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tv   KRON 4 News at 630  KRON  July 18, 2019 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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>>the president says he did not like the chant, but he refused to condemn those who voiced it. well, these are people that love our country. >>i want them to keep a loving our country and i think the congresswoman by the way should be more positive than they are. >>i'm grant lotus kron 4 news. the house approved a bill to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour but the bill has almost no chance in the senate to pass pass the bill be the first time in a decade that the federal minimum wage was raised. republicans balked at the wage hike saying it would cost jobs. many states are already able to raise the wage be on the federal minimum have done so including here in california where does $15 an hour in san francisco and san jose and 13 80 in oakland. much of the country is bracing for record heat this weekend from oklahoma city to boston. >>minneapolis to little rock cities are preparing for extreme heat karin caif has the latest from washington.
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>>as temperatures continue to rise. so do the risks of hot car deaths this. it is bound to have under this heat distracted parents who accidentally leave their children in a hot car. mississippi senator roger wicker knows families back home who have made this tragic mistake i had killed my son. course we know more. earlier this summer miles harrison told lawmakers how it happened to him harrison's newly adopted ta other chase died of heat stroke. after he forgot to drop the boy off at day care on a 90 degree day chase would have been a teenager today i still have not forgiven myself. and don't know if i have the capacity to do so wicker's bill the hot cars act would require all new vehicles to alert parents when someone is still in the back seat after they turn off the car. the legislation failed 2 years ago, some manufacturers have since built in the technology. others continue to resist it.
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>>basically from the midwest all the way to the east coast get triple digits. lawrence yeah it's going to be smoking hot, you throw the humidity with that too we're talking very hot weather this forecast for tomorrow's highs, the desert yet you're not surprised to see those numbers up in the triple digits. but then we get the country's midsection of the 96 degrees in dallas. they got some the humidity coming off the gulf, 96 norman, a 100 degrees in lincoln and then parts of the east coast 94 degrees in dc and you get the humidity at this time of year so feeling more like a 11015 degrees. so some smoke and hot temperatures and that will grip much of the about the middle of the country eastward and then that whole ridge of high pressure going to start to build out west over the 4 corners likely to affect the bay area's we get in the middle of next week. but this is what we've got going on right now that is some heat relief for right, there you've got the fog moving in right now you just make out alcatraz right here otherwise the fog a start to stretch back on shore to get away forecast tomorrow in the monterey bay, still has a patchy fog their numbers in
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the 50's and the 60's southern california checking a very comfortable 75 degrees in los angeles 76 in anaheim and 78 degrees in in the high country headed up to tahoe, beautiful weather mostly sunny skies, 79 degrees south lake about 75 in truckee get warm in reno at 85 degrees 83 degrees in carson city. low clouds and fog that was a story today help to cool down the temperatures around the bay area you can see more of that throughout the night tonight and some drizzle to become a mostly sunny though in the san francisco into the 60's tomorrow about 73 degrees mostly sunny in oakland, but anyone and sunny and bright in the san jose, the temperatures looking very nice but the fog the up it will be prominent tonight and then it looks like tomorrow is actually going start to mix out a little bit i think as we head toward tomorrow afternoon. a little more sunshine along the coastline. i think that allow the temperatures warm up right out toward the beaches while a cool down inside the bay and some of the valleys. more fog as we get the first part of the weekend but we're going to see a little bit of that high-pressure want to start to build in overhead and that is going to compress that marine air that means less fog more
