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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  July 19, 2019 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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>>and thank you for joining us on the kron 4 morning news, i'm robin winston is from so let me be the first to say happy friday to you we made it to the end of the week. now we want to plan our weekend right everyone has plans are some of us. some exciting some outdoor so let's get a check of the forecast and see what's in store john. >>robin certainly not a bad weekend to be out and about this weekend temperatures going to be right where you like them to be and as we make our way through the forecast ahead of us it's going to be a lot clearer than we are this morning certainly some foggy conditions out there to start off your day foggy conditions over the hills of the east bay but not enough of it to be
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blocking out that view this morning looking out there at fog tracker we are seeing happen bay visibility right around a mile for your current visibility out there, san francisco holding at around 3 miles currently so here impact from fog is actually less and compared to yesterday. it's going to pull out pretty quickly you're going to definitely have some areas of fog that are denser out towards the coast. for inland spots not going to be seeing it near as much as yesterday when it remained overcast right on top of the bay for quite a to kick off your thursday yesterday so this is good news for your friday we've got more sunshine gradual clearing is about to occur as we make our way through the morning and temperatures even though they are starting off on the cool side, we'll be comfortable yet again 50's and 60's for your current temperatures we're seeing some numbers a little cooler than they were yesterday berkeley at 58 san francisco also at 58. concord the most noticeable cooldown down 6 degrees while oakland hayward and san francisco as well some spots right along the bay are actually a touch warmer than 24 hours ago.
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fairfield are breezy a spot in the bay today but most areas are actually going to be quite calm and let's make our way into the afternoon from those 50's and 60's where we are right now eventually to a range of 80's for inland spots, pretty similar to yesterday was mostly sunny day ahead of us and just some really nice conditions to start the weekend. i'm talking more in your weekend forecast all still to come. that's the route that all right, thank you john now, let's check in on your friday morning commute we want to take a look at the bridges. >>checking in on the bay bridge 80 wesson to san francisco. no major issues so far it's wide open looking good here for through the maze through the toll plaza across the span and continuing into downtown san francisco. so what they're off to a fantastic start we haven't had any reports of problems are major issues right now you're clocking in at an easy 8 minutes off to fremont street. let's check in on the richmond sandra fell west bound 5.80 it's wide open no construction to worry about this morning. it's going to be a great trip
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across the span into the north bay. very quick 8 minutes out to one on one over to 92 are checking the drive on the san mateo bridge and you're in good shape. so far it's a great time to go ahead and use it. no problems for the nimitz no problems for the bayshore 12 minutes to make your way over to one o one. and here's what i want to cross the golden gate. we have the usual bridge work heading north out of san francisco that's on the right hand side you see truck there the flashing lights. it's a typical bridge work. but it is not slowing down or impacting traffic 19 minutes here for both directions nevado to san francisco will check more coming up in just a bit. san bruno police have arrested 2 more people for the shooting at 10 for end mall earlier this month, 18 year-old andre le john gant was arrested in martinez police say that he was driving a stolen car. he was taken into custody after a brief chase and he was wanted in connection with that july second shooting which injured 2 people at the 10 friend law. here's video you can see the folks running across the screen. this is the
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surveillance video of the incident with the 2 people started shooting at each other gantt was booked into the san mateo county jail on attempted murder and conspiracy charges. police also arrested a 14 year-old boy in connection with that shooting. he also faces attempted murder and conspiracy charges. well the driver involved in a deadly hit and run accident in san francisco has been arrested we first brought you this story as breaking news yesterday morning. this happened downtown in the city's tenderloin district. police say that a big gray kid, 54 year-old michael evans dragged him for several blocks. investigators later found that truck a short time later a wall along the embarcadero not too far from the scene. the driver 65 year-old oscar matus he was charged with one count. a vehicular manslaughter and one count of failure to yield to pedestrians. a disturbing discovery in the south bay police found a woman's body in san jose they found the body near the guadalupe river park
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that's less than a half mile from the snp center. now they're calling the death suspicious people who live near that area say that the park can be a dangerous place. there's just so much going on along this riverside park here. >>i don't know whether these somebody getting hurt or somebody overdosing that yeah it's pretty much a daily. >>well police spent nearly 10 hours combing through the crime scene at the park and under the bridge right along julian street. police have not arrested police have not released the woman's identity. well another big story that we're following for you this morning livermore police just released these new pictures of a shooting suspect. they say the 21 year-old jorge to less shot and killed 15 year-old nuel most be earlier this month at a taco bell restaurant on stan lee boulevard so mostly was a student sat livermore high school and police say the teen got into an argument with tillis before he was shot.
