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tv   KRON 4 News at 530  KRON  July 18, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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>>2 months into fire season and the us for service in california emergency management officials this week agreed to move forward with the california fire assistance agreement, the contract has been in effect for decades and requires the federal government to reimburse california fire departments when they fight fire on us property. the agreement was in question earlier this year as the us forest service wanted to change the billing process claiming california was over charging for services state officials have said the department owed california about million for the 2018 fire season, moving forward into this fire season, the 2 agreed to keep building the same us forest service administrator will be imbedded with cal oh yes to help with initial review of some invoices in a letter to the california fire service, the directors of cal oh, yes, and cal fire wrote in part we look forward to our one team one for governor gavin newsome said in a statement quote we think our federal colleagues for continuing to productively partner with california to maintain a robust mutual aid system to protect life and property against the growing threat of wildfires and other
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natural disasters state emergency management officials say they're grateful to have this sorted out as they enter what looks to be another challenging fire season, reporting in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>also today. kron four's always tracking local stories, here's a look now at what's happening in your neighborhood right now in the south bay police are looking for a group of women who robbed an ulta beauty store and morgan health happened at the same store on cochran road on tuesday afternoon. these are surveillance images of the suspects police say they made off with $4,000 worth of merchandise. they say this is the 8th. i'm this particular story has been robbed in the past 6 months in a believe the same suspects are to blame in this robbery and similar other robberies all across the bay area police have identified to the suspects and they are working to identify the other in the north bay, the marin county sheriff's office is asking for people's out there trying to identify a man who stole $25,000 worth of bikes. >>from the sausalito bicycle shop police say this guy broke into mike's bikes early
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saturday morning and took off with several bikes detectives are now following up on leads. and reviewing surveillance video footage there trying to figure out who this guy is. >>and in the east bay, a fire investigation is underfay in north oakland this is very new video as a cruise approached the scene there it happened just before 1 o'clock this morning. at a 2 story victorian-style duplex on dover street near martin luther king junior way. it took a little less than 30 minutes for firefighters to put out that fire 6 people have been displaced in the cars is not yet known officials believe it started on the deck of the rear of the building. >>on the peninsula, a worker at a san mateo senior care facilities accused of using residents bank cards 29 year old abigail several jay gray worked at sunrise of san mateo she is now charged with identity theft and elder abuse. she allegedly used a 97 year-old credit card to pay for her own uber and lyft rides. she also is accused of using 11 other victims cards for rideshare purchases and
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food deliveries. she remains in custody tonight and has pleaded not guilty. well we talk about the hot weather across the country we're cool things down here locally as the fog. >>are sweden well on shore this look from berkeley so the fog making a good run already inside the bay at this hour or so that's good help cool down the temperatures. i think a few more degrees for tomorrow find some sunshine the afternoon on friday in fact maybe a little more sunshine along the coastline overnight tonight, the fog is going to race back on shore some drizzle already showing up along the coastline likely going to see more of that throughout the night tonight. but just a finger of fog extending into the bay by tomorrow morning, the by the afternoon i think we're break things up along the coastline, so we may actually warm up a little bit toward the beaches were little more sunshine. but overall all cooling off inside the bay and some of the valley, so yeah, it looks like a pretty nice weather pattern as we set up for the weekend now us high pressure going to take over with a lot of part of the weekend that is going to start warm the temperatures up so enjoy the cooler weather while we haven't 66 downtown san francisco. look at temperatures in the 60's along the immediate coastline inside
