind. as mentioned that this. is about equality for women. it's also about 30 million people in our country getting a raise 30 million people and so many people being lifted. out of
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poverty. the bill though has almost no chance in the republican controlled senate. >>republicans pocket, the wage hike saying it would cost jobs. states are already able to raise the wage be on the federal minimum and many have done so in california for instance, it is $12 per hour grant. >>happening now from oklahoma city up to boston minneapolis down to little rock cities all over the country are bracing for extreme heat, karen caifa has the latest now as california is actually being spared from the extreme temperatures. >>already feeling the heat in the still hot. >>great here is very warm. but the worst and most dangerous is yet to come for americans from washington to chicago. these are life threatening temperatures and conditions and we all have to work together to remain safe millions from the midwest to the northeast are under heat watches warnings or >>guess own. >>peak heat is expected friday and saturday with the heat
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index climbing to 115 degrees in some places. >>people think well i'm not going to be affected by this or it's not that bad it is. >>new york city keeping cooling centers open through the weekend if you don't need to be outside for work or you for travel. stay indoors, the more time you're out in the extreme heat more time out the sun to more challenges you face. >>the american red cross warning of the potential dangers of extreme heat exposure. >>heat stroke can be deadly. so if you in any way think that somebody is suffering from heat stroke, get them to a oler place and call 911. >>there's also the potential for travel concerns like this buckled roadway near shawnee oklahoma demonstrated as asphalt and vehicles generate and trap the heat. on the tracks amtrak we'll monitor rail temperatures from michigan to massachusetts for possible heat restrictions in washington karen caifa kron 4 news. >>you know they're chief meteorologist lawrence karnow you look at the map and it's scary to think that you know
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94 in dc and that's not as hot as it's going to get another good heat up for the makin close to a 100 degrees and you throw in the amount of moisture in the atmosphere that the humidity oh my goodness it feels like a 110 degrees 115 outside and certainly that is going to be concerned this weekend when temperatures get that hot humidity starts to run so high. your body just can't cool off. these are the forecasted temperatures for tomorrow afternoon ties a 100 degrees in lincoln 96 in norman 96 in dallas. you see about 94 washington dc of course the desert are going to be hot up into the triple digits that he could last right through saturday and sunday and then i think that whole ridge of high pressure going to start to really build in west that means over the 4 corner states and eventually some of that hot weather is going to head toward the bay area but not now we've got the seabreeze we've got the fog moving on shore. this look from timber on right now the fog a little more extensive outside we've seen some drizzle up there as well too so we'll keep the temperatures down just a bit you see that little swirl on the coastline that's a lady forming in the atmosphere right now we'll see
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more that fog moving on shore as we go through the night tonight, the sea breeze is blown in spots she can see out toward the coastline 1015 miles per hour even a 20 in love more right now temperature wise 79 degrees in san jose 79 in fremont 50's along the coastline of pacifica right now still 80 degrees in concord and 69 you get the cool sea breeze right through the delta into the low area, 59 degrees and timber on in the north bay still some warmer place to be at 80 degrees and say lena 69 though in napa and 73 degrees very comfortable in the petaluma talk about that weekend forecast the bay area that looks pretty nice. coming up in a few minutes. i learned story. >>as the search is on for a group of women who police say robin all to the beauty store in the south bay. it's not the first time they've hit. >>plus a brave little boy had an intruder in his home how easy it was able to call for
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>>yet really terrifying a morning for a little boy in sacramento after a man broke into their homes hard to imagine strangers started looking around while this boy was hiding under his bed sheets bridge of your low explains how he eventually got help. >>it was a morning that felt more like a nightmare for 1, 9, year-old boy in real linda kind is in china to crack a stranger and during his home through an unlocked garage door and wandering into the bedroom where he had been sleeping he just went inside
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the room. >>something a little bit and not he saw me in 92 and in the the child was quick thinking and immediately alerted his older siblings about the mystery intruder. it's scary. it was just a scary feeling, you know not you know. >>knowing what could happen his sister 32 year-old sanya silva who asked not to be on camera instantly dial 911 and tried to calm a situation that she says could have easily escalated we pretty much after mitt few with ok i didn't want to you know scare him either to where he felt threatened and could do something to us sonja says sacramento county sheriff's deputies arrived within minutes they have since identified the intruder as 38
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year-old kayla of young who had a felony warrant out for his arrest, it's scary because you don't know what kind intentions. they have i mean thankfully. he was very calm and you know co-operative. >>he did seem like he was just you know very confused didn't know where he you know what was going on. >>thankfully no one was harmed and the suspect is in custody, he still those are holding each other a little tighter after surviving what could have been a very dangerous encounter. he had angels watching over us. because the situation could have been completely different. >>lucky that was bridgette your low reporting police say this should serve as a warning to everybody to make sure you keep those doors and garages locked. still to come. 5 new video tonight showing a big fire in oakland. we'll explain what may have started it and how many people are now out of their homes. >>and a warning about the tree to might be feeding your dog. how they could make use sick and that you not just your dog
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by just touching everybody plus after the break the trump administration has come to an agreement with california over
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>>our top story tonight at 5.30 california and the trump administration of come to an agreement on something something and it has to do with the money owed to the state fire departments for fighting wildfires on federal lands kron four's capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains now how the 2 worked
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together moving forward. >>2 months into fire season and the us for service in california emergency management officials this week agreed to move forward with the california fire assistance agreement, the contract has been in effect for decades and requires the federal government to reimburse california fire departments when they fight fire on us property. the agreement was in question earlier this year as the us forest service wanted to change the billing process claiming california was over charging for services state officials have said the department owed california about million for the 2018 fire season, moving forward into this fire season, the 2 agreed to keep building the same us forest service administrator will be imbedded with cal oh yes to help with initial review of some invoices in a letter to the california fire service, the directors of cal oh, yes, and cal fire wrote in part we look forward to our one team one for governor gavin newsome said in a statement quote we think our federal colleagues for continuing to productively partner with california to maintain a robust mutual


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