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well we now have new information about a deadly shooting investigation going on in richmond police tell us that the man killed on tuesday with 61 year-old byron scales they also say that he was a registered sex-offender police found him shot near 18th street in chancellor avenue on tuesday night. he died at the hospital and police have not release any more information about the shooter. well to the north right now police are looking for this man seen robbing a gas station take a look at the video it happened on july 14th at the shell station on corby avenue in santa rosa. you can see suspect there is right there he calmly walks into the station. he pulls out what appears to be a shotgun before robbing someone. police say that man got away with an undisclosed amount of money. a $2500 reward is being offered for any information leading to his arrest. what do these right now the oakland police commission and the oakland police officers union their class washing after a fatal
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officer-involved shooting. so the shooting happened last year and killed a homeless man with a mental health issue. now the police commission is calling for the officers involved to be fired. this is the body cam footage from the shooting that happened in march of last year. so the officers responded to a report of an armed man unconscious, a line between 2 homes 5 of the officers fired a combined 12 shot. the police commission said that the officers violated the department's use of force policy and recommended they be fired. the union also says that the recommendations ignores findings of 5 previous investigations that exonerated him so the union now claiming that the 5 officers involved were quote. acting the residents from an armed suspect. well to the east right now we're now seeing new video of another fatal shooting this one happened in san leandro last month. so police were responding to a call about a man threatening his neighbors with a machete
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kron four's music venue has the latest. >>it is the first deadly police shooting in santee and role recent years. and now police video from that shooting has been released to the public. >>it happened back june 11th 2019 year old martin drive at san leandro police were responding to a 911 call regarding 56 year-old anthony gold as the armed with a machete threatening his neighbors. about 5 weeks later san diego police are releasing what they call a community briefing video focus to the incident it is a video production that includes statements from the chief of police. >>audio from night dispatch negotiations and tactical discussions by responding officers. narrated by lieutenant eyes admitted to
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who explains what police are hoping to gain by releasing this video to the public. >>so we felt that to getting this information out to the public and as soon as we could. to provide a factual details too what occurred would. the questions of the public may have as to what took place during this incident. at rest. now with the value and the power of the body cameras that public can see first hand and their own eyes. how situations can unfold so quickly. >>in san leandro haaziq met you kron 4 news. coming up next on the kron 4 morning news a warning about your dog treats some of them can make you sick just by touching them. >>and bay area police arrest a man accused of lewd acts. that's with a minor and now they think there could be more victims. also after the break the first woman to land on the moon could be someone from
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right here in the bay area. we hear about 3 of them who are being considered for the job. before we go we're going to take a little peek outside we're checking in on the san mateo bridge. no reports of any traffic hotspots are major problems hopefully will be friday light for the remainder of your morning commute of course we'll
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>>welcome back to the kron 4 morning news and happy friday. hopefully we have a happy good looking forecast and store
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john trouble standing by. >>yeah, it's looking really nice for the rob, and i know a lot of people they want to get outside enjoy these next july weekend because sometimes you don't have school sometimes you don't have work. don't have nice weather during the summer it is disappointing. so we're so spoiled it's like we expected you know and we've gotten spoiled this year in general, it's been it has wonderful far as weather goes. and this weekend is going to be one of those weekends that gets us even a little bit more spoiled so it's got a nice to talk about that right whether that you will enjoy as you get plan something outside today, some ire, i'm going to be really nice states to do so looking outside of berkeley this morning. there's obviously a dose of some low clouds filtering and at times across the bay overall though conditions are nice nd dry to kick off this weekend. no coastal drizzle your foggy cloudy impact a lot less is compared to yesterday's which as you remember, especially if you were closer to the coast remained a pretty overcast day for most of the day. now
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working our way into the afternoon today, some gradually clearing skies are to be seen tonight. fog loosening its grip it will still be present especially out along the coast and at times filtering into the east bay early saturday morning. but saturday itself is also looking at some nice clear skies with skies gradually clear into the morning setting us up for what will be a nice sunny afternoon. sunday temperatures are going to be seen on the rise by this point, but you still do have that sunshine and temperatures will still be comfortable and in some cases below average for this time of year today is going to be one of those days for sure where temperatures are just a little bit below average a range of 50's and 60's and san francisco, daly city today, 64 degrees same for you an elder not a also looking at 60's and 70's from brisbane down through millbrae and burlingame and then some 70's mix in with the 80's a lot like yesterday on the peninsula woodside still holding on to that low 80 mountain view just one degree cooler than yesterday as for