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sunshine. then we start to heat things up as we get into next week. temperatures along the coastline into the 60's here now but not in half moon bay, 66 and mostly sunny skies in the middle gray about 73 degrees in san carlos, 79 inbound you lots of 70's 80's into the south a little lazy. in the afternoon. but our quality still looking good. no 90's inland tomorrow probably the mid-eighties the warm spot you'll find about 79 degrees in fairfield 72 the napa valley and then you look about 57 degrees stinson beach 77. in petaluma next couple days, we're looking at a nice weekend ahead, warmer temperatures in the sunday and then those temperatures start to get hot mid-nineties at least by the middle of next week. thank you so much lawrence want to go that story now from kerry came about the heat wave on the east coast. >>already feeling the heat in the still hot. >>the rate here is very warm. but the worst and most dangerous is yet to come for americans from washington to chicago. >>these are life threatening temperatures and conditions and we all have to work together to remain safe. >>millions from the midwest to the northeast are under heat
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watches warnings or guess own peak heat is expected friday and saturday with the heat index climbing to 115 degrees in some places. >>people think well i'm not going to be affected by this or it's not that bad it is. >>new york city keeping cooling centers open through the weekend if you don't need to be outside for work or you for travel. stay indoors, the more time you're out in the extreme heat more time out the sun more challenges you face. >>the american red cross warning of the potential dangers of extreme heat exposure. >>heat stroke can be deadly. so if you in any way think that somebody is suffering from heat stroke, get them to a cooler place and call 911. >>there's also the potential for travel concerns like this buckled roadway near shawnee oklahoma demonstrated as asphalt and vehicles generate and trap the heat. on the tracks amtrak we'll monitor rail temperatures from michigan to massachusetts for
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possible heat restrictions in washington karen caifa kron 4 news. a couple of weeks ago the bay area baseball scene was looking a little. >>the really really bad. but now we've got to the hottest teams in the game right now the giants host the mets tonight at oracle park and kate will me is there wis what's expected tonight. the giants are on fire tape. >>embarrassment of riches in bay area baseball here right now first there's the a's they're riding a six-game winning streak they've won 12 of their last 14 to put them in second place in the wild-card standings and then of course the giants here at oracle park tonight there are 11 2 in the month of july and they are now just 2 and a half games back in the wild card and as a matter of fact the giants are having an historic july themselves it's 96 run thtapes towards this month. and that's the most in a 12 game stand. moved here in 1958
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and you know since baseball's the statistic given sport, i'm going to go ahead and give you a couple more stops this month. the giant of scored more runs sandy hit more home runs than any other team. they also have the highest batting average in the majors this month. the most strikeouts so what's working. well we talked to some of the players this afternoon to find out. >>we're just playing really good unit offices get most timely hits when we taken up, we know that because she's a woman. you know we go out there and give up 2 runs score 3. it seems like almost every time. so you know it's really good baseball or nothing this way this game 162 62 games are be different moments for you now. the times that everybody is clicking on all like we are. there's a there's always highs and lows in the baseball season doesn't matter. dr. world series champions there's going to be some low times got
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to be able to fight make your >>so now the giants looking to keep their streak going as they host the mets tonight, the first of a four-game seriet here at oracle park first pitch at 6.45. as for the a's they're out of town today there in minnesota that could be the first game of a seven-game road trip for oakland. >>coming up at 6 how astronauts could benefit from a few glasses of red wine and next a warning for pet owners tonight, the treats that can make their dog