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the bay numbers up in the 60's mid 60's and burlingame 71 foster city, a lot of sunshine little haze in the south bay, some 70's and some 80's there in the east bay you'll see 80's instead of 90's and. >>or should see about 86 degrees in campbell about 83 in concord and about 75 degrees and back along the north coast you look at those numbers mainly in the 50's and low 60's. >>thank you lawrence, you know we have to talk about baseball in a while though, and that's because a couple of weeks ago baseball scene was looking pretty bleak but boy if things change it was downright depressing for a while, but it's a long season and now we have 2 of the hottest teams in the game. the giants hosting the mets tonight at oracle park and our cape bruny is there. kate, it's kind of hard to believe, but here we are. >>not at all depressing anymore and that's because in the last 2 weeks the giants have played themselves from last place in the national league west to just 2 and a half games of a wild card spot they've done that by winning 12 of their last 14 games and going 11 2 in the month of july as a matter of fact. july
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for san francisco, the 96 runs they scored this month. in 1958 and since baseball. the statistic given sport, here's a couple more for you. giants have scored more runs and hit more home runs. other teams, they also have the high. the average in the majors this month. the most strikeouts so what's working we talked to some of the players this afternoon to find out. >>we're just playing really good offices get most timely hits when we need we know that because she's a woman. you know we go out there and give up 2 runs score 3. it seems like almost every time. so you know it's really good baseball city right now nothing this way this game 162 162 games are be they're from almost 4 years now. the times that everybody is clicking on all likely. there's a there's
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always highs and lows in the baseball season doesn't matter. dr. world series champions there's going to be some low times got to be able to fight make your just miss >>now tonight, the giants have a pretty good chance to keep their winning streak going the mat-su they're hosting tonight are the 3rd last team in the national league standings noah syndergaard though their aces on the mount hood to going up against madison bumgarner for the giants tonight and the first pitch is at 6.45 grant vicki back to you. >>all right couple stood pictures, cape bruny live for us tonight. thank you jamie law. you can forget about the a's the a's are red hot as well this is what happened yesterday in oakland. the a's beat the 72 right now these are m the twins they are scoreless in the second inning that will keep you posted there throughout the night are mark carpenter, we'll be all over that the a's in second place
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right now in the a l s right behind the houston astro's all as pretty cool. you know yesterday may have >>a national hot dog day. but today is national caviar day. just in case you're keeping track of your eggs they come from sturgeon. they were endangered in the wild and now sustainably farmed and some caviar even locally produced right here in california. so tonight on dine and dish i would take a look at the taste of caviar from san francisco's county our company. for waste regions and this is our local product is one of our top sellers, this top middle product. >>it's a very nice and creamy caviar a really good price point it with some sparkling wine or is a for something and just feel like you know years, you're treating yourself but um it's not expensive so. >>yeah, it feels pretty fancy like heavier fans tonight by the way is caviar night to this special party going on it they white rabbit in the city to benefit charity. i go to our website at kron 4 dot com
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for more details on that and tonight at 08:09pm, without the full-on version of dine and dish for ready to serve up. >>caviar every day maybe you go to work in one of lee's a company is now offering a new way to get around the bay. but your office better have a helipad and how much it'll cost you to avoid all the traffic and. >>and it's not your average summer lemonade stand what one boys selling that's turning some heads. >>after the break you could live like the bradys will tell you about the contest for a chance to stay inside the famous brady bunch old. this summer,
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>>if you want to live like the brady bunch house your chance hgtv just kicked off a very brady contests to on its web site this week in the network is going to allow 7 fans of the brady bunch to live in the home featured on the program for a week and there it is the network bought the home in studio city and la last year and then it renovated it to match the show's interior to enter this contest you do have to submit a video explaining why you should win a week-long stay. fans have until september 11th to upload their videos grant. still ahead her. >>is getting rid of gender specific words in its city code which words are being replaced in what they will now be called pretty it was just a little >>kron four's award-winning original documentary and people have been killed. if you're going to worry about earthquakes to live in this area, a must-see special.