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the south bay a few areas returning to the 70's, san jose you haven't seen upper 70's in well over a week and there you go 78 degrees for your daytime high today. do you enjoy that. it's going to be feeling really nice hayward 73 for you with a low 80's in dublin pleasanton and livermore these are great temperatures to sit alongside the pool enjoy that sunshine and not worry about getting too high. oakland 71 for your high for clean richmond at the upper 60's while conquered walnut creek and danville all in the low 80's. definitely no 90's up in the north bay vacaville and pittsburgh only mid 80's today you are 2 spots that held on to those 90's. a couple of days ago didn't want to let him go just yet napa and delay how each in the 70's making for really comfortable day with santa rosa. out of the 80's now back into the mid 6 70's. i should say with of otto in sandra fell each also at 76 degrees. these are some really nice temperatures to be talking about today. so as you see there are warm us inland temperatures today are really just the low 80's come
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tomorrow, you're going to see more of the same very little change from today and tomorrow says are both great days to get outside. just enjoy it then come sunday, temperatures start to warm a bit but we're still hanging out around seasonal averages. it's not bad at all sunday monday and tuesday still remaining on the nyse and comfortably cool side of the spectrum with temperatures right where they should be after that though is when the heat starts to kick into gear from wednesday to thursday you're going to notice a few daytime highs back up into the low 90's then come the weekend a lot more 90's looking likely so enjoy the cool weather. some heat is just around the corner. robin alright, looking forward to that thank you john we like you and you deliver good news. >>checking in on the bay bridge traffic your drive into san francisco, it's picking up already i know it's early but there's a little bit of a back up in your cash lanes on the right hand side is already getting just a little sluggish. but overall it is ti morning heading into san francisco. we're checking in on the san mateo bridge taking
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busy here with the brake lights eninsula, but no big problems here at a very easy 12 minutes to make it over to one o one, the richmond sandra fell bridge delay free hot spot free no road work no backups just yet 7 minutes, it's going to be a great trip into the north bay. and if you're traveling on the peninsula heading to south san francisco heads up for a new crash northbound one on one and grand a couple of cars blocking the right lane so maybe a little sluggish there through the scene highway 4 looks great going west your at 14 minutes, antioch to concord 6.80 is doing fine from pitch a co-opted and bill you're off to a great start their rolling south. the nimitz also rolling south in great shape and 20 minutes that's quick from to 38 to 37 and then from the south bay to the peninsula one oh one north just under 30 minutes from san jose to menlo park. we head to the east bay now where a burglar died after his car hit a tree while being chased by police in antioch so
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the crash happened near the intersection of buchanan and contra woman boulevard this is video from the scene there we got this from a crime for your. police say that they were responding to a report of a stolen car, our from a neighboring city. investigators have not released the man's name. well happening today left is bringing back its electric bikes to san francisco. so muni has given permission to list to deploy up to 1900 electric bites throughout the city. you may remember back in april lift remove its electric bikes from service because of brake issues. so back then and they were operating under the name. ford go remember that and now now you'll see them around the city under a new name they're going to call it bait wills. let's california braces for another challenge of fire season. there's an agreement on the money owed to the us state department's for fighting those wildfires on federal land. so the us forest service in california emergency management officials. they agreed this week to move forward, but the
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california fire assistance agreement. so the contract requires that the federal government. the federal government to reimburse california fire departments when they fight fires on federal land and it's been in effect for decades, but earlier this year the us forest service propose changing the billing process claiming california was over charging for services state officials have said that the california about million for the 2018 fire season. this woman to walk on the moon this is exciting as doug johnson tells us 3 of those candidates are from right here in the bay area of the 38 active astronauts in nasa's astronaut corps. >>12 or when. >>any of these ladies an amazing job. >>janet id is on the board of governors for the national space society. she says several the potential candidates have northern california ties and i went to stanford university to get a master's in mechanical
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engineering call man was born in petaluma it has been in the astronaut program since 2013 he was a lieutenant colonel in the marine corps, he served as a test pilot sa, 18 hornet and super hornet has been deported twice were aircraft carriers and support. >>for in afghanistan trained as an engineer may have helped develop nasa's orion spacecraft. this is nasa's next generation human space capsule. >>space agency plans to use for the litter mission they've titled artemis the greek goddess who is the twin sister of apollo. >>i'm kate rubins i'm an astronaut in the molecular biologist, and ribbons grew up in napa. >>her mother currently lives in davis she has a very different kind back she actually graduated. >>it's a great molecularly biology and she is chemistry and my her gee its she was selected for nasa's astronaut corps in 2009. >>as lot a 115 days in space aboard the international space station in 2016.