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>>a warning about treats you might be giving your dogs the cdc and fda are now investigating a multistate outbreak of salmonella infections linked to contact with pig ear dog treats. the cdc says that there are now a total of 93 people infected in 27 states including california. 20 people have been hospitalized, but no deaths have been reported. the fda says salmonella discovered in the pig ear treats can infect people either at after handling with treats or directly from the dog once the dog becomes ill treats have been stocked in open bins at pet stores and all of them wereore information on this recall you can visit our website kron 4 dot com. >>a glass of red wine may help astronauts fight the effects of reduced gravity, a new study suggests that the wind could help prevent the muscle loss it is commonly found
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after prolonged exposure to reduced gravity environments. scientists have found that astronaut staying for 6 months or longer on the international space station can suffer bone loss and muscle atrophy they also experience blood volume loss weakened immune systems and cardiovascular deconditioning because voting takes little effort and the heart doesn't have to work as hard to pump the blood. the study was published in the frontiers in physiology. >>it says the trump administration moves to restrict asylum protections for migrants. we take a closer look at the issue from an immigrant's perspective. if you're streaming us right now. the news continues during the commercial break go to kron
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>>this week, the white house filed a new regulation that could limit the ability of migrants to claim asylum in the us if they enter through the mexican border, it's a change that would have a major effect on us immigration law and it comes at a time when thousands of migrants are on their way to the us border right now to try to seek asylum camila bernal explains why despite the obstacles ahead migrants seeking asylum choose to embark on this very dangerous journey. and on number 13,533. >>it's a number and we'd be calil has memorized and a number at holt is hope he says it's slow but he has to indoor
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because it wants to enter the united states legally and asked for asylum, but he has to wait for that number to be called. he says he was persecuted and threatened to nick at iwo for participating in peaceful demonstrations against the government will join up is with them and perform a the and that is a look at united states my whole life i only has to be there until the government iraq which changes because it's unclear if change and you can add one and in other central american countries will happen any time soon. >>leaving thousands of others like in limbo, the obviously. we need to look at the conditions in el and guatemala. >>you don't do people are fleeing because the conditions there make it impossible. for families to remain. >>we're facing an episode other we be me to the mexican ambassador to the us says they're trying to address the problem. so we're working with our central american neighbors to see what we can do. so that people do not come to the
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border because even though mexico has been offering legal permits work and education to the migrants. there will be a breaking point we can maybe hold people for half a year one year but not 2 years if that asylum process just on and on it appears neither mexico nor the us have answers or solutions, but it remains a priority for both governments and the migrants keep coming. the guy who got lost and separated from the group he came with still doesn't know if his struggle has paid off. i hope so he says i hope it's worth it into a white is mexico. i'm camila bernal reporting. >>the new york fire department attributed another firefighter deaths to a 9.11 related illness today. >>that brings the total to 200 mayor bill de blasio side of the number in a tweet calling for the senate to fund the 9.11 victim compensation fund. senators rand paul and mike lee block the senate attempt
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to fund it through 2090. majority leader mitch mcconnell is expected to bring it up for a vote before the senate recesses in 2 weeks if that happens it is likely to pass. >>in addition to the 200 firefighters who have died from 9.11 related illnesses. 343 died on the day of the attack. a california woman is thankful to be alive tonight after her riverside county home exploded while she was halen was having solar a lexus >>candles added to her home and the workers struck a gas line she was advised to leave the property so she put her 2 kids her mother and her little brother in the family van. a firefighter told her that she could go back inside to get some items and just after she walked back in to get her wallet and a diaper bag. the home exploded killing a man and who was working for the gas company. >>i just saw everything well brushing them around me and i i was dead. i thought that was it.