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>>the hayward fault, definitely makes me the most nervous for everyone living in the bay area all these falls. the >>have in the past where the fault lies saturday july 27th at 9 on ♪
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♪ here i go again on my own ♪ goin' down the only road i've ever known ♪ ♪ like a-- ♪ drifter i was ♪born to walk alone! you're a drifter? i thought you were kevin's dad. little bit of both. if you ride, you get it. geico motorcycle. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more. >>there's a very berkeley story for you the city council there has voted to replace gendered terms with gender neutral words in the city's code, but it goes beyond just
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replacing she and he with day manholes will now be referred to as maintenance holes man power we'll be replaced with human effort or workforce. and the new policy goes both ways references to pregnant women will change to pregnant employees and sororities and fraternities will now be known as collegiate greek system residences city officials also listed dozens of similar terms that will be replaced to see more of those words you can head to our website kron 4 dot com. >>well traffic in the bay area, not really a new problem, but that doesn't make it any less frustrating heads brutal, but. >>is it frustrating enough to pay almost 200 bucks a trip to avoid a kron four's gayle ong shows us an alternative way of beating the traffic. >>traffic is getting so bad that is why people are trying to get around it at all cost literally. >>around the same time we took this flight drivers on the ground snarled in traffic are going the same distance
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journey more than an hour it takes just 10 minutes or so to get from palo alto to oakland and vice versa. >>$195 each way we have a lot of people that use it one to 2 times per week. >>and it generally is is folks to one that extra time at home with their family played a start-up based in new york saw the commuting nightmare as a business opportunity with traffic at a standstill in many parts of the bay area, the flying taxi company started daily helicopter flights across the region in march, you actually have during rush hour a driving can take between one and a half 2 hours. given the constraints on the bridges and we can replace that with a 7 minute helicopter flight. it actually costs almost the same as an uber we checked uber ride from palo alto airport where he took off from oakland international airport where we landed. >>cost about $38 to almost $70 one way. and on the ground. we
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asked people if they would pay almost $200 to avoid gridlock. a helicopter. you know, pay $2. that's just too much money. >>i mean the commute is bad what is of dollars that they find. >>the money may be and do it yes out think about it let's say maybe with a discount at the beginning. now our flight from palau to do oakland took about 15 minutes. >>you want to try this out a blade does offer flights weekdays throughout the bay area, san francisco oakland of palau does he saw and on weekends they go to an apple and half moon bay in san francisco gayle ong kron 4 news. >>is there surge pricing though happening now a warning about treats you might be giving your dogs. the cdc nfa fda are investigating a multistate outbreak of salmonella infections linked to contact with pig ear dog treats the cdc, says there are now a total of 93 people infected in 27 states including california, 20 folks have had to go to the
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hospital. no deaths reported the fda says salmonella discovered in pig ear treats can infect people either from actually handling the treats or once the dog becomes ill you can get sick that way earlier this month, the pig ear treats stocked in those open bins in pet stores. we're all recalled for more info on the recall you can head to our web site kron 4 dot com. well after shutting down all stores, nationwide toys r us is making a comeback its owner true kids brands made the announcement today at the company. headquarters they say they're being reborn in the us. the new stores are almost unrecognizable if you know what they use to look like. there's now tech infused and engaging kid friendly designs they will still sell toys but fewer of them. the retailers opening to permanent sites in november one in houston. another in paramus new jersey stores will be opened before the holiday shopping season later this year. and the company plans to open another
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70 stores, overseas as well all right, let's go and take a live look outside san francisco. >>embark and arrow on this said day where the clouds are while they're not just a massive now they've been out there most of the day if you're anywhere near the coast that is the case but not so much inland is joint us again one of those. >>classic summer pattern days yet not not a bad thing to have you can kind of pick your weather and yet you time to get away right so head to the monterey bay you're going still find some of that patchy fog there about 50 degrees in santa cruz tomorrow 62 degrees carmel by the sea 72. you find some sunshine there in carmel valley 67 degrees and sleet is 64 in the monterey bay, southern california, some sunshine very comfortable 71 degrees in long beach also san diego 75 in los angeles 81 in pomona the high country if you had up there yet not bad at all 79 south lake tahoe, 75 and sunny and bright in truckee 85, restarting it warm in reno on 83 degrees in carson city, so certainly some nice weather out there in spots but the you're looking