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>>unfortunately in the sciences and engineering you often times are one of the only women doing the kinds of jobs that we do in order to get to nasa and becoming an astronaut megan mcarthur grew up in san jose point as an astronaut since 2000 the she not. >>says she's had looked at the by and she sent thing behind for. >>carter served as the mission specialist aboard the final space shuttle journey to the hubble telescope in 2009. >>she's even for years, providing support for training. the international space station every she's already sent 13 days in space and the cac now 6 blueprints on them be quite exciting in sacramento, doug johnson. >>also we're so proud of them set a good example for young girls to pursuing science and engineering. >>well now a warning about streets and that and you might be giving your dog so thrds to treats. so the cdc says that they are now a total of 93
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people infected in 27 states including california. so 20 people have been hospitalized with so far no deaths have been reported. now some of these those streets are being recalled. the fda says salmonella discovered and pick your treats can infect people either from handling the treats or directly from a dog once it becomes ill. he won more information on that go to our website. we have all the information about the recall and kron 4 dot com. search is on for a group of women who are robbing ulta beauty stores in the south bay will have an update after the break. before we go a little peek outside we're checking in on the golden gate. we have some brand toward northbound out of san francisco. so that may slow you down attack and through the scene but so far traffic looking good in and welcome back to the
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kron 00:04am morning news, i'm tracking your entertainment headlines today and we're getting our first look at the new top gun movie david daniel has that story and more and the hollywood minute. >>we should be at least a 2 star admiral by now. yet here you are. it's one of life's mysteries, sir. >>tom cruise is back in the cockpit in the first trailer for top gun maverick he's flying alongside a new generation of navy pilots the
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long-awaited sequel to the 1986 hit if the trailer has you feeling the need for speed slow until june of 2020. warrio returning to theaters for its 30th anniversary denzel washington won his first oscar for the civil war epic, which is marching into more than 600 us theaters on sunday july 21th and wednesday july 24th showtimes and ticket info at fathom events dot com. come all jennifer hudson taylor swift idris elba of rebel wilson and dame judi dench lead the cast of cats. >>universal just released the first trailer for the big screen version of the iconic andrew lloyd webber mega musical which prances into theaters december 20th in
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hollywood. >>i'm david daniel. >>before we go a little peek outside checking in on the bay bridge traffic. it is spilling in in your town ashley lanes
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>>welcome back to the kron 4 morning news, thanks for waking up with friday we have a little more energy. we sure do little more sunshine on friday. and it's so good one isn't it easier to wake up on friday mornings. it is i was
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telling them morning that was like. >>axis of my contacts and last i know again so i was a little worried that it be think those things are good friday looked at those eyes right uh yes, we're up we're ready to roll and hopefully the forecast cool. let us down because we're expecting. >>plenty of sunshine warm temperatures and a nice weekend john bring it. >>i know you know what this weekend is bring been so spoiled so far this year and we're just get more spoiled this weekend. so this is a good news for you i know we like to hear news like that a bay bridge and the golden gate bridge, both looking nice and clear this morning very minimal fog impact here you do have some visibility spots and a along the coast that are going to be a little bit lower but your father that you are looking at this morning is very patchy not near as dense as it was yesterday can think some of that low lying cloud cover for that he


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