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>>allen was able to escape through a shattered window, she only had minor injuries from the explosion, but she says that she still has panic attacks. the community is helping her and her family since they lost everything in the explosion. >>delta airlines says it will begin carrying a medication that reverses drug overdoses after the fact the company made the decision to carry noloxone after a passenger tweeted that a man died aboard one of its flights. the passenger reportedly passed out in a bathroom with a needle in his arm during a flight. and flight attendants a doctor in passengers couldn't save him. delta says the wants own will be available in emergency medical kits starting in the fall, united frontier and alaska airlines already have naloxone available on board their flights. experts are saying by the year 2040 electric cars will be the norm analysts at bloomberg new energy 20 years from now more than half of new cars sold will be electric, but they say if electric cars are really going to compete
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with gas powered cars a few things need to happen first electric cars need to be able to go further on just one charge right now the only get about 200 miles in charge. but experts say within 10 years. we may be looking at 300 miles and charged also have to charge faster and we're going to need more charging stations. >>a sports night is at the top of the hour on our kron on ap believe it or not nfl training camps are only a week away we have raiders the raiders beat writer vick tape for from the athletic to talk everything silver and black mark and jason are your host that's coming up at 7 on kron on. >>and that fog and thick in spots around the bay area, some brighter days ahead for the weekend, we'll talk about that coming up in few minutes. pretty it was just a little it is. >>kron four's award-winning original documentary and people haven't quakes to live in this area, a must-see
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>>well there's lots to talk about in the sports world tonight we'll talk about football mark harmon are jason
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dumas join us from the senate bay area sports night. >>and getting ready for bay area sports night 7 o'clock on kron on jason we are back to the football talk right training camp begins next week. the 40 niners over the weekend. raiders next friday. now let's talk with the silver black because bay area sports night were to be having vick taper of the athletic on the program so many storylines and i've been to jon gruden are knox but what is the story line that your most fascinated to see how it plays out next season for the it definitely has to be the raiders fancy most expensive offseason acquisition him antonio brown one of the highest-paid receivers. >>in football. obviously he's a big name and very vercomes wi you know a reputation whether it's fair unfair. that he can blow of locker rooms and can be you know a personality but a lot of talent in world so i'm really interested to see how it's going to mention that locker room how he's going to mess with another big
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personality and jon gruden and if he can most importantly help them win football games going to be exciting going to be talking raiders going to be talking 49 ers and also we're not going to forget about the giants and a's having an incredible summer. >>bay area sports night 7 o'clock on kron on. let's go back to you getting justine thank you so much. >>and since the stand right next to good idea put all season. bring it on lets go away this time of year. you get that fog to settling in racine that out toward the san mateo bridge will not only there around the bay area now the fog really going to push on shore tonight so and we think in spots you can see there are already bumping up against the berkeley hills as the fog starting to stretch into the bay already in pushing inland a little drizzle. >>along the coastline to so tomorrow morning when we get up we start out with some patchy fog early on and temperatures in the 50's and the 60's as we head toward the middle a day not a bad de friday is we'll see some sunshine numbers up in the 70's inland by noon, 16 70's inside the bay along the coastline the sort get it
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sting you can see a little more clearing i think and the temperatures are a little bit warmer along the coastline will cool down inside the bay and some of the valley's it'll still be warm in lucknow temperatures popping up in the 80's there you see some 70's and low 80's inside the bay told the santa clara valley, let's some 60's up toward the beaches so breaking down those numbers for you tomorrow we are going to see some patchy fog burning away even along the coastline looks like the sunshine will numbers up a little bit along the coast about 63 degrees in half moon bay inside the bay should be sunny and bright the number's going to be warming up in the 70's, a couple low 80's in the santa clara valley, 77 in fremont about 72 degrees in the napa valley, 7, 9, in santa rosa, as you look toward the inland areas stat of 90's we've got some much more comfortable 80's out there 83 degrees in concord about 86 degrees in livermore about 87 degrees. if you like warm stuff in antioch next couple days we're going to watch ehose temperatures heating up a little bit for the weekend just a few degrees but i think we'll see that big dome of high pressure beginning to build in back toward the bay area as we get into wednesday
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and thursday i think temperatures going to soar into the 90's. we may even start to talk about some triple digit heat. i think as we get into the toward the latter part of next week right now the rest of the country a sweltering know we're enjoy that fall while we have it we've got some are very hot temperatures. i think coming our way says so through the weekend or so have this fog us and mix that with that have yet to be really nice. we have enough of the sea breeze to keep us fairly cool. you see the sea breeze kicking up in the afternoon to drop those temperatures but you still find some 80's and some of the before we know it. >>check out see choosing my car insurance was the easiest decision ever.
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heart attack caught on tape. he was jacking up his car. then it happened. >> how they saved his life. >> then, the cheerleaders who danced at mar-a-lago speak out. what happened when jeffrey epstein came to party. and police rushing to a report of a break-in. what happened when they got there will shock you. he's looking to buy the house and that's his realtor. then the new movie about the murder


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