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out into the far right now, here's alcatraz somewhere lost in the clouds behind that san francisco with the clouds coming in very low this evening and some drizzle even show up on the coastline already still we'll see more that overnight i see little swirl little edie circulation trying to form off the coastline here that will kind of reinforce the clouds tonight moving that back on shore in debate tomorrow morning but i think as we get toward tomorrow afternoon. actually little more sunshine along the coastline, maybe a little bit warmer out toward the beaches while the rest the bay area. i see a cool down. outside right now we've got 80 degrees in concord we got 79 very nice in fremont 72 reason about the u it is 72 still in oakland, a cool off a some patchy fog and the sea breeze into san francisco. air quality looking very good for friday all across the board from the coast. all the vaa lot of sunshine is a pretty healthy air out there as a high pressure just cannot build in we've had this trough come semi permanent feature the better part of a july and it's going to camp out here and then this ridge going to start to slowly creep its way back into the bay area by the middle of next week, then we start talking about maybe some
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hot 90's but not for now we're going to keep the temperatures down maybe another degree or 2 of cooling as we head into the afternoon low clouds fog shun inside the bay already going start to fill in the bay tonight, maybe some local valleys as well tomorrow morning got some patchy fog may be some drizzle along the coastline to start on friday and then looked out along the coastline clearing out pretty nicely there in the afternoon at along the peninsula and then we'll see some sunshine and some well temperatures not bad maybe a little bit warmer out toward the beaches, you'll find some 60's there inside the bay comfortable plus some 70's and some 80's and then mid-eighties the warmer spots inland by tomorrow afternoon. we are going to start to heat things back up on saturday and sunday as we get toward the middle of next week that big dome of high pressure is going to start to build out the desert southwest that will easily crank temperatures up in the 90's maybe some mid 90's by thursday. our large next at 5 i mean the point is spending his summer making a little bit of cash. ok, but not everyone is on board with
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>>the little man in utah, pretty cute right turning some heads at selling lemonade people driving by definitely do a double take. yes, some say the site is pretty creative but others are well called the police on this 11 year-old cal thomas reports say. at just 11 years old it. >>here in the summer and it's real seth is somewhat of an entrepreneur and this is also doing for great free
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advertising he's drawing in the crowds just lying death this morning. thank for an turning some heads during christmas and all with his ice cold beer he had to buy another color. desperate fear. ibc root beer of course he's not actually selling beer and i saw that the whole area still ice cold beer some people think it's funny because. the year though. >>it's going to give us a this sign don't drink and drive is getting a lot of attention we received 3 calls in 2 days and the people who called the cops don't have a sense of humor though. >>take a closer look and you'll see the sign is in deceiving they did not read the fine print just clever roof. we laughed we laughed about it was great things are it's hard work to be in revere game. but at the end of the
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day on a cold it's definitely paying also state representative and so and i represent the syria. >>senator mitt romney send a message sticking place they want to send you a letter is it ok to drink on duty, yes, okay. >>it's going to be one of the titans of said the people calling the cops on sense of humor i think maybe they just don't have good eyesight yeah, it's really small. group is that what they always up there that was all thomas reporting i so the kid is going to continue to set up all summer long case you're interested. he has said that he hopes one day sale, a root beer to utah's governor refund president trump well he's well on his way here you go that wraps up kron 4 news at 5 thanks r hour we'll see you bac kron 4 news at night in prime time right now just the woman again winner here wityou so much we are trac pair of breaking stories tonight at 6 how police tracked him down a man. >>who is wanted in connection with a shooting at san bruno's
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how far would you go for a togo? [woman on pa] because i'll never be a sidekick. our an understudy. i'll never be benched, subbed, or picked last. because i'll be a little busy. leave the bench warming to your tennis bag. join net generation. >>a big break in the case of the shooting at the 10 for and mall in san bruno thanks for joining us is 6 on can wait. >>i'm justine waltman in for
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pam moore tonight within the last hour san bruno police announced they made 2 additional rest in that shooting which happened. earlier this month. they are 18 year-old and really john gant who was arrested earlier this morning in martinez. police say that he was driving a stolen car and was taken into custody after a brief chase. he was wanted in connection with the july second shooting which injured 2 people at the 10 friend mall. this is surveillance video of the incident and you can see people in the mall running after 2 people started shooting at other. dan was booked into the san mateo county jail on attempted murder and conspiracy charges. police also announced they arrested a 14 year-old male in connection with the shooting. he also faces attempted murder and conspiracy charges. >>we have breaking news to tell you about in the south bay that's where a suspicious death investigation is now underway. san jose police say officers discovered a woman's body underneath an overpass it happened just before 10 30 this morning near the guadalupe riv


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